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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 10:15pm-11:01pm EST

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president obama campaign in florida for hillary clinton. he was joined by florida senator bill nelson and democratic representative patrick murphy who is running for the senate seat now held by marco rubio. this is about 45 minutes. , pleases and gentlemen welcome senator bill nelson and representative patrick murphy. [applause]
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[applause] >> wow. are you guys ready for the big man? [applause] no, i know there is
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one other person you would like to see. michelle obama. [applause] sen. nelson: all right. patrick and i wanted to come out here and thank you for what you are doing. this outpouring is just incredible. [applause] and you are doing it -- there is something that has happened to florida. ,000ou know that today, 500 have early voting in florida? -- voted in florida? [applause] all right, i am
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going to shorten this so we can get on with the program. let me introduce you to the colleague,will be my congressman patrick murphy. [applause] rep. murphy all right to cindy, how are you all doing today? for senator bill nelson. i am so proud and humbled to be here to introduce our president, barack obama. and to be here supporting our next president, hillary clinton. the past eight years, president obama has showed us what leadership really looks like. someone who has treated the office with the dignity it deserves. he would fight for opportunity for all of us and he never stops working to make sure this country is a more equal place.
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think about the legacy he is going to leave behind. 73 straight months of job growth. nearly 11 million new jobs. 20 million people now have access to health care. but the question is -- are we going to reelect a president and auilds on that legacy senator who builds on that, or are we going to go backwards? republicans in florida right now trying to elect? donald trump and marco rubio? come on. in the words of president obama -- come on, man! look, this is why it is so critical be get out there info. when i announced my campaign to be florida's next editor on a promise to fight for you. on a promise to protect a
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woman's right to choose. protecting social security and medicare for our seniors. fighting to protect our environment from the effects of climate change. working to reduce the gun violence that is plaguing our communities. and to do more to support the people of puerto rico. but this also means creating an economy that grows from the middle out and the bottom up. not a top-down. this fight is personal for all of us. my dad never graduated college. union carpenter. was going to work hard to give his family more opportunities. as i travel the state, i meet so many floridians who have those same dreams for the work -- for their families to give their kids and grandkids more opportunity than they had. they deserve that opportunity.
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what are we going to elect donald trump and marco rubio? we're not going to strengthen our economy with donald trumps racism and bigotry. where not going to lift families poverty with his demonizing gold star family spirit and we are certainly not going to create an economy that works for everyone with donald trumps attacks on women. marco rubio keeps claiming that he is going to stand up to donald trump. really? if you cannot stand up to donald trump as a candidate, how are you going to stand up to him as a president? you know, marco rubio keeps saying that he disagrees with everything that hillary clinton stands for. of course he does. hillary clinton shows up for work every day. [applause] secretary clinton is going to be a leader who else
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united country, bringing publicans and democrats together to create more opportunities for everyone. raising minimum wage, reducing the burden of student loan debt, and achieving equal pay for equal work. we have a couple of days left, let's work as hard as it takes. let stuff every envelope, not on every door, make every phone call. if we vote -- we and when we do i'm going to be standing with senator bill hardest working senators the state has ever had. -- [speaksy honor spanish] sen. nelson: it is our honor to help introduce a leader who has always put america and the american people first. who has never back down from a fight for what is right.
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please welcome the president of the united states -- barack obama. [applause] president obama: hello, florida! [applause] president obama: are you fired up? are you ready to go?
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i love you back. it is good to be back. a couple of people i want to thank. first of all, my favorite and , more importantly, michelle's favorite, give up for the great stevie wonder. [applause] president obama: i was going to come up and sing with stevie, but stevie explained that this was designed to get votes, not lose votes, so we decided not to do that. i also want to thank one of the finest public servants florida has ever known and one of the greatest senators in the country, bill nelson. [applause] president obama: and i want to thank your next united states
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senator, patrick murphy. [applause] president obama: two days, florida. two days to decide the future of this country. and i need you to go vote. i need your help to help finish what we started eight years ago. think about where we were when i last visited florida in the final days of the 2008 campaign -- living through two long wars, about to enter into the worst economic crisis in 80 years. because of you, we have been able to turn the page. we fought back. we avoided a depression. we restored the housing market. we helped to make the financial system work again.
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we raised incomes. poverty fell. we created 15.5 million new jobs. unemployment rate 4.9%, near a nine year low. 20 million americans have health insurance. we kicked our addiction to foreign oil, doubled our production of renewable energy, became a world leader in climate change, oh, and by the way, gas is $2 a gallon. [applause] president obama: we brought home more of our men and women in uniform. we took out osama bin laden. [applause] president obama: high school graduation rates at an all time high. college enrollment at an all time high.
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we also made sure in all 50 states, people have the freedom to marry who they love. [applause] president obama: no wonder i've got gray hair. we have been working hard! [applause] president obama: and, most of all, over these last eight years, as i have traveled all across 50 states, as i've traveled to puerto rico, as i have traveled all around the country, i have seen what has made america great. i have seen you, the american people -- i've got a hype man here. [applause]
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president obama: i have seen americans of every party in every state who know that we are stronger together. it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, men or women, black, white, latino, asian native american, folks with disabilities, gays, straight, all of us are pledging allegiance to the red white and blue. all of us are trying to make life better for our kids and grandkids and generations to follow. and i will tell you there is only one candidate in this race who has devoted her life to lifting up that better america , and that is the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause]
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[chanting "hillary"] president obama: now, here's the thing, florida. all of the progress we have made goes out the window if we don't win this election. and we win this election if we win florida. [applause] president obama: if we win florida, it is a wrap. if we win florida, it is over. so, we have got to work our hearts out this week, these next two days, as if our future depends on it, because our future depends on it. and i know that sometimes at the end of a campaign, there's been so much negativity was so much -- and so much noise, so much
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distraction and so much innuendo, rumors, false statements and at a certain point, you feel like you just want to tune it all out. you saw saturday night live yesterday? they said we can't do it anymore and ran outside. sometimes, we feel like that, but i want to focus on this election and this can -- these candidates. the choice couldn't be simpler or clearer. on the one hand, you have somebody who may be the most qualified president -- person ever to run for the presidency. on the other hand, you've got the donald., don't boo, vote. he can't hear your boos, but he can hear your
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votes. there is a reason so many republicans, so many conservatives like donald trump. even if they say, we will vote for him anyway. donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be president. temporary mentally -- temperamentally unfit to be president. if you want to keep our military the greatest fighting force in the world, for american -- america to be strong and respected, we can't have a commander-in-chief who suggested it is ok to ban entire religions from the country, or attack a gold star family, or talk down our troops. even a republican senator said we cannot afford to give the nuclear codes to somebody so erratic. think about that. we are talking about somebody codes ifhe nuclear
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they are elected president. wasmay have heard, this just announced, i just read it, so i can't confirm but apparently, his campaign has taken away his twitter. days, they had so little confidence in his self-control, they said, we are going to take away your twitter. now, if somebody can't handle a twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear codes. somebody starts tweeting at 3:00 a.m. because someone makes fun of you, then you can't handle the nuclear codes. that america is stronger when everybody does their part, and everybody pays
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you can't share, then have the first candidate in decades who refuses to release any tax returns, who hasn't paid federal income tax in years, who stiffs small businesses and workers who have done work for him. that is not being a champion of working people, that is exploiting working people. constitution, our you can't elect a president who threatens to shut down the free press. to throw his opponents in jail and discriminates. that is not what our constitution allows. there may be other countries who do that. maybe he admires letterman putin and other -- vladimir putin. but this is the united states of america and we can't have that. usa!hanting]
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usa! we believe ina: the constitution here in the united states of america. we believe in the bill of rights. if you believe that we are , we cannotgether elect a president who vilifies minorities, who mocks americans with disabilities, who calls immigrants criminals and rapists. we can't elect a president who brags that because he is famous, he can get away with stuff that looks like the definition of sexual assault, or calls women's andalls women pigs and dogs rates them on a scale of one to 10. i have two daughters, and they are magnificent because my wife is magnificent. we have taught them that they can do anything a man can do,
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and then some. have sons friends who have taught their sons to respect women and respected girls and judge them on the content of their character, not what they look like, and not demean them and put them down. whoever is in the oval office, i want them to help show all our girls, all our boys, what it means to respect women. so this election should not be a close choice. look, there that, are people who are supporting this other guy. that is an indication of the people have been treating abnormal stuff like it is normal. we hear people justify some of this comment -- some of his comments, hold on a second, i love you too but hold on a second. we hear people saying that
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somehow, it is ok because he doesn't mean it. say, it is just locker room talk. he says it'st terrible, but once he gets into office, it will be different. let me tell you something. i have been in this office almost eight years. and here is what i can tell you. here is what i can tell you. who you are, what you are does not change when you take office. magnifies who you it shines a spotlight on who you are. you disrespect women before you became president, you will do so once you are president. if you accept the support of -- beforethizers when you are president, you will
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accept their support when you are president. if you disrespect the constitution before you are president, you will disrespect it even though you swear to uphold the constitution when you take office. look. i'm a proud democrat. but we are not democrats or republicans first. we are americans first. i have got republican friends. they don't think the way he does . they don't plan to vote for him. our values are at stake. example, ine fayetteville, some of you may have seen this. hall, and aked trump supporters stood up with a sign. he was an elderly gentleman. had a military uniform on. i couldn't hear what he was saying, and everybody in the crowd started shouting and
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settle down.d, he is not doing any harm, he is elderly, and we have free speech in this country. vote.don't boo, a few hours later, trump gets on stage in front of his crowd, just a few hours later, and he said, do you see how president obama yelled at a trump supporter in his audience? he just made it up. butidn't just make it up, he said the exact opposite of what had happened. with impunity. , and some ofideo the press called him out on it. but the point is that he thought it was ok just to lie. in front of all of his television.on
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wasn't even trying to be sneaky about it. but that says something about how unacceptable behavior has whyme normal, and that is he is uniquely unqualified to hold this job. is, all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure he doesn't get the job. florida, you just have to vote. is, yougood news also don't have to just vote against somebody, you have somebody to vote for. you have somebody who is worthy of your vote. she is smart and tough and tested, probably some of the most qualified person ever to run for this office, our next president, hillary clinton. [applause] hillary!ing] hillary!
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this ist obama: somebody who has dedicated her life to making this country better. think about how she got her start. while drawn up trump -- donald trump was being sued for denying housing to african-american families, hillary was going from school to school to make sure minority kids got equal education. she has not stopped fighting for justice and equality ever since. her heart is in the right place. she works hard every day. i know. iran against her, and it was tiring because she worked so hard. i benefited from it because she came to work for me, and she was there in the room when we were making tough decisions, when we were deciding whether to go after bin laden. she circled the globe tirelessly as secretary of state, earned the respect of world leaders. her efforts weren't always flashy.
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people didn't always appreciate them here at home, but she made me a better president. she may this country stronger -- made this country stronger. she understands the challenges, and when things don't go her way, she doesn't complain. she doesn't talk about things being rigged, she comes back stronger, she works harder. she is like the energizer bunny. she keeps on going. she will be an outstanding president. especially if she gets some help, which is why you have to also vote for patrick murphy for united states senator. one thing about being president, you have to have allies in congress. unlike his opponent, marco rubio, oh, don't boo. you are supposed to vote. patrick shows up to work.
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he puts you ahead of politics. he fought to make sure planned parenthood is still around to provide health care to people. he fought for comprehensive immigration reform. he accepts the science behind climate change, but democrats and republicans together to fund everglades restoration. one other big difference between patrick and marco rubio, marco rubio supports donald trump. keep in mind, marco, a while back, when he was running against donald, called him a dangerous con artist who spent his career sticking it to working people. he tweeted, "friends don't let friends vote for con artists." guess you just -- guess who just voted for trump? marco rubio. that means he doesn't have any good friends. it also means that even though
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he knows trump is unqualified, even though he knows he is a con artist, he still voted for him. so if you want a senator who will say anything, the anybody just to get elected, that is your guy. if you want a senator who will show up and work for you and tell you the truth, vote for patrick murphy and give hillary some help. [applause] notident obama: it is enough just to vote for hillary. -- can't stick her with make a republican congress that behaves the way they have been behaving with me. we were about to go into a great depression. by the way, because there had been a republican administration that had created a whole bunch of problems, we were coming in to clean it up. and they refused to lift a finger, said no to everything we said we would do.
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and now, they want to take credit for the auto industry being saved. run back the tape. what they have done instead is practice unprecedented dysfunction in washington. they say they will do the same if hillary wins, promising years of investigation and shutdowns, more obstructions and repeal votes. marco rubio said he would not have supported the nomination of supreme court justice sonja , an outstanding jurist. a phenom on the bench. proud of her puerto rican heritage, by all accounts, he would not have voted for her. now, he and his republican colleagues are threatening to block also bring court justices.
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-- all supreme court justices. down worry, people fall when you stand up this long. everybody bend your knees real quick. they will be ok, give them some room. to, they are threatening block all nominees, and they are suggesting they might impeach hillary. they don't know what for yet, but they are thinking about it. you know what? that is not how this democracy is supposed to work. if a democrat was threatening to do that, i would say, that's wrong. it is not any better when he republican decides to do it. gridlock is not some mysterious thing that descends on washington. it is not both sides being equally wrong. gridlock happens because folks like marco rubio this side oppose anything that is good for the country if a democrat opposes it.
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you want more endless gridlock? you want an america that can do better, that can put people back to work, that can make sure young people can go to college, that will raise the minimum wage, will make sure we get paid family leave, then you need to downfor democrats up and the ticket. you have to vote for hillary, for patrick. people who put you ahead of politics, who are ready to work and move the country forward. here's the bottom line. here is the bottom line. there is something more fundamental at stake in this election than any policy or plan. it is about the character of this country. who are we? what do we stand for? what do we project around the world? when hillary was young, her mother taught her, do all the thing -- all the good you can for all the people you can in
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all the ways you can for as long as you can. that is what she believes. that is the idea she believes she can summon from all of us in this country. that is what america is about. what a make some -- what makes america great, the reason why people around the world have looked up to us and want to come here, is not because of the size of our military. it is not become its -- because of our wealth. it is because the country was founded on the idea that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. that we are in doubt by our withor -- endowed unalienable rights. you don't have to build in -- be born into wealth to succeed. you don't have to have a certain last name to provide for your family. that is what drove patriots to fight a revolution. that is why our gis fought fascism and communism. it is what gave women the
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courage to reach for the ballot, what caused workers to organize for better wages. that is what make america exceptional and great. it is not about what somebody will do for us, it is about what we do together. ,rom the bottom up, citizens self-governing, helping move this country forward. hillary understands that. she knows our democracy is rigged and diverse. we don't demonize each other all the time. progress requires compromise. she knows that. she knows that none of us are perfect, not even presidents. but we should try to conduct ourselves with the basic values of decency and courtesy and dignity and respecting other people, and being big-hearted and knowing that if this country has given you so many breaks, you should give something back. all we should look out for
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kids, not just our own kids. i know a lot of you may be cynics, or fed up about -- about politics. this has been tough, but you have the power to reject the mean-spirited politics that would take us backwards. the most important office in a democracy is the president -- is not the president, it is the citizens. you have the chance to make sure this country goes in a better direction. you have the chance to elect somebody who spent her entire life leaving in this democracy -- believing in this demography -- this democracy. you have the chance to shape history. don't let that chance slip away. don't fall for those who tell you your vote doesn't matter. don't fall for this idea that all politicians are the same. they are not.
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none of them are perfect, but they are not all the same. some of them are a lot worse. some of them are better, some of them will look out for you, some of them, i can't say what they will do to you. so it you have been marching for criminal justice, you have to have a president and congress who actually want to disrupt the from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails. if you have been marching for the environment, you have to ask for a president and congress that the leaves in science and will protect the planet. if you want more good jobs and a higher minimum wage, you can't complain, you have to vote. if you care about immigration reform, helping puerto rico get back on its feet, you have to vote. you know, over these last eight years, lots of things have happened, but i can tell you ,nequivocally, without a doubt
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with data to back it up, that this country is better off now than it was when i came into office. [applause] president obama: i can prove it. the numbers don't lie. so, i want you to understand that that would not have happened had it not been for the votes you made back in 2008. it wouldn't have happened had it not been for the votes you made in 2012. you have proof that your vote matters. and i may not be on the ballot this time, but everything we have done has been on the ballot. ,ustice is on the ballot fairness is on the ballot. looking after working people is on the ballot. .igher wages is on the ballot protecting the environment is on the ballot. treating people fairly is on the ballot. civil rights is on the ballot.
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our democracy is on the ballot. , she will build on the progress we have made, but you have to vote. then, you have to get your friends to vote, your cousins to vote, your neighbors to vote, your cousin has to, get him off the couch, he has to vote. vote, america is transformed. when you vote, we cannot lose. reject -- whenwe you vote, we embrace hope. choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. vote. hope!anting]
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hope! president obama: elect hillary clinton, elect patrick murphy, and show why we are the greatest nation on earth. i love you, florida.
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his train, let freedom ring ♪ know you're not alone, because i will make this place our home ♪ >> tomorrow, c-span's live with
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road to the white house coverage of the final campaign day. eastern at 11:00 a.m. with donald trump in sarasota, florida, and hillary clinton in pittsburgh at noon eastern. president campaigns for clinton in new hampshire at the rate p.m. at five: 30, donald trump in scranton, pennsylvania. at 7:30 eastern from philadelphia, a rally with hillary clinton, bill clinton, and the president and michelle obama. and:00 p.m., donald trump mike pence in new hampshire. we have a donald trump rally in grand rapids, and at 11:45 p.m., hillary clinton in raleigh, north carolina. the road to the white house coverage tomorrow, here on c-span. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> election night on c-span. be part of the results. the electionn at
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