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Mitch McConnell
  Minority Leader Mc Connellon Nuclear Option  CSPAN  February 4, 2017 2:02pm-2:12pm EST

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agency that safeguards the water that my children and my the air dren drink and they breathe has waited almost days for confirmation. july that the senate should be confirming properly o ensure a functioning government consistent and unprecedented has turned advise and consent into deny and obstruct. >> over the past several weeks, american people have been witness to one of the most indictments of big government liberalism in memory and i'm not just talking about a website. i'm talking about the way in hich obamacare was forced on the public by an administration led congress ic that we now know was willing to do and say anything to pass the law. and his democratic
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allies were so determined to their vision of healthcare on the public that they assured them up and down that they would lose the plans they had, that they'd save money instead of and that they'd be table to use the doctors and they were already using. but of course we know that match c just doesn't reality. and the stories we hear nearly range from heartbreaking to common. story sterday, i saw a about a guy getting a letter in the mail saying his dog, his dog ad qualified for insurance under obamacare. so i'd probably be running for the exit too if i supported this law. looking to change the subject. change the subject. just as senate democrats have doing with their threats of going nuclear and changing the
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nominations.on if i were a senator from oregon, for example, which hasn't enrolled a single person, a obamacare on for the exchange, i would probably want about something else too. but here's the problem with this distraction. it doesn't distract people from obamacare. reminds them of obamacare. it reminds them of all the broken promises. of the power grab. democrats set up one set of rules for themselves and another for everybody else. rules for them. else.nother for everybody actually, this is all basically debate.e rather than distract people from
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obamacare, it only reinforces a party that is willing to do and say just about to get its way. just about o anything to get its way. just what they're doing all over again. again, senate democrats are threatening to break the rules of the senate, break the rules in order to change the rules of the senate. what?er over what? over a court that doesn't even enough work to do? millions of americans are hurting because of a law democrats forced upon about d what do they do it? they cook up some fake fight s, a fake fight over aren't even needed.
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look, i get it. indicated, i want to be talking about something else too if hi to defend dogs getting millions of le americans lost theirs. work.t won't the par revolves are just too -- parallels are just too obvious to ignore. majority leader promised over and over again that he wouldn't break the rules of the in order to change them. promise.not an ancient july 14th on "meet the press." touching judges. the year, july 14th, "meet press," we're not touching judges. are the double
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standards. hen democrats were in the minority, they argued strenuously for the very thing have to do we will without. extend a right to debate on lifetime appointments. n other words, they believe that one set of rules should and another set to everybody else. he may just as well have said if you like the rules of the senate, you can keep them. [laughter] rules of the the them.e, you can keep way so many democrats in the administration and congress now believe that comes to is -- when it them their political allies,
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taffs, well, of course, that's different. and let's not forget about the raw power. raw power at play here. on this point, the similarities debait and obamacare the democratic threat to go nuclear on nominations are inescapable. inescapable. they muscled through obamacare and didn't ine vote care about the views of the minority. idn't care one whit about the views of the minority. and that's just about what here.e going to do the american people decided to to give democrats not the democrats the house. a filibuster proof majority they had in the senate in 2009. and our democratic colleagues don't like that one bit. they just don't like it. are getting people in the way of what they would do. to so they're trying to change the
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ules of the game to get their way anyway. they said so themselveses. arlier this year the senior center for new york said they want to fill up the d.c. circuit one way or the other. up the d.c. circuit one way other. and the reason is clear. s one activist put it earlier this year, president obama's agenda runs through the d.c. circuit. can't get what you want through the congress because the people in november 2010 said they'd had enough. national d a restraining order after watching two years of this administration unrestrained so now their agenda bureaucracy and through the d.c. circuit. as i said, in short, unlike the of the obama s administration there's now a legislative check on the president. the administration doesn't
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much like checks and balances. circumvent the people's representatives with an agenda andregulatory our democratic colleagues want o fill up a court that will rule on his agenda. a court that doesn't even have enough work to do. means changing the subject from obamacare for a days. and get this, they think they can change the rules that senate in a way benefits only them. they want to do it in such a way agenda sident obama's ets enacted but that a future republican president couldn't get his or her picks for the upreme court confirmed by a republican senate using the precedent our democratic friends want to set. they want to have it both ways a new poll commissioned by finds seven roups in ten likely voters are against the idea of using the nuclear to confirm a supreme
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court justice. 00 people were part of that survey conducted before president trump announced his pick for the supreme court. three time nearly quarters of democrats and republicans surveyed also elieved the president's choice would have a significant impact on the country's future. you can read more about the of the poll at spendsle president trump his weekend -- vice president pence is visiting philadelphia. of his he shared one stops on twitter saying couldn't pass this close to the liberty stopping by to see this symbol of american freedom for myself. shortly after that, the vice made his way to an event hosted by the federalist talked about he supreme court nominee