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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 7, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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martin, chair of the trade party -- of the tea party citizens fund on the role of the tea party in 2016. president on education as an issue. ♪ >> in the headlines this friday morning, hurricane matthew is a category three storm and is now counting the east coast of florida. before getting there, it killed more than 200 80 people on the island of haiti. i had of the storm, president obama declared a state of emergency in florida, and about -- in about 20 counties there. the president of colombia has won the nobel peace prize. p.m.coverage at 3:30
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eastern here on c-span. and a new poll shows hillary clinton continues to gain on this question --who cares more about the needs and problems of women? that is our focus this morning. women callers only. tell us what issues are driving you this election year. here are the phone numbers. you can also weigh in by social media. our twitter handle or you can post a comment to facebook. caught ours poll attention saying that hillary clinton is gaining support among
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eight key set of voter. -- voters. hillary clinton enjoys strong support from women. she now leads hillary clinton -- she now leads donald trump by 18 points. voters are more likely to say that clinton, 72%, rather than donald trump, 41%, here's at least some about the needs of women. they also say that women voters are far more likely to say that clinton, 76%, here's at least some about women then it say that about donald trump, 48%. 40% of the voters say that donald trump does not care at all about the issues of women. democraticority of and independent women, 96% of democratic women and 72% of independent women think clinton
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cares more about their problems but fewer republican women, 46%, inc. that. 76%, sayblican women, that donald trump does care about women. with that setup, we will take a look at a couple of ads that are targeted towards women in this race and then we will be back with your calls. anyhe most important job woman can have is being a mother and it should not mean taking a pay cut. i am ivanka trumpet. donald trump understands the needs of the modern woman in the workforce. he will provide tax credits for child care. paid maternity leave. this will allow women to support their families and further their careers. >> i am donald trump and i approve of this message. >> i am hillary clinton i approve of this message. i would look right at her
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fat, ugly face. a person who is flat chested -- it is hard for her to be a tent. that she have a good body? >> do you treat women with respect? >> i cannot say that either. stories out of there about how women are feeling about this and the candidates. the washington post wrote that donald trump has a challenge with the white women. the headline says -- you just want to smack him. a story out of new hampshire says that hillary clinton and donald trump are scrambling to win over women. the nominees and their surrogates are making direct voters in female campaign appearances in the suburbs of north carolina, ohio,
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pennsylvania, and other battleground states. on facebook and on shows like dancing with the stars. and focus groups they write as well with women here in new hampshire show that donald trump who spent the last week haranguing a former beauty queen about her weight, has a considerable challenge with many female voters. donald trump is doing extremely well among white, noncollege educated men but white women with a college degree is still a huge impediment to getting where he needs to be. he says -- i are not sure what he can do about it given the comments he has made about women in the last 15 months. donald trump's troubles were evident here in new hampshire. in aomen in boston knitting circle or lounging on a
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couch talking about what else? donald trump. and readym were moms to give him a permanent time out. you just want to smack him, says pamela harrison. the first poll this morning. women voters only. your choice for president and we start with sylvia in alex andrea, virginia. caller: good morning. candidates, these you have to look at how they have led their lives over the past 5-20 years. when you look at hillary that sinced you see the 1990's and even before, she was more recognized in the
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1990's, we have seen what she has done as far as trying to help the american people and women all over the world. trump, if you think about him going on the howard stern show and saying the things that he did and i always used to hate howard stern. when you listened to him he was so demeaning. and for whatever reason, his excuse now was that it was entertainment. entertainment to the lowest common denominator. but it did not raise people up. sense of humanity to it. and that is the bottom line. we have got to look to see who has done the most for humanity. are these two politicians perfect? no. but, you have to look at the greater good.
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and for that reason, i am voting for hillary clinton. host: thank you for calling in. from a donald trump supporter from tacoma, washington. jenna, what do you think? i think that hillary would be better because it she wants to help everyone. and donald trump just wants to help the rich. lower the taxes of the millionaires and the big corporations. and they should be paying their fair share and hillary will raise their taxes so that it will help the rest of the country and not just the rich. he is a billionaire. that is why he wants the taxes lowered because he does not want
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to pay taxes. host: our taxes the number one issue -- are taxes the number one issue for you? caller: that is one of them. mean taxes but the rich do not want to help the poor. they want to squander the money for themselves. they should be paying like the bible says. it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to get to heaven. hillary says she believes in success but not just for the fuel. she has helped everyone she could in the 30 years she was in . there were a lot of republicans in there during the 30 years and reagan made laws that they could
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take our jobs and the jobs went overseas. there was no money, no social security. bush gotthe old man in. and they said that if he stayed in, we would lose our country. and that is when perot helped clinton get in. and clinton helped people get jobs. and we had social security. but then the new bush went and spent all of the money. host: thank you a lot. you gave us it version of history. thank you for calling. she was on the line for clinton of course. here is ready from -- here is betty from illinois. what are the top issues for you? hillary clinton is the
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person i am voting for. host: how come? i want to tell you the reason i am not voting for donald trump. he frightens me. he frightens my great grandpa a be. grand baby. can you imagine donald trump representing us in other countries? i cannot imagine. he has marked people with disability. morningould take me all to say why i won't bore for him but hillary is for everybody. host: let us hear now from kathy a what -- a donald trump supporter from washington. i am votingreason for donald trump because i believe that he is the one that puts america first. the one thing that i like about
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donald trump is that his story of what happened in new york with the ice-skating rink and the government spent millions of dollars in 10 years trying to build the ice rink and they could not do it after wasting all of our money. donald trump came in and got the job done under budget and under the schedule. that is what we need for america. host: what do you make of the cbs poll that puts hillary clinton very much in the lead in terms of that question -- who cares the most about the needs of women these days? what you make of those numbers? caller: i am an older woman. and i have watched hillary clinton's career for that. after how she treated bill was in's victims when he the white house and how he took advantage of women, she cannot be blamed for what he did but
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she should be blamed for how she treated them and the names and she called them. she made them victims all over. host: thank you for calling. from a third-party supporter in manchester, connecticut, paula. jillr: i am voting for stein. i am choosing her because she is strong, she has integrity and she is for people. i am sorry, he is a crazy fascist. clinton is another corporate drone. you have already had eight years of one of those. and because of her baggage and her background, i do not think she is trustworthy or honest. i am not a supporter of the dpp and a -- of the tpp and i believe she is despite what she says. i believe jill stein is the best choice. i like her honesty and integrity.
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she puts people first. she is the best choice for the first female president. host: what are your top issues? caller: the tpp. it is not even a trade agreement, it is a corporate coup and probably jobs. i think that living wage jobs have to be brought back to this country. i don't think you will get that with either of the major party candidates. certainly not with clinton. her biggest contributors are wall street, and as far as donald trump goes, he makes everything overseas. host: tell us your history with voting. how and when did you get to someone like jill stein? caller: i have always voted -- for the past two elections, i voted third party. i did not vote for obama in 2008
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or 2012. in 2008, i voted for ralph nader has i followed the money. i looked to see who was the single biggest contributor to obama's campaign in 2008 and that was wall street. the second was the health-care industry. obviously, that was the best investment those two groups have ever made. that is why i did not vote for him there. and in 2012, i followed the money again. looked to see who was contributing to the campaign. host: thanks for calling. here is a piece from the guardian. the republican women who are unfazed by donald trump's sexism. saysnot think it matters one particular person. in minnesota here for this piece. a 35 minute drive from minneapolis but this is michele bachmann country, part of a string of northern suburbs that are solidly republican.
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the female donald trump supporters that the guardian to vigorously defended their candidate as one who will be best for women and ultimately the country. they were unconcerned about his comments regarding alicia machado. even though he goes on rampage is, i really believe that he will fight for this country. i think hillary clinton is a bully. is an evil person. i don't want to see someone finally get something done -- i get to see someone finally something done and i think he will. he will do what he says he is going to do. that is just part of the commentary. suzanne is calling in to support donald trump from tallahassee, florida. caller: good morning. host: are you feeling anything from the hurricane on the panhandle? caller: not yet, but we are
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prepared has the last time we had a storm here, we were without power for a whole week. host: what have you done to prepare? canned we have a lot of food, a generator. it was a rude awakening as to how unprepared we are for a crisis or an act of war. i feel like we have become quite spoiled in the way that we live our lives. host: let us talk about the presidential race. i support donald trump for a lot of reasons, one has i would hate to see hillary clinton get into the white house. for many years i was a diehard democrat. most of my family is self-employed. has donehat obama since getting into office has been harmful to the self-employed.
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will bee donald trump very good for this country. i think you will be tough on next toion which, terrorism, is the second biggest problem we have in the country. host: were you in favor of donald trump from the beginning? yes, i have watched his speeches. many of the things being said about him are lies. they twist everything he says. i am terrified that hillary clinton will get into office. i know about her background. i do a lot of fact checking. much of what is said about donald trump is fabricated or loosely exaggerated. i am not happy about the things that he said years ago but some of the things that hillary said years ago really scare me. fact that she went on public tv in 1995 and 1996 and said that all black men are predators is
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horrible. but that is ok. but it really is not because if donald trump really was a prejudiced person, he would not be married to an immigrant. host: we appreciate you calling. frontpageimes, speaking of the storm, they have this photo. for awe want to linger on second. it talks about haiti. you can see the destruction there. it was hit hard by matthew. 80% of the buildings in this town in the south, close to 300 people killed. there are more photos to show you this friday morning. here is the new york times as well. and here is a river, southwest of port-au-prince. there is a gentleman walking through an alley. but here is a river southwest of order prints and they
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say the bridge has collapsed of port-au-prince and they say the bridge has collapsed it because of the hurricane. a front page of usa today. 4300 flights canceled. 150 mile per hour winds. in million five told to evacuate. more than 280 killed in haiti. here ofsee the photo the trucks and cars heading out. this was a shot from orlando yesterday as folks started taking off. back to our calls this morning. we have pamela calling from a perl -- upper marlboro, maryland. borrow a line from oprah winfrey in the "color lives we- all of our
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have had to fight being women. there is no question that i am voting for clinton. she has been a fighter all of her life, not only for herself what for women, children, and men. she has been a fighter for others in good times and bad times. she has never quits. when bill cheated on her, she did not quit on her marriage. that is saying a lot about herself and other women who have found themselves in the same position. for other women to criticize clinton who was cheated on but not feeling good about the women that she was cheated on with is a little and seeing -- is a little insane. i do not know how any moment in their right mind could vote for donald trump. a leopard will not change his spots. most of the ads that we see on are his own words. the other ads that are out there are republicans who realize that
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they cannot vote for him. and they are republicans. a vote for donald trump by any woman or anyone else would be a vote to set women back, turn back the hands of time so that if he gets in, they can put in conservative judges to go after decision that was already the law of the land. they want to turn that record they want to continue to bill and eyes other cultures, and races. he has already said that. why would anyone vote for someone like that to represent the united states of america. host: we go to the donald trump line to el cajon, california. what do you make of the critique of your candidate? caller: it has been interesting listening to people in their versions of history and the current state.
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i was a diehard democrat. democratic, i am 65 years old today and i voted democratic almost all of my life but i feel like my thing -- my left me. i don't think donald trump is admirable in the way that he itducts himself but i think is the administration and the policies that we have to focus on. four more gears of the things that we have had over the last eight years. i am a mother and a new grandmother. hillary clinton called president assad the reformer when she was secretary of state. she lied to the parents of fallen service people in benghazi and that is appalling.
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hadink if any republican done remotely what she did with the e-mail servers, it would be front page news daily. it is astonishing to me. office over aeave botched burglary at the watergate hotel. what she has done is appalling. --ook at the inner cities what has the left policies done for those ravaged cities? i think if you look at the peoples -- there are few -- it does not give me any joy to say that. i feel like my country has left me. i feel there are people who are running the city's in our government who have failed the policies. i was a child of the 1960's. i got lbj's program and i got what he was wanting to accomplish. seems to be how it
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the right thing but we have to be results oriented and the results have failed miserably. it makes me sad. i am hoping that through change, policies, and hard-working bureaucrats and politicians who do not play this laboratory -- the celebrity games that we can get something accomplished. for calling.ou here is an article in the washington times that connects the campaign to the storm in florida. it is about hillary clinton. clinton delays ads on the weather channel ahead of the storm. they scrambled thursday to quell charges that the nominate was exploiting hurricane matthew for political gain as they put on hold tv ads running on the that appeared to be timed to coincide with the storm hitting florida. after sharp criticism from republicans that the ads were opportunistic and --, the
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campaign postponed the ad campaign. that was in the washington times this morning. here is another ad on the airwaves in the presidential race. it is called christie's story. >> a man attacked me in a parking garage and tried to attack me but i carry a pistol and i fight back. still here.i and everyone and has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. do not let a politician take away your right to own a gun. donald trump support my right to own a gun. defendant you're right. right.nd your host: back to the calls. women voters only. let us know what your top issues are. forave michelle on the line
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donald trump supporters from rocky point, north carolina. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am going to vote for donald trump because he is conservative issues andsocial that matters especially on abortion. and also because of jobs. have seen and i decline in our income. and to differentiate, when president bush was president and my husband was laid off, it did not take him a month to find a full-time job. wantot only did one place to hire him, but to places did. but then he was laid off under obama and he has had temporary jobs here and there, but he was laid off in late 2011 and he is still working -- he is still looking for a good paying job. that is five years.
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that goes to show how obama has destroyed this country and hillary clinton will be the same. and donald trump is a businessman. he has been creating jobs all of his time and i believe that he will bring jobs back. i also believe that most of the media lies about him. and the twist his words. i do not think donald trump is a sexist. i know that he has made some andtionable remarks before it sometimes now, but i do not believe he is a sexist. and i believe that he will treat us as equally as he will treat men. i am afraid for hillary to win. i cannot see this country going
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donald trump has been a career --what has he done for us? i am voting for donald trump because i really believe he is going to do what he says and he is an honest person. when he has gotten caught with things he has never lied but with hillary, she has lied. i will give her that she took responsibility for the e-mails that she is not releasing her 33,000 e-mails. but when it came to benghazi, she said that the parents must not have recalled correctly what went on. i cannot remember the whole thing. but i think that benghazi, people should look at how she treated the parents of an ghazi and how she even treated those
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four americans who died. and do we really want someone like that running our country? host: thank you for calling. ernestine is calling from nashville, tennessee on the support hillary clinton line. tell us your thoughts. why are you supporting hillary clinton? caller: let me tell you why i am not supporting donald trump. for one thing, he is a tremendous liar. host: what did he lie about? caller: he did not prepare those taxes. to arned those papers over guy whose nickname was mick. saying thattv donald trump had nothing to do with that. donald trump told him to get out of there. for another thing, he cannot
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talk about bill clinton. he cheated on the children's mother with marla maples. maples to thearla wife he has now and he is probably cheating on her. everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. he sends his neckties to be made in china. and his shirts were made in bangladesh. wonder if he is going to bring all of those manufacturing jobs back to america. no, he is not going to do that. he will continue to make money over there. he has turned his business over to his son. and a trump is a thief liar and he has always been a liar. -- his
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host: that was ernestine from nashville. a commentary on why he knows it -- self respecting woman can vote for hillary. going to the latter part of the peace, actually from the beginning we will read -- hillary clinton i am having a problem bringing it up. bear with me here. hillary clinton is a very opposite of the smart, independent female role model once hoped for. for nearly five decades, she has defended her serial predator and accused rapist husband of his despicable behavior. she viciously trashed his victims and ruined their lives. she conducted her own personal war against women. and now, she wants us to believe that her whole life has been about helping women and children. latternning down to the
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part of the peace, they write -- latter part of the piece. they write that the real hillary bill becaused with he was the only ladder. this was written by a colorado journalist. she writes for the daily caller and the washington times. to get back to your calls, bobby from georgia, a donald trump supporter. good morning. caller: i just wanted to say that i am a military veteran of 24 years and i had leadership beyond anything then we have had in the last eight years. and i think in order to vote for you have to see the
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leadership qualities in them. beyondllary has done is me, lying about the benghazi think. the only good thing i can think of that she did for the children was that she got health care for the children from the poverty level. i really appreciate donald trump who is out there to stop immigration and he will put those people here in a safe area where the people that we have trying to find a job can find a job. he will bring industry back care. he will build the wall just like he said. and my main thing is that i want some leadership in our federal government. machinehad a political
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just like we did many years ago in chicago. old and i support donald trump 100% and thank god for him looking out for the veterans. if it were not for him speaking out, i have never heard hillary so interested. and what have they done for the veterans? hell in agoing to handbasket. on fromlicia is colorado as a hillary clinton supporter. onler: i wanted to comment why i am not voting for donald trump. i am originally from brooklyn, new york and grew up near a development that donald trump's father built. it is called trump village. he is only following in the footsteps of his father where he read lines. -- red lines. d until a lawsuit
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.as brought against developers d all hispanics and blacks. when they talk about immigration, i have a daughter can, and polish, paris black dissent. when they talk about latinos, once they come after latinos -- look what they did to the japanese? and the armies -- and the arminians. we are all in this together. donald trump is only out there for himself. yes, he may have people working at his developments. how much are they making? are they really making a livable wage? do thenly working to same think that his father did back in the 1960's.
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building all of these developments. new york city housing was doing the same thing. only place blacks and hispanics in certain developments. very few went to staten island. he has the same developments built on the east river. when you look at the different apartments that he has built, and it is nice housing that is built but if you look at the population of these developments, you will find very few minorities that live in them. host: thank you for calling. we have time for a few more calls before we wrap up and start our guest segment. maryland writes on facebook that she left the democratic party in order to vote for donald trump. obama cannot survive a third term. obama -- hillary could care less about women or anyone else in the u.s.
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a little bitk about the congressional elections is here as we try do each day here on the journal. senate democrats need several seats to take over the senate. republicans are in charge. and in the house, the democrats need a net of 30 seats to take a majority and there are several headlines out there today. one of them comes from the health and it says senate democrats are not losing the money raised after all. they are matching each other nearly dollar to dollar in senate battleground races while senate republicans are expected to slightly outspend democrats, once the money from outside groups is factored in it is unlikely to prove decisive. pamela harris wins it the endorsement from barbara boxer and dianne feinstein. of senators endorsed the
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attorney general of california, pamela harris for the senate cementing her as the chosen candidate among california's top democrats and dealing another stinging blow to loretta sanchez. in roll talking about california also. he is a republican from california and is -- and his challenger opened up a lead in a new democratic poll. trailing doug applegate by four points in a democratic poll obtained first by rollcall. and also out of wisconsin, donald trump appeared at the fairgrounds. this is a big event because he is campaigning for the first time with paul ryan. ron johnson will also be there. he is down by a bit in his bid for reelection. scott walker will be there. district, the first
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fall fest at the fairgrounds in elkhorn. gates open at 11:00 a.m. the program starts at 3:30 p.m. eastern time and we will have it for you live here on c-span. donald trump and all right. back to calls right now. terry from florida. where is gulf breeze? the however, a lot of my family members are right in the mess of it. it has been -- we are praying for everyone. ivan and allugh kinds of hurricanes and opal. i am originally from washington, d.c., i am a native. and i worked for the federal government my entire career. when you are in d.c., it is a different world. the economy is wonderful. there are a lot of jobs. my father was a scientist for the navy. as a civilian.
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and my grandfather was an architect for gsa. so we are career civil servants. the only reason i worked for the government was because i really wanted to do public service. i could have gone to private industry very easily because i was in finance. and there are plenty of jobs in that area. i was a budget analyst for the federal government and i definitely am voting republican. it is not about people. i know what the gods of d.c. are -- there are very few politicians in washington that really care about people and the middle east. we all know this. but the direction of the country is what my concern is. we need a small, efficient .ederal government i have watched them abuse money in the dod when i worked there and in the national parks service when i worked there. and in epa.
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there is politics in science, by the way, sadly. i think we need -- we have ethics training. we are seeing what is happening in our society here in the u.s. none of these candidates are strong. clinton is not my idea of who my children, my girls need to look up to as a role model. in fact, i personally believe, and i do not need this with any disrespect to her as a person, but i really personally believe that making her president would be one of the biggest insults to me as a woman because of her character. and i am sure that she is an intelligent person but she is so out of touch with real people. -- she does not even drive a car. she has been out of the middle class since the 1960's. host: let me jump in. you're voting for donald trump. give me more of the why about donald trump.
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you talk about the government you would like to see. what evidence do you have that donald trump would bring that to you? caller: the republican party itself represents the fiscal conservatism that i believe in. and i know can be obtained. i have seen the waste, fraud, and abuse en masse. you cannot tell me it is not there because i worked in budget and finance and i know that none of our leaders are really qualified in the accounting and finance area. and planning money. they need to go back to school and learn. and learn how to manage money. the republican party is what i am backing. we have had problems with the
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republican party because they tried to be democrats were a while. that did not work out. we do not want to be too far right, we want to be moderate republicans in a sensible way. and actually, to tell you the truth, hillary clinton is a moderate. likes trying to pretend she is a socialist, a democrat but she has admitted that she really is in the center. we all know what hillary is. forve her a lot of credit living with batman for all of these years. he was so abusive to women and probably still is. but he is likable. that is the only reason he got away with it at all. host: let me let you go and i will wrap up this segment and get a facebook comment in -- hillary clinton is who she is voting for. i originally voted and backed
7:45 am
bernie. i could never support a tax dodging, woman hating, classless they get. he is disgusting. here is one more ad we want to show you before we wrap up. it is by super pac priorities usa >> when he had to turn them over, it showed that he did not pay any federal taxes. when i saw donald trump say he thought it was smart when he got out of paying taxes i thought he was calling me stupid. moneye schools that need and roads that need to be fixed. i want a president who is proud of our country and not proud of getting out of paying taxes. let us get a few more calls. mary is from levittown, pennsylvania. an undecided voter. caller: i know i only have three minutes to get into that booth and make a decision. host: how are you going to do
7:46 am
that? caller: right now, i am looking at the education. mrs. clinton wants to put more , all programs, preschool of this other stuff. right now, there are 15 or 16 title programs and the federal government only supports two and not fully. and so we have to pick it up on our houses. and she wants free community college. that we pay for with our taxes. and it states, to get free education through their institutions, pennsylvania has a state university program. again, it has to come from our taxes. and donald trump, i just cannot stand the man. mean, i find him very
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obnoxious. at this point, i am paying one fourth of my social security just to pay the taxes on white house which is only worth one edges $75,000. it is really rough -- is only $175,000. at one point, i was going to go for gary johnson but he keeps making these mind-boggling mistakes. i do want the federal government to get out of schools. we have to pay for these title programs before we put a single teacher in the room, before we put a lightbulb on and it is getting very expensive. and i just want the federal
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government out of our schools. and a lot of other things too. mary, thank you for calling. we want to get one other call in. stephanie from montclair, new jersey. a clinton supporter. why hillary clinton? caller: i think she can get more done. her policies make more sense than those of donald trump. donald trump really does not have any policies. i just want to say to the american people, you know what? hillary clinton come as far as bill clinton cheating on her and when she went after the women -- these women knew that he was and they still had an affair with them. they are not really victims, ok? women,on't know too many
7:49 am
if their husbands are cheating on them, don't go after the women instead of the man. and i think an article was about the reason why she stayed in her marriage was so that she could further her political career. on, that is kind of unfair. and people keep saying that she , whatever black men it was -- she was talking about gangs. clinton -- she has never been president. so, to blame her for a lot of the things that are happening today does not make sense.
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as far as the obama administration is concerned, i aink people forget that decision was made not to back him on a lot of things when he was inaugurated. he tried to to get things done but he could not because people were not behind him. host: thank you for calling and thank you to everyone that calls. stick around. coming up in a few minutes, jenny beth martin, chairman of the tea party patriots citizen fund will talk about the tea party's efforts heading into the election and how they are doing in this cycle. they have endorsed donald trump. and later on, the national education association president, ms. garcia will be here to talk about the nation's largest
7:51 am
teachers union and the role they are playing in the campaign. we will be right back. ♪ >> every weekend, book tv brings you 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors. here are some of our programs. saturday at 7:00, hillary clinton's e-mail controversy is the topic of an author panel discussion with peter schweitzer. fitton. at 10:00 p.m. eastern, afterwards, harry thompson jones details the day to day work of u.s. diplomats and looks at the issue of leaked diplomatic cables. interviewed by the former undersecretary for democracy and global affairs during the george w. bush administration. >> i think leaks are going to be
7:52 am
part of government life and the speed of which and multiplicity with which we communicate to one another not only in long cables but short, e-mails texts, social media -- all of that will be part of the body politic. p.m., nobel at 6:45 prize-winning economist on the future of the euro in his book "the euro, how a common currency threatens the future of europe." >> washington journal continues. and: more politics now joining us from atlanta is the chairman of the tea party patriots citizens fund. thank you for coming back to the program. you have endorsed donald trump. that happened in september. tell us why.
7:53 am
we are a grassroots organization and our access wanted us to make the endorsement of donald trump and they do not want to see hillary clinton become president. and we the endorsement are working very hard in pennsylvania, florida, ohio, and north carolina. we are going door to door and doing everything we can to specifically ask voters for the vote and tell them why we support donald trump. host: you made the endorsement in september. but back in march, you said of donald trump -- he loves himself more than the country and he loves himself more than the constitution. he does not love you army. he does not love the tea party. he has no business thinking he is tea party. what changed? the fact of the matter is he
7:54 am
is the nominee for the republicans and our supporters want us to do everything we can to help him get elected. in 2012, we did not have a super ac then so we did not make formal endorsement of anyone in 2012 but our access around the country in their own capacity romney.king for mitt he was not their first choice. they understand that hillary clinton and whoever the next president is going to be will be appointing people to the supreme court. we are very concerned, not just about the next four years, but about the next two decades and what happens on the court. that is a large motivating factor for a lot of our supporters. and when you look at what we face now in our country, we have a choice between donald trump and hillary clinton. those are the choices. we know with hillary clinton, we will continue the way things are right now. people are very dissatisfied with what is happening in
7:55 am
washington, d.c. they want to see change. the understand that our country is $20 trillion in debt and health care prices are going up. and people participating in the workforce -- it is fewer people participating today than there were eight years ago. do we want more of the same? are you better off now than you were eight years ago? with hillary clinton, we will get more of the same and with donald trump we will get change. host: let us put the phone numbers on the bottom of this green for our guest. -- on the bottom of the screen for our guest. our guest is the chairman of the tea party citizens fund. a nonprofit group. about 1800 chapters claiming about 50 million members around the country. back to your effort -- how much money are you looking to raise?
7:56 am
and where do you intend to spend it and how will you spend it? >> we have a budget. most of our funding comes from grass root donors. is $40.age donation thosee sure that we use donations as effectively as we can. right now, we are spending money on the voter database. tohave modeled the data determine who the undecided voters are. especially in pennsylvania, florida, ohio, and north carolina. in pennsylvania, we have 57,000 activists. in florida, 97,000. in ohio, 48,000. and in north carolina, we have 38,000 activists. we can tong all that get out the vote in those states with the activists on the ground. and with the supporters from around the country, they are
7:57 am
making phone calls into pennsylvania, florida, ohio, and north carolina. we are doing all we can to help voters in those key swing states understand why we think it is important that we have change in washington and that donald trump will be the change agent. when youyour message go out to talk to people -- is ora pro-donald trump message an antique hillary clinton message or a combination? hillary clinton message or a combination? >> a combination. they think ourf country is on the right path. 64% of americans think our country is on the wrong track right now. we are talking to those people about what can be different and how we can have a better future for ourselves individually in our own lives for our own families and communities and for the nation as a whole.
7:58 am
we need to secure our border, balance our budget to pay off the debt, we need to address the health care issues that we have in this country because of obama care and the rising costs of health care and the loss of the choice of our doctors. we need more health care freedom. and overall in washington, we need to end so much of the corruption that we see that has just become part of the status quo. and what so many in washington think is the way of life. host: taking calls now for our guests. a donald trump supporter, walter is calling. caller: thank you for taking my call. good morning. i have one of -- i am one of the deplorables. headld vote for mr. potato over hillary clinton for what she did in benghazi but isn't it interesting that the irs is still doing the same old thing,
7:59 am
attacking conservative groups, auditing them, and not giving them their permits or nonprofit organization? youi admire people like when they say -- a tea party activist. how people are labeling people like us to believe in conservative values. and how we are somehow extremists or radicals. party only has racism and -- cry the second ring is that we need more money. i want to support you folks. i think you are doing a great job. keep up the good work. i will be doing my patriotic duty by voting for donald trump. if you could let the american people know about the attack by the irs on organizations like
8:00 am
yours, that would be a wonderful thing. i might not agree with what a person says but i will defend their right to say it. god bless you and keep up the good work. you walter and thank you for your service. is not thelorable hard-working men and country are supporting donald trump. are not deplorable as americans. what is truly deplorable is the treatment of the irs and the federal government and the added to the he has towards the rest of us in this country. that is really deplorable. the irs targeted groups like tea nonprofitiots, our organization, and other groups around this country. the targeting amounted to affecting millions of americans lives. they asked very intrusive questions. they did not give us our nonprofit status in a timely manner.
8:01 am
by a timely manner, it should have taken three to six monster and it took over three years for us to get our nonprofit status -- three to six months. it took over three years rest to get our nonprofit status. timesday, "the washington ," maybe it was monday, reported that a group in texas is still going through targeting with the irs. hearingost as if the that was held about the ,mpeachment of irs commissioner because nothing happened, the irs is, ok, let's eat on doing what we are doing. that is truly deplorable. we all have the right to free speech. it should be defended. the irs should not be used against us to silence us. it doesn't matter what the irs says. we will continue speaking. buying courage all of you to do that. if any of you have been affected by the irs and you're concerned
8:02 am
about it, let us know over at as far as donald trump goes in the ridiculous statement that noted clinton said about us being deplorable, the attitude in washington is deplorable and that's why we need change in washington, d.c.. host: ray is calling on the hillary clinton line. caller: good morning. young to say hello to the lady who believes that donald trump is the best thing since hot sauce for her. he don't even respect you. you are not a 10. so why do you believe that he is the best thing for you and you believe that you deserve to have? have -- youve to guys don't want to pay taxes.
8:03 am
you're not a university. you're not a health care service. you don't take care of anyone. so what makes you think you should pay taxes and you should be relieved of all your duties? host: let's hear from our guest. guest: thanks for calling in this morning. the comments that you just made towards me were far more that -- far more insulting than donald trump has ever said. the fact of the matter is i am not in a beauty pageant. i'm not trying to be. what i'm trying to do is work to balance our federal budget, to bring fiscal responsibility to this country and to have constitutionally limited government so we can all have more personal freedom so we can have economic freedom. that's what i'm working on. i'm not in this for any kind of beauty pageant. athink that we can look donald trump's track record as a businessman and the people who he has employed and the fact that he has employed thousands of women and help them have more
8:04 am
economic opportunity as proof that he does care about americans lives. as far as i goes, i think you can look at his business record for that. as far as the irs goes in the nonprofit status that an hour 501(c)(3), and our nonprofit organization is seeking, the way , the way theet up irs code is set up, if you are collecting money from people, you have to report it you are legally required to report it. and we wanted to comply with the law and make sure that everything we were doing is the way that it is supposed to happen legally. we apply for the nonprofit status because that is the way that it's set up to we are not set up to make a profit. we are set up to activate grass-roots individual so they can effect change in our government. -- toer to -- excuse me
8:05 am
assemble together and to petition our government, we needed to be able to collect money so that we could afford our website, we could afford e-mail services, we could have permit so we can be in washington, d.c. those things cost money. we were doing everything we could to collect that money improperly reported to the irs. profit.ot making a if we were making a profit, we would be taxed on it. we were a for-profit business, if we made no profit at the end of the time, there would not be a tax on that. we are providing a service. we are helping individuals across this country exercise their first amendment right so they can petition their government. it's with the first amendment is about. the irs tax code is set up so we can report. and we have complied with the law. host: let's get back to the campaign. howard tea party members issues different from -- how art tea
8:06 am
parties members' issues different from republican issues? we are going to hold elected officials accountable regardless of their party. office,y are in republican or democrat, if we think they are not doing what they should be doing with our taxes, in the way that they spend our money, then we will hold them accountable. we want limited government. that means we want to find ways to allow people to live their lives the way they want to live it without the government interfering, as long as we are not infringing on the rights of others and as long as we are not harming others. times whatt a lot of we see out of washington, d.c., certainly with the continuing resolution that recently passed, and so much of the spending that happens in washington, d.c., is they just continue to grow
8:07 am
government. they are not making any real changes. we can actually balance affect the government, our budget, by just reducing the spending that the government has, simply spending one penny less out of every dollar. one penny less good if they did that for five years in a row, within about five years, we would have a balanced budget. it is really that simple. yet because we point that out and we remind congress of that end we remind our fellow citizens time after time, we get accused of all sorts of terrible things because it's much easier to attack us than to address the problems in washington, d.c. and to find real solutions to them. line from porte charlotte, florida. herer: i just wanted to ask voteomebody -- how can i as an individual for somebody that doesn't release their
8:08 am
taxes? was 21en voting since i and i'm 60 now and that just doesn't square with me. thank you. guest: good morning, dawn. i hope you're not being affected by the hurricane. taxes is about the that donald trump says he is under an audit. i know from not being under an ourt, but just from what organization went through from the targeting through the irs and the advice we received from our attorneys, when these things were happening, they were telling us not to release things publicly. even after the targeting had been revealed that we went under, our attorney said don't release these things to the media because the irs can and likely will use things against you. is adhering to the advice of his attorneys. he has many businesses and
8:09 am
businesses employ thousands of americans across the country. meant he's got to make sure he is doing what he can to protect the business interest so he can help protect those american jobs and the people who he employs. that is what he is saying is the reason why he is not releasing this taxes. i can understand that from a business perspective. is worth andt he the money that he is spending, you are going to learn far more about that by just going out looking at his campaign financial disclosures. i believe he said it is over 125 pages. so go look at that. it doesn't just show the income and the taxes that he has paid, but his investments, who he owes money to, shows his businesses. so there is a lot more in that then you will find from the taxes. "washington post" a series of editorials. i want to read these and get your response. unchecked and unbalanced is the headline. but you are right that we should
8:10 am
be clear, the scope of damage president trump can do can not fully be predicted or imagined. the extent to which democracy depends on leaders adhering to a set of norms and traditions, civic virtues, mr. trump has contempt fors those virtues, norms and traditions grin he despises the press, threatens his enemies, bullies the judiciary, disparages entire religions and nations, makes no distinction between his personal interest and the public good, hides information that should be revealed and routinely trades and falsehoods. handed the immense person -- immense powers of the presidency, what could such a man do? the honest answer, no one can be sure. guest: if you want to talk about unhinged and unchallenged, look at our budget right now. we are $20 trillion in debt. is completely unbalanced.
8:11 am
and thes what he can do way people traditionally act, if we look at the way the things are traditionally done in washington, d.c. and the way washington, d.c. has handled things for the past 10, 20, 30 years, what we have seen as an expansion of government, more spending, and more debt. we have people across the country, 64% of americans think we are on the wrong track. what is going to happen under donald trump? we can predict the future. none of us every crystal ball. but we know he said he will secure the border. he will balance the budget. and he will address the real bymies that we are affected with the terrorist threats in this country. now, we have terrorist threats across the country. parents are worried that the kids are going to be attacked at school. people are concerned about what may happen right here on our own
8:12 am
soil, not just around the entire world, because of isis and the expansion of that. we are concerned about the debt. we are concerned about being able to get jobs. and were concerned about whether we will actually have a real opportunity in our future. donald trump is going to address that. he is going to allow us all to have better opportunities in our own lives and a better opportunity for the entire country. onto wanda in chattanooga, tennessee, a clinton supporter. good morning, wanda. caller: good morning, c-span. think goodness for you guys. that woman is really afraid to even think of donald trump being in the white house. number one, when it comes to immigration, she would -- he have the mexicans build a wall. it is like having the prisoners build the prisons. i can see the mexican government
8:13 am
making money. as far as hillary clinton is concerned, this lady has fought for people all her life. gone to challenge. i've gone to classes and i am able to understand more about our government. they say come if you can't beat them, then join them. she joined them and she beat them. now everyone is trent to make it seem that the things she is doing has not been going on in government for years. today, it stops. and donald trump, everyone knows now that the richer is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer and the ones who are the true losers are the children. host: jenny beth martin. guest: thank you for joining us, wanda. your comments about the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poor, if that is what you truly think is happening in our country, if that is what you really think is happening, do you think it is going to change if we continue what have -- what we have been doing for the past 30 years? if you want that to change, we
8:14 am
have to have some a different who is going to approach the problems that we see in our country differently than what we've had repeatedly from the politicians and the elected officials. donald trump is saying that that is what he's want to do. he will bring a fresh perspective, a business perspective to washington, d.c., rather than just the political perspective. the political perspective all too often is go along to get along. and he is saying he wants to help build, rebuild the greatness that america has so that we all have an economic opportunity, not just of that the richer can get richer, but so that we can all have the opportunity to have more wealth in our lives. so that the poorer can get poorer, but so that we all have the opportunity to have more wealth in our lives good more opportunity, individually and for the entire country. if you are really concerned about that, i encourage you,
8:15 am
wanda, to think about is doing what we already had, continuing to do that going to address the problem you just named for is someone who is going to bring a fresh approach and change the way things are done in washington, d.c. going to make that difference? host: and we have valley on the line, a donald trump supporter. i not only support donald trump, he's not my second choice. i'm not just supporting him because he's the republican nominee. i wanted him to run in 2012. we waited for this. we support him completely. this country doesn't just need change. it needs a drastic change. and his position on all the key issues are the kind of positions that will make this change happen. me that not one of these hillary supporting calls
8:16 am
has talked in any way about all of her corruption and the things that are key in the news right this minute. it completely gets ignored. in the piece you referenced from " or postington journal or whatever it was a few minutes ago, you could have been talking about hillary clinton, not donald trump. and most of the pieces that i've heard referenced on the show this morning have been negative for trump. i think what we need to focus on is what's been happening in this and it willdecades not change unless we get someone in there that can make drastic change happen. host: thank you for calling. guest: i understand exactly what you are talking about and i've talked to thousands of people like you run the country.
8:17 am
we are so concerned about what we are seeing at washington, d.c. utter must as if there is contempt for people who are not part of the washington, d.c. bubble. it is very frustrating to us. the corruptions that you mentioned, it's like the people in washington, d.c. want to live above the law and have a different set of laws apply to them than apply to the rest of the country. look at how hillary clinton handled her e-mails and the fact that she had classified information in her private not handledr, was securely and it put american lives at risk. that is a terrible thing. and if any other individual, normal american, had done that with classified information and had the clearance that she had, they would be in a lot of trouble. but she's not. it's -- the laws don't apply to her the way they do to the rest of the country. we can look inside the capital. we see there is the congressional intervention of
8:18 am
obama care. if you pointed out to them, they will try to try to find ways to wiggle out of it and say that it isn't true. they have an exemption. they have a different way the laws being applied to them than it is to the rest of the country. and in fact, the senate is claiming that each individual senate office is a small business rather than the fact that they all operate under the same tax id. it's absurd. it's complete corruption and we do need to change that. and i think we will see that change from donald trump. host: jenny beth martin, you mentioned immigration a couple of times in this segment. donald trump has softened his position at all based on you heard in recent re--- recent weeks? guest: it's what i've also heard him say in the debates earlier in the year. he said he is going to build a wall. he said he is going to address the problem with illegal
8:19 am
immigration. but first, he is going to secure the border and enforce the laws that are already on the books. that the he has been very consistent with that. i don't think the position has changed from what he said, from what he said earlier in the primary season. host: let me bring a maternity leave. there is a story that said leave tron's maternity proposal gives conservatives in congress some pause. donaldsically -- said trump's maternity leave proposal gives conservatives in congress some pause. what is your take on this issue? think that kind of a decision, as far as the paid maternity leave, i personally am of the opinion you need to have constitutionally limited government. willmeans that businesses be more of these decisions rather than being forced to do these things from washington, d.c. with that said, we will see what
8:20 am
donald trump does with that approach. and whatt all pans out actually the regulations would be. once that happens, we can address that individually. host: let's hear from denise in linden, michigan. undecided. caller: i'm going to make this real quick. you talk about despicable's. people adoreot of him. donald trump said that his wife is ugly and that his father was part of the jfk assassination. my last comment is google trump rapes a 13-year-old. we have to stop and see if this is true or not. as is who is going to be president. thank you. host: any thoughts? guest: yeah, as far as what is
8:21 am
happening in congress, you can surly see that our organization, tea party patriots, treasure hold both parties accountable. what is happening in congress is , an exampleinuation of what is wrong with washington, d.c. is a goal and to get along mentality. if you are really frustrated with what is going on and watch and 10, with what you are seeing out of congress, and you want change, we need someone at the top who is going to be a leader, who is going to advocate for that kind of change. and that is what we are going to see from donald trump. as far as rumors and innuendo's accusations, i would say we need more evidence of the things you mentioned there at the very end. --t: on twitter, steve asked why didn't you support a more like-minded party? guest: we pulled our supporters
8:22 am
across our country. that is how our organization works. making ane endorsement, we polled them, and they said that they wanted us to endorse donald trump your the fact of the matter is we understand, at the end of the day, the choice is going to be between hillary clinton and donald trump. one of the two of them is going to be the next president of the united states. and we want to make sure we have an impact on that decision. hillary clinton will be more of the same. it will be more of what we already have. that is not what we want to see happen in this country. that's why we are supporting donald trump. fire int's hear from louisiana, either clinton supporter. caller: c-span. it amazes me how people can change their beliefs depending on who they hate the most. this lady seems to forget that her organization was audited because she claimed tax-free
8:23 am
status and you are not supposed to be a political organization and claim tax-free status. she knows that. they werenows that definitely against donald trump until he got the nomination. the coke brothers $2 million a day they spend too take hillary clinton down seems to be working, especially in places like texas and louisiana, where i'm from. millions ofent dollars for the last 10 years running the clinton down. and that is the last time we had a balanced budget, when bill clinton was in office. thank you. guest: thanks for calling in, byron. see, you were talking about my organization and it being out-of-date and i was discussing the targeting , overed to organizations a hundred organizations, and the irs targeted us because we have
8:24 am
the name tea party patriots. they did it simply based on our name. what we it based on believe. that is not the way the irs is supposed to operate. they were targeting a nonprofit organization, the things i've been talking about today as far as donald trump and hillary clinton go, are about our superfast, fi when he seven super pack, which is allowed to engage in political activity. an nonprofit organization of my tea party patriots, is a 4) nonprofit. i could not even mention the word obamacare because it had obama's name in it. i wouldn't do an interview like now because we did not have a super pack and because the irs was targeting us. so you have your facts wrong there. we were not audited. it was targeting. it was deliberate and it was wrong and it is still going on to groups around this country.
8:25 am
and the irs must stop it. believe in free speech, you should be just as offended as everyone of us are because it's wrong what they did to us. i think you mentioned something about the koch brothers. we are not funded by them in that way so i can't address what they're doing. i think you mentioned some thing else but i don't remember the middle thing. host: let's move on because we do want to get some calls in and another couple of pieces i want to get your reaction to, jenny beth martin. one is a politico and it has an impact this year on the tea party. the year of the outsider is mostly on donald trump. they point out the tea party
8:26 am
candidates failed to take out a single gop incumbent this year, among the higher profile targets who survived were john mccain, kim brady, john shimkus and bill shuster. how come? guest: when the irs targets you, when there is a congressional hearing that says, if you donate to a t party group and my you are 10 times more likely to be personally audited. it has an impact on organizations across this country. it makes people not just afraid to be involved in tea party organizations, but more afraid to donate to candidates and be engaged in clinical activity. that has a ripple effect across this country. it's what i call the silencing effect of the irs. so i don't underestimate the effect that the targeting of the irs has had on this entire movement. but as far as what politico is donald trump is the
8:27 am
example of a challenger and an outsider. look at how many people he defeated in the primary. there were 16 other opponents. election year,al the presidential election is going to suck all the oxygen out of the media room. it is but to take the most focus. so if you are looking at it, donald trump did. he ran on tea party valleys. he talked about securing the border. thealked about balancing federal budget. he said he wants to repeal obamacare. these are things the tea party has been advocating for the last seven and half years. that is a win for the tea party. primaryld trump won the based on the campaigning on the issues that we care about. whothere were candidates won. we had many people who were a part of the house freedom caucus liberty alliance allied caucuses in the house who were reelected. biggs inve andy arizona, who we were a up until
8:28 am
the end of august, get elected or get nominated. and he is one of the most constitutional candidates our organization, tea party patriots, sit his fund energy all year long. so we did have wins. so in a nut -- so in a presidential election year, it is going to be a lot less than it in non-presidential election year. hower: it amazes mecaller: -- donald trump does not want to give irs asked her money to waste and here he is being demonized because he don't want to do that. is squandered by the irs every year. and he is smart to not want to give his hard earned money to them to be squandered. the news media, the irs are only branches of hillary's campaign.
8:29 am
everyone can see that. here arequestions slanted against the callers that call in against donald trump. it seems almost like a fix. host: we haven't touched on the media yet and that last color did. anything you want to say about that? guest: the media does with the media does. our organization is focused on getting the message and going to voters individually and asking for their vote. and we are making sure people understand, if you are tired of what is happening in washington, d.c., if you think a country is headed in the wrong direction, it's time to do something different. donald trump is offering that change. that is where we are focused. does, as what the media they do what they do and i think that americans across this country are wise enough to understand that they need to be looking at more than just one source for any kind of news. i think most americans do. host: mylan writes on twitter --
8:30 am
guest: because i believe that the economy can grow if we cut .axes if we increase taxes, our economy is not going to grow. if our economy grows -- if our economy grows, we are going to be able to address also, i truly think thae debt, the way to balance the budget is a simple solution. it all it takes is congress simply spending one penny less out of every dollar paid one penny less. within five years, we can have a balanced budget. the only way that's going to happen is if we have true leadership and someone willing to stand up and say i'm going to fight for a balanced budget.
8:31 am
we are going to make the country better. that's what donald trump is saying. ist: back to politico, paul described as a former tea party operative and writes the following about the tea party -- the tea party movement is pretty much dead now. it did not die a natural death. it was murdered and it was an inside job paid . what is your reaction? paul in that opinion piece that he wrote admits that he was part of what he called scam organizations. he apparently was part of scamming americans. organization, tea party and our citizens fund nonprofit tea party patriots
8:32 am
takes the funding we get from the small donors across the country and we put it to good use. over 1000ding out packets right now to volunteers and so they can make phone calls in the weeks leading up to election day. we have people working around the clock on our staff. we have 15 people working tirelessly to support the millions of people who support us. 770 active local groups around the country. we get on a call with those local groups every single sunday night and the leaders of those decide the direction we will take -- whether it is a senate race, looking at the state or a congressional , werict or the president ask them how they want us to endorse before we make any endorsements. we are a grassroots organization.
8:33 am
we take our grassroots supporters very seriously. paul doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to what a true grassroots organization does. he is a scammer. host: philip in fairfax, virginia. he is an undecided voter. caller: i have a question for ms. martin. there is something she said that puzzled me. she has expressed concern about the national debt. will help ustrump because mr. trump has a better way or a new way of attacking the problem. program at his economic and he recommends a spending hundreds of billions more on infrastructure to generate jobs. i think that makes sense. but he also proposes a fixed -- a big tax cut. i don't understand how he can spend billions of dollars more on infrastructure and cut taxes without an increase in the deficit.
8:34 am
when ronald reagan cut taxes in a big way but cap spending at the sup live -- at the same levels come of it deficit tripled. how is this program going to work? host: you are still undecided. what are you looking for in these remaining weeks? caller: for somebody to attack the deficit problem. -- trumpg a problem talks like he makes sense but when you add up his numbers, they don't come close to adding up. mrs. clinton has proposed infrastructure spending, too, but at least she pays for it by increasing taxes on the rich. -- if: i will say this you are going to cut taxes, you also have to cut spending. if the increases and infrastructure are going to happen, we have to look at other areas where we can cut the
8:35 am
spending. the spending is going to have to decrease. -- what youportant pointed out about what happened with ronald reagan and what happened with george w. bush, these things happen because the spending did not decrease. we have to have the political will and political leadership to make sure that happens. if we continue on the path we've and continue with politicians that will keep on spending and keep on raising taxes and who will not have the leadership to actually address the problem, who have never had to run businesses who don't know how to turn a company that may have hit difficult financial times around to be worth billions of dollars, if you don't have people who know how to do that, we will continue with what we already have. what we have right now is not working. it is simply not working. we need something to be done
8:36 am
differently and that's what donald trump is saying will happen. that's why i'm supporting him. ultimately, we will need to cut taxes and spending. both have to happen. host: one last call from sissy in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i have a second small part-time job at a store. when donald trump was talking about let's make america great come every piece of clothing i took out of the box that was and a bancald trump trump was made in morocco, indonesia, china -- not one thing is made in america. not one thing we bring in our store by donald trump is made in america. counts --man who touts every day about making america strong but he employs no one through making his clothes, manufacturing, nothing is made in this country.
8:37 am
i look at the track record. hillary clinton has done things for american people. donald trump who talks about the in the clothes are being made in indonesia, which is a muslim country, morocco, which is a muslim country -- he is a liar when he says let's make america great paid but all his companies or outside of this country, including mexico. as -- the problem with manufacturing right now in our country is that there are so many regulations that it makes it very, very difficult to make things in our country in a way that is competitive. we have to address that. donald trump understands that and he is going to address that issue. he wants to make sure there are more jobs in our country so that people like you have the
8:38 am
economic opportunity and hopefully you can get to a point where you're making enough money that you don't have to have that second job. you can do it with just one job. i know how tough it is to have more than one job. youpreciate the fact that are a hard-working american and you are doing everything you can for your personal life and your family. i want all of us to have a better opportunity in our individual lives, for our families and for our communities and for our entire country and that's what donald trump is working to do. to haveings differently a better future. jenny beth martin, thank you very much for your time. bit more than halfway through our "washington journal" for this friday. when we come back, we will talk to the head of the nea, lily eskelsen garcia, about the
8:39 am
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historians. -- featuring interviews with the nation's leading first lady historians. >> the second presidential debate is sunday night at washington university in st. louis, missouri. watch our live coverage at 7:30 p.m. eastern for a preview of the debate. pre-debate preview -- watch live on c-span or on demand using your desktop, phone or tablet at listen to coverage on your phone with the free c-span radio app. "washington journal" continues. host: joining us at the table now is lily eskelsen garcia,
8:41 am
president of the nea, national education association. one of the reasons we wanted you on was this headline, this story in "the washington post" and elsewhere. the nation's largest labor union plans to link donald trump to a rise in school bullying. don't have to link him, he has linked himself there. there was a study recently by the southern poverty law center, the premier organization and antidiscrimination and anti-bigotry and they took a poll of teachers that corresponds to the anecdotal phone calls we've been getting at the nea where people have said i've never seen anything like this before. be one kids that seem to the uptick of bullying, they are invoking donald trump's name. when donald trump gets elected, he's sending you back to mexico
8:42 am
or you are a terrorist and donald trump will keep you out of my country. --tle girls with headscarves it's incredible. ironically, october is national anti-bullying month. every year about this time, will put up aa lot of good information for people who work with children, parents, scout leaders come anybody around kids about how to recognize school bullying and how to intervene. sudden, people are calling saying i need this information, send me that link again because i'm seeing something that really concerns me. you and others are calling this the "trump effect." what do you intend to do about it? guest: it was not our term but certainly does describe it. you can google "trump effect" on
8:43 am
children and see what comes up. you will see is what we've been hearing about from our educators all across the country . -- thee frightened little girl with the headscarf asking her mom come will we have to leave the country? they are scared. the kids who at have traditionally, historically been bullied to kids were overweight, i don't like your race or ethnicity, you have a disability, these are kids who are constantly fearful of being different and these are the same categories that donald trump is calling out and kids are listening.
8:44 am
host: what actions can nea plan to take? guest: first of all, you have to have educators, parents and anyone else in the circle of with children know how to deal with bullying. you can get really good information on how to talk to kids. one doing the bullying, the victim and the bystanders. in this campaign, it takes on a new significance for us. we've always been politically active. we are a union, we come together , millions of hard-working educators that work in preschool , k-12 schools, colleges and universities. our we see this affect on children, on our students come in takes on a new importance for us. we will be more involved in this
8:45 am
to getn, working somebody who's had a lifetime of service like our clinton -- hillary clinton elected. someone who is a horrible role model for children should be sent back to his reality tv show. host: let's put the phone numbers on the screen for lily garcia, president of the national education association, the largest labor union in the u.s. she is the first latino to lead this organization. you endorsed hillary clinton one year ago. guest: we did. host: what are you doing on her behalf now? how much money are you spending, where are you spending it? guest: we will be investing more than six figures in direct mail, another six figures in online ourand we are involving
8:46 am
members in a way we've never involved them. when you have an online ad, you can actually send that out to millions of educators and they can put it out on their social media. they can get their circle of influence. one in every 100 americans is a member of the nea. we are still predominantly women. both campaigns want badly to have women support them. demographic they are both looking for. we will be talking about the the "trumpct -- effect" on our students. host: west palm beach, ford appeared marlene, are you doing ok with the storm -- west palm beach, florida. marlene, are you doing ok but
8:47 am
the storm? democrat,am a registered democrat. i've made my final decision which obviously will go for hillary anyway. , i wastion this morning trying to get the guest you had on your show -- i'm thankful your guest right now is focusing on children and education. children act based on what they see on television. donald trump is no role model. for adults or children. we have to be careful what our children watch. kids can be mean. we have a lot of bullying in this country. my final thing pertaining to donald trump, the way i saw him god,p, as a child of
8:48 am
donald trump reminds me of pharaoh. we have to be careful because remember when they were warning, asking him to let god's children go? they did not listen. asked to divide the red sea. you see what happens to pharaoh. donald trump, i cannot understand why we americans would want to put donald trump in the white house. for god's sake, i am a woman and the way i hear donald trump described women, the way he did , heirst african president should not even ask african americans to vote for him. there's a lot of pain in
8:49 am
that caller's voice. she said a very important thing about role models. i am a sixth grade teacher from utah. election time was where -- i assign my kids a civics lesson. go home, interview your parents, look at the debate. 12-year-olds can look at campaign ads, they can give their opinions. it was a great time. we know how to separate how to be a good civics teacher from what we do after school and on the weekends. today i amw if comfortable with having educators assign having kids look at the debates or look at those commercials. the role model we are seeing in donald trump is frightening children. that should tell somebody that something is wrong here. host: suffolk, virginia.
8:50 am
donald is our caller. undecided. caller: i've heard the political sides from all these people here talking about demonizing one man and blessing another -- when it comes down to it, look at the and theof what the nea educational system has done with , notumbing down of america holding parents responsible for theing the kids -- schoolteachers, i understand they cannot turn their back on the classroom in many cities,ies -- inner police cars have to sit in the parking lot. this is not because of one man but because of a philosophy. our teaching system has to allow parents to move kids to schools that effectively teach their child that we can see the difference in the education --
8:51 am
many of our teachers are not qualified to teach. if they had to take annual exams covering their subjects, as a doctor does, as i do in my business and many other professionals, many of them would fail. yet, we entrust these people to take and educate our children. we spend millions to promote since someone hit on politics, the year you remove the bible from the teachers toolbox, our ethics, morals and the whole community started to go downhill. we have to effectively do what parents will not do. thents do not instruct black children and ethnicities how to behave when a police car stops them. they do not know how to respect individuals. they will run, they will lie,
8:52 am
they will do all these things where the parents have just told the kids to challenge authority instead of respect authority. guest: i could not disagree more. that black families do not teach their children to respect authority. i taught in homeless shelters, i taught in the suburbs of utah, i've taught in a lot of different places. again saw time and time were situations where depending on the color of your skin, you were treated very differently. by the authority. that's what is in the news now. what we have to recognize is that every public school, every single classroom, every teacher has a sacred responsibility.
8:53 am
to respect those students, respect the family they are serving. the way theith caller pretrade this. that's portrayed this. -- the way the caller portrayed this. in this campaign, we are seeing stereotypes being thrown out that do not fit the students i taught. moreed to have a respectful tone and get rid of all those negative stereotypes. host: let's get loretto on the line. a trump supporter. caller: good morning. ms. garcia, i really could not disagree with you more. for one thing, the nea is encouraging this peer mongering
8:54 am
-- fear mongering, bullying being blamed on mr. trump. get real. this has been going on for quite some time here. our schools are in shambles. mr. obama has divided this country here and put the civil rights movement back into the 1960's. the respect for teachers is terrible. i would not want to be a teacher today. they have no control whatsoever. fired as fard be as i'm concerned here. they should let the teachers teach. hillary clinton is a terrible example. done,xactly has she except have these offices here?
8:55 am
she is a terrible example here. -- i cringe tod see her in that office here. thiso more deserves position then the man in the moon. guest: let me again respectfully disagree. you have a candidate who as a young law student started working with the children defense fund. rights fighting for the of special ed students in our poorest communities to get the services they need. donald trump's first job, his as aave him a position manager of one of the apartment buildings in new york city. s his job to make sure
8:56 am
they did not rent to black applicants. it is night and day what we see with these candidates. let's go back to what you were saying about bullying not being anything new. i agree with that. we've been dealing with bullying since there have been schools and kids. at a school kids wearing homemade t-shirts with "white power, vote trump." there were two schools, one was a majority latino school and the other team's kids were yelling "build the wall." we are not making up this invoking the name donald trump. " onle "trump effect
8:57 am
children and you will see it is out there and it is frightening. host: what do you see from the candidates in the education area -- hillary clinton says by 2021, families with incomes up to $125,000 will pay no tuition. making preschool universal or every four-year-old. free tuition at all community colleges. donald trump has put this out there. invest $20 billion toward school choice, give states the option to allow these funds to follow students to public or private schools they attend. a national goal of providing school choice to every student and ensuring universities are reducing the cost of college in exchange for a tax break. guest: hillary's plan makes sense. -- if yoump's plan
8:58 am
look at the fine print, it will not cost us any more money because he plans to take it from existing federal programs. the federal programs right now are special education, english , forage learners support our most vulnerable students who live in poverty. we would take it from disabled students, we take it from title i schools. you would take all the money that has been fought for by organizations like the nea and parents and the advocates for all of those children and you say let's roll it all together and hand it out to people who send their kids to private school. this is not a plan, it's another con from a fraud. host: john in albuquerque, new mexico. on the line supporting hillary clinton.
8:59 am
caller: good morning. you are like a breath of fresh air from the previous colors and the earlier segment -- previous callers and the earlier segment. i really pray that hillary gets in, but i'm concerned with the election being so close that getting in, what would happen in terms of overall educational funding like pell grants and student loans? i have a fear that everything will become like trump university when he gets in. he is so erratic, said disingenuous. -- so disingenuous. i worry about the future of our country. guest: i think we are all worried. guess.ybody's
9:00 am
if you go up to hillary's website and take a look at her education plans, you will see those preschool plans, you will see what she would be doing or affordable college. to his website, yes, we've bee teachers rd for good and doing what they need to do them pire kids and have
9:01 am
learning. i was utah teacher of the year, 'm very proud of that, i did project-based learning with kids, which doesn't come up on tests.rdized we've been looking at policies humanize actually education, let that school become the learning community it be. supposed to i have confidence in hillary clinton, that she's listening to educators and parents who want this. it's all d trump, about some quick fix and in his case, it would be just give all that federal money to folks in private schools. named john r caller from carlsbad. donald trump supporter. good morning to you. wife is a school teacher. i'm actually a registered democrat. the lady on t.v. said she demographic of the united states and yet she's representing just one side
9:02 am
f it and i don't have any negative comments about either bothdate, other than, they , i don't problems hink either one would be elected to their party's the nea p, but typically has -- they say they the students and yet teachers and fight for teachers that are definitely teaching. be you can't have it both ways. you either -- you're either for kids and when you have a bad teacher, you get rid of them, you don't fight for them. i know they say, we have to fight for the bad ones to help but that is just ludicrous. segment s a -- this
9:03 am
today seems to be really one -- i don't want to say anything negative, but usually it is not one sided. thanks for calling, john. guest: we have a support osition for hillary because of her lifeline commitment to students and to public education, that is why i was invited to come on to the show. that is what we want people to know and to know her record. far as the national education association, we support quality teaching. we support proper preparation educators and when somebody is evaluated or there a problem with a teacher, we certainly t teacher, due right to have their process. but, what we want to concentrate how do we build that good
9:04 am
teacher? how do we make sure that allowed to do the jobs they were trained to do? majority of ming educators are talented, creative people and we want the ability to do our jobs. endorsement o your of hillary clinton a year ago. was it always hillary clinton? asking, were there divisions between bernie sanders and hillary clinton within the nea? guest: yes. the bottom line is, we do believe in a democratic process. we have good discussions. were vetted n. fact, all of the candidates were to fill o interview, out forms in writing so that we what are your proposals and your plans. support because of her lifelong commitment to students. everything she's done
9:05 am
for dreamers, for special education students, for healthcare for our most vulnerable students, the chip one of her signature ieces of legislation that she helped usher through congress when she was first lady. looked, she has made children and families, specially those in the most vulnerable communities, a ornerstone of why she got up that morning and how can you not support someone who supported you all those years. it's fair to say education has not been a central theme of election.dential what does that mean to you? is education receiving maybe the local ion at level? guest: hopefully we will never become our super school board and the president of the united states is not your superintendent, that's a recipe disaster, that is kind of what we had with "no child left
9:06 am
untested," and we've gotten away from that now. critical and crucial education programs. our college affordability pell grants, the work that we've been doing for and hope while we wait for comprehensive immigration eform, special education, english language learners, title schools for kids who live in poverty. the funding has been an essential part of the civil kids s movement saying all should have access and opportunity, but it is true that issues are going to be governor's d in the races and in state legislator and school board races, but just having something as important as saying, do we have a good role in the r students president of the united states is now something that people are about.g host: dale calling from indiana, caller.ed
9:07 am
hi, dale. liver: yes, mrs. garcia, i a indiana, and i -- you being teach you er, i was wondering if remember when governor pence cut salaries of teachers and enough y didn't have teachers to fill the position because they were such like ndard pay and it's both trump and pence are dead union, nst any kind of .ny kind of education they double the interest rate on tudent loans, i think it was todd young that voted in on yes, the education is -- i don't know
9:08 am
exactly how to describe it, but it is in trouble. that is like here in indiana, we have several counties that taking money and buying needles to exchange with hiv drugs 's taking they don't have in need kids that are of breakfast and all that stuff, money to buy needles? comments, hear your especially on about teachers etting a pay cut here in indiana. host: thank you, dale. guest: when it was governor disaster for a education in indiana. folks who y other believe that all we need to do is to take public school money
9:09 am
fund private schools, it schools.e public there are good examples, good out there and they all involve teachers and the support staff and the parents in the chools actually giving authority to do creative things within the school itself. hat's what we're looking for, someone who will actually trust us to do our jobs. of rnor pence was not one those governors. host: victoria, moleno, oregon, clinton supporter. hi, victoria. myleno. good morning, host: thank you. caller: i think the lack of that a lot of people who are displaced today, the others areo think the taking their jobs, the mmigrants, i think that leads to bullying with adults and children. these people who think donald will be the savior, we
9:10 am
products,tsourced his but i just read the nvestigative reports about him using chinese fuel in his last an investigative supporter said probably the third one. i as researching that, but couldn't find that out. when they interviewed one of his nevada, er necessary they were protesting to form a nion, one of the last casinos in las vegas and the reporter aid, what would you tell mr. trump? here is this latina housekeeper. if you say, mr. trump, want to make america great again, start with us, let us wage.ze to get a living i think that is kind of the picture in a nutshell. calling.anks for any reaction? yes, a few people mentioned national education as a union, we want
9:11 am
to make sure people are treated fairly. advocate for benefit necessary pay, like any other union. what makes us a little also advocate for students, we advocate for extbooks and technology that they need and what a test should easure and what a test shouldn't measure. we advocate for policies that will treat children fairly and time to ect, collaborate with each other and the ing parents into school. so all of the things that we've union have s our been good for public education our students. we think unions are the way that the middle class. you do it by gathering the voices, the collective action of people who are often very that cuhave some balance with management and sit wayhe table in a respectful
9:12 am
and talk about the things that union members, the professionals that you epresent, need to do their jobs. o i appreciate the caller talking about that unions are a big part of why we ever had a class. host: just under 15 minutes left with our guest, lily garcia, nea, national e education association. we have a couple donald trump we'll ers on the line, hear from them and come back to the guest. millersville, pa, good morning. caller: good morning, mrs. i'm a shgs a, correctional officer. i want to touch upon the education system and the of correction. annsylvania in 2013 spent for facility in central pennsylvania. with the programs going away, adult system inmates losing the opportunity to get an aboution, we want to talk
9:13 am
the citizen rates and breaking hat cycle, it starts with juveniles in our education system. and allowing, i agree with you, do their jobs, and more opportunities in the public school systems and in come into before they the adult system. i would like to hear your thoughts on that. ost: let's hold that thought madeline, west virginia. caller: yes, sir. host: good morning, what is your comment? caller: my comment is if hillary and the democrats are so our children, they're -- about that they let --
9:14 am
pregnancy? they will answer, maybe not to us, but their day will come when hey will answer for all they've -- all the babies that hey took their life and didn't give them a chance. host: thank you for calling. comment first.on guest: we believe that the made the right decision in saying in something as a decision to end a pregnancy thas to be the of the woman who faces that pregnancy and we believe supreme court was correct on that. of juvenile crime, juvenile justice. first, i want to say that educators have a deep respect our authorities, for law when ement and we're best
9:15 am
we work together and work in the of those we know that law authorities, uthorities right now are reviewing their own practices at they're taking a look whether or not they have the police aining for their officers and school resource officers. sure that make students, that children, that americans, at members of society, are always rotected, that we look to law enforcement to protect us. and when we talk about what is our schools, it is something that concerns us that we see dropouts who will often become the next folks that are filling up our jails. do something to end that school to prison pipe tlt ine, where children who find
9:16 am
themselves in trouble at school get discouraged, they drop out often turn to a dark side. together, we know that we can ind ways to bring some education justice to our schools. trouble, they n need to be corrected, they need a chance to learn from and we have to practices cipline that sometimes just throw kids away, that say, you're out, instead of trying to work with them so they never get to the they find themselves in an adult prison or situation. ost: let's move on to south jerdzy, new jersey, not far from city.tic clinton supporter. good morning, carl. caller: good morning. ike to say, thank god for the
9:17 am
unions, thank god for educators. want to speak to one of your earlier, earlier callers that has taken us a ack to the '60s, and it just speaks to the pink elephant in the room that everybody does not to say. divided m on issues is on racial lines. someone listen to what donald says and the way that obama has carried himself hrough this presidency and say that obama has taken us back to the '60s, people don't want to that it is maybe some angry white d some people that are mad that obama as president and mad that hillary clinton is supported by many of the minorities. thank you. for calling.hanks next question can take up a hole segment, every student
9:18 am
succeeds act, last year's bill, how is it doing? the idea behind the bill is and how is it faring so far? guest: i'm glad have you three hours left. show, right? guest: when we got rid of no was thatt untested, it high stakes mandate that you had test thatstandardized somebody got punished if you didn't hit a quota of kids that on math and re reading test, that is gone. hat we replaced it with is an opportunity and state to state, they have to develop an card, a ility report dashboard of indicators, of success beyond that standardized test score. indicators like graduation rates, attendance ates, it can also be indicators -- how many kids are graduating high school having already earned college credit?
9:19 am
then you'll be able to tell which kids have access to placement, international baccalaureate programs and which kids don't. you will see what to advocate for. for the first time, we got on thatg very important dashboard of indicators, indicators of service and kids.rt for which kids have a professional librarian in their school? a school nurse? counselors? how many kids are given, are scholarships? you'll be able to focus on success at really mean for those kid necessary a very broad fashion. and each of being worked out in states, every state must develop their own dashboard of indicators, so we have real right nities to get it this time. donald trump supporter. hi. caller: i would like to ask mrs.
9:20 am
garcia, she mentioned hillary clinton as attorney and how she loved children. there is a video out there rapist and fended a to have has counseling, it wasn't the fact she got the gentleman off, she down, ripped her to pieces and then got this hers, like she of did something wonderful. for illary clinton is hillary clinton. , did thisterize trump monster, he's honest, this disgraceful for children. thanks a lot. bye. host: any reaction? don't know this video and i don't believe everything i internet, vino comment, i don't know the video. karen, undecided voter. hi, karen. undecided voter.
9:21 am
i'm a teacher and recently moved i'm calling from kentucky. i taught in both states. teacher for over 15 years. very ludicrous's to think that we could get rid bully nothing schools. bullying has been around as long been aroundngs have f. they are not bullying each whor about a sports team or won the dancing contest on t.v. the night before, they're each other about what they wear. the best way to deal with a lying isn't to blame political figure, just deal with the children and talk with the it known to make them that, you know, you wouldn't want your feelings hurt try to go from that standpoint. ut to bullying a political figure, i think both political figures are disgrace to our political system.
9:22 am
neither one of them have that i can shine up as a point to make the argument hillary clinton is for children. hillary linton is for clinton as much as donald trump is for donald trump. we lost her. respond? guest: i hope nobody heard me say that donald trump is the reason that there's bullies in schools. we're see suggest phenomenon for the first time in where of history, children are using the name of a presidential candidate, someone wants to be the president f our country, in bullying other children. calling them fat, saying they're mexico, saying head ids who wear muslim scarves are terrorists, we've
9:23 am
before.een that it is an effect you can google on trump effect and see what is going on. is disturbing, absolutely nobody has reported that someone hillary's name. she hasn't said anything that would frighten a child. let's do one last call from brenda in new hampshire. hillary clinton supporter. caller: hello. i want to thank you for confirm words and action what the bible says, no them by trump, i ks and donald think he emerges as the epublican nominee and seems to confirm effect of negative sxit reality-based drama on the public. you feel about that, amount of negative ads on oth sides to me is just appalling. do you think it is due primarily packs?ing from the super i want to know what people want do, what people have done and i want to know what their policies are and i'm not getting just people bashing
9:24 am
each other, which i think makes and frankly it's embarrassing. you hit the nail on the head that we are in a horrendous negative rallies, even the debates, where people are other, it's each not good for kids to hear that. graders d my sixth debate things, they took turns and they used facts and evidence agree, that is exactly what a campaign should be. host: lily garcia, president of nea, the national education association, largest union in this country. very much for joining us and your time this morning. minutes left in this friday edition of journal. we'll take a brief time out and and do segment of open phones. we can let you comment about anything you would like, on the show heard
9:25 am
today, the presidential race, perhaps, we'll take time out and check on the wisconsin senate race, stay with be right back. >> before the second debate between hillary clinton and donald trump, looking back to debates saturdays on c-span 8 p.m. eastern, this saturday, 1992 town hall debate between president george h.w. bill clinton and businessman ross perot. $1 an hour for border, have no pollution control and no retirement and you don't care about anything, but making be a job re will sucking sound going south. >> if indeed all the jobs would because of lower wages, they are lower wages now
9:26 am
and they haven't done that. negotiated with the president of mexico, the north agreement.ree-trade >> increase investment, grow the economy and reduce the deficit healthcare cost, prudent reduction in defense, programs and tic asking wealthiest americans and foreign corporations to pay fair taxes.of >> the 2000 presidential debate and en george w. bush president al gore. >> if national security is at allies, if we've tried every other course fwe're ure military action will succeed, and if the cause are roportionate to the benefit -- >> i would take the use of force very seriously. i would be guarded in my approach. i don't think we can be all things to all people in the careful have to be when we commit our troops. >> the 2012 debate between resident barack obama and former massachusetts governor mitt romney.
9:27 am
>> if we do what i'm planning on getting energy ndependent, north america energy independence within eight will manufacturing jobs come back. >> we can't produce traditional source of energy, look to the why we double fuel efficiency standard on cars. in the middle of the next decade car you buy, you will end up going twice as far on a gallon of gas. watch past presidential debate saturday night 8 p.m. astern on c-span, watch any time on, and listen on c-span radio app. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we'll round out the program with half an hour of open phones. talk about any topic you like. here are numbers to call. call 202-748-8001. 202-748-8000 and
9:28 am
independents, your number is 202-748-8002. forward to hearing from you. the unemployment numbers are numbers out there. here is a story in fortune riseine, unemployment rate necessary disappointing jobs report. more than last month. the summer is over, jobs market be on low simmer, writes fortune. last month employers added less expected $156,000 jobs to payrolls, projection for the to add 177,000, the 5.0 for ent rate rose the month. there are figures there on the for the month of september. unemployment rate 5%. did not meet expectations. in, we look forward to hearing from you. in the meantime, we have a pieces about the
9:29 am
presidential candidates that we'd like to point out. "wall street journal" write this morning that the white house coordinated on clinton byron writes e-mails show top obama administration in close contact with clinton in early 2015 about potential fall out from revelation the former secretary f state used private e-mail server. their discussion included request from the white house ommunication director to her counter part at state to see if it was possible to arrange for kerry to of state avoid questions about mrs. clinton's e-mail arrangement. other episodes written this in "wall street journal" story, about it yourself. and there is editorial in the washington times today about says, a last hat chance for donald trump. that is the title. talking aboutally the debate and perhaps the next one. they say that these debates will by t.v. audience
9:30 am
more.ted to 80 million or now or never for the donald, take inspiration from mike pence who resisted temptation to rise o tim kaine's bait and kept focus on clinton and public life going back to arkansas. times has writes authentic opportunity to fuel americans to become the united states, he shouldn't waste it on ettling scores with private tormenters. miss universe, plump or not, is irrelevant to a great national election. angola, up for from indiana, republican caller. hi there. caller: hello. i'm interested in hillary clinton, she keeps saying she's to make community colleges free and all of that and reduce whatever, what i'm interested to know, what is she going to do for those of us that
9:31 am
have out standing student loans from where we have to pay to go college? host: what is your situation, if i could ask? aller: well, i'm a nurse and i work part time, so i'm unbenefited and i'm in lower as far as s probably my income. $30,000 worth of student loan debt i'm working on paying back. will make igure she tuition and college free for everyone else, what is she going us that have outstanding student loans? ost: what do you think is reasonable, ashley in terms of $30,000 and how to manage that you would nd of help need? repay that student loan, definitely takes a good chunk month, my living every especially when they think i hould pay a couple 300 dollars
9:32 am
a month for house insurance to the obama care program and all of that. obama has t now student relief program necessary don't qualify for them. host: thanks for calling. joe calling from new york. yonkes, new york, independent caller. democratic caller, hi, joe. yes, good morning. i would describe myself as democrat who wishes he were a more progressive liberal the sense that i eally don't think that money alone or reducing racism, we we need to rogress make i don't think that is the cause. it would be much easier if things were, those were the on education, an i was working and didn't listen to her closely. things she said where a caller asked about the role of parents, it was unfortunate
9:33 am
that parent had singled out groups, but all groups, i think your comment or correct, that i think the point is well taken, s should focus on hildren's education and taking active interest and we should look at perhaps those cultures. perhaps arab s, americans that are successful and what is it in family and their community, i really don't know. and also, the education issue a lot of people who don't know that much and ook around and see, you know, teachers getting more pay and all that, things nobody really knows. have, you know, good benefits, a lot of security, they work hard and need to be cherished and wish there was less political correctness. last comment on open phone, i c-span, i hope more
9:34 am
attention to issues like that the r once in a while like drug crisis or the suicide of issues continued poverty and then kind of go away. host: uh-huh. caller: thank you. writing those notes down. thank you, we'll pass on to our producers. for events, as well, we cover events fairly regularly. at wisconsin and he senate race now, our guest is bill, a reporter for the milwaukee journal sentinel. morning. guest: good morning. how are you? host: doing fine, thank you for is a marquee is it has the former senator running against the senator, ron johnson. remind us of the background of theywo folks and the races have run and explain how they are faring right now in this race.
9:35 am
well, of course this is rematch from 2010, russ feingold, had been a three-term sitting senator in 2010, voted obama care and seemingly out of nowhere came osh kash businessman, ron johnson, fired opposing bama care, it, writing a tea party wave and in joined the season. went off, talked some, served as special envoy to johnson was in the u.s. senate b. a year and a feingold announced he would come back in the race and face ron johnson in the rematch. basically this is a i would say incumbents, one the people remember and the other one the president incumbent. host: so we read mr. glauber, widening, russ
9:36 am
feingold is ahead and ahead by been.than a has what are voters saying right now? feingold tappedw into what made him popular in the first place here that, is back g wisconsin like the of his hand, as he used to say and traveling to all 72 counties listening to people and then contrasting that with ron who he said, didn't get around the state, hunk erred and did the ngton senate thing. and alsoto have appeal the wave has gone a little different this time. washed russ feingold out seems to be carrying him in. opened that lead. there's still time to go, still a lot of television advertising to get through, you feingold has say
9:37 am
the advantage. host: take a look at a couple candidates in the race and we'll be back with our guests. job creator. >> senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. manufacturing jobs just disappeared. gets and giant corporations richer. guys with families, guys like get ahead. harder to >> we need academy that works for people like me. >> for people like me. for people like me. >> people like me. >> i'm russ feingold, i approve mississippi, wisconsin middle class and working families should come first. >> i'm ron johnson, i approve message. >> have you seen feingold's ads johnson?g ron they are not true. >> i will rely on wisconsin the campaign.for >> claim for the future. >> 70% of feingold money come the state.
9:38 am
>> in 1992, i said i would get a ojority of contributions from wisconsin, i made that pledge for that term. >> for that term. for the king a pledge future. >> we are talking with bill milwaukee om the sentinel. theaw a big story line that national republican senatorial ads ittee has pulled reserved for senator johnson, what kind of statement are they there? guest: well, they're trying to downplay, of course, that ad you played the johnson ad was paid by the art, i believe, -- not e of those offshoot organization, they have put some money in the race, put of so-called points for it. 800,000 pull out of the race, you have to say would be a big blow. the democrats have pulled out of race, but they are saying
9:39 am
they have done it because they re ahead and, you know, the polls have shown they are ahead. i think what is interesting bout the two ads you showed, feingold had, he came out early strong against the transpacific partnership. he believes the trade deals hurt workers. johnson has not stated position as in manufacturing state. ou know, these deals don't go down as well as in other states. you know, an early move by feingold, he keeps with ng that issue and his ad, he drive its home, getting quintessential wisconsinites to talk about how allegedly are hurting american workers. it appears to be quite an adfonly because you are seeing a lot of it. host: couple quick questions.
9:40 am
the presence of donald trump at the top of the gop ticket this particular senate race and what are you looking for in coming weeks? guest: you know, it's difficult to say if the presence of trump played a role. running ahead of trump, but this was always, here, this is t wisconsin, it's a presidential republicans haven't won a presidential race here since senate, a republican senate candidate hasn't won in a year since 1980. it was always going to be an johnson, they for expected that and that is what we're seeing. in the coming weeks, i expect ads, probably more aggressive johnson heading down stretch. he, you know, he is behind the two debates could be interesting. one next friday night, that is wisconsin broadcasters, more appearance, a
9:41 am
following debate the following tuesday in which local broadcaster, mike lachey, brings into marquette university law school, they go to the mute court and there the come off.uld there will be more fireworks in the race. race is bill the glauber, thanks for your time this morning. so much.ank you host: our guest talked about the wisconsin senate debate next friday. that live, simulcast eastern -span 8 p.m. time next friday, october 14th on this network. one other program note, donald will be in wisconsin tomorrow campaigning with paul ryan. will be there and others. this is the first time we'll see he speaker of the house and donald trump, the nominee, at the same event at the same time, wisconsin party republican party fundraiser. 3:30 have it live tomorrow
9:42 am
p.m. eastern time, here on c-span and back to your calls. huntsville, alabama. you are on with open phones, fred. morning, c-span "washington journal." i was going to save this call for the last week or two of the season, but i heard something early this morning during the women's session that the hairs on the back of my neck raise up, rise up, i had to call in. some women call in and said that with men that had affairs bill clinton were victims. no, they weren't. they chose to do that. they were adulter ers just like bill clinton. -- i'm member of the national organization for women, ou women can't have it both ways. no more than when a woman has a 14-queer-old with a boy, she's a child molester. those women chose to do that, adulterers just like bill clinton, not victims and i ill not let you all get away
9:43 am
with that. host: thank you, fred. virginia from shirley, new york, independent caller. is shirley, new york, virginia? caller: on long island. host: got it. go ahead. county. suffolk don't want to disparage anybody. i'm from the older generation, okay, i can look back and see if we think we're doing 270 trillion dollars in debt, two, i don't that donald trump per se all immigrants, but over population, no doubt, where the people that here first are paying into the tax system. i in suffolk county am losing my property taxes
9:44 am
alone. roperty owners pay $8000 a year. now to some, that is salary, okay. 9/11, we said we wouldn't forget. are -- e people that dieing from mesothelioma, and not been paid because that to show for up. they are dying off. and we real price ncouraged -- after a while sitting in that, we had the snow paying for -- e these for everything for give away programs. when you want to talk about
9:45 am
bullyi bullying, when i saw that debate ebate, how kaine was speaking over pence, every time he tried to make a valid point, i could struggling to keep composure. host: thank you for calling. texas, independent caller. hi, sal. caller: hi, how are you? host: fine. are on the air. what is on your mind? caller: i'm over here, we have weather. there is a big storm in florida, that will clean up the air. you know, i've been around for know, and things have been going right for senior citizens from what i hear. take careizens should of more better the senior citizens, even senior citizens getting too much security. they should boost it up a little bit more.
9:46 am
we are people, been around a long time, been to hell and back. love everybody, i pray for and peace in the world washington to get along. people think everything is about money, money. the only thing we will leave in is good things we some people will see. that is not about money. honest in the ng world. two presidents, they are okay, i against anyone, anybody, you know, i pray that we all get along in washington, get it together because i get confused when i see democrats and republicans going crazy at each other. know it is congress has a lot of power in there, you know, and run the democrats republicans, i have two cousins d.c.,worked in washington, they passed away, i know they id a lot, they did the best
9:47 am
they could, you know. i just want to know, i hope they people's salary and more -- for everybody and more let's get together here. host: all right, sal, thank you for calling. the table.on want to get other viewpoints in. sal mentioned florida and matthew. rick neil is a reporter. tweets that ouple include video, as we take this james from om mississippi. democratic caller, hi, james. morning.ey, good i want to make a couple comments, starting with the party.ady from the tea i want to remind her that the angry ty was started by white males, okay. remind her that next thing is the tea party is political. it is insulting to put patriot that, because if
9:48 am
you disagree with them, are you not a patriot? is that the i.r.s. to check in to companies egistering or whatever. nd they have all the right to do it. how do you find out if something at olitical unless you look the title of the company. host: thank you, james. indiana, newburg, republican. hi, jeff. caller: yeah, i was just calling hillary clinton, you know, everybody says how good she is and everything. they first started her husband, her and her husband, whitewater scandal and the e-mails and all that, i said, can you believe her, anything she says? out of trouble fthat was a true american that, you me, that had that
9:49 am
done that, they would have me in and throw away the key. i said, i just don't understand f.b.i. gets on there and say -- well, there is nothing we we're going to leave it up to the people to decide what with hillary clinton. i mean, what is our country coming to? we can't get the f.b.i. to do their job, you know, what are we supposed to do? host: that was jeff. let's hear from ruth from jackson, mississippi. hi, ruth. caller: hi. you?are host: doing fine, how are you? what is on your mind? caller: all right. i'm very surprised at this election time, but i guess i be surprised because it seems that everybody went to wheel.t the nobody looks at the past and see and why it's ned
9:50 am
happened, all they are blaming hillary and on obama and they done forgot what obama come aboard. this country was going to hell he got in asket when here. he tried to bring it out and nobody help out and else wanted to help. congress didn't want to do a doggone thing for eight years to help this country. to fight obama. they did nothing, now they are going to put trump in and he's to do a miracle? he ain't going to do nothing, either. they want the miracle through trump. host: ruth, thank you for calling. were you finished? sorry. i thought i was cutting ruth off. westwood, new jersey. independent caller. what are you thinking of these matt? caller: i'm thinking that the inhonest media in general is
9:51 am
the bag for mrs. crooked hillary clinton. are the nea and hillary linton are hypocrites for denying poor inner city parents which condemns their children to be failed failed common and core because clinton is beholden unions ailing teachers and by the way, the nea and dead wrong for allowing boys and men to be able walk into the girl's bathrooms and locker room ecessary school because it is psychologically unhealthy and in insane.glish, it's for ll as clinton being sanctuary cities, which is not often reported. you for t, thank calling. to glen, midlothian, virginia. republican.
9:52 am
good morning, glen. caller: hey, there, appreciate being able to talk to you. nea lady, mrs. garciasdshgs not represent me. teacher.retired i want to mention that they didn't do anything for us for ight year, they sat in with hillary clinton and our president at the time right now. i hope americans realize kids are not getting jobs out there. while since they have been getting jobs. think regular congress, not doing anything. we need a change, i always like, something to i'm hope withing trump we'll at least have something different. become the ary will first woman -- if she becomes first woman president that, is that is will stand on, about it. i worry about it, these criminal e-mails, come on, bout trump at least is looking for safety. -- kids from other countries,
9:53 am
they are great kids, but i tell you what, it takes a lot of to have them ey come in. now we're going to let syrian people in, too. worry about the clinton, what they are looking for and totally ant you to know nea does not represent a lot, a lot of teachers. so that's all i want to say. for weighing in, glen, on this friday. a little news out there this morning. washington times. the headlines, obama commutes inmates, of 102 clemency, part of prison reform efforts. monthly ecoming routine, the president granted inmates for mostly drug related crime. thewhite house counsel says latest for people demonstrate they are deserving of second chance at freedom. majority were st serving under drug sentencing laws the white house views as outdated. 15 inmates convicted of firearms women during drug
9:54 am
transaction or possessing gun as latest grantsn w. 774 obama commuted sentences, more than the previous 11 presidents combined, times. in washington alfonzo, from brownsville, texas. good morning. caller: call up, you know, i'm years old. my father was in the union, he the union. when i started to work in the union person.was middle ns gave us the they gave us the right to fight for our wages and gave the company to go in and take advantage, we had somebody us.back us up and stick for you know, i want to ask, i think
9:55 am
government should be open to see doing.ey are s soon as obama went secretly for the ccp, which i don't know pushing it, but i paying back for something. bad e the unions, even a -- i had until now struggling er, i'm medication, i have problems which are be ed -- government should open to see what they are doing. thank you. for calling and sharing your situation. the line from alabama. republican caller. hi, larry. doing? hey, man, how you
9:56 am
host: i'm fine. caller: i'm a veteran of 76 old and i've got to be in my life,ve never when i was discharged in 1962, i never thought i would ever see my country looking and acting does right now. a political i'm buff, i keep up with it. and ever since they first came when he was running for governor of arkansas, it appears to me from day up until right now, here had been scandal after scandal after scandal with them. nothing is ever done. and i don't know, i'm retired on disability. i don't know what can be done. would expect i and people have asked me, i would expect this country will crater before
9:57 am
her four years are over because he's not going to do just like obama, not going to do a thing. and if she don't do anything, trump, i'm going to vote for him, but if he don't do said, he ought to come out of there the next election. and i don't know, i get upset about it because i love this country. my kids do, too, and i just -- we've got re proportionate amount of cowards want s country that don't to fight for this country, all they want to do is kneel down or sit down when playing the national anthem, that is sick. we start getting somebody up there in the white house that's got some backbone and can do a little something, i know on your show, i watch it sometime, i wish one time i could hear omebody get on there and talk
9:58 am
and tell me what has obama done done that s clinton was worthwhile. host: larry, thank you for calling. time.about out of some member of congress tweets that we've been tracking as florida storm. congressman from florida. police keeping everyone safe and writes. red cross shelter in a difficult with the store. the congressman from florida, if you choose to ignore orders, first responder will not assist storm.ring the stay safe. congressman up in georgia, mandatory al issued evacuation east of ooishgs-95. bryan, that thisam and camden, one tweet from congressman murphy. my thoughts and prayers are with all impacted by matthew, hoping stayed safe last night and remains safe today. bakersville, north
9:59 am
carolina now. good morning. caller: good morning. am i on? host: you are. what is on your mind? aller: i wanted to let people opinion of this race. what this is about is christianity and the bible and the constitution. and hillary and obama are making to be about black, the color of your skin and it is not color of your skin. it's about the bible and the moralsution and bringing back to this country. hillary are misleading the blacks and the to get their vote. and that is so sick. and hillary runs those commercials with all the bad of donald cussing or hatever, and saying things
10:00 am
about women and it's not so, that was a t.v. show that he everything is taken out of context, there is -- she is one all the dirty stuff on the t.v. for the kids to see. and everybody is taking of context and we need to bring god back into this country. muslims want to kill us, sure, there are good muslims, we lead them to christ, but we need common sense and we do border control and trump is willing to do all of this and he the christians, he's met with christians and hillary won't even meet with the christians. to have host: mary, got the last word on the program. hanks to everybody who called in. 10:00 here in the east. couple of program notes to tell you about.


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