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tv   Washington Journal Drew Harwell Discusses the First Familys Travel and...  CSPAN  March 6, 2017 9:10am-9:42am EST

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germany, singapore and taiwan. for chance to ed win $100,000 in cash prizes in irst, second and third place categories. log on to our website 30 minutes before the big announcement to 150 winning documentaries at student announcement of our student cam 2017 grand prize 8, 8 , wednesday, march a.m. eastern on c-span. >> "washington journal" continues. reports for rwell "washington post" on business and other matters and joins us cost and out the expense for security and travel for the first family and president trump. drew harwell, good morning. guest: good morning. host: the headline from the ecent story you wrote on this, when it comes to the trump family and lifestyle, it is nightmare at taxpayer expense. where does the logistical come from?
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guest: from incredible complexity with protecting the travels, when he protecting the president's family, the vice president's family. every president travels and goes on vacation, not to mention state department overseas, that sort of thing. but president trump has to the nextken that level. quite aveling to florida often. his children are traveling on not ess trips quite often, just across the country, but to united ike dubai, and .rab emieshgszr and melania trump and the resident's son barron, live in trump tower in new york, incredibly delicate place to protect. costs new york police department hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in police to so these are all costs that the
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guaranteed because his security and important to the country, but it is also, you number of expenses that the president criticized obama for, for golfing often and for traveling while he america was facing all these problems. for president trump to be ollowing that lead and almost jumping ahead of president obama and spending, it brings some on how diligent is president trump sort of being taking travel and making these trips happen, not just once in a while, but as we've seen with president marlago, four out of the last five weeks to his beautiful estate. raising questions. next four years, how much will axpayers be spending on this kind of travel? are they comfortable with subsidizing the president's on private ng business trips, effectively selling the president's last ame, potentially selling to
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people who seek favor with the president. this is going to be a big question. just to trips to florida, if he travels to florida like ast week, what is estimated price tag for a trip? guest: you know, we want to know down to the line item what this costs, we know incredibly complicated. ll the secret service agents have to go down and do advance trips and make it into a fortress. have to guard marlago, on water on both sides, one road way right outside, airports all around, safeguard those. we know from president obama's travel, a similar trip, florida, traveling to golfing during his presidency cost a little over $3 million. extrapolate, based off the cost f flying air force one every
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hour, something close to $200,000 an hour, cost of secret service contingent and, you know, moving presidential limousine, the beast, cade, these motor are costly. $3 ry trip is something like million. when you look at four trips in month of the president trump's term, that is something $12 million, that is factoring in, not even factoring overseas like uraguay,t's son went to eric trump. $70's0,000. add up these receipts and it becomes, you know, estimates hundreds of he millions of dollars just in safeguarding the president and his family travel. some cases, this is happening simultaneously, the president in florida, first lady the son travels
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wherever. often, price tag are accruing across the world. have gone nt's sons to vancouver and uraguay. is often in florida golfing at the club in costs that membership $200,000 to get in. quickly and rue with president obama, he had vacation, guild on they were not traveling for private business expenditures. is a possibility it will become more incremental hat it will almost be exponential in the way it gains in price tag quickly. drew harwell of "washington post" talking about security and travel cost family andwith first president trump. 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans. for and for independents, 202-748-8002.
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with ednanaheim, california. independent line for the guest. ed, you are on. caller: yes, sir, two quick points to make. i watched c-span or regular media, i almost never itr complaint about how much cost for bush or clinton or even traveling, now -- point have two ld like tou people on, to hear go back and forth on debate. have to block may c-span on my selector because hearing is continuous everyday relentless pile-on on trump. i almost never hear you have anybody on that says anything good about trump. hangup and listen. host: first point, cost, you talked about president obama, about the bush family, comparisons to be made. to be made.point president bush traveled to his were in texas, there
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secret service cost associated with that, including protecting ranch, immobilize vehicles and agents, that cost something. obama's term was actually the travel that he took as actually big point of criticism among a lot of people who said, you know, the golf ent was traveling on vacations, president trump before he was elected made that liked to raise. quite often he would say with so america, ems facing why is president obama traveling for vacation. is worth to raise that point with president trump. judici -- there is a group watch, they ial accrued pretty good data summing up cost of president obama's travel. that over eight years something like $90 to $100 million. $96 million. guest: that's right. for secret service, travel cost,
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money.s a lot of with what we've seen president spend and the security infrastructure surrounding him, he cost could be hundreds of millions of dollars. between ing the two presidents obama and trump, you see that the choices president choices making, the president trump's family is making, they're guaranteed those have the right to make the choices. the cost is what we have to face taxpayers. that cost we're going to be continuing to hear more and more this is what president trump drew our attention to during president obama's term. have to face e now. host: ford wind, indiana, line, judy. caller: my question is, i -- salaries for everyone associated with anything he does from the pilots to the secret do they just y
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separate it out and always make a big deal about what it cost. people being paid regardless if they are sitting till in one position or moving about? i've never understood how you break it out and then have a for it. guest: that's a great question. secret service agents are salary.ed a when we look at travel like we've seen with president trump, e can choose to stay in washington, the security costs are less than, if he travels overseas, but even to florida. the security agents are paid overtime. they are -- have to pay to travel on often commercial planes down to florida. whenever they go anywhere, they that o do advanced trips are often six days. they go out, scout out potential the building and that is just personnel. trump's f president trips to florida, have have to e mobilization of coast guard
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resources, watching, not just he atlantic ocean side of maralago, but watching for both run into potentially maralago, or whatnot. mobilization of planes above m ver air maralago. pilots costt money, money. not just a certain amount of for every o agents trip and it is a flat rate tcan tcan bit of cost a bit of money. secret service as an agency, it is sort of understaffed. their budgets are tightened, the employees moral is actually fairly low compared to other agency. hen we talk about this logistical nightmare as a former secret service agent described this we think about agency has to not be in one place, not just in washington or
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i can't say retreat lots of presidents have gone to in the have to be at maralago, have to be watching watching have to be trump tower. so, you know, these are extra they can't say no to, they can't short staff any occasions and move people around containing the same salary base. they have to pay more in overtime, they have to pay for people food when they go down to lorida and are away from their families. there are costs that come on when there is a number of travel expenditures at one time and those really add up quickly. gary, north om carolina, independent line. caller: yeah, hi. trying to short staff trump again is pretty cheap. it happens to be very expensive in this country frchlt getting on airlines now borders, to secure the
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you know, there is a lot of money. relentlessly, a good way to save money would be wall, of building his maybe find people who hire $6000 for igrants every employee then second time it, pull their business license, maybe take the $6000 in breaking laws and the contribute it back to country so we wouldn't have to complain about how much it costs protect our president. he's got a right to travel. just because he's rich, all this country have a right to live the way they want to live and travel the way they to travel. i think we should leave him alone. picking on the guy and save money in other places. thanks. guest: those are good points. sort of two things i
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want to say on that. one is that, you know, every travel.t has a right to every -- the vice president has a right to travel, their family not stay in washington just to minimize cost, that sense, that is not what the former president has but for either party, president trump ran on the campaign suggesting he would run he government like a business, that he would think efficiently and the use of the budget president trump said himself, if e were elected, he would be so busy he would never leave washington, he would be holdup n the white house working diligently. contradict ae does little bit of that, but again, he doesn't have to feel like he stay in one place. the other sort of thing that i think is important to remember all of his travel is for vacation. ot all of this travel is just
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simple sort of pleasures of a relaxing break, traveling on their own with heir family, sort of secret, you know, with the donald trump, andident trump's sons, eric donald, jr., when they have been onveling, they are traveling private business trips that support the trump organization, the president's private company. is a company that the resident and his advisors have said will not benefit from the government, will not benefit trump's reign in the white house and the oval office. so we start to think, you know, our taxpayer money, public oney is going to support protective staff for these business trips, which is of anteed, but also sort benefiting the company's ndeavors because having those guards there lends an official
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that the president's sons are going to a project, meeting with developers, they buyers, they're lending almost sort of a touch kind of official legitimacy because they have secret service because they have entire infrastructure that supports the president's security along for the ride. i think that is an interesting to remember because the president has said he is taking that the potential for conflict of interest between his privateower and company and i think a lot of people on both sides of the mixing the ery of two in way that could potentially benefit the resident, could potentially benefit future presidents who potentially want to increase sheet, improve their business through the use of the white house. but this is a situation where hey can't separate the two,
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can't separate secret service from the travel. explicitly to benefit the business that goes right to bottom line, so his taxpayer spending goes to partially subsidizing affairs and that is something to remember. adult children, but tiffany trump is also involved. guest: they will be joining the ivanka, don and eric will be potentially traveling for the next several raises, so file these costs will keep going up as more family gets involved and this will be out of the bottom line. host: does that include spaces, as f living well? goes not just to travel portion, home, en they are at wherever their homes may be. uest: melania and barron trump's accommodation necessary trump tower, all monitored, the
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reimburses, e federal spending going from the budget to trump tower, they need to rent space. from secret service, they were interested in renting space in trump tower. we heard from the department of defense, they were looking to tower, whichn trump is something that past secret service agencies have done, they the space close to president's residence. when president bush was in exas, they represented space there. but in this case, it is interesting because they are space directly from the building the president still financial incentive in. behoove him in several ways, it for his family and money goes into the budget of trump tower. virginia, john for democrats. think the conflict of interest, the previous caller saying being picked on is
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ridiculous, have respect. there has never been time like president of the united states has profited so much. millions for space in his own building. promote his used to building. it is not right, number one. one seems -- described in law. trump ey gave the bid, did win the bid for that hotel lost ., other businesses out and specific writing in the ontract, i don't think it is debatable, it says, no one holding office can be in any way of the building. that was supposed to change when .e took office on the 20th it is past the 20th, no one uttered a word about it. should be lost to trump tower and he's benefiting powers, from foreign
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but from regular people that go there. shouldn't get a chance, other would lose the contract, why doesn't this guy? host: thanks, john. points, ose are good too. this goes to one of the other issues of potential conflict of service going with the president's sons when they go to meet with developers. fair for businesses that want to compete with the trump rganization and don't necessarily have secret service following them lending that official cache? case of trump hotel in washington, d.c., he did win beat out the and hiltons of the world who would seek to get that contract. can they really compete in an companies iplomats, that want to come to washington potentially have as relationship as possible in washington, are they going to go to the trump hotel over one of the other hotel necessary dc and
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this unfair balance here where other companies are losing out? talk about the free market and free enterprise and and s that president trump many in washington have supported, it starts to conflict this issue where are inners being chosen because they are tied to the president's business? because they have space, they a membership at maralago, trump held the event at hotel in washington? there are two sides to a conflict of interest. real conflict,al where you can directly see that a tie here, that is improper. there is the perceived conflict, really know what shakes out in washington because there a relationship with the trump and the hotel or in trump vancouver. and that perceived conflict i hink is very damaging
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potentially for the president, as well. it serves to undermine trust in decisionmaking. people will say, were decisions white house because there was, you know, a fair and independent review of the facts? or it was made because there was a pre-existing business there?onship or because the member in felt favored through the business? advisors for hics president bush and president obama have made a lot of hay out this, they feel like it undermines the public's that the president is making the decisions on an off endent basis and not what could potentially behoove his business, what could or ntially help his family help himself. host: next up, ben, hoffman, orth carolina, independent line. caller: yes, i'd like to comment on what's been said. all speculation.
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now it is a fact that obama taxpayer million of money to go around the world on all his y tour, plus other gauntlets and his wife's talkings, so now you're about trump. first of all, his children that re working in the business are paying their own way everywhere they go. have to have a secret service with them. that is just part of it. okay. doesn't matter to me. the second thing is, how can early in an administration, start complaining about the money that being spent when it has been done by george bush and his his father's d maine, or orth up in wherever the hell it was, they george bush's home. you know, this is a lot of hitulation and it is just a
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piece on donald trump, who first into office, said he wasn't going to take anything, salary, okay. the man has done nothing yet to pieces put se hit out against him, i think it is a shame. speculation, his oh, it could be or it is possible, that's all it is, speculation. we'll see at the end of four years, or end of eight years if needs to be changes, but you got congress running around he world and it is not their job to run around the world when you have a state department that that posed to be doing job. host: got you, thanks, caller. guest: we will see the final tab of four years or eight years, right now we're know from g what we president bush's travels, from president obama's travels, a lot this is informed guesswork, we can know if it stays on this
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going to be a number for president trump's ravel that is going to potentially wildly exceed president obama's travel. just crunching numbers. you know, this is not something has been at there complaints from one side and not the other. this is something that was times during president obama's travels and continues to be discussed. you know, it is ntriguing to see groups like udicial watch that discuss president trump's travel, that file freedom of information on the and elaborate costs. they are interested in president trump's travels, too. is all coming from the same federal budge thaet we all pay into. o i think it is important to keep an eye on how much of the public money is going to money , how much public is going to travel for the service travel to behoove
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the president's business. issues that se are are going for the next four years and if president trump is to continue to say that he budget and about the running it like a well-oiled machine, running it like a questions hese are that are going to continue being advisors, bydent's democrats, republicans and congress. so this is going to be the nuing question over next four years, whether he eeps travelling to maralago or not. host: has the president showed camp terest in going to david? guest: no, he hasn't. amp david is not very trumpy, as you can imagine. old-fashioned, in the woods retreat. maralago. unlike president trump went down to maralago all the time there is
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we're in now, on the social scene is hot, he can entertain of people, people. that is what we've seen over the weekends, he's visited in maralago, visiting events and shaking hands and that sort of thing, he feels in his element there. going to continue oing down to maralago, he has ownership in, he can have a lot of control over. shown any interest going to camp david and doing maralago. can't do in host: douglas, forks, washington, republican line. good morning. host: you're on, go ahead. caller: okay. good morning. i just wanted to say that there in the ch waste government, the little bit spent n protection will not make a difference, but i want to say that we're divided right now,
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the protests that go on at trump tower and florida when he goes there, he lmost has to have all the security and stuff because it's retty crazy out there right now. and i just think it is warranted, it really is. a different world right now and it is sad, it really is. course, andlican, of like donald trump, i don't like the way everybody is fighting everything. anyway, he's going to save a lot of money in the government. will cover it.
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i think we waste, you know, you guys know, everybody in the government, so much a story talking about overtime for sheriffs who guard $1.5 million. city of new york has to pay for overtime, are the costs does the federal government reimburse to city and undergo this extra measure to protects the president and the first family? guest: they ask congress and hoping to be reimbursed, but it is not guaranteed they will be reimbursed for they ask for, with the new york police department, for asked for reimbursement $500,000 per day. there is debate over whether get the full request paid or not. that is a big deal for new york big deal for palm beach deputys and police in new jersey, where president trump golf course, has gone on official business. effectively ere shuts down that area and costs a lot of money for the local law
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enforcement. they don't necessarily have a lot of money to spend, if you that lice and don't have many officers already, they are hoping, optimistic they will get seems ck by congress and likely they will get paid back. in the meantime, they have to money out of their own packet and staff their officers, overtime and pay move officers that would have been in a different part of the city over to that area. costs add up quickly. host: drew harwell talking about expenses in the money series. go to the story that brought him "washington post" dot com, you can find his writing and other writing. thank you. thank you. host: open phones for the last 20 minutes of the program. democrats.0 for 202-748-8001 for republicans. and independents, 202-748-8002. we'll take the calls when we return.
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>> yes, they have nice lifestyles, of course they have, money, but i of think that the superhouses who make it to the very top and stay there are not primarily motivated by money. to have standing and status and want to be respected to have power. q&a, beyond ght on navidi, discuss how super networks rule our world. super hubs see what is wrong with the system, it is one of the key questions i book, do they hold the system prisoner or are they prisoners of the system? is it their fault or is it the
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system's fault? in the end, after analysis, i've to the conclusion, it is the interaction of both. night 8 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> c-span, where history unfolds was n. 1979, c-span created as a public service by america's cable television companies and brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> "washington journal" continues. host: if you want to participate phones, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002.ts, posted to the politico website, tweets over ut the the weekend from president trump aying that the house oversight committee chairman said monday he had seen no evidence that he would support president trump's


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