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tv   Cedric Richmond Takes Over As Congressional Black Caucus Chair  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 10:33am-12:00pm EST

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>> the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, january 20. c-span will have live coverage of all the day's events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and and listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> the new congress getting under way, the congressional black caucus held a ceremonial swearing in for new and returning members of congress. louisiana congressman cedric g.k. nd is succeeding g.k. butterfield as chairman of the congressional black caucus. tarting with starting with remarks from house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> ladies and gentlemen, the
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congressional black caucus oundation incorporated proudly -- the swearing in of the congressional black caucus of the 115th congress. please rise for the color guard and the singing of the national them and world renowned jazz vocalist stephanie jordan. >> halt.
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> o, say can you see y the dawn's early light hat so proudly we hailed t the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars hrough
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through the perilous fight o'er were so rts we watched allantly streaming nd the rockets red glare the bombs the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night there r flag was still spangled that star anner yet wave
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'er the land of the free brave ♪home of the
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> ♪
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lift every voice and sing till earth and heaven ring ng with the harmonies of
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berty liberty ♪ let our rejoicing rise listening skies t it resound loud as the sea ♪g sea sing a song full of faith that the dark past has taught us
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song full of the hope hat the present has brought us ♪ of of our e rising sun ew day begun let et us march on till victory is on ♪
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please elcome louisiana's troy k. carter sr. senator carter is the first african-american for district seven new orleans. for more than 25 years, his outstanding contributions to encourage community empowerment and his efforts to eradicate urban blight has distinguished him as a trailblazer and local and state -- in local and state government.
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state senator troy carter sr. [applause] senator carter: good morning. thank you to the armed forces and the armed color guard for the presentation of the colors. give them a big round of applause. [applause] senator carter: and thank you to stephanie jordan for those beautiful renditions of the national anthem and "lift every voice and sing." did you feel it? that's a good native new orleans team. good, good soulful voices. big them a big, big round of applause, stephanie jordan. [applause] senator carter: distinguished guests, friends and members of the congressional black caucus, i am honored to serve as your emcee for the ceremonial swearing in of the congress of the congressional black caucus of the 115th congress. i am also honored to be here to celebrate my dear friend and
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fellow louisianaian, congressman richmond, the new chair of the congressional black caucus. congressman richmond is -- [applause] senator carter: if you know him, you know that he's real. he loves our people. he's committed to our community. he's a tireless worker. doesn't have any put-ons or put-offs. he's as real as you can get. he's as sincere and powerful and respected leader as one could ever ask for. you're blessed as we are blessed in louisiana to have him as our congressman and you are likewise blessed and this nation is blessed to be the incoming chairman of the congressional black caucus. nother big round of applause
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for my friend, your friend, congressman cedric richmond. for more than 40 years, the c.b.c. has remained a voice for african-americans in congress. over that same period, the c.b.c. has increasingly become a dominant force focused on social, political and economic issues impacting african-americans worldwide. members of the c.b.c., your leadership on behalf of the african-american community, is to be commended. and we are honored to be pay tribute to you today. america thanks you and the world thanks you for your outstanding leadership, not just when the lights are on, not just when the cameras are polling, not just when it's easy, but in the most difficult times -- rolling, not just when it's easy, but in the most difficult times, the congressional black americans have stood for african-americans, all americans throughout this country and beyond. give them a big, big, big round
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of applause. [applause] senator carter: we especially want to acknowledge the only founding member who continues to serve, congressman conyers of michigan. give him a big round of applause, congressman conyers. [applause] senator carter: i'd like to also at this time recognize any founding or former members of the c.b.c. in the audience. any former members or founding members? give them a big round of applause. [applause] senator carter: thank you for your leadership. thank you for your service. now, without further ado, it is my honor to introduce the members of the congressional black caucus of the 115th congress. in the interest of time, we ask you please hold your applause until the introductions are made.
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representative g.k. butterfield, first district of north carolina, and outgoing chairman of the congressional lack caucus. [applause] [laughter] senator carter: uh-uh. representative cedric l. richmond, incoming chairman, congressional black caucus. go on and knock it out. now, in order of seniority. representative john conyers r., 13th district of michigan, founding member. representative john lewis, fifth district of georgia. district of georgia. delegate eleanor holmes norton, district of columbia. representative maxine waters, 43rd district of california. representative sanford bishop jr., second district of
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georgia. representative james e. clyburn, sixth district of south carolina, assistant democratic leader. representative alcee hastings, 3rd district of florida. representative eddie bernice johnson, 30th district of texas. representative bobby l. rush, l. rush, first district of illinois. representative robert c. scott, third district of virginia. representative benni g. hompson, second district of thompson, second district of mississippi. representative sheila jackson lee, 18th district of texas. representative elijah e. cummings, second district of maryland. representative danny k. davis, seventh district of illinois. representative gregory w. meeks, fifth district of new
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york. representative barbara lee, 13th district of california. representative lacy clay, first district of missouri. representative david scott, 3th district of georgia. representative emanuel cleaver ii, fifth district, missouri. representative al green, ninth district of texas. representative gwen s. moore, fifth district of wisconsin, whip clonl black caucus. representative yvette d. clarke, ninth district of new york. representative keith ellisson, fifth district of minnesota. representative hank johnson, ourth district of georgia. representative andre carson, seventh district of indiana,
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first chair of the congressional black caucus. marsha l. fudge, 11th district of ohio. representative karen bass, 37th district of california, second vice chair, congressional black caucus. representative cherry a. sewell, seventh district of alabama. representative federica wilson, 22nd district of florida. representative donald m. payne jr., 10th district of new jersey. representative joyce beatty, third district of ohio. representative hakeem jeffries, eighth district of new york. representative mark veasey, veasey, rict 33rd district of texas. representative robin kelly, second district of illinois. senator corey booker of new
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jersey. representative alma adams, 12th district of north carolina. representative brenda lawrence, fourth district of michigan, secretary of the congressional black caucus. representative mia love, fourth district of utah. delegate stacey plaskett of the virgin islands. representative bonnie watson coleman. 12th district of new jersey. representative dwight evans, second district of pennsylvania. senator camila harris of california. representative lisa blunt rochester, at large, district of delaware. representative anthony brown, delaware.trict of representative anthony brown, fourth district of maryland. representative val demings, representative al lawson, fifth district of florida. representative donald mceachin, fourth district of virginia.
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ladies and gentlemen, the the essional black congressional black caucus of the 115th congress. give them a resounding round of alaws. give them a resounding round of applause. give them yet still another round of applause. when you understand what these people stand for, when you understand what these people do what these people stand for, when you understand what these people do for us, when you understand how they fight for us tirelessly, day in, day out, you will give hem another round of applause. [applause] senator carter: as the c.b. crfert of the 115th congress -- as the c.b.c. of the 115th congress embarks on the critical work on behalf of the american people, they do so
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with faith, they do with strength, they do so with amazing perseverance, they do so with amazing humility. they do it because they truly believe it's the right thing to do. give them another round of applause. [applause] senator carter: it is my privilege to present to you an reverend g young man, steven a. green, the national director, youth and college division at the naacp who will now lead us in prayer for the selection wed by a selection omparable solesoist from the incomparable solesoist stephanie jordan. reverend green. reverend green: let us pray. we are gathered today from across the lengthened breath of these united states of america
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to say thank you for the congressional black caucus of the 115th congress. thank you for the commitment of every member of this our beloved caucus, the conscience of congress. under the leadership of our herculean chairman, representative cedric richmond, we ask you keep your hands on them as they guide our nation to the unbeknownst days ahead. the days ahead may seem dark and cloudy, but we are comforted in the rays of hope of our god of our weary years ears and the god of our silent tears for we know it is our hope that has brought us through slavery, reconstruction, jim crow, the civil rights movement and the election of president barack obama. therefore, we are confident in this hope that despite any goals of a twitter finger president-elect and his cabinet, you will give these your servant leaders of the congressional black caucus
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strength to stand, strength to stand in the face of adversity on behalf of the poor, for those who need affordable health care, for those who need criminal justice reform, for those who need access to education and the living wage living wage and quality housing and now, lord, let us go forth and stand up for democracy that unites rather than divides. let us go forth knowing that love, liberty, justice and equality for all is the only order of the day. let us go forth understanding that the universeality of humanity far supersedes democratic or republican partisanship. let us go forth knowing we must toil and stride for a more perfect union where black lives matter. there is orth where a higher power working in the universe that will have righteousness like a mighty stream. let us go forth and sing a song full of faith that the dark past has taught us.
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sing a song full of hope that the present has brought us. facing the rising son of our new days begun. let us go forth until victory is won. amen. [applause] >> this song was made famous by the one and only lois armstrong. -- louis armstrong. of green e trees
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red roses too i see them bloom for me and for you nd i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ i see skies of blue and clouds of white the bright blessed day the dark sacred night nd i think to myself oh, what a wonderful world ♪
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♪ the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky re also on the faces of people passing by i see friends shaking hands saying how do you do hey're really saying i love you ♪ ♪ i hear babies crying i watch them grow they'll learn much more than i'll ever know nd i think to myself h, what a
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oh, what a wonderful world ♪
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i love you i see babies cry they'll learn ow
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much more and i think r know to myself oh what a wonderful ♪rld >> ladies and gentlemen, the congressional black caucus foundation and president c.e.o. shanice washington. a good morning. colleagues, friends, and members of congress to today's ceremonial swearing-in for the
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members of the congressional black caucus and the 115th congress. i would like to recognize and thank the cbcf board of directors, council members for their ongoing engagement in cbcf important work. if i could ask all members of the board of directors and advisory council please stand and be recognized at this time. [applause] >> thank you. to outgoing c.b.c. chairman representative g.k. butterfield, thank you for your leadership, partnership, and long-standing commitment to champion issues critical to the black community and to all americans. [applause] >> to the new c.b.c. chairman, representative cedric richmond, congratulations on the high honor of leading the congressional black caucus in the 115th congress. we look forward to your leadership and strengthening
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our partnership to address the critical issues facing our nation's african-american and underserved communities. the 115th congress will have the largest c.b.c. in history with 49 members. [applause] >> and this means that the people making decisions for all americans will better reflect the diversity of our nation from its inception to its present day, the c.b.c. has used its considerable political power to elevate and expand the public policy debate on several issues impacting the black community. today's ceremony also embodies the cbcf's core mission, values, and institutional initiatives to advance the global black community by developing leaders and forming policy and educating the public. while the c.b.c. grows in numbers, there remains a lack of diversity and inclusion when it comes to senior staff
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placement in senate and congressional offices. and cbcf is committed to doing its part to change the landscape of capitol hill and we're doing so with one of our newest initiatives, emerge 535. launched in -- thank you. launched in 2013 and continuing over the next several years, the cbc 23. will expand opportunities for emerging african-american leaders by providing 535 internship and fellowship placements in capitol hill offices and on committees. however, we will only be successful in moving this forward if we're united. the c.b.c. remains an integral partner in the creation of the foundation's leadership development program. we know your progress over the years would not have been possible without your courage, sacrifice, and desire to help us build a platform for rising leaders and public service. in closing, i would like to
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extend a special thank you to our event partners for today's ceremony and especially our and num sponsors, fedex, bristol myers squid. -- bristol-myers squibb. my thanks also to honda, general motors, and at&t. your collective again rossity and support has made this morning possible. thank you as well to the c.b.c. staff, our distinguished program participants, my staff at cbcf, and our incredible volunteers. we appreciate your commitment, enthusiasm, and continued support and know that we cannot do what we do without you. the congressional black caucus foundation is proud to host this ceremonial swearing-in of the congressional black caucus. this time honored tradition recognizes our nation's african-american members of congress who demonstrate every day their dedication and
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commitment to our communities and to our nation. thank you so much for your presence here this morning and once again congratulations to the members of the congressional black caucus and he 115th congress. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, it is now my pleasure and honor to welcome democratic leader nancy pelosi to give remarks in celebration of the swearing-in of the c.b.c. after ms. pelosi, democratic whip, steny hoyer, will bring greetings, followed by assistant democratic leader, mr. james -- representative james clyburn. ladies and gentlemen, leader pa lowsy. [applause] -- pelosi. [applause] ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. it is my honor and all of you along with our distinguished whip, mr. hoyer, leader
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clyburn, a great force in the congress of the united states. as we gather here today to celebrate the swearing-in of the congressional black caucus and welcome five new members, val demings, anthony brown, mceachin, s, don isn't that exciting? some of them representing districts that have never been represented by a african-american member before. thereby increasing our numbers. to be here with our distinguished ranking members of so many committees in the congress. my message today to you is a little different from before because some big different thing happened this year. this year when many of us were present when we dedicated the african-american museum, wasn't that a spectacular occasion? it is a museum about truth. and truth is something that
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this congressional black caucus has always been about. you have heard it said over and over again that the congressional black caucus is the conscience of the congress. and indeed the country. under leadership of mr. butterfield, great progress has been made. now we welcome a new chairman, cedric richmond, congratulations to you, cedric, good luck to you with your leadership. thank you, mr. butt feerled, grour -- butterfield, for your leadership as well. but the truth is in the past don't years there -- i want to be poort zahn here but there has been attempt on the part of some in the congress to block this president from appointing a justice of the supreme court. something that has never happened before.
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that was wrong. that was wrong. the constitution says the president shall nominate, the enate shall review that. to confirm. it what also happened is that they have ignored our call to pass the voting rights act corrections after the supreme court. we cannot let this stand. we cannot let this stand. and the strength that we have for not just a african-american president to make an appointment, or not just for voting rights to be important to the individuals who are deprived of them, but for the greatness of america. this is not just an insult as it was intended to be, it is an
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insult to america. for the truth is is that this great museum where we have memory, where we recognize the ability of our country to change, where we recognize the talent, the vision that our country now benefits from because we changed, that we cannot let people show up at our events in selma and then come home and say that's all you're going to get in terms of voting rights. [applause] ms. pelosi: we can't do that. so again we welcome -- we consider everything an opportunity. right here before our very eyes we see the intellect, the integrity, the imagination to have an impact on this congress and on this country that is for
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the good -- it's not about democrats. it's not about republicans. it's about america. the greatness of america is affected by how they have rejected the ability of our president to appoint a justice. or how they have rejected our calls for correcting the injustice of the supreme court decision. t's all about justice. st. augustin, he said that any government that is formed that is in power and it does not promote justice, is just a bunch of thieves. that's what he said, 17 centuries ago. so how do we define justice? justice in the courts, social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, justice in every way? that has been the work of the
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congressional black caucus. so it is, indeed, a cause for celebration when we put -- we come together to have the ceremonial swearing-in. shanice, thank you for bringing us all together and your leadership at the foundation. thank you-all for your support of the congressional black caucus and the congressional black caucus foundation. and your helping, your contributions in that regard, intellectual, political, financial, in every way you are making america a greater place. congratulations, my colleagues, i look forward to serving with you. thank you-all for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you this morning. god bless you-all. god bless america. god bless the congressional black caucus. [applause] ms. pelosi: i yield to the distinguished gentleman from maryland, the distinguished democratic whip of the house, steny hoyer. [applause]
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mr. hoyer: good morning. i am so honored to be included in this program. shanice, i want to thank you for your leadership of the congressional black caucus foundation. it does extraordinary work. i have had some your interns in my office. what an extraordinary touching of the future the foundation makes. thank you very much. [applause] mr. hoyer: chairman butterfield, congratulations for your leadership, for your strong voice reflecting the strong voice of the congressional black caucus. [applause] mr. hoyer: cedric richmond, we welcome you as the new chair of
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the congressional black caucus. a heavy responsibility and you're up to the task. your colleagues have said that. but we want you to keep your pitching arm in shape as well. vice chair carson, second vice chair karen bass, secretary brenda lawrence, whip gwen moore, that's a tough whip, adies and gentlemen. kamala harris, anthony brown, al demings, al lawson, don mceachin, lisa blunt rochester, and the senior member of the freshman class, or maybe the junior member of the sophomore class, i'm not sure how dwight looks at his status, but i'm sure he's lording his seniority
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over all of you. when the congressional black caucus was founded, ladies and gentlemen, there were only have been a partial first row. not the second, not the third, not the fourth. and not a full first row. we have come a long way. i want to thank outgoing chairman butterfield for his extraordinary service, particularly his commitment to advancing the c.b.c.'s mission of economic justice. we heard in this election a lot of people who are hurting and have reached out for change. i congratulate incoming chairman richmond on being chosen to lead the c.b.c. at this critical and challenging juncture. today the c.b.c. celebrates its largest caucus in history, 49
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strong. not quite the percentage but very close. 49 members of congress. more than 10% of the congress. 25% it of the democratic caucus. this congress c.b.c. members will serve as ranking members of key committees. strong, able, grounded voices. since its founding in 1971, the c.b.c. has become as nancy pointed and as we all referenced, the conscience of he congress. and the congress and the country need a conscience. need a strong voice for
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principled execution of the laws and adoption of the laws. as our friends, ranking member john conyers remembers, he was among 13 original members the -- at a time when some in congress wanted to close the book on the civil rights movement of the passage of landmark legislation of the 1960's. but he can also attest that the work of civil rights and economic justice was far from completed, and today remains so. if i were in my church today, i would say do i hear an amen? and the creation of the c.b.c. was a powerful reminder to the congress and to the country that the civil rights movement and the efforts to secure justice and equal opportunity for all would continue to this day. very frankly, some of us believed that we have been at
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high points in the achievement and proximity of that goal. then we have been at low points when that goal has been at risk. draw your conclusions as to where we're today. today we replace a renewed challenge. now in the 21st century the c.b.c. remains at the forefront of economic issues, justice issues, and civil and human rights both at home and around the world. its members also lead when it comes to the critical work of ensuring that young people, young people of color, do not ve to fear for their lives when they walk down the street or have an encounter with law enforcement. the congressional black caucus is testament to the fact that black lives matter. [applause]
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mr. hoyer: more importantly now than ever, they are working hard to defend the value of mutual respect. that every american ought to be seen as equal, not only in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of one's fellow americans. i have been proud to work closely with the c.b.c. over the years and look forward to continuing our work together in the 115th congress. congratulations to our new members who join an extraordinary group of americans. we know that we don't all share the same color. martin luther king taught us, however, it was the content of our character not the super figures color of our skin -- super fish -- superficial color
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of our skin. so as john lewis calls us all brothers and sisters. brothers and sisters committed to the character of a great country. to the principles of a great declaration. and the constitution which we will swear to defend this afternoon. stephanie jordan sang a song, i'm not sure if louie armstrong were singing that song today not necessarily as beautifully as stephanie sang it but with great fashion and feeling that he would have been as confident today as he was then that this is a beautiful world. our citizens have sent us here to make sure that their world is as beautiful as we can make it. god bless you.
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godspeed. thank you for your service. [applause] mr. clyburn: chair washington, members of the board for the foundation, mr. butterfield, the committee members, and members of the 115th congress, o chairman cedric richmond and the executive committee members and my colleagues in the 115th former to all of our members who are here, our
11:22 am
from other ers, walks of life that we interact with as we try to carry out the business of the congress and our duties and responsibilities through our colleagues. jackson e boy, jesse senior, and others from the civil rights community, it is and reat honor significant anxiety that i welcome all of you to this ccasion. someone who i quote often once wrote, if we fail to learn the
11:23 am
lessons of our history, we're ound to repeat them. we're here today in the hopes that all of us have learned the lessons of our history. 're here today to install it ew offices -- officers for the congressional black caucus that sit before you today in historic numbers. all of us irrespective of what or be our current pursuit adherence, all of us it got our in nnings, our foundations, the black church. and one of the underpinnings of that foundation is found in the
11:24 am
book of matthew, the 25th verse, chapter -- chapter and the 45th verse where we're taught that we're expected to do for the least of these. but few of us ever pay close tention to what was going on with the teachings prior to the 45th verse and that expression. there is a parable of the talents where we're taught by the master that all of us are given talents. some more than others. but we're taught that even if talent to use that one hat you may have, you lose it. each and every one of the
11:25 am
people who sit before you bring to the 115th congress a different set of experiences. s i often say to my children and grandchildren, two of whom are here with me today, we can be no more, nor will we ever be any less than what our xperiences allow us to be. the experiences that these men and women have hopefully will be used to build a foundation for our children and grandchildren. one in which they will look upon history for lessons and the future.
11:26 am
[applause] ms. washington: state senator, troy a. carter sr. mr. carter: the swearing-in of congressional members is a long standing tradition that celebrates and signifies the start of the new congress. passing of a baton of sorts, a beginning of a new era in others. speaking of passing the baton, the ceremonial oath of office will be administered by the honorable cleo fields. fields is a former member of the united states congress from 1993 to 1997, from the fourth congressional district of louisiana.
11:27 am
congressman fields has been an incredible leader in louisiana and in our nation. it is befitting that someone of his caliber and of his strength and of his character and leadership would be here today to administer the oath of office. ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause for the honorable cleo fields. [applause] mr. fields: thank you, senator. will the chairman elect, the honorable cedric richmond, from the second congressional district of louisiana, please stand. along with all officers and members of the congressional black caucus for the 115th ongress. all officers and members. of the congressional black aucus.
11:28 am
gentleladies and gentlemen, please lays your right hand and repeat after me. i, state your name, do affirm at i will support and defend the constitution of the united enemies inst all reign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. that i take this obligation freely and without any mental of rvation or purpose evasion and that i will well discharge the duties of the office on which i .m about to enter
11:29 am
so help me god. congratulations, godspeed, and continue to be the conscience of the congress. [applause] >> now at this time i would like to introduce -- present, rather, c.b.c. chairman g.k. butterfield of the 114th congress. representative butterfield is in his seventh term serving north carolina's first congressional district. mr. carter: his hard work and the tment to improving quality of life of his constituents, african-americans, and all americans has earned congressman butterfield the confidence and respect of his
11:30 am
peers. under representative butterfield's leadership, the c.b.c. has strengthened educational opportunities for african-american students and hbcu's and advocated to restore section 5 of the voting rights act. the c.b.c. continues to also help alleviate persistent poverty and other disparities that plague communities across the nation. all those these accomplishments are significant, representative butterfield knows that the work to advance the african-american community is far from finished. his determination and dedication to stand up for others has made him one of the most recognizable and effective leaders in congress. ladies and gentlemen, give a big round of applause to the outgoing chairman, representative butterfield. [applause] mr. butterfield: thank you. thank you, thank you.
11:31 am
thank you so very much. we can save that for cedric. this is his day. thank you so very much, senator carter, for those very kind and generous words of introduction. to the other program participants, including my good friend, cleo fields, and to the musicians and the young pastor who participated earlier today, thank you so very much for coming. to the congressional black caucus foundation who made this day possible and has done this down through the years, thank you so very much. to c.e.o.a. sahnice washington and your entire staff, thank you so very much for your incredible, incredible work. to our founding member, the dean of the house of representatives, the honorable congressman john conjers jr., thank you so very much. -- conyers jr., thank you so
11:32 am
very much. to our assistant democratic leader, our beloved jim clyburn, who does so much for so many every day of his life, thank you congressman clyburn. to the executive committee members who serve so ably and the other c.b.c. members, past and present, and to all of you, to all of you who have come from far and near to support us on this day, ladies and gentlemen, let me begin by thanking my c.b.c. colleagues for entrusting the gavel, this thing right here, entrusting the gavel to me for the past two years. i wanted to share these thoughts with you at your last meeting but unfortunately we ran out of time, but i simply wanted to say then and i want to say to you now that you gave me one of the highest honors of
11:33 am
my life and i have had a lot of honors in my life, but this has been one of the highest honors of my lifetime and i thank you so very much. though it has been a huge challenge, as you can imagine, to lead 46 very talented politicians, it has been an honor. it has been most rewarding, and i thank you so very much. now, anyone who serves in congress knows so well that we cannot do this work without the support of our families. to the families who are here and to those who may be watching electronically, thank you, thank you for your tremendous love and support for our work. [applause] mr. butterfield: i especially want to recognize the dozens,
11:34 am
yes, the dozens of congressional staff who support our work. those staffers who work here in washington and those in the district. we cannot do this work without your dedicated service. you are appreciated. you are appreciated not only by your individual member, but you are appreciated by all of us collectively. and finally, the four c.b.c. staff and the supporting interns, including 30-year-old jonathan riley, who left his desk in my office one friday, became ill over the weekend, and passed away, i want to thank you, the staff, the interns for your tireless work every day to lift up the c.b.c. to enable us to pursue our agenda.
11:35 am
you have been most confident in your work and we thank you so very much. [applause] mr. butterfield: 2016 is now in our rear-view mirror. what a year. we find our steffs facing a very difficult -- ourselves facing a very difficult political and legislative environment. unlike any that we have ever, ever seen before. but i promise you the c.b.c. will rise to the occasion and we will meet these new challenges. [applause] mr. butterfield: the consequences, the consequences are too enormous for us to be indecisive and allow ultraconservative forces and the forces of the alt right to defend our nation. we will be strategic and we will be unified in our work in the next congress which begins
11:36 am
at noon today. there is no question that to say evon, he told me l. but i'll say levon, richmond, that's what his momma named him, don't blame me. but there is no question that this brother, cedric levon richmond, again ricks x, is well suited and well prepared to lead us in confronting these new challenges. cedric, i'm proud of you. you know that. these baby boomers, most of these that i'm looking at, these baby boomers are proud of you, and we're ready to get to work. we know that you will take this caucus to a new level, to a different level of advocacy to protect our constituents from
11:37 am
the harm that will be inflicted if we don't fight back. cedric, this is your time. i look forward to working with you. most importantly i look forward to following your leadership as you lead 49 members of this great caucus, the largest caucus in our history. at this time it is my pleasure, t is my honor, it is my joy to that's the gavel -- what marcia fudge told me last year. i know the feeling. it is my joy in all seriousness, it is my honor to transfer the gavel of the chair of the congressional black caucus of the 115th congress to our friend, cedric richmond. [applause]
11:38 am
mr. richmond: thank you, g.k., and our members are like a family, and our common bond is love. and like in a family you know everything about everybody. but the one thing we know and g.k. just exhibited it, is that as he said, cedric, no, this is my gavel. we'll have to get you another one. that g.k. is tight. et me first start off by thanking my family who believed in me when i was 25 years old and said, i want to run for office. fresh out of law school. spent all of my inheritance.
11:39 am
then i told my family, after i spent it so that they had to buy in also, my mother contributed dearly, and my brother was silly enough to share a joint bank account with me, so he contributed far more than he ever knew, and to my wife, who allows me to get on a plane at the beginning of the week and come up here and fight for my constituents and for people in this country, while she raises the little one right there on our own who has his headphones on because he doesn't want to hear what dada has to say. i would ask my wife, mother, sister-in-law, brother, to lease stand and be recognized.
11:40 am
let me thank my colleagues in the c.b.c. who gave me this vote of confidence and this awesome responsibility for the next two years. and their love and their support and their guidance and their mentorship has meant the world to me over the last six years. and to chairman butterfield, thank you for your leadership. someone once said that a politician thinks about the next election. and a statesman thinks about the next generation. but i want you to do is look at these 48 quintessential states women and men who think about the next generation, but more importantly, do what is required of them and that is to love mercy and do justice. please give these 48 members of
11:41 am
the c.b.c. a big round of applause. [applause] mr. richmond: thank you to shanice and the cbcf for all the hard work that you do. most times it's behind the scenes and not at a fancy event like , this but you do t you work tirelessly and you get results. thank you very much. we have assembled this morning to celebrate historic achievements and acknowledge the progress of the congressional black caucus as an institution. e now stand 49 members strong, bipartisan, bicameral, with two of our members serving in the united states senate. just to be clear that's 49 members from 49 different districts, speaking with one voice. our members on leadership and had committees on every major issue debated in congress.
11:42 am
our members on the forefront of providing the moral clarity and intellectual strength to light america's path forward. our members represent 78 million americans, 24% of the population. and 17 million african-americans representing 41% of the african-american population in this contry. and that population is spread out through different parts of the country. urban centers, suburban neighborhoods, and rural counties. we continue to celebrate the past eight years of successful leadership with one of our own in the white house. there's much to celebrate and that is due to the heroes and sheroes that came before us. legendary people like john lewis and eleanor holmes norton who remind us the progress our country has made and our people
11:43 am
have seen. revolutionary leaders like maxine waters and bobby rush who remind us of the many battles that we have waged and he many battles we have won. social justice warriors like jim clyburn and elia cummings who show us every day the importance of fighting. fighting for what's right and fighting for what's just. brilliant luminaries like bobby scott who help light this nation's path to more pros russ and inclusive future. and our next generation of strong, courageous leaders like aye crethclak, hakim jefferies, mark veesy, and the list goes on, and you see the talent up here. however we'll miss a profound opportunity if we only gather to celebrate. we will not do the people we represent justice with-f we don't acknowledge the mood of people of color throughout this
11:44 am
nation. -- -- justice if we don't acknowledge the mood of people of color throughout this nation. we have people who don't understand how we got here today coming off eight years of hope, pride, and inspiration, they are fearful of the current state of division, hate, and pettiness. many of our young people are frustrated with the fact that they seem to be fighting the same causes that dr. king and reverend jackson and john lewis and many others galvanized the country behind during the civil rights movement. and that's jobs, justice, and common humanity. t in 1853 theodore parker, the abolitionist, unitarian minister, and quintessential thinker, told us, i do not pretend to understand the moral une first. the arc is a long one but from
11:45 am
what i see, i am sure it bends towards justice. a century later during the civil rights movement dr. martin luther king jr. an admirer of parker, quoted his lofty prophecy during marches and speeches. reminding us of this essential point that we still know holds true today. often heed ask in a refrain, how long? not long. he would finish in a flurry, not long because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. members of the c.b.c. know this all too well. while others have thrown up their hands, hung their heads, paralyzed by frustration, the members of the c.b.c. have remained focused and driven. they have remained the conscience of the congress. members like shirley chisholm
11:46 am
who during her historic term fought to combat hunger in our communities and work to expand opportunities for women in the labor force and children in the classroom. members like charlie rangel who fought to maintain america's commitment to the least of these and move communities of color closer to economic freedom. members like john conyers who has dedicated his life to helping people of color find justice in the criminal justice system. even though -- [applause] mr. richmond: even though it doesn't look like it sometimes, including now, the arc is still bending, however, it does not bend on its own. it takes people of all ages and races with moral conviction and strength to make it bend. the 49 members of the c.b.c. are committed to do our part. to provide the leadership,
11:47 am
engage the people across this country, and fight shoulder to shoulder to ensure that the arc continues to bend. we cannot do it alone. we need the fire, passion, and talent of young people. to use the tools and resources of today to capture the nation and to give life to our movement. as we all know, it was young women and young men who are on the frontlines of the fight for freedom in the 1960's and it is no different today. we need the wisdom and clarity and foresight of our elders so that we can stand on their shoulders so that we can achieve much greater heights. if we do not learn from our past, our future will be more of the same. as i close, i want to tell you what you can expect from the c.b.c. this congress. we will confront those who seek to divide us. we will be clear about our demands on behalf of black
11:48 am
people across this country. we will venture outside of washington regularly to engage our people in the places that they live and the places that they work and in the place that is they worship. we will heed the many lessons from our leaders who came before, but we will innovate and evolve to tackle the challenges of today. we will be deliberate in our thoughts and actions and we will engage in our own terms. we have the strength and the courage of our ancestors who survived the middle passage, who survived slavery and segregation and jim crow. and in that spirit we won't give in, we won't give up, and we won't fall back. we will continue to bend the arc towards justice. [applause] mr. richmond: to be clear, in fact to be crystal clear, we won't dance if we're not at a
11:49 am
party. we're not going to laugh if nothing's funny. we're not going to scratch if nothing's itching. and we're never going to run because we're never scared and we never will be. may god bless you. may god keep you. and we look forward to the next two years. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, i'm so glad you're standing. don't sit. i want you to sing along with me. i was asked to choose a song sew serenade cedric and this wonderful caucus and i chose this song and i want you to sing along with me. you'll get it real fast. and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts. to all of you. and our new leader, cedric richmond. it goes like this. ♪ show yourself mighty
11:50 am
show yourself strong show yourself awesome in the midst of the storm when the time of trouble he will give you a sign show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself awesome in the midst of a storm in the calm of trouble he will give you sign show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself mighty show yourself strong heat me
11:51 am
hear you sing t show your self-mighty. show yourself strong show yourself awesome in the midst of a storm in the time of trouble he will give you a sign show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself mighty show yourself strong ♪ one more time it. ♪ show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself awesome force nrs in the midst of a storm in a time of trouble he will give you sign show yourself mighty show yourself strong show yourself mighty show yourself strong
11:52 am
just show yourself show yourself show yourself show yourself show yourself show yourself show yourself how yourself show yourself mighty it yourself strong show yourself mighty how yourself strong ♪ [applause] >> thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you to stephanie jordan, accompanied by marlin and rachel jordan. [applause] state senator troy carter will
11:53 am
close the program. mr. carter: show yourself mighty. show yourself strong. show yourself some love. he congressional black caucus. i would like to once again take this time to personally congratulate the new chairman and ask you to join me in giving him a resounding round l. pplause, chairman cedric richmond, chairman of the congressional black caucus, 115th congress. [applause] mr. carter: an awesome responsibility, for indeed an
11:54 am
awesome leader. i'd like to personally thank my dear friend for this great opportunity to -- and humbling opportunity to be with you today. but i have to tell you, i really got here as a part of a golf bet. one that i did not win. he beat the pants off me so he decided to let me come and do this. give a round of applause. we thank the congressional black caucus for four decades of committed service as the conscience of congress. as we begin the 115th congress, we look forward to your steadfast leadership and commitment to ensuring equal rights for all americans. it will the members of the c.b.c. please stand.
11:55 am
ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving a round of applause and saluting the members of the congressional black caucus foundation, these outstanding men and women for their outstanding service, what they have done and what they will do in the 115th congress. give them a big round of applause. [applause] mr. carter: we look forward to witnessing the important work of the dynamic leaders that we celebrate today. we invite the audience to greet the c.b.c. members at the reception outside the theater following the c.b.c. members' class photo. thank you very much for sharing this event. this concludes our program. god bless you-all and god bless america. c.b.c. members please remain on stage for photographs. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
11:56 am
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit]
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>> if you want to hold tight for a moment. we want to take a few more photos. hold tight. a few more moments. and you -- we'll let you go.
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>> are we all set? in the balcony. going to take a few quick hotos. we're all set. thank you very much. congratulations to the new members of the c.b.c. >> next up here on c-span, we'll take you live to the u.s. house. they are gaveling in momentarily. on today's agenda, legislation dealing with fundraising for presidential libraries and making it easier


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