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tv   Freedom Caucus Unveils Affordable Care Act Replacement Bill  CSPAN  February 15, 2017 9:40pm-10:09pm EST

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hearing. troubled -- re the senate will vote on white house budget nominee tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. eastern. after that, they will vote to advance epa administrator nominee scott pruitt. if that the passes, a final vote on mr. pruitt could take place friday afternoon. follow live senate coverage on c-span2. c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, california republican congressman will discuss contact between trump campaign aides and russian intelligence. also budget issues in the future of the affordable care act.
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washington democratic congresswoman will join us to talk about her work as a leading member of the party's new coalition. what c-span's washington journal becoming live thursday morning. next, house republicans along with senator rand paul talk about congressman mark sanford's placement bill for the affordable care act. this news conference is 30 minutes. >> i wanted to go ahead and open up this press conference to introduce what conservatives are coalescing around for a solution for health care concerns for americans. we are joined today by our some
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-- our senate colleague rand paul who has worked with is very closely. thank you senator. governor sanford, who together will put forward a definitive plan that will address the concerns that many of my constituents and constituents across the country have raised with regards to the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act. as freedom caucus has taken unofficial position to support the full repeal of the affordable care act, and today toes the official position actually support governor sanford's bill as a companion bill to the one that dr. paul has introduced in the senate. facte excited about the that it will finally be able to
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address many of the concerns we are hearing, whether it is at town halls or personal calls or from our constituents about pre-existing conditions, about how to empower the consumer in terms of the health care choice, and ultimately drive down the price of health care. i would like to turn the podium over to dr. rand paul for some comments. as mark said, this is a big big day for conservative republicans. we wanted to thousand 10 based on our position that we should repeal obamacare, and our concern for big government and debt. repealing obamacare was a big reason we won the house in 2010. still yet a big reason why we won the white house in 2016. we owe this to conservatives around the country to completely ob a -- completely repeal
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obamacare. you should replace it. i have been in a position over 20 years, and there are problems in health care that even predate obamacare. we are concerned with how to provide the most amount of insurance at the least amount of cost. that is what a replacement bill does. i'll give you three sort of principles to talk about. it is going to legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance, it will expand health savings accounts so people can save to buy their insurance. they can use it for their deductible or their premium for vitamins, weight loss, you name it. it also allows individuals to join an association so they are not left out in the cold by themselves to buy insurance in a small insurance pool. -- 11 million people in the individual market will be allowed to join an association. it will give them leverage to
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get lower price and better insurance. i think this is a big day for conservatives. a couple thoughts. i want to give credit to senator paul for his creation. it needs to be remembered that this is the companion bill to what he has already created on the senate side. stancelong admired his individualrty and freedom. i like the way he has taken his real-world life experience and applied them to bringing liberty to ultimately patients and citizens alike across this country in terms of what comes next in health care. out, thiswould single is not my bill. this is a work of the freedom caucus. caucus is built around this notion of maximizing individual liberty and freedom.
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i think that is what this bill does. you think about advancing the hall back of the american experiment. if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. you look at the energy that is been in some of these town hall meetings, it is tied to when you think about this debate, there's nothing more personal, more vital, more life and death than once health care. it is a big deal. it affects those of us that we love. wellffordable care act was intended, it was built around trying to correct some of the things that senator paul was alluding to that work working right, but it created some of its own problems. it had government deciding what was essential, whether you or your family members thought the same. it had government setting up noninsurance insurance with worked against all of the map of what would make the system
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sustainable. employmentcoupled from insurance, which i think is a fatal flaw in the system at large. you see premiums that have gone up by 29%. you see us pulldown yet one provider. what is really represented in this bill that a lot of folks have worked on is an inflection point. replacing theout affordable care act or obamacare. this is about where do we go next in terms of health care so that the people are in control? fundamentally in life, there is nothing more frustrating than being in charge but not in control. fundamentally, health care consumers are in charge but not in control. what senator paul has seized on is this notion how we put the
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consumer back in charge and in control of what comes next. i think that this bill like no other empowers the consumer and creates a marketplace. that is fundamentally what each of the line items is about. the consumerpower so that patients and consultation with a doctor is able to make the decision they believe is best for their family and how do you create a vibrant marketplace? think there were a couple things that stand out. one is in -- severing employment to health insurance. is your home insurance type your job? his car insurance tied to your job? it's not. it is simply an anomaly of history. it was in 1948 the two got couple as it way of getting the wage controls that
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existed in world war ii. it has created a fatal flaw within our health system. what senator paul has got mad is this is a fundamental way -- a fundamental flaw in the way we deliver health care. it is about robust eight essays. -- robust hsas. before i took too long, i will hand off. the american people have had it. they are frustrated because you have to remember the framework. nine different lies in this thing past. they were told -- everything they were told about this lot turn out to be false.
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it is in that context they're looking for a cure and are tired of waiting. so are we. week under this chairman meadow leadership, you saw our group take two positions. it now,eal it, repeal and use the bill that has already passed the house and the senate, the 2015 legislation and pass it. ,hen put in a replacement bill the kind of thing that is going to empower individuals and not empower washington like obamacare does. a pretty simple plan, long overdue. we were tired of waiting. do just time, let's that the governor said what dr. paul said. it empowered people and creates an environment for market choice. lower health care costs and help the families are trying to help and told we are going to help.
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>> i want to speak specifically to one portion of the plan. i want to commend dr. paul, congressmanford, jordan. i want to reach a couple quotes. americant ensuring businesses that more choices -- it is time for washington to decide whether we decide -- to decide whether we stand with patients or profiteering. the first quote was from robert gibbs in 2010. .he second quote
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when you review the bill, we have included the karen ferguson repeal. a monopoly on ideas. -- no side has a monopoly on ideas. not -- it is amazing what you can accomplish. work tohave done is find the best ideas to address the problems in american health care. when the repeal we can have a replacement that will work for american families. >> there is not much more than can be said. i just want to thank senator paul and congressman sanford for their role in this. we have all experienced an absolute disaster with obama care. the rates have gone up, deductibles have skyrocketed.
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it has been an absolute open american wallet and pocketbook and health services. i am deeply honored that we are making steps toward eliminating this destructive and coercive intrusion of government into our lives and health care. brinkateful we are on the of finding market centered solutions to what has been an absolute disaster. i am deeply appreciative. >> it is a privilege to be up here with leaders of the freedom side of the aisle. i just want to reiterate today on the front foot ago, the death spirals are being announced in my day from insurance providers.
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economy has grown at about 1.6% the past year. people wonder why there is a little bit of anxiety and upset. i taught economic history for 20 years. over time, when the middle class and average person's wages are flat for 30 years in a row, people tend to get a little restless. the best way you can do that is by getting a repeal of obamacare and then a replacement which is announced in the bills here. promises tolso increase gdp by 4% according to larry lindsey from harvard. put together an obamacare repeal and replace and get the free market principles and get our costs finally
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costsg down, right now are going up 20% on average. that does not mean increasing health care costs. it means shrinking at -1%. that was the promise of obamacare. cannot hiresses today because of the cost of that input. small business growth is terrible. the group standing behind me wants to change that. that is why we are very serious about pursuing this agenda in a timely fashion. tax reform and the second reconciliation in a few months after that. by then, the economy starts and we will be happy with them. thank you very much. >> let me go ahead and close. this, the number one question i have been asked since we talked about repealing
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the affordable care act is what are you going to replace it with? conservatives have come together to say this is the replacement plan that we want to not only promote, but debate and hopefully fine-tune to make sure we meet the needs for americans coast to coast from north to south and east to west. we will go ahead, the first hand i saw was right here. it something the centerpiece of your proposal is a tax deduction for individuals. could you talk to me about the contrast between that? why do you prefer? >> we have at the centerpiece of ours expansion of health savings accounts. there is a tax credit. it is against taxes you pay. it is not a refundable credit. you don't get extra money from
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the government. everyone can speak for it is essentially a subsidy by another name. obamacare has subsidies. anything?ally done other than change the name i think that is a problem. is sometimes more difficult to deduct their health care. we had equalized the individual with employers. -- it is through a nonrefundable or a refundable deduction. it is complicated. the bottom line is our plan does not include giving people money back they did not pay. in taxes which most of us are for less taxes and smaller government. that's the thing. i think government should be smaller.
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everyone of your has voted for less spending. we often say we are going to balance revenue with tax cuts and tax increase and having of revenue neutral tax plan. why do we have a tax cut and a spending cut? i'm guessing us with the other conservatives would say. >> how our hsa's going to help people? question is for pre-existing conditions, are they still allowed to be charged more? i think that is determined ultimately by a market license terms of pre-existing condition. you have two problems with pre-existing conditions. the old system was you are just out of luck. i think you have to set up some sign of consequence if you're going to create an insurance market. the existing system is you wait
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until your house is on fire to go out and buy homeowners insurance. you wait till your cars wrecked to go out and buy auto insurance. that is the essence of what is in place in right to obamacare, which undermines every single tenet of this notion of insurance, which is saving for a rainy day. i would say the existing system is fundamentally flawed for the way that it drives cost and make the overall system unsustainable. what we do in its place is to say we give you a two-year phase in to sign in. insurance is now portable because we have dealing employment and insurance. it will travel with you. you have to stay on. if you don't, you're not eligible for the price of subsidy if you want to call it that.
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you might be able to buy it on some third-party aftermarket but it would cost you a lot more. there has to be an incentive at some level for actually setting up, which was what obamacare was trying to do. i think it did it in a fundamentally flawed way. >> people are always saying this, i have a $1000 tax bill so i can take a $5,000 tax credit or have no tax bill so i am working class and don't pay enough to get much of a tax credit. abig part of this is marketplace. i will give you an example. there were two things in ophthalmology not covered by insurance but the price went down every year -- lasik surgery and contact lenses. at the end when i was still practicing, you could get them for a couple dollars apiece. buys incredibly cheap to disposable contact lenses because of the marketplace. when you develop health savings
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theunts, what a 30% of public had a health savings account? what to do when you say that pay run money? you get the price. try calling a doctor and getting the price of a gallbladder surgery. nobody knows. if you develop a real marketplace, it will drive rices down. even though a tax credit may not help everybody, driving prices down will. good sabre, even of modest income, there are people who have modest income who saved. it will help them. it also saves them on premiums. the higher a deductible you choose, the lower your premium. that is the way the market works. you got no real discount. they got rid of the entire
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concept of insurance helping you for being more responsible with your payments. we believe in the market and everything else. let's get what made america great, which was capitalism and free markets, and put it in health care. clear, if congress passes the 2015 repeal bill, and congress passes this bill, assuming a two-year transition, congress can basically say i want this done and we can move on to other things. >> i think it is incumbent upon us to get it done. what we have is a reconciliation vehicle right now that we can't start with tax reform that even looks at tax reform until we deal with that. that is one of the reasons why we are acting today to say let's
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debate the merits of this particular plan and let's start doing that in earnest. the second part of that is when you truly look at where we are today with regards to a replacement plan, it is incumbent upon us to look at every aspect of the health care market. i am on obamacare. my deductibles are so incredibly high that it is functionally obsolete. unless i get come sort of catastrophe, we have been talking among the members including a catastrophic option out there that you could buy out of your hsa. as we look at that, it is important that we repeal and replace. it would be our place -- our preference to have a vote on this particular bill within days of a repeal vote. and yet at the same time, we have to decide this before we move on. >> is there consensus among
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conservatives that it's a nonstarter? >> i want to make sure that i think publicly senator collins and dr. cassidy for starting the debate. i can tell you, it is tough the minute you put anything on paper , and out want be that we don't have a plan, it will be the merits of that plan. that is where the debate should be. dr. paul came right on the heels of that. we believe the collins cassidy plan really just institutionalizes the affordable care act in some ways that says if you like your obamacare you can keep it. it is not a conservative -- i don't know many suburban is -- many conservatives that support that. caucus deadeedom set on replacing the medicare expansion? are you prepared to work with senate republicans want to keep
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the medicaid expansion? >> the freedom caucus's position is we need to repeal that. that is our official position. at the same time come as you see with these plans, there are components of not only health savings accounts, but how do we help those that need a safety net in terms of a replacement plan? is incumbent that leave or peel everything first, and then work on real replacement. you conflate the two, the debate gets far too complex and the danger of not accomplishing anything becomes -- >> you're placement has nothing to do with medicaid. more from an hsa standpoint. as we look at that, one of the things we have taken a firm position on is the medicaid expansion is to repeal that. senator paul come you said yesterday that republicans spend
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too much time investigating the white house. you have been nailed, with this priest is land. why can't republicans do both? can thank congressman tom price. a lot of the bills were his and have been supported by conservatives throughout the years. that is why i think ours is a consensus bill. ours takes some of the things that republicans all agreed to. we don't take the controversial stuff. there is disagreement on the medicaid expansion, on refundable tax credits. we left that out and that is going to be addressed in the repeal. and our work. my comments on the investigation are i don't want a political investigation. there enforcement thinks needs to be an investigation, they make that decision. we don't need more political investigation.
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>> under the replacement, what will be the status of the birth control and contraception mandate, specifically how it prevents women paying co-pays for bit control? most conservative members are pro-life members who have looked at that particular issue with regards to taxpayer funds not being used for things that potentially -- let's take the deep fund planned parenthood aspect of that. we don't believe taxpayer funds should be used for that. as you look at the empowerment of some of those particular issues, the hsa's, when they become personal money and that is one of the issues of a refundable tax credit is the hsa's are your personal money and those are individual
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decisions of patients can make with them. the real component there is the difference between taxpayer absidy versus actually person's own individual money. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> ashton kutcher testified on capitol hill. that is next on c-span. then president trump holds a joint news conference with israeli prime minister netanyahu. later, senate democratic leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi way in on the resignation of michael flynn. >>


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