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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 5, 2017 9:08am-10:00am EST

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this man had come down in history to the present as a crook. me what he had actually done. i got intrigued by this. eastern on ght 8 c-span q&a. temperature ♪ ♪ >> the presidential inauguration is friday, ump january 20, c-span will have the day's ge of all events and ceremonies. and live on c-span, listen live on the app. c-span radio >> "washington journal" continues. up the phone open lines for anything that you're seeing in the news, public issues. 202-748-8000 for democrats.
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202-748-8001. and for independents and all 202-748-8002. reminder, too, that coming up at :30 this morning, we'll take you live on c-span3 to the senate armed services committee, hearing coming up on cyber threats, we'll join live. ooking at live shot of the hearing room this morning. we'll go live at c-span3 at 9:30. on c-span radio, also, leave us t 9:30 eastern and you can watch it, stream it live at williams reports at, covering the hearing on cyber threats on capitol hill. what is the foundation and hearing in he guest: well, what you are what g, they will look at senior officials have to say bout these allegations of widespread attempts, uszian
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attempts to interfere in the election. you will see lawmakers press some top intelligence officials country on how they conclusion that russia was behind the hacks on the d.n.c. and hillary clinton of course, e-mail accounts and how they were able to confirm that this was in fact an attempt to interfere in the u.s. election. bost: you had a piece, katie williams, the intelligence chair, in the house, talking devin nunez says he is unconvinced hacking campaign groups was mocratic intended to help elect donald trump. what about the senate side, in armed services committee, intelligence committee, what is the take of republicans there? guest: that is the big question you will see addressed today, question of intent.
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lawmakers largely convinced that there was behind this and it was sow uncertainty in the u.s. democratic process. less, not certainty to as explicit intent install donald trump in the white house. now, anonymous reports in publications indicated that the i.c. believes this was in fact the goal. can expect lawmakers to sk for public accounting of evidence to support that claim. host: there is a special committee that will look at mitch mcconnell's response to that? guest: well, mcconnell and republican leadership in the senate have been clear they think this issue belongs in the respective intelligence committees. critics say that is because wants to n leadership
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in closed he issue committees. what democrats have come out and yesterday, a as big group of former senior intelligence and foreign policy like former secretary of state albright. director, mike morrell, they said, we need an up pendent commission made of non-lawmakers, so we can ddress this issue outside of the struggle over jurisdiction. host: senate committee hear from of national intelligence, james clapper from mike rogers, nsa director. would seem to be very sensitive material that is going today's lked about in session. was there ever talk of this doors, eld behind closed closed session of this or other committees? have said they may hold closed session following this and the senate committee is s scheduled to hold a closed brief
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withing officials from other agencies, state department and the dhs, to a cuss this issue in classified setting. williams e bo covering the hearing for the hill. read her reporting at, and follow her on twitter. bo williams, thanks for the update. we will have live coverage of armed services committee coming up in 15 minutes over on c-span3, live at 9:30, also live on c-span radio and streaming live at you can download the free c-span to it live, as well. let's get to your calls. thanks for car, waiting, go ahead with your comment. caller: good morning, bill. host: morning. caller: like to focus on the foreign committee, foreign affairs committee and i'd like see the obama administration
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pivot toward south america. just traveled away for about s in ecuador, week ogas island. i should say the prime minister from china -- electric power plant north of the country, they have enough to not only country elect, put electricity in the people, ver 11 million but also sell electrical power other mbia and neighboring nations. here in america, we have a power yet we don't share our knowledge and don't profit or king more helping other countries in the neighboring america. continent that is
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hugely ignored. i just hope that the the new trump administration, can have a decent secretary of state and affairs people. pivot toward uld south america, particularly and, of venezuela course, further south, like brazil. huge, huge mineral country. i don't know. we're worried about middle east, they don't care. obama has given $20 billion to israel. they're planning to give israel 38 billion more in the next four years, how crazy is that? we got neighbors down the technically now, speaking, in south america, that countries are yearning for help, industrial help and we're not it.iding host: go to the independent line verona, chard in missouri.
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caller: yeah, in regard to the business you're talking about doing away with of the e or the act health care law. you know, they'll probably with imaginary health care like the imaginary wall you know.lking about, it it's, you know, they're probably to kill more people than taliban and isis put together by making them to away this. that will be on the republican's hands, that is all i can say, let them have it. host: all right. richard, comments on twitter, healthith one concerning care from ertego. are they going to cut premium fist insurance companies set premium prices. carol, tweets on another issue, i was happy to hear that the carter, bush's and going to attend the trump inauguration, it shows
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respect for the office. the der, live coverage of inauguration starting two weeks from tomorrow on friday, january 20, 7 a.m. eastern on c-span network. arizona,joan in tucson, on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. would hope that people, this care ut the affordable m , would check m.p.r.'swebsite. act check, lawmakers are stretching the facts on obamacare. they talkesting items price as that the annual hikes for insurance were considerably larger in the was e before the law passed. people did not in my opinion, did not realize what the before because it
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wasn't known by the -- it wasn't population in gener general, how much was being paid because a lot of companies were paying for it. at ad independent insurance that time and i saw what the were.ases articler item from this hospitals the rural will suffer. n the affordable care act, ayments for medicare payments when the rural hospitals are not going to be able to have enough opinion, enough money to to work and ntinue eep nel rural areas will lose their hospitals, the affordable costs t saved medicare for the american citizens and
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we will lose all benefits. there are other thing necessary it's really worth reading. ost: another article joan points out npr this, is in the "wall street journal" from a day ago.o stand up for obamacare, c.e.o.s, imed at business owners and talking about the premium rates for company-paid health care. write, take a single benchmark, look at families who receive insurance coverage employer. between 2001 and 2008, their 80%, ge premium jumped according to annual survey data from the kaiser permanente foundation and educational trust. was obama, the increase 36%. this represents real money, if the bush rate of inflation through 2016, each of the families would be spending bout $5000 more on annual
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premiums. open phones, we go to long beach, california, hear from darrell, on the independent line. caller: good morning, bill. the insurance -- this incident what is ns hacking in, amazing to me, we have so many lawmakers, i heard yesterday the democratic party will hire eric holder, i used to fact with the other attorneys there, so our tax be spent with arguing. viruses in your computer. that guy is alive, he is 71 years old. he made the comment this is fal see about people hacking and computer. to your i know there has been a couple times you are going, i didn't computer and you have to get it off. host: right. have : the thing, you people who have knowledge of things. the unions have employed and put programs.edical
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i pay $1000 a year between retired,curity and i'm i keep my union healthcare. people to have understand this organizations in the united states that have to skills and bring knowledge. yet what happens, you get rguments fwing and nobody accomplishes anything. so, the scriptures point out a stuff.bunch of one says great swelling words, i that isn't politicians, don't know how better that fits. another one says professing wise, they o be become fools. conundrum. a russians, what a wonderful nation to have as enemies, thank you. about arrell talking russians. a piece in the washington times this morning about this morning's hearing on cyber threats. the headline, congress intelligence chiefs square off russian role in russian
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hacks. they write mitch mcconnell says panels conduct separate inquiry intoes cyber ttacks of the democratic national committee, the white house has blamed on russia. irector of national intelligence, and the head of nsa, cyber command, will testify efore members of the full senate armed services panel this morning. senator mccain, who spearheaded effort on capitol hill to stand up special committee to operationscow's cyber during the election chairs the panel and will dig into u.s. warfare capabilities. the washington times writes, it will be first public appearance intelligence community top official since the white house ordered review of russia's cyber attacks into the d.n.c. and personal e-mail, former hillary clinton campaign john podesta, white house mandated review, nearly address "what russia was doing and how it was c.i.a. director john brennan.
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there will be a separate the depth andinto breadth of moscow's penetration the erican networks during election. coverage, looking live at the earing room, the senate armed services committee gavelling in shortly. you can watch that on c-span3 listen live on c-span radio. ottowa, democrats line. caller: good morning, sir, and to your guests. can't hardly listen to c-span ithout it stirring up emotions and things, these aren't nteresting time, i'm very concerned. and the to touch on the mcafee thing, john mcafee, i believe he's wanted for murder in belize, and can't be trusted. comment thing was my was that since 2005, i think, or 2006, under g.w. bush and the
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time,ican congress at the they put into place tax cuts for corporations that offshored jobs. that is why we ended up with in losing 750,000 jobs a real estate and banking crisis. 2009, nancy pelosi put it on the table that they wanted it through the congress, ut it was filibustered in the senate to remove these incentives to offshore jobs. you step forward into the trump administration, what he carrier, we have the giving tax ayers breaks to corporations that offshore jobs and now in indiana, they have taxpayers, state taxpayers paying to keep jobs there.
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it is a tax incentive revolving corporations, big corporations get it coming and going. so for them, to say they are going to fix health care and jobs in america, i find it laughable, at least. i'd have to laugh because i can't take them serious. a moment for one more comment? host: quickly, other people are waiting. on the south america deal, i agree with that guy ecuador thing and since we turned our back on the america, china has been military n upgrading capabilities for over 10 years and it could be a problem in the future. the thing is that look at henry we inger and that is how treated -- kissinger is back in white anding in the house, so -- host: appreciate your calls and
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on randy's comment about job. 10,000 will be lost at macy's, the front page of the money of "u.s.a. nt page today," macy's to slash 10,000 stores. close 68 they write, after seeing sales drop during the holidays, macy's closed or willit shut 68 stores and cut 6200 positions at a time when shopper dps online to scarves to lipsticks. location span from florida to oregon and some countries are the stores are new to the chain, macy's store in ohio,and center, columbus, opened in 2006, 73 employees, historic or , are been around for decades. acy's will shut store in downtown minneapolis that opened 280 employees. new york city, the flagship
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macy's, we go to william on the line.ican go ahead. caller: good morning. to talk about parts of act that able care aren't covered pre-existing conditions. host: okay. caller: it concerns medigap. a policy you must buy if you want it to cover the 20% of expenses that are not covered by medicare. however, there is a three-month aiting period where pre-existing conditions are not knowed and not many people that. i've had arguments with people they go, it that, is covered pre-existing conditions, it is simply not three-month s a
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timeout period and could actually be longer. to take screen shots to convince people this, but it is a fact. simply a fact. lied that you, he keep your doctor. pre-existing hat conditions would be covered and there is a case where they're and i cannot change my roll because i'd have to the dice, something would come up. host: that is william in new york city. he hearing is about to fwet underway at the office building, the mccain, chairman of armed services committee. john reed, side by side to get on the hearing on cyber threat. our coverage is on c-span3. c-span radio,g on will hear the hearing, as well. he general director clapper is there, general rogers, admiral rogers, rather, is there.
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underway at o get bob in holland, michigan. this hat do you think morning? go ahead. caller: yeah, i'm calling about g.o.p.'s idea of allowing insurance companies to sell heir insurance across state lines. we've had this before with credit card companies. your credit cards were issued from the state you're in and e did away with that allowed them to give their card across state lines and what happened, they all moved to the state with the lowest regulat n the ations and allowed highest interest rates. so for anybody to think that to wing insurance companies sell insurance across state lines will lower the premium i needs to falsehood and do history check. that is all i got. thank you. all right. to -- alaska, we hear from rick next. republican line. good morning.
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caller: good morning there. a simple question, i think. why couldn't they just instead spending all that money for policy, , or any other why couldn't they just extend medicare?and host: what do you think the reason is? know, that is what i'm asking? host: i'll see if other viewers listener consist weigh in. dan is next, hastings, michigan, morning, dan. caller: good morning, thanks for taking my call. i'll answer that question the had, that is because of the cost. the tax increases, the going to payre not it, that is one reason they from day one against this affordable care act. they didn't put any information it to help it, they just fought it because of the new taxes that is created. want to mention a few
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points. people don't realize what is oing to happen when this goes away. number one, we will fw back to the old system, as soon as cost money ployer too much because of health care and rising cost, they will drop you. no law says they have to, that of the a.c.a. also, limits, if you get sick, cancer or anything like that, we're going back to the old ways, there is limits. once they reach x amount of dollars, they don't pay anymore. that i just read marsha, a was congresswoman from tennessee, put out a tweet yesterday or the asking constituents to weigh in. back and said, do not repeal. that was a state that carried trump. well, they're going on trump's care promise. "60 minutes" interview, he promised everybody, everybody would be coverage, h better lower costs. that is impossible.
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sold everybody on getting licans on elected. they are talking two years, four ears, and if people don't realize what is going on in politics, the reason they are are g two years is they waiting until the 2018 election because they will throw in the edicare voucher program that paul ryan wants. so now, not only will you be to afford health care, you won't be able to afford medicare when it comes out. dan, how did you wind up seeing that tweet from congresswoman blackburn? caller: it is all over the internet today, everywhere. you can see it everywhere, all over the news. i hope it gets on a major news channel to show people. bandwagon on the that, you know, there wasn't enough information out there about it. soon as the election came and they talked, another article in prepare to pay
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$1500 more for insurance after the repeal. host: dan, thanks for sharing with us this morning. more calls ahead. democrats.0 for republicans 202-748-8001. and independents 202-748-8002. open phones up until 10:00 eastern. house coming in 10:00 eastern for traditional reading of the they tution, something have been doing since the opening of the -- do my math, 113th, 112th session of congress underway at 10:00 eastern. they start legislative work in resolution king up condemning the u.s. vote or abstention from the vote in the u.n. security council a month go or couple weeks ago concerning israeli settlements. armed overing the senate services committee looking at potential hreats and russian hacking, couple other
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online coverage notes to pass sheldon whitehouse, ranking member of the senate judiciary committee and michael mccall, chairman of the homeland security committee will have a outlining rence today recommendations for strengthening america's cyber eastern this 0 morning, stream live at paul ryan, ng live, house speaker, will hold a weekly press briefing at independent line, next up, we hear from martin in turtlecreek, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you, c-span. 12, 2013, during united committee on intelligence hearing the senator widen asked director of national intelligence clapper the following question. select any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? director clapper responded, no,
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sir. 1395 days since james clapper lied to congress and the american people. i hope when he goes before congress, that he's held and thisle for his lie information. i also hope that the c.i.a. is accountable for their lack of accuracy regard to the fall f the soviet union, in regard to the iranian revolution, in regard to weapons of mass destruction. agencies are organizations around der governments the world and popular movements equality.m and so i think people should take you know, given macy's layoff of 10,000, look the rd to the day when c.i.a. will be laying off 10,000 mr. trump, president-elect trump, intelligence r
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agencies so that we have, you the people have an opportunity to express their pinions around the world without manipulation, election fraud and covert actions by the c.i.a. host: martin referring to a story in this morning's washington -- excuse me, "wall we'll get that for you. here is a front page story in the "new york times" regarding the trade deal nafta. nafta promise falling short, a trade pact's pitfalls, they write from mexico the years, working at company's manufacturing plant in this industrial mexican town, rico witnessed pretty major changes. turningforce has grown, out refrigerators like robots than simple models of his early career. funneling the changes was a tree-trade agreement among the united da and states that promised to lift mexico into the future. up was not seem to go mr. rico's salary.
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he still earns well under $10,000 per year, a sum he argues that hardly makes mexico of the north american free-trade agreement that president-elect donald trump says it is. mr. trump questioning the virtues of a nafta centerpiece at one point n calling it "the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere," and not slowed down since his election o. tuesday alone, he criticized general motors for cars made in mexico to the united states, claiming ford.t for decision by cancelled plans for new factory in mexico and named well-known protectionist approximation, robert lighthizer negotiator. "new york times" writes his argument driven narrative where the can workers that where american worker lost, the mexican economy gained. "new york times," here in mexico, increasing belief nafta, despite drawing of investment to the country has been a big
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disappointment. more at times," read in mississippi, on the democrat line. thanks for waiting. caller: yes, sir, the gentleman saidalking about tennessee affordable care act paying for existing later.ions until 90 days that was debunked because the most people that on medication paying their 1200 a month when obama first thing, the very next day, i myself, took people to their rmacy to get prescriptions refilled and it to $32 a from $1240
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month for diabetics. on eric holder, representing the gentleman said hat the democratic party was hiring, that is not true, either. it is not the democratic party, california toe of protect them from some of the things that donald trump is planning on doing. a lot of there is things that people say they don't check out or don't see and the news last two days that eric holder was being hired by the state of california to protect california people policies that e's planning on implementing and forcing the states to go into. that's just so many things donald trump don't know about. claims to be a savvy
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businessman, but he's not savvy comes to running the federal government. i think people will find out the hard way that time it is all done with this bamacare situation, that the republicans are -- i tell you to, they are e up fixing to get rid of it as we going to d they are let the insurance companies take over. they are not , on g to have any restraints them after they get rid of obamacare. and you are going to see a lot people, older people, doing without medical care and medications and you will see a lot of people dying from this. turn out it will really bad if the republicans eyes in
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host: buford, thanks for your call. ore calls ahead, want to get back to caller mentioned this story in the "wall street journal." plans to revamp top u.s. spy agency, talking the article this morning that the president-elect harsh critic of intelligence agencies top advisors to restructure and pair back the nation's top spy agency. move prompted by his belief the office of director of national intelligence has become bloatd and politicized, these people said. james clapper testifying this underway on c-span3. live coverage of that senate services committee hearing. pipe creek, texas, next up. on the republican line. caller: yes. thank you, good morning. morning.d caller: i encourage your kaiser s to look at the permanente family foundation, in particular, their white papers, a brief every year. october 2016 brief does
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extraordinary job in explaining the health insurance market, assistance d ordinary individual consist receive n. ordinary english, you calculate where you're going to be with regard to premiums. worthwhile, i have shared this and helped educate my neighbors about the and what care act they are facing and the premiums. is the disappointing insurance companies are controlling our healthcare. a.c.a., not the house, not the senate, not the white house, the insurance companies picking your hospitals. the insurance companies are pharmacy.ur are forcing , they rural america to get drugs at walmart, period. controlled, being we've gone from provider and now ions to hmo's excluding e p.o.'s,
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hospitals, excluding doctors. interstate insurance issue, this is a zip code issue. ig data and the insurance companies and the prescription benefits management firms, their enefits management firms, multi-billion dollar cluster of companies.ance united healthcare, humana, cigna, aetna, and mbcbs this, is a trillion dollar industry and state regulator consist no regulate this mammoth industry. host: thanks for calling. you, jean, open phones, our comments and calls and tweets at c-span wj. well under the a.c.a., better than being tropped because they couldn't pay premiums. karen says sudden concern of
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repealing the a.c.a. is astounding. they all on them now and know it. from ellen, who tweets, last i 10,000 new ests for security analysts needed for intelligence hat or defense? floor action, se u.n., andn to condemn, trump get down there and kick -- you can read that. they will take up resolution abstaining .s. from from the vote on expansion of israeli settlements, that starting at ork noon. live coverage on c-span. hey're in about 15 minutes, 10:00 eastern, for a traditional reading of the u.s. constitution. verly is next in south jersey.eld, new independent line. caller: yes, good morning. what i would like to say and in beginning with affordable thingct, i read the whole
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as an independent and i did work for the democrats. there were a e, ot of negotiations with the republicans and harry reid. and they negotiated a lot of -- expect it to ot pass. but faith was on the side of the passed. people and it the other thing is this, the affordable care act and i would one comment before i continue. was watching jeopardy the other night and there was a question and one young woman affordable care act and alex said, no, and the young she pressed in and she said, obamacare. because they are the same thing and a lot of people don't know the difference. minute, verly, she
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got the answer wrong because she said affordable care act -- well, she phrased it as a and said theiously affordable care act and not obamacare and it was wrong? caller: no, no, no. first one said affordable care act and alex said, no, that is wrong. the second one buzzed in and said obamacare. he said, no, that is wrong. so, the difference, the two a ple did not know there was difference or maybe one knew and the other didn't. my comment is this, the we have 20 are act, million people or so, people who have smiled for the first time putting their hand over their mouth because they went to the dentist. their people that read first magazine in the tr's office because they went to the doctor. children are healthier and they peace of minds. e will take this away because we don't like the president?
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e are going to sink a ship and kill millions of people because we hate the captain? the republicans are doing and as americans, we need enough is and say, enough. instead of that, we talk around angry, er cooler, we are but we're not making a difference because we're not getting out of our houses and to the state capitol with millions of people to say, leave alone. and in terms of the insurance a young man spoke about earlier, cost so much, that is supplemental and the insurance companies control that. it has nothing to do with the affordable care act. to eed to start listening the american people. make.ore comment i have to one, when the n.s.a. lost of the thing with the guy who went to russia, they can't do certain things they are supposed to do to protect the
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american people. we can't have it both ways. is the r thing abstention of the united nations prevent -- is to prevent the prime minister of israel from hitler of his area. thank you very much for me.tening to host: verly in new jersey about earlier caller's comments. eric holder and his new role, a new role for the former attorney general. "washington post" article here, california hires holdener preparation for legal battles incoming president. they say the legislative leaders hired former attorney general to advise them on how to do legal battle with president-elect donald trump. to come outile move of resistance among cities and policies the expected of the incoming administration. the "washington post" writes backlash is in cohate with smattering of democratic mayers, others vowing to buck
9:49 am
the trump administration on issues, including immigration change.ate they write, california, which has been in the vanguard of politics and democrat hillary clinton beat trump by 4 million votes, is taking the aggressive stance. enate leader kevin deleon and anthony randone, both democrats, aid holder will serve as outside council to the legislature and advise in to "resist to "resist attempts roll back progress california has made," read more at rory is up next, polo, illinois. caller: the a.c.a., they tried to put amendments in there, they were basically thrown in the obamae and then president came out and said the republicans can come along, they need to get in the back seat. divided our country right
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there and nobody tried to fix it since. to try to come together as a country and not be everything. about thank you. host: all right. wallace is next, lafayette, louisiana. democrats' line. welcome. morning, c-span. i have very much big pleasure of guys this you morning. et me say this from what i notice from what the affordable is, obamacare. vice listening to president pence say this. name off get obama's he affordable care act the republican party had eight years everybody that ran for office here in louisiana that that i went to
9:51 am
he announcement run for re-election, the first thing they ould say is one year going after bout his birth certificate, the next time they was talking about going after his affordable healthcare, which they call it obamacare. take obama's name off of the affordable healthcare will be happy, especially the republicans f. they could put donald trump's on it, they would be happy f. they could put paul ryan's they will be happy. all they want to do is drop the it and the ff of affordable care act is working. heart attack and the affordable health care act took i'm still well, around today and i appreciate act, ffordable health care
9:52 am
everybody else that does not have it does not have success i know other d people didn't have, shame on them. thanks c-span for giving me the opportunity. bet, wallace, glad to hear you are doing better. ellen inpublican line, knightstown, indiana. you for es, thank c-span. the reason it was the first two e, years republicans weren't there disagreed with the of the affordable care act from the beginning, but couldn't stop it. i certainly agree with jean from texas because the companies make billions of dollars under our system and so companies and e there is already a single payer system, which i will go to if it
9:53 am
fixed, i will not be on obamacare, because there is a called metasharetis by christians, like an insurance company, you pay so month, oldsmobile only it is much less than insurance, it started by christians, but other groups ould get together and take the profit out of the insurance company and as far as the drugs concerned, certainly necessary in the beginning, but there are at least four i know of making healthy choices, health science institute, health science foundation, these are all hownizations which show you to prevent diseases, including cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks and if you already have for doctors and
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b -- drugs, trugs, have we are going to insurance, it should be able to of r at least small portion the healthy supplements that you get from the companies i mentioned, including mineral concentrate, that is our biggest problem, they have now ways you can -- are breaking up on us, thanks for the call. ront page this morning of "u.s.a. today," report reveals mishap with deadly germs. necessary entist charge of guarding the nation gainst infectious disease lost a box of deadly influenza equipment nd safety failed multiple times during work with the world's most pathogens. "u.s.a. today" writes a scientist wearing full body gear air hose ied disconnect again in one of the
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world's most advanced biosafety labs, such suits are used to protect against lethal viruses. incidents occurred at the centers for disease control and atlanta and colorado over a two-year period, according to reports obtained by "u.s.a. today" under the freedom of information act. they write that the reports nearly two years after they were first requested reveal shrouded fety lapses, in secrecy one of the world's premiere public health labs of revealed in biolab necessary your backyard, investigation published in 2015. investigation, exposed hundreds of safety incidents at nationwide cilities b. five minutes of your calls on any topic. pen phones, we'll hear from alex in san bernardino, california, independent line. morning, how are you doing today? host: fine, thank you. brieflyi wanted to call and discuss eric holder being
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wage by legislation to war against trump. i think it's pretty interesting i could make if quick pointss. host: sure. caller: the current governor was help from trump university and one of trump's some t picks, who did pretty i'd say questionable a ivities as far as being corporate bank constituency, he orced people out of homes, it was on democracy now yesterday. they discussed it briefly. legal passed a investigation about questionable activities. eric holder himself, attorney the united states, didn't go after any of the big basically ad collapsed the world market. i mean, we have a situation fighting against trump for doing what washington has pretty much done the last under obama. i think that democrats need to
9:57 am
and really me reflect on the policy they have put and implicated over the past years, which disenfranchised so many people, pushing them to trump. best candidate, but he was the candidate that say eople chose to kind of we no longer accept the longer hment and no accept this disenfranchisement and no longer accept this day to dc business as usual. host: alex, you're on independent line, did you vote donald trump? caller: no, by no means, i voted bernie sanders in the primary addition, i -- my me to nce wouldn't allow vote for either candidate. ecord his been atrocious, from the war in syria, decivilization n northern africa, central and south america. obama's blatant disregard for i'm african n, and american, so i'm not saying this
9:58 am
"racist," or ho is xenophobic and other labels put like don't i don't like his policies, they have been detrimental. looked out for corporate wall street by sacrificing main bernie sanders was aying through his campaign and gave him the momentum, especially amongst the millennials. the democratic steeped in corporate entrepreneurship and trying to elp that particular constituency, they don't realize women, on man, and excuse me, we just really need ome help right now because these are economic strengths, jobs are stagnant wages, jobs not as prosperous as they used to be, education is not affordable. pushed people ve to a situation, they voted for an alternate and trump is the alternate. host: alex in san bernardino,
9:59 am
california. the from sigmund about selection by the legislature in california to make eric holder council.r of eric holder tweets sigmund, the socialist fwft in exile, they call themselves the resistance. quick call. from california. arline, on the democrat line, good morning. morning.good thank you for taking my call. that one of your other callers mentioned kaiser permanente foundation health plan. profit system that provides care. but the most of the u.s. corporations like united health are only in the for theiro make money c.e.o.s and stockholders and they don't provide care. we need single payer healthcare system like all the other countries and take the profit out of the healthcare system. host: arline in san francisco. thanks


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