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tv   Friendship 7 Mercury Space Flight  CSPAN  December 11, 2016 7:50pm-8:01pm EST

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overis morning the weather cape canaveral and the pickup area is better and there is an air of optimism as the kernel walks to the gantry elevator carrying his now familiar portable air conditioner.
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he prepares to go to the 11th deck as cox points to 6:00 a.m. eastern standard time. skies are beginning to lighten and a cooler with wind rustles across the cake. -- cape. ♪ the colonel's date with destiny comes 10 months after the russians claim the fight by yuri gagarin and less than our one shepherd blazed a sum over to fail for the u.s.. this is the climax of three years of training. this is the moment when the eyes of the world turn to cape canaveral. states stands or falls in the white-hot glare of worldwide -- the kernel will be stretched to a contoured couch. once in flight, the mercury will be tilted so that the astronauts will ride backwards. the second take off with his remedy was space approaches.
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-- his rendezvous with approaches. millions are moved to silent prayer. everything is go, the takeoff of the at los blasts off by 360 pounds of thrust carries it skyward. it exerts a pressure of six times the force of gravity on the astronaut. loud and clear he reports back to mercury control, reading off instrument, commenting on his reactions, all as coolly and calmly as if he was commuting on the 827. glenn is able to control the yaw and pitch of the vehicle himself. now is the moment when he'll be seated facing backwards he checks with ground control. >> i feel fine.
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capsule is turning around. oh that view is tremendous. capsule turning around, i can see the booster doing turn -- during turnaround a couple hundred yards behind me, it was beautiful. >> roger 7, you have a go. at least seven orbits. >> understand go for at least seven orbits. >> actual pictures of glenn in the capsule will give scientists the opportunity to study his reactions as he passes over the canary islands, africa, australia, back across the pacific and over the united states. he speeds at 17,500 miles per hour, reaching a high point of 160 miles and a low altitude of 99 miles. each of the three orbits takes about 90 minutes. three times, the colonel sees the sunrise within a period of four hours and 56 minutes. three times around the globe for a trip of 81,000 miles before he
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re-enters the earth's atmosphere a shield protecting the astronaut from the intense heat. the carrier randolph is the command ship in the pickup area, but glenn, instructed not to jettison his retrorockets, lands short of the carrier. it's indicated his heat shield was loose and he's instructed to hold on to the rockets to help hold the shield in place. on hand is noah who takes him aboard. glenn is down. hale and hearty. a pincer like crane will left the friendship 7 aboard. the end of a saga. the now famous friendship 7 is
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lashed to the deck of the destroyer and the crew prepares to help glenn from the capsule. first they attempt to help the colonel from his complex prison through the upper exit in the mouth. they encounter difficulties, so it is decided to blow off the escape hatch cover. first glimpse of the conquering hero, colonel john h. glenn, he left his footprints among the stars he has a grin as wide as the path he blazed, as he rests briefly before being flown to the carrier randolph. he is lifted aboard in a maneuver that looks more dangerous than the flight itself. the helicopter takes him to the randolph for a debriefing and
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examinations by medical men. the copter no sooner touches down on deck than glenn gets a preview of the congratulations that are still to come. on every hand there is jubilation, on every side, smiles and cheers. he signs over his precious log and instruments to the national space administration. from here, he goes to grand turk island for further rest before the deluge a deluge of honors, a proud country waits to bestow on a brave man. ♪ abigail fillmore was the first first lady to work outside the home, teaching in a private school. maybe eisenhower's hairstyle and love of pink created fashions and stations. it was marketed as a color
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jacqueline kennedy was responsible for the creation of the white house historical association. and nancy reagan as a young actress saw her name mistakenly on the black wrist -- black list of suspected communist sympathizers. she appealed to ronald reagan for help. she later became his wife. these stories and more are featured in c-span's book first ladies, presidential his stories from the lives of great american women. stories of fascinating women and how their legacies resonates today. share the stories of america's first ladies for the holidays. first ladies in paperback, published by public affairs, is now available at your favorite bookseller and also as an e-book. tonight on c-span, q and a with author and media entrepreneur ryan gruber, that
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is followed by prime minister's questions at the british house of commons. a commerce subcommittee hearing on the next martial arts industry and concerns about health and safety. ♪ >> this week on q1 day, media entrepreneur and travel writer brian gruber. he discusses his book "war: the afterparty - a global walkabout through a half-century of u.s. military interventions." brian: brian gruber, your book. what is it about? mr. gruber: it


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