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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 6, 2017 9:41am-10:04am EST

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to the conclusion, it is the interaction of both. night 8 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. >> c-span, where history unfolds was n. 1979, c-span created as a public service by america's cable television companies and brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> "washington journal" continues. host: if you want to participate phones, 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002.ts, posted to the politico website, tweets over ut the the weekend from president trump aying that the house oversight committee chairman said monday he had seen no evidence that he ould support president trump's accusation that former president barack obama had orders illegal
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wiretap of trump tower during year's presidential campaign. i learned a long time ago to you my eyes wide open, never know what you may or may ot see, but thus far, i've not seen anything directly that would support what the president has said, off the politico website. the events this week, the "wall street journal" highlights some conservative groups, that have plan for pushback toward congressional especially as they plan to unveil the replacement act for the affordable care saying the groups, including heritage action, freedom funded by ganization charles and david koch, are troubled by notion of refundable credit to help consumers pay for health insurance, tenant of plan, president donald trump appeared to endorse and addressed to congress last opposed to commitment to maintain expanded form of medicaid as numerous are demanding.s
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from the "wall street journal" and also from the "wall street they highlight the president's travel ban, newly signed, executive order expected to be signed today. expected to on still ban travel from several muslim majority nations, but will leave iraq off the list. several are familiar with the 600 other aid yemen, es iran, syria, remain.and sudan will host: democrat's line, thomas, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. me just say this about donald trump. a corpora ishing orporate -- he is let nothing corporations, c.e.o.'s, titans in positions. and what i mean by that, you see raised hised when he
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membership from $100,000 to $200,000 businessman's mentality. you see cabinet positions, these titans of industry. okay. when they look at us, they don't us as citizens, but consumers. what you have ll elected officials, the elected at us as look citizens. two different points of view. we have here is someone who signs.eing dollar perfect example, cottage industry, charter schools as signs. host: okay. caller: doesn't look at schools quality education. host: let's go to keith from massachusetts, republican line. sir.r: yes, host: you're on, go ahead. doing?: hey, how you host: fine, thank you. caller: yeah, last, i was just curious, didn't make sense to me, how can they tell
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secret service and kids around and one is going to school in washington, one and one will live here, will go to harvard, i don't know hat they're talking about as far as the cost of security, it sense, esn't make much that's all. host: victor, from illinois, independent line. hi. ahead. caller: hi. several years ago eric holder comment and cnbc commented on his comment. e didn't want to bankrupt corporations that they found fines., just wanted know, i was -- you wondering where does the money go. -- huge fines like fin fines -- make a long story to put a ton of
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money in the doj gave a third of money to the treasury, which is taxpayer money. gave another third of the ontow people that got ripped off, like peep frel wells fargo. they gave a third of the money the national community reinvestments coalition and a national he money to council of laraza. of the d of the money national urban league, which dollars to a billion each. now i'm just wondering why since out of office, lynch and holden and obama, that was his doj, and -- getting rs aren't ogether and get something sort of class action suit against these people. find out ripped off,
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they got the money and they didn't give them all the money imburred.d be e host: okay, to tim, charlotte, north carolina, republican line. morning. caller: good morning, how are you today? you.: fine thank caller: quick comment and really two, he brought up eric holder. know eric don't holder was censured by congress and has law license to practice law. i don't understand how when you are censured you are able to law. practice most people don't know bill clinton was stripped law license arkansas.f the second comment i have, i msnbc,eally like to know nn, guy talking about mother jones and other networks and fox networks, what journalists or pundits actually have a real degree, as my father did, he's been deceased many have a ook six years to
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journali isism degree. spouting out news do degree, a journalism they are pundits. they may have gone to school, journalism, but never acquired a degree. wallace and ris maybe the lady from pbs, may have one. pretty ican public is ignorant about this, don't realize the people don't have a degree.ism one last question, do you have one, pedro. thank you, good day. earl, just a go to point we don't talk about host of the show, not trying to dodge, the policy wewe don't go as far as what do here or things like that. tim, charlotte, north carolina, line, hi.n caller: -- north im from charlotte, carolina. earl, go to earl,
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betonville, arkansas, go ahead. caller: good morning. am i finally on? host: yep, you're on. okay.r: i got a statement, or question first, i guess. i'll give my background. paying attention to -- world ince warld i am 85 now. time.10 at that ant to find out what type -- host: tell you what, caller, hold and come n back to you in just a bit. line.da, democrats this is betty. hi. caller: hi. was -- i was a very
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intelligent child and i was brought into what was happen nothing europe. eer was from denmark. and was a my father was from the united stat states. croute definitely a tas, it started with obama administration, it was republicans who bought anything have done. resently we need to have anybody who tells a lie publicly corps, so to the speak. 'm a veteran, i also all of my family was. but we suffered terribly. through the second -- first world war, i mean, second world war. xcuse me, second world war and
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all of the rest of them. i'm a korean veteran. from new york.xt independent line, hi, lou. caller: yes, good morning. thank you for "washington journal." think brian lamb should be mentioned more often. i'm an old guy and i remember him quite a bit. think he's been great. i have a comment about your last guest. he brings up a subject and has to this particular subject there really is no answer. tot is donald trump supposed do? divorce his children? people elected the man and he deserves some support. whether they like him or not, the democrats are just, it is nagging question. the newspaper should open a clinic on nagging. thank you. reports a story
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that was posted this morning and his tillerson president at the state department, staffers have one is rex., where the stories that the state press ent resumes formal briefing on monday, offers ecretary of state to assert to the world america remains ensures ic force and e the employees their work matters. not expected to show up, according to mark toner. the secretary of state will show today, alongside secretary of homeland security john kelly and general, jeff sessions, on issues related to visa and ravel, that will be live at 11:30, you can see it on c-span. more the website for information on this media briefing featuring the secretary of home land security, kelly, general , and attorney jeff sessions frchlt virginia,
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laverne on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for - c-span, "washington journal." why is everyone republicans and supporters keep blaming president obama for a of this stuff that has been going on? this weekend, president trump tweetedwas the one that ut the information about him supposedly being wiretapped. charge. chief in if he really wants to know if he wiretapped, he needs to just staff, the f.b.i. into
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was i ice and ask him, time?lly recorded and there is a lot of other stuff need to be people at the lower bottom need to know about affordable care act. got the south carolina, you know, the man is pushing out problemssiles, that's a for the united states, period. host: okay. go to kim. crestline, ohio, republican line. good morning. host: hi. caller: my name is kim, i was to speak to drew. first off, the president gets cl in salary, take that out of
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his pay. eric cond thing is when flies, he has his own security, agentstwo secret service with him and i wonder, thirdly, wondered why is it your staff all the lways cut off republicans and allow democrats o just ramble when it suits your narrative? i'll hangup. thank you very much. jeffery, greenville, maryland, democrats line. well, if i -- you know, while ago the president wasioned during the time he unning for election, that he c an -- you have a lot of --
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people. i guess on the right and left open their mouths and say things that don't make sense. i hope that o, craigman, indiscernible] -- doing the same thing he did for during administration on -- why don't people want to know how money is going to support all the traveling? this man is doing business in maralago, trying to move -- you can put your head in the sand, that is what going on. host: okay. leave it there. jeffery, i'm sor bethat, we want calls in.
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north partansburg, carolina, independent line. caller: yes, good morning. years old. my dad served on the missouri in the second world war. upset when they mothballed it. anyway, i don't understand this that is going on for donald trump, for heaven's sake, business guy. he's a business guy. he's going to make business good ones. bologna, and ling political crap is a waste of ime, money, effort, it's ridiculous. wish everybody would calm down, this man knows what he's doing. he's surrounded himself with the business.e in of i met donald trump, i didn't superim, i thought he was
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arrogant, you have to be in some ways. calm down, give this boy a he doll it sure well. host: carla, from florida, republican line. morning. caller: good morning. host: you're on, go ahead. yes, my concerns are we going on in north korea and all this fighting democrats and the republicans, to me, it is childish and there are so many things going on in our world that is way more important. i'm saying, i feel like this arguing on television a smoke screen as to what is going on behind the scene. the caller mentioned north korea, "washington post," others reporting four missiles launched monday saying 7:36 china time
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u.s. strategic command said ystems tracked projectile and determined launch friday north korea did not pose a threat to north american. it rachetted up tension in the egion f. missiles flew 600 skies, south he joint chief of staff said in a reporters,e to local if you go to the pages of role all they identified vulnerable members in the elections, the .c. cc, campaign committee, naming 19 members of frontline program for the most vulnerable 2018.bents in among those, california berra, karabul of california, charlie crist, other listed in the list. to the role call ebsite, you will fiengd a listing of vulnerable members
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identified by democrats. regory from pennsylvania, republican line. your last call. your : i'm thankful for response, but my concern is very simple. happened to the internal revenue service? there?, are you host: yeah, go ahead. caller: i'm curious to know what the internal revenue service? by any stretch of the imagination, everything trump is spending is extraordinary and unreasonable. have the mp david, we white house. that is not good enough. e have the federal election commission, they subsidize campaign, that is not good enough. $400,000 in compensation for the president, he dismisses that like chump change. i mean, all this money that is personally for interest that are internal to imself, where is the internal
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revenue service and what do they eigh in on this excessive behavior? host: gregory. i appreciate you calling and all callers that came during the course of the three hours together. another addition of this program way 7:00 tomorrow. we'll see you then. >> it will be different from the
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previous travel ban. the new ban would not apply to travelers from iraq and people who currently hold visas. we will be hearing from members of the trump administration is morning on issues related to visas and travel. homeland secretary-general kelly, tillerson, jeff sessions will be live on c-span at 11:30 eastern this morning. today, a later discussion about transportation and infrastructure from the kcra 3 institute in washington d.c. the will take you there live noon. this afternoon at 3:00, i look at economic policy and increasing worker productivity in the u.s. but the national association of business economics at their conference in washington. we will hear from the president of the federal reserve bank of minneapolis live at 3:00 eastern here on c-span. c-span, where history unfolds daily. 1979, c-span was created as a
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public service by america's television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. next, donald trump's campaign manager through the primaries up until he was fired last summer sat down with the new hampshire institute of politics for discussion about the trump campaign and the trump white house. this is just over one hour. >> good evening. thank you for being here. on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students, i would like to welcome you. thank you for joining us for this special event. i am a student ambassador. the mission is to engage citizens to actively participate -- in theetical


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