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  Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 5:43pm-6:01pm EST

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college in spending, pennsylvania. an earliertime, rally in sarasota, florida. ain't no doubt i love this land od bless the usa i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free the men whoforget died who gave the right to me ♪ mr. trump: thank you, everybody. heers] in one day, we are going to win the great state of florida, and we are going to take back the white house. we will take it back.
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florida is my second home. -- and bylove so much is way, hillary, once this over, she will never come back to florida. she has got nothing to do with florida. he houses in the buildings and thousands and thousands of employees who we love, and got nothing to do this place. she doesn't know florida. that i can tell you. be i am really thrilled to here. this is the last day of our campaign. who would have believed it? . they say it is the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. and you believe that?
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can you believe that? it's quite an honor. and they say we will get a tremendous amount of credit win or lose. i say, no, no, no, i don't want credit if we lose. i'm not looking for credit. i'm not looking for credit. i'm looking to make america great again. decideection will whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class -- you have been watching what is going on. folks, the system is rate did. its, ok? the system is rigged. at least we know it. country, iin this think, because of us, have never known it so obviously as they do now. the system is totally rigged. evenry clinton should not be allowed to run for the
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presidency of the united states. she should not be allowed to run. disgraceful. what is happening, what's .appening is a disgrace our country is a laughingstock all over the world with what is happening with our justice, our country is a laughingstock all over the world. they are laughing. -- well, you know what you can do? go out and vote tomorrow. that is what you can do, ok? that's the only way. that is the way you beat the rigging, folks. win, the corrupt politicians and their donors lose. if we win, the american people lose big league. this is it, folks. we will never have another opportunity, not in four years, not in a ear spirit it will be over. with supreme court justices, with people pouring into our country.
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this is it. this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing. i mean, i worked yesterday. [cheering] mr. trump: yesterday they said i set a record. i had crowds -- massive crowds. yes, they said i set the record. we went to seven different states. you ought to see these crowds. in michigan -- which i think we are going to win michigan, by the way. we are going to win michigan. you know what we are going to win? we are going to win minnesota. we are going to win minnesota. big in ohio -- we are leaving big in ohio. we are leading in new hampshire where i'm going in a little while. we are leading in north carolina.
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we are doing very, very well in pennsylvania. very well. you watch what is going to happen in pennsylvania. the miners are going to come out, he steelworkers are going to come out, the steelworkers who lost their jobs are going to come out. by the way, lots of people surrounding philadelphia are going to come out and be voting because they want to vote your it and you know who is going to come out? the women are going to come out. you watch. the women, the women are going to come out big. it's all of the medial. they are telling you a lot of free stuff. they are so worried. you ought to see them on television this morning. oh, you don't think there's no chance at all we are leading in new hampshire. they are very happy. oh, oh. oh. and youp is leading
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have sure. you can see they are thrilled. they are totally thrilled. they are thrilled. by the way, i just went to introduce -- i am a big fan of billy graham. we all are. who isn't? who isn't? i'm also a big fan he has been so incredible to me -- franklin graham. he is a great guy. keeping it going. and billy graham's granddaughter was here and spoke incredibly i hear -- i hear. sisi graham lynch is here somewhere. where is she? you were so great. everybody is saying if you can do as well as this -- you have done a good job. thank you. that is an amazing -- i will tell you -- my father used to take me, they called it the crusades. that was the crusades. it was a beautiful thing. but billy graham was amazing. he 98 today? 98 years old, billy graham.
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oh, thank you. really great. say hello to your family. early graham is 98 years old. this is amazing -- truly one of the great, great men. our failed political establishment has delivered nothing but poverty at home and disaster overseas. they get rich making america poorer. it is time to reject a media and political elite that has bled our country dry. us toinally time for fight for america and to fight for america. chanting "usa! usa!"] i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you.
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you know -- [cheering] mr. trump: i built a great company. one of the great companies. one of the great real estate companies. some of the best real estate assets in the world, including durell right down the road. a tremendous career. but -- and i was on the other side. my whole life, i was always watching, watching. i was on the other side. it's a very nice and very comfortable to be on the other side. but i love this country. and this country was going bad. it was going bad. like from sort of an ultimate insider, with people said, well, don, how are you? they would come over, i would give them a check for some freaky thing. they would say, don, how are you?
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go, donald who? we don't know donald trump. you have to see these guys. i know them better than anybody. it was time. it was time. i had to join the other side, which is you. we are going to do things so special. our country was in trouble. , makinglion in debt deals like the deal with a ran n where we give them $150 billion, where we give them $1.7 billion in cash. do you know what that is? that would fill up an arena. nobody had even heard of things like this. when you look at -- our military is allowed to deplete. our military is very depleted. we can do that. this is among the times when we most need a tremendous of powerful and smart military. we need smart people.
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and obamacare is a disaster. everything is wrong. country doesn't win anymore. we are going to start winning again, ok? real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. announced thatn the residents of florida -- sorry to tell you this, folks -- i don't want to make you depressed. half of you will walk out of the room. massive, to experience double-digit premium hikes, ok? and they are far greater than you have been told. you have been told numbers as they did not want to do it before the election. i worked very hard to force those numbers out. they're going to have a great impact -- you know my poll numbers are going through the
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roof. it i think a big part of it is a obamacare. we are going to repeal it and replace it. arizona,eat state of premiums are going up 116%. over 90% of the counties in florida are losing obamacare, and they are losing the insurers that put obamacare there. but you know what? we are going to make it 100% of the counties because we are going to terminate obamacare, and it's not going to make a difference. we will be terminating obamacare , and we will be replacing it with so many different options that you will have great health ,are at a fraction, a fraction of the cost. and it will be great. with obamacare, premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and adaptable's are going through the roof. are going through
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the roof. yet crooked hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, make it even more expensive. you've got -- going to go way up . going to go way up. obamacare is going to go much higher. "lock herchanting up!"] mr. trump: nobody in this room can believe what is going on in washington. nobody in this room can believe what is going on with the fbi and the department of justice. nobody. nobody. can believe it. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and state health care for every family in florida and our great country. real change also means restoring
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honesty to our government. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the .nited states she threatened national security. she sold her office to the highest bidder, and to cover her tracks, she deleted at least 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. now it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that is what is going to happen. that is what is going to happen.
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plan begins with a plan to andgovernment corruption take back our country and take it back swiftly from the special interests, who i know so well. i want the people in washington to hear the words we are all about to say. when we went tomorrow, we are going to -- audience] train the swamp -- drain the swamp. theience chanting "drain swamp"] mr. trump: you know, the other you read where hillary
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clinton called entertainers because she can't get anybody -- nobody wants to go. i see she is doing fine, i'm doing fine in the polls and all that. i don't know how. nobody goes to her rallies. so, she got jay-z and beyoncé and the language they used was so bad. the language. the language was so bad. and as they were singing? singing, right question mark singing? talking? wasn't talking or singing? i don't know. -- the language was so bad by the time hillary got up, there was nobody there. but -- the crooked media, those people back that, the most dishonest people -- [audience booing] the crooked media
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does nothing. they don't explain it. they don't explain it. and isn't it amazing that when use filthyeyoncé language in their songs, using words that if i ever said those words, it would be the reinstitution of the electric chair, right question mark right? and yet with me, he is very lewd. that is the new word. lewd. i have never seen anything like it in my life. she is such a phony. she is such a phony. i will say this -- i will that billy graham ever spoke like this. do we agree? this is different than a billy graham crusade.
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but you know what? we are all looking for the same thing. we are looking for greatness for our country. we are looking for religious liberty. we are looking for religious liberty. but we are somewhat different personalities. look at this mess. look at this mess. oh, wow. wow. that's beautiful. look at that. looks just like me.