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  President Trump Delivers Remarks at Boeing Plant in South Carolina  CSPAN  February 17, 2017 1:07pm-1:54pm EST

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my point is the allegationes that had been made here is that ur country was attacked. when we were attacked on 9/11, we declassified an enormous amount of information between the congressional joint inquiry and the 9/11 commission in order to help the american public understand this is what happened and why it happened. we need to do the same. host: phone numbers on the bottom of the screen for our guest patrick eddington of cato. we are talking about campaign surveillance. trump campaign surveillance. phone numbers at the bottom of the screen. for republicans and democrats and independents. we will take your calls as soon as they start coming in. our guest is homeland security and civil liberties policy analyst for cato. you mentioned you work in the intel field. what were you doing? and when? guest: i came to washington in february of 1988. >> what a terrific day to be here in south carolina.
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thank you for joining us today as we make history rolling out the boeing 787-10, the newest member of our boeing 787 family. now, this is a big day for our entire 787 team because it's a team sport to design, build and service an airplane. but today recelebrate another exciting chapter in boeing, south carolina. the team in front of us not only makes the 787 and our new 787-10, but it is a center of technology here in south carolina for interiors, for r&d, for propulsion and for i.t. we are very, very proud of our south carolina team.
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[applause] now, let's just walk down memory lane a little bit and think about just five years ago boeing, south carolina, made history rolling out its first 787, and today we do it again with the 787-10. and just to put an exclamation mark on it, as if it needed it, you remember that boeing just celebrated last year 100 years of existence, so this makes the 787-10 our first rollout of the second century of boeing. [applause] kevin: now, this 787-10 is about 18 feet longer, puts 40 more seats on the plane.
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ok. i'll stop selling the airplane. but let's just say it's simply the most efficient airplane in its class anywhere in the world. this airplane rocks, and it's made right here at boeing, south carolina. cheers and applause] kevin: now, this completes our 787 family which together is carrying more than 140 million people around the world since entry to service. it has connected cities, more than 130 cities around the world that never had connected service before. and it has saved our customers more than $13 billion -- 13 billion pounds of fuel. and let's face it. it's a passenger experience
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second to none. [applause] kevin: to our boeing commercial airplanes team, thank you for your heart. thank you for your dedication to boeing. thank you for your commitment to always finding a better way to get things done. and to our team here in south carolina, you make boeing proud. you make south carolina proud, and you make america proud. thank you very much. cheers and applause] kevin: i'd love to stand up here and talk about more but i'll finish up with just a few words of thanks to say congratulations and thank you to all the people that helped make this possible.
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first, let's remember our customers who put their faith in boeing each and every day. to our partners, including our suppliers, and those here in the community that help us do what we do each and every day and have been so supportive. to our incredible boeing teammates whose passion, i am certain, will carry us to new heights in the second century. and to our families who support us each and every day and share in this proud moment. now, i'm honored to introduce an important member of our community, the reverend eric manning of mother emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston to lead us in the invocation. i know that mother emanuel holds a very special spot in it the hearts of everyone in this community. and we are proud of the
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relationship that boeing has with mother emanuel. reverend manning, we are blessed to have you. please welcome reverend manning to the stage. [applause] reverend manning: let us pray. father, we come into your presence on this for praise and thanksgiving. thank you for your bountiful blessings which you have graciously bestowed upon us on this day we thank you, father, for the employees that are employed here by boeing of south carolina. we thank you for the engineering and the design center. able to design the 787-10. we thank you for the operation and the final assembly teams who were able to assemble this
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wonderful aircraft. we thank you, father, as well for the leadership within boeing of south carolina, for joan robinson berry and her team who created such a wonderful environment of teamwork that allowed for the members of this wonderful team to come together and successfully complete the 787-10 ahead of schedule. we thank you, father, as well for the families and the sacrifices that they have made and their support that they gave each and every team member who served on this project. we praise you on this day, god, because we acknowledge that none of this would have ever been possible without your presence. so we humbly ask that your presence will continue to keep this boeing family not only this day as they celebrate this major accomplishment but also in the days and the months and the years to come. we thank you for all of your bountiful blessings and we love you. in the name of the lamb of god
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we pray, amen. god bless you. [applause] kevin: thank you, reverend manning. and now we've been very fortunate to have the support of leaders at the local and state level, including the governor's office. now, with great pleasure, please join me in welcoming governor henry mcmaster of the great state of south carolina. [applause] governor mcmaster: thank you! thank you! let me ask you -- how does it feel to be living in south carolina and working for boeing? that's just about as close to heaven as it gets and still being on earth. and i can promise you everybody here is proud of y'all. we're proud of what you've done. we're proud of what you're
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going to do and we're counting on you. if you look at me, if you ever wondered what the happiest man in the world might look like, take a look at me. to be here with you today on this occasion, it is a wonderful thing, and that is because this may be the single best day, the single best day in the history of south carolina. and we have a great distinguished history. as you will remember, a name landed in 1562 on paris island. you remember the spanish landed helena e now call st. in 1556. the english settled at charlestown in 1670 and all of them are writing back to the sovereigns saying that this was the most beautiful, most fertile, most promising place that they had ever been in the
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new world. and look at us today. they were right. look at the success that we're enjoying in this world. [applause] at the time of the american revolution, at the time of the american revolution, what was the richest place in all the colonies? this place that we call south carolina right here, and we are headed that way again. and i tell you why. part of it is because you are here. part of it is because we have the greatest people in the whole world. we're different. we're smart. we work hard. we're determined and we don't quit. part of it is because we have one of the greatest teams which we call a company, goes by the name of the boeing company, right here in south carolina as part of our family. this is a great company made great by all of you.
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this company, this team is built in just the last seven years is unbelievable the progress that you've made. this great team built all of this and this is only one -- this is one of three factories in the world that build a big double aisle airplane. there are three of them and two of them are owned by boeing. inally, let me say this, i'm a happy man for another reason and that is because of an unforgettable night in november . an unforgettable night in november when the people of as never e up before. ronald reagan was a great man and he led us to great prosperity.
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but on that november night, the people rose up and chose as their leader a man who is charting and will deliver a new course to strength, prosperity and greatness for this country that we love, that we call america, and that man is the one and only president donald j. trump. cheers and applause] together, these great people and these -- this great company and this great president are going to lead this country to greatness, strength and prosperity. we will make america great again, greater than ever before and thank you, thank you! cheers and applause]
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kevin: ok. and now to lead us in the blessing of the fleet, it is my pleasure to introduce the reverend dr. charles jackson from brooklyn baptist church in west columbia, south carolina. dr. joorks, please come to the stage -- dr. jackson, please come to the stage. [applause] reverend jackson: let us pray. eternal god, our heavenly father to whom the earth belongs, the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein, we look to you, dear god, just now for the inspiration that you and you alone can give. our hearts are filled with gladness and our spirits overflow with thanksgiving. we thank you for this beautiful day you've given us to enjoy and to come together and celebrate with boeing the rollout of their 787-10. we thank you, dear god, for the building of this plane and we
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ask god that you would be pleased to bless the 787-10. bless boeing's fleet of planes. we believe in your sovereignty, so we place the 787-10, we place boeing's fleet of planes, we place the administration and the management, the employees all who worked together, dear god, toward this end. we ask, god, that you would be pleased to continue your favor, showering blessings upon boeing and that which they do. this is your servant's prayer as we ask your continued blessings upon our governor, henry mcmaster, our president, donald trump. our prayer is that your will is done on earth as it is in heaven and for such we will be mindful to give praises onto you in the victorious name of jesus our christ, we pray amen and thank god.
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome chairman, president and
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c.e.o. of boeing company, muilenburg. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, donald j. trump. "hail to the chief" playing] cheers and applause] dennis: thank you.
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well, good afternoon, boeing team. [cheers and applause] beautiful day here. and doesn't that airplane look great? [cheers and applause] hey, we've got a record turnout for a rollout event here today. more than 5,000 people. i want to thank all of our boeing teammates that are here. very proud of the work you're doing. we have boeing teammates watching around the world as well. thank you for what you do every day for our customers around the world building the best airplanes anybody makes anywhere. so thank you, boeing south carolina. [cheers and applause] also want to thank all of our special guests here today. you'll be hearing from president trump just shortly here. i just had the privilege walking through this factory with him. we talked to a few of our people, watched the airplanes being built. now, i'll say i think he was -- i think he was impressed with
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what he saw. i'll let him provide his own -- his own characterization of that when he comes up. but we have amazing work going on here. and an airplane rollout event is a historic, inspiring event. this is the first 787-10 built right here in charleston. an incredible airplane that's going to change the world for our customers. and when we roll out a new airplane, we remember all the investments that have gone in this. this right here seven years ago was swamp land. today, today after $2 billion of investment and partnership here in the community, this is a modern aerospace facility building the highest technology airplanes in the world and we've added thousands and thousands of jobs over that time period. [cheers and applause] this is about manufacturing in
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the u.s. going forward, boeing will spend another $6 billion of r&d and capital in the united states this year, investing in innovation. the new paint hangar here at charleston is just another example of that. and going forward, mr. president, our commitment to you and to our country is that we're going to continue to build dreams. we're going to continue to grow and sustain jobs here in the u.s. and we're going to continue to bring innovation, bring new innovation to our customers that allows them to connect, protect, explore and inspire the world. cheers and applause] so on behalf of 150,000-plus boeing employees, including many here today working across three shifts who took the time to be here, across more than 1
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1/2 millionaireo space workers in the u.s. -- million aerospace workers in the u.s. across the supply chain, it's my great privilege to introduce the president of the united states, donald j. trump. cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "u.s.a."] president trump: thank you, dennis. and i have to say, i love south carolina. i love it. [cheers and applause] remember we came down all together we came down and this was going to be a place that was tough to win and we won in a landslide. this was a good one. so i want to thank -- i want to
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thank the people of south carolina. your governor, tremendous guy. he supported us right from the beginning. so i'd like to thank governor mcmaster for the incredible job. he's right here someplace. thank you very much. you have been fantastic. and i have to say, also, that is one beautiful airplane. cheers and applause] congratulations to the men and women here who have built it. what an amazing piece of art, what an amazing piece of work. thank you, dennis, for the invitation to be with you today. you know, in the old days when i made this speech, i got paid a lot of money. now i have to do it for nothing, so -- [laughter] not a good deal but that's ok. we love it. it's wonderful to be back here in south carolina, especially with your new governor. where is henry? he's around here someplace.
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where is he? stand up, henry? proud of you. he helped us so much. and i also want to thank your former governor, nikki haley, who is doing an awfully good job for us. she's representing our nation very well as ambassador to the united nations. she's doing a spectacular job. it's early but she's just been really great. we're here today to celebrate american i think nearing and american manufacturing -- american engineering and american manufacturing and we're here to celebrate jobs, jobs. this plane, as you know, was built right here in the great state of south carolina. our goal as a nation, rely less on imports and more on products made here in the u.s.a. [cheers and applause] right here in the u.s.a.
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it's amazing to think that a little over 113 years ago, next door in north carolina, orville wright was the first man to sail the skies in a very little irplane. 1903 wright flier was made of mostly wood and cloth. it was so small that orville's brother, wilbur, could not join him on the flight. he was always very upset about that. the flight lasted all of 12 seconds. but it was incredible. that flight was a testament to the american spirit. i see that same spirit everywhere i travel in the country. i saw that spirit all throughout the campaign. we have the greatest people anywhere in the world. we have the greatest spirit, and you just look at what's going on today in our country.
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you look at what's happening with jobs. you look at what's happening with plants moving back into our country. all of a sudden they're coming back and they are going to be very happy about it, believe me. [applause] they are going to be very, very happy. as your president, i'm going to do everything i can to unleash the power of the american spirit and to put our great .eople back to work [applause] this is our mantra, buy american and hire american. we want products made in america, made by american hands. you probably saw the keystone pipeline i approved recently. and the dakota. and i'm getting ready to sign the bill. i said, where is the pipe made? and they told me, not here.
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i said, that's good. add a little sentence that you have to buy american steel, and you know what, that's the way it is. that's the way it's going to be. e are going to fight for every last american job. we've come a long way since the wright brothers and their first flight more than a century ago. your plane is made of carbon fiber. it seats 330 passengers. it's 18 feet longer than the previous version of the 787, and this airplane can fly for half a day before it touches the ground. the name says it all. dreamliner. great name. our country is all about making dreams come true. over the last number of years, that hasn't been necessarily the case, but we're going to make it the case again.
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[applause] that's what we do in america. we dream of things and then we build them. we turn vision into reality, and we will be doing a lot more of that, believe me, in the onths and years to come. [applause] i also want to say a word to all of the members of the armed forces who are with us today in this record crowd. south carolina has a long, very, very proud military tradition and history. we salute all south carolina military families and we salute all the men and women who wear the uniform. [applause] we are going to fully rebuild
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our military. by the way, do you care if we use the f-18 superhornets or -- what do you think? well, thought that was the superhornet. we are looking seriously at a big order, and we'll see how that -- you know the problem is dennis is a very, very tough negotiator. but i think we may get there. we're also working on the air force one project which was a difficult project with previous administrations but it looks like we're getting closer and closer and we are going to ensure -- [applause] that our great service members have the tools, equipment, training and resources they eed to get the job done.
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[applause] as george washington said, being prepared for war is the best way to prevent it, and that's really what it is, best way to prevent war, being prepared. peace through strength. we build a military might so great and we are going to do that that none will dare to challenge it. none. [cheers and applause] we will ensure our men and women in uniform have the latest, the most cutting edge systems in their arsenal. right now it's not that way. it will be that way very, very soon. believe me. you will be an important player in this effort. boeing has built many important aircraft, including, as i said, the f-18 superhornet, the f-15 strike eagle, and the apache
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elicopter, just to name a few. and i'm being very, very serious, the new air force one, that plane, as beautiful as it looks, is 30 years old. can you believe it? what can look so beautiful at 30? an airplane. [laughter] i don't know. which one do we like better, folks? tell me. on every front, we are going to work for the american people. nowhere in our focus -- and i mean this so strongly -- and our focus has to be so strong but my focus has been all about jobs and jobs is one of the primary reasons i'm standing
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here today as your president and i will never, ever disappoint you. believe me. i will not disappoint you. [applause] i campaigned on the promise that i will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back into america. we wanted to make much easier, it has to be much easier to manufacture in our country and much harder to leave. i don't want companies leaving our country, making their product, selling it back, no tax, no nothing, firing everybody in our country. we're not letting that happen anymore, folks, believe me. there will be a very substantial penalty to be paid when they fire their people and move to another country, make the product and think that they're going to sell it back over what will soon be a very, very strong border. going to be a lot different.
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it's going to be a lot different. already american industry is roaring back, and believe me, if we, not me -- i'm a messenger. if we didn't have this victory, we wouldn't be even talking about it. to achieve that goal, we are going to massively reduce job-crushing regulations. already started. you've seen that. that send those jobs to other countries. we are going to lower taxes on american business so it's cheaper and easier to produce product and beautiful things like airplanes right here in america. we are going to enforce very strongly enforce our trade rules and stop foreign cheating . tremendous cheating. tremendous cheating. we want products made by our workers in our factories
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stamped with those four magnificent words, made in the u.s.a. crowd chanting "u.s.a."] since november, jobs have already begun to surge. we're seeing companies open up factories in america. we're seeing them keep jobs at home. ford, general motors, fiat-chrysler, just to name a very, very few. so many more already. they're keeping and bringing thousands of jobs back in our country because the business climate they know has already changed. in arizona, intel announced it will open a new plant that will create 10,000 american jobs. they're spending billions of dollars. [applause]
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we will see more and more of that across the country as we continue to work on reducing regulations, cutting taxes, including for the middle class, including for everyone and including for business and creating a level playing field for our workers. when there is a level playing field -- and i've been saying this for a long time -- american workers will always, always, always win but we don't have a level playing field. very shortly you will have a level playing field again. [applause] because when american workers win, america as a country wins big league, wins. that's my message here today. america is going to start winning again, winning like
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never, ever before. we're not going to let our country be taken advantage of anymore in any way, shape or form. we love america and we are going to protect america. we love our workers, and we are going to protect our workers. we are going to fight or our jobs. we are going to fight for -- we are going to fight for our jobs. we are going to fight for our families and we are going to fight for more jobs and better paying jobs for the loyal citizens of our country. believe me. [applause] you've heard me say it before, and i will say it again. rom now on, it's going to be america first. working together as a unit, there is nothing we cannot
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accomplish. no task too large. into dream too great. no goal beyond -- no dream too great. no goal beyond our reach. just like you built this incredible airplane behind me -- both of them when you think about it -- we are going to rebuild this country and ensure that every forgotten community has the bright future it deserves. and by the way, those communities are forgotten. no longer. the election took care of that. [applause] and we will pass onto our children the freedom and prosperity that is their american birthright. our children will inherit from us a nation that is strong, that is proud and that is totally free. and each of you will be part of creating that new american future. i want to thank you, south
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carolina. i want to thank the great people of south carolina. god bless you. may god bless the united states of america, and god bless boeing. [cheers and applause] thank you, everybody. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> president trump later today, heads tomorrow to palm beach, florida. he'll also take part tomorrow what's being called a rally in melbourne, florida. we will have live coverage of that saturday afternoon 5:00 eastern here on c-span. c-span today is releasing the results of our survey of historians on presidential leadership. the survey rates each past president o