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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 3, 2017 8:12am-8:35am EST

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acebook questions on his literary career. > in 1986 i moved to miami and have been there ever since. place if you want to be a humor writer. an excellent place to go. > he's published over 30 books including dave barry shrefpt here, dave barry's greatest hits and best state ever a florida man defends his homeland. that is live sunday from noon to tv p.m. eastern from book on c-span 2. "washington journal" continues. host: we are back in open phones 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morning with your thoughts on any of the public and political debates happening. florida, golican in ahead. caller: a pleasure.
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thank you. questions about the intentions of barack obama. ecause at the last correspondence dinner he said i will probably be the last united states.e wouldlso asked the troops you shoot americans if told to do so and the ones that wouldn't much fired. host: where did you read that, bill? caller: where did i read that? yes. caller: i listen to the news msnbs never day on covers that. -- i'm sorry, i can't think that far. we will go to utah. independent. good morning, c-span. thank you for your service and information. --ad a question all lined up
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host: tell us what the question was. caller: how can a news be conservative and and claim to be fair balanced? it seems to be claiming to be onservative puts you off balance. i'm a life-long republican and onservative to the core but no longer any more. if donald trump and the epublican of what i have seen so far doesn't impress me any more. wall, the the ridiculousness of that is beyond belief. policy thatigration canada adopted and trump put islamic terrorists the north border is where we will have issues with the have to lity they will that country. and 65,000 border patrol agents 2,200 miles is about 150
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feet per agent. cannot imagine they can't secure the border. they don't want to secure the order is ultimately what it is coming down to and i don't know it is necessarily that our outhern border is our biggest problem. the wall is a ridiculous thing it the environmental impact will have haven't even been discussed. whether it is wild life or water. we can kill more errorists with bullets i think will breed more terrorists with bullets than we will ever kill. leave it there. .rom louisiana a democrat caller: good morning. speak.ou for letting me whoever guy rudy or his name is how can you let
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program ppear on the who is just a spokesman for trump? he made no bones about it. right-hand man of donald trump. host: we have people of all fferent perspectives appear -- and voices on the program. as that.ot so blatant thank you for letting me speak. host: gejean in missouri. to say that i was a democrat and changed over to republican this year for trump's values. doing us to me is not any justice and mr. obama needs purchase do nd let his job. i think that president trump is doing great and could do better all of the drama. i'm only wishing the media with to president t trump but to us the american
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people. thank you, greta. host: thank you. urtis, mile city, montana, republic. caller: hi, greta. how are you? host: doing well, sir. caller: i kind of have a -- i or t mean to be rude anything but over years i have i suppose ng c-span for 20-some years and it has help but i can't notice your bias when you read all the articles that are negative toward republicans or and dministration or trump it shows. and it shows on your face and it your actions. so i'm just asking if you can possibly read some of the that are positive, too. i t is just my statement and watch you quite often and i sincerely believe that you are you can. best that host: francis in georgia.
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francis. hi, your last guest christopher ruddy, a lot of the he made i understand but what i don't understand is you all still dealing with president obama? the out of the office and comments that he made about resident obama was weak on russia, i think not. i don't think he was weak at all. obviously we didn't have all the drama we have as we do with the administration. those are the things that i don't like. bothering onstantly with president obama. we need to deal with it which lar administration is trump administration and let them do what they have to do and keep president obama's name from all of this because he has nothing to do with it. that is all i have to say.
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much. you so host: lisa in clearwater, florida, independent. to talk about jeff sessions for a moment and the russians. they call it a witch hunt when they are talking about him. it's not a witch hunt. and it -- i sion that his from the day wickileaks was released, that was irst batch of e-mails released that the guilt start accusing others of their crime started happening with hillary. she started on trump about being -- having relationless with the ans -- relations with russians and here we found out 20% of our em
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uranium. that was ridiculous. on and keeps oing going on and jeff sessions is an man for this ing position. is no reason for host: lisa's thoughts in clearwater. phones the next 10 minutes. you can call in with your thoughts about debates that are washington, political and policy. that is happening is over how to go about repealing so-called obama care. look at the drudge report's of the of picture speaker of the house with the caption why so secret obama care the website is "washington post" front page sortorstory, their headline --ma carroll back at risk of obama care at risk of roll back
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wanting a phmore aggressive than republicans are raising le with questions about trump and the headed to gridlock as they try to fulfill the promise. senators ted tive paul, mike lee raise the possibility of doing the same under mr. trump. prominentngress three groups plan to increase pressure on lawmakers to repeal it fully or risk retribution from the grassroots. if they hold together in the senate where republicans have the three senators alone could sink a republican bill. the current proposal floated this week by house republicans raceway peels ortions of the a.c.a. but because of pressure from constituents who depend on it leaves some intact that happy atives are not about. in the headline of the drudge
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because reports came out yesterday that the by republicanorth leadership is in a room in one f the buildings that lawmakers have to go to the room to see and cannot bring out copies of it. senator rand paul tried to go to that room yesterday and brought machine with him to try to get a copy to see what is in the legislation. more about that coming up in a few minutes with the healthcare reporter. len in sofia, north carolina, democrat. caller: hi. good morning. i was just wondering why a newly american president would not call for his own nvestigation into the russian hacking. nd if the intelligence organization should just follow the oil. because trump and rex tillerson stock in oil from russia and
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wa trump gets rid of the sanctions the oil can flow free is even rich earn. -- richer. why is he innocent suing everybody for saying stuff if it is lies? lynn.all right, dan, rochester, new york, independent. start where do you today? i was just watching cnn before i and listening to blummen that will who said was that you will who said e was a vietnam veteran and that is a guy that lies. he talks about sessions lying in the confirmation. with valerie ue jarrett now living with barack in washington and the main purpose of that whole deal the president n trump's administration. we have eric holder in
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running some kind of scam out there to try to the areas for of congress so that democrats can counties and areas where they are not represented fully. we have biden's son who is now wife. his previous son's my god, this washington corruption is incredible. host: ok, dan. we will go to donna in tiger, georgia. republicans. caller: hello. how are you? host: doing fine. your mind? caller: i would like to find out during the election there was the senators, year i y pay $500 a believe for health care and they covera est healthcare coverage. and i was wondering why just the people couldn't get that. then i heard no more talk about
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it. a health care reporter coming up. you can ask about what sort of members of congress get. jerry in dalton. georgia. democrat. caller: lynn sort of stole my hunder with my statement, the hrfr lenn from north carolina. true max soon waters waters says e follow the money with trump and this time i think it is follow oil. exxonmobil has oil leases in state of large as the maryland and as long as sanctions were on that they couldn't get it out. that is what i think the leak is, is the oil in russia exxonmobil's connection to the oil in russia. likether statement i would to make. president trump, shortly after office dismantled he trustees or group that ran
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air america. and i think his plan is to turn america into his own state run media kind of thing. all over.n host: all right. willi william, virginia, republican. is on your mind? caller: i'm thinking that is trying to put .his country back together i'm from the old school. i'm 65 years old. believe that we have a president that is trying to work settlement us back down and the government as it should be and give the government back to the states as be.should he's trying to put some heart country and i stand behind the work that he is doing. ost: that is william in virginia. maine.s in gray,
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independent. caller: i'm calling because i don't see why nobody wants to national healthcare. i was behind donald trump for announced his candidacy for president, and he that he thought that we hould have a single payer healthcare system such as medicaid or medicare and i'm pretty sure he said that. and i don't know why the media never runs with that one and and stands he news behind the national healthcare system because it would answer to every anybody has about healthcare system. we just need to get the of the e companies out whole business. savannah, georgia. democrat. open phones. willie, you are on. caller: good morning. are you doing? host: doing well, thank you.
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aller: i just heard a caller tell you that you were being coverage -- your biased about your coverage. are that don't understand what it is all about. every day.pan first thing i do is watch c-span and you could not bring a better report to the american people do.n what c-span so, i tell you what needs to is that the callers need to do their homework before c-span, before they right station that is down the middle, whether it is left or white. -span presents the information right. what is taking place in washington right now is this dministration don't have a single clue of whether it takes to make america, as the he got in aid before office, good again.
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i just heard a call are from that he's taken back old school. well, he is 65. 69. so i'm older than him. i'm older than he is and i i it means to make america where it is. the callers that ban c-span.hould gathers news reports from the "new york times," washington. any gather information. callers need to understand that c-span ain't reporting what is coming out of house.ite the guy tweeting every two tweeting is something. he gives everybody a chance. he made the statement e don't think the attorney general should recuse hills. the attorney general says i'm step so they are not on the same
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page. host: ok, willie. i will leave it there. , nette in alexander city republican. caller: one thing about c-span i over the years you have exposed the party division is and well in america on each side. emocrats come in and call in and they are all for their party and they are going to stand,for they person no matter what do. and this right now, the hatred of the democrats have demonstrated for trump is beyond belief. free, thewe are voting is free, vote for the one you want and move on. no. 62 million voted for trump and they are trying to discount the fact that the sky is president. -- this guy is president. even their convention was so dark and negative and full of hatred. nothing is positive for we the
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people. when will we be the priority for either side? , he trump, we saw a light is talking about all the problems america is facing. host: one of the issues are publicans want to tackle is the health care law. that's republicans want to tackle is the health care law. you agree with republicans who say repeal it all? caller: i believe we have to go care of take pre-existing conditions. maybe stay on until you are 26. there were good parts of it. i know of people whose insurances have doubled. there's so much of it that is just too bad. host: that is our conversation coming up here. we will talk with erin durkin of
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national journal. an update on the efforts on the hill to repeal the affordable care act. later, we will be joined by jonathan greenblatt of the anti-defamation league. first, yesterday, representative kevin mccarthy and steny hoyer had a tense exchange on the floor. [video clip] >> history will show your hearings and our hearings that at the end of the day come i want the history to show who actually brought health care to the american people. they are better providing and lower costs. >> the leader can be assured that history will show that. can i see the bill today? >> you are not on that committee . >> in other words, they will mark it up before anybody in the
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public, including a member of the house of representatives -- is that what the gentleman is telling me? >> it is similar to every other bill would move. before theyst it market up so everybody can see it and debate it. >> that is not regular order. i've been here a long time. regular order is you introduce a -- thatu put a bill in is regular order. it is then printed and referred to a committee. the public can see it as soon as it is printed. it goes to the committee. they establish a hearing. the witnesses then come before the committee and testify to its positive and negative aspects. the committee then schedules a markup. it may even be the same day after the hearing.
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and then they mark it up. the bill has been given to the public and to members under regular order substantially before that happens. you are telling me i cannot see the bill today, five days before it is scheduled to be marked up. is that accurate? >> have you seen a scheduled markup? i don't have it in my list. this is not the rumor you may have heard. -- another rumor you may have heard. >> "washington journal" continues. host: here to give us an update is erin durkin. republicans would like to repeal this law. where does that stand right now? guest: as you probably saw, we had a draft come out last friday. that is no longer valid.


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