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tv   Senator Ivan Duque Marquez Discusses the Colombian Peace Process  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 7:45am-8:01am EST

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built and designed by george bush senior. it was being kicked around. they knew it was going to be approved but the democrats were a minority on that. republicans pushed it through. in a deal they would get children's health care if he helped them with nafta. he went to florida and convince do not congressman -- interfere with the production down there. as soon as it passed, sure enough they would bring an end by the train loads from all over south america. bill clinton was guilty of signing nafta, but it was not a democratic program. it is still a republican program no matter what am trump says. -- no matter what donald trump says. thank you very much. host: for our previous caller, a story on the bridge gate scandal
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, pointing to usa today. the headline -- the story noting that nearly seven years, chris christie's brain trust staying busy and keeping quiet while the celebrity leader did all the work. many of them spoke nervously and plainly in a federal courtroom. that story going through the and theate scandal prosecution that took place. back to your calls in the second. we are checking in on king's we states here -- king swing states. down to north carolina. jim morrill joins us on the phone. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: 35 years at the charlotte observer. have you ever seen a race in north carolina like this one? caller: hardly at all.
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never. wiest to be a flyover country -- we used to be flyover country. that meant no candidates would stop by. that changed a couple of elections ago. today is incredible. donald trump is coming to raleigh in the afternoon and hillary clinton has a midnight rally in raleigh. tim kaine is here. it has never been like this. host: here is the front page of the charlotte observer. independent voters could be key in north carolina is your story on the front page. donald trump is coming to your -- coming to north carolina today. expectations for his message in the wake of director comey's announcement? caller: i think he is going to get a good crowd. crowd at ahad a big hickory airport which is a
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smaller town. i don't know if it is too late for the coming announcement to make a lot of news. the trump supporters are still up. -- are still pumped up. i think the clinton people are to. the democrats did not do as well in early voting as they had hoped to do, particularly with african-american voting's -- african-american's voting. there are a record 3 million north carolina and's have already voted -- both carolinians have already voted. governor races taking place in government -- in a carolina. can you run through the last-minute look in and where the polls stand? richard burr is running against deborah ross who is not
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a first string democratic choice at the beginning of the campaign , but she has run a strong race. that race has been within the margin of error. it depends largely as much on the presidential outcome here as anything else. burr is in a strong position as an incumbent. he made a couple of mistakes lately. hillary's face on a target. he talked about how he would not support any supreme court nominees that were nominated by a president hillary clinton. that did not help him any. we are a pretty partisan state right now. we have a governor's race that is important. republicans have taken the state
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in a different direction in the last few years. in charge of the general assembly, and we will see what happens tomorrow with that. host: jim morrill, 35 years at the charlotte observer. thanks so much for your time. caller: thank you very much. host: back to your calls. we are continuing with our phones here on the washington journal. extended phone segment. mike is in georgia. a donald trump supporter. go ahead. caller: yes, obama was .mplicated in the e-mails he made several calls on alias. he is out politicking instead of being president. host: you're talking about some of the information they came out from the wikileaks. caller: he green lit the
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illegals to vote without fear of prosecution. that should be front page news. you cannot have an armed superpower standing in the way of a one world system. the secondoing for amendment. the industrializing the country. the list goes on and on. it is an evil agenda. this country is set up on a godly system, godly moral system. you take god out of it, it will not work. host: your comment about guns, this election has not -- has been good for gun sales. here is a story. the lead in saying you can tell election is near because it gun sales are up. they jumped 17%. last month's sales were aching percent higher than the same time last year.
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retailers have reported surging gun sales every four years at election time as uncertainty about the future and changes to gun laws make people want to stock up just in case. gun sales have gone up for 13 straight years, although the numbers rise and fall from month to month. last year's total, more than 23 million fbi background checks was a most double the number. that is how the washington post puts it. read about maryland is next, supporting hillary clinton. caller: good morning, how are you doing back of -- how are you doing? i am an african american physicist and i speak linkages -- speak languages. -- is our people need to fact check information. hillary rodham clinton is one of
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the worlds best qualified presidents to run. i have three major points and then i am going to get out of your way. this is very important. the thing is, [indiscernible] there are three major news agencies that have never endorsed anyone that date back 159 years. .here only three presidents the first one was in the lincoln. lyndon baines johnson in 1964 and recently, and for the first time in history, they endorsed hillary rodham clinton. the dallas morning news never endorsed a democratic president so candid. -- presidential candidate. -- i want toe is ask your question.
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favorites. of my , you think youd might one day start some kind of -- and a history of this stuff here? that is a job you have their. host: we have a whole channel devoted to american history here on c-span3. all of our programming, you can check out on there are plenty of things for you to look into and look into the history that you want to look into. an indiana. supports hillary clinton caller: . -- clinton. caller: i don't understand why they are on hillary for her
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e-mails, back when george w. were in dick cheney office, they destroyed millions of e-mails that happened to be involved with the war. ok.: steve, do you think it would make a difference in indiana? do you think this story has made a difference in your town? is a something that people have been talking about, hillary clinton's e-mails? caller: i don't know, but i can't see how anybody can vote for a sexual predator like donald trump host:. -- trump. host: let's go to joe who supports donald trump. caller: i just have a comment. i don't know how anybody could cleared 600,000 e-mails in that.
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-- in that period of time. saying sexualors predator. .illary clinton embraced jay-z has anybody ever listened to the misogynistic women hating lyrics, vile of jay-z's songs? how can anybody who calls themselves and advocate of feminists like hillary possibly embrace a woman hater like that? take ondifferent election day in today's usa today column. he writes --
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he goes through the various reasons including his belief that not voting freeze your mind . he says everything seems the writing on tuesday's election. youngstown, ohio, supports hillary clinton. caller: good morning. i did early voting. i voted for hillary.
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i voted for her because she has a history of working and helping people. i am a nurse. i have retired after 28 years. i have a history working and helping people. i don't see anything wrong with that. with donald, i don't support bullies. he has been one majority of his life. killed people and caused people to kill themselves. the vote for donald will be against everything i ever everything i've respected about americans. you say you are concerned about bullying. melania trump says if she would become first lady, one of her priorities would be to raise awareness about online bullying
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and to try to decrease the incidence is of bullying online at what did you think? offended.felt she must start in her home. all of the ads, everything about donald came out of donald's mouth. said, sheth what she needs to start in her home first. every ad is a donald talking. donald admits that he did wrong. donald did wrong but he will not admit he did wrong. bullies have no place in our government. he did not debate 60 candidates, he bullied them off the stage. i could never vote for him. host: in tennessee, lucille is undecided. what is going to make the decision for you back a test for you?
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caller: i was looking at e-mails. when this letter came out, i said this information came out about the e-mails again appeared i heard that rudy i guess comey we think it and looked at the emails again and now has cleared her. the emails don't concern me. what concerns me is national security, jobs, medicare, education and people putting food on their table. that's what concerns me. he talks about everybody, disabled, women, women up under their clothes. what expectable -- what respectable men would say such language? at least bill clinton did not get out there talk about wen


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