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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 9, 2016 5:48pm-6:01pm EDT

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preparations, there's opinions between governor christie and mayor giuliani over whether he should do that. so it will be interesting in a tug of war which one won out. host: ok. debbie is calling in from maryland. third-party supporter. good morning, debbie. caller: hi. my questions are really all for gary johnson, because i feel like he should have been included in this debate. i know there has to be a threshold, but he has well over a million supporters on a petition to get him in the debate. he has a lot more support than anyone realizes. and the threshold that you were talking about, ginger, was set by the republicans and democrats, not the third-party people. i feel like i don't have a voice. i am a registered republican, but i can't in good conscience vote for anyone that i don't feel will make a good
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president. host: ok. let's let ginger respond to that. how might the third-party candidates engage because they're not on this stage tonight? guest: i think that debbie makes an excellent point. there's a lot of supporters out there who feel like they're not going to be represented on that stage. and i think debbie and everyone else has to probably do it the old-fashioned way and just make their opinion known. there's a petition, make phone calls, get that threshold changed. now, gary johnson is not one to sit at home on his couch and not have anything to say during these moments. he will likely be on cable news. he will be interacting. we know yesterday his campaign put out an appeal to republicans in the wake of that donald trump video asking them to come over to their side. so he's going to be trying to break through a lot of noise and get noticed, and i think we're going to see that from him, and i think his supporters will probably be trying to figure out how they can put pressure to change the threshold if they're unhappy with it. host: so in the fist debate, it
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seemed as if hillary clinton had tried to beat donald trump with things like the alicia machado revelation during that. do you depop see the same thing tonight, -- or do you expect to see the same thing tonight, or have the last few days made it harder to do that? guest: we know hillary clinton has spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get inside his head, and she probably could be called a success. she did bait him and get him to change the message and the conversation for the whole week after the debate. this time might be a little different. you don't really need to bait a boy who's got so much controversy and is in so much crisis with his campaign. she could probably sit up there and just read the list of the names of republicans who announced that they were unendorsing him and not voting for him. a dozen members of congress yesterday, which is remarkable. so i don't know how much bating she's going to need. it might be a simple poking him with the facts. host: up next we have felicia calling in from iowa, a clinton
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supporter. good morning, felicia. caller: good morning. first i would like to say to ginger, i heard her say that we may have an election where no one wins the popular vote. that's impossible. guest: a simple majority, so no one gets over 50%, which has happened before. caller: yeah, ok. that is possible. i'm a hillary clinton supporter because i believe that she has america's best interests at heart. as a politician or people who are in into politics, you make choices. you make decisions. sometimes they may not always be the right decisions. but in life, when you can acknowledge your mistakes, it makes you a better person. donald trump seems to think he has never made a mistake in his entire life.
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he said he doesn't feel like he needs to -- he never asks god for forgiveness because he just assumes if he did something wrong, he'll do it a different way. he doesn't say he'll do it the right way. he says he'll do it a different way, which is what a lot of his supporters think, oh, he hasn't changed his position, he has just changed his words. host: let's let ginger gibson respond to that. guest: interesting in your point there that we know that there are divisions within the trump campaign over whether or not they wanted to engage in a character debate with hillary clinton. part of trump's advisors said don't do it, you know, it's not the message we want to drive. we want to talk about how donald trump is going to help working class people, how he's going to get rid of trade deals. and they said, no, we think hillary clinton is so awful attack her on her character, others say. to your point, that's not as clear cut an argument as one can have. a lot of people think that in a character debate hillary
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clinton wins. and so i think that we've probably reached the point of this campaign and this debate tonight where it's going to be unavoidable, and we're going to see both candidates engage in a pretty hefty character debate on the debate stage. and how voters respond to that is going to be one of the biggest questions of the night. scommoip what is the one big difference you think will be in tonight's debate compared to the first one? guest: a lot of us went into the first debate to expect donald trump come out swinging or come out very calm, and we got the fist part, very calm, and then the swinging in the end. i expect him to come out swinging from the beginning tonight. i've been wrong on a lot of things and could be wrong on that hypothesis, but i suspect that given the events of the last seven days, donald trump probably turned to his advisers and said, you know what, i've tried your way, it didn't work, we're going to do it my way, and my way is swinging. and ay is low energy jeb
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going after bill clinton. i would be shocked if we don't see donald trump do it his way tonight. host: a call from new york city being a third party supporter. alberto, you're on with ginger begin -- ginger gibson of reuters. caller: it doesn't matter who win, trump or hillary. the reason for that is because doesn't matter what their genda is and policies, because they implement it. it's a very greedy and rich and powerful people. policy is going to be implemented. it's what they say that's going finish with.nd anyway, the thing is that they have the less say, so it's whatever they say will be done, not what they say or think. host: ok. guest: one of the biggest issues people don't talk about in this election in terms of policy implications is what
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this means for congress. we're seeing a movement and the polls and ballot. one can say hillary clinton and donald trumper different sides of the same coin, but whether republicans or democrats control congress on january 2 has a pig impact on policy and on how the nation is going to work for the next two years or even four years. hillary clinton donald trump are influencing down ballot. we've got a number of key senate voices, and those are going to be big policy differences. the ability to pass tax reform, to pass changes to the environmental code, to address climate change, to do any of those things are going to depend upon who controls congress, on you more they approach. you might see a climate bill very different under a republican congress than a democratic congress. so there are some big policy implications going forward, particularly who controls congress. host: next we have lou calling in. good morning, lou.
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caller: ms. gibson, i was wondering, do you think if tonight i was able to ask secretary clinton a question, which would be, do you believe in free trade as you told your wall street contributors during a speech you gave to them? do you think she'd actually tell me the truth? guest: well, you bring up a point that has gotten lost in all of this coverage of donald trump's explicit video, which is that on friday, a hacker who hacked into john podesta, the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign, released past emails that contained, as you pointed out, transcripts of a speech that hillary clinton gave, a closed door speech, in which she said to wall street crowds that she supports free trade. now, anyone who knows clinton's past in policy would not be surprised about this. we would say she changed her position or moved her position a little in the primary in order to get in line with bernie sanders. she then got into a general, a general that is unlike anything we've seen before, where the
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republican was against free trade. normally the republican party is the party that is very for free trade, so she just stuck with that position. i think that we are absolutely going to see that discussed in the debate tonight. it would be campaign malpractice if donald trump's aides didn't tell him to talk about it pretty much repeatedly throughout the entire debate, that at any point in time where he doesn't to want answer a question he should just point out that hillary clinton said she supports free trade. i absolutely think we're going hear that brought up, not just once, but probably multiple times tonight. host: the issue is in today's "washington post," talking about that and her change since the primary, the position on that, pointing out that the question going forward is what clinton would do upon reaching the white house. democrats close to clinton said on saturday that the remarks are clearly a political problem, but they insisted that they probably are not inaccurate to how she would govern. up next is alicia calling from
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maryland, a clinton supporter. good morning, alicia. caller: good morning, kimberly and ginger. and america. would also like to know, mrs. clinton said that she would pay for all her freebies that she nts to give away by taxing the super rich, but we know that the super rich have a way of protecting their money. and she plays the ball with the wall street people and talks a different way with them, and she also talks a different way to us, pretending to be on our side. host: ok, let's let ginger address that. we're almost to the end of our segment.
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guest: we are atginger address that. moment where at a both sides with bipartisan agreement with a the tax code should be rewritten. it is likely to happen under the next administration. whoever wins the white house will have a great role in shaping the content of the tax code. democratic, hillary clinton, that is likely to mean there is an increase in some of the tax brackets because democrats within control at least one chamber of congress who will have negotiating level. is it the level at which she uses in her white papers? maybe not. does it go up? . yes we will see the --yes. announcer: newsmakers is next with a focus on campaign 2016.
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then, political analyst charlie cook talks about what is happening with the presidential race. 7:30 live coverage of the presidential debate beginning with a preview and in the debate itself at 9:00. greta: this week on "newsmakers," the political director for the u.s. chamber of commerce, rob engstrom. thank you for being here, sir. rob: thanks, greta. greta: we also have two political reporters, matea gold with the "washington post" and michelle hackman at the "wall street journal." matea, go ahead. matea: great to see you, thank s for joining us. we would love to talk about the role the chamber played this cycle. you, your organization has been part of an effort to build a firewall around congressional republicans in this very unprecedented political year. shall we say. tell us about this and elaborate a little on the trump fe


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