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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 5, 2016 10:21am-11:14am EDT

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looming large in that race and has been throughout. ♪ ["proud to be an american" plays] mr. trump: thank you very much. wow. [applause] >> usa! usa! usa! trump: thank you very much, folks. we had a little difficulty because we have about 3000 people, maybe 4000 outside.
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should we wait for them to come in the? >> no! trump: i agree. let's get going. you people were here from, like, , they tell morning me. thank you very much. and we don't need jay-z to fill up arenas. we do with the old-fashioned way -- because you love what we are you want to make america great again. i actually love jay-z, but the language last night -- ooh. thinking, maybe i should try that. said that? ine if i he used every word in the book. i will not even use the initials .
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by the way, in hershey pennsylvania, we had 20,000 people show up. far more than jay-z had with their free tickets. , and i like them both, but he used language last night that was so bad, and then hillary said, "i did not like language."p's lewd my lewd language. i tell you what -- i've never said what he said in my life, but that shows you the minas of politicians and the phoniness of the whole system, folks. in three days, we are going to win the great state of florida, and we are going to win back the white house. begins with
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immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. announced thatn the residents of florida -- i'm sorry to tell you this -- are going to experience a massive double-digit premium hike. i say this to everybody. i just don't want to destroy the spirit in the room. it's going to be a massive hike. so, congratulations. it's not going to matter because if we win, i'm throwing it out anyway. but get ready. you are going to have a big, big, big hike. hope only, it won't make a damn vid of difference. in the great state of arizona where i was just a couple of days ago and where i'm going, premiums are going up by more than 116%. boos]
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mr. trump: going to go higher than that. over 90% of the counties in florida are using obamacare insurers. over 90% of the counties. youremember -- and most of were there -- almost all of you felt this whole movement right from the beginning when we came down for the primaries, right tackle we got 66 out of 67 counties. is just a place i love. my second home. i'm here all the time. i might know florida better than you do. but my second home. but with a 66 out of 67 counties. that has never happened before. we almost got that last one, too. i see maybe even more enthusiasm right now than i did then.
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[applause] see thep: you tremendous lines of people, and they have trump hats on, make america great again. but they have trump hats on and buttons and shirts, and they are in bc, and you see you see these people -- [crowd boos] mr. trump: the most dishonest people. there is one line where it was like 100% trump regalia. maybe they are in disguise wearing buttons, shirts, trump hats but are actually going to vote for crooked hillary. do you think that is possible? but you see these lines, and the woman would say, "yes, i would ay it's very evenly based." the great state of texas, you heard -- can you believe all these people at 10:00 in the
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morning -- great. they got here at 2:00 in the morning. of texas, ante incredible place. we have these massive crowds, and about two weeks ago, i was hearing the phonies in the media, and they are going very, very strongly, "texas is in play." we have a hillary clinton person. are they paying that person $1500? get 'em out, please. out.em >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
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mr. trump: i must tell you that bernie sanders protesters had much more enthusiasm and spirit than this one. the problem with these hillary make alls is my people the noise. you cannot even hear the person. by the way -- before i get to texas, did you see yesterday, --ma screaming and screaming [crowd boos] mr. trump: and screaming. just like the way he runs the country. nobody listens to him. screaming, ok? and i wanted to see the protesters because these lying, thieving people back there, the myia, they don't ever show crowds. i was saying to them the other night in hershey, "you've got to show -- you got to turn the them rightery one of
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in my face. the only time they will turn the camera is if there is a protester because that is a bad thing. an obamat, they had protester, and they would not turn the camera to the protester. first time i have seen this. he kept screaming over and over again. about three weeks ago, they would say -- they do these phony polls, right? some of the polls are good. i only really acknowledge if i'm winning, and by the way, we are winning in a lot of polls. lot of polls. [applause] mr. trump: we don't have enough time to talk about it now. there's too many of them. "blackshose signs -- for trump." that seems to be the big surprise so far of this election. thank you fellas.
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that is so great. that is great. thank you so much. that's a great honor. believe me, that is a great honor. they keep saying "the great state of texas is in play," and it is supposed to be a republican stronghold. i call my people. i was just there, we had a crowd, 20,000, 22,000. they had a line that went so long that local media is much .ore honest they were showing a line that when all the way -- literally, it went miles. and three weeks ago, "texas is in play. it's even a tough -- it's even."
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and they say that's bad news. bad, i don't want to lose texas. we aretle problem -- killing them in texas. we are killing them. a guy gets on two days ago. a man named sid miller. do not really know him. wearing a big, beautiful, white cowboy hat. in fact, i want to find out where he got it. pretty nice. he says, "you folks are getting it all wrong. we have never had anything like tellin texas, and let me you, all those folks, they are voting for trump. they are not voting for anyone else." [applause] so, texas, we are doing great in texas. we are doing great in new hampshire. we are doing great in iowa. we are doing great in ohio. againeft, going back
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soon. doing phenomenally well and in northolina -- carolina. i think we are going to win pennsylvania. [applause] are going tok we win pennsylvania. we are right there. even is not, like, my thing. but they had me way down in pennsylvania, and last night, .'m looking "jim, trump is even now in ." nsylvania, too because they protect hillary. i do not understand it. i do not understand why. when this is all over with, i'm going to sit down with the dishonest media and have an honest top. what is she going to do? she is a dishonest person. she has no energy. you know, you need energy to help this country. for instance, i'm going to be
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doing five or six of these every day. you need energy, folks. she goes home and she goes to sleep. >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! up! her mr. trump: you need a lot of energy, so we are going to be doing at least five of these today. the arenas are all packed across the country. we are going into different locations, into what they used strongholdscrat where we are now either tied or leaving. we are going to minnesota. we are going up to minnesota, which traditionally has not been republican at all, and we are doing phenomenally. we just saw a poll. phenomenally well. we are doing well everywhere.
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we are doing well in places that they do not believe. they are saying, "what's going on?" anyway, with obamacare, getting back to the boring subject -- it's always a waste of time talking about it because when we terminate it, all will say is it was a bad experience for the american people. premiums are searching because of obamacare. companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and deductibles are going through the roof. high as 50,000 dollars, some higher than that. yet, hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, making it much more expensive. you know what they are going to do to her and obama -- you know what they're going to do, her and obama? they are going to show you that it works.
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they listened to trump, never give up. we don't want to be shown. it is catastrophic. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and have health care for every great in florida and health care. real change also means restoring honesty to our government. know, the fbi -- and i give them a lot of credit because they are fighting forces that they are not supposed to be has reopened its criminal investigation into hillary clinton. [applause] they are also conducting a second criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption at the state department. you see what is happening there. it has been confirmed that the 600 50,000 e-mails they -- canred -- by accident
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you believe it? 650,000 -- that is a treasure trove. that is going to be a lot of -- bad e-mails in there. they discovered it on anthony desk can you imagine? anthony weiner has probably every classified e-mail ever sent, and knowing this guy, he probably studied every single one, in between using his machine for other purposes, including brand-new e-mails not previously turned over to authorities, likely including some very, very classified information. however, the reports also show that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying very hard and as hard as
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they can to protect their angel, hillary. [crowd boos] trump:rump: -- mr. clinton justl happened to see the attorney general's plane. he was going to play golf. hello. say let's get together." i thought it was 39 minutes. turned out to be 45 minutes. run on the tarmac, they had a minutes, right before she was supposed to issue her judgment on hillary and maybe bill. bill could be a target -- who knows? because of what is going on. she met with him for 45 minutes. they discussed golf. that is about two minutes.
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they discussed grandchildren. give them five. the rest of the time, what do you think they discussed? i would say, like, "i hope you are going to be part of our dministration." what do you think? what a disgrace. our country has never been in a situation like it is in right now. never been. so dishonest. it is a rigged system, folks. it is a rigged system, and it begins with the media because the media rigs it. [crowd boos] you see those reports where "the new york times" is sending them things, and they have things where reporters are sending them stories to check. actually, i used to get good publicity until i decided to run.
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now, i think i have -- they even say -- actually, "the times" said, "we don't care if it is air or not." it is the greatest pylon in the -- it is thelitics greatest kyl-on -- the greatest the history of politics. i used to do very well, remember. but it was time to change our country. remember, john podesta said hillary clinton has bad instincts, right? i say to people, i would fire him. he says so many bad things about her, and he is her top person. he knows her well, and i don't want a president with that instincts, and she does. all you have to do is look at her record. bernie sanders says she has bad judgment. hillary created an illegal
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.erver to shield her that's why. she figured she was above it because she figured the department of justice would never do anything to get in her way, ok? it is a rigged system. the department of justice, if that happened to anybody else, they would have been in jail two years ago, folks, ok? what she did. then she illegally destroyed -- and this is -- forget about what happened last friday. i'm talking about the past. forget about that. that is all gravy, whatever happened. 30,000 -- remember this -- 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena -- thkeyword being after -- and made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer.
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if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and her special interests and her donors would rob this country blind. i have no doubt about it. the americanith voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take back our country from the special interests. [applause] : i want the entire, corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we are about to say. when we win on november 8, we are going to drain the swamp.
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going to do it. [applause] : they are not happy, folks. they are not happy. there are a lot of unhappy people around. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back your jobs that have been stolen. stolen by either very stupid politicians or corrupt politicians, meaning special interests get them to do whatever they want them to do. florida has lost one in four of its manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton and supported by hillary . america has lost 70,000 factories -- that is such a hard number to believe, 70,000 -- since china entered the world trade organization, another bill and hillary-backed disaster. we are living through the greatest jobs set in the history
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of the world. there has never been a country that has lost jobs like we did, so stupidly, so easy to solve, so stupidly. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: we will, i promise. goodrich lighting systems moved their jobs to india. baxter health care organization laid off 199 workers and moved their jobs to singapore. tremendous, tremendous jobs, and it's getting worse and worse and worse. we have with some of these countries -- mexico, in particular -- i have a great relationship with mexico. i met with the mexican president
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three months ago. >> build a wall! willrump: don't worry, i build a wall. >> build a wall! build a wall! build a wall! trump: and you know what? the harder they fight us, the higher it goes, i promise. no, but i met with the president of mexico. and he is a good guy, good guy. good meeting, all of that. love him. we have a one-lane highway, goes right into mexico. takes our jobs, our money, our .ealth, everything we get unemployment and we get drugs. not going to happen anymore, folks. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america and will stop the jobs from leaving the great state of florida, that i can tell you.
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the theft of american prosperity will end quickly and effectively. if a company wants to fire their workers, leave florida, moved to another country, and then shift their product back into the united states, we will make them pay a tax of 35%. [applause] solved.p: problem problem solved. 99% -- and you never heard this talk of four. they give them loans. "we want you to stay." they don't even talk to most of them. we will talk to them. first we will be very nice and respectful, and when they tell us know, we will tell them, let's not be nice anymore. and you know what is going to happen with that tax? they are never going to leave this country. they are never leaving. he knows.
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they are never going to leave this country. a trump administration will renegotiate nafta, and if we do not get the deal we want, we will terminate nafta and get a much better deal for our workers. stop the jobiately killing transpacific partnership, another disaster in the making that hillary clinton said is the gold standard. yes, the gold standard for other countries, not for us. the gold standard for countries that want to be part of that deal. as part of our plan to bring back jobs, we are going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15% with -- we are the highest taxed nation in the world, one of the main reasons that they are leaving. we will massively cut taxes for the middle class also. , do not hear it from me. just look at it. hillary clinton is going to raise taxes substantially.
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highest taxed nation, she wants to raise taxes substantially. that's not going to happen. billions in cancel global warming payments to the united nations and use that money to invest in america. [applause] mr. trump: that includes repairing so many of florida's problems. >> usa! usa! mr. trump: thank you. we're going to repair so many of florida's problems, including the herbert hoover dike and the aquifer. but we are going to have so much money left over. you know what we want? we want a really beautiful, clean air, right? we want crystal clean water, and we want safety.
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we don't need to give hundreds of billions of dollars away -- we have no idea who is getting this money -- giving it to the united nations. you know what that is called? giving it to an open pit. keep our money here and take care of our infrastructure and take care of our environment, and we are going to lower taxes. [applause] rebuild our inner cities. the african-american community has been treated terribly, terribly. that's why i'm so honored to see those signs. i tell you, that is turning out to be the story of this election, the african-american vote. watch. they have been treated very unfairly. african-americans and hispanics people living in the inner
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cities -- there is no -- oh, you huh?that, hispanics, how many hispanics do we have here? [applause] way, that is ahe big story. as you know, the cubans just endorsed me. they gave me the bay of takes -- the bay of pigs association award. we will be making a much different deal than they made with castro. bigger story than people thought. but the african-american community, the hispanic community, folks living in the inner cities, crime-ridden -- you cannot walk to the store and buy a loaf of bread. you get shot. the education is the worst, and there's no jobs. we are going to fix the education, bring back jobs, and bring back safety.
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and i say to the hispanic community living in the inner-city, to the , iican-american community say, "what the hell do you have the loosse?" i'm going to fix it. i'm going to fix it. democrats have been running that whole thing for up to 100 years unbroken, and they come in and say, "we want your vote," and then you give them the vote -- you know this, right? they know. you give them the vote and they disappear for four years, and in foury come back years. we have to show them it does not work that way anymore. they will never be able to do what i do. look, i'm here doing five or six of these a day. hillary goes home, she goes to sleep. if she wanted to do it, which
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she doesn't. she does not have the energy to do it, believe me. we will become a rich nation again, but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees -- ing into this country [crowd boos] over and above the thousands and thousands and thousands already coming in. you want to see a problem? this will be the great trojan horse modern day version. will import generations of terrorism, radicalism, extremism into your schools and throughout your communities. president, weted will suspend immediately the syrian refugee problem. [applause]
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mr. trump: and we will keep radical islamic terrorism the hell out of our country. [applause] : you look at what has happened in france. you look at what has happened in germany. no. we all have big hearts. we will build safe havens and get the gulf states to put up the money. what do we owe? $20 trillion. think of it. statesill get the gulf -- they have plenty of money. they have so much money they do not know what to do with it. they just have to be told nicely. we have enough problems. we don't need these kind of problems. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. [applause] mr. trump: and as we said, yes,
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we will build a great wall. [applause] mr. trump: we have received the first ever endorsement issued by america's ice and border patrol offices. it has just been reported that as a result of our open borders, intont cartels have spread all 50 states. more than 90% of those arrested illegally. are you shocked? 90% are here illegally. trump!ve you, trump: thank you. i love you too. look, a future construction worker. look at that baby. he is so cute. oh, give me that baby.
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[applause] mr. trump: look at this baby. future construction worker. they did a great job. wow. that is a great, beautiful baby. congratulations. that is an early trump and, right? that is an early united states fan. anyway, back to the basics. after going through that, i hate to say this, but these killing innocent
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americans, threatening schools, our communities. a government that will not protect its people is a government that is unworthy to lead. as secretary of state, hillary clinton allowed the most dangerous and violent criminals to come into the country, go would not send them back to their home countries, and when they did, their home very, very intelligently said, "we don't want them. take them back, and we would ever force them in." when we take these killers and drug and gang members back to their countries, they will be gladly accepted by their -- they will say,
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"president trump, thank you, sir . we are so, so happy. mr. president, we are so, so happy to have our druglords back , our killers back, our gang members back. thank you, mr. president, on behalf of" -- i will not use the name of the country. hillary supports open borders and strongly supports sanctuary .ities like san francisco thousands of americans would be alive today if not for the open barack obamaes of and hillary clinton. [crowd boos] trump: by the way, i have said it, this guy is campaigning
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full-time. she cannot campaign for herself. nobody shows up to her meetings. the only way she gets them to show up is when she has a star come. that is the only way. otherwise, she gets 500 people, 400 people, and by the way, the cameras never show that. can you imagine if i had a small crowd? there would be headlines all over the world. it, right? doing but she has these little crowds show up. she cannot do more than 102 a day because she has no energy, but she cannot do it because they cannot get any people. but obama goes and campaigns for her. he ought to spend time in the oval office getting jobs, defeating isis, strengthening of .ur border among those killed, americans like josh wilkerson, whose mother i have gotten to know wasng this campaign -- josh
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a student in a high school, great student. he was murdered at the age of 17. he was tortured, struggle, and beaten to death by an illegal immigrant who should have never been in our country, and then fire.dy was set on 17-year-old scarlet kits, her boyfriend and her mother were viciously stabbed to death in their lehigh acres home by an illegal immigrant. the killer was wanted for double murder and robbery, but he was released from custody, enabling him to come -- commit these and other horrible crimes, and the people that knew him begged that he be incarcerated or begged
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that he be thrown the hell out of our country, and the obama administration with their weak policies refused to listen. endump administration will this nightmare of violence. we will protect american lives, cancel all rural hunting of sanctuary cities. [applause] mr. trump: we will stop illegal immigration, deport every last illegal alien and dismantle every gang and cartel threatening our great citizens. when we win this election, you will finally have a government on your side fighting for your community and protecting your family. also repeal the
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sequesterton defense underfundedright now, our firer fired -- our fighter jets, they are so old they don't make them anymore. 18, 19 years. we will make those brand-new beautiful jets. ok? i'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients. i actually heard we picked up about five today. and i want to thank the coach from getting up and talking to you people. what a great coach. and joe and your attorney
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general. you have so many great people. all the people who got up and spoke, i want to thank them. all the people speaking around the country. hillary brought that disaster to iraq. and she powered iran. they have been empowered. they hate us. we created them. they were ready to die. they were ready to make any deal we wanted and we took them out of the ashes and we made them wraps a world power, not just a regional power. all hillary clinton fell thinking. and she unleashed isis around the world.
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i was a little worried about the debate. for a week in the half i hear -- she's not going out of her house. she is doing debate rep. you're supposed to know this stuff, right? she has a lot of experience, but it's all bad experience. its experience of losing. i felt guilty. union 10 hours a day for a week and a half? we're supposed to know the subject, aren't we? we spend trillions in the middle for wars we never went.
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i always say general douglas macarthur, general george patton, what are they doing? spending in their graves. mosul. muscle. ladies and gentlemen, we will be attacking muscle in four months. these guys are tough and smart, in all fairness. one of the reasons we are going to mosul is we want to get the isis leaders. we think they are staying in mosul and we want to get them. well, before the announcement is over, they have gone. whatever happens to the element of surprise. it is a tough battle. they have dug in. much tougher. we need different thinking in this country, folks. they should have kept their mouths shut, quietly, quickly, and viciously go in and then
11:04 am
have a news conference when it is over a week later. right? and i am convinced they only did that for political reasons. they thought it was going to be a great quick victory. it wasn't. it was a disaster. they thought it was going to be a quick victory. and you know, hillary is running and she will get credit. except we already had muscle. so we gave it up because of the way they got out and then isis was formed. isis is in 32 countries. all of her people are doing the same thing. we are going to do this. we're going to do that. you have been doing that for 30 years. it will never happen. they dragged us into foreign wars.
11:05 am
they left our borders wide open. we have no borders. .nd yet, we are fighting a lot of people in this room have never heard of it. we want the border. we are fighting so we have a border. we do not protect our own boat -- our own orders. that will change november 8. a trump administration will never, ever put the interest of a foreign country before the interest of our country. on it is going to be america first. so all americans, i say, it is time for change. it is time for new leadership. and in closing. -- ending closing -- i want you to think about --
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[crowd chanting "we want trump"] mr. trump: thank you, folks. i just saw a sign that i love. let me have that. let me have that. let me of that. i love that sign. i love that sign. i love all the signs. blacks for trump, women for trump, hispanics for trump. thank you. i just found a second mic. i am probably being wired or tapped here. that's got to be the justice department. where is this mic?
11:07 am
come did the second mic from? just think what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan -- even bigger. she is going to raise your taxes. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. such a big thing. such a big thing. cancel every illegal obama executive order order. we are going to protect religious liberty. we will rebuild our military and take care of our great veterans like they have never been taking care of before. they have been badly treated. that won't happen. we already have a plan for the
11:08 am
veterans and they love it and we have overwhelming support. they are great people. we don't take care of them. we will put an end to common core. we will take our education local. we will support the men and women of law enforcement. save our second amendment, which is under siege. we have the endorsement of the nra, national rifle association, and i have to tell you, these are great people -- wayne and chris and all of them -- they love this country. they love this country. they gave me the earliest endorsement they have ever given to a presidential candidate. we are going to save our second amendment. great people. we will appoint justices to the united states spring court who will uphold and defend the
11:09 am
constitution of the united states. it is time to cut our ties with the failed politicians -- like hillary -- of the past. is the candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. and they have never seen a movement like this, folks. they have never, ever seen a movement like this. we have to close it out on november 8 or sooner. by the way, who is voting? all right, that's about 80%. 20%. the numbers are looking good. that i can tell you. did you guys vote? did you vote. blacks for trump -- you voted, right?
11:10 am
every parentng for who lost their child to drug and -- to drugs and gang violence. we are fighting for every american who believes government should serve the people -- not the donors, not the special interest. i am asking you to dream big because your vote -- think of this -- we are just three days three days away. we will bring about the change you have been waiting for your entire life. this will be a very important day. and i know the vote that you cast will be the most important vote of your life, because our
11:11 am
country does not win anymore. we'll start winning. we will knockout isis. believe me, we have no choice. we will knockout isis. win at trade. we will win at the borders. we will start winning again. we will win so much, you will get sick and tired of winning. is that possible? please, mr. president, you are winning too much. let's take it easy. you're going to be so proud of your country and hopefully you will be proud of your president. together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody. get out and vote. god bless you, everybody. god bless you.
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>♪ can't always get what you want" playing] you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you find you get what you need ♪
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i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her hands i knew she was going to meet her connection at her feet was her footloose man you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want time, you try some might find you get what you need oh, yeah