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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 7, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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caldwell on the revised travel ban. a.m., brookings institution on president trump's agenda and the[captions copyrigl cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ host: welcome to "washington journal. the chairman of the two committees behind the house gop replacement plan for the a portable care act -- affordable care act plan to hold a press conference to talk about the details of the proposal. you can see that at 11:00 this morning on c-span3. if the gop proposal eliminates the penalty for not having insurance, changing the funding structure of those who get subsidies and would make changes to medicaid. the proposal is meeting resistance from democrats and some republicans. for the first hour this morning, we welcome your thoughts on this
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replacement plan for the affordable care act from the republicans in the house. here is how you can let us know your thoughts. [inaudible] -- democrats, andr for independents, 202-748-8002 and republicans, 202-748-8001. if you get insurance through the affordable care act, call us at 202-748-8003. you can make all of these thoughts known on twitter if you toto c-span wj -- if you go @cspanwj. section morning has a on their webpage. private healtho insurance, the proposals include tax credits for those purchasing health insurance, the subsidies would be primarily for age. financial assistance will be phased out for individuals making more than $75,000 and married couples earning more
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than $150,000. it also eliminates cost-sharing subsidies with -- that help people with modest income meet the cost of insurance deductibles and copayments. would greatly expand contributions to health savings accounts when it comes to medicaid, some of the details include maintaining that the aca's federal funding financing for expanding medicaid through the end of 2019 and after that only receive enhanced payments for beneficiaries already covered by the expansion. those are really the highlights of the plan that was unveiled yesterday. more from the press conference that will take place later on this morning. your thoughts are welcomed on the phone lines. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 four republicans. for independents, 202-748-8002 and if you get insurance through
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the aca, 202-748-8003. on the phone to walk us through some of the other aspects of the replacement bill, jennifer haber corn of politico -- jennifer of politico covers health care for that publication. can you talk about the funding as far as this proposal is concerned? where will the money come from to pay for all these changes? >> that will be a huge part of the debate moving forward. republicans haven't released details about how much this bill will cost or how much the bill is going to be paid for and how much would be added to the debt, but we are going to see those numbers come out in the next couple of weeks. democrats have already kind of preempted the argument -- advancing the argument that this bill is going to end up costing
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consumers, even if it doesn't and thatgovernment even if your health insurance is cheaper, if it doesn't cover the things you need it to, it is not going to help folks. the overall cost of the bill, republicans had considered adding a new tax in this bill to help pay for it, but they ended up taking that out before the bill was even released. in an earlier draft, they would have capped the tax benefit and employer gets for providing insurance to its employees. it was called the capping exclusion, but they took that out because it was already getting a lot of resistance even from rank-and-file republicans. host: has the build in scorched -- scourged yet? is that going to be done soon?
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that has not been done yet and republicans are moving forward. those scores will not be docked by then. they will be out before they go to the house floor, which will be in a couple of weeks, but not out when it goes to committee supportersrats and of the affordable care act are already pushing republicans to not do that until the scores are released. host: if i get insurance through the aca whether through a private or health plan from insurance or medicaid, how could my life potentially change because of these proposals? uncleart is still because republicans have said they want a smooth transition period. they do not want to pull the rug out from folks who have coverage under the aca. there is not going to be an
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immediate end date to aca coverage for the first several years. that being said, a lot of folks believe that if the insurance industry knows the aca is going to end and the new system will coveragee, is aca going to be as available for the next couple of beers through .his transition period for instance, insurers are already struggling under the affordable care act to some those plans going to remain in place through this transition period when there is a date that it will end? host: as far as the tax credits are involved, can you kind of walk through what people get now as far as help and assistance to pay for these plans versus what tax credits may look like and how people will be affected by that? guest: the big difference between the tax assistance available under the republican
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thatversus obamacare is under the affordable care act, assistance is based on your income. the wealthier you are, the less help you get under the affordable care act with the point being that people with low income will need the most help to get health insurance. under a republican plan, it is next to age. the argument there is the older you get, the more expensive your health insurance is likely to be . wealthier folks get more assistance to buy health insurance. there are pros and cons to both. obviously, if your health insurance is more expensive, you should get help. republicans did have to make a change to that as well. there was already resistance to wealthier folks getting
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assistance to buy their health insurance. republicans have capped the point at which you would get assistance. very wealthy folks will not get any help to buy insurance. host: before we let you go, the reaction from democrats. some are already criticizing the effort, but talk about republicans that might not be satisfied with what i've -- with what has been proposed. guest: we are it he saw quite a bit of republican resistance yesterday evening. conservatives call this the ball -- call this bill obamacare lite and are unlikely to support it. we are seeing that from support -- conservatives in the house and getting hints that conservatives in the senate are not want to like it either. that will be a big problem moving forward politically. in addition, in the senate, a in thef 4 republicans states that expanded medicaid indicated yesterday that they
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won't support the house bill because it doesn't do enough to ensure that people that got medicaid under the affordable care act will lose their coverage. we are seeing resistance from both ends of the republican spectrum and it is definitely a problem that republican leadership is going to have to deal with to move forward. host: jennifer haberkorn reports on health care and issues involving health care for politico joining us to talk with -- about some of the aspects of this proposal plan by house republicans replacing the affordable care act. thank you for your time this morning. guest: thank you. host: just to recap some of the highlights in "the wall street journal," individuals would no longer have to pay a penalty if they don't have health insurance, but there could be a 30% price for people who go uninsured for two months and people who do not get insurance through their employer would be able to get refundable tax credits in states -- and states that expanded medicaid would get federal funding through the end federaland after that
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funding would diminish. we are open to your thoughts this morning on this house proposal for the affordable care act. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 four republicans and 202-748-8002 four independents. if you get insurance through the affordable care act, you can share your thoughts, 202-748-8003. ralph, you are first up in pennsylvania on the democrats line. caller: good morning. it is robert, not ralph. good morning. i just got "the wall street journal" this morning and looked through it and i don't even know what to say because at least barring another major scandal in the trunk administration -- in the trump
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administration, he will be the president that she has a 4 -- he -year term obviously. obamacare, suddenly people realize their children are in their 20's and i can't be left high and dry without insurance, which is not so far off from what mr. sanders and the more universal health care minded people want to know. what donald trump has on all of this, i have no idea. if you remember the morning after the election when he had not reached 270 electoral votes speechwas a 2:30 a.m. last year. headlines i believe thursday morning in the papers were "he will keep obamacare." this man, i give him kudos for actually having specific points
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that aren't bad, that aren't onerous, banning muslims or all women from health-care -- that is an extreme example, however, next week he will get some sort of push back and it is going to national --with the host: let's go to st. charles, missouri, independent line. calling in to find out about the health savings care account. what i can find is that if you have money, it is just a place to put your money and not pay taxes on. i don't see how it affects health care at also if any of your listeners can find out anything i would like to call in usbe to give a little of outside -- out here what health savings account do.
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host: the chairman of the house ways and means committee, kevin brady has an op-ed in the wall street journal talking about this unveiled plan, specifically savingserence health accounts saying the plan would strengthen and expand those accounts so that americans can save and spend their health care dollars the way they want and need. we nearly double the amount of money people can contribute to their accounts, $6,550 for individuals and $13,100 for families. it will cover more expenses, including over-the-counter medications. in germantown, maryland. go ahead. on the line for democrats. caller: do you know how the continuous coverage for pre-existing conditions would work? if an individual loses their job, i understand there will be some type of penalty if you don't hold onto your coverage.
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and also, like the lady before work,w do hsa's particularly for poor people who cannot afford regular savings accounts? i know now with the aca -- prior to the aca there were caps on your insurance like as far as -- i am sorry, there was a cap as far as the amount of money that could be paid like if you had cancer, then i think was like $1 million or so and now the cap is no longer in existence. will that be put back on? just a couple of comments or questions maybe someone can answer. host: a story from the associated press answers one of those questions they the plan would protect people from pre-existing health problems from being denied coverage. however, consumers must maintain continuous coverage or else they face a 30% surcharge on top of
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their premiums. we set aside a line for those who do get insurance through the affordable care act. this is cooked from salem -- this is kurt from salem, oregon. caller: i used to be a lobbyist will perform -- with a pharmaceutical injury in industry in portland, oregon. there is no way they are going to be able to get a bill through that will take away the vast majority of the affordable care act to the majority of people that have trouble paying for it right now and they offer these health savings accounts and look at the -- two examples grow quick. a 25 euros mother with three kids -- 25-year-old mother with
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three kids who makes $25,000 a year at a nursing home. no matter how much money she puts aside, she is not going to be able to buy insurance for herself. the kids make it coverage if they don't cut down on medicaid, but they are talking about cutting down on medicaid and then you have the people like myself who at 55 need help with health care coverage and i got it through the affordable care act before i went to work for the state of oregon again and get health care -- coverage through them. both of those groups are being left behind for no real reason i can understand except for the elderly and older folks who are more expensive to take care of. it strikes me if i am trump -- people don't realize that in august when everything gets happened -- we never think happens, when the budgets get be willingill trump
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to sell passes and arguably lose the senate if it passes like this instead of back up, throw more money in it, cut back on the sides, save enough money. it simply is an on passable bill. bill.assable host: kurt calling in for those who get the aca, we set aside a line for you. bill,eting about the responding that the bill just -- house just announced a bill to repeal or place obamacare. they are putting a web presence on it. the publication roll call highlights 4 republican senators responding to the release and
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pushing back against it. this is brigid bowman and neil writing that it is the4 senators raising concerns about the plan. they sent a letter to mitch mcconnell "while we support efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act and make structural changes and reforms, we are concerned the draft pulls -- does not provide stability and certainty for individuals of the medicaid expansion programs or the necessary flexibility for states." that letter signed by republicans rob portman of ohio, shelley of west virginia, cory gardner of colorado, leasing -- lisa murkowski of alaska and all of those highlighting the senators hail from states that expanded medicaid under president obama's health care law. we will hear from jupiter, florida, on the republican line. caller: i suggested is maybe there is a website that might
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show the difference between what were and whatents ultimately both sides of the house, with as a replacement program, this way all citizens of the united states could look at things and maybe make comments. the second thing would be, there is so much concession on the news programs and we are not really seeming to get any progress in a country. oneaps we should have station or the one you represent show in kind of like a school class forum, here is what we have, here is what we are proposing, here is what the differences are so the american people can have a better perspective of what is going on and be able to comment because obviously, we're the ones who are going to be using it. host: if you type re
7:20 am into your web browser, this is what pops up. it talks about the ability to download the bill and giving some of the arguments as far as their plans for replacement. that is how you find that information. stephanie from ohio. good morning to you, thanks for calling. line for independents. caller: i would like to make 2 points i find rather disturbing. the first is that the insurance -- theyt has come out are not talking about making the coverage level the same across the board. for instance, now you are able to get certain preventative care and it seems like they don't want to cover that. i find that troubling because that relates to the amount of money that is spent because if people get preventative care, you don't, further down the
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line, developed major diseases. i find that troubling. in the second thing is our governor has been pretty problematic. i did not vote for him. he is a republican, but he realized it was very important medicaid and use it to help the citizens of his state. i applaud him for that. that is my comment. thank you. host: legislators responding via tweets. nancy pelosi sending a tweet attached to a press release saying "make america sick again and do massive damage to millions." you can see that press release. chuck schumer "obamacare doesn't replace the -- trumpcare doesn't replace the affordable care act --"
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we just introduced the repeal and replace obamacare bill with a press release attest to that and another republican replied to a proposal yesterday "obamacare 2.0." emily in denver, colorado, has received insurance through the aca. go ahead. caller: it works in colorado because our governor, like the previous caller's governor, took and all ofd portion my co-pays went down, my prescriptions went down, and i justt saying that, it works. i know it doesn't work for some people, so i think it needs to be fixed. also, i have a daughter that lives in texas and she went on the aca there in the first year
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it didn't work for her is because she took the hmo portion for her insurance. she had blue cross blue shield .nd either an hmo or ppo this year, which you into the doctor, they said they wouldn't take her because she was on the hmo so she had to wait a whole year and sign up for the ppo. now it works. host: can i ask you a couple of questions? if i may ask, how much do you pay for insurance that you got through the aca? caller: i don't pay anything. host: the you get a subsidy to help you with your cost? plan orcolorado has a association. i think that is the other part of it. people need to have an association where their doctor like lou crossng
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blue shield. ours is called denver collective and i go through what is called denver health care. denver health care has denver medicaidwhich is the and obamacare rolled into one with the privatized health care and it works. it just works. host: emily telling us her experience with the affordable care act currently gets it especially with this proposal out by house republicans for the replacement plan for the affordable care act. richard in little rock, arkansas . republican line. you are on. inler: i have kind of got and john this topic because since 1986i has -- i have been an actuary and underwriter of benefits. the one thing i notice is whether it be democrat or republican, none of them have a clue about how insurance works.
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some policies may cost more or less in other states is that some states have better restrictions on their laws to protect consumers. for example, arkansas, florida, the guaranteed levels of the things that they have built up that means insurance companies have to do this or have to protect the customers compared to a state like illinois where everything goes, across state laws sounds good, but all it means is let's throw out the rules and the guarantees so someone can have it for a couple cents cheaper and then it will bite them later on because they can't cover it. i were to buy insurance in arkansas, i won't receive the level of care as someone from arkansas lives there? will give an example. there are guidelines and rules put in that say what insurance companies have to do. what guidelines they have to have, what regulations they have to have.
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states that have more regulation of guidelines mean the consumer is protected more because companies have to follow a more restrict guideline as much as how much you pay for this or how much you set aside for this and what it means is something may cost you $15 less in their states, but your risk is going a lot higher because you don't have protection from the company . does that make sense what i am telling you? host: are the insurance companies now -- what is there thinking about these proposed havees especially as we had several years of them under the obamacare program? caller: insurance is insurance. most people just think insurance is how much money is coming in and how much claims are paid out, which is far from the truth. you have to go out your actuary tables were you go out 20 years but companies as long as they are going to make money
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some way, they are fine on it. the biggest threat people have right now is it seems like people who can afford to pay for their insurance, their deductibles are so high that there is no use to carry it because if you got a deductible which is 3000, 4 thousand dollars, $5,000, you will have a pretty good actuarial amount to get you past that amount. all of a sudden your pain this premium that may be higher than before and it will take something major to happen to you then you are not going to make good on this anyway. that, we wantout to take a couple of more calls, but thank you for that input. leo from lafayette, independent -- on the independent line. caller: i am calling from the state of louisiana and i think that this replacement bill is a direct reflection of what is going on in the white house.
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i can give you an example in louisiana. 2 years ago we had a republican governor who refused to take the medicaid money and it caused the state to go into shambles. people were seriously upset and now we have a democrat governor who has taken the medicaid money and the state seems to be surviving just fine medically. this bill here, we can simplify this. this bill here will kill poor people and old people and i can tell you midterms, elections are coming and a vast majority of the representatives we have in the white house are republicans and i can tell you in the state of louisiana, people are watching intensely and if this bill passes, the representative from louisiana -- and the
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representative from louisiana votes for that, they will be unseated. host: president trump feeding moments ago about -- tweeting moments ago "our wonderful new bill is out for review and negotiation. obamacare is a total disaster and is imploding fast." republican line, you are up next. caller: first, i want to mention when i got my notice over three years ago that my insurance went $2048.50 to 2400 -- fortunately, before that when into effect, the lies telling me myould keep my plan and doctor got enough attention to where the president said he would let states keep their present plans if they hadn't already trashed them and both red -- and most red states like
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texas let us keep our plan. obamacare hadn't been put into effect. this sounds like a crazy statement. the only people affected were self-employed persons and persons who didn't have insurance who could afford and were paid for insurance on their own and were covered by their employers. or 1716 million people million people and then there were people who had no insurance at all. they have largely been covered by medicaid or huge subsidies. the only persons that have been affected from a dollar standpoint are people that were really bad off before. so, yes, this has been helpful if they can find a doctor. and persons like myself who were filled on the price except we got a reprieve, but now that is over. we are about to have to go into a plan -- if you can afford to play -- pay for the plan, you can't afford to use it because of the deductible.
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i am only talking about the .orst case bronze plan people have forgotten there are 37 or so executive orders that kept the majority of this plan from being an acted -- enacted. the congressional meeting with the minutes that were eventually made public made it clear that they expected it. the congressional meeting made it clear that what happened, they expected it to happen and when they got to the point that all the employers were forced to people it, 110 million were expected to be thrown off the corporate plans into the private exchanges. all most all of those private exchanges have failed. all the insurers have pulled out. host: any fundamental thoughts on the proposal by the house republicans? caller: i think it is a step in the right direction. the problem is that it is being compared against something that is totally smoke and mirrors.
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go back to win this thing was passed. all of the senators i believe the last six or seven votes made up names like the cornhusker whatever or the louisiana whatever where senators were bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars in things for their states to get them to vote for the aca and the problem is that the government has created is so expensive, in order to get votes, that it can't possibly succeed. host: got to leave it there. hass hear from lynn who received insurance through the aca. wilmington, north carolina. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say the aca works great for me. my premiums actually went down even though we only have one provider here. the cost of a doctor visit went down and my prescription cost
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went down. had i not had the aca last year when i broke my ankle, i would be homeless right now. host: what is your deductible like? $800r: my deductible is and my out-of-pocket is $500. when you break your ankle, you have reached your deductible pretty quickly. host: d you get any assistance from the state or the government as far as a subsidy is concerned? caller: north carolina did not take the extended medicaid although i hope that could change with our new governor. no, i don't get any other subsidies of any kind. i am basically a working poor. thoughts onitial this proposal to make these changes to the affordable care act? , to me, looks like another tax cut for rich people
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and is not going to help somebody in my situation. i would not be able to contribute anything to a health savings account much less take increasedof these health savings account benefits. a people in my situation would not be helped by this at all and everybody forgets that this plan was a republican plan to start off with. this was a republican plan. anything they do now is just going to cut benefits for people who need them. host: if you are joining us, we have been talking about this unveiling of the house gop plan to replace the affordable care act and getting your thoughts on it. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independence and if you get insurance through the equitable -- affordable care act, 202-748-8003. planned parenthood's action --
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is also part of this effort when it comes to the affordable care act. this is "the hill" reporting that the bill includes language that would defund planned parenthood for a year. it is the same language included in the repeal bill that passed congress and was vetoed by president obama. the language would block planned parenthood from receiving medicaid reimbursement and including the revision of the repeal bill could make the passage more difficult, particularly in the senate were republicans have a narrow majority. senator lisa murkowski said earlier this month she would not vote for any repeal bill that planned parenthood. that is from "the hill" newspaper. the other news happening as this was released earlier in the day, he was the executive order signed on the travel plan -- -- travel plan -- reintroduced travel ban. it would impose a 90 day band of
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the issuance of new visas for citizens of six majority muslim nations. the united states would not accept more than 50,000 refugees and a year, down from the 110,000 cap set by the obama administration. six nations primarily included in this band and it leaves off .- ban and it leaves off iraq later in the program we will talk about this in detail at about 8:30 talking about the elements of the travel ban. what is included and how it affects those directly affected by it. cynthia, phoenix, arizona on the democrats line. your next up. caller: i would like to make 2 points as concisely as possible. first, on the aca, because i have a pre-existing condition, it is chronic migraine, the only medication that works is a very
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expensive -- every three months in jack's and of botox -- injection of botox across the back of my head and it is $3000. when i first had this problem, i went into debt deeply so i could continue to run my own business. with the aca, that went down to $300 every three months. i was able to get out of de to run mytinue business. without it, i could be at the age of 64 in deep trouble and homeless. this year, because of a change in the law that we can thank marco rubio for and never -- nobody seems to be bringing up the "bailoutm is fund" was repealed by republicans in february of last year and it is the reason that so many insurance companies costs suddenly went up. they had 100% of this fund
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available was -- it was taxpayer money, yes, in case they needed it over three years that the program was still in to offset the cost. 13%, aing it down to large portion of the bailout fund was removed. this was intentional. this was a republican intentional move. it forced prices up across the summer, which frankly i went -- i think went to the election. second with that, a lot of insurance companies had to leave the program. , the biggestounty county in arizona, there is one insurance company covering absolutely everybody. itis health net and there nobody, whether they are on or off the aca program that can get insurance from any other company in the entire county. my premiums did not go up by much because i chose the kind of plan that would cover me as it
7:39 am
had in the past. but now, these same coverages for this botox treatment has gone from $200 to $1000 every three months and i am going back in debt. i do not thank republicans for this and i do not trust what they will do in the future. thank you. -- theavid from independent line. caller: i have three statements i want to make. intellectual technology and patent laws -- they make laws that put technology and the medicine on the shelves and now we have to pander to a third-party insurance company to access those. why don't we come together as the nation we are and by these -- buy these technologies and bring the price down that way so we don't have to keep paying ransom for technologies developed 100 years ago?
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i am just going to leave it there because i just listened to that lady and she sucked all of my knowledge out. regard i am calling in -- i am in the same boat as the lady from colorado who called in. call -- fall under the medicaid expansion because of income, which is what she was talking about through denver connect. ours is west virginia family health. the problem with that is it is medicaid expansion and we can't afford this. condition.e-existing my medications are like a hundred dollars a month -- $800 a month. this is going to bankrupt the state of west virginia. we are in trouble now and it will hurt states all around the country. host: the efforts by republicans
7:41 am
to make the potential changes to medicaid, you would welcome that? , it is aell double-edged sword for me because i could lose my health coverage, but at the same time -- i don't know what the answer is. that iind of in the boat didn't understand how the country could provide -- before to provide health care for everybody anyway even though i was suffering. if someone comes up with an answer, they are a better man than i am because i havebeat this thing -- i have beat this thing around the bush and back. host: the new york times is offering a chart on their website that you can compare and contrast directly what was under the previous affordable care act, what is under the
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republican plan, and how similarities and changes might happen between the two plans and they highlight some things like medicaid expansion and previous condition and other aspects of insurance. from west virginia, john -- --'s go to fred reynolds fred, reynoldsburg, ohio, independent line. caller: i practice law. i haven't talked to anybody that likes the affordable care act. one person had a severe drop in business and he is one of the subsidies. there are two cases to highlight what i think is an unethical aspect of the affordable care act. these were people who work for nonprofit organizations and developed disabilities. because of the number of employees they fell under the affordable health care act. they made between nine dollars and $10 an hour and they were
7:43 am
dropped to 30 hours. if you are losing that -- making them money and you lose 10 hours a week, they can't even afford to buy insurance to bury themselves. i think it is fundamentally wrong to harm 40 million people or 50 million people so 18 million people can benefit. you want to help people, but i , the the unemployment difficulties in the affordable health care act cause so much suffering. you can talk to people who benefit from it, but i think it is fundamentally wrong to cause so much suffering and economic dislocation. it was an extreme measure. i don't think the people who didn't read the bill, i don't think they understood medical care when they passed this. the other thing is the mandates don't work. in ohiost: that is fred giving his thoughts this morning. the congressional black caucus trumpcare care -- will make america sick again.
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protect our care and also #aca is working." don't forget at 11:00 this morning, and press conference featuring the key chairman behind the committees working on this. we will -- they will talk about their plans for it. you can see that on c-span 3 this morning. if you go to the pages of "the wall street journal," they have an op-ed playing -- laying out their plan. continuing the virginia transgender teenager, gavin graham, who was suing the mm,monwealth of -- gavin gri his cases going back to the appellate court. "the justices vacated the ruling seeking of gavin grimm to use the bathroom corresponding to his genera identity -- gender identity.
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the case had been scheduled for oral argument this month. obamacinding the administration policy, the justice and education department eliminated the basis for the earlier decision in grimm's favor. the court decided to wipe out last year's ruling by the u.s. circuit court of appeals and give that court another chance to consider the case." , whoillinois, barrett receives insurance through the aca. caller: i get insurance through the aca and when they expanded it, you were allowed to be on your parents insurance when you were 26. i have family issues and my mom didn't let me be on her shirt -- her insurance. let me tell you, nothing makes you grow up like fighting the health care system when you are wrong -- when you are young. i have pre-existing conditions
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and it is not affordable. i am pregnant and the nearest specialist i can go to is two hours away. i worked three time jobs that over 50 hours a week. they made me switch to medicaid as they expanded medicaid. when you see a medicated doctor, it is not the same as when you go in and see a doctor in an office. i feel like we are one of eight countries out of the world that health care.d when your down to that few countries that still have privatized, i think we need to stop looking at a different option, maybe we are in the minority of the world. host: dennis from williamsburg, pennsylvania, democrats line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am now on medicare, but last year up until -- up until last worked for the same
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2 years and when they closed up and moved to insurance under the trade adjustment for a year and then went to the aca. the aca was the best insurance i yearsad in all my working , there he low deductible -- very low deductible. i love to hear these people who had to change doctors and staff treat every time my company changed insurance companies, i had to change doctors because the doctor wouldn't change that insurance and you had to go to someone else. that certainly was nothing new. i know people, i have a friend on the medicaid expansion in pennsylvania and i am sure that maybe there are places in other that is the country done under the health care plan
7:48 am
in pennsylvania and he goes to a medical doctor -- a regular doctor like anyone else and i am afraid that this republican plan is nothing but a plan to save rich, to cut taxes on the and i am thinking it is going to be a disaster and i have no sympathy for any republican that voted for it. if they lose their benefits, i don't feel bad. i did not vote for this and i don't want my benefits cut and medicare will be the next target. have a nice day. host: jamie in ohio, republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. the fact of the matter is whether obamacare really works for some people or like in the case of the one gal you had on where she had to be dropped into the medicaid poll and then couldn't get insurance or a vast of us ine
7:49 am
about 14 years, all of our budget will be to keeping up health care in our country, there will be no left -- no money left over. that is just a fact. the money can't keep getting sucked out because everything else will go to the wayside whether it works for you or not. keep some of the good things, but they've got to restructure health care in this country route, on the obamacare the money is going to be gone and we won't even be able to defend our civilization. host: the newly minted head of health and human development, ben carson gave a speech to employees and that speech also within the content of the speech referred to slaves as immigrants. stack wrote the story, ben
7:50 am
carson got off to a rough start. he described african slaves as "immigrants" during his speech to department employees. it came after a 30 minute address as america as the "land of dreams and opportunities." he turned his attention to immigrants. the new arrivals worked a long hours six or seven days a week with little pay and before that, they were slaves. the new york times website features video as part of the presentation. here is a portion of that speech. [video clip] dr. carson: there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships who worked longer and harder for less, but they had a dream that one day ons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters might
7:51 am
pursue prosperity and happiness in this land. host: more of that story and you can view the video again when you go to "the new york times" website. bowie, maryland, independent line. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: are you still there? i think we lost them. try back and we will try to get you on. from montana, the democrats line. caller: on the affordable care act, i heard somebody mentioned that they did not know how it could possibly by paid for by other countries. the fact of the matter is, the way they pay for it is they have basically a flat tax for all insurance and it pays for the basic coverage. everybody pays into it, much like social security, no matter
7:52 am
what your income status is. you pay a basic amount of tax into the government and it takes care of your basic insurance. from there on in, if you want a more expensive coverage, you pay for it through private insurance is if people would finally could bethat everybody covered in this country if the wealthy pay their share and had to pay this flat tax, but that is never going to happen under our current administration. everybody should have to pay in because nobody should have to live without insurance. thank you. host: we will hear next from frank in maryland who gets insurance with the aca. caller: hello. the on my third year with aca. i have the family silver plan and so, the first year, my cost is approximately $1000 for the year.
7:53 am
through blue cross blue shield, the actual insurance was $12,000 and that was the subsidy we received from the states and the fedas. s. the second year, my premium -- this year,was my out-of-pocket is $3800 a year and the insurance cost is $18,000. me, i am caught. my own opinion is they not get rid of this mess soon enough, it is not sustainable. i am not sure what the answer is. i don't like the idea that the people that helped create this mess are the ones throwing rocks and not being helpful trying to fix it. i have a real problem with that, but i don't know what the answer
7:54 am
is. i will be interested to know what the details are on these health savings accounts. in new york, on independent line. caller: first off, i wish everybody in the world well. i am a taxpayer, but i do not want my taxes being paid for to people who may be terrorists in this country. the obamacare is 1000 pages. senatorshat any of the that didn't actually read it, maybe we should do a roll call vote that before they make a 1000-page plan, i think that everybody, instead of asking another senator what's in the plan, they should've actually read it.
7:55 am
leave it there. one of the things on the president's agenda today is a lunch with senator lindsey graham of south carolina. "the hill" saying in the first sentence that the president is poised to sit down with one of his most vocal gop critics. the daily schedule does not detail what the two will talk about. it will take place before a hearing on russian policy and contentions toward specific european countries. lindsey graham and the president have had a rocky relationship dating back to the presidential campaign when trump released senator graham's cell phone number. it also has senator graham as one of the top geokinetics in congress, including his -- gop critics in congress. that lunch scheduled to take place today between the
7:56 am
president and senator lindsey graham. "the hill" writes about it this morning and you can find that story on their website. arnold from tennessee on the democrats mine. caller: good morning, how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. called ine caller who from maryland cap saying he didn't know what the answer is health care problem. it is a very simple answer and there is only one answer. the answer is love. love is the answer. unless we get down to trying to do things from the state of mind of loving one another, nothing positive is going to happen and i would just like to say that god is love. we have to return to trying to love our brother as we love ourselves. i just wanted to ask you, have you ever seen michael moore's movie "sicko."
7:57 am
host: in part, yes. toler: it is a good movie watch. you should think about having michael on to talk about that movie. he traveled the world. the answer is love and you will find it. health care is not a problem in canada or france or england or europe or anyplace else in the industrialized western world. it is only a problem here because it is for profit. our health care system here is about people becoming millionaires and billionaires off of folks that are sick and dying. god is not going to look favorably on this situation when people -- forto people to stand before god. mary from pittsburgh, pennsylvania on the republican line. go ahead. caller: i am a medicaid -- medicare recipient and people forget that the aca came about
7:58 am
because our former president $760 billion out of medicare in order to get the aca started. the aca is failing now and that $760 billion out of medicare is gone. what in the world will happen to the older people? they took it away from the older people in order to provide this and medicare has been pretty decent and i am so afraid that will be changed and the startups costs millions of dollars because they had to do it twice and they really didn't know what they were doing. i am very concerned about the medicare, how much they took out, and now the whole thing has collapsed. so that money, i am assuming, is gone. i don't know where we would get another 176 billion to put back in medicare. it actually should've been
7:59 am
illegal for the president to do that. host: one more call, baltimore, maryland on the independent line. caller: good morning. thank you. inent on disability in 2017 the state of maryland and one thing i come to find out is from state to state, the results of medicare and medicaid are very different. question of not a the administration as much as what each state is doing. i think that needs to be taken under account. fellow mentioned standing before god. i agree with him. most of the peace all listening to this radio station will not
8:00 am
75 years.round in you need to consider where you will spend eternity and that really is in consideration -- if you think that and i pray it would give us love and cooperation toward one another and how we manage our affairs in this life. host: that is david, in maryland, one of the many who talked about this replacement plan from the republicans. 11:00 a.m., that press conference scheduled. on all conversation turns to a guest, sarah chamberlain, president and ceo of the republican mainstream -- main street partnership. later on in the program, we take a closer look at the trump's administration revised travel bad with the associated


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