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tv   Mike Judge Discusses Silicon Valley  CSPAN  December 26, 2016 3:44pm-4:01pm EST

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. anthony: you used to work in silicon valley decades ago. mike: 80 years ago. when you came back to do the research, did you feel this was just a continue experience or was it different? it is different in a lot of ways. the characters are kind of said -- kind of the same but definitely the landscape. i worked in the late 1980's and it was kind of hardware things. the barrier to entry and start up was a little higher. people get three or four who program and build an app. god, i am old. there were no cell phones. anthony: you look great. mike: thank you.
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clean living. again, i think the characters are kind of similar. the characters i put in office space, had they been born 20 years later, it could have easily been a startup. there is kind of more money involved. again, i think the characters are kind ofback theng the rent was high. i had an apartment and that was all i could afford. i remember thinking it cannot get more expensive and it just kept, more and more money flooding into this place. another thing about the show, which is great, you said you'd think one of the conflicts right now is between the libertarian camp and the hippie values of silk valley.
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that was still going on little bit when i was here were intact. i think the hippies will always win no matter what. me, you interesting to know, a lot of money is at play and a lot of companies were competing for billions of dollars and all of this stuff. street, it is the old school, "we are hedge fund guys and we will get rich. we are making the world and better place." a lot of the apps are, but for comedy, it is a funny thing to make fun of. i think it comes out of hippie culture ultimately, which is not a bad thing.
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there is a lot more attention on charities and all of this stuff than you would have in new york and in the 1980's. made it a lote harder for a startup to come on stage. thank you for that. we had hired the writers, we took them to lunch, and they had seen the pilot and we had done the pilot. there are five guys, one east indian. pitch where you combine all of your music and the one thing. said -- d, they the group and the pilot. anthony: do you think when we talk about this idea, dressing this is idea in
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thatrhetoric, do you think is a good thing? i live in new york and there are people who you like they would rather see it, just the honest and say, yes, we will make a ton of money. mike: i suppose it does not matter that much. anthony: just funnier. mike: coming from hollywood where it is a little more in the middle, like i do not think you why arear jj abrams say you making star wars, because i want to make the world a better place and improve people slides. movie to make a kick cast -- kickass movie and i love star wars. it is just something fun to make fun of. i do not think anyone is doing
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anything awful by saying that. anthony: as the show has gone on, you build an incredible network of april who consulted on the show, including the former ceo of twitter and a whole bunch of people, right? mike: yes. we have been very lucky to have so many great consultants and people reach out to us and tell us great stories. when alex and i were just sitting in the office saying, what do we do here, we have got to learn about the role than we do not know enough, we had a guy who is still on the show, who was just immensely helpful. that informed a lot of what we wrote about. after heve -- right left twitter, he came and actually will sit in the writers room with us today's week. it was awesome. that has a nice. there are people who
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work full-time on the show. at, and silicon valley in general has embraced the show, does it make it harder to do biting satire? mike: i do not think so. the kind of people we have become friends with tend to not take themselves very seriously. do, we do not end up talking too much. showxample, he was in our howing to jeremy about someone sold him a bad vineyard. you know that is pretty self-deprecating, i think. another thing that happened that is weird is as the
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show became popular in the industry, you actually got people who are inspired by silk valley. as a satirist especially, what is that like for you? mike: that is great. come up tony people me and say office-based inspired them to quit their job. people might be inspired to get a job or do a startup. it is great. , youe it and i think it is know, it feels good to build something and do something your own way. i can relate. fundamentally office space, you are like it is corrupt and terrible. fundamentally, you do not silicon valley is as screwed up. mike: we are writing a show about these characters. if we completely believed what or stupid, youd
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would not want to. in real like come -- in real to, i wouldd want like the characters and root for them. i like that part of the world, the startup part of it. >> this week on c-span in prime some democrats vying to leave the party including chair of the new hampshire democratic party, jamie harrison, south carolina democratic party, keith ellison from minnesota. we hit a 70 year low in voter tote -- voter turnout? in the last election, 20 years -- we have got a lot of rebuilding to do. >> tuesday night at 8:00, president barack obama and abe
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visit the harbor. is the first sitting japanese leader to visit the site of the attack in world war ii. , a review ofht house to senate hearings in 2016. topics including the flint michigan water crisis and the wells fargo unauthorized accounts canceled. out one of your divisions had created 2 million fake accounts, fired thousands of employees for improper behavior and had cheated thousands of your own customers, and you did not once consider firing her head of her retirement? >> thursday come we remember some of the political fig is who passed away, including nancy reagan and antonin scalia a. friday night at 8:00, the program continues with mohamed
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ali and former senator and astronaut john glenn. this week in prime time on c-span. >> the 115th congress get started next week. we spent some time getting to know some members. >> jodey arrington, representative of texas. arrington: i thought washington was broken and dysfunctional and not solving the problems that were facing our country. i had three young kids -- i have five -- three kids. i want to make sure they grope in a save and strong america.
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some experience serving with president bush and being here, i thought that experience would bode well for my district. for public service. the combination of all of those things, the timing seemed to be right. i paid about it and i felt i needed to do my part in service to my country. i am so honored for the opportunity. >> what were you doing before you won the house seat? rep. arrington: president of the health care innovation company. it owns a health system but i did not own the health system. intart -- started and grew medicine company. one way we were using the medicine was to bring specialty care in the population center i am -- where i am from to rural communities through partnerships with community hospitals. you mentioned george w. bush. talk but your experience working for him. rep. arrington: a great friend and mentor and strong leader.
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obviously, he made a tremendous impression upon me as a young in my 10 years of service to him as governor and president, got to be an advisor to him in the white house. those things really did impact me and my view of governing and leading. i think he was a strong leader when it came to national security. he understood his first job was to keep the american people safe. projecting strength and exercising our military worst possibly i think is something that kept the world more stable and kept the american people safer. that was something i talked about during the campaign. i harken back to george w. bush as commander-in-chief as opposed to the last eight years as
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commander-in-chief, barack obama. neighboringe community, he ran for the seat and the only time he was beaten in a political race was in 1978. there is interesting history there. he is guy especially as governor who was very result oriented and he brought people together. a lot of people do not remember this. when he was governor as speaker of the house, he was from west texas as well, a democrat. the governor was a democrat. they met every week and laid out a plan for how they would move texas forward and solve problems and deliver results and they did it. as a young and impressionable guy who wanted to change the i watchedolitics am a a guy work with people of all ideological persuasions and
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certainly across the aisle to do good by the people. hisink it was a regret of when he came to washington last resident, but that was the influence upon me as a leader. governor's office and in washington, what were you advising him on? i was helping: him assemble his leadership team and the white house on at altar and energy and natural resources. i worked with cabinet secretaries on the political appointments. i would meet with him every week and i would present the appointment options to him and make a recommendation. well.that in texas as there is not a cabinet form of executive government there. part-timeoing governance as opposed to full-time people like assistant
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secretaries and under -- other access to -- secretaries. >> did he give you advice as to how to win the seat he lost? his best advice was leading by example and what howid to impress upon me one should lead and how one should govern and how one should up roach public office. he had a tremendous regard for the office of the presidency. i looked at it with great esteem. callingffice is a noble . public service is a noble calling. that was his greatest contribution, to me, and the act supported me financially, he and mrs. bush, it meant a whole lot to meet. we certainly considered that an endorsement, and he is very popular. i think he has become more
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popular as time has gone by. hisink history has proven focus and his strong stance on post-9/11 foreign policy was world andood for the good for america. is tremendously popular in his own backyard. i'm honored to serve with him what are your aspirations in washington? rep.-elect arrington: make the country safer, stronger, more prosperous so my children have an opportunity. people asked me during the campaign, would you take the pledge to do this? my pledge is to uphold the constitution. my pledge is to live the best i


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