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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 17, 2016 12:41am-1:01am EDT

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18 months. women will see increases of no more than 12 months compared to the previous timetable. they inform people and as we look forward, we are then located the new pension arrangements being put in place but the long-standing issue and winners will see better arrangements because of the changes the government has brought in. >> i gather the prime minister gave chancellor merkel a gift of the coast-to-coast book outlining the fabulous work when intermec is issuing ca. it's a prime minister where the coast-to-coast is not an official national trail in which he meet to discuss my campaign to get this national treasure is to serve national status. >> i think my honorable friend as he knows i enjoy the fantastic kingdom.
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i have to say he probably knows the decision about is one more announcer: tomorrow, ambassadors from germany, france and the european union and what impact brexit could have on europe. the conversation live at the georgetown law center. >> nicola sturgeon warns there could be another independence referendum if the u.k. pushes for what she called a hard-brexit.
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in a closing speech at her party's national conference yesterday, she also outlined initiatives involving trade in education and called for more scottish control over immigration. this is just over 45 minutes. [applause] minister sturgeon: we need here five were preparing to seek election for a third consecutive term. thanks it your hard work, we did just that. we won the election.
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minister sturgeon: from the bottom of my heart, let me say this to the people of my country. thank you for putting your trust in me as your first minister. thank you for choosing us to be your government. minister sturgeon: where we meet today, it was first opened back in 1985. it has witnessed quite a few changes in the 30 years since. the biggest change of all has been in the politics of our country and of this city. in 1985, a scottish parliament seemed like a pipe dream. the beating heart of our democracy. we no longer question if we should have a parliament of our own. instead, we ask if our parliament should be independent . we say yes.
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[applause] minister sturgeon: in 1985, every constituency in the city by labor.s held today, the public landscape is very different. last year, every westminster constituency was won by the fnp. ass year, everyone voted fnp well. just last week in a council by election, a massive 19% swing secured victory for our brilliant candidate, chris cunningham. [applause] minister sturgeon: next year, we
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have a chance to complete this political trance -- transformation. in the council elections next may, let's work as hard as we ever have to bring the snp to p ower, the must bring the city to be one of the very best in europe. [applause] let's build this city to be one of the very best in europe. glasgow is an extension of the success of our party. but it also stands as a lesson. they took the waters for granted. they became arrogant on power. they thought they were invincible, and they rightly paid the price. our promise to glasgow and all the people spot month -- people of is this -- we will never take you for granted.
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we will work every day to earn and return -- and re-earn your truth -- your trust. [applause] minister sturgeon: it is not just attitudes, it is policy in principle. when labour held his conference in liverpool, it's spokesman for theannounce support renewal of trident. he was enraged at not being allowed to go as far as he wanted to with weapons of mass destruction. but we were angry as well. we were angry there were angry there are so many children living in poverty. we had a government determined to waste tens of billions of pounds on a new generation of nuclear weapons. [applause] minister sturgeon: friends, i
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promise you this -- no one will ever have to slip a note to politicians in this party who is striking. now and always, not in our name. [applause] minister sturgeon: the conflicts facing the world today, nuclear weapons are not the answer. syria, up to 400,000 men, women and children had been killed since the conflict started. over one million have been wounded. no one can fail to be profoundly moved and deeply angered by the
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appalling scenes we are witnessing in aleppo. innocent children are being killed and wounded with impunity. the barbarism of the assad regime and the actions of russia are sickening. we condemn them unreservedly. [applause] minister sturgeon: we agree with the u.n. that all countries must stand up for the millions of syrians who desperately need help. and although it times we can we shouldless, remember that communities across scotland are making a difference to families fleeing the conflict. syriannth, the 1000th refugee was welcomed to scotland. and they are welcome. [applause] so, we canurgeon:
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and we must do more, especially for children alone without their parents. i say to the u.k. government today, stop treating this as a migration issue. it is a humanitarian crisis. we must rise to the challenge. [applause] minister sturgeon: and scotland is ready and we are willing to play our part. may, just five months said we -- since we won the election, but it feels like a political lifetime. we are in a new political era and a new battle of ideas. a new era for parliament. and a new era for our relationship with europe and the world. there are challenges aplenty.
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as we face up to them, we must scotland of this, that always remains the progressive, internationalist communitarian that the majority of us living here wanted to be at all times. [applause] -- want it to be at all times. [applause] make no sturgeon: mistake. today we face a choice of two futures. after last week in birmingham, there can be no doubt. that choice has never been so start. a primary contest of ideas in our country is between the snp and the hard right police. fallen, and let's face it, that camaeron's were never first place.the
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[applause] minister sturgeon: the snp's vision for scotland is welcoming, first place. progressive, outward looking and imposes -- an inclusive. looking,inward discriminatory. let's be frank -- there are no longer the conservative and unionist party. weer this week -- last week, should call them what they are. the conservative and separatist party. or ukip for short. [applause] minister sturgeon: today they displayed a stony heart to refugees. they treat those with disabilities with suspicion.
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even those seeking support to get back into employment are humiliated and her aspect a mother unable to pay the bus fare to get to an appointment is more likely to face a benefit sanction that she is to be offered a helping hand. those in other european countries have chosen to make their own fear, human beings with lies, jobs and families, they are treated as no more than bargaining chips. the prime minister's position on her and its shames will be a stain on her government's each and every day it is allowed to continue. [applause] minister sturgeon: the fact is with almost every action they take, somebody is excluded. somebody loses out.
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somebody is left behind. let us make it clear -- that is not our way. it is not who we are. and it is not who we aspire to be. [applause] minister sturgeon: and what of labour? [laughter] it wasn't meant to be a joke. [laughter] become, thatthey they prefer the prospect of years of continuous government towestminster to government scotland. it is inexplicable, i know, but i guess branch offices just do not have all that much in the way of ambition. [applause]
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minister sturgeon: friends, labour may have thrown in the towel, but let me make this snp will never a right-winge government undermines the very fabric of our society. [applause] atister sturgeon: westminster, we will continue to provide the strong opposition that labour is failing to deliver. in recent months, it has not been labour asking the hard questions about our place in the single market and the jobs that depend on it. it has been our westminster robinson. [applause] minister sturgeon: just as it them making the case
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against the them a rowdy of denying tax credits to women unless they can prove they had been raped. in blackford, standing against the deportation -- women, for up for and data havets been waiting for their entire life. [applause] snp isr sturgeon: the not just the real opposition to the people at westminster. -- snp is the only affection only effective opposition. [applause] our job aturgeon: westminster is to provide the strong opposition that is so desperately needed, not just in scotland, but right across the u.k. our job is to use our powers to build a better scotland we all want to see.
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just one wordr from my speech today, i wanted to be this one -- it begins with an i. no, not that one. not yet. [laughter] minister sturgeon: the word i want you to remember is this -- inclusion. inclusion is the guiding principle for everything we do. [applause] minister sturgeon: it encapsulates what we stand for as a party and it describes the kind of country we want scotland inclusive country. a country where everyone has the opportunity to contribute a better future and to share in the benefits of that better future. a country that works for those who value the security we currently have and for those who yearn for change.
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a country where we value people for the contributions they make, not where we will ever judge them for their country of birth or the color of their passport. [applause] minister sturgeon: that is the inclusive scotland we are working to build. and i am proud of the progress we have made. earlier this week, a major european research study reached this conclusion -- on health, on education, on tolerance, and on the environment, out of all the four nations in the u.k., scotland is tops. [applause] minister sturgeon: of course, i know there's still much to do. much to do in the next phase of scotland's journey.
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westminster is still responsible for the majority of funding for services. more than ever before, the new scotland act means the goals of scotland's budget depends on the growth of scotland's economy. creating jobs, expanding the taxomy and going -- growing revenues. these priorities must be at the center of absolutely everything we do and they always will be. this time last year, workers at plant face huge uncertainty. i stood up at our conference and i promised we would leave no stone unturned in our efforts to find and secure a viable future. company, whiche rate unions, the government and local community. two weeks ago i returned with this message for the workforce -- we kept our promise, the plan is open for business and
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scotland is rolling steel once again. [applause] minister sturgeon: when i think of the many kinds and years go by, when with mr. governments have stood and allowed scottish industry to weather and i, i think about what might -- wither and die, i think about what might have been if there had been a scottish parliament and a scottish government there to fight for them. what might have been if the people of scotland had been able to stir the immense natural resources of these lands for present and future generations, just like independent norway did. [applause] let us makergeon: this resolution today. never again will we be


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