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Charles Schumer
  Weekly Democratic Address  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 6:23pm-6:31pm EST

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trump did not do a weekly address today. he will begin his weekly addresses next saturday. charles schumer of new york delivers the democratic weekly address. he talks about the democratic agenda on the middle class. schumer: yesterday, our country took part in a tradition that is a cornerstone of our government. the orderly transfer of power. the ceremony also offered a chance to hear the new president articulate his vision for the country. today in a conversation with you, i want to share the democratic party's vision and how we will work to advance it in the new year and new congress. first, we are going to recommit ourselves to principles that have always been at the core of our party. called, economic
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justice. speaking of for working families, economic fairness for the american worker, opportunity and prosperity for the american middle class and those trying to reach it. those principles will only be our north star. we will follow them and fight for them. and second, we shall fulfill our constitutional duty to hold the other branches accountable. it is not our job to be a rubber stamp, it is our job to do what is best for the american people, that is why we were elected. so, to the extent that the president pursues policies that help americans and are consistent with our values on issues like infrastructure, trade and closing loopholes, we stand ready to work with them. but if they propose policies that would hurt americans, cut their medicare or medicaid or social security, if they propose
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to world that consumer protection, or the laws that keep wall street in check, if they want to wind back wetections for the water, will fight them to the and now. -- tooth and nail. when they try to take affordable health care away from tens of millions of americans, then democrats will fight them with every fiber of our being. as we are doing right now. is what we will always do hold the president accountable. accountable to the working people, with -- for whom he promised so much and accountable to all people, all colors and creeds and sexual orientation. and perhaps most important, accountable to the law. democrats will make this year's congress and accountability congress. the president ran against both parties, he promised to change
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the way that america operates, to drain the swamp, but since the election he seems to have forgotten that. his cabinet is stacked with billion years, corporate executives, titans of wall street and those embedded in washington's power. too many support the same positions that many in the republican party have held for years, policies the american people have repeatedly rejected. and we are already working to hold him accountable for that. controlcrats cannot what the president and congress do, we can only control what we do and what we will do is keep the faith, hold true to our values, and fight for them, and always, always, hold the president and his party accountable. immense
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responsibility, but we will meet with passion and the commitment to continue to have a conversation with you, the american people, every step of the way. thank you, god bless america. >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3, tonight at 9:00, university professor nancy unger looks at the role of gay bars in american history. >> many go to these bars and they find out they are not the only ones, there are lots of people that are atypical sexually. when the war is over, they do not want to return to their small towns and small-town closets. many settle in the cities where they experience self-acceptance. >> at 10:30 p.m., policymakers talk about the luger act,
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establishing the process of destroying soviet chemical weapons. >> what we found is that the russians, the nuclear complex, was not an inheritance from hell. means fort was the the revival of a great russia. >> sunday evening on american artifacts, the fdr presidential archivist, and a preservationist, on their efforts to preserve tenant of his most important speeches. >> we look at the films based on historical significance, frequency of how often they are requested, and quality of the footage. nationsee one third of a still house -- ill housed, ill clad. atand at 8:00, looking
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israeli-the american relations. >> i told the house of representatives i would commit political suicide if i do not support the state of israel. this is the audience for the situation part -- the audience participation part. >> for a complete schedule, go to on c-span, the communicators is next with outgoing chair tom wheeler. trump's by president visit to cia headquarters. then sean spicer talks about media coverage of yesterday's inauguration. and at 8:00, the women's march on washington that took place earlier today near the capital. -- capitol. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily.
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in 1979, c-span was created as a public service and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. november 4, 2013. tom wheeler [captions copy right national cable satellite corp. 2017] on he term comes to an end january 20. wheeler, during your tenure what right?u get >> i hope that what we did was, job is to be ur representative. n a rapidly changing technological environment, which is affecting the way in which verybody deals with the networks that connect us. and