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tv   President Trump and Congressional Leaders Deliver Remarks at Inaugural...  CSPAN  January 20, 2017 2:47pm-3:11pm EST

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[appus spker ry: thank y, y. th ia great honornd prilege. tsty ar frienan rm cleue, ce presidt me penc [applaus i steally enjo sing at i thk of a t tes we walked back d rt just do thisalonheayo vo. t imery sves, more often tn t,e lk tt wabeusweerbeg ul iohepeer fi f being aonhefo beg bboursn e repuic sdyommitt. he had my ea meri he. knhis job makes u ofceofthsete. buoumike pence,il wa ba part oth op'sou. ppus
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the esent cod t he chen bte partn this worth mike nc , mr. esident, . ce pridt, weai olaes to youto kar, do ur betil famy, mayouav eryleinan sce a th 4h ceredef e united stasf era. setomcnnl: wl,he the tay iugatn i unue ari. there e me wor tt me to minwh yeathat hraseigbo, energet,
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enrpsindesie. wa lkio eext rin. re sndli o cnt a it sur sndli dal ump. ppus setomcnnell: o psint has smote fmibl challeesetng tth me. h bn uertite often. buheev l i sp m om scein were whi h sil ccs h tns to th arf vein heilfa manchlees, buweavbehaend fondmeedtrge we livinhaintis, yes buso tngndure d we
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cebre e of em today. isnaugurion is a reminder ofuromntos eran and himoniely amic o oasns, i kou to sndndoimenaing a glas mrrede, y uin evy ccess heea ahd. y youniurouryehd commonision d renhe pristhak ooury sore. he. e . r unt: m psint
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esent trump:ha y vy chmih d o gat vice pridt. dot tnk anybody wants t are saknyor today gh soe' c i srt buweav sma o o binet mbs he. i ey gers,urenal wi keep ssa. th a gngo ve a l o prlems on thth se. th aoing tooat upf emoi a mov, pi yenalerats. ev cckikeneralat ti aeneralel. de d intesng tal buwereoing tdous fi. were goio jtin eris setnghai wante to say bause ias vy honod wn ieard tt presen bl clint a
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secrar hillary clint w mi tay. ani ulli y tstd up. i wod like y t sndp. ppus esidentrump: hesy,he is notng me casa cae ha a l oreec fo tsewo ppl d thanyofor beinger a gngo he ur gre ar opeace d pspit anwill b wki very hd. r cin ilid and readani knowhu is gog aro o tm,'m sur really belie tt. an we are al wting t same
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card rrentg all tee branch of governntnd idenfi whhievent is da we de bat.ou arsta frief mine. a n detrpener,oh anebe drtn dha mostlyadoufalnre d andey gla dicedo th event ano osth ent faer conro t cpln e utestesou o reprentatis. aplainony: l u py. wleave is place, wgi you tnk o ld,orhe me wha sreanor those oord rdorepare deler it s. mawelwse atulor th kiness receive
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nus takaeworof yo cal. ateerno abl tohow you andinalemksf pridt obama aheef andrew a fceas befe eyleo e wt coa o the it stes. >> helvebo. u know,icllani hav beenilnghigo-b thing,o bhose be ve brief ye s. pplaus wi wl y at wn ard ts jrn, wdi


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