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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 21, 2017 7:16am-7:38am EST

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this is from "the new york times" recently. a federal appeals court cleared the way on tuesday for florida doctors to talk to their patients about gun safety, overturning a 2011 law that pitted medical providers against the state's gun lobby.
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that was in "the new york times." a blurb from "the washington post." a panhandler cited for defying a city ordinance while holding a --n
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a couple of court cases to let you know about when it comes to this larger topic of free speech. that is the focus of our program today. if you want to give us a call, 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8002 for independents. we will go to mike in buffalo, new york. democrats line. thank you for holding on. thank you for calling. caller: i'm a longtime listener, first time caller. true, decenteve in free speech. right now, we are watching what's going on in this country, i don't think speech is free anymore.
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a lot of these people are being paid to do and say what they are doing now. they don't like what's happening with our president. host: what kind of examples would you give as far as your thinking is concerned? what have you seen that has demonstrated that to you? caller: i listen to a lot of true news and different youtube withges because talk radio sean hannity and stuff from fox said 39% of msnbc the people disagree with trump. ,eally, when that poll came out after 25% agreed with trump -- 55% agreed with trump, 39%
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strongly disagree. they report the news, but is getting to the point, just because they don't like this man, they are going after him tooth and nail. it's unfair. people in america know the truth. we voted for a change and that's what we need in this country. we need honesty. you have too many politicians going into office saying they will vote for the people but they have their own agenda. 55 reporters are on the clinton payroll. you are hearing more and more about shadow government obama set up. i'm an american. i love my country. host: roslyn in delaware. independent line. caller: good morning.
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i am a retired social studies teacher who has taught the constitution. i won a freedom of speech case against the state of delaware and ithe term "bombing" had to think about what i was going to say four months in advance. i knew they would try to get me on using that terminology. protect your freedom of speech. the state of delaware -- the court forged my signature because they arrested me for freedom of speech using that terminology. i was very careful in using that. they arrested me and tried to
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get me on a freedom of speech charge. running the government, harassing -- no, i am a pacifist come i don't believe in violence. been a pacifist since i read about the civil war in high school. i stood my ground. the state of delaware forged my signature saying i gave up my right to a trial by jury in the freedom of speech case. i caught the paper in which they mjt -- njt, meaning no jury trial. they had to dismiss the case. they were going to let a teacher come before a jury telling the truth. remember penn to kent state.
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four students were killed, shot to death by the national guard. roslyn talking about her experience when it comes to free speech. she was a social studies teacher. camille off twitter -- off twitter -- ben and columbus, ohio. republican line. caller: good morning. voter, i'm going to college in the fall. i voted for donald trump. speech as an essential right for every citizen. i feel it is being friends these days by this social thing,
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isitical correctness, which stupid and how you can say something wrong and get butchered for it. ike milo,ampuses -- l there are other people with different opinions than you. it's important to express your own opinion through protest, but not necessarily through violence and destroying property. by having colleges shutting down ngese events, it's a silenci people's rights to express their own opinion. you think those kinds of instances are on the rise or do you think this has always been the case? what do you think as far as the amount of that type of
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occurrence happening? definitelyhink it is from what i remember -- i am pretty new to this whole , but from what i recall, i think these instances have become more prevalent. especially on college campuses in these recent years. i think it has become a very important topic. host: massachusetts. robert is up next. democrats line. good morning. caller: what that lady said about can state -- i was there. i remember everything that went on in those days. we can have some of you like jeff sessions the the attorney like jeff someone sessions be the attorney
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general. everything that happened in the 1960's, we will see this again we will see violence in the streets. you will remember all these places. killed my lithic anchored they killed of a lot of black americans. -- 1968, they killed martin luther king. the dreams of a lot of black americans. as farhat do you think as how free speech is practiced in the current day and if there are limits to it? caller: every reporter across america will locally and nationally, the first thing they do before they go on tv as they pick up the newspaper and bring that to us. onn, you bring the reporter
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your station and say the same thing. the tv people are just following what the newspapers say. for the bill kristol weekly standard -- this guy black people and says he likes netanyahu better than president obama. yet, you have him on the show without someone else to discredit what he says. when you have someone like bill kristol on your show, you must have somebody on the other side to dispute what he says. otherwise, you will a lie go on. adam in maryland. independent line. caller: thank you for holding discussions on such a topic. we are usually not able to discuss at our workplaces -- it's important to make a distinction between free speech and hate speech. , we should be able
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to discuss political indifference is with each other in a civilized fashion. as far as hate speech being free speech, every society has to progress forward. and be stucktinue at that point. the laws that are there to protect people from hate speech are there for a reason. they need to be there. as our president says, we are a nation of laws. also aeech protection is piece of our law. we should not be allowed to call people from minority groups blees did we should not be a to disrespect people because of their religion or sexual toys. -- religion or sexual
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choice. this politicallitic crap -- one is group was stuck in a certain situation and was not able to .rogress progress andave to educate themselves and get to know each other. and aside accordingly. .- decide accordingly i did not get a chance to jot my thoughts down -- host: as far as who determines what is hate speech or who determines these things, talk about that. if we will find a
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crystal clear answer, but what about who determines this type of speech and how that might impact free speech overall? caller: that is a good question. we need to ask ourselves these types of questions. , largee is a significant group affected negatively by a certain way of speech, perhaps we could categorize it as hate speech. we would not be allowed to call people of color the and word, right? n-word, right? or words that affect a group of negatively should be categorized as hate speech. that is adamant in maryland giving his thoughts on free speech. we are asking them are there .imits to free speech
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go to our video library and type in "free speech," a lot of topics,. -- a lot of topics come. ruth bader ginsburg was at stanford university earlier this month to talk about the interpretation of the custody and talked about the topics of free speech. -- the interpretation of the constitution, talked about the topics of free speech. [video clip] >> that right to speak your mind and not worry about big brother government coming down on you and telling you the right way to , that iseak and write
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tremendously important. i got to see how important it was when i was going to college in the heyday of senator mccarthy. the were people, many of them -- nor should any state deny to any person the equal protection under the law. an idea that was included in 1868 with the 14th amendment. most of you know why. although our declaration of independence has all men are created equal. it in the billt of rights because of the stain of slavery.
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i explain it in terms of the opening words of the constitution, we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union. we start with we the people. in 1787. , they aremall class white, they are male and the own property. look at "we the people" today. americans, women when the 19th the moment was finally -- 19th amendment was finally adopted. embrace of host: good for video library at -- go to our
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video library at caller: good morning. living inof us is extraordinary times. the president, unlike any prior directnt and in violation of the first amendment as justice ginsburg so just stated, hase declared that the press is the enemy of the american people. he shares this with no prior president but does share it with mussolini, who declared the press as the enemy of the people , with kim jong un and his father and his grandfather who declares the press as the enemy of freedom. he shares it with adolf hitler
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who shut down every free newspaper in order to preserve witheich and he shares it -- trump is a narcissist. be the only voice in america, only praised, only admired. that is in direct contradiction to the first amendment much of the united states of america and of the voices of every american. host: george is next in florida. republican line. caller: good morning, everyone. a lot of what was just said is what is wrong with our country
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from of political correctness has separated us completely. i don't even know what political correctness is anymore. even "washington journal," your if any becomes up what the word black in any context, you hang up on them. -- if anyone columns with the word black in any context you hang up on them. an exit strategy when -- you aremake about probably getting ready to hang up on me. how does this offending people have anything to do with society?
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if we are all created equal and we are, we all can make inroads in a matter what our problems are in life. if we are all created equal, why that call people racist only call white men racist? i don't think they've ever called any other demographic on earth a racist other than us. if we are all created equal, we are all bigoted to some degree. in floridae and 40 giving us a call. for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for independents, 202-748-8002. to give us some historical perspective, we're joined


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