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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  December 17, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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this is part of our involvement there, this is not the reason for our involvement there and the goal is not to create a jeffersonian democracy in the country, in the short term at least for sure. mr. coffey: so focus on realistic goals that can keep america safe and would make america great again. mr. brookes: ding ding. the doors are opening. mr. brookes: [laughter] mr. cunningham: i have a serious opportunity here to try to make mine halfway up the... mr. cunningham: [laughter] mr. cunningham: i'll continue the real estate metaphor here. we've made a tremendous amount -- tremendous investment and a lot of money in this particular fixer-upper, as scott put it. the fixer-upper is being fixed and it's going to take some time to do it, but you have the opportunity to protect the investment that's been made and to advance it. mr. cunningham: and we have generated to a significant return on that investment. it hasn't been the return that we had hoped, hasn't been 20 percent, but it's 10 percent.
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that's not bad, and it can get better if we get smarter at it. and by the way, the last thing you should want to have is to have this particular edifice crumble during the first couple of years of your presidency because then your life gets much more difficult. mr. brookes: thank you very much for those thoughts. mr. brookes: please join me in giving the panelists a round of applause. [applause]
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elated today president-elect donald trump speaks to alabama. some news about the incoming trump administration. donald trump announcing his choice to leave the office of management and budget. the congressman has served on both of the financial services andittee and the oversight government committee. some reaction from the office, the house democratic leader. deserve he has consistently voted to destroy the medicare guarantee with
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president-elect trump -- trump to holdhe ringleader the full credit hostage. meanwhile house speaker paul ryan tweeting his support of the congressman, saying the representative is the absolute right choice to lead the office of management and budget. watch all of the confirmation as thes here on c-span trump administration takes shape. the u.s. capitol, where flags continue to fly at half staff in honor of john glenn, the former u.s. senator and astronaut. we will take you live to a therial service where
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former astronaut, u.s. senator, and presidential the former astronaut, u.s. senator, and presidential candidate -- we expect that to get started at 2 p.m. eastern time. producedlook at a nasa film on mr. glen, the first u.s. citizen to orbit the earth. >> there are milestones in human progress that mark recorded history. this nationst orbital pioneering represents a vast advancement that will profoundly influenced the progress of all mankind. the signal also calls for alertness to national opportunities and responsibilities. it requires physical and moral stamina to equal the stresses of these times and a willingness to meet the dangers and challenges
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of the future. john glenn has elegantly portrayed these great qualities and is an inspiration to all americans. glenning tribute to john this film also pays tribute to the best of american life. >> new concord, ohio wasn't on many maps until february 20th, 1962. it came to fame in a single day with an american adventurer that history will call the john glenn story.
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fashioned in the american image, this pleasant little city tip if i guys a nation's ideal way of life. a man might make a good life here. in the circle of family and friends. and a boy might let his imagination soar. he might explore the wonders of the wide world all about him, life's simple mysteries. with bright discovery daily opening doors to knowledge. he can look away to distant places, to excites adventures, hidden only by the horizon and the future. like this boy, like boys
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everywhere, young john glenn dreamed of the future as he looked to far away new frontiers. why, he might even learn to fly. this town and these people, they knew john glenn as a school boy, as a teenager, and as a neighbor. like mayor taylor, they followed his career as he blazed a trail across the high sky. >> i watched john glenn grow up from a freckled face red headed lad into the man you know today. john's youth and his life today are an example for all americans on follow. >> new concord high, like these youngsters, john attended school here. his principal and teacher was harford steele. >> he was an excellent student and he graduated with honors from our high school. i taught johnny and hundreds of others that our democracy is a
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priceless heritage and that we should preserve, protect and if at all possible make some contributions to it. he has made a significant contribution in his mission in space. >> and this fine new school in new concord, it's the john glenn high school. with its first graduating class receiving diplomas, young john helped his father at this shop when he wasn't in school or at camp or in college. john went on to college at muskinghum right in new concord. the high regard of the college is expressed by its president. >> john's conquest in space has captured the hearts and the imagination of all americans. so have his superb qualities of
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leadership, moral and physical strength and emotional stability. >> john found time for ath for athletics. winning four high school letters. muskinghum coach ed sherman recalls john glenn's athletic record. >> john played football right here on this field. he was captain of his high school team and played center for the college. he has proven the value of teamwork both as an athlete and later as an institute. -- later as an astronaut. just like these boys, john took an active part in our physical physical fitness program. he proved that a good mind and a good body always go together. >> campus discussions are inspired by the first orbital flight of an american. >> i think that john glenn by his flight has given us an
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opportunity to see that while we had a chance to do something for our nation, too, maybe i'll even go summertime. >> we had the same opportunities that he had. >> glenn proved that there are still many frontiers to be explored and concurred. >> and that shows how vital our hk show -- our education is. >> glenn always had a strong spiritual side. >> john attended services at this church when he was a boy like bradley here. >> let's attend services for a moment at john glenn's church. ♪
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john and annie were married at this church by dr. henry evans. >> they made a most handsome couple, john in his marine uniform, annie a beautiful happy bride. they both recognized the importance of the spiritual things of life as well as the mental and physical. >> the trial is also great for those who wait as recalled by annie's parents. >> johnny's orbital flight was a real test of courage for annie, too. >> she was a very brave girl. >> annie had complete faith in the space program just as she had confidence in everything johnny set out to do. >> this house was home for john glenn. john glenn sr. and mrs. clara glenn are proud of their son's
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accomplishments. >> john was prepared for the orbital flight as was the entire team. >> in a way, john has been preparing all his life for his venture into space. as a small boy, his idea of a holiday was a visit to the airport. and when he grew up, it was no surprise to us when he decided to learn to fly. >> flight commanded young john's hanlg interests. he had to learn to fly. world war ii had interrupted college. he received his first flying lessons from this pilot. >> this is john's flight record with my combat after his first flight, which was eager to learn, relaxed, alert, and good coordination. he certainly has retained he's flight qualities right into outer space.
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>> flight training at pensacola and corpus christi. many earned their wings here. john went to corpus christi to learn about airplanes and time for physical conditioning and sports and for religious inspiration. like these naval aviators, to win his wings. the navy's thorough training prepared lieutenant john glenn for war time action in the south pacific. flying 59 missions like these, he joined in blasting enemy targets. until there was peace and glenn returned to corpus christi as advanced flying instructor until korea. major john glenn came back to combat to fly 90 missions and shoot down three miigs.
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following korea, john glenn came home to flight test the super sonic crusader to flash across the nation, california to new york, setting a super sonic speed record of three hours and 23 minutes. with experimental thrusts toward speed and altitude. the limitations of time and distance were being brushed aside as experimental planes like the x-15 launched from the air force mothership rocketed to record-breaking altitudes. unmanned orbits pressed on until it was time for man to orbit. until the word was "go." chosen from many americans who answered the president's call, these astronauts dedicated themselves to study, training and physical conditioning.
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with alan shepard learning about weightlessness and gus grissom with the space gravity and and wally shirer. three years of engineering skill and scientific experiment have gone into this launching. it was devised by thousands of technicians in hundreds of united states cities. and this, the motive power, carefully raised to position on its gantry. this, the atlas. with the power to develop 360,000 pounds of thrust and the ability to lift the spacecraft and passengers into orbit at 17,500 miles per hour.
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now the word is "go" as the spacecraft is lifted into the position atop the atlas. this spacecraft, six feet across at its widest heat shield and ten feet tall, built to withstand temperatures of 3,000 degrees fahrenheit as the winds whip by. as the astronauts prepare for adventure into outer space. mercury control waits and watches with the atlas standing ready to throb into life. ready. friendship 7 is ready and so is john glenn.
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at the gantry, elevators lift glenn to the 11th level, the spacecraft level. glenn takes his place in friendship 7 looking toward the unknown.
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ready, mercury atlas is ready and so is the astronaut. the countdown is under way at cape canaveral as all the world holds its breath and all the world is witness. >> all systems, go. >> mercury capsule? >> go. >> all pilot lights are on. >> god speed, john glenn. >> five, four, three, two, one. zero. >> roger.
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the clock is operating. we're under way. >> receive you loud and clear. roger. we're programming we're all okay. a little bumpy out here. >> stand by for 20 seconds. >> roger. >> two, one. mark. >> roger. back-up clock is started. >> fuel, 102, 101. oxygen, 78. 100. amps, 207. >> roger. flight path clear. >> roger. tech's okay. mine was 70 on your mark. we have some vibrations coming up here now. we're smoothing out getting out of the vibration area. >> roger. read you flight and clear. flight path is standing by.
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>> roger, pico. the tower fired. cannot see the tower. >> we can sense staging. >> roger. 1.5 gs. >> we got you. >> roger, bermuda. stand by. this is friendship 7. all the greats fired. okay. >> roger, 0-g. i feel fine. capsule is turning around. oh, the view is tremendous. >> roger. >> roger, capsule. turning around. i can see the booster turning around a couple hundred yards behind me. it was beautiful. >> the word is "go" and john glenn is go and with him go all of mankind's dreams of touching the stars. the tracking ship "rose knot" waits and follows his track to the coast of africa.
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he follows the path of earth below. friendship 7 makes a slow boat out of the sun as the spacecraft gird girdles the earth at 17,500 miles an hour, john glenn streaks away from today into the night of tomorrow, racing toward the dawn of yesterday. as glenn sights the sights of perth and flashes over australia and across the pacific to contact waiting ground stations in wymas, mexico and california waits as friendship 7 streaks home to the land of its origin. an unseen comet lining across the united states in eight lightning minutes of flight.
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completing three history-making circuits of the globe, john glenn fires retro rockets so spiral it back to earth. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> roger. retros are firing. are they ever. it feels like i'm going back toward hawaii. >> then the first ominous note. the first warning of possible disaster. a chilling signal flashes an indication that the capsule's heat shield may be loose. the astronaut might perish like an earth-bound meteor in the heat without the heat shield. strapped over it, the retro pack may hold it in place. cape canaveral makes the decision. >> this is tech, friendship 7, we are recommending that you leave the retro package on for the entire reentry.
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>> as the world listens and stands still, cape control uses fly by for reentry. john glenn rides his craft through the curbing globe beneath. in science in the exactness, they select the ocean to receive the friendship 7. >> a real fire ball outside. >> the fiberglass surface of the heat shield is starting to melt and vaporize as the wake extremes back to block off communication. as the earth's atmosphere slows the capsule's descent. >> friendship 7.
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it's out. >> coming down. snokels are open. >> and chutes are open. beautiful chute. chute looks good! we have gone to about 4.2 per second. the chute looks very good. >> hello, mercury recovery, this is friendship 7. do you read me in. >> friendship 7, be advised i have you visually. >> roger. what is the estimate on recovery time? >> estimate pick up at 2-0 minutes. >> friendship 7, ready for impact. almost down. here we go. >> friendship 7, hold in the
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water. what is your condition? >> my condition is okay. what does the capsule look like? >> the capsule looks okay. >> home to earth comes the voyager. transported now to the aircraft carrier "randolph" in four hours and 56 minutes, john glenn has streaked through three days and three nights and over 81,000 miles. never a journey so far. never a traveler so welcomed by the world. so brief a journey in time, so far the way, so long the hours for those who wait.
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as annie glenn has waited. as all the world has waited. to salute the glenns with vice president lyndon johnson. as the president of the united states arrives at cape canaveral, to be greeted with john and annie glenn. by the cheers of thrilled lines of proud americans, in ceremonies at mercury control center, president john f. kennedy presents the distinguished service medal to john glenn. as annie and david glenn proudly share applause with the other astronauts and with the world. as john's parents learn firsthand about friendship 7, as does marine corps general david m. shoop and the president of the united states. and this rainy day in washington
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is a happy day as the president and the astronaut arrive. to drive through rain-washed crowd-flooded streets for a reception as john and annie glenn with vice president lyndon johnson greet distinguished guests, including alan shepard. god speed, john glenn. god speed into the future. into the hearts of all americans. welcome to washington. welcome back to this planet. from the nation's capital to the towers of manhattan to the ticker tape parade of new york, cheering crowds roar a mighty welcome shared by all americans, by free people everywhere.
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and across the land, the scene is the same and the heart is the same, as john glenn comes home to new concord, ohio. at the capitol, there is an introduction by the speaker of the house. john mccormick. >> members of the congress, it is a privilege and i deem a high honor to present to you a brave and courageous american. a hero in world war ii and in the korean conflict, who recently in the most notable manner, added glory and prestige to our country, the first united
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states astronaut to have achieved orbital flight, lieutenant colonel john h. glenn, united states marine corps. [applause] president, members of the congress, i am only too aware of the tremendous honor that's being shown us at this joint meeting of the congress today. this has been a great experiencs
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pride in our country and its accomplishments are not a thing of the past. [applause] know i still get a hard to define feeling down inside when the flag goes by, and i know all of you do, too. [applause] launch itself was conducted openly and with the news media representatives from around the world in attendance. this is certainly in sharp contrast with other programs in the world and elevates our program. today, i happened to be standing alone on this great platform, just as i seems to be alone in the carpet of the friendship seven spacecraft, but i am not. they were with me then, and with me now, thousands of


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