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  Vice Presidential Nominees Debate at Longwood University  CSPAN  October 4, 2016 9:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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[indistinct conversation] >> less than a minute away. less than a minute away.
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elaine: good evening. from longwood university in far vote, virginia. welcome to the first and only vice presidential debate of 2016. i am elaine quijano.
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correspondent for cbs news. it is an honor to moderate this debate between senator tim kaine and mike pence. onsy are proud fathers of sson serving in the u.s. marines. there will be nine different segments covering domestic and foreign-policy issues, and each segment will begin with a question both candidates will each have two minutes to answer. by coin toss, it has been determined that senator kaine will be first to answer the opening question. we have an enthusiastic audience tonight. they have agreed to only express that enthusiasm once at the end of the debate, and right now, as we welcome governor mike pence and senator tim kaine. [applause]
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>> thank you. it is an honor. [applause] [cheering] elaine: gentlemen. welcome. it truly is a privilege to be with both of you tonight. i would like to start with the topic of presidential leadership. 28 years ago tomorrow night, lloyd bentsen said the vice presidential debate was not about the qualifications for vice presidency, but how, if tragedy should occur, the vice president has to step in without margin for ever, without time for preparation to take over the responsibility for the biggest job in the world. what are your qualities, your skills, and your temperament that equip you to step into that role at a moments notice? so great to beis
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back at longwood in farmville, virginia. this is a very special place. 65 years ago, a young, courageous woman, barbara johns, led a walkout over high school. she made history by protesting school go duration -- segregation should she believes our nation is stronger together and walkout led to the brown versus board of education decision that moved us toward equality. i am so proud to be running with another strong history making woman, hillary clinton, to be president of the united states. her vision of stronger together, building an economy that works for all, not just those at the top, being safe in the world, not only with a strong military, but also strong alliances, to battle terrorism and climate change, and also to build a community of respect, like barbara johns tried to do 65 years ago. that is why i am so proud to be a running mate. hillary told me why she asked me to be a running mate.
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it will be whether we can make somebody's life better, whether we can make a classroom better learning environment for school kids were teachers, whether we can make it safer. it is going to be about results. she said to me, you have been a missionary and civil rights lawyer. you have been a lieutenant governor and governor, and now a u.s. senator. i think you will help me figure out how to govern this nation so we always keep in mind that the success of the administration is the difference we make in people's lives. that is what i bring to the ticket. i have served at all levels of government. my primary role is to be hillary clinton's right-hand person and strong support i she put together the most historic administration possible. i relish that role. i am so proud of her. we trust hillary clinton, my wife and i, with the most important thing in our life here it we have a son deployed in the
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marines. we trust hillary clinton as president and commander in treat . the thought of donald trump as commander in chief scares us to death. gov. pence: thank you to longwood university for the wonderful hospitality, the commission on presidential debates. it is deeply humbling for me to be here, to be surrounded by my what if a family. senator kaine, it is a honor to be your with you as well. i want to say thank you to everyone looking in the night, who understands what an enormously important time this is in the life of our nation. for the last 7.5 years, we have seen america's place in the eakened, the economy stifled by taxation, a war on coal, and the american people know that we need to make a change. i want to thank all of you for being with us tonight. i want to thank donald trump for making that call and inviting us
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to be a part of this ticket. i am a small town boy from a place not too different from farmville. i grew up with a cornfield in my backyard. my grandfather immigrated to this country when she would -- when he was about my sunday's age. son's age. they raised a family. i dream someday of representing my hometown and washington, d.c., but honestly, elaine, i never imagined i would have the opportunity to be governor of the state i love, let alone be sitting at a table like this in this kind of position. to answer your question, i would hope that if the responsibility ever fell to me in this role, that i would meet the responsibility should i be elected vice president of the united states, to bring up a lifetime of experience, a lifetime of grinding up in a small town, where i served in
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the congress of the united states, in the great state of indiana. i would hope, and pray, to be able to meet that moment with matt lifetime of experience. elaine: -- with that lifetime of experience. elaine: you talked about hillary clinton's character, yet 60% of voters do not think she has trustworthy. why do so many people distrust her? is it because they have questions about her e-mails and the clinton foundation? sen. kaine: let me tell you why i trust hillary clinton. here's what people should look for in a servant. do they have a passion in their life before they were in public life? hillary clinton has that passion from a time as a kid in a methodist youth group in the suburbs of chicago, she has been focused on serving others with a
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special focus on empowering families and kids. as a civil rights lawyer in the south with the children's defense fund, first lady of arkansas and this country's secretary of state, it has always been about putting others first. that is a sharp contrast with donald trump. donald trump always puts himself first. he built a business career, in the words of his own campaign staffers, "off the backs of the little guy." he started his campaign was a speech where he called mexicans rapists and criminals, and he has pursued the discredited and outrageous lie that president obama was not born in the united states. it is painful to suggest we go back to think about these days where an african-american could not be a citizen of the united states. i cannot imagine how governor pence can defend donald trump. elaine: you said donald trump's "thoughtful, compassionate, and steady."
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voters think he is a risky choice, and 65% think he does not have the right temperament to be president. why do so many americans think trump is simply to erratic? gov. pence: first and foremost, senator, u.n. hillary clinton would know a lot about an insult driven campaign. u.n. hillaryd -- clinton would know a lot about an insult driven campaign. of theentire portions world, particularly the middle east, spinning out of control in a situation we are watching hour-by-hour in syria today, a result of the failed for policy that hillary clinton helped lead in this administration and create. the newly emboldened progression of russia, in ukraine or -- we will get you rush and just a moment. i want to get back -- gov. pence: elaine, thank you.
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sen. kaine: he praised vladimir putin as a great leader. elaine: the question we are at -- gov. pence: at a time of great challenge, in the life of this nation, where we have weakened place in the world, the campaign of hillary clinton and tim kaine has been an avalanche of insults. to get your question about trustworthiness, donald trump has built a business through hard times and good times. he has brought an extraordinary business acumen, employed tens of thousands of people in this country, -- sen. kaine: and cost $1 billion per year. gov. pence: there is a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton, and that is because they are paying attention. she wasity is, secretary of state. she had the clinton foundation
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accepting contributions from foreign governments. sen. kaine: let me talk about this -- gov. pence: senator -- this is my time. sen. kaine: isn't this a discussion? clintonce: the foundation accepted foreign contributions from foreign governments and foreign governors while she was secretary of state. she had a private server -- sen. kaine: i get to weigh in. think itpence does not has gone so well, he's going to say it is everybody's -- gov. pence: do you? sen. kaine: when she was secretary of state, osama bin laden was on life. -- was alive. itsia was expanding stockpile. under secretary clinton's leadership, she was partnered with the safety team that went
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after and revived the -- against bin laden. she worked a deal with the russians to reduce their chemical weapons stockpile. she worked a tough negotiation with nations around the world to nucleare the iranian weapons program without firing a shot. without firing a shot, and instead of 175,000 american troops deployed overseas, we now have 15,000. gov. pence: iraq has been overrun by isis. they failed to negotiate. hillary clinton has failed to renegotiate the status of forces agreement. sen. kaine: that is incorrect. elaine: i would like to move on. sen. kaine: i would like to correct -- president bush said we would leave iraq at the end of 2011. iraq did not want our troops to stay. they would not give us the protective of our troops. if a nation where our troops are
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serving does not want us to stay, we are not going to stay -- gov. pence: it was a failure of the secretary of state -- elaine: there are a lot of people wondering about the economy. according to the nonpartisan committee, neither of your economic plans would reduce the growing $19 trillion gross national debt. in fact, your plans would add even more to it. both of you were governors who balanced the state budget. are you concerned that adding more to the debt could be disastrous for the country? governor pence. gov. pence: the fact that under this past administration of which hillary clinton was a part, we have almost doubled the national debt. it is atrocious. i have very proud of the fact that i come from a state that works. the state of indiana has balanced budget. we cut taxes. i finished my turn with $2 billion in the bank. that is a little bit different
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from when senator kaine was governor here in virginia. he actually tried to raise taxes by about $4 billion. he left his estate about $2 billion in the hole. we cutte of indiana, unemployment in half. unemployment doubled when he was governor. he is a very fitting running mate for hillary clinton because in the wake of the season when american families are struggling in this economy, under the weight of higher taxes and coalcare and the war on and the settling avalanche of regulations coming out of this administration, hillary clinton and tim kaine want more of the same. it really is remarkable. they actually are advocating $1 trillion in tax increases. you tried to raise taxes in virginia and were unsuccessful. when trillion dollars in tax increases, more regulation, more -- $1 trillion in tax increases, more regulation, more of the same war on coal. hillary clinton and tim kaine
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want to build on obamacare and make it a single-payer program. hillary clinton things obamacare is a good start. -- thinks obamacare is a good start. get healthlan to care working again by lowering taxes across the board for working families, small businesses, and family farms, ending the war on coal that is hurting jobs, repealing obamacare, lock stock, and repealing all of the executive orders obama has signed that are economic -- stifling economic growth in this country. on top of that, the trade deals that have put the american worker first, you have got a prescription for real growth. when you get the economy growing, that is when you can deal with the national debt. when we get back to 3.5% to 4% growth, then we are going to have the resources to meet our nation's needs at home, abroad,
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and the ability to bring down the national that. sen. kaine: on the economy, there is a choice for the american electorate. do you want a "you are hired" president in hillary clinton or a "you are fired" president and donald trump? we have five components. first, we invest in manufacturing, infrastructure, and research into clean energy jobs for tomorrow. second, we invest in our workforce from pre-k education to great teachers, to debt free college, and tuition free college for families that make less than $125,000 per year. we from oak by raising the minimum wage so you cannot work full-time and make under the poverty level. we promote small business growth to make it easier to start and grossmont businesses. we each grew up in small business families. my dad ran a welding shop. we have a tax plan that targets
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tax relief to middle-class individuals and small businesses and asked those at the top who benefits as we come out of recession to pay more. the trump plan is a different plan. it is a "you are fired" plan. both donald trump and mike pence think we ought to eliminate the federal minimum wage. mike pence, when he was in congress, voted against raising the minimum wage above five dollars -- $5.15. he has been a one-man bulwark. second, massive tax breaks for the very top, trillions of dollars of tax breaks for people like donald trump. that is exactly what we did 10 years ago and it put our economy in the deepest recession since the 1930's. the trump plan would cost $3.5
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million jobs. his tax plan helped him. if he ever met his promise and gave his tax returns to the american public like he said he would, we would see just how much his economic plan is really a trump-first plan. elaine: the new york times released part of mr. thompson 1995 tax returns and reported he could have avoided paying taxes forcome years. mr. trump said he brilliantly used the laws to pay as little ties as legally possible. does that seem fair to you? i appreciate the fired"e hired," "you are thing. what you all just heard out , $2 trillion taxes in more spending, more deficits, more debt, more government, and if you think that is all worth
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it, look at the other side of the table. the policies of this administration, which hillary clinton and senator kaine want to continue, have run this economy into a ditch. 50 million new jobs. gov. pence: there are people living in poverty today than the day that barack obama was hillary clinton at his side -- sen. kaine: it would improve dramatically between -- gov. pence: you can rollout the numbers and the sunnyside. people in scranton, no different. people in indiana, no different. in this economy, and people are struggling. the answer is not more taxes, -- sen. kaine: it is not to give away tax relief to folks at the top. i want to hear whether he will defend his running mate not releasing taxes. elaine: the question was about whether it seems fair to you that mr. trump said he brilliantly used the laws to pay as little tax and legally
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possible. gov. pence: this is the difference between donald trump and hillary clinton and senator kaine. they are career public servant. donald trump is a businessman, not a career politician. he built a business. those tax returns that came out publicly this week showed that he faced pretty tough times 20 years ago. like virtually every other business, including the new york times, he used operating laws, a tax code that actually is designed to encourage opportune ownership -- encourage entrepreneurship. sen. kaine: but why won't he released his tax returns? gov. pence: he went through a very difficult time, but he used the tax code just the way it was supposed to be used. sen. kaine: how do you know that? gov. pence: he has created a business with billions of dollars. sen. kaine: how do you know that?
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gov. pence: this whole riff about not paying taxes, donald has created tens of thousands of jobs, and has paid payroll -- sen. kaine: let me talk about that. elaine: senator, i am going to give you 30 seconds to respond. governor. sen. kaine: donald trump started this campaign in 2016. he said, "if i am running for president, i will absolutely release my tax returns." gov. pence: he said he will do it. sen. kaine: he said "that makes me smart." it is smart not to be for our military, for veterans, for teachers. i guess all of us who do pay for those things, i guess were stupid. gov. pence: senator, do you -- sen. kaine: governor pence, governor pence had to give donald trump his tax returns to show he was qualified to be vice president. donald trump must if the
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american public his tax return to show he is qualified to be president. he is breaking his promise. gov. pence: i have to respond to this. donald trump has filed over 100 pages of financial disclosure, which is what the law requires. that -- you you've can review that. elaine: gentlemen, i need to ask about social security. richard nixon release test returns under audit. elaine: people at home cannot understand either one of you when you speak over each other. i will please ask you to wait until the other is finished. of social security. in 18 years, when the social security trust funds run out of money, you will be 76. the community for responsible federal budget estimates your benefits could be cut by as much as $3500 per year. what would your -- $7,500 per year. sen. kaine: we are going to
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protect social security, one of the greatest programs the american government has ever done. it happened at a time when you worked your whole life raising your kids, working, being a ch, andleague coa retire into poverty. we have to keep it solvent and will keep it solvent. we will look for strategies like adjusting the payroll tax cap upward in order to do that. here is what hillary and i will not do, and i want to make this plane. a will never ever engage in risky scheme to privatize social security. donald trump wrote a book and said social security is a ponzi scheme and privatization would begin for all of us. when congressman pence was an congress, he was the chief cheerleader for the privatization of social security, even after president bush stopped pushing for it, congressman pence kept pushing for it. we are going to stand up against
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that push to privatize social security and look for ways to keep it solvent going forward, focusing on the payroll tax. gov. pence: thank you, you lane there they go again. [laughter] we are going to meet obligations to our seniors. theaid we are going to meet obligations to medicare. this is what this campaign is really about, senator. this is the scare tactic that they roll out -- sen. kaine: you have a voting record, governor. gov. pence: look, there is a question that you asked -- sen. kaine: you want defender on voting record. gov. pence: you are running with -- defend your own voting record. gov. pence: you are running with hillary clinton. you say you are going to keep the promises of social security. donald trump and i are going to cut taxes. sen. kaine: you are going to raise taxes on the middle class. gov. pence: we will meet the
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obligations of social security and medicare. path that youthe have is on, we are going to be in a mountain range of that. -- of that. -- of debt. elaine: all right, let me move on. the issue of law enforcement and race relations. law enforcement and race relations. after the dallas police shooting, police chief david brown said "we are asking cops to do too much in this country. every societal failure, we put it off on the cops. not enough mental health funding, drug addiction funding, and schools fail. do we ask too much of police officers in this country? how would you specifically address the chief's concerns. sen. kaine: that is a very fair comment. we put all that on police's shoulders. a city councilman and
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mayor in richmond. when i came in, we had one of the highest severance rates in the states. we fought very hard with our police department and reduce our homicide rate nearly in half. when i was governor of regina, we worked hard. virginia,governor of we worked very hard. we worked together. here is what i learned as a mayor and governor. immunities make favor and the way you make police saver is through community policing. you build the bonds between amenity and the police force, bonds of understanding, that's between the community and the police force, bonds of understanding. when that gap narrows, it is safer for communities, and for the police. that model works across our country. there are other models that do not work, and overly aggressive more militarized model. donald trump recently said we need to do more stop and frisk
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around the country. that would be a big mistake because it polarizes the relationship tween the police and the community. here is what we will do, focus on community policing. we'll focus on a comprehensive mental health reform package that hillary clinton worked on with law enforcement professionals, and fight the scourge of gun violence in the united states. i am a gun owner. i am a strong second amendment supporter. when i was governor of virginia, there was a horrible shooting at i am a gun owner. virginia tech, and we learned through that painful situation backgroundn the record check system should have been closed and could have prevented that crime. we are going to work to do things i close background record checks. if we do, we will not have the tragedy we did. one of those killed it at virginia tech was a 70 plus-year-old romanian holocaust survivor who had survived the holocaust, survived the soviet union takeover of his country, but then, he was a visiting professor at virginia tech, and
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could not survive the scourge of gun violence. we can support the second amendment and do things like that ground check to make us safer and police safer, too. gov. pence: my uncle was a cop, career cop. on the beach in downtown chicago. he was my hero when i grew up. my three brothers and i would marvel at my uncle when he would come out in his uniform, sidearm at his side. police officers are the best of us, and men and women, white, african-american, asian, latino, hispanic, they put their lives on the line every single day. of me say, at the risk agreeing with you, community policing is a great idea. it has worked in the hoosier state. we fully support that. donald trump and i want to make sure law enforcement has the resources and tools to be able
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to really restore law and order, and for the cities and communities in this nation. it is probably why the 330,000 members of the police endorse donald trump as the next president of the united states of america because they see his commitment to him, to law -- to them, to law and order. they hear the bad mouthing that eizes from people that s upon tragedy as a reason to use a broad brush to accuse law bias orent of implicit institutional racism. that really has got to stop. when an african-american police officer in charlotte, and all-star football player who university,rty followed his dad into law enforcement, joined the force in was involved2014,
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in a police action shooting that claimed the life of keith lamont scott, it was a tragedy. mourn,n with those who we grieve with those who grieve, and we are saddened at the loss of life. hillary clinton actually referred to that moment as an example of implicit bias in the police force, where she was asked a week ago, whether there was implicit bias in law enforcement, should correctly answer was that there is implicit bias and everyone in the united states i just think what we ought to do is stop seizing on these moments of tragedy. we assure the public we have a full and complete and transparent investigation whenever there is a loss of life because of police action, but senator, please, enough of this seeking every opportunity to demean law enforcement probably by making accusation of implicit bias every time tragedy occurs. sen. kaine: people should not be
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afraid to bring up issues of bias in law enforcement. gov. pence: i am not afraid to bring that up. sen. kaine: if you are afraid to have the discussion, you will never solve it. this is a heartbreaking example. philando castile, who was killed in st. paul, who was a worker, a valued worker in a local school, he was killed for no other reason, in an incident that will be discussed and investigated. when folks went and explored this situation, what they found was that philando castile, they called him mr. rogers with dreadlocks. kids love him. he had been stopped by police 40 or 50 times before that fatal incident. if you look at unstinting in this -- at sentencing in this country, african americans get sentenced for crimes that very different rates. i just want to say, those who say we should not be able to
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bring up and talk about bias in the system will never solve the problem. gov. pence: when african-american police officers involved in a police action shooting involving an african-american, why would hillary clinton accuse that african-american -- sen. kaine: i cannot believe you're defending the position there is no bias -- elaine: i have a question on that point. your fellow republican governor, senator tim scott, who is african-american, recently spoke on the senate floor. he said he was tops seven times by law enforcement in one year. felt the anger, frustration, sadness, and the humiliation that comes with feeling like you are being targeted for nothing more than being just yourself." what would you say to senator scott about his experience. gov. pence: i have the deepest respect for senator scott. he is a friend. i would say that we need to adopt criminal justice reform
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nationally. i had signed criminal justice reform in the state of indiana senate, and very proud about it. i worked in congress on the second chance act. we have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect institutional bias in criminal justice. but what donald trump and i are saying is "let us not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement." we believe that law enforcement is not -- elaine: what would you say -- gov. pence: law enforcement in this country is a force for good. they are people who put their lives on the line everything will day. i would suggest to you, what we need to do is assert a stronger leadership with the national level to use the -- to support law enforcement. you heard senator kaine want to
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stop stop and frisk. sen. kaine: let me -- if i could just -- i have heard senator scott make that eloquent plea. there is a fundamental respect issue here. i want to talk about the tone. donald trump has called mexicans rapistsis and promote -- and criminals. he is called women dogs, pigs, disgusting. wasaid the judge unqualified to. federal lawsuit because his parents were mexican. he went after tom mccain, a pow, and said he -- john mccain, and a pow, and said he was not a hero because he had been captured. if you want to have a society where people are respected and
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respect laws, you cannot have someone at the top who demeans every groupie talks about. i cannot believe that governor insultould defend the driven campaign that donald trump has run. elaine: immigration. mate have both said that undocumented immigrants who have committed violent crimes should be deported. what would you tell the millions of undocumented immigrants who have not committed violent crimes. governor pence. gov. pence: donald trump has made a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all in this country. we have been talking it to death for 20 years. hillary clinton want to continue the policy of open borders, amnesty, catch and release, sanctuary cities, all of the things driving wages down in this country, senator, and also too often, with criminal aliens in the country, it is bringing heartbreak. donald trump has a plan that he laid out in arizona that will
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deal systematically with illegal immigration, and it is probably why for the first time in history in immigration and customs enforcement, their union endorsed donald trump as the next president of the united states because they know they need help to enforce the laws of this country. all trump has -- donald trump had laid out a plan. that,have a congress all which will strengthen our economy, strengthen the rule of law in our economy and make our country safer, then, we will deal with those that remain. i have to tell you. i was listening to the avalanche of insult coming out of senator kaine a minute ago. he says -- i apologize. it is your two minutes. said it is an insult driven campaign.
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did you all just hear that question marks ours is an insult driven campaign? that? you all just hear ours is an insult driven campaign? hillary clinton said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables. she said they were irredeemable, not american. it is extraordinary. "isnailed one after another m" on millions of americans, who believe we can and illegal them -- end illegal immigration once and for all. that is small potatoes compared to hillary clinton. she called half of donald trump supporters a basket of deplorables. sen. kaine: she said, i should not have said that. elaine: this is senator kaine's two minutes.
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sen. kaine: now, we are even. did donald trump apologize to senator john mccain for calling him -- did donald trump apologize for taking after somebody in a porter war and making fun of her weight -- twitter war and making fun of her weight? did he apologize for saying that president obama was not a citizen of the united states. for donaldok in vain trump apologizing. donald trump believes in deportation nation. you have got to pick your choice. hillary and i want a bipartisan reform that will keep families together, second, that will help focus enforcement efforts on those were violent, third, that will do more border control, and
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third, write a path to citizenship for those who play criminalles and take background checks. that is our proposal. donald trump proposes to deport 16 million people, 11 million of whom are here without documents. rid ofnt to get birthright citizenship. if you are born here, they want that isnate that, another 4.5 million people. they want to go house to house, school to school, business to business, and kick out 16 million people. i cannot believe that governor pence would sit here and defend his running mate's plan that we should create a deportation force so that they will all be gone. gov. pence: we have a deportation force. it is called immigrations and customs enforcement. for the first time in their history, they endorsed donald trump to be the next president of the united states. sen. kaine: you like the 16 million deportation?
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gov. pence: senator, that is nonsense. they have a plan for open borders, amnesty. sen. kaine: our plan is like ronald reagan's plan from 1986. gov. pence: we know the routine. it is amnesty. you heard one of the last things he mentioned is border security. that is how washington always plays it. elaine: senator -- sen. kaine: governor pence was against it. gov. pence: a nation without borders is not a nation. donald trump is committed to restoring the borders of this nation. elaine: how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? would they be forcibly removed? gov. pence: it begins with border security. after we secure the border, not only build a wall, but beneath the ground and in the air, we do internal enforcement. the focus has to be on criminal aliens. we just had a conversation about
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law enforcement, a conversation about the violence that is the setting our cities. the reality is, there is heartbreaking tragedy that has struck american families because people who came into this country illegally are now involved in criminal and reprise and activity, and we do not have the resources or the will to deport them systematically. donald trump said we are going to move those people out. people have overstayed their visas. we are going to enforce the law of this country and strengthen immigration and customs enforcement with more resources and personnel to be able to do that, and then donald trump has made it clear. once we have done all of those things, then we are going to reform the immigration system that we have in this country. sen. kaine: i have to -- gov. pence: that is the order you should do it. border security, removing criminal aliens, upholding the law, and then, senator, i will work with you. we will work to reform the immigration -- sen. kaine: i look forward to
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working together in whatever capacity as we serve him. i want to make it clear that he is trying to change with donald trump has said. areld trump that we building a wall and we are deporting everybody. he said "they will all be gone." this is one of these ones where you can go to the tape on it and see what donald trump has said. it, we are a nation of immigrants. mike pence and i are both dissented from immigrant families. worth a readmaybe about the irish when we came in, but we absorbed, and made our nation stronger. when donald trump said mexicans criminals, hed said the judge was unqualified to hear a case because his parents were mexican. i cannot imagine how you could defend that. elaine: gentlemen, i would like to shift to the threat of
9:46 pm
terrorism. today isink the will a safer and more dangerous place than it was eight years ago? has the terrorist threat increased or decreased. sen. kaine: it has decreased in some ways because bin laden is dead, because an iranian nuclear weapons program hasn't stopped, -- has been stopped. there is not 175,000 in a dangerous part of the world, only 15,000, that there are other parts of the world that are challenging. is onlyterrorism, there one candidate who can do it, and it is hillary clinton. she was a senator from new york on 9/11, at the world trade center when they were searching for victims and survivors. need --red onto her the she was part of the national security team that wiped out bin laden. here is her plan to defeat isil. they have to take out their
9:47 pm
leaders on the battlefield. she will lead the team that will get the head of isis. theave got to disrupt financing networks. third, disrupt their ability to recruit on the internet, in their state havens. fourth, we also have to work with allies to share intelligence. that is the hillary clinton plan. she has got the -- donald trump cannot start a twitter war with miss universe without shooting himself in the foot. he does not have a plan. he said "i have a secret plan," and then he said "i know more than all the generals about isil," and finally he said "i am going to fire all the generals." he does not have a plan. he trash talk military, john mccain is no hero, the generals need to be fired, i know more than them. he wants to their appliances. nato is obsolete and third, he
9:48 pm
loves dictators. he has a personal mount rushmore jong-un,ir putin, kim and saddam hussein. , donald trump believes that the world will be safer if more nations have nuclear weapons. he said saudi arabia should get them, japan should get them, and corporate jet should get them. when he was confronted with this, and told -- and korea should get them. when he was confronted with this , he said "go ahead, folks, enjoy yourselves." i would like governor pence atomic what is so enjoyable work comical about nuclear war. gov. pence: that had a lot of creative lines in it. sen. kaine: see if you can defend any of it? gov. pence: i can make it clear to the american people, after traveling millions of miles as our secretary of state after
9:49 pm
being the architect of the foreign policy of this administration, america is less safe today that it was the day that barack obama became president of the united states. it is absolutely inarguable. weakened america's place in the world. it is a lack of leadership. i will give you that. i was in washington, d.c. on 9/11. i saw the clouds of smoke rise from the pentagon. sen. kaine: i was in virginia. gov. pence: i know you were. we lived through that day as a nation. it was heartbreaking. i want to give this president, for bringing osama bin laden to justice, but the truth is, he led al qaeda. the primary threat today is isis. because hillary clinton failed to renegotiate a forces agreement that would have allowed some american combat troops to remain in iraq and secure the hard-fought gains of the -- that the american soldier has won, isis was able to be
9:50 pm
literally conjured up out of the desert and it has overrun vast areas. my heart breaks for the likes of liberal -- corporal lebowski. he fought hard, threw some of the most difficult days of operation iraqi freedom, and paid the ultimate sacrifice to secure the nation. that nation was secured in 2009. because hillary clinton and barack obama failed to provide a status of forces agreement and leave sufficient forces, we are back at war. we are back at war in iraq and -- i tell her we're never going to forget her son. the sacrifices the american soldier made squandered in iraq
9:51 pm
because this administration created a vacuum in which isis was able to grow. initiated,at clinton $150 billion -- sen. kaine: without firing a shot. gov. pence: it did not stop the -- sen. kaine: yes, it did. gov. pence: it guaranteed that someday, iran would become a power. elaine: mr. trump has proposed extreme vetting, but that does not address many of the recent terrorist attacks in the united states such as the orlando nightclub mexic massacre. those were homegrown. what specific tools would you use to prevent those kinds of attacks? gov. pence: i think it is a great question, elaine. usreally does begin with
9:52 pm
reforming our immigration system and putting the interest, particularly in the safety and security of the american people, first. donald trump once extreme vetting for people coming -- wants extreme vetting for people coming in. donald trump and i are committed to suspending the syrian refugee program and programs in around the world that have been copper mice by terrorism. hillary clinton want to increase it. compromised by terrorism. expandlinton wants to it. sen. kaine: as opposed to violating the constitution by blocking people from coming in based on their -- we have different views on
9:53 pm
refugee issues and immigration. hillary and i want to do enforcement based on "our people dangerous?" these guys say "all mexicans are bad." with regard to refugees, we want to keep people out of they are dangerous. donald trump said "keep them out if they are muslim." an appellate court with three public and judges struck down a pence plan and said it was this majority. was discriminatory. gov. pence: there is not evidence that isis had infiltrated the united states. germany just arrested three syrian refugees. sen. kaine: they told you there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. gov. pence: if you're going to be critical of me, that is fair game. after two syrian refugees were involved in the attack in paris 9/11," called "paris'
9:54 pm
you bet i suspended that program. i stand by that decision. if i am vice president, we're going to put the safety of the american people first. sen. kaine: hillary and i will do immigration enforcement and refugees based on whether they are dangerous or not, not discriminating based on which country you are from. the director of the fbi said we cannot know for certain who these people coming are. sen. kaine: if we do not know, we do not let them in. gov. pence: if the fbi and homeland security said we cannot know for certain, you have got of the safetyside of the american people. sen. kaine: by trashing all muslims? elaine: we have got to talk about the intelligence surge. what would that look like and
9:55 pm
how would that help identify terrorists with no operational connection to a foreign terrorist organization? it is your mike lee expanding our intelligence positives by hiring professionals, but also, we have got some of the best intel and cyber employees. it involves increasing our own force, but striking great partnerships with some of our cyber and intel experts in the private sector so that we can be consistent with constitutional principles, gather more intelligence. it means making stronger alliances. you share intelligence back and forth with allies, and that is how you find out who may be trying to recruit, who may be trying to come from one country to the next. alliances are critical. that is white donald trump's claim that made up -- that is why donald trump claim that nato
9:56 pm
is obsolete -- look, if you push aside your alliances, who are you going to share intelligence with? hillary clinton knows how to build alliances. that is what an intelligence surge means, better skill and prosody, but a better alliance. elaine: i would like to talk about syria. gov. pence: i would like to talk about the issue. elaine: 30 seconds. donald trump just spoke about the issue this week. we have got to bring together the best resources in this country to understand that cyber warfare is the new warfare of the asymmetrical enemies we face in this country, and i look forward if i am privileged to be in this role of working with you in the senate, to make sure we resource that effort. we have an intelligence surge. i will also tell you that it's
9:57 pm
important in this moment to remember that hillary clinton had a private server in her home that had classified information on it about drone strikes, e-mails from the president of the united states of america were on there, her private server was subject to being hacked by foreign -- elaine: i would like to ask you about syria. you have had a minute. sen. kaine: the investigation concluded that not one reasonable prosecutor would take any additional steps. you do not get to decide that the rights and wrongs of this. we have a justice system that does that. a republican fbi director director did an investigation and concluded -- elaine: we are moving on now. 100,000 children -- governor. gov. pence: that is absolutely false. sen. kaine: they did an investigation. they concluded there was no reasonable prosecutor who would take it further. elaine: senator kaine, governor
9:58 pm
pence, please. i want to turn now to syria. 100,000 children are under siege in aleppo, syria. munitions,ter incendiary weapons are being dropped on them by russian and syrian military's. does the u.s. have a responsibility to protect civilians and prevent mass casualties on this scale? governor pence. gov. pence: the united states of america needs to begin to torcise strong leadership protect the vulnerable citizens in over 100,000 children in aleppo. hillary clinton's top priority when she became secretary of state was the russian reset. after the russian reset, the russians invaded ukraine and took over crimea. the small and bullying the leader of russia is now dictating terms to the united states to the point where all ,he united states of america
9:59 pm
the greatest nation on earth, just withdraws from talk about a cease-fire while that a mere putin puts a missile defense in syria while he marshaled the forces and begins -- look, we have got to lean into this with strong, broad shouldered american leadership that begins by rebuilding our military. the russians and chinese have been making enormous investments in the military. we have the smallest maybe since 1916. we have the lowest number of troops since the second world war. we have got to work with the congress and donald trump to rebuild our military and project american strength in the world. about aleppo and syria, i truly do believe that what america ought to do is immediately establish safe zones so that families with children can move out of those areas, work with our arab partners real-time, right now to make that happen.
10:00 pm
the provocations by russia need to be met by american strength. if russia continues to be involved in this barbaric attack on civilians in aleppo, the u.s. needs to be prepared to strike military targets of the assad regime, to prevent them from this humanitarian crisis taking place in aleppo. there is a broad range of other things we ought to do as well. we should deploy a missile defense shield to the czech republic and poland, which had hillary clinton and barack obama pulled back on. we have to have american strength on the world stage. when donald trump becomes president, the russians and other countries in the world will know they are dealing with a strong american president. elaine: senator? consistent with the
10:01 pm
u.n. security council resolution passed would be a good idea. hillary clinton has the way to stand up to russia. donald trump again and again has praised vladimir putin. it is clear she has business dealings with russia and is very connected to putin. the trump campaign management team had to be fired a month or so ago because of those shadowy connections. governor pence made the odd claim, he said, and arguably, vladimir putin is a better leader than president obama. vladimir putin has run his economy into the ground and he persecutors lgbt folks. if you don't of the difference between dictatorship and leadership, then you got to go back to a fifth grade civics class. that offends me. gov. pence: that offended me. sen. kaine: governor pence just said donald trump will rebuild the military. no he won't.
10:02 pm
avoiding paying taxes. the "new york times" story suggested he did not pay taxes for 18 years, starting in 1995. those years included the year of 9/11. on on 11, hillary clinton and donald trump -- on 9/11, hillary clinton's and donald trump's hometown was attacked. young men and women signed up to fight terrorism. hillary clinton went to washington to get funds to rebuild her city and protect first responders, but donald trump was fighting a different fight, a fight to avoid paying taxes so he would not support the fight against terror, he would not support troops. this is important, elaine. when a guy running for president will not support the troops, not support veterans, not support teachers, that is really important. and i said about aleppo, we do agree to a humanitarian zone
10:03 pm
in northern syria. elaine: governor pence, you had mentioned a no fly zone. specifically, how would you keep this safe zone safe? gov. pence: first of all, donald trump supports troops and our veterans. sen. kaine: he will not pay taxes. elaine: gentlemen -- sen. kaine: this is about our troops. i understand why you want to change the subject and let me be clear on this russians thing. what we are dealing with is -- there is an old proverb that says the russian bear never dies, but hibernates. his foreign policy from hillary clinton and barack obama has awakened a russian aggression that first appeared a few years ago with their move into georgia
10:04 pm
and crimea and into the wider middle east. full of ourw is arms and say, "we are not having talks anymore." we need to marshal the resources of our allies in the region and we need toediate -- act and act now to get people out of harm's way. elaine: exactly how would those safe zones work? gov. pence: the safe zones would have to be, as the senator said, there is a framework that has been recognized by the international community, but the united states needs to be prepared to work with others in the region to create a route for safe passage, and to protect people in those areas, including with a no fly zone. i served on the foreign affairs committee ofor a decade. weak and feckless
10:05 pm
leadership that hillary clinton was the architect of. sen. kaine: let me come back to talk about -- acknowledgewant to that we stop the iranian nuclear weapons program. he does not want to acknowledge that taylor was part of the team that got osama bin laden. -- big knowledge that hillary was part of the team that -- he does not want to mako a cknowledge that hillary was part of the team that got osama bin laden. ronald reagan said something interesting about proliferation in the 1980's. he said the problem with nuclear proliferation is some maniac could trigger a catastrophic event and i think that is who governor pence's running mate is. gov. pence: senator, that was even beneath you and
10:06 pm
hillary clinton. that was pretty low. ronald reagan also said nuclear wars should never be fought because it could never be won, and the united states of america needs to make advancements in modernizing. but let me go back to this iran thing. hillary saying that clinton started the deal with the iranians, prevented them from getting a nuclear weapon. that is not what israel thinks. sen. kaine: you can go check. boycotted: i know you netanyahu'ser speech.
10:07 pm
when i was in congress, i fought hard on a bipartisan basis with republican and democrat members to move forward the topic sanctions literally in the history of the united states. sen. kaine: and hillary clinton used them. gov. pence: other goal was always that we would only lift the sanctions if iran terminally renounced their nuclear ambitions. they have not done so. and when the deal's period runs out, there is no limitation on weapons. a.7 billion was used in ransom payment. sen. kaine: six times tonight i have said to governor pence, i cannot defend how you would defend your running mate's position. and in all six cases, he has refused to defend. and yet, he is asking everybody to vote for somebody he cannot defend. elaine: senator. i will give you an opportunity
10:08 pm
to do that. sen. kaine: more nations should get nuclear weapons, try to defend that. gov. pence: he never said that. elaine: gentlemen, russia. russian president vladimir putin invaded ukraine and crimea and provided crucial motel or military support to the assad regime. senator kaine? sen. kaine: let's start with not praising vladimir putin as a great leader. donald trump and mike pence has said he is a great leader. he has business dealings with russia that he refuses to disclose. hillary clinton has gone toe to toe with russia. she did so as secretary of state with the new start agreement to reduce russia's nuclear stockpile. she went toe to toe with russia
10:09 pm
and launched protests when they went into georgia. and we have done the same thing with ukraine, but we put punishing economic sanctions on russia that we need to continue. donald trump on the other hand, did not know russia had invaded crimea. he was on a television show a couple months back and said, "i guarantee you this, russia is not going into the ukraine." he had to be reminded that they had gone into crimea a few years before. hillary clinton has gone toe to toe with russia and got them engaged in a meaningful way to cap iran's nuclear weapons program and yet, she stood up to them on issues such as syria and the invasion of georgia. you have got to have the ability to do that and hillary does. on the other hand, in donald trump you have somebody who praises vladimir putin all the time. america should really wonder about donald trump, who to vladimired tie ties
10:10 pm
putin, who had to be fired for that reason. when donald trump sits down with vladimir putin, is it going to be america's bottom line or donald trump's bottom line with his business dealings. this could be solved if donald trump was willing to release his tax returns. and i know he is laughing at this. gov. pence: what has that got to do with russia? sen. kaine: every president since nixon has done it. elaine: senator, your time is up. governor. gov. pence: well, thanks. i'm just trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign on the other side. sen. kaine: i am just saying facts about your running mate. gov. pence: don't put words in my mouth. most of what you said is completely false and the american people know that. elaine: senator, please, this is
10:11 pm
governor pence's time. gov. pence: this is the alternative universe of versuston d.c. reality. hillary clinton her number one priority was a reset of russia. that resulted in the infiltration of ukraine. they moved all the way into crimea and took over the crimean peninsula. donald trump was basically said, it is not going to happen again. the truth of the matter is, what you have in the rise of aggressive russia, which has increased its influence in iran, it is not because of this deal, is on a pathway in the feature to obtain a nuclear -- the leading state sponsor of terror has a world in iran now closer working relationship with russia because of hillary clinton and barack obama's
10:12 pm
foreign policy and $150 billion and sanctions being lifted and then of course, syria. it is extraordinary. syria is imploding. you just asked about the disaster in aleppo. isis is headquartered from raqqa. from there, they have overwhelmed vast areas. yet, senator kaine still sits the foreigns that policy of hillary clinton and barack obama somehow made the world more secure. it really is astonishing. fouray iran released americans we delivered $400 million in cash as a ransom payment for americans held in tehran. elaine: "putin has no respect for hillary clinton and no respect for obama."
10:13 pm
what he think he will respect a trump-pence administration? -- why the you think he will respect a trump-pence administration? gov. pence: strength. we are going to rebuild our military. look,hole putin thing, america is stronger than russia. our economy is 16 times larger than the russian economy. our political system is superior to the corrupt capital system in russia it every way. and i observedmp in syria and iran and ukraine that the bullying leader of russia has been stronger on the world stage than this administration is stating facts. that is not an endorsement of putin.
10:14 pm
this is one where we can go to the table on. governor pence said, and arguably, vladimir putin is a better leader than president obama. gov. pence: that is absolutely inaccurate. he has been stronger on the world stage. elaine: no, you said leader. and i will say this, governor. if you mistake leadership for dictatorship and can't tell a difference -- gov. pence: this is the grade school thing again. sen. kaine: if you can't tell the difference, you should not be commander in chief. ond donald trump's s says they have all these business dealings with russia. america needs to worry about whether donald trump will be worrying about his own bottom line. elaine: what went on with the russian reset? sen. kaine: vladimir putin is a
10:15 pm
dictator. he is not a leader. anyone who thinks otherwise does not know russian history and they don't know vladimir putin. hillary clinton knows exactly who this guy is. john mccain, i look at that guy and i see kgb. so, how do you deal with him? we do have to deal with russia in many different ways. there are areas where we can cooperate. it was hillary clinton who worked with russia on the treaty to reduce their nuclear weapons stockpile. it was hillary clinton who worked with russia to get them engaged in a community of nations to stop the iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot. she is not going around praising vladimir putin as a great guy, but she knows how to sit down at a table and negotiate tough deals. this is a very challenging part of the world and we should have a commander in chief that is prepared, rather than somebody who goes around praising vladimir putin. elaine: i would like to ask about north korea and the threat
10:16 pm
of nuclear weapons. north korea just conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear weapon test. how would you stop them from developing a nuclear weapon powerful enough from reaching the united states? modernize: we need to our nuclear forces and we need an effective american diplomacy that will marshal the resources of nations in the asian-pacific rim to put pressure on north korea, to abandon the nuclear ambitions. it has to remain the policy of the notice states of america, the demilitarization of the korean peninsula. when donald trump's president, we are not going to have the kind of posture in the world that has russia invading crimea and ukraine, that has the
10:17 pm
chinese building new islands in the south china sea, that has literally the world, including north korea, floating american power. we will go back to the days of peace through strength. but i have to tell you, all of this talk about tax returns, and i get it, you want to keep but, hillaryp, clinton and her husband set up a private foundation called the clinton foundation. while she was secretary of state, the foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and foreign donors now, you will need to know out there, this is basic stuff. for a donors and certainly, foreign governments cannot participate in the american political process. they cannot make financial contributions, but the clintons figure out a way to create a foundation where foreign governments and for donors can donate millions of dollars.
10:18 pm
and then we found, thanks to the good work of the associated half ofhat more than her private meetings when she was secretary of state were given to major donors of the clinton foundation. you talk about all these baseless rumors about russia and the half rest, hillary clinton,u asked the trustworthy question at the very beginning. elaine: senator. gov. pence: they are looking at the pay to play politics she operated within the clinton foundation. they are saying, enough is enough. elaine: senator kaine. sen. kaine: i want to talk about the foundation and then north korea. i am glad to talk about the foundation. it is one of the highest rated charities in the world. it provides aids drugs to about 11.5 million people. it helps america deal with opioid overdoses and it gets higher rankings for its charity than the american red cross does. it does a lot of good work. oflary clinton as secretary
10:19 pm
state took no action to benefit the foundation. the state department did an investigation and concluded that everything hillary clinton did as secretary of state was in the interest of the united states. so, the foundation does good work and hillary clinton as secretary of state acted in the interest of the nuts states. -- the interest of the united states. now, let's compare that with the trump organization. the conflict of interest could only be known if donald trump would release his tax returns and he has refused to do it. his son has said the organization has a lot of business dealings in russia. remember, the trump organization is not a nonprofit. it is putting money into his pocket and the pockets of his children, where the clinton foundation is a nonprofit and no clinton foundation draws any salary. in addition, donald trump has a foundation that was just fined
10:20 pm
for illegally contributing foundation dollars to a political ca campaign. they made an illegal contribution and try to hide it. the person they donated it to was the person whose office was donating to committin trump university. clinton is doing work in the american interest. elaine: governor, i will give you 30 seconds to respond because i know you want to, but i will remind you both, this is about north korea. [laughter] gov. pence: thank you. the trump foundation is a private family foundation and they give virtually every cent to charitable causes. portraite: a $20,000 of donald trump? gov. pence: it has been a
10:21 pm
platform for the clintons to travel the world. senator, we would know a lot more about it if hillary clinton would turn over that 33,000 e-mails. elaine: senator kaine. senator kaine, if you had intelligence that north korea was about to launch a nuclear armed missile capable of states, the united would you take preemptive action? sen. kaine: a president should take action to defend the united states against th imminent threats. now, you would have to determine what your intelligence was, how certain you were about that intelligence, but you would have to take question. you asked the question of how we deal with north korea. on the foreign relations committee we just did an extensive sanctions package against north korea and interestingly enough, the u.n.
10:22 pm
did virtually the same package. often china will use their veto on the security council for that. they are starting to get worried about north korea as well. supported be sanctions passage, even when many of the sanctions are against chinese financial institutions. so, we are working together with china and we need to. it is competitive and also challenging and we have to be against northate korea. hillary understands that. she went famously to china and stood up at a human rights meeting and said, against north korea. "women's rights are human rights." she worked on many important diplomatic deal with china and that is what it will take. the thing i would worry about a little bit is donald trump owes about $650 million to banks, including the bank of china. i am not sure he could stand up so tough to the people who have
10:23 pm
loaned him money. elaine: i would like to turn to our next segment and focus on a social issue. you have both been open about the role that states have played in your lives. can you express in detail a time that you have struggled to balance your personal faith and the public policy decision. senator kaine. sen. kaine: that is an easy one for me. i grew up with a great irish catholic council. i was educated by jesuits. i worked with jesuit hondurasries in o now nearly 35 years ago and they were the heroes of my life. i tried it to practice my religion in a very devout way. but i don't believe in this nation, a first amendment nation, where we don't raise any religion over the other, that the doctrines of any one religion should be mandated for everyone.
10:24 pm
faith a struggle in my life was that the catholic church is against the death penalty and so am i. but i was the governor of the state, and the state says there was a death penalty. so, i had to grapple with that when i was running for governor and i was attacked pretty strongly because of my position. but, i looked the voters of e, and said,the ey i am not going to change my religious practice to get one vote, but it will uphold the law. and i was elected and i did. it was very difficult to allow executions to go forth, but in certain situations where i did not believe there was a case for clemens the, i toency, i told virginia voters i would uphold the law and i did. it is difficult for those of us who have these faith lives, we
10:25 pm
don't feel we can just substitute our views. elaine: governor pence. gov. pence: well, it is a wonderful question in my christian faith is at the very heart of who i am. i was also raised in a wonderful family of faith. it was church on sunday morning and grace before dinner. becamechristian faith real for me when i made a personal decision for christ when i was a freshman in college. i have tried to live that out, however imperfectly, every day of my life since. with my wife by my side we followed a calling into public service, where we tried to keep the faith with our values that we cherish. and, which regard to when i struggled, i appreciate and i have a great deal of respect for senator kaine's sincere faith. that is shared. but for me, i would tell you for
10:26 pm
of life entity o the sanctity proceeds out of the believe thft ncient principle of god. ancientto stand for the principle of the sanctity of life. pleased thaty indiana became the most but what i cannot u understand is hillary clinton, how she can support a process like partial-birth abortion. i know you hold pro-life views personal. at the very idea that a child almost born into the world could
10:27 pm
still have their life taken from conscience at party that supports that. i know you have historically opposed taxpayer funding for abortion, but hillary clinton wants to repeal the long-standing provision when we said we would not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. for me, my faith informs my life. for me, it all begins with cherishing the dignity, the worth, the value of all human life. sen. kaine: elaine, this is a fundamental question. hillary and i are both from religious backgrounds. her methodist church experience was very informative for her as a public servant. but we both feel you should live fully and withi enthusiasm your faith.
10:28 pm
but, let's talk about abortion and choice. ws. wade.t roe ve we support the constitutional right of american women to andult their own conscience make their own decision about pregnancy. that is something we trust american women to do. and we don't think that women should be punished, as donald trump they showed, for making the decision to have an abortion. governor pence wants to repeal roe vs. wade. he says he wants to put it on h heap of history. statesroe vs. wade, could punish women if they made the choice to aboard a pregnancy. i think you should live your moral values, but the last thing
10:29 pm
governments should do is to have laws that would punish women who make reproductive choices. that is the fundamental difference between the clinton-kaine ticket and the trump-pence ticket. gov. pence: it is really not. donald trump and i would never support legislation that would punish women who made the heartbreaking choice. sen. kaine: then, why did he say that? gov. pence: look, he is not a polished politician like you and hillary clinton. there is a great line from the gospel. a promise from the heart now speaks. when donald trump says hillary clinton should be punished, for that mexicans are rapists and criminals, he is showing you who he is. gov. pence: senator, with that mexican thing again.
10:30 pm
whoe are criminal aliens have come into this country illegally, who are perpetrating violence. he also said, and many of them are good people. sen. kaine: you keep leaving them out of your quote. but there is a choice here, and it is a choice on life. i could not be more proud to be standing with donald trump, who is standing with the right to life. it is a principle that under can, and i very generous about this because it is a principle that you embrace. i have appreciated the fact that you support the amendment that bans the use for taxpayer funding in the past. but that is not hillary clinton's view. we can come together as a nation. we know we are better for it. like mother teresa said at that
10:31 pm
name is prayer breakfast. there's so many families around the country who cannot have children. so people whoove cannot have children can. to'sekend encourage people -- we can encourage people to support women. why doesn't it donald trump trust women to make this choice for the themselves? of faith withes enthusiasm, convincing each other, dialoguing each other about important issues. fundamental issues of morality, we should let women make their own choice. >> society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable. the aged, the infirm. i cannot say it how happy i am
10:32 pm
to be standing with a pro-life candidate, and donald trump. kaine, if your ticket wins, what are you going to do to unified the country? that may be the $64,000 question. a campaignrunning bout "stronger together." and donald trump, this man except he cannot defend donald trump. we have to bring the country together. here's what we will do. clinton was secretary of senate. served in the i talked to republican senator is a hand i'm surprised by how well they respect hillary clinton. she was on the armed services committee. she worked across the aisle would you as first lady to get the chip program past.
10:33 pm
across the aisle on 9/11 to get help benefits for the first responders who ran into the towers and pentagon. she the you care for national guard members including four hoosiers in the national guard. she has a record of working across the aisle. togovernor of virginia what goodlican houses, i have relations across the eye. it is fine to be a democrat, republican, or independent. after election day, the goal is to work together. hillary clinton has a record of working across the aisle. >> governor, how will you unify the country if you win? gov. pence: thank you. this is a family -- very challenging time in the life of
10:34 pm
our country. weekend our place in the world since the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton and it is followed i an economy that is stifled by an avalanche of taxes, regulation, obamacare, the war on coal, and trade dealers -- trade deals which have put americans in the back seat. the best way we can bring people together is to change in washington d c. i served with many republicans and democrats. men in women of good will. the potential is there to change the direction of this country but it is going to take leadership to do it. seeamerican people want to our nation standing tall on the world stage again. they want to see it supporting our military, rebuilding the military, command the respect of
10:35 pm
the world and they want to see the american economy off to the races. a comeback. has -- donaldff trump square has been about through coming hardship, finding a way through smarts and ingenuity and get through. when he becomes president the united states will have a stronger america. when you hear him say he wants to make america great again, when he does that i truly believe the american people will be standing tall. they will see that real change can happen after years of talking about it. decades. they will stand tall, stand together, and we will have the kind of unity that has been missing for so long. gentlemen, thank you so much. my thanks to the candidates, the commission, interview for watching. tuna and sunday for the second presidential debate at washington university in st. louis and the final debate at
10:36 pm
the university of las vegas -- nevada las vegas. good night. applause]
10:37 pm
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announcer: the two vice president presidential nominees are enjoying working the crowd. we will continue to watch that scene but we would also like to hear from you. your are two ways you can get involved. you can call us or send us a tweet. here is how you can call. trump-pence supporters 202-748-8920
10:49 pm
clinton-kaine supporters 202-748-8921 and or supporting other candidates, .thers 202-748-8922 we would like to ask you what you thought about the debate tonight. didn't sway you? do you think it will make a difference in the outcome? what is on your mind after watching the exchange between senator cain and governor pence? you are on the air. caller: a gallup poll was released a week and goes suggesting 54% were enthusiastic inut voting in 2016 compared
10:50 pm
-- with 55% -- 85% of people aged 55 and up. if hillary clinton once support, this is something that needed to be touched on in the debate because my parents as a terrible -- lgbtq.h lgb to two years ago.fy help if they mentioned it lgbtq issues instead of, you know, issues that impact of their demographics. host: what is it the fault of the question of -- or if you were senator kaine would your brother the? caller: if i was senator kaine i would've brought it up to distinguish the other side because this is something that was mike pence's doing.
10:51 pm
he had to clarify amid push back but he did not really do anything to engage the discussion and this is the issue of our time. host: next up, las vegas. debate in a another couple of weeks. supporting donald trump. color: absolutely. my wife, myself, michael family. many people supporting donald trump and we are all independent. we want the one with the most morals. we're not in the least bit interested in trump's taxes or whether he said a birther about obama. but we are interested in the clinton e-mails. she destroyed them. and this is not ethical. real goodking for leadership and we saw a leader tonight in mike pence.
10:52 pm
i would say my wife says the same thing. colors wife: exactly. we are christians and that what makes us lean towards the trans-pence ticket. caller: exactly. whereas tim kaine and his wife, they are swingers. we are for everybody making their own decisions. you make your own decisions in of thed there is moral kid here. and what has to happen is tim kaine and his wife are swingers and then mike pence and his wife, they are christians. born-again christian. we are supportive of that. in tim kaine interrupted my 10th every chance he got. time to get his point across. the way the democrats are going to do everything?
10:53 pm
interrupted everything like hillary did? up, a call from stephanie of conversation, texas, supporting another candidate or undecided will stop which are you? i am supporting another candidate. host: what did you think of the debate? caller: in watching debates, this is like our monday night football. my husband and i. now the general election, when there is a of mudslinging going on on both sides, and clay, i officiated in this debate and make it was because it was not the candidates themselves that they were able to talk a little bit more about issues. did a goodike pence job of showing and more levelheaded side of the ticket. chop his off-the-cuff, parents should not. trumpet is off-the-cuff,
10:54 pm
passionate. i think it is good to show on the republican ticket. i think that tim kaine did good bipartisan appeal. overall, what happens is the deliverables. the one-liners that wrap up what you're saying. i felt like tim kaine, though interrupted a lot, did a better job at creating the deliverables that organizations can repeat over and over again. host: thank you very much. see who mike pence is talking to in the middle of the crowd. maybe there will be a report on twitter. next up, waco, texas, a supporter of the clinton-kaine ticket. caller: first of i want to say i know if hillary clinton is the hope for america. she is the best qualified. she has proven time and again
10:55 pm
she can go on as the big boys, even when mud is slung at hershey still rallies in comes as far as her running mate, i was impressed. he handled things intelligently. mike pence that he is the bluebird trump is. applaud mikell pence that he is not being bullied trumpet is. maybe he can clean up some of what donald trump was out there. ultimately he will not be the president hand it is the president we're looking at hand i would no way want trump dealing with overseas communications and all of the teams that all of the presidents will have to deal with because he has proven time and time again that he is into himself. he is in a domain yet and he
10:56 pm
will do what best gets dropped. belt.ts a notch on his he is playing at being the president. up is mike. wells, maine, supporting the trump has ticket will stop -- the trump-pence ticket. caller: i want to thank you for great coverage. you have a way of making us feel like we are right there where it is happening. no other network has that next so i want to thank you for doing that. mike pence did a super job. he was very levelheaded as someone else pointed out. good on his back. bacfacts. his we really saw a clear difference on where he has on the ticket.
10:57 pm
tim kaine says we stop the iran nuclear program when we actually revealed it was easier for them to go for that and we gave them money for the hostages. a few things i thought [indiscernible] host: thank you for the nice comments, we are glad your watching. except as maria. do you have a candidate? caller: no, i would like to comment on the debate. first of all, i want to thank being here. you are great and i want you all be time. -- i watch you all the time. resident of this
10:58 pm
country. in the debate about tonight, i mr. kaine was 100% biased. governor pence, i thought governor pence was very different. engage with the rhetoric thrown. this man who if [es not know how to i am sorryle] -- about my english. i hope you understand. host: you are doing fine. thank you area. caller: he does not follow the church. we should believe mrs. hillary is as qualified and i wonder why
10:59 pm
-- and i do not buy the things about mexicans. i do not tolerate this rhetoric. true.s not it is not what they are saying, either. i just wanted to say that. host: thank you for your call. up, supporting the clinton-kaine ticket. my, how did your ticket do tonight? caller: fantastic. a were prepared for all of the rhetoric the other campaign wants to give people. to all the answers questions, we were on top of our game and i am just so glad the american people get a chance to hear. if they just open up their ears and listen, they can hear the difference between these two campaigns. hillary is the most qualified to be the president of the united states. our country has to work with
11:00 pm
everybody. we have to -- i mean, there's just no doubt in my mind that hillary clinton and tim kaine are going to be the best candidates for president of the united states. host: thank you for your call. the two candidates being on intent on shaking every hand, taking every picture. we're going to watch their interaction with the guests and others in the room. next up is roger in sanford, florida, in our other line. do you have another candidate, roger? they queue c-span. you are so fair. we are truly undecided independent voters. my wife and i. both men showed a knowledge of the issues. we would give the edge to governor mike pence who seemed more presidential.
11:01 pm
he looked in the camera. he connected with people. the american people made the case for change. articulateas very that basically the status quo. so, we thought that might hence was somebody if he is on the ticket, we might hold onto the hope of the ticket so sort of our decision is coming down tonight after this debate to pence so mike pence gets our vote. host: you can see the campaigns are moving off stage and we are going to be here until the bottom of the hour so we have a half and are more to take your calls. we will also look on twitter. you can see c-span2 what is happening in the .o-called spin room were people come in to try to influence the impressions of the
11:02 pm
debate. surrogates for the campaign talking to reporters about what happened tonight. if you would like to watch that onect, you can find c-span2 your cable system. next up, chattanooga, tennessee, this is frederick supporting the clinton-kaine ticket will stop -- clinton-kaine ticket. new stop -- as an african-american male, i would be afraid to see what life would be like under a trump presidency considering the negative comments he made about all of the other ethnic groups and to even talk about the andents from the collar mike pence supporter who talked about being christians and morals and then accusing tim kaine and his wife of being swingers. it just goes to support how misleading donald trump has been
11:03 pm
i guess in and gauging supporters. i just do not think that he has spent to be the president of america and again, i am concerned that even live running in a country that we would even consider someone like him to run as president, we've got to do much better in preparing our people to run this country and we do need stronger leadership and i think that hillary clinton and tim kaine are the ones who can lead america direction. host: thank you. here's a comment i found on twitter from sean who writes open won't this debate is like c-span. i like c-span, but the last debate was more like the kardashians." we are looking for comments on the political world on twitter. what have you found? is saying they are not proud or that -- they could not
11:04 pm
be prouder of tim kaine. [indiscernible] -- "we should all be proud of mike." -- a democrat in a out, "do youd this usually point out a person's religion when they commit murder? lann religion was dyal roof? " puts hillary clinton numberone, mike hence two, tim kaine, number three, donald trump number four.
11:05 pm
caller: i agree with that woman about c-span. i watched the convention and debates on c-span because i don't always want to hear all of the other stuff, i just want to hear the candidates. the thing about tonight was i thought that tim kaine, he was kind of jovial about everything. he was sort of laughing and being lighthearted about stuff i thought was serious. he did interrupt constantly and i was disappointed to hear the hillarylines that clinton uses, the exact same taglines. he sounded like he was one of those commercials. i did not feel that might hence sounded like he was mimicking donald trump. and, i thought he was very polished. you know, you kind of look at if anything happens to either one
11:06 pm
of the presidential candidates, who would you want to have be the vice president that steps up and that was pretty clear tonight that mike pence is much more polished. i think also that donald trump, sometimes he is his own worst does not speake as a polished politician and he does not speak like a perfectly refined candidate, but i think that is one of the things that makes him so attractive and why other candidates and other people are very scared of him. he is not the same old same old that we have had. and you know, hillary clinton is a criminal and there is no keepion about that and to denying that makes me distrust them even more. host: thank you for watching. twitter, a different view of senator kaine interruptions. she writes, "tim kaine the hammer was treating mike pence like a nail.
11:07 pm
meeting him down with the facts and his defense of trumps insanity." caller: i am an independent and these twor on republican democrats because neither one really reflects my core values. i do not trust either one of them. host: where are you on the political spectrum? am a trueally, i independent and after watching for which oneight really reflects my core values, it goes down to the christian and that is mike pence. host: are you moderate or liberal? caller: i am conservative. like your pence will enough to decide? only thing that convince me tonight was the one that attacked least. it seemed like tim kaine so over
11:08 pm
talked it turned me off. how did you like tonight's format and the approach compared to the presidential debate last week was mark caller: it was much better. i liked tonight's debate much better, the moderator was much better. host: did you like that there was more discussion of the issues? caller: i did. i feel they needed more time to discuss more intricate values of the issues. the line,her james on this one from columbus, indiana on the clinton-kaine ticket. it is my first time calling, i am kind of nervous. i know mike pence from years ago. from the catholic church. i think tim kaine did a better job than mike pence did, though.
11:09 pm
host: thank you for your call. let me go back to twitter. karen buchanan wrote, "mike pence could not answer the north korea question without deflecting to the clinton foundation? fail." caller: i am beginning to feel like no one person or party is going to be able to fix all of the very lastnd of the debate, when both men were giving their kind of personal views and testimony, it disturbs me that tim kaine seemed to say his personal view was abortion. from my own eight, that is what i practice but for popularity in pleasing the people i vote for women to make that choice.
11:10 pm
-- and then when pence had that chance he said, i cannot change. this is my faith, i feel biblical. when he gets to the real moral issues. when people keep saying that hillary is the only choice, she is so dishonest and i mean it has been proven, it is not just speculation. about the missing e-mails, why would they have to erase them completely if there was not something there? so i just say, it seems like our society is -- it does not seem to matter if it is honest. if it is true. if they are going to win power, so it seems to me like the press , everybody on both sides that have been involved in the big government are against trump because he is going to kind of clean house and make several changes so i feel like we have a corruption of the fbi, the corruption of the state
11:11 pm
department. when hillary promised when she took that job that she would not herr foundation -- mix foundation and that was not kept. trump-penceting the ticket. let me go back to peter and see what he found on the internet. peter: the publisher of the rothenberg and gonzales political report, he writes for roll call. he was tweeting throughout the debate. he said, "the biggest winner tonight was norwood university which mike pence accidentally said instead of longwood. tim kaine even interrupted when mike pence was trying to complement him. the democratic
11:12 pm
party's frustration of running desktop were to months and not being further ahead." says, "pence is ruly -- host: i will see your tweets and raise you one. "i have never witnessed to drier men in my life. these guys are stale bread dipped in sand. c-span is livelier than these guys." phone calls. to greenville, texas, supporting the trump-pence ticket. caller: hello. am definitely impressed with pence.
11:13 pm
job in andautiful also, he would make a wonderful trump, i but on donald would like to challenge ,verybody that knows any thing if donald trump had not paid any tax, as hillary clinton's group says he is not paid any tax, the irs would have been on his back like a chicken on a june bug so they need to take that out of their considerations. because donald trump has paid his taxes. a lot of people do not like donald trump. i have worked with large corporations, i have been around the world visiting large countries around the world so i have work site-by-side with a lot of big business people just like donald trump. and, they have all got the same thing. i do not know what you would call it. and thencan be likable
11:14 pm
they can turn around and have problems that most people frown upon. but that is typical of your top is this people. look what donald trump has accomplished all of his life. considerations of the folks that spoke on his behalf and take into consideration the fact that countries like singapore, let me tell you what -- those people over there and singapore do not have to worry about the undesirables coming into their country. cleared to go into singapore and if you stay one day beyond what your visa and your passport says, they come looking for you and they do not stop until they find you and you are exited out of their country and you will never go back to their country. host: greenville texas supporting donald trump. ohioup is wrong in
11:15 pm
supporting on the other line. do you have a candidate? caller: i did not really have a candidate tonight until i watched tim kaine continuously bring up the same subjects like hillary clinton did. andink i've changed my mind i am going to vote for donald trump. it is the first time in my life i've ever voted in i find it heart-wrenching that a public servant like hillary clinton is ordered to turn over her e-mails, 33,000 of them, by a federal judge but destroys the evidence. anybody else in the united intes, they would be sitting jail by no. host: you say it is the first time you're voting in your life? caller: i am 53 years old, it is the first time. host: what motivated you this time versus the other past elections?
11:16 pm
caller: i am tired of the government red tape. i am a small business owner and it is so hard to do business against other countries that have their product just pouring in. host: what is your business? caller: businesses steel coils. sharing. metal fabrication. host: who is your main competitor? caller: japan and china. host: thank you for calling. as you know, on the two c-span channels, we have two different views of the debate. c-span offers you the two feeds so you can see the expressions thehe debate goes along and others are available on c-span2. anyone asks, are there channels showing a lane banging her head on the table? next up is role in san diego on
11:17 pm
our other line. do you have a candidate? caller: no. host: to anyone you are leaning toward? caller: begrudgingly, i am leaning toward hillary. i was a supporter during the primaries for bernie but it did not turn out too well. the you will vote? caller: of course i will. yes. but just to make a comment, i was a little bit disappointed that a few topics were not mentioned. .amely one, climate change and money and politics. host: let's return to peter and when he found on twitter. scott of the hill newspaper in washington, d.c., but this statement from speaker ryan.
11:18 pm
"tonight, the american people pence, aow mike committed conservative, a good man, and our former colleague in the house of representatives. all house republicans, past and present, have a reason to be proud of governor mike pence tonight." says, "mike pence keeps accusing clinton-kaine of running an insult driven campaign as if it is going to meet people forget tropopause ." enses another says, "all of my postdebate interviews with swing state women say they hate the interruptions." here is one that hillary clinton retweeted from the briefing, the clinton foundation spent 87% of its funds directly on charity. see for yourself. they have a chart here and the
11:19 pm
blue's program, read his administrative, or just color is fundraising. and donald trump treated this unemploymente saw increased by 179,000, and 249 people. and pence has decreased unemployment by 113,826. host: dave, you're on. holler: i am a lifelong democrat. absolutely known my choice of voting for trump-pence because tim kaine was just like hillary completely. i think they're both dishonest and they would both take money from the government itself. -- from the devil himself if he offered it. i think i will probably never
11:20 pm
vote for a democrat at least not in the next eight years. i want to let you know i completely turned my tables on votery and tim and i will or trump and pence. next up, mountain home, arkansas, trump supporter. caller: i am disappointed in tim kaine that we would have a senator with his attitude and his knowledge. issuesso cavalier about pertaining to previously answered questions. he was not knowledgeable about issues, names, places, situations. he was disrespectful to both pans and the interviewer just like hillary is, a bulldog rushing in making on remarks. rolling her eyes. being disruptive. does being loud and noisy. laughing at issues.
11:21 pm
stalling for answers. i am really disappointed that he is in the position he is. no pants, ima trump voter. mike pence, ima trump voter. mike pence could name names. he seemed to be sincere and respectful. trump did notat need defending by him, that he would be able to defend himself. it is not a little schoolyard thing where you have to protect your family or your friends. these are grown men. we can judge them on what they have done. we can judge them on what we see. i think trump will be good for the country. we are tired of these political career politicians. 20 years is too much for somebody to be in office. he owes too much to too many. host: thank you for your call.
11:22 pm
daniel tweets, walking off a cliff has changed. that is the changed front represents. -- that is the change trump represents. i am calling because i actually thought the tim kaine did an excellent job in defending himself and campaigning for this presidential race and i thought he answered every question that was presented to him. he did a wonderful job. mike pence actually stumbled over most of his words and could not answer the questions presented to him. however, i admit a christian i am for life and i understand everything else that trump is up against, i think it is
11:23 pm
ultimately going to be a danger for the united states and i am definitely voting for hillary clinton. not voting for a comment onat, a twitter. both candidates had an obligation or felt and obligation to defend each one of their running mates. i think tim kaine was a little bit more aggressive as far as trying to get his point out there and get it across. i feel he was rather rude trying to interrupt on the moderator and on mike pence. however, that said, i think it is what he has been trained to aspect, iand that think he did in credibly i think mike pence one this debate. i do not think he has to defend
11:24 pm
trump. trump needs you that himself just like hillary needs to defend herself. i think the country needs to sit and look and think about everything that transpires and i do not think we need act finders to make our decisions on who we are going to but for because of that is who we are relying on that is not good. that is sad. i am going to but for trump. i said i'm going to vote for trump. i'm going to continue to but for trump. i think we need to get these career politicians out. they need to go. they have been in there long enough. we had obama for eight years, who i voted for twice. he has shown us nothing. hillary has shown as nothing. she has been in there for 30 years, why would we put her in there in charge for another four years went she showed us nothing in 30 years? this country is a mess. it is out of control. these cities are uncontrolled. the cops cannot control anybody and they get no backup and i think it is insane.
11:25 pm
disappointed donald trump chose a career politician for his running mate? are you sour on him? caller: i think he had to. he had to. he did not have a choice because i think there are two of them running against him and one career politician. trump is not a politician, he is a business owner. he never claims to be a politician but he is a smart business honoring end of he can finagle his way through the laws of the irs and the bankruptcy codes to enable his business to profit, i do not think there is anything wrong with that. that is what the laws were set in place for. host: back to peter. what else did you find? presidential candidate live tweeted this debate. he is the constitution party nominee and sends out this tweet and both senator kaine governor pence are christians,
11:26 pm
but neither of their presidential candidates are. the hill newspaper is reporting that trump campaign manager calls tim kaine "sexist" for interrupting the moderator. another says, the rnc accidentally put up a "mike pence won the debate" post early. and itlled the debate had not even started yet. it accidentally put up a prewritten post predicting that debate winner early. as you well know, susan, we will be back on sunday night for the next presidential debate out of st. louis at washington university and then of course, wednesday, october 19 for the final debate from las vegas university of nevada will university of nevada.
11:27 pm
when i went to the website, i found out that belmont university in nashville tennessee has been serving and will continue to serve as the backup site for all debates. host: thank you very much peter. you mentioned the upcoming final debate in las vegas and donald will be campaigning in nevada tomorrow. let me tell you where the two vice presidential nominees will be. governor mike pence is staying in virginia, he is going to be in the southwestern part of the state campaigning in harrisonburg. tim kaine is leaving his home state and senator kaine is going to be campaigning in philadelphia. the clinton campaign has been targeting the state of pennsylvania. weouple more minutes until go to a re-air the debate in its entirety once again for those of you who would like to see parts from this. or if you are just coming home from work and would like to watch it will have it here.
11:28 pm
i remind you that c-span's website has the debate in its entirety and we also have all of the questions already with the answers. so if you had a particular interesting,found some people imagine for example the answer on religion, you can go and find just that and click it and share it with people in tor world so we invite you for more ways to access tonight's debate and all four of the debates. here is a tweet. liberal progressive ideology is inherently at odds with religiosity. caller: we're under decided. there are a number of real issues that should have been discussed. these hypothetical things like the missile launch from north
11:29 pm
korea. throughout the debate, we heard two voices, sometimes three voices, the moderator failed. c-span, they give for your time. host: thank you for watching. twitter, tim kaine is argument jfksame did. he is not beholden to his own religious views by forcing them on others. caller: i thought i really liked this debate much more so the end he previous presidential debate format simply because as other colors have mentioned, they have really gotten into more of the heart of the issues. 's advantaget was a for the simply because there seemed to be quite a large difference between mike pence was saying and what we recently heard about donald trump. specifically, no there were several times when tim kaine
11:30 pm
be directly asked questions about whether he supports the issues trump has supported and i remember one specific incident in which pence actually posits, look down, and went on to talk about something else without directly answering the question. specifically talking about seeia especially we can that as we have seen many times in interviews with trump there has been lots of discussion about how he feels about putin.r he admires him as a strong isder which i think hilarious considering all the awful things putin has been doing of late. at the contented of what pence said which sounded be morewanted to