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tv   House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Opposed to Continuing Resolution  CSPAN  December 8, 2016 8:04pm-8:16pm EST

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earlier after he met with families and victims of the ohio state university attack. president-elect trump: this is a great honor for me today. state in a fantastic ohio. we just saw the victims and the families, these are really brave people, amazing people. the police and first responders were incredible. it the job done in particular by what young gentleman, was incredible. he is very brave. the families have done so well to come through this so well, so a lot of respect. senator john glenn today, the passing of time, he was really can be a great american hero.
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a truly great american hero. i met him on two separate occasions, like him. have always liked them. he has always been an american hero. it was an honor for me to be here today. thank you very much. >> [inaudible] >> and a look from earlier today, the president-elect talking about have been met with the victims and families that were affected by the attacks at the ohio state university. last night on c-span, just waiting for donald trump, making another stop on his thank you tour. he is stopping in iowa. he has not yet arrived at the
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podium, so while we wait you will take a look at comments from a retired admiral who met with donald trump and after the meeting he spoke briefly with reporters at trump tower. he is meant to be on the short list for secretary of state. >> hi. how did the meeting go? >> terrific. i had a wonderful meeting with the president-elect. we talked about the world, defense, we talked about the state of our military. a lot about cyber security. and over all i found it to be a very interesting, and a very and forms conversation -- informed conversation. >> you could hit the ground running as secretary of state? >> when i heard there was a short list, i thought maybe they
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said a list of four people. i would be on that list. for any job -- >> how is it different being vetted by the president-elect? >> i think it is all about service and it is very consistent across the partisan divide on these kinds of national security issues. that is heartening for the country. thank you everybody. it is great to be here today. >> and tonight on c-span, we would hear from the president elect, he is on another stop on his usa thank you tour. running a little bit behind schedule. while we wait, we will take a look at the press briefing from nancy pelosi. she will talk about why she did not support the continuing
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revolution that resolution -- resolution. nancy pelosi: good afternoon. we wish the president well. it is an interesting time. we have some concern. after naming a white nationalist as his chief strategist, the president-elect has continued to make aaa choices for senior positions in the administration. after, he has chosen an attorney general with a long content for -- jeff sessions would have dangerous new authority to attack civil rights, lgbt writes, and the lives of immigrants and people of color.
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commentshas had races considered disqualified as a judge by the standards of 1986. years later, he wants to make the chief law-enforcement agent. and looking at his conduct , it makes it more disturbing. he is fighting somebody that is anti-civil rights and voting rights and lgbt writes as the attorney general. now for the epa, the ,nvironmental protection agency scott pruitt has used his office for the agenda of big polluters and climate deniers. controlling the epa, he could do a method damage to the water that our children drink.
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and the same agenda that the republicans have in the house of representatives. this is not different from republicans in congress. democrats will continue to fight for clean air and clean energy and those that protect god's creation and good paying jobs. and now we go to social security and medicare. e, is aget chairman pric clear signal that it which i did and medicare -- end medicare. and he has always had a dream of ending the medicare guarantee. and that is a nightmare. he is a nightmare for the american people. medicare and guarantee, synonymous. take away the guarantee, you destroy medicare. democrats will fight the efforts
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to destroy medicare, like we did when president bush tried it to privatize social security. destroying medicare and making seniors pay more is now with the american people voted for. millions of americans across the country are going to make it very clear, hands off medicare. aca, after years in a crusade against the affordable care act, the plan will -- for the american people, millions of americans. working families bear the brunt of content for the care act. under the aca, think of this. did you know this -- under the initiative, 95% of american children are covered. in addition to the 20 million people who were previously uninsured, with the newfound
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overity, the aca protects 123 million americans with pre-existing conditions. and ending the discrimination against even getting coverage, coverage -- removes and lifetime limits on their coverage. and on a state-by-state basis, advocacy onstrong what this means and why the american people -- has made a tremendous difference. it is about cost, growing at the slowest rate. it is about quality, the quality of health that the people have and their stories are the best testimonies do that. and quantity, the number of people covered, the bigger the cost and theer the
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better the care and the healthier the country. so this, you will not see a state-by-state business -- basis, the advocates are our strongest voices and will help us step board to express the consequences of the repeal of the aca. for what is happening today, this morning we had a ceremony act, we are proud to participate in that and a stick with it to the end. there are things that were dropped from the act that we were hoping would be admitted to come out of the putting families first. we thought therefore it would be in the cr, but it is not. we have come to the final business of the 2014 congress, disappointed that we are not cr thatn a more robust meets the needs of the american people. and with these negotiations at
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the end of session, spending -- whether it is the omnibus or a continued resolution can only have only had a four post negotiation between democrats and republicans. republicans decided it would be senate republicans and senate democrats. instead of senate republicans and house republicans, $1.7 trillion budget deal and they decided that they would establish priorities for. we never treated them that way. fact, this is a bill that is a must opportunity -- missed opportunity in so many ways. they played a number on went -- flint. it should be spilled -- spelled
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out how they would use the money. for these and other reasons, the missed opportunity, leaving the coal miners abandoned when we tried to get an initiative for renewables. they said, we are a fossil fuel guy. we said, ok, let's honor the work of the miners and their families. you work for a company that sees miners and they said, you no longer have your pension. or your health benefits. feature that -- picture that in your own life. that is what happened. so the request is for a five-year pension and health-care benefit initiative and opportunity for the republican bill, that does -- helps families so much. many of e


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