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tv   Democratic Leaders Call on GOP to Pull Health Care Bill in Wake of CBO Cost...  CSPAN  March 14, 2017 6:34am-6:51am EDT

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again next monday and are expected to last 3-4 days. theh live coverage on c-span networks and we will re-air the coverage in prime time. now, remarks from house minority senatenancy pelosi and minority leader chuck schumer on the republican health care bill following the release of the cbo report. they spoke to reporters at the capital. rep. pelosi: good afternoon. well, the accounting is an.
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this cbo has reported that the republican bill pushes 24 million people out of health care. off health coverage. this is a remarkable figure. it speaks so eloquently to the cruelty of the bill that the speaker called, "inactive mercy." i don't know if he thinks it is an act of mercy to the people who will lose coverage, people who will lose jobs, hospitals that will close down in rural areas. i don't know if he thinks this is an act of mercy for people on opioids who look to medicaid for answers, like many republican governors do. they are taking 24 million people and pushing them off their coverage. they areey do so, implementing the biggest transfer of wealth in our history. from workinggoing
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families to the richest corporations in our country. in terms of insurance coverage, this is immoral. theerms of giving money to rich at the expense of working families, it is indecent and wrong. this bill is so bad. they are confused, the republicans right now. some of them are saying -- discrediting cbl and others are glorifying pushing 24 million people off coverage. numbers are important. they see the numbers. a should know how that transfers into life's of people. out fromfinding that their constituents. how can they look or constituents in the eye when they say to them a "24 million of you are no longer going to have coverage and those of you
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who do have coverage will have less coverage at more cost to you." , there is myourse counterpart in the senate. welcome back to the house. 18 happy years. i want to thank nancy pelosi for her great words. hand-pickedublican head of cbo has confirmed what we democrats have been saying all along. a nightmareuld be for the american people, causing tens of millions to lose coverage and millions more seeing the cost of their health care go up. today, ifrom president trump and the republicans have their way, more will be 24 million americans without health insurance, a total of 58 million
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americans living in this country 10 years from now will not have helped coverage. that is un-american. that is wrong. premiums for seniors will rise a percent-20 5% and copayments and deductibles for millions more. onthere was ever a war seniors, this bill, trumpcare, is it. twice asspends almost much on tax cuts for the wealthy helpred to tax credits to older, middle-class americans afford insurance. 592 billion dollars in tax cuts for the richest 361 billion for the middle class and working class to afford health care. so when speaker ryan says it is in an act of mercy, yes, for those people making over $250,000 a year. onause they get big cuts
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taxes. the only winners are the health insurance executives and wealthy americans. everyone else gets a cold shoulder from the republicans in congress and president trump. do you remember when president trump was a candidate? he said, everyone would be covered and costs would go down. we now know he had no intention of keeping neither promise. today, the nonpartisan scorekeepers of spoken clearly. trumpcare means higher costs for less coverage. should be art knockout blow for republicans in congress. they should heed this warning and turned back from their plan that would be a disaster for the country. rep. pelosi: they are taking money from medicare and shortening the solvency of medicare by three years.
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so again, seniors have a lot to lose as do all of america's families. any questions? >> legislative scoring? representative pelosi: the cbo director was appointed by the republicans. this report was one that the republicans demanded of us, saying that we must have a cbo report. some of them are trying to pin a rosa on the report. there are others that are trying to discredit the cbo. it is wrong. sen. schumer: it is a disturbing and alarming pattern of this administration. they hear something they do not like and they label it a lie. cbo is virtually unassailable.
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cbo, for democrats and republicans, george bush, barack obama, they appoint this person. he was supposed to be a conservative person. unfortunately for the republicans, he is an honest person. unfortunately, he is honest and they cannot discredit this report. it will resound from one end of america to another. >> the speaker disagrees with the cbo score. rep. pelosi: numbers are eloquent and they speak clearly. and we all respect in have acknowledged we need to know the number of people affected. the amount of money that it will cost. who wins, who loses in that equation. and as i say, in congress they still have not come to terms with criticizing the cbo. because 24 million people losing health insurance is not a problem for them. it is in act of mercy.
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theyor schumer: i am sure regret they cannot fire the cbo director is easy and slate fired -- as easily as they fired 46 attorneys. we should know the truth before we enact major legislation. the cbo speaks the truth and has been for decades. to attack the cbo is to attack the messenger. let them address the issues of the cbo. the reason they don't want to do it is because the report is devastating. senator schumer: -- representative closing: and when they see it -- you know i told the story. a little boy in first grade, kindergarten or first grade.
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a teacher says, "what is 1 + 1?" the little boy says, 2. the teacher says, "what is 2 ?"us 2 for.ittle boy says, the teacher says, good. the little boy says, not good, perfect. numbers are perfect. you have to have the numbers and know what you are talking about. the speaker said that he wanted a cbo report before we moved ahead. now, republicans say it is not so important. andrew is that, anyway. who is this congressional budget office anyway. ? it is somebody who was appointed by the republicans to do the numbers and commas close as possible to with the impact would be on the health of the american people and the budget.
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to whole purpose of this was improve the coverage, lower the cost, and expand the access. affordable care did exactly that. this does the opposite. this narrows coverage and decreases the quality of benefits and it costs more for people. it doesn't achieve anything it sets out to do and it is a clear message to the constituents. as to how it is going to affect them. let's see if they get the message of right. a tenantn, they have that says, the only thing that is important is to give tax cuts to the richest people in the country. and whoever it hurts, does not matter. senator schumer: you look at how
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many republicans have spoken out against the bill and senator cotton, who is not someone i usually agree with, he said, don't do this so fast. they are rushing this through. the more exposure it gets, the less popular it becomes. by the way, it rings a little hollow. remember when they said for us to read the bill. cbo issued this report for any committee voted and i think senator mcconnell will have real difficulty. his mainstream republicans don't like that it cuts medicaid, which is for poor people and it is also, 60% goes to people in nursing homes and that affects not only them but their kids. if you are a kid 45-50 years old and your mom or dad is in a nursing home, they could get kicked out after this bill passes. what would you do? maybe you have to take them at
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home. maybe mom or dad has to stop working to take care of them. maybe they have to shell out thousands of dollars from their pockets. so, it is a loser. and, what about opioid coverage? so many of our republican senator senators have made a campaign, understandably, about opioid coverage. then, you have the conservative republican senators who think the bill goes too far. senator mcconnell has a difficult job behind and ahead of him and he only has the bill to blame. not anything we are doing. democrats to a person are not voting for this bill in the senate. he is got to get the bill -- votes on his own. they asked for that when they got reconciliation. and the bill has made it very difficult for him to do it. pelosi: i would
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like to say that they are seeing the cbo report that is imminent and is a matter of days away. they have made full set out of those republicans. why couldn't they wait a few more days so people knew what they were doing instead of going into the dark of night without any basis of knowledge of what it would cost, who would be pushed off of here, and the rest? that really was a disservice i think to their own members and of course to their own constituents as well. saysor schumer: and, d cbo the health care costs go up or those on a cam about $1000 in the first year or two, then it starts going down. it does start going down, but it
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is almost certainly because the plans that would be offered are so skimpy that even after year one, the amount of money the average person has to pay out of his or her pocket for health care will go up because these plans that will come out later have hired deductibles, higher co-pays, less coverage. one more thing. yes? [indiscernible] senator schumer: well, let me just say this. it is an irony of ironies that the places where it has probably the most effective is the heart of red trump vote areas. world areas. -- rural areas. the poor or area or's and many of these states are most affected. if you go to states with senators are running for reelection in areas that have been won by donald trump, aca
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all of a sudden has become very popular and that is because people realized bike losing it they are going to be in real trouble. pelosi: e and it is sad because what they're saying about those who have largely benefited from the affordable care act and will be pushed off, a lot of the benefit of the $600 billion is going to go to the blue areas. and that is not right. think of yourself as a trump put her in west virginia or someplace, kentucky which has really done a good job with the affordable care act, thinking "i am going to lose my coverage and they are going to give $7 million to each of the richest families in america every year instead of giving me health care. ?" that what i voted for
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i don't think so. >> there are some that say you lost your leadership over health care. this speaker ryan taking the same risk? health care is a pillar for all americans. it stands tall with social security, medicare, medicare, medicaid. health care is a right, not a privilege. was about a lot more. wall street, tarp, all that. if in fact this was the case, it would be well worth it. i do not think anybody's political survival is more important than the good health of the american people. senator schumer: thank you very much. now, tom price and budget director mick


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