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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and we finally concluded the today, the implications of the presidential race on the senate. obvious answer was that it was the vice president, the party of >> senator schumer said that the american people are on their the president, you're at 50-50, side and the only thing that that party is the majority. would stop them from taking back and at that particular point it the senate is money. was to our benefit because dick senator mcconnell: what did you cheney was president. we know how this esenate would say? >> senator schumer said the probably be organized because we american people's priorities are had that. with the democrats in taking i don't think -- i don't think back the senate but the only that had happened since the thing that's holding them back 1880's when that was negotiated is money. in 2000. mr. mcconnell: did he mention so we answered the question of how the senate would be organized. tom stire? if you're asking me what comes i wonder why? i don't know either. >> one of the areas democrats after that, who knows? but i think we do know who would point to in dysfunction is judges, you talk about merrick be considered the majority in garland but there's a record that scenario and since we umber of traditional -- or recently had that experience. other vay can sis. is there anything the senate can >> why do you say probably? do to fill them. mr. mcconnell: as you've heard senator mcconnell: what do you me say repeatedly, if you ever mean?
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i went hedging. i think we figured out how to listened, the president has gotten more judges over his organize if you end up 50-50. eight-year tenure than president which was a real question in bush did over his eight-year 2000 because i think it had not tenure. there was a rush of happened since the 1880's. confirmations right at the end so everybody said, who is in charge here? of the -- of 2014 before the we really negotiated that out. i think if we ended up 50-50, we majority flipped. would simply replicate what we i think president obama has been treated very fairly by any did in 2000. objective standard over his eight-year period. >> how is your relationship with trump compared to harry reid? >> you listen to the senator mcconnell: my job is to accomplishments of the congress get along with these folks. - you listened -- listed the we obviously have different accomplishments of the senate political agendas and we both but voters are frustrated that want to be in the majority but we'll get along just fine. there hasn't been more progress on big ticket items like tax ok, thanks, everybody. reform. do you regret not having more progress on those and looking [captioning performed by ahead to next year, do you think national captioning institute] [captions copyright national there's hope for congress in cable satellite corp. 2016] those big ticket items? senator mcconnell: to tackle the really big issues confronting >> senate democratic leaders our future, you need a president
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harry reid and charles schumer ho is willing to engage, and held a briefing on their party's legislative agenda an criticized accept in this particular republicans on their lack of action on several issues. instance the fact that his party they answered questions about does not control the congress. the merrick garland supreme the three biggest challenges we court nomination, the veto override of the 9/11 victims have for the future, we need to bill, and the 2016 presidential do tax reform. election. his is 20 minutes. comprehensive tax reform. not piecemeal. we need to work our way back into the trade business, that's become a very, very difficult thing politically. that will require presidential leadership from the next president. an we need to do entitlement senator reid: we can get you to eligibility changes. voters. i did one divorce, we still -- i and quit sticking our heads in the sand and think that medicare did a lot of divorces, they got and social security are going to married the night before, i survive in the absence of some divorced them the next day. kind of eligibility adjustments rue. that fit the demographics of america in the future and not the demographics of america in the 1930's and the 1960's. my greatest disappointment with president obama is that we had >> you're waiting for questions? numerous discussions on all of senator reid: i'm waiting for
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he was not and schumer. i'll call on you first. willing to move to the political >> hi, harry. center, which obviously would senator reid: we've been having have been necessary since he a good time. hasn't had control of congress didn't make fun of you once. for six years. in order to achieve that. and i hope the next president, whoever it is, will step up to the really big challenges confronting the future. we were prepared to do it. but it requires somebody willing to engage, willing to bring the members of his party, in this case the democratic party, along. let me give you four examples of senator reid: senator mcconnell presidential leadership on big is going to come here in a few stuff when you had divided minutes and tell you how much government. reagan and tip o'neill raised the senate has gotten done but this republican senate has been the age for social security. a flop, that's an the last comprehensive tax understatement. it's no wonder. reform. bill clinton and the republicans the -- they have failed to did welfare reform and balanced the budget for three years. perform some of the most base divided government is actually exduties of the senate. i spent this morning going over the best government, the best things we used to do. time, tackle really difficult name -- naming of courthouses. things because it requires both now it's a big deal. that will be on his list of good things he's done, all the bills sides to buy into it to make they've done.
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progress. that's been my biggest they've done nothing for middle disappointment. the president, i knew he would class. be a big liberal and he has no big issues have we tackled. doing everything we can to rig been, in my opinion the most the system for billionaires like liberal president since woodrow the koch brothers. wilson. but he was not interested in and half the time, haven't shown up for work. ackling the mega issues. and remember, we're very generous here. >> speaker ryan said this pro forma day well, give them morning he still thinks criminal credit exr that. give them credit for days like this. justice reform can pass congress there are 252 working days in in the lame duck. what do you think? 2016. the republicans, they're lucky, senator mcconnell: we've got will show up for half of them. about three weeks back here after the election. that's a few -- that's the fewest working days in about 70 my own personal priorities are funding the government and the years. that's really shameful. 21st century cures bill which i think could end up being the really is. most significant piece of legislation we pass in the whole i can remember, senator schumer can remember, time before recess congress. excuse me. a few days before recess, we the president's interested in it were so busy with doing things. big issues. , precision medicine. but now there are no big issues. the vice president's interested can't do them. in it, cancer moon shot. they refuse to consider i'm interested in it, garland's nomination, unheard regenerative medicine. there are a lot of us deeply of. the supreme court has been brought to its knees, doing
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interested in that. i think that will be a top nothing. priority in the senate in the lame duck, as well as funding and they refuse to deal with the government. judicial emergencies across the excuse me. with regard to the criminal country. we've got lots of them. justice issue, as you probably we have an issue that should know it's very divisive in my have been so easy to do. conference. i've got very, very smart, criminal justice reform. capable people without regard to the judiciary committee, which ideology who have different views on that issue. my friend, senator schumer, sits whether we can take up something on, they had agreed to do that controversial, with that something. amount of limited time bipartisanly, we're told. but nothing. available, i doubt. >> senator mcconnell, you said raise the wages. no. equal pay for women. no. in ress needs to get back republicans won't lift a finger to fix the broken campaign financing system. the business, you said already in fact, the c.r. that just passed was more of hidden money. that they're not going to move this. i would ask if that's your senator mcconnell demanded in that legislation that there be position and given that you said an s.e.c. provision that the presidential leadership and prevents them from disclosing campaign contributions when they do their yearly financial both presidential candidates oppose t.p. spmplet there any disclosures. chance for that to be ratified in the next congress?
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mr. mcconnell: let's be honest they refuse to pass legislation to keep guns out of the hands of about the political environment. known or suspected terrorists. hillary clinton is against vir tchally every day -- yesterday there was a 14 yeermed t.p.p., donald trump is against boy who killed his dad and went t.p.p., and bernie sanders is to an elementary school and started shooting. against t.p.p. i believe if it were brought up, 14-year-old boy. the n.r.a. is spending $1 it would be defeated this year million additionally that they anyway. get from the koch brothers leading to the obvious question if you're interested in america running ads in the senate race being in the trading business in it uture , in what way is in nevada. they've not done the base exwork of government. that's the truth. they have not stood by advantageous to have the trade commitments to restore regular agreement go down? order. remember when they were doing but here's the facts. their 500, 600 filibusters t.p.a., trade promotion authority, passed almost ,gainst me, how they complained entirely with republicans is still there the next congress. the mechanism by which you can said, we'll never do that. submit an agreement and get a vote is still in place. but that's how we got to what we nd t.h.h. -- t.p.p. is still did yesterday. fill the legislative tree. they spent their time out there. so i would hope that whoever is disrespecting president obama while praising donald trump with the flawed, can you imagine, i'm elected president, we can get from nevada.
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back into having a serious arizona republic is a big newspaper. discussion about the benefits to it's been a republican newspaper from the beginning. it used to be called the arizona america of being in the trading business. republican because it was a america has been a great trading republican newspaper. they changed it a number of country going back to the years ago to the arizona founding of the country. but right now, it's politically republic. for the first time in the history of that newspaper, they toxic and i don't think the congress is ready to tackle it endorsed hillary clinton yesterday. i listened to the editor of that in any positive way. newspaper on the public radio >> without relitigating why the this morning in some detail. we're a republican newspaper. rocess -- mr. mcconnell -- but we had no choice. one is a flawed candidate. and we think hillary clinton senator mcconnell: who filibustered the defense bill? will be better for the country anybody got any doubt about who than this flawed candidate. balled up the appropriations the legacy that the republicans process? anybody? have done during their two years is this not -- this is not a of running the senate is not one finger pointing thing, this is a they should be proud of. fact. you saw it happen time after senator schumer? time after time. senator schumer: thank you, >> what i was getting at is senator reid. without entering the lame dwuck and i couldn't agree more. a lot of bitterness -- this republican senate has been senator mcconnell: i'm not a flop. bitter, i'm just saying that's rather than staying in what happened. >> what do you think is the most washington to do the people's business, republicans are racing realistic, best case scenario
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or wrapping that up? home to try and convince the voters that the republican senate worked for them. they're going to be selling it senator mcconnell: my preference, the same as the but the voters won't be buying it. they won't buy it for two speaker, would be to pass several mini buses if we could. reasons. i don't like omnibuses and i first, they barely worked. second, when they did work, they don't like c.r.'s either. worked for koch brothers and the only other place you could go with this amount of limited special interests rather than the middle class. judge it by mcconnell's old time left would be several mini buses. we'll just have to see what we standards. remember when he started? an move. we're going to work mondays and fridays. it's going to be the hardest working senate ever. the fewest days working in 50 >> how would you gauge that, and years. they should be hanging their heads in shame with how little they've worked. are they contemplating ticket and then, criticizing us, can't get a budget done. plitting -- [inaudible] no budget. the number one hallmark of a senator mcconnell: i think i've government working. been pretty consistent the last can't do the appropriations two years about the situation. bills. nd basically, they're stuck. during the recess, i used the word dicey and everyone though that was news worthy. i thought i'd been saying pretty their 40, 50 members of the
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much the same thing for two freedom caucus paralyzed them. years. that's why mcconnell wants to we've got 24 members up, they've get out of here. because the freedom caucus only got 10. it's obvious this is going to be causes such trouble for him and a challenging cycle for us. for ryan that they just get tied we have a lot of incumbents up in purple states. in a knot when they're here so and that was the situation at they want to get out of town because they know they the start of the cycle, it's accomplished so little and when still the situation. they meet they get in trouble, we've got knock down drag out tying themselves in a knot. when republicans were here, they didn't get anything real done sort of like a knife fight in a for the middle class. phone booth, new hampshire, they governed by crisis. they took obstruction to pennsylvania. ohio, wisconsin, illinois, nevada, indiana. unprecedented heights. florida. corporate america's howling we seem to have gotten some because they couldn't even renew distance in ohio. the export-import bank. but you know, everywhere else, and we're losing jobs. it's -- it could go either way. middle class jobs, because of it. and honestly, that was entirely they didn't even try to pass a budget this year. anticipated. they almost shut down the you know, all along new york government, they almost shut matter who the presidential nominee was, i think we were down, rather, the department of going to have a very challenging homeland security to protest the cycle. the good news for us is next president's actions on cycle we have eight up and they immigration. have 25. all of it, the hard right tail and a number of those are in wagging the whole republican pretty red states. dog, creating paralysis and
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special interest legislation. montana, north dakota, indiana, national security programs went missouri, west virginia. dark. so we fully intend to be on when republicans wouldn't couldn't agree on how to extend offense next cycle. them. what a disgrace. i like offense a lot better than republicans spent months on partisan witch hunts such as defense. t's a lot easier to score. attacking planned parenthood. the appropriations process was >> you told us many times you won't comment on the stuck in the mud because they presidential race. loaded up the bill with poison i wonder if you can give us the answer about why you don't feel pill riders. you should answer the questions, they can't govern when they're in opposition, they're good at you're the leader of a party saying no. with a controversial nominee. but when they're in power, they if you want the democrats to just can't govern because the answer hillary clinton party is a shambles with the questions, why won't you talk hard right running the show. about trump? senator mcconnell: i choose not look at the presidential race. and the primaries. to. >> but don't you think -- it show what is a shambles, and it's reflected in the inaction senator mcconnell: i'm here to talk about the united states senate what this majority has in the senate among the done and my hope that we have a republican senators. even in open -- even an opioid case to make to the american people that it's important to continue the majority. bill which they're touting, no exactly what impact the money. this latest appropriations bill, presidential race is going to $7 million. ave is really unpredictable. city of buffalo needs more than
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$7 million to fight opioids. give you a little history lesson. they can't get it done. nixon beat mcgovern in 49 out of the hard right doesn't even want to spend money on opioids and 50 states, republicans lost two they can't get anything done. seats in the senate. zika, one of the few things they did, do you think they did that, reagan beat mondale in 49 out of marched up and said, we're going 50 states, republicans lost two to solve zika? seats in the senate. no, we had to push them to do it. push and push and push. bill clinton got re-elected, we the very few things they gained two seats in the senate. accomplished that were serious and significant were done only because democrats were in 2008 it was a sweep. relentless in pushing them. president obama not only won, and of course above all, justice democrats had a great day in the senate a great day in the house. reagan in 1980, even though he scalia's supreme court seat sits vacant, delaying justice, tying didn't take the house, basically controlled the house because the judicial system in knots. there were still conservative democrats in those days after mitch mccobble -- mitch the 1980 election. mcconnell can point to some little, tiny thing, but they we've seen all kinds of presidential elections, some in pale before what he hasn't done which the presidential campaigns seem to have no impact on down and all the obstruction tavepls record of manufactured crisis, balloted on others in which it stumbles, failures, and seemed to have. ultimately a dereliction of duty an impact on down ballot. for the middle class. so i don't think we'll know the the republican senate had a job
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answer to that question until to do. the day after the election. it's crystal clear they fide do i'm trying to go to new people. their job. did i ask you? now everyone knows things can slow down in the final kuok of a president's term. but let's compare this congress' final term of president obama to mcconnell: if mr. the final term of bush, george bush, w. bush, clinton, h.w. there's what in november? bush, or reagan. >> [inaudible] mr. mcconnell: we it's new lows. don't know who is going to win new lows. in november. but no matter who does win in the worst in a very, very long time. they should hang their heads in november, we industrial the same shame. government in place until the dozens of judges, hundreds and end of the year and we need to hundreds of civilian nominees. accomplish as much as we can for were confirmed by opposing the american people in the limited amount of time we have congresses, opposing party left and i've mentioned congresses when previous something that i think is presidents were in their last two years. extremely important to the country, the 21st severage -- this year, just 20 judges. the 21st century cures bill that 20? none of them named merrick i believe both the speaker and garland. myself and this president and less than half the typical this vice president, not the number of civilian nominees. next one, really want to loretta lynch, such a fine ccomplish this year. person, was left twisting in the
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wind for weeks. key national security posts at a >> a little bit more of a narrow time of terrorism are still left unfilled. issue. on energy tax are you still open a failure at every, every level. is year -- [inaudible] republicans can point to a few things that were done, as i senator mcconnell: yes. said. but they pale in comparison to what should have been done and we're committed to taking a look what they didn't do. at that before the end of the the number of accomplish. year. s were puny and where the senate did succeed, like in getting a >> you said you wanted to take budget agreement or the fight against zika, it's only because another look at trade next year. but given that presidential democrats pushed them. candidates are so opposed, how republicans were entrusted with the majority in 2014. mcconnell's -- leader mcconnell do you think you're going to said he'd get the senate to work work with either one? again. the record shows the opposite. you think they'll move if it didn't work at all. either one becomes president? senator reid: senator schumer senator mcconnell: that would be the only way, obviously, for us will take some questions. to have another conversation we know senator mcconnell will about trade, would be whoever is elected president, since they be here in a little bit. negotiate the deals and send remind him that the things they them up, the president is a big, big player in trade. did, that we would have done we gave the president the tools those but they fill bust ird
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them. to be a big, big player in trade >> what do you think the voters by giving him the t.p.a. if we were going to have another are thinking going into discussion about trade it would november. have to be led by whoever the senator reid: both of us will next president is. answer that, senator schumer has been focused like a laser beam >> about your agenda, i wonder on our senate races, more than anybody in the senate. now, i think if the election if there's any chance for the were right now, and it's not, they would focus on the debate coal miners act? that took place. senator mcconnell: that's come that was the most watched debate out of committee. in the history of the country, we'll take a look. with more than 90 million people got a lot of stuff that could be watching that debate. dealt with. that's certainly one of them. -- he was , that was >> you said it was a failure to communicate on the white house's part. do you think had the white house knocked out in the first round. engaged earlier that it could t was -- have been prevented from passing or sustain a veto, is that sort [laughter] of communication emblematic of this white house and communication with this congress? senator reid: the reason i know senator mcconnell: on this particular issue there was very about shnelling and lewis is little early discussion about
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it. by the time everybody seemed to i've got a signed picture of both of them. focus on some of the potential chuck, you talk to them about consequences of it, members had the senate. senator schumer: i think we will win a majority in the senate. already basically taken 's been made closer only positions. i think it was an example of an because of two words, koch issue we should have, on a bipartisan basis, talked about brothers. three words, koch brother money. much earl yer because everybody which is pouring. in they're not putting money was aware of who the potential into the presidential but they're pouring money against beneficiaries were but nobody us. but the public is son our side. the electorate is get manager has focused on the potential democratic. the republican party is a downside in terms of our international relationships and shambles and their candidates, i think it was just a ball their incumbent senators can't dropped. make up their minds what to do i wish the president, i hate to blame everything on him and i with trump. but most of all, the public knows we're on the side of the don't, but it would have been middle class. one of their great failure, why helpful had he -- we had a re 20 million americans paying discussion about this much arlier than last week. 6%, %, 8% on student loans when you can finance a car at 4%? >> what do you think of the young people are learning that, on the of congress and it's going to outrage them. it's already being talked about in so many of the campaigns where their candidates and
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t.p.p. -- incumbents voted against this. but there's issue after issue senator mcconnell: the senate after issue. after the election was 50-5015 years ago. lott and daschle negotiated. >> this is for senator schumer. one of the big questions was who yesterday a group of senators is the majority? wrote to you asking you if you would work with them on possible unintended consequences of the bill make -- like maybe the u.s. getting sued in foreign courts. i wondered if you're willing to work with them on that and if you can see this legislation being used that way. senator schumer: every one of those who wrote the letter voted for the bill. obviously they figured it's better to have the bill than not. i'm willing to look at any proposal they make but not any that hurt the families. so frins, one proposal that was made was, just limit it to 9/11. you know what that does? it tells the saudis, go ahead and do it again, we won't punish
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you. let me just say this now that the bill is passed. one of the reasons it passed overwhelmingly is the saudis have been motivating this. it's not international law. it's not because we have the same exact laws in 2005 and the parade of horribles didn't exist. and some of our colleagues, some of the most thoughtful on foreign policy, say in a day when there's state sponsored terrorism, diplomatic immunity should be changed to be more limited rather than extended. so i will look at anything and they came to me with the letter beforehand and a lot of my democratic colleagues and even even some republicans said, doif any objection to the letter? i don't. but it has to be something that doesn't weaken the bill and limit the right of these families to get their day in court and justice. >> what about john cornyn saying it's the most embarrassing action by congress since 1983.
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called it a political vote. nd senator reid -- [inaudible] senator schumer: i look at the fam hes. it's hardly political for me. i've sat and worked with these families for five years. i feel their pain. not close to the amount because i didn't lose a loved one the way they did. but this is about justice. about justice. and i would say in a very partisan time for any president and this one in particular, to have only one veto override, that's a darn good record. 'd be proud of it. >> senator reid could you talk about why you voted against it? senator reid: no, i've got any friend here, i'm not going to do that. senator schumer: he told me ahead of time, didn't surprise
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me. senator reid: i've been the only guy a number of time, including the c.i.a. director. >> you're the lead ore they have democrats -- senator reid: i've answered the question, i'm not going to dwell on it anymore. senator schumer: when he's jumping to you as a place of refuge -- >> the next debate, donald trump promised to go much harder at hillary clinton possibly even bringing up bill clinton's past infidelity, what do you think about that? senator reid: if you look at -- i don't know which newspaper it was, the headlines, republicans advise trump to stay away from that issue, and he should. you know, i'm not one to get into that at all. i've been married a long time and it hasn't been perfect, as no marriage is. bill clinton, i'm very proud of him they've been married as long
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as they have been. >> senator schumer, senator reid has repeatedly criticized donald trump on the floor of the senate, including calling him a racist. do you agree? senator schumer: my view is he is far from tolerant and accepting the support of racists. >> on -- senator schumer: far too tolerant of racists. >> on merrick garland a lot of your colleagues said they would recommend hillary clinton renominate him. would you make the same recommendation? senator shume: i'm going to let president clinton make her own determinations if she seeks my advice, i'll give it. i think merrick garland would be a great nominee but i'm not going to -- i'm not going to suggest publicly names of nominees. i'm going to talk to the president privately about it. president clinton. >> do you think she should go with someone younger and more liberal. senator schumer: merrick garland
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would be an excellent nominee, there are lots of other excellent synonym knees too. >> senator reid, given the difficulty in passing c.r., does that bode poorly for getting any appropriations done in the lame duck? senator reid: i'm proud of the work that barbara mikulski has done year after year and we as a democrat caucus feel that it's going to get done. she is very, very good. has a wonderful staff. and the ground work has been laid to do a good funding bill for the rest of the year. the budget caps are there. there's no reason we shouldn't be able to do it. we're minimal in what we demand. number one, equal funding for defense and nondefense increases. number two, no poison pill riders. and number three, i forgot, what's the third one? senator schumer: above sequestration levels and that's been done too.
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>> in battleground states are you able to distinguish between republican and donald trump -- senator reid: look at george wills column today, whatever paper he writes in. he said basically, trump has ruined the republican party. and everyone knows that. and so any -- this is all happy talk from the republicans. obviously we feel it in nevada. we feel it every place in the country. trump is hurting. i mean, do you think that joe scheck proud of donald trump? e's the man running against my candidate in nevada. he runs from that. they all do. you don't have -- i'm not aware of any boasting how great a guy donald trump is. one more question. >> given merrick garland and the filibuster, if republicans
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filibuster supreme court nomination in the next congress do you think there will be a ruling of the chair -- senator reid: that won't be up to me. i did it once, that can be decided later. senator schumer: i'm going to wait until, god willing, i become the leader to figure all hat out. >> tonight, wells fargo c.e.o. john stumpf testified on the sales practices of his company which involved the creation of an estimated two million accounts without customer permission he provided an update on new actions being taken by wells far ge, including expanding revuses of accounts and eliminating sales goals for retail bank team members. he spoke in front of the house financial services committee. watch his remarks tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span.
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>> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, committee for a responsible federal budget president, maya mcginnis on her group's efforts to educate voters and law mashes on the fiscal impact of the nation's growing debt. and author james zyron talks out his book "supremey partisan," arguing that it's threatening to undermine confidence in the court. "washington journal" beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. >> next, today's white house briefing with press secretary josh earnest he talked about disagreements between the white house and congress on the override of president obe ma's veto of the 9/11 victims lawsuit bill. and funeral plans for former israeli president shimon peres. at the top of the brief,
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took questions, but due to technical difficulties, only part of that is included here. secretary king: for too many of our students, low income students, state of the unions of co-already, we have not yet fulfilled the promise of equal opportunity for all. i do look across the country and lock at the past eight years of work, there's no question we're closer today than when we began eight years ago. with that, i'm happy to take questions. -- secretary. ar in the last eight years, what do you think the next administration does have to address? is it going to be college costs? double down on that? is it going ton graduation rates? what's the primary focus?
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secretary king: the president has some proposals where i think the country needs to head next in terms of improvement. preschool for all and the vision of trying to ensure that all low income and middle income families have access to high quality preschool is the right investment. we know there's an 8-1 or 9-1 return for every dollar invested in early learning. the president's proposal around america's college promise, the idea that we can make two year at least two years of community college or the first two years at a minority-serving institution tuition-free for hard working students i think is a step in the right direction toward expanding access to quality higher education. so those are two places where we should begin. certainly, the next administration will need to be vigilant to ensure that states implement the every student succeeds act well with careful attention to questions of equity. >> it's still fairly high out there, college costs are still
6:27 pm
continuing to go up. but what can be done to continue to try keep that down? the increases in financial aid wouldn't be as necessary as college costs remain. secretary king: one of the biggest drivers of costs has been disinvestigation. by states in public higher education. if you look across the last 0 states where ny investments are flat or going down an those costs are passed along to students and families. one of the things we've tried to do to ensure college affordability and help people manage their debt is the president's repay effort where we use income driven repayments so that your payments on your student debt are capped at about 10% of your income. we're seing that have an effect on the numb of folks who are defaulting. it's helping us to bring down
6:28 pm
the rate of increase in defaults. so we're making progress there. certainly improving college completion is a part of the solving the affordability puzzle. we know that folks who don't finish school are dramatically more likely to default on their debt. >> thank you. weeks ago a federal judge in texas issued an injunction against the administration's about discrimination against transgender students in school. there's going to be a hearing tomorrow in court clarifying the scope of the injunction. to what extent has that hampered the ability to enforce title 9? secretary king: all schools have a responsibility to make sure school environments are safe and supportive for all students. all schools have a responsibility to follow the law. we know that title 9 protects both sex and gender identity and we look forward to moving this
6:29 pm
issue forward across the country and continuing to support school districts and states in putting in place smart policies to protect the safety of all of their students. and to make school a place where kids feel comfortable. ultimately what led us to issue the guidance in the first place was the request from educators across the country for guidance to help them help their students. help their students feel safe and comfortable in schools and on higher education campuses. >> are there problems as a result of the injunction thus far? secretary king: i don't want to get into the specifics of the issues that will be argued in court shortly, but i will say, if you look across the country, there are states and districts that are continuing to do the right thing for students and an increasing numb of states and districts putting in place systems that help keep students safe and make school a place where they feel comfortable.
6:30 pm
>> are you confident that the administration's views will win the day in the court system? secretary king: yes. >> on the goal of preschool for all, where -- what percentage of students now do not get preschool? and do you have a metric for where the obama administration has moved that number either up or down? imilarly on the issue of college aid, maybe there's not a number for it but what typically is an income level where a family can expect to get a significant amount of aid or full ride or however you measure it. has that number gone up or down in terms of income? secretary king: on the first question, about 40% of low to middle income students across the country are enrolled in public preschool programs. we certainly like to see that number increase. the most specific thing we've done around the number of seats, quality seats in preschool, is the president's preschool
6:31 pm
development grants program, about $250 million each year that goes to 18 states to add seats. that's added, i think, roughly 35,000 seats as of this school year in preschool. we are moving forward. there are about 30 states last year that increased their state investment in preschool. that's also helping to add seats. but the president's preschool for all proposal is making sure there's universal access for low and middle income families. on the question of college aid, for a family with a dependent child, i think the typical level at which they're eligible for pell grants, which is federal grants around college aid, is about $60,000 in income. i think the average pell recipient family is probably around $30,000 and the pell grant is just under $6,000. about $5,800 this year. >> has the administration do you think lowered that number? in other words, increased access
6:32 pm
? secretary king: we can get you a more specific number but we've increased access in two ways, one, by increasing the am of pell delearks amount of the pell grant by about $1,000 since the beginning of the administration. so folks who are eligible are get manager funding. but then the american opportunity tax credit is also helping thousands of families across the country, millions of families across the country, to bet aeroe-- better afford college. >> i wanted to ask you about a statement from senator warren today. she said, it has to do with college she said her staff did an investigation and found that the department is still intentionally trying to collect student loan debt from these students and she's asking that you stop that, even though the debts of these students are eligible to be forgiven.
6:33 pm
secretary king: i appreciate senator warren's leadership on behalf of students and borrowers and she's trying to help our borrowers. we, of course, are committed to making sure we get good information to corinthian borrowers about their options. folks who were corinthian state of the unions have the option to seek closed school discharge where they give up their credit bus receive funding if they went to corinthian campus that closed. or they have the option to pursue borrower defense where ey atack -- where they say they were taking advantage of by one of the campuses where we have evidence of fraud. we're going to continue to make every effort to reach out to corinthian borrowers and continue to make every effort to ensure that we take afwressive action where there are higher ed institutions engaged in predatory behavior. i think the administration has been clear from the beginning
6:34 pm
that we're committed to holding higher education institutions accountable for providing a good education to students and protecting taxpayer interests. we're going to keep ding that. within the 80,000 borrowers that senator warren refers to, folks are in different situations. some are eligible. if they seek to apply for closed school discharge or borrower defense, others would not be. we're going to keep making sure that borrowers know what their options are. >> the numbers that senator warren mentioned in her letter, do those suggest to the -- rtment that they need to athere's something on an individual basis that isn't working? secretary king: in terms of
6:35 pm
closed school discharge, a student can say, i'm not going to use my credits at another institution, i want to discharge my loan, urn the proposed regulations for borrower defense which we took public comment on and which are now being finalized, under those proposed rules, students who are eligible for closed school discharge and don't apply those credits in another institution for three years, then become eligible for automatic discharge. then there's another set of students who will be seeking borrower defense. that's about demonstrating that you have been a victim of fraudulent activity by one of the schools. and there, we believe part of what's required is for students to attest that they actually were defrauded by the institution. and again, with respect to 80,000, it's worth point ought that some of those students attended programs where there ere fraud, others did not.
6:36 pm
>> are there lessons the department has taken from corinthian and i.t.t. that could be used in situations -- situations like this in the future? secretary king: we have been aggressive about reaching out to i.t.t. students to make sure they understand what their options are. we have nearly 1,000 closed school discharge applications from i.t.t. students. we have a partnership with an organization called beyond 12 that are providing counseling to i.t.t. students about their options to transfer to other schools. we've seen community colleges and states higher education system reach out very aggressively to i.t.t. students to let them know what their options are, to help them figure out the next steps in their education. we've learned lessons about outreach to students, quickly, when a school closes, from the corinthian experience we're applying in i.t.t. the other lesson that i think you see in i.t.s. -- i.t.t. is
6:37 pm
when there are bad actor institutions, it's important for the department to take clear enforcement actions early. and with i.t.t., their behavior did not change. they made the same bad choices, we took early enforcement action and ultimately decided this summer not to allow them to enroll new students. and the key -- with federal financial aid. the key to that decision was knowing that when you have a sinking ship you shouldn't have other folks come on board that sinking ship. then the responsibility was on i.t.t. to determine their appropriate next step. >> it was pointed out that a majority of the 80,000 students hadn't applied for debt relief. so does there need to be more outreach for the corinthian students? secretary king: we'll continue to do outreach and we'll have an update laettner october on the
6:38 pm
number of students who have sought either closed school discharge or borrower defense. the last update we put out i think was in june. there'll be an update shortly. we've seen a significant uptick in the number of folks applying for borrower defense as we continue outreach to students. >> my question is referring to, about, student loan forgiveness and student whors graduate manager immediately after college. is there anything being done as far as students who are graduating from college immediately but still -- but were already in school before, you know, certain programs for financial aid, they might be negatively affected still after graduation, is there anything being done? secretary king: generally across cam buses? what we're trying to do is make sure college student nose about their options for how to manage their debt and i mentioned our
6:39 pm
income based repayment approach. there, students can cap how much they pay at 10% of their income. so we're doing a lot of work to make sure students know about that. we've seen actually a very significant increase in the number of folk whors taking advantage of income driven repayment over the last few years. so we're now well over, i think, five million folks taking advantage of income driven repayment. we're going to keep doing that work to make sure people know about that option. there's also public service loan forgiveness for students in public service careers. and again, we want to make sure that students as they graduate and recent graduates know about that option. so we're working with a number of partners and with other federal agencies to make sure that students have information about both of those options, income repayment and the public service forgiveness. >> when we speak about education programs in our nation's prison is there a similar trajectory or path in terms of those who are earning their g.e.d. or those
6:40 pm
who are completing transition programs into society after they get out? secretary king: this is a place where we should be doing a lot more as a country, i appreciate you asking about it. the evidence is overwhelming that folks who are incarcerated who get access to education programs while incarcerated are much less likely to return. there was a 70% less recidivism rate after they pursued any educational program, whether it led to a certificate or not, while in prison. we're using flexibility under the higher education act to allow universities to use pell dollars for folks who are incarcerated and so actually on my bus tour a couple of weeks ago i visited one of those program the limestone correctional facility in harvest, alabama where they're going to use second chance pell dollars to support an expansion of their higher education program with calhoun college. and what they may talk about was
6:41 pm
the difference they know education will make for their life chances when they leave, the difference it will make for their families, for their kids, and ultimately for the community. we've got 69 universities participating in second chance pell. it now serves 12,000 students across 28 states. timately we think congress should undo the mistake that was made in the mid 1990's. in the mid 1990's, congress banned access to pell grans for folks who are incarcerated. that was a mistake. it's consistent with other errors made in the mid 1990's around mass incarceration. our second chance pell initiative is a way to use our legal authority under the higher education act to try to reverse some of that. the president has plo posed full restoration of pell for folks who are incarcerated in his 2017 budget, we hope congress will act on that and see that education is a central part of criminal justice are form, making sure that when folks are incarcerated they have a meaningful chance to gain skills
6:42 pm
so they can come out of prison and be productive. >> is it too soon to see results yet on that initiative? secretary king: that just launched this year. we announced it last summer. we had universitys aply from all over the country. we saw a lot of demand. we selected 69 universitys to participate and they're just now.hing but we're confident that the evidence will be very clear that those students will be much less likely to return to prison as a esult. >> mr. secretary, thank you for your time. secretary king: thank you. mr. earnest: certainly nice to see someone with that much passion and ex-pe per tees to spend time with us. let's go back to our regular programming here. darlene, do you want to get us started? >> a day after overriding the
6:43 pm
president, leader mcconnell said the 9/11 bill may have unintended ramifications. lawmakers will have to discuss fixes. the white house was too slow to warn about the phone rble consequences. do you feel like he's trying to shift blame here onto the white house? mr. earnest: well, i had a little bit of that impression know i think.s it's hard to where to start. i think what we've seen in the united states congress is a pretty classic case of rapid nset buyers remorse. -- buyer's remorse. within minutes of casting their vote to put that bill into law, you had members of the united tates senate, some 28 of them, deep letter expressing concern about the potential
6:44 pm
impact of the bill they just passed. by some in the senate is that they didn't know what they were voting for. they didn't understand the negative consequences. of the bill. that's a hard suggestion to take seriously, when you had letters from president bush's attorney general an national security advisor warning about the -- and national security advisor warning about the consequences of the bill. you have attorneys from our closest allies in europe expressing their concerns about the impact of the bill. you had a letter from the -- some
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