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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Greenville North Carolina  CSPAN  September 6, 2016 9:43pm-10:32pm EDT

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university of nevada las vegas. listen live on the free c-span radio app. donald trump holds a campaign rally in greenville, north carolina. mr. trump recently received the support of 88 u.s. generals and admirals. >> thank you, thank you. back in north be
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carolina, believe me. we had a fantastic victory in love theries and i people. i have property here. i employ a lot of people here in north carolina and i pay them a lot of money, i want to tell you right now. it's a really great honor. two people are here tonight. eric trump. his wife who was born in north carolina, she is running and working so hard to win north carolina november 8. i'm sure most of you have never heard of her but a banca trap. -- ivanka trump.
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>> this is amazing. no lack of spirit in this room. thank you, north carolina. we are so appreciative for love you, for the energy and is he has them. my father is an amazing man. he will be an unbelievable president. my father likes to over deliver and he will over deliver for all of you so thank you, god bless. [applause] >> hey, y'all. now you know i couldn't come home and not say hey to all you nice people here. represent an honor to a family that i can tell you is one of the best families i have
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ever met in my life. you know i was raised with good southern values. [applause] part of andnot be speak on behalf of a family and a man that was anything less than incredible and that is what our next president donald trump is. [applause] i love y'all. thank you, north carolina. >> thank you. boy. it's great. america sog to make great again. [applause] in 62 days, we are going to win this state and we are going to win back the white house. [applause] , early voting,
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which begins in north carolina. star voting. end yearsr chance to of injustice, corruption, and we will bring back our jobs. this is our chance to solve all of the problems that have gone unsolved. many years of gross incompetence and that includes bringing back our jobs that have been taken away like we are a bunch of babies and moved to other countries that were smarter and sharper than our leaders. anymore, not happen folks. not going to happen anymore. how long have people been saying washington is broken and
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controlled by special interest? this is the year we can fix it because changes come from the outside of our broken system and it's a very corrupt system at that. we will never fix our rate system by relying on the people who rigged it in the first place and that is what you we are doing. we need change. problemsever solve our by relying on the politicians who created our problems so to every american who has been waiting for real change, your wait is over, your moment of liberation is at hand. [applause] [chanting] usa, usa.
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another room like this loaded up with people and they have thousands of people also. so that is what is happening. the otherl go visit room right after this. is that ok with you people? the better have location. we have to go and visit them. a vote for trump is a vote to -- restore democracy. and bring millions of jobs back into every stretch of this country and that does mean north carolina. the change will begin my first day in office. we will eliminate every unconstitutional executive order and restore the rule of law to our land.
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then we are going to begin implementing plans for construction of a wall along our southern border. in other words, we will build the wall. [applause] who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who? >> mexico. >> exactly right. they will. they will. and we know they are doing very well.
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unfortunately, the bad news is they are being filled up right here. they are being filled up by mexico, not from people of the united states. we have got to change it around and it will change. this will keep out the violent cartels and gangs as well as their drugs that are poisoning our youth and many others. beginning. just the i'm going to ask congress to send me a bill to repeal and replace it finally obamacare. it's a disaster. [applause] under senate rules, that bill can be passed with 51 votes. not a big deal. especially if we hold the senate
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and i think we will. wins, most of those people are up but i'm higher than some of them so it's very interesting. i think we are doing very well, i have to tell you. the pundits are extremely upset. andpublican congress president can say americans from this disaster in a single afternoon. remember the judges, remember the supreme court justices don't ever forget it. amendment which is under siege and you don't vote for donald trump, you will see what will happen. to will see what will happen the second amendment. it will not be pretty.
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the national rifle association endorsed me. got to get out. if you believe in the second amendment, you have got to get out and vote. [applause] busygoing to be a very i'm going to instruct the department of state to immediately suspend the syrian refugee resettlement program. [applause] plans for the construction of a safe zone in the region. and the safe zone will not be paid for by us, it will be paid for by gulf states with plenty of money that don't spend it because we are going to be at $20 trillion debt the amount of obamae had when president
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first came to office. we are not going to build it but we want to take care of people. it is called the opium theory of money. it's called other people's money. [applause] we have a lot of power, just remember. we don't use that power, we that even talk about power. my opponent wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees over the large number that are already coming into the country through thousands and thousands
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through president obama. she is running to be america's angela merkel and you see what happened to angela merkel of germany. they had a massive defeat recently in the elections because germany has had problems. they say we don't go to france anymore. france is in france. we will go to north carolina instead. is smilingeat mayor at that one. it happens to betray. allalso going to notify countries that refuse to take that dangerous, illegal
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immigrants who have committed that theythis country will lose access to our visa program and many, many more goodies if they continue to refuse to take back the criminals that have been placed in our country. [applause] they refused to take them back. getting members, drug lords. they say we don't want them so they go right back into our country. it is unbelievable, actually. this is the measure that is called for under current law and i will totally enforce it. they will take those people back, believe me. the secretary of state is required to take this action but hillary clinton refused to do so. resulting in thousands of
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criminal aliens being released into the united states communities. furthermore, i will direct every agency and government. this will include lifting the restrictions on american energy. we will get your electric bills down. i'll also notify our nafta partners of my intention. totally renegotiate the deal. it has got to be a two-way highway. we will withdraw from the tpp before it can be ratified.
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we are going to bring these jobs back to north carolina and we are not going to allow our companies to leave north carolina. there will be consequences if they do so. we end up with a tremendous loss of taxes. hillary clinton supported china's entry into the wto and she supported tpp. --on't think any cap anything can be as bad as nafta but tpp will be pretty close and
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it will be a disaster for this area. she just does whatever her donors and special interests want her to do. that is why she is raising all this money. we are putting out a statement tomorrow and a lot of it unfortunately came from me. what am i going to do? a lot of it came from small donors. andre averaging $61 a shot we raised millions. we will be reporting a very big number tomorrow. administration, we will negotiate trade deals on behalf of american workers not for some other country or some company owned by the special interest and donors who give her money. for the american workers, it will be america first.
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ensure farmers in north carolina have the tools they need to thrive at home and compete on a level playing field in foreign markets and that means negotiating fair trade deals that do indeed put america first. i will also convene my top generals. we have a great one here. graduated number one in his class. just like general douglas macarthur. where is that general? where is he? come here, general. number one in his class. [applause] i am impressed by that. [applause]
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two star general. incredible guy. 88 generals and admirals endorsed donald trump today. these are the fighters. [applause] not the political hacks that endorse hillary clinton two weeks ago. we have no place for them. these are the people that have been telling her and obama and others what to do over the last number of years. how has that worked out? my topgoing to convene generals and give them a simple instruction. 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating isis. we have no choice. any nation who shares in this goal will be our friend in this
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mission. for years we have been caught up in endless wars and conflict under the leadership of failed politicians and a totally failed foreign-policy and this is a policy that could only happen with incompetent people running our country, believe me. who made every wrong decision in iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, egypt , china, russia are the same advisingo are now hillary clinton. advisingpeople are hillary clinton. have thed instead to support of our war fighting gender roles, active with terry officers, and top military experts.
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and draining our country, draining our country. our roads, our tunnels, schools, hospitals, everything. our infrastructure is a disaster. this is draining us. hillary clinton favors what has and called military adventurism. rushing to invade countries, displacing families, and inviting the refugees into our countries, creating power vacuums filled by terrorist groups like isis and there are plenty of people who are very
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closely associated with isis coming into our country. we couldn't care less about democracy. we are trying to force democracy down their throat, spending trillions of dollars and they don't even want it.
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we will first have to reverse the damage inflicted by hillary clinton and obama. her legacy of failure and his total legacy of failure in the middle east, russia, asia has made americans far less safe probably than ever before. russia, they keep talking russia. wouldn't it be nice if we could actually get along with russia? wouldn't that be a good thing? because they don't like isis any better than we do. with russia helping us to knockout isis, wouldn't that be a good thing instead of a bad thing? avoid and our plan to prevent foreign conflicts, we will rebuild our very depleted
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military. [applause] there was a documentary recently on our jet fighters. get are so old, we can't parts. we get the parts from airplane graveyards and museums. this is not the united states of america, folks. this is the ultimate deterrent, however. we will be guided by three very famous words, peace through strength. [applause] ask congress to eliminate the sequester and immediately reinvest in our military. we have no choice, not like we can say we can't do it. we have no choice. we have a great country and we
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want to keep our country strong. we want to keep our country so we have no choice. abc.isn't like let's take we have no choice. we have to have more than ever before a strong and powerful military. hopefully, we will never have to use it. we have amazingly the smallest air force since 1947, the smallest army since 1939. we have the smallest navy since 1917. toe the cold war, we need fight this battle by collecting ourlligence and protecting
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classified secrets. hillary clinton has taught us all how much of a problem we have i cyber security. we cannot have someone in the oval office who doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified. the new cnn poll was released and trump was winning. [applause] meaning you are winning, i'm not winning. you are winning.
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the movement is winning. because this is indeed a movement folks. when you look at this room and you look at another room in this building and you look at thousands of people outside and you learned about it two days ago, this is not just a normal situation. this is a movement. it is it is a movement. we are tired of incompetent people running our country into the ground. [applause] the new revelation of hillary clinton from the just released fbi documents make more clear than ever that she fails to meet the minimum standard for running for public office. [applause]
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if she applied for a low level job at the state department today, just a low-level job, she couldn't even get a security clearance based on what she has done. her conduct is disqualifying. let's run through what we discovered in those fbi documents, which by the way were released late on friday just prior to labor day weekend. the the interview took place over the july 4 weekend. it is important and we're hoping matt lauer will ask about it on wednesday night to her when he does the town hall. because she is being protected by the media, by the press, like nobody ever has been protected in the history of this country.
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[booing] >> me, on the other hand is a total pile on. actually it couple of the media people have said also in the history of our country there has been nobody hit so hard so viciously, so violently, and i will tell you, so ridiculously unfairly as donald trump. i am proud to do it for you, folks. i am proud to do it. you know the expression, whatever. it is clear from the fbi report that hillary clinton lied about her handling of confidential information. she repeatedly told the country that she understood the last of -- the classified system, then she told the fbi she did not understand that the letters seemed confidential or even classified in the documents she e-mailed.
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on 39 separate occasion, 39, she said she cannot recall details about her mishandling of classified information and she couldn't even name one step she took to make sure foreign hackers couldn't get into her totally illegal server. keep in mind, her insecurity e-mails included e-mails about the drone program. it is also clear from the fbi report that hillary clinton and her top aide knowingly destroyed evidence and covered up their actions. after her private server was revealed last month her staff deleted all of the e-mails and wiped it clean using a software design to prevent any recovery.
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sheet bleached hurt emails. nobody even heard about it before. nobody does it does it because it is a very expensive process. why would anybody that is getting rid of e-mails that had to do with the wedding and also wasn't it, remember right, yoga. yoga and the wedding. why are you when you delete 33000, i think you are 5 for the wedding and two for the yoga, so that is seven. why do you acid wash or bleach the e-mails? nobody even heard of it before. it's very expensive. then, they used hammers to destroy phones so they could not be turned over, and by the way who uses 13 different iphones in four years?
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the only people who use that many phones are usually involved in very, very, and i mean very shady activity, and now she is running for president. by the way, do you ever notice she never talks about policy. she never talks about illegal immigration. she never talks about anything. all she does is a total hit is a total hit job on donald trump. she makes up terms, she makes up terms, temperament, you know what they did they got madison avenue, that's a big that's a big advertising people and they probably drew 20 terms and they said ok yeah let's use that one. so i have to tell you this, i have to to say, i think my single greatest asset that i have is my temperament. and i know how to work it. my single greatest asset.
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every time you hear it, just remember that this is a donate group of line people and tell her we want to hear about your policy on jobs, on illegal immigration. i want to hear what she is going to do to stop the jobs from leaving north carolina going into mexico and other places. ok. let her tell us. because you know what folks, she does not have a clue. not even a clue. people who have nothing to hide don't smash phones with hammers, they don't. people who have nothing to hide don't bleach, nobody has ever heard of it, don't bleach their emails to destroy evidence to keep it from being publicly archived as required under federal law. when she got rid of these emails
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after congress, not before, after congress requested them. think of that. can you imagine if i or somebody else did that? can you imagine if rudy giuliani did that, or he would be in such trouble. poor rudy. it's unbelievable. folks, i am telling you, in history there has never been a situation like what is going on with the justice and hillary clinton. there has never been a situation like is going on with the media protecting hillary clinton. let's do better than that, let's win on november 8.
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[applause] hillary clinton failed to turn over thousands of documents, then tried to shield her criminal conduct by having her chief of staff declaring herself her private attorney. hillary clinton told others that they cannot recall or cannot remember anything. by the way, if she she really cannot remember, she cannot be president. she doesn't even remember whether or not she was instructed on how to use e-mail. were you instructed on how to
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use it? i can't remember. but that is in addition to the guy who set up the server, remember him? he pleaded the fifth amendment. what are are we going to do with this guy? what happened? he pleaded the fifth. right. he pleaded the fifth. where is he? where is he? is he living, where is he? he pleaded the fifth and that was the end, we never heard about him again. boy, i will tell you. this is like a third world country folks. it's terrible. really we bring it up, this is like watergate, only it is worse because here our foreign enemies were in a position to hack our most sensitive national security
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secrets. no one takes all of the risks hillary clinton took unless they are trying to cover up massive, massive crimes. hillary clinton using, and and you know this, she was using state departments to dole out special favors and access to her friends into her daughters. totally special favors. it is called pay for play. one example of a paper play play is what they clinton stayed in haiti. so let me stop here for a second. i want to say how much we appreciate the haitian american community in florida. and across our country, we have had a great relationship with that community. we send our prayers to the many still suffering in haiti from the earthquake. but while haiti has suffered, the clintons and their pals have totally cashed in. bill and hillary's brothers have signed housing deals in haiti and one wound up on the board of a gold mining company. clinton foundation donors have
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seen the clintons pave the way for their investments. in one deal hillary clinton set aside environmental labor rules to help a south korean company with a record of violating workers rights, set up what amounts to a sweatshop in haiti. the facility has produced only a fraction of the jobs it promised of faces reports of a wage theft all over the place. people are asking, where did all of the money go? this november november it is up to the american people to stop the clintons from raiding america at the way they have are rated so many other people and places over the years. [applause] one of those who have her the -- who have been harmed the most
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by hillary clinton's policies are african-americans. she sees them only as votes, not as people worthy of a better future. it is called vote for me now i will do lots of things and then you get the vote and i'll see you in four years folks. liar. many african-americans have succeeded greatly in this country. we honor and protect these achievements. so many have really have just succeeded i have such respect and admiration for that success. but that includes, and i have to say lowering taxes because we are going to do things for them, for everyone. lowering taxes on small business owners to 15%. [applause] we are going to lower taxes on our businesses to keep our job. we are going to lower taxes on all businesses so jobs don't leave our country.
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but millions of of african-americans in our inner cities remain trapped in poverty, joblessness, and, and failing schools. these are the worst schools you'll ever see. the democratic party has a run inner cities for 50, 60, 70, and even 100 years. 40% of african american children live in poverty including 45% of those under the age of six. 58% of african-american youth are not working. they cannot get a job. approximately 2900 people have been shot in chicago since the beginning of the year. nearly 4000 people have been killed in chicago since president obama has took office and that's his home community.
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nationwide, think of this, nationwide african-americans are nearly 60% of the murder victims under the age of 22. this is a national crisis. anybody who fails to understand the is not fit to seek the presidency of the united states. to those african-americans and hispanics suffering in crime and poverty, i say very simply, give donald trump a chance, what do you have to lose? we are going to bring back your jobs, rebuild your cities, give parents and students school choice.
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we are going to make your community safe so you do not get shot when you walk down the street with your child, what do you have to lose? nothing. i will not let you down. we are going to push a new civil rights agenda. we believe every american has the right to a safe community, a great education and government that protects their job not give their jobs away to foreign countries, this weekend i have the honor to join a church service in detroit at the great faith ministries international. it it was an amazing experience, you probably saw it.
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it was a really incredible experience. i will fight for detroit. i will fight for chicago. i will fight for baltimore, and d.c., and by the way will i be fighting for north carolina, that i can tell you. i'm for every part of this nation, and i will fight to bring us all together as one american people. [applause] american people, i did not need to do this, i did not need to do this, it is not easy, it is nasty, it is nasty. i talk about the fact that people in the audience, 18 years ago there making more money 18 years ago then they are making today in real wages. a lot of people, don't raise
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your hands, but a lot of people, i hear that. 18 years ago they made more money than they make today. and than they make today. and today they are working two jobs in many cases, also partiallym from because of obama care, but they are working two jobs and they are working harder. as you get older maybe it would be nice not to have to work quite as hard. i can only say this, i have also gotten older and i am working a
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heck of a lot harder than i have ever worked before. that i can tell you, true. true. i will fight to bring back our jobs and that means all of those jobs lost right here in north carolina and every other state in our great union. let me quote the same passage from the bible that i read on saturday. from first john, chapter, chapter four. no one has ever seen god, but if we love one another god lives in us and his love is made complete in us, all of us, imagine what our country could accomplished if we started working toward one people, under one god, saluting one flake, it is time to break with the bitter failures of the past and embrace the new american future. in this future we will, and we have to, we have no choice, it is just like our military, we have no choice, we have to build it strong again. we have no choice. in our military we have the greatest people, men and women on earth. but we have to give them what it takes. we have to back them, and we
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have to back our police, by the way. we have to back our police. we. we have to be a country of law and order, in this future we will respect the dignity of all americans and that means great jobs, great schools, and great, safe neighborhoods. we will keep our children safe which requires secure borders, a strong military, and supporting law-enforcement. jobs will return, that is right and the world will happen.
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so few people remember, but republicans are the party of the abraham of lincoln. will onceber 8, we again have a government of, by, and for the people. [applause] out andp: you must it vote. you must bring all of your friends. you must bring everybody. get out and vote. be vigilant. watch what is happening. watch what is happening. because we are going to win north carolina. we're going to win a lot of different places. watch what happens. because we're going to take the white house and we're going to make america proud again. we will make america strong
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again. we are going to make america safe again. and, we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. november 8, get out and vote. thank you everybody. >> ♪ announcer: a newly released cnn national polls shows the presidential race and chill -- essentially dead the even. within the margin of error, a new washington post 50-state survey indicates donald trump is facing critical weaknesses in trying to get 270 like rural
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votes. scott clementi is the polling director for the washington post. they give for being with us. >> to be here. 50-stateplained this survey, and what you're looking for and what you found. scott: we were trying to piece together the results from national surveys we have done, but also a handful of state surveys done by all kinds of firms. surveymonkey to do a large survey. over 74,000 registered voters across the country which gave us the ability to look at the vote in every state and also how subgroups are voting. women, white, nonwhite, to help us piece together the dynamics of the election. we found a number of surprises. what of the big themes of this share has been a deep division of whites with