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  Vice President and Senate Republican Leaders Brief Reporters on Health Care...  CSPAN  March 7, 2017 11:12pm-11:26pm EST

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this is a better way. thisamazed if they think will do a better job than the affordable care act. i am amazed if they think it will bring costs down the and care up if we do not have a lot of republicans. , a lot ofr republicans coming to this floor and claiming victory. they are not here. because they cannot claim that victory. reject this bill, mr. speaker. let's work together. we can do better. the american people expect us to do better. i yield back the balance of my time. the republican plan to release the affordable care act was released yesterday. ourcan find the bill on website at vice president mike pence was on
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the hill to join the republican senators for their weekly lunch after he and reap -- and others spoke to reporters. >> hello, everyone. we are glad to be joined by the vice president who is just that our lunch. let me turn it over to him. pence: i appreciate the opportunity to speak to members of the senate. we have come to a historic moment in the life of this country where the congress of the united states as an opportunity to keep a promise to the american people by repealing and replacing obamacare. obamacare has failed. hardship ona
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american families and on the american health care system and president trump is determined to work with members of congress to keep a promise he made to the american people to repeal obamacare with his mandates and taxes. with the onerous burden that is placed on the american people and to replace it at the same reformth health care that will lower the cost of health care insurance by giving the american people more choices in health care. more freedom. more flexibility. and also by returning resources and flexibility to the states that will allow them to reform medicaid said they can more effectively meet the needs of our most ponderable citizens. the simple fact is obamacare must go and we are now on the first full day of our effort to keep that promise to the american people. i am very grateful to the senate leadership. i will be meeting with the house of representatives this afternoon as we continue to build support. to membersas i said
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of the senate caucus today. if you like your obamacare, you can keep it. but the american people want change. they know we can do better and they are looking now for leadership to members of the inse and senate, frankly both political parties, to keep their promise to the american people and to deliver on the kind of health care reform that will improve the lives, improve the health of the american people and give us a health care system worthy of our nation. let me be clear, as i said today, as the legislative process goes forward the president and i believe that the american health care act is the framework for reform. we are certainly open to improvements and recommendations in the legislative process but this is the bill. and the president supports the american health care act and looks forward to working very directly with leadership of the house and senate to move this
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bill. so, i am going to head off to meetings with members of congress now but i really do believe this is an extraordinarily important moment andhe life of our nation every american who longs to see us start over on health care reform that will respect the doctor-patient relationship, harness the power of the free marketplace, lower the cost of states freedom and flexibility to improve medicaid for our most honorable citizens can let their voice be heard in the weeks ahead. we are very confident that the american health care act, with their help, will be on the president's desk and we will start over with a new future for health care in america. thank you all. >> well, i would only add that the obvious -- which is that
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obamacare has been huge issue in four straight elections. 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016. the american people have given us an opportunity to govern. just floatingre well or knowing full president obama would not of sign them even if we had been able to put them on his desk, which we did on a number of occasions. we have an obligation out to the american people to deliver a replacement for obamacare that is better than the status quo, which as we all know is unsustainable. as i have said before, even if hillary clinton had been elected. he even if chuck schumer were the majority leader, we would be revisiting obamacare. so the status quo would of been unacceptable. he house, senate, administration
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have all come together behind a proposal we confident will be a dramatic improvement over the status quo. we hope and expect to get that from the house sometime in the next few weeks. if so it will be on the agenda here in the senate in the april recess. in the weekihood before the final week when we are heading to the final supreme gorsuch.ination of tracks we have a big agenda in the next few weeks appealing and replacing obamacare and replacing a new supreme court justice. american people have suffered too long under a bad health care law that needs to be repealed and replaced. it is patient-centered and more affordable for every american and we intend to deliver on that. i want to make one other observation about some of the work done here.
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the cra's that are being passed through congress are actually relief to regulatory businesses and people across his country. if you look at just those of already been signed into law by the president or on his desk, three and have billion dollars 2.6 million hours of compliance and regulatory burdens have been saved already and if you add the number of cra's that have passed the house of representatives or administrative actions that of been taken by the white house already, that number is $40 billion and regulatory relief that has already taken place and we intend to build on that and to replace and repeal of obamacare because we believe those are -- those have been a rope drag on the economy and american people who are concerned about better paying jobs and higher take-home pay, better wages, the best thing we can do is get the economy growing at a faster rate. last year we were 1.6%, historic
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average going back to world war ii was double that. if we can get the growth rate back to a more historic average you will see age of medicaid increase in not only the take-home pay of american families but also the job opportunities that are available to them. intend to stay focused on jobs, the economy, and higher wages for the american people. of obamacare continues to collapse. the associated press has reported there are over 1000 counties in the country where people have only one choice on the obamacare exchange. we have pledged to provide relief for people of been harmed by the health care law. decided to give people the peace of mind the are looking for to help repair the damage. i was at a health fair in buffalo, wyoming, this past weekend. people know what they wanted. they want to care they need from a doctor they choose at lower cost. on all of those grounds, obamacare has failed. so yesterday the house came out
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only 118r bill, it is pages. not 2700 pages written behind the closed doors over there that was harry reid's office will stop only 118 pages and what it does is actually do the things people want. the mandates, taxes, penalties that come with obamacare. it provides protections for people who have pre-existing conditions. protections for people against limits on how much they can gain if they get very sick and protections for kids and families and children under the age of 26 so they can stay on their parents plant. i would just say, take a look at this, read it, you will find out complete our promises in repealing the health care law, providing a smooth transition. a smooth transition which is what people deserve. nancy pelosi famously said, 1st
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avenue deposit before you get to find out what is in it with their 2700 page bill. 100 -- 118, read our page bill that was put up with the house. it is a much that are way. >> last week i had the opportunity to speak with general brooks who is the head of u.s. forces korea. over the weekend we saw once again what is happening in north korea as it relates to the continued of occasions my kim jong-un with the launch of several missiles toward japan. reportsunderstand media and south korea these missiles were aimed at u.s. bases on japan. commend secretary mattis of the secretary of defense for moving forward with that. there are working on deploying as we speak and i want to also make sure as we continue this work to repeal and replace obamacare that a number of us in the senate will be working to urge the swift financial system, the swift financial network to continue their work to deny
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access to a number of designated individuals in north korea. who are both sanctioned in allowed to have access to swift must end. >> do think it is appropriate for the president of the united to accuse the previous president of wiretapping them? >> i think we have an existing committee, the intelligence committee, looking at all aspects of what may have been done last year related to the russians or the campaigns and we will leave it there. [indiscernible] -- when you hear the most complaints, how do you see moving that bill? >> the medicaid expansion in the house bill has been worked out with republican governors.
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some whoexpanded and did not. we think it is a reasonable compromise that deals with both sets of circumstances. that expanded and those that chose not to. [indiscernible] >>? well you would have to ask them about it. >> had you overcome that? >> i think the house has worked out a good medicaid compromise and we are optimistic this is the best way to go. reporter: do you expect that to happen before -- senator mcconnell: i am sure the house is going to wait for the cbo score. reporter: how will this be paid for? senator mcconnell: it just got launched yesterday, we will get before.e we will have plenty of time to
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look at it. it will go through the regular order unlike, as it was pointed out earlier, unlike the way obamacare was developed in. multiple committee processes. able time to take a look at it. notrter: i mean, if you do pay for the plan with taxes, what are the alternatives? senator mcconnell: we will be looking at the whole proposal as it minister through the regular order in the house and will have ample time to answer all the questions. [indiscernible] announcer democratic leaders also address the republican health care plan following their caucus lunch. >> ok. i am proud to be joined by my colleague from the health committee.