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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 9:40am-10:02am EST

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interrogation of saddam hussein." >> saddam hussein was a realist in his use of power and the way political power is exercised in the political power game. and i think that he saw that when you are playing at his level of the presidency, the top level of the country, when you win, you win big, but when you lose, you also lose big. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on "q&a." >> "washington journal" continues. host: it is open phones on "the washington journal." any public policy issue you want to talk about, whether it was on today's program or not. the front page of today's "new york times," as we begin this segment, their lead story talking about the executive orders expected to come today from the white house. we have been covering several of the executive orders, all the executive orders that have come out this week. the headline of the new york
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times -- looking ahead to the executive orders expected to come. we can talk about those. any of the issues you want. chattanooga, tennessee, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: i am doing well. caller: i just had a comment i want to make. town with a population of around 7000, 8000 people. hard to find a job here. stuck in the south. it is a republican state. life.ed almost all my i will be 65 years old in april. and i had to take an early retirement. it is all about republican policies. i watched ever since obama started running. i was working just across the state line in georgia. best job i ever had. it paid me quite a bit more than
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anything i could have made here in chattanooga. i had to leave the state. and i had to commute. and because of republican justies, i have almost about lost every job that i have ever had, due to layoffs. host: what policy hurt you the most? what directly affected you and your job? caller: i was working at shaw. i think it was nafta. it was not nafta. it was also the housing crisis, because if you are not building houses, you do not need a carpenter. they almost wiped shot out. show started out as a family owned business. billionairet to the -- i cannot recall his name right now. a famous billionaire. het: when donald trump says wants to renegotiate nafta, talks about possibly pulling out of nafta if he wants, you support the president in that?
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i cannot, in my soul, in my heart of hearts, support someone like donald trump, with the history this land has had from the very beginning. i am black. i am a black man. with his record of dealing with black people, it is a lot of rhetoric. there is a lot of talk. louder actions speak than his words do. , heeven during the election would start all this rhetoric about what we are going to do to help the black communities and all this. we just had a black man in the white house, and it wasn't a lot that he could do, because racism is embedded real good in local government. local governments have ways to circumvent the feds.
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and everybody knows how that works, especially down in the south. scott,et's go to annapolis, maryland, line for republicans. scott, good morning. scott, you with us? caller: yes. host: go ahead. caller: i have comments, one on the gal on earlier. the socialism issue and the democratic progressivism, the real issue on those is, they want all these programs, and yet we are a trillion dollars in debt, which works out to several hundred thousand dollars per taxpayer. it is like this money just magically is created. in other than when it is created as a loan in the banking system, you cannot create this, and somebody has to pay for this at some point. really, i think we need to have those discussions. in reference to the donald trump investigation into voter fraud, and maryland, when i renewed my drivers license yet, i watched him illegal
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company in enemy who i was talking with -- that is why i know they are illegal, because they told me -- sign up for driver's licenses. they were really excited. the next question on the form after they signed up for their driver's license was, do you want to register to vote? and they did. that ranal at the mta it when i stepped up next, she said, we do this all the time. she said, we have got a couple hundred thousand illegal aliens in this state alone that are registered as drivers, and we let them vote. so i think the reason that no one has cried foul on any of these voter fraud issues is, no one has investigated it. that is all. host: donald trump has said he will investigate voter fraud. tweets from our viewers earlier, "i will be morning, asking for a major investigation into voter fraud, those registered to vote in two states." depending on the results, he
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said, "we will strengthen up voting procedures." some other news this morning. the dow jones industrial average reaching a new high, topping the 20,000 mark for the first time this morning. that very closely watched historic mark, hit this morning by the dow jones. we will be watching the stock market today and see where that goes. tom is in mason, ohio, an independent. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: thanks for c-span. folks should know -- an old man like myself, 80's years old, who did vote for mr. kennedy, going back -- and i also voted for eisenhower. but the problem is, today, we have socialism rampant in this country. people want everything handed to them. and they do not know what the word means. it means bigger government.
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you do not have to work for it. and that is a shame of this country. until people realize there is no free lunch, somebody is paying for it. they better look out. and i think donald trump is the man to do it. thank you very much for listening to me. host: in fairfax, virginia, a democrat. what do you want to talk about? caller: good morning. i just want to say that i am proud to see that donald trump is dealing with nafta, the nafta , coming immigration into this country, a border patrol. i just want to say that god established borders between the nations. also dealing with racism. one thing i do not understand about the american people is, you know, those things that i
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,amed in the previous years they were complaining, saying, why don't the past presidents -- why don't they do with these issues? now that mr. trump is dealing with it, they are angry with him. for what? i am an african american woman. i was there at the inauguration. -- to give there to him, you know, congratulations. and i did say a prayer for him. i am proud. i am proud of mr. trump. i say clean house, mr. trump. and god is with you. protesters at the inauguration? there were some protesters trying to block access for those who wanted to watch the proceedings from the mall. caller: yes, there were, and i did see some of them down there. they really do not understand the dynamics that is going on in
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this country. i believe they just wanted to make noise down there. mr. trump is getting the job done. i am so proud of this guy. god bless him. and all his endeavors. int: francisco is bloomfield, new jersey, and independent. good morning. you?r: how are you answered my call. my comments are pretty simple. i really wanted to ask katrina, being a progressive democrat, that she talked about, and her association with bernie and the -- youth,with the use i wanted to ask what she thinks are the things that she could with, as are in common she calls, the trunk era. it is too early to call it an era. the past couple of days, you have seen some really, you know, progressive, if you want to call
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, news byfinition trump, that have really move the country in a direction that really has taken it out of stagnation, you know? and i think that is a big part of the problem with our party politics in our country. there is a lot of talk, really. there is positions on both sides. and the problem becomes, you know, there is a lot of infighting and arguing, but nothing ever gets done. and you have got to give donald trump a lot of credit for actually doing the things that he said he was going to do. he is not the perfect politician. case,ually, in this thinking about it, because of how historically speaking lookedians have really out for themselves, and that is why it is heavily influenced by their -- the people that are voting for them, their community.
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which should be the case, but at the same time, there are things -- there areake some things in life that shall lay, a position in politics. that is why i wanted to ask for that question, of what she feels would be, you know, a good thing and we could talk about come together. that is what progress is all about, really. host: that question on the record and i am sure we will have her on down the road. oklahomaoklahoma, city, one for democrats. good morning. caller: i was calling from oklahoma city. and i worked at the democratic headquarters in 2012. and when i worked there, we did phone banking. .e called in our state
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a lot of people that we were calling were actually registered democrats. they always voted republican. and i was like, while. i was unaware of that. i see how democracy is going. that trump isng saying he is for the working people, for protecting our country. stopping immigration, and all these things he is trying to do. he is trying to say that he is going to bring our country back. sir, there isty, a form of racism in that. wring our country back from what? what we experienced was the lossest economic worldwide of income, when the housing market went down in 2009.
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people lost their houses, their 401(k)s. people were struggling. the job in the united states had gone overseas. hesident obama at that time, saved the car industry, put money often that. housing to stop the bleed, try to help people save their homes. we got a health care for people that did not have health coverage, who were losing their homes because of the health limits on your-- health care. everything he had to fight against, the wind he had to fight against with health -- people in this country -- donald trump is going to roll back. host: just a few minutes left in our program today. we will not be going to capitol hill at the end of the program,
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because congress is not in session today. the house and senate are out today because powerful senate republicans are headed to their leadership conference, a retreat in philadelphia, pennsylvania. republican members met on capitol hill this morning to get on the buses to head to philadelphia. there will be a three-day meeting. donald trump expected to attend that meeting. there are some of the members boarding buses, republican members, boarding the buses to head to philadelphia. others expected to address republicans at the retreat -- the british prime minister is expected to be there, along with peyton manning, football legend peyton manning. we will look for news from philadelphia from the republicans for the rest of the week. back to the phones. michael is in oklahoma as well, a republican. michael, good morning. caller: yes, good morning. for overen a democrat 35 years in oklahoma. iran for office as a democrat.
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and i changed my party affiliation in 2012 to vote for ron paul, as he advocated sound fiscal policies. question -- i have a question, and also an answer. i believe that, first of all, the question is, how can there be a uniform registration policy for voting in the united states? california, you have to show a driver's license. you are able to vote. to beahoma, you have registered and your name has to be on a list. you have to show a driver's license in order to vote. president,nt, former was advocating illegal aliens to vote right before the election. this is just astounding. the illegal aliens are not citizens of the sovereign nation of the united states. the other thing i would like to
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make a comment on is, thank god for donald trump being elected. we now have a government for the people that we have not seen since november 22, 1853. also thank like to the people of the united states for voting in a godly manner. these globalists that seem to have run this country for years are chomping at the bit right now. they don't like what i just said. host: can i ask you what you mean by this is a government we have not seen since november 22, 1963? caller: well, the government was by the people. we had a president that was advocating taking down the federal reserve in his policies. where itfiscal policy
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was being given to people in the form of currency from the u.s. treasury instead of the federal reserve. the man was getting ready to [coughing] michael, are you trying to say what happened to president kennedy was justified? caller: i am saying he was taken out because of his fiscal policies. host: ok, we will move on. paul, line for independence. good morning. caller: good morning. i mean, i really think that trump is basically just -- he is aiming at nationalism and isolationism. and that is his base. and that works for a while. but we are in a world of 7 billion people now. -- depend and think on american exceptionalism is going to somehow override 7 billion people?
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he just pulled out of the tpp, which did have its problems. but by doing so, he has turned his back on about 60% of the world economy, and about half of the world's population. buildw he thinks he can an economy for everyone by literally turning his back on half of the world, or more than half of the world -- i just don't see it. i think he is blowing a lot of smoke with these voter fraud issues, really to hide the fact that he is -- he is getting the epa. he is ramming through pipelines that will bring absolutely very few jobs to our economy. so, he isng endangering water supplies for people up and down river.
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i just think the whole thing is -- it is just a lot of smoke. so he will overplayed his hand. he has been bankrupted four times. that is what happens to people when they have overplayed their hand. and he will do it again, too. thanks a lot for letting me make a comment. host: you mentioned what is happening with the agencies during the transition process. a lot of stories in newspapers here in d.c. and around the country about changes in policies at different agencies, limits on public communications specifically making the headlines -- this from "the washington post" today. the limits are to target agencies overseeing environment and scientific policies, propped in criticism from officials within those agencies, and from outside groups focused on climate change. if you want to read more on that story, it is in "the washington post." ofot of focus on the efforts those within those agencies, how they would communicate if they have concerns with the trunk administration.
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a recent twitter handle that popped up was the alternate u.s. national park service twitter handle. it is being described by those who created it as a resistance handle for park service employees. it popped up within the up with4 hours. cannot wait for president trump to call us fake news p you can take our official twitter, that you will never take our free time, is the tweet that is on there. there are no minutes left in our program. we appreciate all the calls in our open phones segment and during all of our segments today. we will be right back here tomorrow morning. in the meantime, have a great wednesday. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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announcer: president donald trump says he intends to announce his nominee for the supreme court a week from tomorrow. three federal appeals court judges are said to be the front runners to fill the light time that the lifetime seat of -- the lifetime see of antonin scalia. on the phone, greg stohr. good morning. it was at the end of an executive order signing ceremony that he announced he would be picking the supreme court nominee next week. take us through the decision here. we know that he is down to four people. my reporting says there are two front runners, tom hardiman and neil gore


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