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  President Trump Meets with Harley- Davidson Executives  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 8:21pm-8:29pm EST

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davidson is a true american icon. the greats. your motorcycles have carried american service members in the
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war, and the war, they take care of our police officers, and i go. it so often whenever i whenever there's a motorcycle thank you times harley davidson for building things in america. now is our business doing very well. there's a lot of spirit right the country that you weren't having so much in the last number of months that you have right now. happening.t's i'm respectfully honored to welcome the steel workers and machinists to the white house today. terrific to e been me. sometimes your top people didn't workersme but the steel supported me. they're all coming around and we're getting them. us. the workers supported we want to make it easier for usinesses to create more jobs
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and more factories in the united states and you're a great example of it meaning we have to country ona the best earth to do business and that's what we're in the process of doing. nafta and a lot of trade deals and negotiating with countries, even countries that our allies, a lot taking advantage of us and countries taking advantage terribly. we had one instance in australia. i love australia as a country we had a problem where for hatever reason president obama said they were going to take a thousand l over illegal immigrants who were in prisons and they were going to into them and take them this country and i just said why. just wanted to ask you a question. why. 1,250, could be 2,000, could be more than that. why?i said why are we doing this? what's the purpose? we'll see what happens.
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but you know, our previous does something and we have to respect that. you could also say why are we doing this? the jams we're in that we're in. and you guys especially, the teel workers, understand what i'm saying; right? have ust, you know, we some wonderful allies and we're going to keep it that way. fairly to be treated also. we have to be treated fairly. our is administration, the iance will be to american workers like harley davidson. remember this in the 1980s, you were victims of trading abuse. big trading abuse. where they were dumping all competitors all over ronald regan stepped in and -- we're going to great for lly
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business. not just you but for everybody. we're going to be competitive world.nybody in the we're going to be doing taxing policies very soon. t's going to be coming out and i know healthcare is a big problem for every company which now suffering without -- and that's one of the things that on hard, that and tax policy and tariffs and trade. o i think you will be very happy. it's an honor to have you at the lunch. really appreciate the support. you've given me tremendous support. i want to thank the people of wisconsin in particular. it's been amazing what happened up there. that was a big shocker that evening. wow. i'll never forget, wow, wisconsin just went for trump. of these people, especially that guy right there. [laughter] >> but then they said what's on?g wisconsin just went for trump and then michigan went for trump
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pennsylvania .so it was just great people. these are amazing people. it. they get so, again, to all of you at the table today, thank you very much. appreciate it greatly. thank you. thank you. >> is military action off the table in iran? president, the russians are praising you for easing sanctions. lunch. them have some thank you very much. >> that's what they said. >> thank you. cato friday, the institute -- live coverage at noon eastern time on -span 3,, and the c-span radio app. washington journal live day with news and policy issues that impact you and oming up friday morning,
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democratic rhode island ongressman -- including the recent travel ban as well as the democrat's legislative agenda. faso of new york discusses the travel ban. he future of the affordable care act and budget issues. e sure to watch c-span's washington journal beginning live at 7:00 eastern on friday morning. join the discussion. today the newly sworn in rex tillersontate began his first day on the job ceremony and remarks to state department staff. minutes.5 [applause]