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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  December 4, 2016 8:58pm-9:41pm EST

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>> author james robinson on his war: theer the civil civilians who changed america." walter star talks about the relationship between abraham lincoln. author of the biographer john quincy adams, an american visionary. you can find those interviews at
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>> monday night on the communicators. >> it is a great measure of how fast things change. outlot is just figuring cell phones and email, and maybe just beforet out those things are not important in our daily lives. there is the built in delayed that the loss suffers from and it is hard to keep up. georgetown university law professor on how prosecutors, lawyers and judges lack understanding of technology and work on how to resolve that problem. his interview at reuters. >> computer scientist love the law, policy and probably think they are better at it than they really are. i wonder if it is something we could use to appeal to people to do their duties to help the government out.
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watch the communicators monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. we have a special webpage at to help you follow the supreme court. go to and select supreme court where the right-hand top of the page. once to the suprem, you will see four of the recent oral arguments from this term. seek on view all links to all of the arguments covered by c-span. you can find recent appearances by many of the supreme court justices, or watch justices in .ne-on-one interviews with justices kagan, thomas and ginsburg. there is a calendar for this term. a list of all justices to see all of their appearances on c-span, as well as many other supreme court videos available on demand. follow the supreme court on >> coming up next, prime minister's questions at the
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british house of commons. former trump and clinton campaign manager's, kellyanne conway and robby mook on the 2016 election results. cute andhance to see historian ronald white. during question time this past week, british prime minister theresa may was asked about the u.k. economy and humanitarian in syria. this is 35 minutes. >> thank you mr. speaker. -- >> order, questions to the prime minister. >> number one mr. speaker. thank you mr. speaker. i am sure the whole house wants to join me in wishing people across the united kingdom a very happy day.
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mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with others, i shall have further meetings today. for the primest minister that having your cake and eating it is not a serious strategy for brexit. britain deserves better than having to rely on documents. mps to she expect trigger article 50, when she refuses to give any currency as to what kind of wreck that she is pursuing when involving members of the single market? is it arrogant or incompetent? this questionered many times in this house and i can assure the honorable lady, she asked specifically about single market and trading with the european union. we are ambitious in getting the best possible deals for trading with an operating within the single european market.
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the announcement of 500 pounds, and infrastructure of england. this, the m 55 is still not assured. the prime minister do everything she can to assure the local project for jobs and employment is delivered? -- is delivered? >> can i commend him for his hard work he has put in in relation to this project. there is some insignificance from the developer and my honorable friend has been waiting with the developer on this particular issue. it is being actively considered. behonorable friend will meeting my right honorable friend this afternoon to discuss this in more details. thank you mr. speaker.
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can i join the prime minister in wishing everyone a very happy saint andrew's day, wherever they are celebrating all around the world. last week, the abject failure of this strategy. economic growth was revised down. business investment was revised down. --rowing and debt revised at up yet again surely now the prime minister accepts her predecessors long-term economic plan was actually a failure. >> prime minister. >> i will give him some facts. this will be the fastest growing advanced economy of the world. unemployment is down. we have record numbers of people in in playmate. we have companies like jack you
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-- jack wire land rover, apple investing in the u.k., securing jobs here in the united kingdom. that is what a good economic plan does. tell us that the deficit would be eradicated by 2016. this was in advance to 2020, now it has been advanced to whenever in the future. then she quotes the institute of fiscal studies. i think she has been a little bit selective as they also went on to say the prospect of workers over the next six years, quote, dreadful. i are going to say, and quote, the worst decade for a living standards since the last war, and probably since the 1920's. is it fair to say that those just getting by our suffering all of the pain for no gain? >> prime minister.
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prime minister may: i have to say to the gentleman, given that he cannot differentiate between is imf and the iff probably a good job he is sitting there and i am standing here. let me tell him what we are doing, and let's think about those people who did find life difficult and are struggling to get by, who have a job and worry about their job security. who have a home but worry about paying a mortgage and worry about their children's education and whether they can buy a home. we have increased the national living wage. we introduce national living wage. increasing personal tax allowance, taking more people out of paying tax altogether. we are increasing the number of affordable homes being built. he can only do this if we have a strong economy.
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>> mr. speaker with wages of -- wages have stagnated, home has doubled and food banks are rising every day. if the prime minister really believes the economy is doing well, why is her government forcing through 2 billion pounds , cutting the incomes of working people, leaving many households over 2000 pounds per year, worse off? he startsster may: his question by talking about homeownership. house building starts fell by 45% under labor in 12 years. by over twocreased thirds since the conservatives were in government. yes, we are making changes to the welfare system. he and i have a fundamental difference of opinions about the
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welfare system. i think what is important in the welfare system, is that we remember those who are benefiting from it, and we remember those who are paying for it. the universal credit system is there to ensure that people -- that work will always pay for people. i believe in the welfare system encourage people into the workplace. he believes in a welfare system where people can live on benefits. the last labor government take 800,000 children out of poverty. under her, child poverty is rising and covers 4 million children across this country. our people are suffering because of the policy of her government. people are paying the price for her failed economic experiment. they had even abandoned the previous chances pledged for their so-called national living wage, paying nine pounds
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per hour by 2020. what is the new pledge on living wage? prime minister may: the pledge is as it always has been. poverty.about he talks about policy, we are seeing fewer families and absolute poverty and fewer families in relative poverty. i come back to the point i have his making an answer previous question. it is only possible to do these things by having a strong economy. the onething we know, thing we know is that the policies that would not deliver a strong economy is labor policies to increase policies by 500 billion pounds. increasing by 500 billion pounds. he talks about the impact of
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people who work. let me remind him what the former treasury minister said. labor policy to increase borrowing, which means to double tax, and double national insurance. that will not help anybody who is in the work ways who is just about managing. i am not sure whether the government's credibility relies on borrowing. the deficit is increasing. people are suffering. children inks about poverty in response to my question, i civilly reminder, children living in poverty, children going hungry to school and this country because their parents do not have enough money to feed them properly. it is a disgrace. mr. speaker, in the autumn statement last week, the chancellor spoke for over 50 minutes.
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during that time, he did not once mentioned the national health service or national care. 1.2 million people are neglecting the care they need. why was there not one single penny more for social care and the autumn statement? mr. speaker: prime minister. social career may: system is under pressure, we recognize that. look, at the facts, there are one million more 65.le of the age over we see this sort of pressure on the social care system. that is why the government is active to support more money into the social care system. more money extra and through the social presets. it is also important that local workrities and the nhs together to ensure that people have the social care they need,
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so they are not ending up rotting in hospitals. there is very good practice up and down the country, and there is sadly not so good actors. we have to make sure everybody is giving the best possible service to anyone who needs it. tragic parallel going on between the nhs and social care system. she knows it. she might care to listen to the council. he says her counsel has been cut to the bone and saves on social care, right now we have a 1.3 billion gap that is not being funded. it is the real crisis in every social services department all over the country, and in almost every nhs hospital. this government is handing back 605 million pounds in corporation tax cuts, rising to 1.6 billion the year after that. 7.5 billion over the next five years.
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could the prime minister explained to the more than one million elderly people not getting the care they need, to nhs list, to millions of patients worried about losing protection, why there is not one penny extra for the nhs or social care? what is this government's real sense of priorities? prime minister may: the right honorable gentleman talks about funding the national health service. three .8 billion pounds extra is going into the national health service this year. plan, unders labor's plan we would have seen 1.3 billion less going into that. social care funding is going up under this government. election, the chancellor of fame, said local
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authorities would not get a penny more. conservatives putting money into the nhs and shall so care, labor would deny it. -- social care, labor would deny a. >> thank you mr. speaker. joe caulks and i were establishing the national commission when she was brutally murdered. this work is now being continued by the honorable lady. friend right honorable agree that loneliness is an issue for all of our community? will she urged her ministers to engage in this commission as it carries out its work and reports next year? prime minister may: first of all, can i say that i am sure the entire house would want to join me in commending joe's family for the very dignified withn which they dealt cases going through. it must've been very harrowing
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for them. i am very pleased that my honorable friend are taking forward the work of that commission of loneliness. this week i was able to support the good morning britain, one million minutes campaign that encourages people to give 30 minutes of their time to be with someone who is lonely. over the years, i think we have failed to understand the impacts that loneliness has on people's psychological health and also their physical health. ministers will look forward to receiving the results and working with my honorable friend. thank you mr. speaker. i am very happy to be celebrating in scotland and around the world. speaker, there is literally nothing to celebrate about the humanitarian catastrophe following the people of syria at this time. the situation in the city of
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aleppo is described as being so bad, it could be one of the biggest massacres of civilians population since world war ii. what can the u.k. due to end the suffering of the people of syria? prime minister may: he is right to draw attention to the situation in syria, and particularly the attacks we have seen on civilians in aleppo. the united kingdom has been working with france to being -- bring forward an emergency discussion at the security discussion. opportunityee an for humanitarian aid to have access to a level. we will be pressing for that. the discussions are taking place and the united nations. of thoseuccess to all who are supporting a humanitarian solution to the crisis there. things are so bad that the
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agencies are saying, in aleppo, the situation is so bad that it is descending into hell. time is absolutely of the essence. we are in agreement, can i appeal to her? can absolutely everything be done now to alleviate the situation of the poor people of aleppo and syria? the rightster may: honorable gentleman is right about the horrific situation in aleppo. i can assure him that the government is pressing hard and doing everything we can in relationship to this. we have consistently looked at what might be a possible solution to press for. i think the security council debate is very important. it is an important message to send to russia that they use their regime to stop these appalling situations in aleppo. comments by the equality commissioner, not to be worried work were inans at
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port and because many christians are worried, even fearful about mentioning their faith in public. with the prime minister join me in welcoming the christians in portfellowship publication, whih confirms that the legal rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech to speak about responsibly, respectfully and without fear are a strong today as ever? prime minister may: my honorable friend, it is responsibly, respectfully and without an impt issue. i think the phrase that would use was the jealousy guarded chris -- principal about the ability to speak freely. i am happy to welcome publications and its findings. we are now into the season of advent. we have a very strong tradition in this country of religious tolerance and freedom of speech. our christian heritage is
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something we can all be proud of. i am sure we would all want to ensure that people at work do feel able to speak about their faith and able to speak quite freely about christmas. >> 30 years ago i conducted my first funeral. boy.s for a young teenage he was an enormous fan of paul simon. week listen to the sound of silence and many people cry. the average cost of a child's funeral is 3070 6000 pounds. some councils do not charge anything and some charge a lot. their social funds is means tested. will the prime minister please listen to the words of my honorable friend, sign of to her campaign and put an end to the testing so that no parents, when they lose a child have to have this year of hardship, as well
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as to grieve. mr. speaker: prime minister. prime minister may: the honorable gentleman raises an important point. he spoke to a movingly on the debate, and spoke from personal experience. i am sure that, i don't think anybody who has not been through the death of a child can possibly understand the pain that that brings. not just immediately, but thereafter as they see others grow up and their child is not growing up. i recognize the issues that the honorable gentleman has raised about the cost of children's funerals. place formeasures in families who have particular hardship cases where money can be given. this.ocal authorities do we have left this to a decision for local authorities, and some to waive those fees. >> thank you mr. speaker.
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they have provided good education, and opportunities for hard-working young people from a rage of backgrounds. ,elping social mobility -- does my right honorable friend agree that our ought torammar school be valued and given every support as part of the educational mix up and down the country, to help children achieve their full potential? prime minister may: i agree. i agree the figure is now merely 11,000 more people in good schools in my honorable friends area than there were in 2010. we want to provide a good school place for every child or two references good schools in her area, to improve education. one of the issues we are looking at is consultation we are doing on education.
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we want to remove the legal band on expanding or opening new grammar schools, but we also want to see grammar schools working across the educational system. they want to develop a council care organization. this is a model from america when they used to have private health care. can the prime minister assure me and they will not be used introduce private health care nhs?the prime minister may: it is about people determining the shape of health services in that local nhs? area in terms of delivery of their service for local people. that is what those are about. every area will be looking very closely at the clients being wrought forward. what is important is what we do see in those. increasingly, health services working to ensure that they are providing the right level of care in their area.
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prime minister it leads us towards a smart and smooth brexit as i like to call it. sure that she shares my views that the flexibility is one of the country's great strengths. be aware that the growth of new business models is a part of am economy that is causing real concerns. uber be aware that the growth of new business is seekid has local people concerned about what their jobs could look like in the future. what reassurances could the prime minister give to me that the government is working to make sure employment rights and regulations will keep pace with this sort of regulation? iime minister may: as mentioned earlier, we have seen a significant rise in employment. that is because we have the economy we have.
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i recognize that employment and types of employment are changing. technology is a driver in many of those cases. that is why i have asked chief executive, matthew taylor to do a report of the view of modern employment practices so we can ensure the framework is the right one as we go ahead for the economy of the future, and for jobs of the future. this shows that it is the conservative party that is the party of working people. thank you mr. speaker. the conservative election manifesto promised the employment gap by 2020. ministers justified their plan to cut the benefit from next inil, but promising to cycle in proving employments of all of the benefits. it has become apparent that funding for employment is not
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being increased, it is being cut. is target date for that abandoned. surely the only honorable course is for the government to abandon the benefit cut as well. prime minister. prime minister may: over the last three years, more than 300,000 disabled people have gone into work. we want to ensure that all of those disabled people are able to get into work and are given the support needed to do that. that is why we had been ensuring , not just benefits, but also the support packets that people are given. they do have individual support through the individual payments for the particular long-term cost that they have incurred by their disability. it is also a support package that is provided to people on themorkgroup, that enables to get into work. nearly 600,000 people in work. that is something the right honorable gentleman should be
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celebrating. >> i welcome my right honorable friends eagerness to give eu citizens living and working lawfully in this country, the be able to remain here after brexit and to pay similar reassurances for british citizens living and working in the eu. disappointmentmy that a letter from 80 members of this house to resolve this issue, has put eu processes ahead of common humanity? i saidinister may: earlier, i would hope that this is an issue we can look at and an early stage of negotiation. it will be two years of negotiations. i think it is right that we want to give reassurance to british citizens living in the eu. and we use it for citizens here in the u k.
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the reaction shows that it was right to do not what the labour party wanted us to do, which was to give away the currency to the right of the citizens here in this u.k. that would have left u.k. citizens high and dry. i know the prime minister had a happy breach to read out she has been wrong on the national health service for weeks now. if she came to the hospital, she would see services closed. she was the patients worried. she would see stuff to moralize. when is she going to get a grip on people who are committing criminal damage to the service in her name? mr. speaker: prime minister. prime minister may: nearly 30 nursesctors and 950 more
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, compared to 2010. this year, the clinical commissioning group will be getting an increase of funding. the health funding is going to be this year, 2.7 billion pounds. 2020,ill be increasing by 2021. it is this government that is putting more money into the national health service. said the labour party who that more money to the nhs would be responsible. >> it contains many of the elements of a success feel industrial test successful industrial field. manufacturing and creative industries are being surrounded by world-class facilities. would the prime minister government's process in developing this policy. it is important to our nation's
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prosperity. mr. speaker: prime minister. prime minister may: my honorable friend is right. what he says about his own constituency a relations to the development of jobs and the economy of the future. that is why we will be developing the industrial for the whole of the united kingdom. that is an important part of the government's plan for the future. that is looking at issues like infrastructure, skills, insuring we can build on the best, and encourage the growth we need for the economy of the future. the part of my country that my honorable friend represents, would be an important part of that future. >> can i raise this with the leader of the house, he spoke of -- and
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then the immigration minister -- kenny prime minister tell the churchwide ministers are not welcome and what message she thinks this sentence? prime minister make? i would say to the lady we have a very clear visa system. the home secretary has heard the comments she makes. we will look at that case. the artist will of people and indeed -- to break free from the shackles of the european union. does my right honorable friend agree that written stands to profit from the trade deals from countries like india and the usa? will she meet with the special commission who predicted a 50%
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increase in global world products as a result of exit, and a bling trade to really boosted jobs, growth, and hope? i believester may: absolutely that free trade is the right way to go. it is through trade we increase growth and prosperity hands that is the way i said i want this country to be a global leader of freed trade and that is why we will be looking forward to free trade with those other countries as we leave the union and looking at how to improve trade with other countries before we leave the union. i am sure we will be happy to meet with her and discuss results of the commissions report. mr. speaker, i will meet with
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you next week when i will be consulting. can i ask the prime minister which lands she has to make super economic zones. given and economic zone by the last chancellor. prime minister make: can i join in welcoming the gentleman. i wish him all the best. can i say this? we are looking around the country to make sure we can see where there are opportunities for economic growth and how we can to encourage those opportunities to be taken up a end important is i want to see economic growth and prosperity spread across the whole country so that we do see an economy that works for everyone.
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>> thank you mr. speaker. industry is an important part of the u.k. economy and it leads is an important hub in the sector. can i urge my right honorable friend to ensure that we are to get fair share and build on success and make leads the capital of this industry? i recognizeer may: the role that is played a end i recognize the excellent example and guidance of those that bring the economy that takes place in leads. to invest in able broadband. i can assure him that i can assure it will have a central role to play. >> yesterday the prime minister's government published a green paper on corporate
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governance emphasizing the racetance of gender and diversity and i congratulate her for that but why then is her secretary of state for culture blocking the appointment of a black woman to the channel for board? does she think there is not a woman or a black person in the country worthy of being on the board for channel for? i think theer may: governor for the welcome he has given to the paper that covers more than just issues of gender and diversity in corporate and noncorporate wards. i'm not aware of the particular case. in looking at public appointments, a careful processes undertaken to ensure the people appointed have the skill and and requirements needed to play the role being required. i will look into the issue has
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race but i have to say to in this is always a question of the right person for the job and the question he has raised do not come into it. it is about who is right for the job. >> thank you mr. speaker. the response to my letter of reciprocal rights has been mentioned. can i congratulate the prime minister with her work in this matter. but does she share our disappointment and will she join this importantor matter to be raised at the next council meeting? i recognizeer may: the question on the rights of u.k. and in the other states of the european union. i hope this is something we will be able to address but of course the negotiations, we have not yet triggered off, no we will years to runu two
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as the treaty sets out and i hope we will be able to address this at an early stage to give people the reassurance they need. >> a year ago her predecessor israeli authorities, the family is no closer to having justice for julie. with me and my constituents of this family can againsters about this the family member? obviously,ter may: the constituent once to find out what happened in this deep tragedy. i understand there are those
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actively working on this question a and i will ask him to respond to the honorable lady to discuss what more can be done hasset out what exactly this?oing in >> order. you have been watching prime minister's questions at the british isles of commons. it is again sunday nights at 9:00 you're on c-span. you can also watch any time here on >> abigail fillmore was the first first lady to work outside in a practicehing school. maybe eisenhower's fashion sense pinkove of pete -- of
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president-elect trump prepares, we will take you to key events without interruption. on demand on c-span, at or listen live on our c-span radio app. on thursday, cnn and the kennedy school of government hosted the postmortem discussion on the 2016 presidential election with former trump manager, kellyanne conway and clinton campaign manager robby mook. of hillary clinton's campaign. this is courtesy of cnn. ♪ >> war stories from inside the unprecedentedly ugly presidential election. for the first time, just the two of them.
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trump's kellyanne conway. kellyanne: everyone wants to go back in a time machine and make sure this results ability saw coming. robbie: we won the popular vote. announcer: they take us behind the curtain and revealed a strategy. what sealed the deal for trump's historic win? kellyanne: he was able to tap into the frustration of job holders. robby: the fbi director sent to letters with out reason. we would have won without them. this is the most overly gated story in the history of american politics. kellyanne: that incident affected donald trump's numbers significantly. announcer: a deep dive with the man and woman running the campaigns. our exclusive interview on annex


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