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  Vice President Joe Biden Delivers Remarks at Funeral for John Glenn  CSPAN  December 17, 2016 11:01pm-11:21pm EST

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of the year, right? nice. [cheers and applause] nice.ump: very always a great honor. financial times, the financial which is a big deal, just gave me person of the year. are you ready? now, remember, we have half the people here are women, and by the way, thank you, women, i did so great with women! [applause] trump: those polls were so because weith women, did great. you know, i used to go home, my wife said i don't think any woman in the united states is be voting for you based on what they have just said. with women. we did great with the community.erican we did great! [applause] trump: remember, i said, inner cities, i said, what the lose?o you have to and they agreed. it's terrible what's going on.
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e did great with african-americans. we did great with hispanics. i'm saying we're going to build it also.t they want they want their jobs protected. they want safety. drugs pouring into our country. we did great. so here's what happens. but we did great with the women, i have to tell you, folks, because that was very embarrassing. were so wrong, those polls were wrong on just about everything, weren't they? everything.rong on but, okay, so i get this person financial , from the times and i get person of the year from "time" magazine. now, remember r, women, okay? because if it's a woman that gets it, we have to think about they do it because they want to do politically correct. you run he magazine, the financial times, or you run magazine. do you go man of the year, thank ou, darling, i love you, too, do you go man of the year or do
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you go person of the year? we'll do person first. which is better, person of the -- or man of the year? [cheers and applause] trump: that's what i think. it's pretty simple. of t's a woman you go woman the year, right? right? you know. right? yes. are all saying so anyway, so we had a lot of fun. we've done well. agenda is er of our fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. now running, listen this, nearly 800 billion dollars in annual trade deficits. asked john -- the great card dealer, one of the biggest in you ountry, do you think could negotiate a slightly better deal than that so we do all this work with trade and losing, or we have a
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deficit of over almost $800 billion a year. it's almost hike what are we doing? who are the people who negotiate these deals? there is almost no country that do well with. we have bad deals with every country. fast.s going to change right?t 1/3 of its has lost manufacturing jobs since nafta. 1/3. and here's one. this, and i canw say it because this is the last time i'll be speaking at a rally while, you know? president heng, as shouldn't be doing rallies, but i think we, should right? [applause] mr. trump: we've done everything else the opposite. you get an way honest word out because you can't give it to them because so dishonest.
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it, had -- i heard about they had a clown today on the failing "new york times" who wanted to have another world trade center catastrophe because it's good for my base. can you believe this? no, think of it. [boos] mr. trump: what kind of a demented person would say that? thousands of people go, they said i wanted to have another atastrophe like that, because it's good for my base. anybody that says that, and this he's a demented person, and that's why the "times" is failing. him three weeks ago, i gave ate shot. i had a great meeting, everybody said i did great. -- everything was great. change. will never they will never change, jeff, no matter what you do. they will never change. that's okay. him, d very well without right? but what kind of a demented person would say that? incredible. but when i saw this, and the
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staystis tatistics, i said it must be a typo. we've lost 70,000 factories since china joined the world trade organization. think of that. and i said 700, you mean, i said 7,000 maybe? but the number is 70,000 factories. alabama.hem right from and you know it. it's the greatest jobs theft in history of the world. there has never been a jobs theft like what has happened to untheft e're going to it, folks. we're going to bring it back. we're going to bring it back. [applause] mr. trump: and we're not going anymoreken advantage of by all of these foreign countries. we're going to have a very new time.y for a long it hasn't been this way. first.alled america it's now america first. to fire company wants their workers, leave the great state of alabama or another
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for another country, and then shift their new products country k into our through a very strong border, by will be there consequences, right now, they can do that, make the product. nothing. in for you saw what we did with carrier ir conditioner, and go by carrier. go bring carrier because they were great. we have really thousands of at it from a look family standpoint, will have a great christmas, in indiana. we have many of those things happening. many, many, many. that,e if they want to do -- impose a o on 35% tax, and they aren't going to move. didn't you politicians do this 15 years ago? because either they are not smart or, and a lot of people don't even understand it, and talk about free trade, i want fair trade. i don't want free -- i want
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fair. love free trade but i want fair trade. and if they don't do, then we don't do. it's now 35% tax for a company, so all of these companies that think they are to get rich by firing thousands and thousands of workers in our country, i hope rich, but, you know what? we're going to get rich, too, because we're going to impose a tax on those companies, and we're going to that legislation very soon. and when they leave there are consequences. you know what will happen, honestly? they won't leave. works.model no longer the politicians got taken care orby campaign contributions, something else. if it's something else, jeff them, right? catch he will. them. catch i wouldn't want to be them. but their politicians got taken are of by campaign contributions or whatever, because it's incredible that
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we've lost so much. but to be a rich nation, and be a rich nation again, we also have to be a safe nation. the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in our 45 years. think of it. the murder rate. being murdered than, in 45 years. and the press never tells you ever write that? no. e're going to support the of law le men and women enforcement. and we're going to bring this crime wave to a very rapid end. one of the greatest public threats remains open borders. i always say there goes your business, there goes your country. lincoln, abraham thomas jefferson, george
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washington, they all believed in borders. we don't. we fight for countries that most of you have never even heard of before, so they have borders. protect our own borders. but i have a message for the dealers, the gang members, and the criminal cartels that terrorizing all of our citizens in cities and in different places throughout the united states. and the message is, that your days are numbered. we're getting you out. getting you out! [cheers and applause] trump: we'll build a great wall and we will stop illegal for good and we'll have doors in that wall, and eople will come into that wall and they will come through that wall, by the tens of thousands. they are coming in legally. legally. [applause] and we'll stop the
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drugs from pouring into our country and totally poisoning, are doing to our youth, and you have a big problem here but every state has a big problem. our youth and more than our youth, but you see it with our astronomical numbers like never before. to keep our work country safe from terrorism. islamic terror attacks from paris to belgium to san bernardino, to the world trade center. center.orld trade think of that. one attack after another after another. so let me state this as clearly stated.n be am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out our country!
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[applause] trump: we have no choice. that influences spending it gration in regions where can not be safely processed, or vetted, and i use the term vetting, is that okay? extreme. safety and security of the american people will always come first in the trump administration. thics reform will be a crucial part of our plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp corruption in washington, d.c. government officials from trading favors at your expense. many, many d challenges. the world is a mess. our country is in trouble. many, many challenges.
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yesterday ama said that there is no hope. [boos] mr. trump: but i assume she was not the bout the past future because, i'm telling you, tremendous hope and we ave tremendous promise and tremendous potential. we're going to be so successful again.untry we're going to be amazing. i actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out. i really do, because i met with michelle obama, and obama in the white house, my wife was there, she could not have been nicer. believe she meant that statement in a different ay than it came out, because i believe, i believe there is remendous hope, and beyond hope, we have such potential. potential.ry has such you watch. it's going to be so special.
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things are going to happen. like you haven't seen happen in decades.y this is truly an exciting time alive. the script is not yet written. the page know what will read tomorrow. but for the first time in a long time, what we do know is that authored by l be each and every one of you, it's a movement. [applause] don't forget, they didn't know you existed until election day. then they said where the hell of those people come from, right? where did they come from? they came in by the millions and millions and millions, set records in many areas, set records here. alabama.record here in they said where did those people
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come from? and now they are going to work hard over the next four years but if we want to go for another four years i think we'll make it, do you agree? [applause] think the next four years will be a lot easier if you want to know the truth. we'll do a great job. you, the american people, will now again be in charge. desires, your r opes, your aspirations, will never again fall on deaf ears. never again. men and women of this country, and they were forgotten, by the way, you're forgotten any longer. you will never be forgotten again. together, we will raise incomes and bring back our jobs. e will repeal the disaster known as obama care. and create new healthcare for you and work for your family. e'll reestablish the rule of
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law. amendment.second very important. and protect religions liberty, happy withll be very that, and appoint justices to the united states supreme court uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. we will heal our divisions and our very, very divided country. unified, cans are there is nothing we cannot do. great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our nothing. nothing. there is nothing like us, there us.othing and no one like my message today is for all americans. parties, all beliefs, all races.
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life.lks of whether you're african-american, asian c american, american, we're all americans. by one e all united shared destiny. [cheers and applause] asking p: so i'm everyone to join us. all of y request for you. never ever give up. can't give up. have given up in this campaign five times. should have given up, according to them, 10 times. could take you over 10 different things that happened, where people would have given but i never gave up. never gave up. should have given up, but i never gave up, right? ever give up. never stop believing.
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never, ever stop dreaming. that, then o altogether, we'll make america strong again. make america wealthy again. america safe again. make america great again! thank you. thank you, alabama. you, merry christmas. merry christmas, everybody. god bless you. thank you for your support. ♪
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