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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  December 19, 2016 12:00am-12:47am EST

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congressd one that has been aggressive on in finding the right solutions. i think agencies are as well. the sec's role is fairly limited by the statute that governs us, the communications act of 1934. well i do believe the government has a role to monitor and potentially provide additional axes in this space they aren't authorized, by the law to do. >> watch of the the communicators" every -- >> on wednesday, british prime minister theresa may talked about the uk's role in offering humanitarian aid to syrians, quality health care for the elderly, and the ongoing brexit negotiations. this is the final question time of the year. it is 45 minutes. t and he will be hearing a lot more about it in the week to come. >> order.
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questions to the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning we had meetings with ministerial colleagues. new-line a further meeting today. >> and i wish you and all members of the house say merry christmas? >> in the light of the display, when deciding on cabinet positions, and just in a bit inscription, not the government? [laughter]
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[shouting] >> order. we heard the question that i want to hear the prime minister zant. >> thank you, mr. speaker appeared first in a lecture in the honorable gentleman and wishing everybody a merry christmas. i love an opportunity to do that on monday when the house will be installed for the european council meeting. came from the site, but not the labor side here the foreign secretary is doing an absolutely excellent job. [cheers and applause] is insured and assess us of foreign secretary. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> i want to do the voice of
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janet chase. >> thank you, mr. speaker. a really bright future ahead, but only if her ambitious, bold and visionary and every development plan. for my right honorable friend outlined on the government industrial strategy can create the constituents that will help us build a sustainable local economy and highly skilled jobs for future generations? >> my honorable friend is absolutely right. they have a bright future ahead of them, but we need to create conditions for their future. that's why we will produce a modern industrial strategy to show how we can encourage strategic strength of the united kingdom commit to you with the underlying the says and will enable companies to grow, to invest in the u.k. and provide jobs for the future. we need to make sure price where it is spread across the whole of the united kingdom.
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>> jeremy corbin. [shouting] can we start by wishing everyone a happy christmas and a prosperous new year. sadly, mr. speaker, our late colleague jo cox will not be celebrating christmas this year with her family. she was nurtured and taken from us so i hope the prime minister and i'm sure she will join the encouraging to download a songs which many members help to create as a tribute to joe's life and work an everlasting memory out there. >> the right honorable gentleman is right to raise this issue. i'm sure everyone in this house will send a clear message. download this signal for the jo cox foundation. it's a very important cause. we all recognize jo cox is a fine member of this house and
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would've carried on contributing significantly to this house and country had she not been brutally murdered. i think everybody's involved in it impact and assessment of photographs later this afternoon. [shouting] and once again, let's encourage everybody to download the single. >> for those observing the outside parliamentary rock band and paid for. >> jeremy corbin. >> to the benefit of the quality i'm not a member of the good i think the prime minister for that answer, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, social care is crucial. to provide support for people to live with dignity, yet speak
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u.k. researchers found that 1.2 million people currently not receiving the care they need. with the prime minister accept there is a crisis and social care? >> i consistently sent in this house we recognize the pressure and social care. it might be helpful if i send out but the government is doing in relation to social care. we recognize those pressures. that's where the government is putting my money for better care funded by the end of the department will be billions billions of pounds extra. that's why we've been able to present for local authorities. we recognize there are immediate pressures on social care. that's why this'll be addressed by my right honorable friend, secretaries tape and the local government finance tomorrow. we also recognized this is not just about money. it is about delivery. there's a difference across the
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country. we need to make sure reform is taking place of escape as part is in terms of health and social care across the country but we also need to ensure that we have a longer-term solution to give people reassurance for the future that there is if dana both the stem to ensure they are receiving social care they need in old age. that is what the government is working on. short-term issues and medium-term need to deliver consistently in a long-term solution we need to find. >> jeremy corbin. >> the care quality commission has warned as early as october that that everything we suggest the tipping point and instead of passing the buck on local government commissioned the government take responsibility itself for the crisis? could the prime minister take this opportunity to inform the house exactly how much was cut from social care budget in the last parliament?
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>> we have been putting more money into social care. we've been putting more money into social care enough. we recognize the pressures that exist in that misfire will be looking at the short-term pressures that exist in relation to social care. he cannot look at this question of simply being an issue of money in the short term. it is about delivery. it is about reform and social care system working with the health system. that is why this is an issue being addressed not just the secretary of state, but also the secretary of state for health. if we are going to give people reassurance they need in the longer term that their social care needs will be met. this isn't just about looking for a short-term solution. it's finding a way forward for a sustainable system for the future. >> mr. speaker, the prime
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minister doesn't seem to be aware that 4.6 billion was cut from the social care budget in the last parliament and put it onto local government ought to be taken for what it is peer 2% of capital taxes clearly nonsense. 95% of councils use the social care preset and raise less than 3% of the money they plan to spend on adult social care. billions available for tax giveaways to corporations not mentioned in the statement underfunded and healthy people left the isolated and in christ is because of the lack of government funding of social care. >> we see many councils around the country that have taken the social care preset and as a result the more people being able to access social care needs being met. sadly there is also councils across the country where we do
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see a worse performance in relation to social care. the right honorable judge that refers to the issue of iv. i might remind him at the last election the chancellor said there'll be not a penny more for local authorities and also when recently asked about spending more money, the health secretary said when he was asked for the money would come from, he said we're going to have to come up with a plan for that. >> mr. speaker, this government has cut social care that she well knows the effects of that. she also well knows that raising council tax has a different outcome in different areas of the country. for example if you raise the council tax in winthrop, you get
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quite a lot of money. if you raise the council tax and liverpool or newcastle come you get a lot less. issue saying the older people come the frail elderly vulnerable people are less valuable in our big cities than they are in wealthier parts? mr. speaker, this crisis is a crisis that may alter the people living in a difficult situation because of this. it's also a crisis for the national health service. those people in hospitals cannot be discharged because there's nowhere for them to go to. so i will ask her again, the crisis affects individuals, families of the national health service. why doesn't she do something really bold? cancel the corporation tax cut and put the money into social care instead. >> the right honorable gentleman
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in the next bit is set. i to say newcastle council is the council will be sought in september virtually no delay discharges. out of the people were not being held accountable when they didn't need to be. so what it shows as it is possible for council to deliver on the ground. you see councils like dealing not using the social care preset and different result. the difference between the worst-performing consular relations to that discharges is a 20 fold difference. that's not a bad difference of funding. that's about a difference of delivering. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, councils required to cope with a 40% cut in their budget of the whole country and the people who pay the price of those stuck in hospital who should be allowed to go home and those that are getting the care and support
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they need. this is a social care system deep in crisis. the crisis is made in downing street by this government. the former chair of the health select committee says the system is inadequately funded. the current chair of the house select committee says the issue can't be any longer for the impact it's having not just on vulnerable people but also on the nhs. why can't the prime minister listened to those in local government to the king's son, nhs confederation from their own council leader and recognize the social care crisis forces people to give up part to care for loved ones because there is an assistant to do it. makes people stay in half longer than they initiative leads people into into a horrible isolated life when they should be cared for by all of us are properly funded social care system. get a grip and fund it properly,
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please. [shouting] >> the issue of social care is indeed one being dubbed by governments for too long to display it is this government that will provide a blog term sustainable system for social care that gives reassurance to people. when it talks about government donkey, must look about 13 years in favor of government. [cheers and applause] they said in 1997 in their manifestoes they had a real commission in 1999. a green paper in 2005. in 2007 they said they thought it did in 2009 they had another green paper. 13 years and no action whatsoever. [shouting]
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>> mr. speaker, should a constituent of mine was struggled to get to university college for life-saving cancer. thousands of others will be unable to get to work, school, college because they object -- we are driving trains on the same route operating. can the prime minister gave her assurance that everything will be done today too and this nonsense, dressed in a residual safety issues and give our constituents their lives back? >> my honorable friend is absolutely right to raise this issue. he is right to raise the discrepancy in attitude. racing driver on the operated trains and rail networks in the u.k. for decades.
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i hope the talks are arguing to the tune into this straight. but i've got a suggestion for the leader of the opposition. the leader of the opposition could do something to help members of the public. the labor party is spending. by disney get on the phone and tell them to call the strike off? [shouting] >> mr. speaker, we joined the leader of the labour party and with the prime minister and wish him great success to single available for download on friday. they will all download will all download it. civilians have suffered grievously in the bottoms by means of hospitals, schools, markets, and the united nations
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barely 60% of civilian casualties are caused by airstrikes. in the last 24 hours the united states has stopped the supply of possession guided munitions to saudi arabia to bobby yemen. when will the u.k. follow suit? >> is the right honorable gentleman does we do have a strict regime and expert licenses in relation to the united kingdom. we exercise that very carefully and in recent years we have indeed refused licenses in relation including to yemen and saudi arabia. the >> u.s. government has just said, and i quote from ssm estimates of a problem in saudi arabia is targeting showed the u.s. decision to halt a future weapons involving decision guided munitions. the saudis have u.k. supplied per session guided missiles made in scotland.
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the u.k. has licensed 3.3 billion pounds worth of arms to saudi arabia since the beginning of the bombing campaign. what will it take for the u.k. to adopt an ethical foreign policy? [shouting] >> is the right honorable gentleman knows the intervention in yemen is a u.s. backed intervention. as i said previously whether allegations of riches national humanitarian law requires us to be properly investigated. we do have a relationship with saudi arabia and the security of the gulf is important to them. i simply remind the honorable gentleman that saudi intelligence and counterterrorism, the intelligence in saudi arabia by sage essentially hundreds of lives here in the u.k. the >> mr. speaker, one of my constituents in such a move to
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residential care because no care could be found in her own home pages at the sharp end of the crisis and social care that the inadequate funding as it is about a shortfall in our valued social care workforce. i am looking forward to hearing what the media for this support will be provided for social care. but it's that time rather than have a dialogue about social care funding that all parties work together to look for a sustainable long-term solution with funding of integrated health and social care. >> my honorable friend is right to raise the issue of looking at a sustainable way at which we can support integrated health and social care and sustainable way for people to know in the future they'll have the social care they require. as i said earlier, we recognize the short-term pressures there are the system. it's important for us to look at
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media and long-term solutions to address this issue and i was pleased to have a meeting with my honorable friend to discuss this last week and i look forward to such big names. >> cannot tell the prime minister that a cross party delegation led by the honorable member will meet the russian ambassador tomorrow morning on a lap belt and we will reflect precisely the sort of turns fishy in the foreign secretary abused about russia, the 76ers shamed and iran. we want to protect those who have heroically struggled and who would be a particular race because of the weakness they can get. does she expect many of us believed those messages are more cogent went equally on the privacy of human rights and international humanitarian when we meet the falsity. >> we do raise the issues of
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human rights that is absolutely right in relation to the role russia is playing in syria there is a very simple message to president putin. he has it within his own hands to be able to say to the assad regime that enough is enough another. the people i've had the honorable john bowman heroically meet the lives of others ensure that they have their security. i'm sure that's a message she and others will be giving to the russian ambassador. he can do it. why doesn't it? >> on the same subject, with the prime minister join me in thanking the many members on all sides of this house and created in order to pay the salaries of the medical staff in aleppo since our hospital was shot a few weeks ago, we have been buying prosthetic limbs with all
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of our money. we have a waiting list of 30,000 people. make sure it gets to the most vulnerable people in syria. the old cover very done and people who are too much to lose. >> first of all, absolutely joined the honorable friend and congratulated everyone who took on fear of them sure the house would welcome the work the group is doing and the money being put to extremely good use being raised. the house was struck by the number of preferred to be in on the waiting list for prosthetic limbs. in terms of our humanitarians support, the biggest humanitarian effort the united kingdom has made. -- also of course working diplomatically to reduce
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suffering to make sure we can see the can see this sort of aid and medical support she's talking about getting through to the citizens of aleppo. we will continue to ensure our humanitarian aid is being put to good use helping those that are vulnerable but also helping those who need the education and support to the lead due course to rebuild when we see a stable and secure syria. >> mr. speaker, report interest rates and household goods are wrong. companies like bright house exploits i made love no other way to furnish their homes. with the prime minister look at cap in these interest rates to help those just about managing? >> the honorable gentleman raises an issue and i recognized many people who are just about managing struggling to get by, the two find themselves having
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to revert to support from companies produce up to the sec charged interest rates is talking about. it has been taken in relation to some activities in the past. >> alan waverley. >> thank you, mr. speaker. across the country, voiced by harping is antisocial and dangerous. will my right honorable friend the prime minister's support my campaign for more glory perkins faces, more effective enforcement and ultimately abandoned on parking and unauthorized places? >> i recognize that concern my honorable friend of space and is one that is shared by many who see this problem only to close in the red constituencies. can i assure the government ensure that we don't see this parking and we do provide
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parking. i recognize my time as the home secretary the pressure a particularly times that can be put on the roads and villages and towns in relation to this end is something the government is working on abu find a solution. >> blackbird. >> thank you, mr. speaker. now we know the government for the infrastructure watchdog that companies in the u.k. have watched federal media. the prime minister take steps to introduce the universal service obligation and is fairly typical to get the message that would be often better to use carrier pigeons. will the prime minister recognize the responsibility to connect the islands to the rest of the world?
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>> wow, i can assure the honorable gentleman that the issue of seeking mobile coverage is that one that only affects the other part of northern ireland but also get affected by it. the government has very strong commitment in relation to my right honorable friend will be delivering. >> mr. speaker, money cannot compensate money charged of being accused of a very criminal offense then finds the details of that along with their name. nothing can restore inter and reputation after it's been trashed in circumstances. in 2011 i tried to change the law. today it is now at the time to introduce new legislation. with the prime minister agree to
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at least consider changing the law so that everyone with a few exceptions should have a right to anonymity as they are a suspect in criminal proceedings until such time as sound charge. >> a recognize and it is one that is being debated on a number of occasions in this house. it is the general assumption that somebody should not be named before the point of charge and there is an allowance to raise somebody's name if it is a case where they believe doing that will help perhaps to find that guns coming forward yet this is particularly of concern in the naming of the individual will help in the detection of the crime. this is a delicate issue. i recognize that concern my
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friend has shown. they're looking at the issue carefully and are due to provide new guidance in the new year in relation to the media. >> thank you, mr. speaker. a heartbreaking humanitarian crisis in genocide in syria continues to take place as the world watches on, yet there is still no end in sight. does the prime minister agree with the right honorable members of what is happening in syria is the failure of western leadership -- you agree with me that what is now urgently required is what our dear friend jo cox called for a year ago and that is a u.k. led strategy whether it's fleeing persecution, whether it surrendered themselves or those still disease.
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>> we must all take response though these were decisions have taken, whether they take that sitting around around the national security council table printed this house in 2013. the honorable lady raises the question of the u.k. but action in relation to the protection of civilians. it is the u.k. pressing for action inside the united nation security council over kidd with the two most recent emergency u.n. security council meetings with those we called the most recent of those yesterday and i'm sure the honorable lady will know there have been fixed resolutions vetoed by russia. the most recent vetoed by china. we are continuing to work with the united nations. but there is a solution that works on the ground that has to be a solution that has bought into by other countries than it has to be as aleutian russia is
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going to buy into as well as the regime. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i received a message from neck. actually with a text message from our honorable friend at grantham and stamford. the avoidance of doubt this is one text message he's willing to be read in public. mr. speaker, making a swift return, nothing matters more to our honorable friend than ensuring around-the-clock emergency services are restored to his local hospital and grandson. will my right honorable friend the prime minister received the petition is organized and short of the passionate of constituents are heard and above all reassure people in this rural area that they will always have access to safe emergency care for them and their families? >> and a first all ensure that
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the thoughts of the whole house are with our honorable friend and can i wish had the very best for his recovery as it goes through the stillness. and i recognize the strength of feeling that he had about the emergency services in his local hospital. i believe that there are also concerns that are shared by the new honorable friend, and i can assure the honorable friend the member for grantham and stamford the processes taking place in the development of local services is about as needs of local people and above all about ensuring that the services are available to people in the local area and that can be delivered safely and security for people. >> the conservative party
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manifesto says will help local authorities ensure residents can continue to see high-rises. they are now paying an extra 125 pounds a year with no veto because of the government's failure to tackle the social care crisis. it has been abandoned. >> obviously would put the social care in place on social care. i'm pleased to say we see many extent those over the country of the local authorities enjoyed that they were keeping council tax down which cut council for six years running. >> on the 14th of august my constituents were that the dems have a vicious knife attack. they died later that day.
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the two corporate were actually arrested on unrelated matters. the site representations made was briefed to simply walk free and is feared that the second man will follow shortly. will the prime minister help bring justice and then darker for what buzz and horrific vicious attack that is completely without any provocation and devastating for both their families. >> he would spend their deepest sympathies and their very best wishes to then darker for full recovery as a result of what my honorable friend in a completely unprovoked attack. the most recent time in which the case was raised with developing government work for the foreign secretary during the
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30th of november to cyprus and he clearly sent out guilty of this attack to justice. the law office will offer help is hard and we will continue to raise this issue as i ensure that the foreign office will keep my honorable friend informed of many developments. >> thank you, mr. speaker. along with other products have benefited greatly from the european union scheme. what guarantees can the prime minister give us to continue to get that protection should we end up leaving the e.u.? >> first of all, issues like better once we need to address as we look at the arrangements following the e.u. i'm sure everybody would recognize the significant and indeed other products around the united kingdom. but cannot just say say to the
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honorable gentleman, should we leave the e.u. i can tell that we will be leaving the e.u. sometimes >> thank you, mr. speaker. on december 19, 35 years ago, six people lost their lives off the coast of west somewhere. eight of these lives for a man who had lost their life to rescue the crews of you to start. five years later the tragedy still hold the village and many people every year. will the prime minister join with me and remember these great men, the loved ones left behind and take credit to men and women prepared to risk their lives for those in peril on the e.u. >> absolute to join him in marking the 35th anniversary of the tragedy in defending our
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sympathies to all those families who were fact did, but also the local communities affect it as we were set out. finally, i'm sure everybody wants to pay tribute to the ini. the work they do is an island porch and that we have that security and safety around their shores. they work tirelessly to protect people and we pay tribute to them. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the prime minister knows that i collect them across this house had been keyed -- this will be the largest of ministers talks the home office has ever undertaken. can they produce some very systems and how the home office implement is -- [inaudible]
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>> i'm keen to ensure we can protect the right of citizens living here, but also u.k. citizens rights for those protected as well. the home secretary is aware of the proposals being put forward in this looking very carefully. >> thank you, mr. speaker. hundreds of people from across europe attended a neo-nazi rally had a small village in my rural constituency. but steps of the prime minister taking to tackle racial hatred? >> first of all, kerry once again send a clear message there is no place for racial hatred in our society. it is so important the home office has done a lot of work in relation to racial hatred. they published a hate crime action plan which shows what we are doing to the lifetime of the government. earlier this week on the bright honorable friend prescribes the organizationnational action which means being a member of
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support for the organization will be a criminal offense. it's important we take every step we can to stop racial hatred in this country and i was pleased to announce on monday britain will be the first country to adopt the international remembrance of anti-semitism. >> thank you, mr. speaker. find that with one of two companies outside of london. we agreed we need to have better education and better trained for it. can i invite the prime minister to meet the leaders of a great city and pave the way for a long investment. the >> the honorable ladies right to raise the issue education plays.
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that is why i'm pleased to say there's an increased of 16,000 children who go to announce it in school since 2010. the quality of education and i want to make sure that there is enough places for children across the whole country and not voter education consultation is about. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and incredibly moving and powerful private session with the select committee talking and listening to the dems among slavery. i don't think i'll ever forget. with the prime minister take enthusiasm, the path passion of the secretary and these people are fungible. so often their background is the same as women and survivors of domestic violence. if people needed to step up and support them, it's the complete
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roll. >> my honorable friend is absolutely right. nothing brings hope to one more than the absolute horrific crime of modern slavery than actually sitting down and the hearing testimony about the term. they have gone through the most horrendous to humanizing experience is very often and it's absolutely right we look at how it provided the national referral mechanism and the whole number of steps and we will work with the dwp and the kid. my honorable friend refers to jobs that is that it isn't just a job census. one day we need to do is make sure those who come into contact with people are able to recognize those signs nra bold
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to treat it in the way and deal with people sensitively and sympathetically in an appropriate way. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i don't think the prime minister has any idea the level of suffering and pain to the patented businesses beyond suffering. this has been going on for well over eight to nine. so the passive transport secretary currently have no intention of dealing with this utterly at home to take on any. prepare for long-suffering passengers. >> first cell, my right honorable friend has been taken steps in relation to the southern railway. which stepped in to invest 20 million pounds to specifically tackle the issue every rapid improvement services. we now pay 15 from 11% which would make it easier to claim
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compensation. we then also give a refund for a month travel. so we've been looking at the wider issue. the honorable lady raises the question of the current strike. there is only one body responsible for the current strike that will frighten the trade union and she should be standing up in condemning that site. [cheers and applause] >> hugos squier. >> the 1.5 billion additional funding for the better care find better care fund is both needed and welcome. the problem is this money is not available in 2019. will my right honorable friend there for a look at seen whether this funding can they draw down earlier than that in order to alleviate the pressure on social care in areas where there's a very high level of elderly people.
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>> my right honorable friend raises an important point about the short-term pressures on social care. that said the government has been looking at what measures can be taken to immediate short-term pressures. as i say the secretary will be making a statement on the finance element tomorrow. we need to look at the medium-term issues have delivered medium-term issues that delivered him a long-term reassurance we can provide people and ensuring they have a sustainable system of social care that gives people the comfort of knowing they will be cared for their old age. >> can i join colleagues were urged people in this house and beyond to go out and buy the jo cox foundation single mp for not just available on download as you can see, but hard copy for those of us who prefer that kind of thing. every day since the results on the 23rd of june is a good day for very bad news.
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the worse news is then our social system. the way the tragedies and near misses to 2.5 billion pounds and social care funding and thousands of operations council. today mr. speaker the secretary of health that the nhs is social care needed her money. and yet, the chancellor at the exchequer did not offer a single extra penny for health or social care. which of the two do she agree with? will she take the opportunity? [shouting] >> the local government will make a statement tomorrow on the finance summit. i i suggest the right honorable gentleman wafer that statement. >> finally, mr. billy davis. [shouting]
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>> the overseas budget was around 7 billion pounds a year. by 2020 we will have more than doubled to 50 million pounds a year. the shortfall in social care fund by 2020 is estimated about 2.5 billion pounds a year. surely the government priority should look at the disabled people in our own country before we have other countries. will the prime minister take some of that money, a small amount of increase from the budget and spend it on elderly disabled people and around country. surely begins at home. >> is absolutely right the government is taking steps in relation to the pressures on social care if you're in the united kingdom, but i was dead think it's also important for us that we do take consideration of those who are in different circumstances across the world. i think the record that this government has been ensuring .7% of our gdp is spent on overseas
12:46 am
aid is of records second to none. we should all be proud of the hopkins corp. we are giving to people around the world off incredibly difficult circumstances. with that after old people here in the u.k. we also take that responsibility for people around the world as well. >> you have been watching prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. you can also go to and find past prime minister's questions and other british coupled affairs programs. this week on c-span. monday, states count their votes for president of the united states. we will have live coverage of accounting in illinois, pennsylvania, michigan, and virginia starting at 11 a.m. eastern and will re-air ve


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