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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 18, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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speaks to us about the on climateagenda control. washington journal is next. cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, it is saturday, february 18th, 2017 and in the headlines on today's washington journal, president donald trump will hold his first campaign style rally as president this afternoon in melbourne, florida. an event described by some as a kickoff to the 2020 election, just four weeks into his presidency. a new study shows that americans are stressed out about the future of the nation, the american psychological association study found that 57% of americans say the current political climate is a significant source of stress. ,e are asking our viewers today
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is the current political climate stressing you out? republicans can call 202-748-8001.democrats --202-748-8000. callendence can 202-748-8002 or reach us on social media on twitter at c-span wj, and on facebook at thes look a little more at study that talks about the , they levels of americans are bipartisan according to the american psychological association report, democrats are more likely than republicans to report the outcome -- of the 2016 presidential election as a significant source of stress, a majority of republicans, 59%, said the future of the nation was a significant source of stress for them, compared with 76% of democrats. it said while the study concedes
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-- sees stress around politics but an increase in the number of people reporting that acts of terrorism, police violence towards minorities, and personal safety are adding to their stress level. we are asking you today -- are you stressed out by the political climate? we look at some of the other headlines in today's new york times, after an all-night fight by democrats, the senate has confirmed epa nominee for president donald trump, the senate confirmed scott pruitt on friday to run the environmental protection agency, a seasoned legal opponent of the agency at the helm of president trump's effort to dismantle major regulations on climate change and clean water and to cut the size of and authority of the government environmental enforcer. -- 52-46 toed 6
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confirm mr. pruitt, the oklahoma attorney general who has built a career out of suing to block the epa's major environmental rules and has called for a dissolution of much of the agency's authority and one republican, susan collins of maine, crossed party lines to vote against want to democrats, joe manchin of west virginia and heidi heitkamp of north dakota from coal rich states where voters generally oppose environmental rules voted for him. we are talking to viewers today about stress, are you stressed out? democratic line from columbus, indiana, good morning, john. caller: good morning somehow are you? host: i am good, are you stressed out by the political climate? of the i am tired democrats and i am a democrat but i will no longer be a democrat because it seems like they do everything to slam
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donald trump whenever he is tried to do something to help us american people, he has done more in office to help of the american people in the last -- then the last four presidents have put together and i want to thank you guys for listening to us and actually talking the truth. you talk from all sides and that is wonderful. talk aoining us to little bit more about this report is vaile wright of the american psychological association. she is the research and projects director of the group and she is here to discuss these findings of distressed reports survey. good morning. guest: good morning and thank you for having me. host: you are a licensed psychologist and a member of the stress in america team which worked on this report. give us the highlights, what did this report five?
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guest: you mentioned a few of them but some of the things that stood out was that two thirds of americans are saying that the future of our nation is causing them significant stress which is a startling number. lines, thes party majority of both democrats and republicans who reported stress about the future of our nation. you cannot boil it down to just which side won and lost, and what is more, we saw the first significant increase in overall stress levels in the past 10 years which is also quite startling. host: what is significant about whichost recent report looked at american stress levels? year we askedst specifically about election related stress, we have been conducting this campaign for the past 10 years, each year there is a theme and we ask americans to rate their stress level and talk about which factors contribute to their stress, and
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which healthy and non-healthy ways they may be coping with stress. the past fall and summer when you first ask about election related stress and we found that the majority of the american before the election occurred reported significant stress related to the election and coverage. host: what long-term effect could come from this stress over the state of american politics? guest: a lot of established research that suggests stress ken lay to negative health -- canences, including lead to negative hurt -- health so is an important that people think about what active ways they can do to manage their stress, particularly in the long run. guest: what can americans do to alleviate the stress level that they are feeling? guest: if they know that part of their stress is related to the
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current future of the nation and news coverage and particular, social media, one thing to do is , while it is important to stay informed for all citizens, it is important to know your limits and that may mean giving yourself permission to take a break, do a digital detox and maybe take the social media apps off your phone if you have a hard time stopping yourself from refreshing them over and over again. kind very active and what of information you take in and from where and how much of it that you taken at a time. host: thank you, the research and project director at the american psychological association, thank you for joining us to talk about this report. guest: thank you for having me. host: talking to our viewers about your stress levels, how stressed out are you about the political climate? sherry, independent line, rockers go, virginia, hello. host: are you stressed out? caller: i am trying not to
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imagine you in your underwear while i am speaking. hello? host: you are on. caller: i am not stressed so much as -- who is raising our children now? 2017 and i year believe that mothers should talk to their daughters about abortions and things, taking pills, there is no woman that should have to get pregnant in this day and age. i believe people have forgotten what an embarrassment towards the military it was for the young man who was in the shoot --to be able to i want to hear the full story again.
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if you're holding paperwork in your hand, it means nothing, absolutely nothing. you have to have retinal scans, fingerprints, polygrams, a lot of computer coding. [indiscernible] thank you very much. host: thank you marilyn, republican line -- maryland, republican line, are you stressed out? all, a longtime since i had fun, the reason people are stressed out is because the media was working so hard to like hillary and they are shocked and stressed out and stressing people out. if you watch cnn, you will get stressed out or msnbc because they cannot handle the fact that their candidate lost and they are all stressed out. also, americans we should not
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put a lot of faith in any politician. we should not let them stress as out because they will not do a whole lot for us anyway, no matter whether they are obama or trump. host: can i ask you a question -- are you satisfied with the way the trump administration has operated so far in this first four weeks? there has been some turmoil, does that worry you? caller: not at all because donald trump is not a politician bumps, hel be some will learn along the way, before presidents did things like in the same old-fashioned way and he is trying to do things in a different way. he will have some problems and we all understand that. it does not stress me out. everything will work out fine and we will be fine.
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whole lot of hope in politicians and washington, d.c., that is my point, that is why i am not stressed out. i do not put a lot of faith in politicians because they change a lot. host: let's look at what president trump said about the status of his administration during a press conference on thursday. media is trump: the trying to attack us because they know we are following through on pledges we made and they are not happy about it for whatever reason. a lot of people are happy about it, i will be in melbourne, florida at 5:00 on saturday and i heard that the crowds are massive. i turn on the tv, open the newspaper, and see stories of chaos, chaos. yet it is the exact opposite. runninginistration is
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like a fine-tuned machine. host: victoria, democratic line, michigan, are you stressed out about the status of politics in america? caller: i would say i am concerned. i would like to actually affect the democrats now for fighting for our democracy. i am also concerned about the head of the epa they just confirmed just because the rules that exist for our safety, everybody has to live under the air we breathe right now. for that reason i was concerned with that. i just wanted to say that and to thank the democrats. for fighting for our democracy but i am very proud of that. host: more from this report from the american psychological association, says the election outcome stress compared across geographical areas, it breaks it
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down, 62% of those in urban areas reported feeling very or thewhat -- report that political climate is somewhat or very significant as a source of stress. 45% of suburban americans reported it as a significant source of stress and 33% of rural americans said that they are stressed out by the political climate. line, areindependent you stressed out? caller: absolutely but what is stressing me out is my friends and family. i have friends and family in california and i live in kentucky. everybody is arguing. everybody is upset. we are losing friends, i have lost family. it is a mess. people are taking it too personally. i do not know how to handle that. when my son and my husband are
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fighting, my friends and my family, it is awful. that is what is stressing me out. host: what do you do to try to deal with that increased stress you are facing? caller: i personally do not do any social media. i cannot control the people around me. when it comes to close friends and family fighting, it is a terrible stress and there's not much i can do about it. i keep telling them to stop it. that does not seem to work. .ost: ok other headlines today about president trump's administration , he has big day communications director, according to the new york times, a veteran republican preferred whosew place is away from a television camera and not in front of one has been chosen as the new white
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house communications director, people familiar with his hiring are concerned he is a cofounder of the public affairs firm, the black rock group. alan is going from scottsdale, arizona on the republican line, very early, good morning, alan. caller: thank you. we finally have rain in scottsdale. regarding stress and thank you for c-span, i love c-span. stress.t really it is a combination of discussed gust and the rule of law, i look at eight years of obama administration and he never got vetted for hard questions. bloviates atght -- the few press conferences he gave. , there are a lot of
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people in this country that do love this country. you do not see one republican going out and burning the flag. you do not see one republican destroying property. when donald trump had his rallies, i was at the first rally in phoenix. i stood out there for about two hours and we finally got in. and theye protests were walking in the streets, not on the sidewalks. is a thing about truth. and what you lived through eight years of obama administration, the truth is destroyed. because the american people for eight years were lied to in so many cases.
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disgust, ifsed -- you listen to talk radio for eight years through the obama administration and you listen to the comments coming from democrats, they have proven one thing, thank god for the democrats, thank god for the democrats, but what they are bringing today is the total opposite of what this country on, and being an owner for 30 years, when idea with my customers, in my heart i only have one goal, to see how many people a day i can make happy. every day that is why i get up and i enjoyed being a service to the people. and benefiting my customers in so many ways.
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say peopleu could have stress everyday, driving down the street. you know? heavy rain or heavy snow, that a stressful. politics is very strange. and the standpoint that the truth is important. host: let's look at one of the areas that is causing stress, according to the report, americans are now more likely to stress over holy silence towards -- police violence toward minorities, among whites 2016.27%to others of expressed stress, now 35% express stress and among hispanics it went from 47% to 53% and among black americans, asiansto 71% and among having from 42% to 57%.
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democratic line, clinton, maryland, good morning, janice. caller: good morning and good morning to my fellow americans. i am very stressed. that awful to understand each morning when i wake up that facts do not seem to matter anymore. the gentleman was just talking about truth. whose truth? is it the president's truth, who is facts checked during his conference the other day on his biggest electoral win ever. i have never seen a presidency like this and i am sorry but i cannot give him a fast because he is new to this. because he is new to this because truth is truth and lies are lies and i ask all those who voted for donald trump , they think jobs is his most important thing, he just signed, in the oval office, a bill
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either yesterday or the day before yesterday, that releases coal companies under the guise of jobs to release their toxic sludge into our waterways, the waterways that we have to process the water to drink for our children and for ourselves. he is relaxing the epa rules and regulations so that they can dispense more pollutants in the air and make us sick or with asthma and whatever else. he has people in his cabinet that have hired illegals, have in paid taxes, have engaged , insider's instance trading and pass legislation that would make what he bought at a discount price more valuable. as i see the corruption coming down the pike like i did under the george bush years before the jack abramoff scandal broke, i
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am very stressed. the most important thing -- why is it better for this country to have the fiduciary role lifted where the financial planners can sell people financial plans, get paid for that, and then sell the people things they know will not make them money. it is legalizing theft. yes, i am distressed. i am distressed that people do not believe in civics anymore. i was a debater in college. one of the first rules was you had to have facts. you had to have the truth. you cannot debate a lie. host: ok, let's look at what congressman joe crowley said this week on c-span newsmakers about the donald trump administration. + a lot of lying going on -- >>, a lot of lying going on, he was not fired because he lied, he was fired because he did not
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well does like well enough and his first covers the president said i did not order michael flynn to do this but he is doing his job, i would have told him to do it if you did not, the burbage and the language going on and being used by president trump is nothing we have ever seen before. i take no comfort, i am from queens, the same borough he is from, i grew up on the other side of the tracks but i take no pleasure being so critical of a president, i was not this critical in a personal white with president bush whom i had tremendous difference of opinion on. but i never questioned his character. i never questioned the fact that he was the president. i questioned this one as being president, not suggesting his illegitimacy but the steps he is concernave left a great to me in his ability to lead. host: independent line, tenaris
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from georgia, good morning. are you feeling stressed? caller: to answer your question, i am not but on that subject, janice, the last caller was very well spoken and very articulate about the situation of the country right now. what is your name? host: kimberly. caller: this is my first time going, your outfit looks nice. janice did a great job articulating what it is going on in the united states at this particular time. i called back in october and told her i would be calling back around the inauguration with a solution for the problems that we the american people are thirsty for. i have decided that i will wait until one year, i will give donald trump one year because
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the atmosphere is so toxic, we have democrats doing exactly the same thing to trump that the republicans did to barack obama. we did not like that as the american citizens. the congress not getting anything done and going against the president. let donald trump and his administration do what they do and let the repercussions transpire. we do not because want them to fail because when they fail, we fail. let's not, independents, republicans, democrats fight each other, let this agenda go forward and see what the results are. host: and other headlines today, the new york times reports that president donald trump's budget plan targets some familiar targets, says the white house budget office, has drafted a hit
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list of programs that president trump could eliminate to trim domestic spending, including long-standing conservative targets like the corporation for public broadcasting, the legal services corporation, americorps , and the national endowment for the arts and humanities. work on the first donald trump administration budget has been delayed as the budget office awaited senate confirmation of former representatives mick mulvaney, a spending hardliner as budget director. office islace and his ready to move forward with a list of nine programs to salvo in an opening the cup administration's effort to reorder the government and increased spending on defense and infrastructure. carolyn on the democratic line from minnesota. are you feeling stressed about the political climate? yes, your psychologist you had on earlier made a wrong suggestion.
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the suggestion to turn off your tv and to disengage is wrong. whenever i am stressed and i think this is very good advice from psychologist, you do something about it. what is happening across the country as people are mobilizing, there are all kinds of groups, indivisible, move on, daily action, what people need to do, this is too serious to disengage. if you are feeling stressed, do something. that is the main a message that people that are very wise about psychological health tell you. anyhow, a lot of people around i am not necessarily from a very liberal area in minnesota, they are saying -- there is too much murkiness in this administration, they say things is,, the unthinkable, which what if you have a president that was doing everything that
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vladimir putin wanted him to do? for example, allowed the russians to mess in our elections, downgrade our intelligence services, talk about getting rid of sanctions, talk about weakening nato, alienating your friends, so you are essentially upsetting -- and when you have an explosion or a test of a nuclear weapon, you do nothing about it. essentially, you have somebody changing the international order and at the same time reducing the protection for individuals and their civil rights. i just think this is so upsetting that americans are failing, americans are really smart i think in the aggregate and the reason people are feeling stressed is because what is happening is not good for us. some kind of release of a change -- goes against the
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kinds of things america stands for and our values. host: brandy is calling on the republican line from hager city, wisconsin. morning, am id stressed? maybe a little bit but i could look at the overall picture, you take somebody like george stephanopoulos and joe scarborough, scott kelly, all of these liberal news media, they -- gave money to the hillary campaign and constantly told us that hillary clinton would win the election. ,ll of these people believed it all the democrats, liberals believe it that hillary clinton would win. when she did not win, they were beside themselves, i feel sorry for themselves, i am stressed because they are stressed, they are running around chicago with no clothes on and beating up at the writing,
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they are standing in traffic and i feel sorry for them and i am stressed for them. it is a shame they can't believe that we have finally got a real leader in washington, donald is telling it the way it is. and they are stressed because they have never been able to handle what a good leader is. they are talking about this missiles being fired, the last lady, they did that on obama's watch, he caved into the world, the united states has a leader now -- host: in other headlines in today's "new york times" -- graphical ways the gop leaders during the recess this week, says as republican lawmakers prepare to leave washington for a week long congressional weekend, a recess, liberal groups and democratic party organizers are hoping to make their homecoming as noisy and uncomfortable as possible.
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the national organizers concede they are playing catch-up to a dam bursting level of grassroots activism that has bubbled up from street protests in the small groups that have swelled into crowds outside local congressional offices. it goes on to say that any mail alert move on is one of the groups moment -- mobilizing members to i can count milestone meetings across the country and has set up a website to help people find them. savannah, tennessee, republican line, are you more stressed out than usual over the political climate, heat? -- heath? have a no, but i suggestion come all these people who want to protest because donald trump got in, if they want to take their frustration out, they should clean up their neighborhoods and help their neighbors, and do something good in society and show a protest that way. stand by the president.
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if they want to show a type of protest, protest in a positive way, in their neighborhoods come and clean up their neighborhoods, and help their neighbors, and do something positive, protest that way, instead of in a negative or a that is doing harm and damage to their neighbors, their friends, their families. everything destroyed has to be replaced. they are not the one who will pay to replace what they just destroyed and the harm and the pain they inflicted upon innocent people. that is what i think. the stress is what they are inflicting on innocent people and innocent neighborhoods. host: ok. this week, as we kick off presidents' day weekend, we want to let you know that c-span released its third fiscal reins survey of presidential leaders, you can read through the survey , nearly at
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100 presidential historians participated in the survey at it right 43 former president on 10 attributes of leadership. abraham lincoln received the top with dwight eisenhower the top five for the first time at number eight. enters the ring for the first time in the number 12 position while george bush moved up three spots to the 33rd position. you can read through the survey yourself at her home page on and tune in on washington journal on monday will haveere we academic advisors of this project and the historians douglas frankly -- douglas brinkley and others will discuss their analysis. gina calling from alexandria, virginia on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning, how are
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you and thank you for c-span. i am stressed out, yesterday i had a home inspection and this perfect stranger as he is leaving, he could look at my face and saw that i was stressed and allm 67 years old broken out with acne of all things, my skin products are not working. host: is there an issue stressing you out the most, what is causing you this anxiety? caller: i do not know where to focus, recently joined one of -- when ice that shows up at someone's home, they let you know a couple of days in advance if you want to show up, just to make myself feel better. because i need to see it live. it is real to me and it is not. administration
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was stop treating these press conferences like it is a photo shoot, like they get to edit the lighting. all we want is the truth. that is it, why is that so painful for some people? why is it so hard? it is like we have to take their teeth out to get the truth. that is what is painful for me. the reason they call obama no drama obama, his name is coming up more now than i ever remember before. let that man have a vacation with his wife and family and leave him alone. he did the best he could with what little he had to work with. bill from valencia, california, on our independent line, are you stressed out? caller: yes, especially when iseone like mr. pruitt
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nominated and actually confirmed. he has been confirmed, has he not, to the epa? the truth is, there are callers who want to talk about truth, the truth is that climate change is a real phenomenon, it is not made up, and the earth is not an infinite resource. we are putting so many poisons into our atmosphere, into our water, and the earth just cannot handle it. it is really unfortunate that we -- i ample who still stressed out as you can probably tell. calling in from union, washington on our republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, kimberly appeared -- kimberly. outer: i am stressed because i watch a lot of
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politics, c-span, i have for 20 years so i get stressed out when i hear democrats call up and make the accusation that the president is lying or some other republican is lying but they never give examples, it is frustrating, i could give you plenty of example of president obama when he live, go to political act and look up the truth meter on president obama, they won a pulitzer prize, a few points, i will then that other colors did on. peopletressful to see protesting after the inauguration, the next day, everybody has a right to protest but it seems like the left protest if it is raining. i have protests for the sake of protest. it is ironic, if you look at the hats that the women was wearing come and look like they pulled a beanie cap over horns, what would reduce a lot of stress in the system is if we had two things to happen -- stop the press from having anonymous sources.
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that is a copout. that does not serve the country at all. , ifk about a courtroom someone were prosecuted by the lawyers prosecution brought people forward as hearsay, that is why you cannot have here say in a courtroom, you have to confront your accuser's. when you press has anonymous sources, what is that, that is activism, they hide behind that. the second point would be -- if we had a new branch of government that was filled with contractors that we could call ii, federal bureau of internal investigation, who had veto power to sit down at any government worker's death and tell them to sit aside, what is your password, they could get into the computer, lie detector test, this sounds harsh but i think a lot of the problems you think about these leaks that are happening against this
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administration, they are happening from our employees, our government workers who do not agree with president obama so they are committing felonies. it is a very important part of -- or change we could have, to have a bureau that does nothing but investigators government and my last point is, with the democrats, it is tongue-in-cheek , the 1960's song, it is my party and i can cry if i want to. the: the hill reports that fbi director james comey met with intel senators amid the uproar over the trunk russia ties and said james comey met with lawmakers from the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors friday, in an upper over alleged contact between members of president donald trump's campaign and russian officials, committee members spent nearly three hours friday afternoon in a secure room in the senate basement used for has a five briefings, known as sensitive compartmented
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information facilities. lawmakers refused to comment upon exiting the meeting, declining even to confirm that james comey met with them, the intelligence panel chairman richard burr of north carolina, called the meeting "a normal classified briefing." friendswood, texas, democratic line, are you feeling stress from the political climate? caller: yes, i have to turn the tv off. lying and is trump lying and lying and the republicans blame everything on the democrats. they need to wash his mouth out. he is lying about the democrats. they need to wash his wife's mouth out and his family, because he lies and blames everything on the democrats. he is not american.
7:40 am
i wish we had an honest republican because they do everything to the corporations, , just likeon that the president we have right now -- this nation is going the wrong way. host: alexandria, virginia, independent line, are you stressed out? caller: yes. i am stressed out in particular because the one most important job of a president of the united states is to support and defend the constitution of the united states. uniform, ayears in 100% disabled veteran, and i ,ould defend to the death today
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the right of anybody, including president trump to engage in free speech, not lies but free-speech. i would defend to the death, even though i hate seeing somebody burn the flag, their right to do it because that is also free speech. icv president attacking free speech, wanting to silence anybody who criticizing him. attacking freedom of the press. anything he does not like. this undermines our bill of rights. that is what he is supposed to be defending. net is calling in from greensboro, north carolina on our democratic line. good morning, nick. caller: good morning. i am very stressed out. it is distressing to wake up every day and wonder what the next ridiculous thing the person
7:42 am
who is supposed to lead the most powerful country in the world is saying. it is unbelievable. unfortunately, so much of the phone ring he puts out there takes us off what is most important, the dakota pipeline, all of the immigration, all of the raids, it is disgusting. i am a patriot. i just do not understand how the republicans diminish as many people as we are in the country to people that are rioting in the streets, we have our hands , i do make a good living not have my handout but every republican makes their decision based on the fact that we are that's relying on the government to sustain us. it is distressing. thatnot wait until the day
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he leaves office and i would probably prefer -- i would love to go back to bush or romney or ryan, or even mike pence. i am not proud of this president. host: jan calling in from michigan on the republican line. are you feeling stressed over the political climate? caller: i sure am. not over the president, i am very happy with the things he has done in the last few weeks, more so than i have been in many, many years. i am stressed out about all of the liberals that are protesting about anything and everything, a magic things that have not happened -- imagining things that probably will never happen but they are out there causing problems, making our country look ridiculous in the eyes of the world and making us week. weak. i am stressed about what is happening behind the scenes in the white house, the moles
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leaking these -- making everything public that should be kept private right now. i worry about a shadow government. i worry that they will find a way to sabotage our president. and he will be out of office, if that happens, i really worried there will be a civil war, we will not have to worry about north korea or china or russia, we will do it to ourselves and be at war with each other. that is what is stressing me out. host: what do you do to manage your stress? caller: unfortunately, i cannot keep off of social media, i read and read and read and fax check, going from one to the other and do not count on any one source for information. like watching a train wreck, you know it is bad but you cannot break away from it and i want to know what is going on, i want the truth and to be updated. i am getting myself really stressed out. host: roger calling in from
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kentucky on our independent line, are you feeling stressed? caller: i am not because i realize that what is happening is that there is a lot of political change and this is what happens when political change, i think both sides try to inflame the other side. i think the public should realize that that is what is happening. once the trump administration gives complete control of the government, i think the people who live under him for the next four years will realize that he is not what the other side was saying, just like the president obama was not on the other side. down, i willttles watch a lot of you because you have a very combing affect on nerves and we need to watch more kimberly until it settles them, thank you. host: president trump is set to
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have a rally today, the first of his presidential term and we are , staffby david graham writer for the atlantic who wrote about the rally that donald trump is having in florida today and thank you for joining us. guest: thank you for having me. host: you say in the atlantic that donald trump's 2016 campaign was the work of virtuoso improvisation, even though it seemed to be in permanent chaos with frequent changes of leadership, professional gas, and strategies devised on the flies, he managed to defeat the best and data walk in hillary clinton and it does not look like donald trump will improvise so much in 2020, he is kicking off the campaign on saturday. what do you mean about this being a campaign event? interestingis an is , it is a campaign style rally
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where he will apparently speak much like he did during the campaign and also in row is after the inauguration. it is being run through his campaign, the white house press secretary said it is a campaign event and that means a couple things, one, it has to be paid for by his campaign, it means weekend fun race and get a different field but it is a fitting also because he has made a lot of steps to run a serious campaign very early. while his 2016 campaign was kind was- it seemed at times he making it up as heat when a long he filed in 2020 on inauguration day and we see this campaign event. host: how does president trump compare to other presidents when it comes to the pace of thinking about a reelection bid? guest: this is unusual, to file for the papers for reelection on inauguration day is unusual, although it goes with some legal things that allows him to fund
7:48 am
raise. we see president being political immediately from the time they get into office, they all give major speeches and tries to support their agenda. that is standard and usually they do it, they call it a presidential event and the taxpayers foot the bill. it is unusual for donald trump to say outwardly it is a campaign event and treat it like that. host: we have heard the president talk about the margin of his election victory a lot, how much of this is about preparing for 2020 and how much of it is the fact that the president likes speaking to crowds that your for him -- cheer for him? guest: that is a big part of it, he likes those events and is comfortable, i think there is a reason he gave rallies after the election. there is a little bit of a pr a rough coupled of weeks in the press and to go outside of washington to replace
7:49 am
the is speaking to his reporters and can talk about what he wants to on his own terms helps him give back in a groove and makes him more comfortable. host: what effect do you think this permanent campaign will have on the president's policies in the white house? caller: it is an interesting question, it is tough to tell so far, the way the president talks about the election, even when he is not dealing with campaign things, for example his discussion about the electoral margins at the press conference this week, it is in choosing and shows that he thinks and that campaign mode. quitee not really seen happy separate policy from the campaign and he tends to make them to a greater extent. we will see if he does that or cf events like this make them separate them out. , staff writeraham for the atlantic, thank you for joining us today.
7:50 am
you can see the rally by the president today at 5:00 p.m. eastern, we will have live coverage from melbourne, florida , on c-span and you can catch it on and on c-span radio through our c-span radio app. lewis is going from georgia on the democratic line, are you feeling stressed over the political climate? caller: i am not. what i feel strongly about is how the republicans think. they are a bunch of hypocrites. trump leads the charge against president obama. stating that he was not born in america. and he is the worst president ever. republicans are just eating that up.
7:51 am
here is a guy who has not paid his taxes. in more than 20 years. who literally is in bed with the russian president. here is a guy who allies over and over -- lies over and over. the republicans are saying, let us give him a chance. for eight years they did not give president obama a chance. host: you are listing these things happening yet you say you are not stressed, what is keeping these things from stressing you out? caller: i just called this republicansall the out on their hypocrisy. because that is what it is. toy have made it a plan oppose president obama at every angle for the past eight years.
7:52 am
all of a sudden you want to get a chance. i think it is so hypocritical. thank you. n is calling in from indiana on our republican line. good morning. caller: i am not stressed and very optimistic, i am 83 years old and a christian. i remember a time when we had prayer in school. this time, i have seen the christians come together and actually go out and vote. i want to say that i was very hopeful that the first black american president would bring us together, because i love the african-american people, and they are churchgoing people. the problem is that they have believed so many things that are not true. if we can get back to our christian principles and i know president from
7:53 am
indiana, i heard him on talk radio all the time, a wonderful christian and if we get back to the christian principles, america will be great again. thank you for c-span. host: more headlines, the new york times reports that republicans are hoping to finish the guantanamo bay review board, it says in a letter to president trump made public this week, 11 republican senators said that a parole like board that decides whether or not to recommend transferring guantánamo bay detainees should be suspended immediately. the article states the tension over the panel is elevating attention to it and for the potential fate of it under donald trump, established by barack obama by a 2011 executive order, the board looks at guantanamo bay detainees who have been deemed an triable and too dangerous to release, their job is to determine whether each such prisoner should be held in
7:54 am
open-ended detention or moved to a list of those recommended for transfer to stable countries. christina is on the line, independent line from charleston, south carolina. good morning. are you feeling stressed from politics? caller: i am and i wanted to call to tell you why i was feeling stressed. when i hear somebody using a tool like politico -- polit read thewanted to list, president trump has a score of 70% west barack obama had a score of only 16%. it is cool to use a tool that fact backingot of it but you have to use it for both sides. l is calling from new
7:55 am
york city on the democratic line. good morning. caller: hi. trump was a landlord. americans are so dumb and stupid , we don't study philosophy and political science and history. landlord means god over the land , that is where the word comes from, donald trump who is not my president. landlord. if you read the medieval -- when thecousins -- peasants, board of the land could on the first night of marriage, could much with my wife, that as
7:56 am
power that hath an that is the kind of power donald trump wants to grab. i am stressed out and my blood pressure went hi again. with it, i would rather not say on the air because it is not legal. it is not criminal but not within the legal realm. i am -- i cannot blame him, i blame the stupidity of my fellow americans. he has issues with you people in the media, you people in the media are normalizing him. would you normalize charles manson if he were president or fiddler or mussolini -- adolf hitler, or miscellany, you are also guilty, he has never got a majority of the popular vote. host: other headlines from the
7:57 am
wall street journal, donald trump and candidates for security chief are sparring over staffing. not guaranteewill his next national security adviser will have full control over staffing and process, a move that is shortening the list of people willing to take the job at a tumultuous moment for a new administration, people close to the matter said, retired vice admiral and a retired general petreaus didus -- which becamejob vacant with monday's firing of michael flynn. line, are youican feeling stressed over the political climate? caller: not exactly stressed but i getting sick and tired of the democrats telling these lies and
7:58 am
paying people to protest. i want to set there and say about the inaugural, about joe lewis, he is supposed to be a civil rights leader and he did not attend the inaugural of donald trump or of george w. bush. that is two white men. would you call him a racist, he would not attend even one of inaugural. this nation has got to get together. the democrats have got to figure out that they did lose. we were not happy when obama got in but we did not protest, we did not riot, we did not do all of these things. you have the democrats who really need to forget losing and go to church. that is helping. that would get rid of their stress. host: mi calling in from atlanta
7:59 am
on the independent lineke. are you feeling stressed? ,aller: i am feeling stressed we went from a president with honor and integrity for eight years to an unqualified mentally unstable, arrogant person. systems of checks and balances with republicans controlling both houses. definitely feeling stressed and the lady from kansas, it is john lewis, not joe. host: coming up, a petition calling for an impeachment investigation of president trump was presented to congress on thursday, norman solomon, in a group from the addition will join us next and we look at whistleblower rights and protections with the project on government oversight. this week's newsmakers interviewed house democratic caucus chair congressman joe
8:00 am
crowley of new york, he talks about president donald trump and his former national security adviser michael flynn. >> a lot of line going on. what they said about michael flynn is he was not fired because he lied. he did not lie well enough and he got caught. even the president this last week said i did not order michael flynn to do this but he was doing his job. i would have told him to do it but he wasn't doing it. used by thisbeing president is like nothing we have ever seen before. i take no comfort. i'm from queens. i grew up on the other side of the tracks. i take no comfort in being so critical of a president. i was not this critical in a personal way with president bush, who i have tremendous differences of opinion on.


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