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tv   Washington Journal Representative Adriano Espaillat Discusses Trump...  CSPAN  February 28, 2017 5:51pm-6:22pm EST

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ideas. look, the old system isn't working, let's try something new and fresh. go outside the box, i think one of the strong points of donald a businessman, i think that is strong, the other thing, he's an outsider, he that you can't accomplish some of the thing necessary washington he's that is why i nd think we'll have an opportunity to accomplish them >> "washington post" writes that president trump will use his speech to congress tonight to send a message on immigration enforcement, featuring family members of americans killed by illegal immigrants. the president met in the oval office today with jameel shaw sr., whose son was shot by a gang member in los angeles in 2008. and jessica davis and susan oliver, who were married to california police officers killed in the line of duty in 2014.
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c-span's coverage of the president's address begins tonight at 8:00 eastern with a preview program with the president's speech at 9:00. next, a look at president trump's immigration policies from washington journal. r next adriano epresentative espaillat, joining us, democrat from new york, serves 13th istrict, including manhattan and the bronx and a member of foreign affairs and education workforce committees. morning. guest: good morning, thank you for having me on the program. host: thank you for being on the program. can you talk about your background, including immigrant xperience that brought you to the united states? guest: i came to the united states at the age of nine, with brother and y sister. visa and business overstayed visa, just like many people did back then. grandparents here, who paved the way for us years so we we got here, and overstayed our visa. we didn't have our documents.
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to go back to ad the dominican republic, where i was born, to get our green card, came back and i think we're very much part of the american dream. host: from your experiences, how did that shape the way you look t issues that not only were an issue for the previous administration, but currently hat of imfwragz issues, what about the past administration and what about the current administration and how they the issues? guest: look, it gives you such a what america is. it almost puts you front and what we feel the hard-workingion is, vision and working class family factories in new york city and we're here, now congress, souse of this is a great nation with great, great potential and so stifle that potential? why should we turn it off?
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to be a great es nation that the rest of the world looks at and many people and it is the re engenuity, tough grit work ethic, the immigrant's entrepreneur, to work long hours, that has been impotus and i believe an or and every 10, years, get into isolationism, why do we now turn say, no we're going to do it differently, make a u-turn and be heavy handed, in scope. no, let's continue down that road, that is what made america great. the previous administration was tough on deportation, what changed in the that stration as far as philosophy is concerned? of the oward the end previous administration, president said we will deport
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criminal, as they should be, but the folks committed infraction or maybe have offense that is not harmful or serious to the rest not going to 're split those families and be heavy-handed, we're not going to take action to remove that dad from the family so those hildren will grow without a father figure. we're not going to fracture or net of that safety family. and i think that is the difference right now. administration is casting a wide net, you see fear people that are scared. they think if they go to church, be waiting outside the church as they greet the their or they take children to school or they are waiting for the yellow bus to drop them off, ice could be around to scoop them up and deport them. that is the kind of fear you only for here, not undocumented people, but people who are here with their
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look a s that may certain way, may pray to a certain god, may have accent, afraid. also this is horrible, i don't think that is what america is and we vision, ot change the the mission of this great nation. host: our guest is available to comments. 202-748-8001 for republicans. and 48-8000 for democrats 202-748-8002 for independents. representative of the government accountability office is looking at departments of period security over a of time ignoring 1.6 million visa overstays partly because of manpower issues. if visa overstays a concern that s not so serious to push deportation in your mind? guest: when someone gets a visa, vetted already. the vetting process has been a meticulous and strict one. have been vetted and they have been allowed in our nation. be sure that you could be reassured those folks
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criminals that we want to stop from come nothing here. here may be family members of people living in the nation and they overstay and they see opportunity land of and they say, why not, we want to also pay taxes, we want to have a certain skill set that i want to bring to the nation and make it greater. wrong with that? host: susan is our first call. arizona, republican line. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: good morning. you for this morning. i was so happy to see a democrat on here. i am a republican, i did not for mccain, i voted for trump, but with this friends thati have came from italy and it took them 10 years. and the emocrats republicans get a bill out to easier and not so hard and not so expensive for visas?to get their that would change the whole thing. ost: well, thank you for the
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point. guest: by the way, i want to ddress this, many folks think that we're advocating for those jump re undocumented to the line, right? if you have omeone in process to get their documentation, they're being petitioned for by a family looking to see how they are going to get their green card and get their visa. advocating for folks to jump the line, they got to line. at the end of the they have to go through the same process that everybody else goes through. we're advocating, not giving a handout, saying, wait like ne, everybody else did and we're going to vet and you make sure committed any t crimes, make sure that all your aperwork is in place and so that process should be expedited. also the happens is family reuniification process is
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lengthy. here who ave a mother is petitions for her children, sech, even 10 her -- s to get her chsh children to come here. they are almost adolescents, she's missed a great part of lives. there may be family issues now because the children were raised grandma, someone else. this must be expedited f. we're we have to values, expedite the visa process, i agree with you. host: ron from haven, pennsylvania, republican line. caller: yes, good morning. questions about this. you know, everybody seems to be 40 years ago to saying my comments came across nd this and that, you know, my parents came from england, poland and finland, okay. they were immigrants back years ago. they did it right. have ears ago, we didn't hundreds and thousands of people trying to cross the border like
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days. now everybody seems to be going back in time. should be looking forward. second thing i want to ask about some of the immigrants, i hee a friend from mexico and said that told me that a lot of these illegals have to send back, which we understand, ou know, we understand they're trying to support their family out there in mexico. now he told me that when they somebody , you have knocking at the door when the money comes, protection money, not paid y're protection money, things happen. i don't know if that is true or reason to lie to me about it. host: okay. let our guest respond. and foremost, the migration from mexico to the slowed down has dramatically, in fact, we are seeing the reverse, some people
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to mexico.ack if you take a look at the '30s island is llis perfect example of how the u.s. opened its door wide open for thousands of people to come to the united states from europe. this is a different economy and a different time and people are coming in from of the world.s so i haven't heard of any cases have to pay money for protection, particularly now most of the remittances that are sent back are wired people have debit cards and they, you know, there exchange as used to be, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, the was all done through banking process and great banking institutions, the great anks are now handling these exchanges, remittances that go ack to whereever folks come from. there is really no cash, very
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little cash exchange by hand and therefore, a level of protection for the person receiving the money back home. any cases, ard of there may be one or so, but isolated case. host: frank in lakeland, florida, democrats line. caller: yes. representative, thank you for your service. is: why don't we chance?sident trump a during the obama administration, i'm retired school teacher from many of my students were hispanic. trump administration, one of the l weeks, dads or one of the moms of my children r other within my school district, were mexico. back to hardship.did create a ut many hispanics came back
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legally. how do we know illegals that are deported have not been involved in we inal activity, how do know they are here legally? why not go back to mexico and legally? guest: that's a good question. let me just say when that father child you taught at the school was deported, that family heavy burden in surviving in that particular where you live at. that family may become a burden on government. we want if the person has not committed a violent crime? all studies show immigrants proportionately
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than average ime americans. i don't think anybody that documented leaves their house let me go ng saying, get arrested and be deported. it is quite the contrary, you many of them live within the parameters of the law, they are not looking to issues with law enforcement because they guarantee they will be deported came from, ere they there may be some involving but this ctivity, proportionately, undocumented commit far less crime than the average american, so this notion they are driving up the statistic is totally false. don't know of anybody going out there and say, today i'm going to rob a bank, i'm undocumented, i'm going to expose myself to be arrested and deported back to where i came and my family will have to wing it on their own in the united states, that just does not happen. in fact, they are very care bfl living within the parameters of committing any
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run a reden in -- you light under president trump program and you could be deported. going e very care bfl about daily activity and they try really to remain within the law.nes of the this notion of it driving up the numbers is total hoax. president is expected to sign new immigration xecutive order wednesday, what is your expectation about the order and how does it differ from the previous attempt? -- if we'll see what the the de ville is in the detail. the order says. the previous one was shut down by the courts and also in an was shut cess, it down, it was shut down. the details are f this new muslim ban this, is not executive order for immigration reform, this is a on folks that an pray to a certain god. i think that is contrary to what
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as a nation, we were built as a nation for religious tolerance. saying fyou're muslim, watch out, we may not let you in, you could be a terrorist, horrible litmus test. america has the capacity to do anything it wants. we have the technology to find out who you are, who i am, taxes. we paid our we should release our taxes, by capacityand so we have o -- and technology to look at anybody and see whether or not they're safe or dangerous and to that says you t pray to a different god, you look a action, you ertain way, muhammad ali's son was stopped, detaind and questioned in florida because he has a muslim name. the son of the legend, the wast, the late muhammad ali
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detaind and questioned for hours because he has a muslim last america.t is not host: your representative, bill asqual, he tried to get president trump tax releases. a previous guest said it wasn't a correct way. that argument and the effort being made to release the tax you think?at do guest: some folks hold on to tohnical aspects of a debate ensure the movement is not to go forward, something that should be really black and fundamental uld be for us. , we look into tax
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returns, why not this president. when we have resolution that for president trump to release that information, the ther side of the aisle will adhere to technical opposition prevent that from happening. that is very sad, i think the american people deserve to know trump's tax returns. thoughts on president trump's traesz to congress tonight? guest: we'll hear what he has to say. optimistic, i hope remains within the parameters of the great future of america and heavy-handed like bullying anybody to beat down on that is different. host: some of the representatives say they've the ed guests to sit in gallery. have you invited anybody? guest: a guest that will be a i at surprise to anybody, will not say who that person is today, i will say it tonight. on.: come guest: i can't do it. you will be relieved to know who
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is. host: okay. patrick, south carolina, independent line. for our guest. caller: thank you. taking my call. i live in one of the poorest poorest one of the states and we don't have but schools in the whole county and that's primary, school, high ddle school. there are three or four teachers in every school teaching second language. four or five administrators in the office teachers out. here are enough teachers and administrators to put in a whole school teaching second language. that with our r property taxes.
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don't mind paying for my neighbor or cousin's children, comes here and my taxhave to pay out of i don't even know their children. we could use those teachers to educate our children. patrick, thank you for calling, i appreciate it. go ahead. uest: i think our children should not only know a second language, i think they will be better off knowing a third fact, as the in globe has come together through the ology, having proficiency of additional language makes you more marketable out there. you go to europe, you will see children there are roficient in two and three languages and in competitive global market, that would give edge and advantage over other children, why not have our children speak
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of course, but also spanish, french, other languages will make them more marketable than just knowing one particular language, i think falling behind from the rest of the world. the rest of global d is embracing a economy and teaching their children only technology, but different languages. a child from italy could be or in ble in spain germany or even here in the united states and so why not english and ldren other language so they could have an additional skill. in a secondficiency or third language is a qualification for many jobs, why not make them qualified to compete and win in a global market. nancy from big bear city, california, go ahead. yeah, as far as crime immigrants, the
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violent crimesof committed by illegal immigrants times, from the police 95% of murders are for illegal immigrants and the same everything e and else. dishonest.lly s far as fraudulent voting, go and e u.s. c.i.s. site since obama was in office, he spent over their 100 million treamlining and expediting naturalization process for illegals. law, they don't have to speak english, don't have to say the pledge. other things that all legal do.grants have to it also says to avoid the fee, c.i.s., l the u.s. everybody else has to pay a fee.
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this has to stop. dual language thing is orribly harmful to all americans. we lose thousands of jobs every agreement with being totally lazy, we lose jobs because we spanish, that has to stop. no dual language. host: okay, let our guest respond. guest: first of all, she's 9 out of 10 crimes are committed by undocumented. the stats, but research and data i look at says totally the opposite, that undocumented folks do the best they can to stay within the law, obey the he law, they do not want to be deported, it's as simple as that. to say that our children should another language, that ill not make them more
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competitive out there is also highly concerning to me. knownk our children should more than one language, all of our children, not just those the united of states. u.s.-born children deserve to have the tools and their hands in the global ve market. why not give them that? why not give them the ability to compete with children in asia, urope and the other continents that will be really looking for those jobs that the new global is providing. so why not give them, with regard to voting fraud, i don't of any undocumented person that gets up in the morning and ays, let me go vote illegally and get arrested. you know, the president says million people did that, show me the numbers. show me the money, as they say. host: you're familiar with the obama's dreamer program, young people in the united states.
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president trump had said he had heart for those that fall under that, do you think, what do you think of that tatement and what do you think he will do with those who are qualified as dreamers? guest: the baca program is interesting program, many children came into the united when they were one, two, maybe three years old. ot because of their own doing, but their parents brought them in, some not even speak the their native country. if you send them back, you send them back to a country they speak the language, may not have a real connection with any family member, totally land for them. these are young people that want o go to college, they want to get their bachelor degree, master's degree, they want to want professionals, they to be taxpayers of america. that?s more american than we got to give those young the fact eg up and president trump admitted he is aing to consider them is just
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tiny light -- ray of light in a for immigration that is gripping this entire nation. texas, b, arlington, independent line. hi. caller: good morning, ped dltd you for c-span. i'd like to say to this fella hat the democrats should logo from the donkey to the parrot, everybody you hear says the same darn thing. to talk about the lack of immigrants vice for that don't come over here and serve and shed their blood. makes mockery of those who have lived here through several wars and done service. immigrants don't do that, it disgrace and mockery of the system.
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think from the caller, i we have skin in the game. time after time how mmigrants have been rolling forces. sergeant tadda was one of the irst soldiers killed in battle in iraq. sergeant ryan tahadah, there is a post office named after him in my district. was that a u.s. citizen? that a u.s. citizen? e was giving his citizenship posthumousily after he was life in iraq, gave his while he was not even a citizen. i've seen hundreds of those gone to folks that have far because they feel they are american, even though they are not american citizens. we have skin in the game. my family has members of the and we -- they have out to war to defend our nation and to say we have lower totally acrifice is
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false. line, virginia, democrat's here is don. caller: thanks for answering my call. 'm a veteran, okay, and a democrat. being u know, as far as ilingual, that is criteria, ashamed and also i'm being veteran the commander in dodger, okay.aft and we need to see his taxes, line.m i could go on and on, he's ttacked everyone, judges and disabled and senators and veterans, you know, john mccain, i disagree with, but i honor his service, you know what i mean. spoken against the press and everybody except putin. to go to harvard to see what is going on with be?, hustupid can people
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host: caller, thank you. almost out of time. thank first and foremost, you for your service, we could you and re grateful to those of you who have served in the armed services, we could be united states and enjoy democracy. yes, the president cannot have it both ways. you cannot call yourself a patriot and then past shows you dodger.raft you cannot ask for transparency withhold your taxes. you cannot say you will change this country and appoint folks want to take us back to the '20s and '30s, that is the great dilemma our nation faces. we will continue to push forward as democrats and we will hold up our democratic values. host: before you leave, quickly, the president is proposing boost to the defense department smchlt republicans say that is good figure, a starting point, what think about the potential of that going to defense? uest: let's see where he's
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going to get the money, if he's going to do that and cut education and healthcare, if to undo affordable care act that was funded through proportionately taxed a very rich and now wants to give cut by sector a tax dismantling the affordable care act, i think is the wrong approach. saying don't fund defense, but not expense of healthcare and those programs that are needed, so much needed for the american people. host: representative adriano espaillat, representative o
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