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  President Trump Criticizes Pace of Cabinet Confirmations  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 9:03pm-9:17pm EST

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letter. democrats are doing to cabinet picks were purely political reasons. they had nothing going for two abstract. obama attorneyn general. earlier today, to begin his day, president trump met with small business owners at the white house and signed an executive order to with regulations. >> hello everybody from the other side. >> they get paid like $100,000 a year or so.
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the president says picklist to $200 million in tax. he get's up. i shouldn't ask you that. we appreciate what you have done. gary cohen, president of goldman sachs, finally. as if they check he had to write. i want to thank you all very much. linda mcmahon is the director, she is a fantastic woman. we are waiting for her approval, we are many poor -- waiting for many approvals. deliberatelycting slow. they are not behaving will at
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all. that is why over the last many years nothing got done in this country. , were moving things along are moving them along fast. they actually had a very good day yesterday. in terms of homeland security. we had to make the move and we decided to make the move. it would be nice if we could have that cabinet which is outstanding. it is going through a lot. in terms of what they are being put through. senator jeff sessions, they made him wait an extra week. they did it for political reasons. they just made him way. i said why did they do that? it is just politics. i noticed that chuck schumer had they tears yesterday. i will ask him who is is acting coach. i know him very well. i do see him as a crier. if he is, he's a different man. he as a 5% chance that it was real. i think they were they tears.
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decision that i made. a very big decision. but the decision on the united states supreme court. this will be announced tomorrow that from the white house at 8:00. a person who is unbelievably respected. i think you will be very impressed with this person. that will be 8:00 tomorrow night at the white house. us, peopleve with who are very successful in the world of small business. i love small business. i started as a small business. i have dealt with the small businesses and the big businesses. i love you all the same. the big business folks have been fantastic, they are breaking jobs back. -- bringing jobs back.
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i said where would the democrats when all our jobs were planning mexico andeeing to other places? now they are all coming back. bigre coming back by numbers. bigger numbers and people have seen. announcedt board has coming back to michigan and ohio. general motors has made big announcements. chryslerler -- fiat flew in and last week. you can see what is happening. and are expanding ultimately they will be better off. boeing is also very much involved. hiring's, also coming in with the pricing. we are cutting pricing, we all know that, these people know that. i could have done that but we cut approximately $600 million off the f-35 fighter.
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the were close to 3000 claims. i got involved in that about a month ago. i say as put out, when lot, allotment 90 plants. -- planes. i was able to get $600 million. i think there was a great achievement. that really means much more than that. if you think about the fact that threes 90 planes out of thousand planes. i appreciate them for being so responsive. that will be appreciated, very much. i appreciate boeing for coming in and competing. now they will be competing during the process for the rest of their lives.
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there are thousands of planes coming. these are contracts that everybody knows about, the f-35 fighter jet. a great play by the way. i have to tell you. they're doing a very good job as of now. there were great delays, seven years of delays. we ended all of that. .e got the program president-elect, i was working on it. you people would understand it because we love doing a stuff. someone said when you take a vacation before you come president? i said because i like doing this. we will be saving billions and billions of dollars on contracts and as you know, we approved the pipelines but as i am sitting there and looking at the approval i said where is this pipe made? these are massive pipes bigger
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than this room. a lot of it is made in other countries. including china. you mean you can make pipe in china and other places far away? you can ship it to the united states on massive boats? put on trucks and deliver to the middle of the country and we can make it cheaper? what are we talking about here? these are big pipes. the only african-american they do that is they must have to cut them because they are so big. they take up so much room, i can't imagine you can put them is pipe on ships. it is not long enough. so i assume they have to fabricate and cut the pipe. i said to myself, if they're are going to do the pipe in the united states using the power the united states has including eminent domain. for those east to criticize me about eminent domain i said i be overridden on a highway before?
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i was criticized about the use of eminent domain. they need eminent domain to the pipelines. we're going to use our power of eminent domain. i want to pipe to the manufactured just be manufactured -- to be manufactured. i wanted to be fabricated in the united states. we are doing is massive pipelines and i want workers in the united states to fabricate the pipe. that is making sense, i think so. we are doing a lot of things. a lot of really great things. we are very proud of it. small is a big part of american economics. there hasn't been too much success because we are having our products made everywhere in the world. we are bringing that all back.
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it is coming back fast. you can see the difference already. one and 28 million small businesses. 28 million small business. employees,e than 500 that is a small business. does anybody have over 500 here? if you do get out of here. 56 million small business employees. think of that, 56 million. small businesses are really big businesses. employ 48% of private workforces. employed byages are small businesses, we've read about general motors and ford and boeing and all of these great companies but a big percentage of them are small business. we want to make life easier for the small business owners. that is what we are here for today. last week we had the big businesses. this we coming, we have a really big business set up by steve
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schwarzman, a great wall street present. -- person. we're the best people. these will businesses we will simple five. it can beegulations, any discrimination. big businesses are thrilled with what is happening. the stock market has gone up massively. markete is saying the will go down. i sent the market is not going down. this market will know me, the business people know me, they know what i'm about. when i was elected, a lot of the really smart people went out and bought a lot of stock. they have been rewarded. we want to simplify and lower taxes. have ayou would rather higher taxes. small business owners can't spend -- can spend more time and
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money responded to customers and expanding markets. they have more money and more opportunities to hire employees. it could be as much as 75%. we will have great protection for the consumer. we don't need not to seven different rules to take care of an individual economic success. we will support american success. we want to and the unfairness between small and big business caused by regulation. it has been horrible for big business but it has been worse for small businesses. plus, small business can't hire that theyf talent businesses get a higher. that's -- that they businesses can hire. i want them to build new plants. we are going to be doing tremendous flavors.
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of ford andead general motors last week, they couldn't believe it. a lot of said it was one of the greatest meetings ever attended. the unions were here last week. they were representing workers. they said it was the single greatest meetings ever had. that was in a statement. i didn't tell them to say that but it was in a statement. i understand it. it is unfair to small businesses. they are and treated very badly. it is almost impossible to start a small business. it is virtually impossible to expand your existing business because of regulations. and because the banks to loan you money. we're going to be doing a big number. that is one big reason i'm taking this action. i will be taking an action later this morning. tobegin the effort dramatically reduce federal
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regulations. we will be reducing them big week -- big league. it has been very badly damaged. the american trip is back. we are going to create an environment for small businesses like we haven't had in many decades. knock on president obama, this is a knock on many presidents perceiving me. its is a knock on everybody, got particularly bad in the last eight years but it is not a knock on anybody, it is a knock on many. i want to thank you all for being here and now let's talk.