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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls on House Health Care Vote  CSPAN  March 25, 2017 7:00am-10:04am EDT

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replacement bill and the future of the affordable care act. we will be taking your calls and you can join the conversation at facebook >> obamacare will remain the law of the land until it is replaced . we did not have the votes to replace the law and we will live with obamacare for the foreseeable future. i do not know how long it will take to replace the law. host: that was the house speaker, paul ryan. they pull the bill designed to repeal and replace the affordable care act after the house leadership and the white house spent much effort to convince conservative and moderate factions of the republican party but did not have enough votes to pass the bill. that is the topic of the next three hours of washington journal. no guests. just recalls on the decisions by
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republican who abandoned the effort to overturn the health care law. talk about the actions and what happens next for health care and overall the process over the last few weeks of trying to get this bill passed. let us know your thoughts -- 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans.for for independents --202-748-8002. send us a tweet at @cspanwj. and go to our facebook page to post your thoughts. no guests for these three hours but we will show you several perspectives that took place yesterday. late afternoon, it was then the decision was made to pull the bill. not long after, the house speaker, paul ryan explain some
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of the reasons why they made that decision. paul ryan: this is a disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. , myself included, we'll need time to reflect how we got to this moment of what we could have done to do it better. ultimately, this comes down to a choice. are all of us willing to give a little to get something done? are we willing to say yesterday very good even if it is not perfect? if we are willing to do that, we still have such an incredible opportunity in front of us. there remains so much we can do to help improve people's lives and we will. you, that is why i am here and why every member of this conference is here, to make this a better country. we want american families to feel more confident in their lot in life. we want the generation -- next generation to know the best days
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are ahead of us. i am proud of the bill we produced, it would make a dramatic improvement in our health care system and provide relief by people hurting under obamacare. what is most troubling, the worst is yet to come with obamacare. i am probably long member driven process we had coming any member who wanted to offer ideas to improve the bill could. i want to thank so many members who helped make this bill better, they put hard work into it and i want to thank the president and vice president. i want to thank tom price, mick mulvaney, and the entire white house the. the president gave his all in this effort, did everything he could to help people see the opportunity we have to live this bill. he has been fantastic. we have to do better and we will. i believe that. this is a setback, no two ways about it but not the end of the story.
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every man in woman in the stoppers is motivated more than ever to step up our game and deliver on our promises. everyone is committed to seizing this opportunity and i sure am. host: that was the house speaker and we will hear from president trump later. since we have no guests we are primarily have -- hearing from you. 202-748-8000 -- democrats. 202-748-8001 republicans. 202-748-8002. if you want to tweet us @cspanwj and you can close on facebook, tammy says if the gop wants to be national heroes, now is the time for universal health care for all citizens of the united states of america. millennials, it is good they pulled the ahca, now the affordable care act will implode and government will lose in
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taking over health care which is great for the people. surely from alabama, democrats line, you are up first. guest: thank you for c-span. what a blessing. i am so glad it did not go through. that is probably the worst bill we could ever have. aca has done so much. we are covered at 85% of what we pay now. medicare has improved. we get yearly physicals. preventative tests that we did not get before. the doughnut hole is closing. all of these things would go away, if this bill came through. plus, they just want to throw it away and charge us more money.
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if they want to actually cut the cost of health care, they need to get it off the stock market. that includes the pharmaceutical companies, the corporate if there were no insurance companies at all, we just had single-payer. if we have to have insurance, get it off the stock market. itp making huge profits on and stop paying ceos huge amounts of money. host: we -- republicans and democrats talked about the current condition of the affordable care act and people who get health care under it. are you worried about its status in terms of premiums going up and providers moving out of state? what do you think about the future of what is currently in place now? iest: i -- host: -- caller:
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am worried about it. medicare and tri-care, which is a blessing and i wish everybody had that. my granddaughter is on obamacare and she loves it. she face -- her and her husband make about $40,000 a year and a an $79 per month and have $800 deductible. you cannot beat that. host: pennsylvania, republican line, shirley. caller: i have been following this for so long, we put up for -- with obamacare for seven years and it is a shame. there is one provider in a lot of states. probably in october when it comes time to renew, we will not have that. what was happening
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and thinking back when john boehner was there and went through so much with that republican party in the house. caucus, ireedom believe that these were the forle that were responsible this bill not going through. so that we could move ahead and get a good health plan in this country for the people. i am telling you, i know the vice president worked hard and mr. price, the president was giving it his all. it is a shame what transpired. host: as far as the republicans who voted against it, what do you think, do you think they will face political challenges or challenges from their leadership within the party, or the president himself? caller: i feel all the people affiliated are in with the freedom caucus.
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those are the ones that have caused this. each one of them need to give an account to their constituents, why they did this. i believe that every one of them should be voted out and replaced with a republican that will go to washington, d.c. at work with the party to get something done in this country. this country is a mess. byt: her thoughts reflected adam kinzinger this morning who just tweeted out after the decision yesterday, the house freedom caucus just single-handedly saved obamacare. the new york times has a highlight of the republicans involved in this process. to stop the republican health bill is the story. they boil it down to 32 republicans, 15 hardliners they label and eight other republicans, 10 moderates. hardliners section, hard-line
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conservatives are all members of the house freedom caucus, among the most conservative members of the house who highlight members like andy biggs of arizona and bill posey of florida and paul gosar of arizona, jim jordan of mentioned,s i including the appointed leader of this caucus, mark meadows of north carolina. the 10 moderates including barbara comstock of virginia, dan donovan of new york, ileana ros-lehtinen of florida. .here are others eight other republicans who had a variety of reasons, chris smith of new jersey, brian fitzpatrick of pennsylvania and rick crawford of arkansas. the new york times website shows the breakdown of republicans who were trying to convince by the white house and president -- mina, arkansas, independent
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line, mark, go ahead. caller: thank you for c-span. to take ake the world few things into mind. most jurisdictions in the united states have a sunshine law in some way, shape, or form. i would like the legislators of this country to openly state on the front page of their newspapers where they derive their campaign from the end if they get their money from the pharmaceutical industry, did they get it from an insurance lobby? and how did they vote? another question -- we have a structural problem constitutionally, when we are allowed to add amendments to a bill that have no bearing on the bill of being decided. aroundegislators turned and added the amendment to give
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the top 1%, 2% tax breaks in exchange for a potential vote? i do not have access to an internet but it is a question that i believe the question needs an answer to. thank you for my time. host: chuck schumer said this -- ultimately, the trump care bill failed because of two traits that have plagued the trump presidency, confidence and broken promises. victor, you are next, silver spring, maryland, republican line. caller: i have a long memory. i remember when this bill was rammed through by nancy pelosi and the democrats on christmas eve! it was designed to fail because they were so sure that a democratic president would come by and turn this into a single-payer health care system.
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just like in canada. that this bill did not pass yesterday. that it was not voted on. because this health care plan needs to explode. the democrats need to see what a thisthey created with obamacare. host: you heard the president say, and even the house bigger say several times, on its own, obamacare as they call it would collapse on its own weight. you are ok with that? and the republicans not doing anything to correct that? it is: i am glad happening this way because it needs to collapse and people need to find out who really created this once and for all,
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and stop having attention to the mainstream media, who was behind obamacare in the first place. it was also talk radio that stopped this bill. rush limbaugh in particular was the one that told people how bad this was going to be. it was designed to fail. it is failing. let it fall. let the democrats do in their own juices. host: president trump yesterday at the white house after the decision to pull the bill. here is him talking about, not only that decision, but what the future holds. pres. trump: bad things will happen to obamacare, not much you can do to help it. i have been saying that for 4.5 years, eventually it is not sustainable, insurance companies are leaving one by one as quick as you can leave. you have states in some cases soon who will not be covered. there is no way out of that.
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the one thing that was happening , as we got closer, everybody was talking about how wonderful it was and now it will go back to real life. people will see how bad it is and it is getting much worse. i said the other day, when 17, hent obama left, knew he would not be here, 2017 will be a bad year for obamacare. you will have explosive premium increases. the deductibles are so high people do not get to use them. they will go with that for a while and i believe, i know some democrats, they are good people, the democrats will come to us and say, let's get together and get a great health care bill or plan that is really great for the people of our country. i think that will happen. host: join in the conversation through twitter @cspanwj. one viewer said i hope president trump will deal with the entire
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congress and its whole body politic. another viewer, american one, they have not abandoned anything, the president goes to plan b which will be better. tony in maryland, independent line. caller: thank you so much for c-span. good morning. , ii listened to the callers am very grateful to see democracy at its best. this to me was the first time that the parties, democratic or republican, they work together. that is the way i see it. people made decisions based on what is in the best interest for their constituents in their cities and in their state. when people get so emotional about some of these callers getting all excited and being so emotional. tot is great, but you have look at what is in the best interest of those individuals in those states.
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if somebody voted because they do not want this to affect their medicaid or medicare, you have to respect that, that is what democracy is all about. i served in the military. no matter where i was stationed, i could go to a medical facility and did not have to deal with paying premiums. the people inhy this country cannot have the same type of service, that congress or the military get, no matter where they go, you get served. i am glad to see individuals are engaged but i think it would be very important for us to look at what is overall in the betterment of all people, rather than just a party. you have people that want to criticize these republicans for not voting for it. why would you vote for something, if your conscience, or if it was not in the best
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interest of the people you represent that said to to congress. i do not understand that. the other thing is that -- the republican party -- i am an .ndependent, i vote both ways the republican party had seven years to come up with a plan and make sure this plan is a bona fide plan that benefits everybody. and not be 1%. .- the one person if i look at what is going on from a political perspective, people need to not just look at their views but educate themselves across the board of how this represents an what it looks like. one of the men made a comment earlier about these lobbyists, when you have the pharmaceutical companies coming in and the insurance coming in, they are coming in with their agenda. ,ost: that may go on to seah democrats line, nashville, tennessee. caller: i am speaking from a nurse perspective.
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to the republicans, my question is, if you do not like obamacare, why don't you just amend the portions of the health care act you do not agree with? also, we are all americans, the plan they put up really was horrible for certain individuals. if you have pre-existing conditions, you would not be able to receive health care. they took out emergency care. and a majority care. -- ambulatory care. who are you trying to ensure? if you do not like the affordable health care act, make amendments on those parts you do not like because we should not want this to fail. if it fails, there are individuals that will lose their health care. we should care about all citizens. we do not want the affordable
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health care act to fail. aboutas a nurse, talk what you are seeing on the ground level with people coming in under the affordable care act and the care they are getting because of that. caller: actually i work for the veterans administration. they do not have to use the affordable health care act. that is a little bit different. as far as what really is embedded within the affordable health care act, i have had several conversations with evil who did not necessarily agree they wanted to-- handpick the services they have which is not possible with health care. i had to explain, i have maternity care but i do not plan on having more children. that is just part of my coverage. he was a male and very concerned because he was paying for maternity care.
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what i feel like from republicans would like to do -- republicans would like to have fun all at heart type of system which is not possible with health care. host: richard in carlsbad, california, republican line. caller: my question is -- has the employer mandate fully kicked in? i know they kept pushing that back. both parties, until after the next election, after the next election. does that kick in this year, where the employers have to pay huge, higher premiums and or lay off employees to get below the 50 employee limit? host: we will have to run a check on that but a story from the wall street journal go through the affordable care act, insureds are wrestling with next steps. due to begin filing
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2018 plans in april with house speaker ryan expecting me aca to remain for the foreseeable future's. companies will grapple with the instabilities that are focused on the marketplace with several "and that will affect their decision. a number of insurance -- answers say if policymakers do not steady the exchanges, they will consider pullbacks. humana incorporated has declared that it is leaving, citing evidence is enrollment for this year was not likely to generate a profit. the chief executive of molina healthcare, a major medicaid and marketplace ensure says it is still considering retreating from exchanges next year and he thinks aca marketplaces could see double-digit rate increases. resolved --have not keep in chicago, illinois, democrats line -- keith and
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chicago, illinois, democrat line. caller: we need to look at the big picture. the take away from this. a couple of realities. that bill had 17% support. fact. .uinnipiac is great you cannot pass legislation like that. the president has a 37% approval rating. ast we know from yesterday the horse has left the barn. the american people see health care as a right. not as a privilege. for the 17% that supported this bill and assert it -- the 37% that support trump, we reject your ideology. we understand your ideology, you do not want to be a part of this
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collective where we take care of each other when it comes to life, death, and health. we understand your position and we reject it. you are in a very small minority. in america and globally. no great nation allows its people to live or die based on profits received by insurance companies. my final statement is this -- what was it like before obamacare? obamacare has been the cost curve down to the lowest point down in over 50 years. that is a fact. they want to ignore it. fact the't it a premiums still managed to rise even though the rate has slowed down? caller: where did they start at? it was an in red states that did not participate in obamacare. arizona, for instance.
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you have to put it in context. they had some of the lowest premiums in the nation. because of the enrollment targets, those spiked up because of their failure to participate. let's contextualize this and not stick to talking points. health care is not considered a right -- a privilege, it is a right, little support for repealing obamacare. it was part of the democratic platform and hillary clinton's campaign to mend it and not ended. -- end it. host: glenn from columbus, ohio, independent line. caller: the last person's comments were great. health care should not be a partisan issue. i am glad to see that donald trump is looking for democratic health.
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-- help on the issue. the american people should hold the representative is responsible and the men they work together and come together with a good bill. thank you. host: carol on twitter says the democrats would not work with the republicans on making the bill better, let them have the affordable care act and see how much they like it. jody said the republicans would want to give competition. daniel and berkeley, california, republican line, you are next. caller: hello? host: go ahead, you are on. caller: this health care bill, is favor the liberals. that's it favors the liberals. they should have done universal health care. this bill only covers 24 million people, it is a joke.
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i am from hawaii. has,ey did what hawaii maybe companies give everybody medical, it used to be you had free -- three or more employees but now it does not matter how many you have. if they did that, it would cover a lot of people. and then come up with a plan to cover the rest of the people. that works. hawaii has had it for 40 years. 2000, whatmocrat in 50 or morefor employees. if they did it to the whole country, you would absorb a lot of people. i live in california, obamacare, my rates went through the ceiling and will probably double in six months. host: what are you playing now -- paying now?
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caller: i was at $22 a month with job to $93 a month and it will go up again. host: that is the premium, what is the deductible? caller: pretty high, i think $800 and something. , paying more out of pocket and paying more for my medicine. if they could come up with a deal and work with these drug companies, or lettuce by across y acrosser, -- let us bu the border, my father was a veteran who served in korea, my dad got medicine in canada which was cheaper because they do not pay their people as much as far as the pharmacies or companies down here. host: a previous caller asked about the employer mandate, from the national bar, the ch -- the new bill, it would
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have host: a long list of breakdowns offered by the ahca. for our three hours this morning , your chance to comment on the events yesterday concerning health care. 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans.for 202-748-8002 for independents. nancy pelosi, after paul ryan spoke about why they decided to pull the bill, here is the reaction from the minority leader. >> today is the great day for our country, a victory for the american people. for our seniors, for people with disabilities and for our children.
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for our veterans. also, it is not just the 24 million people who know will not have -- will not be off of health insurance. it is about the 155 million people who receive their health benefits in the workplace, who will not be assaulted by some of the provisions that the republicans put in the bill, especially last night when they removed the essential benefits package. us. is pretty exciting for yesterday, the anniversary and today a victory for the affordable care act and for the american people. tomorrow, the 51st anniversary of reverend martin luther king speech, mr.n a clyburn quotes often, of all the forms of inequality, inequality in health care is probably the most inhumane. and then sometimes lead to death. that was the spirit in which we
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came into this debate. honoring the browser of our founders, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. to pursue our happiness. it is a better country. the vision of our founders. it is about faith and the unity of the democrats. united by our values. host: another democrat commenting on the events, hillary clinton sending out a couple of tweets. the first one saying that today was a victory for all americans. she explains why. she follows up saying, let's not be distracted and continue to stand up and organize and resist, put forth good ideas to improve the existing system and people's lives. read city, michigan, democrats line, keith. caller: thank you for c-span. i have been following this since the beginning. we need to remember that the , presidentet us down
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obama and the democrats promised nationalize health care like the rest of the world. they were bought by lobbyists. we ended up with the health care act we have now, which was a brainchild of the heritage foundation. this is a republican law in which we have now been -- this is a republican law in which we have now. people are still getting rich, 1/7 of our economy is going for bad health care. the only reason this bill failed is because, not enough americans were going to die to make the rich richer. of thehat do you think current care that is being offered by the affordable care act? caller: we are still paying outrageous amounts of money for health care for prescriptions. people are buying islands because of -- they own health care stock.
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trillionying almost $3 for $1 trillion worth of health care. it is just legalized theft. i do not know if we can fix it. there is so much money involved. it is a real shame. host: when you say you do not know if we can fix it, you are concerned so much about the current conditions you are afraid it will collapse as some have claimed? is, we it works as it just help more americans to buy that health care. -- bad health care. richmond -- it made more rich the people already making money. this bill would have been a major step backward. more people would have gone bankrupt and gotten sick. more people have died and the rich would have gotten richer.
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that is why it was doing so poorly in the polls. host: one of the tweet sent out from heritage action, an extension of the heritage foundation. they gave support to mark meadows, the leader of the heedom caucus, saying that representative took a principled stand in this fight and congress can work towards real repeal. adding the words thank you and that we from heritage action -- tweet from heritage action. republican line, you are next. that i am comment is glad the freedom caucus did this thing. from what i have seen in the news, it appears that some republicans added different things to this amendment they were trying to pass. including getting rid of paternity -- maternity care. pediatric ear.
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-- care. host: essential health benefits as they are known. caller: just wow. ago fromtudy 10 years the university of chicago. it was talking about -- health care in america. it's of the most expensive thing -- it said the most expensive thing, the monetary threat, universal health care coverage. it would be a moral hazard as far as people going to the emergency room when they did i need to. i see a lot of policymakers talking about medicare being the big thing -- i am in the millennium generation. the baby boomers, they are getting older and older. i do not see costs associated with them in the next 10, 20, 30 years.
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i do not know. host: what do you think the republicans should do from here? caller: i think they should remove the mandate you have to have it. maybe they should subsidize and privatize, give over at least half of the people who are on medicaid, medicare, to private institutions, private health companies. allow them to provide coverage. save some money doing that. nothing like the things they were proposing. how they weremind trying to get rid of health coverage altogether. host: we showed you some amendments made when it came to medicaid and amendments also in the world of taxes. some things that were added. a vehicle call the manager's amendment. that was added, leading up to a
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final bill that was supposed to be voted on yesterday. we are getting your comments and what the actions of yesterday. ray in clinton, pennsylvania, independent line. caller: good morning, pedro. i would like to preface what i am saying -- what i am going to say by getting the fact across that health care is not a right. you do not have a right to make someone else pay for your health care. the first caller said her daughter was getting health care with a premium of $79 and the deductible was $800. you are forcing someone else to pay higher rates. you should have a program on costa rica health care. i spent time donna. it is amazing -- i spent time down there. it is amazing. they have single-payer. if you want health care, you
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purchase it, if you do not want it, you do not get it. it is not a right. what drags us down, costa rica has no welfare. none did nobody starts. -- none. nobody starts. -- nobody starves. host: who finances it so everybody can have access to health care? caller: the problem is too much money going into health care. this was designed by the democrats. the old guard republicans also. i do not like either party, the new conservatives, cut it down to the bone and say, you do not get something for nothing in this country. you have to work for it and pay for it. along with the rate and take the profit out of it. saying that is not because the regions do it -- costa ricans do it?
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caller: they limit the cost. a canadian citizen, they would let him die because he had prostate cancer. he went to canada and has his physical, which he has to schedule a year in advance. when he went to costa rica, he saw a doctor because he was not feeling well. the doctor said he added that prostate cancer. he said where are you from, canada, they should be put in jail for the type of health care they -- you are paying for, they saved his life. the democrats in the media are thinking of ways to blame republicans for when obamacare falls apart. watch closely, this is lynn holly hansen, saying it is the
7:40 am
duty of congress is to help all the people of this country, why think saying let it failed without working to fix the problem? florida, democrat line, perry. , this: the freedom caucus is what they did to sweeten the pot for the freedom caucus, they wanted to repeal things like outpatient care, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity, newborn care, mental health, substance abuse, prescription drugs, rehab , laboratory and diagnostic tests, preventative and wellness services, pediatric care. .hat was the worst bill i am so tired of hearing people blame democrats and obama, he got what he could with no help from the republicans. this is a president who does not want to help to try to get people health care. why shouldn't the government be involved in health care? we pay for their health care,
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why shouldn't they help us with hours? shirley from canton, ohio, republican line. caller: let me say, first of all, for the people who think everyone is blaming the democrats. for years, i was a democrat until i saw how things were going. i have been a widow for over 25 years. i am a senior. still working. my health care was much better way back before obama. i think it is time that the politicians start getting together. because people were fed up with the politicians making promises and doing nothing. i am tired of people saying, you should get this for free. there is nothing free.
7:42 am
our freedom was never free. people worked and died. they built this country. the older people of today are the ones who built this country. we did not ask for freebies. people think, i am entitled to a freebie because i was born. did yourself a job. i am still working two part-time jobs. i pay my bills, i am proud to say. host: huntington beach, california, independent line, ken. caller: i enjoy your show. first off, you hear republicans go back and say, in the constitution it said nothing about health care. it said nothing about the atomic bomb. i believe you could take all of the states that are suffering right now because insurance agencies and insurance companies have let that left the state and you could create a co-op in the
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state to cover the difference for insurance throughout the state, especially with small populations. if that were to be done, i think you could say -- see the insurance companies take a different stance. because it will become obvious very quick as the where the inflated costs are and how much profit they really do make. that is all i have to say. host: the lead editorial from the wall street journal this morning highlights the republicans that voted against the effort of the ahca, the obamacare republicans is the title. they write that the bill have flaws but the largest entitlement reform and spending reduction in recent decades which was not good enough for the 29 or so members of the freedom caucus to sabotage this fragile legislative ballot. and one other man's was met, they made another until they exceeded by the rest of the gop congress had exceeded. you cannot have a good faith negotiation when one party does
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not know how to say yes. the result of their strategy will be the obamacare status quo and mark meadows of north carolina, jim jordan of ohio, louie gohmert of texas, and the rest own all of the problems. host: the last paragraph of this editorial reads as such -- perhaps mr. trump and the gop can recover from this debacle but as an opening act to a new presidency, the collapse of this first legislative campaign is ominous, the business you like to get even, he has some scores to settle with the freedom caucus. the editors of the washington -- wall street journal's. happen talk about what yesterday and what it means for the future agenda for the republicans and the white house. and the future of health care. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans.
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202-748-8002 for independents. ken and huntington beach, california, independent line. caller: hello, i enjoy your show. i just wanted to mention that republicans keep mentioning that , in the constitution it says nothing about health care, it says nothing about the atom bomb, either. host: i think i have already spoken to you. let's go to darlene in santa ana, california, democrats line. caller: i am glad i finally got on the line. i have more questions than statements. i have heard a lot of good opinions and comments from a lot of people. i find it ironic, richest and -- or interesting, that on a state-by-state basis, there is such a difference in how people have fared with the aca.
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i am in california. my perception for california was that the plan overall has done very well. i am covered under it. i have had better health coverage under this plan than i did under an employer plan i was under. for a while i was under medi-cal because of financial reasons. i was able to get finally under obamacare later on. it has worked well for me. all the mediad at coverage on how badly it has performed in other states. host: what are you paying, if i may ask for, for the land and coverage you get? caller: about $90 per month. plan, i selected one
7:47 am
status, imy medical was able to get decent deductibles for the premiums. and out-of-pocket and co-pay expenses. host: what is your deductible? caller: i believe about -- total out-of-pocket, $2500 per year. if i may ask, do you get assistance or a subsidy for assistance on this plan? caller: i do. it alter thes on monthly premium which brings it down to the $90 from a -- per month. host: did you have a lot of choices? we hear from some states, the case made by republican, you only have one place to go to as far as choices?
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caller: definitely several choices. i must have had choices between a couple of kaiser plans. there were two or three choices of blue shield plans. they were at different levels. your gold, silver, platinum plans with different deductible levels. i had at least maybe 10 choices. host: let's go to kevin joining us from brownfield, texas, republican line. thank you for waiting. weler: i just think that have choices as americans. a big choice right now we have is -- do we want good health care? do we want good health care, pedro? would you like to go to the
7:49 am
doctor and not have to pay $1000? would you like to go to the doctor -- host: go ahead and make your point. seems like a rhetorical question. caller: i know. what do we as americans want. 21 americans? -- what do you want americans? what do you want, democrats? this maloney over how we will pay for it or do you want health care? host: are you suggesting the actions of the republicans was a wrong want to start, are you supportive of them removing the bill? caller: i do not know. all i know is that i want health care. i do not want to worry about anything. if i get sick. i do not want to worry about it. host: a couple of tweets.
7:50 am
saying that when government controls your medical care, it controls your life, not going to have that. time twoghts of jim -- separate health care from health cost insurance, they are separate issues. karen, west palm beach, florida, independent line. go ahead. caller: as americans we need to stop seeing things through -- one of the reasons we are having the us fiasco. the concept of insurance is that people -- a large number of people pay a small amount of money for the peace of mind that if something happens to you, you will be protected. the money everyone else is goes towards providing you with protection so you do not go broke or bankrupt. that is the basic concept of insurance which means that people are healthy and unhealthy
7:51 am
need to buy insurance. obamacare is not working. for do not want to allow sensible mandates for people who will not be insured. i have a friend who is a republican. he has three children. he is upset he has been paying insurance for all of these years and has never had to claim any benefit. however, he is saying he should not be required to make any payment but whenever his children get sick, he should buy insurance and get the coverage. i said to him, you are saying that, if you find out next week your child has cancer and the cause for that -- cost for that is $1 million, you can enjoy the insurance and paid $500 for that month and get -- $1 million coverage, why should you do that? that is ridiculous. we are all contributing towards insurance so that one happens --
7:52 am
something happens to one of us, we can get a benefit. until we understand the concept and that every single american should be required to pay something towards insurance, health insurance, or towards health, from the very first paycheck we make. when we get old and we are drawing on the system, we have lots of young people, we will not have this -- seeing it through a republican and democrat wins has been compromising. -- lens has been compromising. host: the number of younger people joining under the affordable care act, not seeing the numbers that initially were needed to support that on the other end. how do you correct that situation? caller: we all should be required, the day we start working. if it is one dollar or $10, every single person should be contributing towards insurance.
7:53 am
we will be sick at some point. we will need insurance. i think dick cheney, he was not for same-sex marriage until he found out that his daughter is a homosexual. that -- why would you want to live in a country where you cannot empathize with people? you can only understand someone else's experience when you have the same experience. where is the empathy we should be showing for each other. --t: i want to move on for to estelle, georgia, democrats line. caller: how are you? [indiscernible] like to suggest that marco rubio and some republicans
7:54 am
took that risk garters from the affordable care act, a program set up so that they insure the really sick people, at the end of the year, they could apply for money from the federal government to help cover some of the costs and they would not .ave to bump up the losses marco rubio -- marco rubio and some other republicans remove that from the affordable care act. it has led to a sharp increase in insurance premiums. i would like to see the republicans put that back in so that we can run this program and get it to a workable form. there are issues with this program now. if they were to stop trying to demolish it, i think we can make it work. host: the thoughts of estelle. ,he washington post editorial they choose the way forward, fix obamacare. they say that mr. trump could use his executive powers to
7:55 am
shore it up and enhance enforcement of the individual mandate and encourage people to sign up. he should approach democrats to see if there's room for an agreement on a repair bill which would have to be unauthentic deal, not an ultimatum in which democrats trade things republicans want. in exchange for things they should want light enhanced subsidies for vulnerable people. for the good of the country, republicans must admit that obamacare is mostly working in millions will be hurt if it is revealed. and gop is not capable of unanimity of health care policy required to act without democrats. let's hear from a republican in south dartmouth,. this is michael. caller: thank you for having me on. i was listening to a woman talk about how she paid $90 per month with a $2500 deductible. i am a small business owner in massachusetts.
7:56 am
my monthly premium is over $1800 per month. deductible0 for a and a co-pay whenever i go to the doctor. and co-pays when i get medication. a limit the amount of medication covered. they try to force main on genetic -- force me on generic medications. it is a different story for everybody. i think that when they tried to plan, all theyre are doing is trying to change how corruption is ruling our health care. are you there? host: what would you like to see republicans do? caller: i think the real problem earth --uch early
7:57 am
early ron, -- earlier on, the doctor wants health insurance because he wants to get paid and does not want to see people with no health insurance. am, when i go to the doctor, they want my health insurance and they send a bill to the health insurance company. they do not tell me how much i will be charged. , theyalth care insurer have a negotiated rate for everything that goes on. the doctor has already made a deal with the insurance company that they will charge them less than they would charge me if i went there without health insurance, if they would agree to see me without health insurance. if they are charging the health insurance cap a less than they charge me, antitrust laws of the united states should be stopping that. they have an exemption. the doctors have a corrupt
7:58 am
exemption while colluding with insurance companies while the government and all of the elected officials that are getting money from insurance agencies and from the doctor lobby, they have a corrupt alliance also. it is ruining everything and they need to get rid of it all and start from the beginning and allow people to negotiate rates with doctors directly. host: that is michael in massachusetts talking about his experience. alabama, democrat line, marvin, good morning. alabama, hi. one more time for marvin. caller: i am proud of the democrats for not passing the bill. because the republicans just want everything their way. donald trump is already rich. you are paying -- he is getting insurance paid for. we have to work hard to get our state for.
7:59 am
hours pa -- ours paid for. donald trump needs to stop being childish. and do what he needs to do for the people, which is what he was elected to do and what he needs to do. host: democrats were not going to support this bill, anyway, you are proud of them, what about the future of health care under the trump administration? caller: i think it will explode just like he is saying. that the democrat bill will explode soon. it is not obamacare, it is affordable health care. they need to realize it. host: that is marvin in alabama giving his thoughts. this was the first hour we completed with no guests. oftalked to you for the bulk our time about yesterday's action by the house republicans, pulling the american health care
8:00 am
act, designed to repeal and replace the affordable care act. a lobbying effort made for several weeks and the last couple of days before the bill introduced yesterday for athe v. we're talking not only about the vote, but what it means for the trump administration, the republicans, health care, and especially going forward. for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. you can tweet us and then you can post on her facebook page, it was in the late afternoon or heading into late afternoon after several hours of testimony. four hours of slated testimony on the bill they were about to vote on. testimony was wrapping up.
8:01 am
that is when the decision was made to pull the bill. here is how it went down. [video clip] >> i have health insurance and so does every member of congress. we even have a clinic and doctors at our disposal right here in this. capital. doesn't every american deserve the same treatment as members of congress? and set of moving backwards, republicans should partner with democrats to amend the existing law by working together, we can create a plan that works for all americans. not just members of congress. vote no. >> the time has expired. [applause] call, further consideration of hr 1628 is postponed. 12a of ruleclause
8:02 am
one, that your declares the house and recess subject to the call of the chair. [booing] host: if you are watching, that is how it happened. after all the effort made to get a vote on this bill, that is what occurred. go to our website at and you can see the video of testimony, everything leading up to this event, reaction after that decision was made not only by president trump, house speaker paul ryan, house minority leader nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, all talking about the decision that was made. you can see that at the headline this morning from our paper we get here, the washington post, trump and ryan me defeat. -- meet defeat. avoidw york times, gop health law. lloyd from indiana.
8:03 am
you are first up in the 9:00 hour. go-ahead. caller: this is my first time calling in to c-span so i'm really glad to call in. i think you guys the great work. i really watched a lot of the activities throughout the week with great interest on health care. i think the comments from nancy pelosi looking at health care is a pillar of our rights and freedoms and founding documents for pursuit of happiness are all well-founded. this is a big stretch, but i hope we move to a real discussion on health care, and not health care insurance. this entire debate has only been about insurance. come to the realization that health care should be a right. granted to all americans, funded through how we collect -- prioritize taxation. the reason for this is health
8:04 am
care is fundamental to being able to live a good life. today and look at it the way you republicans talk about it, they talk about it as if it's a commodity that you can buy like any other service. that is a fallacy. anyone can think for themselves. you are very sick. you have cancer or some strong ailment. how will you bargain in your best interest? that is not rational. you can't do that. in those cases where we can't bargain, a citizen can't bargain for the best interest, that is when government should help. another example is defense. we all believe in a strong defense, but you can't bargain for self-defense. let's take another example. clean water, clean air. by myself as a citizen i cannot bargain for those things. i have no bargaining power. the same is true in health care.
8:05 am
those areas fundamental to life, fundamental to the quality of life, that is government should take an active role and own it. host: we heard -- let's go to gary, warfield, west virginia. caller: good morning. i am sitting here watching the stuff all week long. i'm a retired federal employee. the only thing i pay is medicaid out of my retirement. i'm not even entitled to it. i'm just glad the other people can because i was listening to the republican bill. littleeard was get this savings account. i'm like, what part of that don't you people understand? if you don't have money, you can't save it. was virginia -- if that would have fallen yesterday, west virginia's people, not the majority, 98% of the state would've fallen.
8:06 am
they would not have had anything here. festivus ridiculous thing i have heard. quit acting like little kids who want to be a big shot on the block and work for the american people. take the aca and sit there and take out the stuff you know is bad and work on it together to make everything the way it is supposed to be. for the people, not who is going or whoseut a bad tweet feelings are going to get hurt. i don't care. i just care for the american people. i love this country and i will fight for it anyway i can. the gentleman before me made some great, great strides in what he was trying to say. host: joe in iowa, republican line. hi. caller: yes, rainy iowa, i noticed the caption or uses
8:07 am
the word abandon, i don't think is the correct word. is should say postpone. a lot of times efforts, if they are not succeeding, you postpone something until a better day. factt to comment about the there is no competition in the medical world because the private hospitals that used to exist for tax-exempt like the religious ones. there is no competition. there is very high prices. if you apply those prices into the regular world, our economy would not even function. if you would to mcdonald's and bought a hamburger for $100 -- we have no competition in the medical world. the doctors are depressed. they only get about seven minutes per patient. there is no prevention. people are smoking, drinking, doing what's called recreational drugs and destroying their health.
8:08 am
we need to do prevention. we would not be talking about health care people were healthy. the food in our country is all processed and chemicalized. the problem is not the cure, is the prevention. truthamericans face the that they need to take responsibility for their health and get competition in the medical world so doctors can be happy, because they are really helping people. host: the front page of the town hall website, conservative website. ahca is dead. ryan and trump pull legislation from floor. several other papers and legislators say as far as the effort is concerned it is pretty much done with. whether there is a plan b, who knows. best the discussion this morning as far as actions done yesterday. independent line, hi. caller: i just want to put my
8:09 am
two cents in. when theyderstand why are trying to put some kind of plan together, why is it they are always best they have to include all the parasites like the insurance companies, and the stockholders and the ceos. all involved in health care. they knock all that out and offer a deal for everyone to have medicaid, let them take a percentage out of everybody's paycheck and pay in the medicaid insurance. -- into medicaid insurance. is already a done deal. it will never come down with all the parasites that must be involved in health care. do away with that. everybody can get some kind of health care plan with medicaid.
8:10 am
i will take my answer off-line. host: toby? good morning to you from bottom, texas. nham, texas. caller: this is always money thing for the insurance companies. this started way back years ago whenever we were forced to get automotive insurance. the government has figured out, and the insurance companies figured out if you force people to buy insurance, that they can control the price. since when does a private company get the government to control us to have to buy insurance? that is all this is about. money. big money for the insurance companies. host: a couple of questions do you. what you think about the republicans' effort overall on this bill? caller: i don't think it
8:11 am
matters. republican, democrat. insurance companies are in the government's pocket to force us to buy insurance. any private company can't go out in force laws on people to buy insurance. host: what you think about president trump's efforts on this effort? caller: it does not matter. it is insurance companies wanting more money. host: the washington post does highlight some of president trump's behind-the-scenes efforts in the lead up to yesterday. they said he was using one of his favorite trophies, the oval office. he had so many lawmakers in and out in the days leading up to the vote that the stately room felt like a train station. he felt that he also surprised with cold calls. virginia was moving boxes when his cell phone rang. someone said please hold for the president of united states.
8:12 am
got on the line he could not of been less formal. the said what is going on with this thing? i said i want you to be a success but the price us to come down. he puts on his hard-sell. he is selling and sell mode. humor, heart, personality. the president ended the call with a plea. we are going to get it right. brat was unmoved. i get it, but i connected behind it. that was some of the behind-the-scenes actions leading up to the decision by republicans, the house speaker also been on that. to your calls not only on the republicans' actions, of president's actions on this, the state of health care. you can comment on all those things this morning. kent from florida on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i would like to say that the first to get the republicans don't believe in giving help
8:13 am
to anybody. that's why they are against the affordable care act and always against social security and medicare. i would like to say to the people who are calling and about single-payer systems, it isn't free. my wife and i are both retired. we are on medicare. coveres $550 a month to our insurance costs. i know what people look at retired people, they think they have free insurance. it is not free. i pay. everybody on medicare pays $114 a month for part b, been yet to buy a supplemental, which i have is to be wanted $39 a month. that's time -- it is one of $39 a month. 9 a month.3 for the best plan.
8:14 am
single-payer is not free. host: is there a better approach is single-payer is not it? caller: know, i think single-payer is the way to go, i just wanted to make the point that for people who think it is free, it is not free. host: donald, new mexico, independent line. caller: good morning. this is really a request for some programs. i would like you to bring on a health historian and have him talk about the 1986 law by reaganreagan in which signed a law that all patientss have to be accepted in the emergency room. in conjunction with that, i would like to have you bring on
8:15 am
a chief financial officer of a hospital or people associated with the hospital who can then explain how the uncompensated care is paid for. medicaid or cost shifting. i think people really don't understand that when people go to the hospital, like the 24 million people who would not have insurance, the emergency room has to cover them. and then that money has to be paid for somehow. if you have a health historian on and if you would have on a chief financial officer to explain that the people, i think that would be really helpful. host: since you made a request of us, what you think about yesterday's action? caller: what do i think in the pulling of the bill? host: yes. caller: i think the reporter book -- republicans now own the
8:16 am
affordable care act. ittever happens from now on is theirs. it does not belong to the democrats anymore. if it fails, the people who are responsible are the republicans. host: that is donald on the independent line. you may agree with him or not agree with him on that last point. (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 748-8001 for republicans, and independentss, (202) 748-8002. the house speaker paul ryan talked yesterday among many things the state of health care currently given under the affordable care act. [video clip] speaker ryan: obamacare will be getting even worse. i think we were probably doing the democrats a favor. i think we are doing the architects of obama a favor by
8:17 am
passing this law before it gets worse. i guess that favor is not going to be given to them and it's going to get worse. i don't think the architects -- i'm sure they may be pleased, but when they see how bad this gets basin of the projections we are told by the plan of dissipating obamacare, they are not going to like that either. you have one plan left, one choice. over one third of the counties in america, one plan left. the kind of projections we are being told from the people providing health insurance to these people and plans, it's going to get even worse. i don't think the architects of obamacare envisioned this future. is not one we want for the mac people. i wish we had the kind of consensus we needed to pass and replace it, but we don't have that right now. statements from speaker ryan and the president and others, go to we have highlighted them on the front page to let you get instant access the things said yesterday in the lead up of the
8:18 am
pulling of this bill. new york times editors write the trump-ryan care debacle. the worry now among advocates for lower income americans and the sick that the trump administration by sea to undermine the health care law with administrative steps. for example, officials could seek to reduce subsidies that help people earning just above the federal poverty line to pay out-of-pocket costs. republicans in the house sue the obama administration in 2014 the block the subsidies. that case is still pending. the trump administration could decide to stop defending the subsidies. such a move would only compound the mistakes it made by trying to rush a half a bill through the house -- half-baked bill for the house. bob, good morning. caller: good morning. i think we have radicals on the left that one free insurance, and radicals on the right that
8:19 am
posture for their positions. if we would all get together and work together, down the middle, just like we have to do in every thing else, things would work. trump, heesident wants to do the right thing. i think president obama wanted to do the right thing, but they have radical reactionaries. the country will have to settle down and work together. host: who are those radical reactionaries for republicans? right. the far, far listed under the freedom caucus, is that who you are referencing? caller: can you list the ones for the democrats? you can't necessarily list people. it is groups. host: ok. comeou say they should
8:20 am
together and try to hammer something out as far as how health care look in this country? caller: we should. we have to. or else we will be paying our grandkids -- our grandkids will continue to pay with a have been in the past. they are paving for everything we are getting now. host: collette, oregon, democrats line. go ahead. caller: i think the american people have a very low opinion of congress because they do nothing but fight. if they would attack the problems rather than attacking each other, they could get a lot done. instance, epipen. bees.llergic to i got a vial of epinephrine for five dollars, a syringe and a needle for one dollars. for six dollars i can protect
8:21 am
myself. and epipen is what $400 depending on where you get it. we have an adult foster home. walker, you get ace hardware for one dollar. we could not use that. we had use when approved by the american medical association, which was $34. all of this is driving up the costs of medical insurance. i think of congress would work together and address some of these problems rather than just attacking each other and do what is right --host: as far as the problems with the current system, where is a good place to start? caller: i think starting with
8:22 am
agreeing to not get in bed with and themaceuticals people selling devices for medical. lower theey need to costs. that would lower the insurance. next invingston is cambridge, massachusetts. independent line. caller: good morning. there are three components to health care. it is the patient to needs the care, the doctors who provide the care, and the insurance company which is a problem. the insurance company brings nothing to the table but they make a profit. people -- if you remove the insurance company, you can pay for your service. you can work something out.
8:23 am
as long as the insurance company has to make a profit, you will never get to because they are not doing -- they will not provide a service the way they can make a lot of money. everything that's happening in this country is about making profit. insurance company and the pharmaceutical company is in it for money. it is not about money. that is all i have to say. thank you. host: there are several pieces this morning that with the politics behind yesterday's actions. this one says leadership limning the freedom caucus for a dodgy whip count. as the number of people that with -- whips gather to see where they are on votes. anumber of senior staff -- conservative group light about its voting numbers earlier today. that is what they believe. the freedom caucus aggressively denies that. mark this afternoon,
8:24 am
meadows to the white house chief of staff they were 18 hard no votes in the freedom caucus. mick mulvaney past that on the house leaders. the freedom caucus contain about 40 members. for that half the group would support the bill or could be persuaded to do so. when they started making calls, they quickly discovered the support was much weaker than that. a source familiar with the us saidtion tells axi they took the lists of undecided and started calling for the undecideds. the no's state no. it is not half. the prevailing information is that the freedom caucus life and negotiated in bad faith. the number they told us was totally false. that is off the website axius. if you get a breitbart, they shift the conversation politically to the house speaker. at least where he is that as far
8:25 am
as politically and the power he asserts. the headline exclusive discussion about gop replacement of paul ryan has taken the house intensifies and white house, congress. officials are now openly discussing signing a replacement for the speaker after he failed to pass the american health care -- presidente donald trump and he promised repeatedly the bill would pass. it says ryan was caught on an audio file from october obtained by breitbart news saying he will not defend trump, not now and not in the future. while it does not make the staffts clear, ryan's said it was about the access hollywood scandal. many alleys of the president -- allies of the president has confirmed that ryan may not have his agenda's best interest at heart. it was ryan's job to bring the votes.
8:26 am
breitbart talked about the politics. president's the statement of yesterday to express support for us, ryan and his efforts on this legislative part ofthis is just many things that have gone on in the last 24 to 36 hours. let's go to kelly in atlanta, georgia. republican line. caller: hello. called. i agree with your caller before who was actually in the health care industry. most americans don't understand how insurance works. i am happy to republican bill -- though i am a republican -- did fail. outou do send your patients and dying because they can afford medication and it's only $100 a month, that changes your perspective.
8:27 am
regarding the structure of the insurance companies, insurance companies or a business. just like car insurance. if the federal government does not give the mandates, they will cover as minimum as possible. that is true. with -- regarding the pharmaceutical companies, they are also a private business. the federal government can't really tell of how much they can charge for the drugs. the same with epipen and things like that. once they can go to other companies they would try the amount, but they still of the patent on the products. addition, they do have regulations that we have. does that make sense so far? host: we had a caller earlier saying why not bypass all those
8:28 am
and just strictly leave it to the government to provide some type of assistance in health care? what you think about that argument? caller: i like the concept of americans buying into medicaid. a lot of the things obamacare brought to the table. i think there are a lot of things that can be fixed, but i don't think they need to destroy the entire system and start over from scratch. patient -- by although i don't of a higher taxes, i am willing to take a loss and pay more. host: as far as fixes in the position you are, different republicans were to move forward to make changes or fixing what is currently existing, where do you think they should start? caller: i think that they need
8:29 am
to involve health care providers. they need to involve the insurance companies and do what obama did. he involved academics at the universities and said what is the best way to approach it? unless you have that knowledge phd. you will have trouble grasping how complex it is. it takes me a lot to understand it and i been doing it for 10 years. where they could start is by working with the democrats. that is the simple answer talk to the democrats and come up with something together. in my 38 years i have seen that happen rarely. host: trenton, michigan. linda on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: the lady that just spoke with health care, i also have
8:30 am
worked in health care. i think that number one there got -- congress has got to get together. this is not a republican or democrat issue. the other thing is they need to bring people that are doing the work. they need to bring business people in the industry to come and and look at him of the issues that are going on as far as how you send forms the insurance companies and play the bounce backing for errors on the claim form until it runs out. that they don't feel they are responsible for paying it. they need to look at the way these things work, not just that one but everything. that people that are actually doing the jobs, the only way to get this information. the other thing was with the pharmaceutical companies.
8:31 am
there is a medication i know of that is done in what they call -- he will get generic, but in the interim time they call it a brand generic. that allows them under the patent to continue to charge the high price for that. when something is going generic, let it go generic. i purchased things out of the country and there has never been a problem. they have a much lower cost. what sorry to interrupt, of the criticisms democrats had leading up the vote was more hearings should of taken place with people you were described. people from the industry, academics, things like that and more input from these voices. you are saying that might reduce the better result. caller: they need to get the people doing the job. find out what the problems are.
8:32 am
they have been doing these jobs and are frustrated with how they have to do them. they need to get their input and they need to quit quibbling and ryan needs to back off. they are cutting, cutting, cutting. my mother is on medicare. i am taking care of her and loblaw blob. -- blah blah blah. trump what's the cut everything. we do get people there who were too interested in getting this done because they're too many lives at stake. host: brenda on the republican line. caller: good morning. yes, i would like to say i think that was a very poor action on trump's part. i of the he was serious about changing any medical laws and helping the people out of debt. quickew in the towel too and washed his hands of the whole thing.
8:33 am
very disappointed in him about that. these hospitals were built with donations and the taxpayers money. they are owned by the people of this country. we had affordable health care until the government stuck it snows in there and started letting every big business people that wanted to suck off the government get in there on it. basic health care people can see their doctor and when they can go to the hospital's when they need to on life threatening and things, that is necessary. we would not turn anybody away that needed that kind of help. but when it comes to these other things they have out there for the have got -- sitting in their garages, why do they need them anyway? if they can afford a back brace or knee brace, they just have to do without. how many times did we do without we were growing up? we survived.
8:34 am
get out there and save you money and get it. host: you are saying the president should've kept on going and saw the replacement and repeal go through? caller: i don't think he even looked at the problem. we know what the problem is even our medical care has been privatized. that is what is happened. my doctor networks on salary. works for the same people that operate our hospital, that operate the pharmacies. they are altogether and of trying to figure out who are these people. i believe is the insurance companies themselves. when my daughter was so sick and she was in the hospital with thatry she got a notice the insurance company had paid thousands of dollars for her benefits that she is billed thousands of dollars to pay out of her
8:35 am
pocket. she pays. about leaving your 20 60 kids under insurance. good grief. who can't go buy insurance for their children? yet, if you can afford it, you can leave them on theire. that's a bunch of hogwash. host: representative jim cooper cindy got a tweet yesterday. "we should work together to fix the law, make it better for everyone. i hope congress is up to the task as voters are watching." voters are calling, especially if you want to give us a call. 202, 748 8001 from republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independents.
8:36 am
nancy pelosi talking about the politics behind the action of the bill, and if the bill that failed yesterday to past would help them regain the house. here is her fault yesterday. [video clip] >> i may be allowed a personal view in this room, i hope they pull the bill because they will have a lot of no votes and the ones voting yes would have great exposure. 17,r. bowyer says, 56 to and 17 and bar the -- by the that it was a tax ill disguised of the health care bill. the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of our country. going fromn or more working-class families to the richest people in america.
8:37 am
and by the way, having 24 million people now not having access to health insurance at the same time undermining medicare and jeopardizing the pre-existing conditions benefit we have in the bill is a repealed that they repealed essential benefits. one of the interesting speeches on the floor this morning, one of our colleagues whom i love and respect -- i grant everybody their position. if we have a debate on it, at least admit you have a bad bill,. said i colleagues was not for the bill to they made it better last night when they repealed the essential benefit of the bill. host: darrell in maryland on the independent line. caller: north dakota. host: north dakota, go ahead.
8:38 am
daysr: i watched for three the house and all of them. they pulled the bill but they will not abandon it. they are just taking it down the road for a later date. they are not abandon the effort to overturn the health care law. host: we heard several legislators say essentially it was dead for now. caller: for now, but they are basically just taking it down the road. they will work on another bill later on and everything to get more consensus is from what i'm seeing on the coverage. part of thehing is bill they had was repealing the mandatory that everybody has to pay or if they don't have health insurance. if they can afford health insurance, why should they have to pay for it?
8:39 am
why should they be paying -- penalized for that? ideate my congressman an that i came up with. take 3% of everybody's income, whoever is working, 3% and put towards their annual income and let the insurance companies versus for the money letting us find a more reasonable insurance company. i came up with an idea when i was an over the road truck driver and seeing everybody in the united states. i was paying $596 a month for my insurance for just me and my wife. -- because of regulations, got kicked out of that and lost $40,000 a year for my job. i had to take a lower
8:40 am
job. i finally got into a program where i'm only paying $116 a month, which is basically 3% of my annual income. back to your initial thought about another attempt at passing the bill, is that something you would support? long asyes, i would as they talk it out. but only the republicans and not only the democrats, but they get everybody in the room. they can pass it simultaneously with the tax law. said,like that one person they can walk and chew gum at the same time so why can't they do the same as far as continuing on in doing their job and taking {?
8:41 am
s breaks? les host: the president saying he would threaten to leave obamacare in place. you can see it on our c-span website. talking about the issues with the bill that may come in the future. perhaps it will be democrats to work with republicans and the white house to come up with an alternate bill. senator chuck grassley also giving comment. the bill never made it to the senate. senator grassley saying, a lesson learned for the obamacare failure in the house withdraw of the obamacare repeal. major social policy change in the u.s. must be bipartisan. mix from dayton, ohio. democrats line. caller: i had a couple of things
8:42 am
to say. the healthcome insurance companies of the pharmaceutical companies are in do together, and something about that. everything needs to be at an even keel although it across the board. the insurance companies in the pharmaceutical companies cannot just charge whatever they want they can and decide run our health care instead of our doctors running our health care. host: we had a previous caller make the point that the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies are private businesses, private industries and they can do with a please is what they were saying. caller: they should be able to get together, have conference or come to an understanding that the american people, no matter what you are, this is all going to be what it costs across the
8:43 am
board. we can't just charge whatever we want to charge and expect the american people to be able to survive and pay their medical. host: mandy is next. new brighton, pennsylvania on the republican line. caller: hi. i'm a registered republican but i was very thankful that they get abandoned the effort to overturn the health care law. one illy, on the fact for always had a pre-existing medical condition. i have a child type 1 diabetes. is pretty scary to envision that .hould we change he may now be able to get medical insurance. and have access to medical equipment or medication that would keep him alive.
8:44 am
my husband works 60 hours a week. we pay out-of-pocket through his employer to have insurance. how deductibles have increased -- our deductibles have increased. we are college-educated. i don't know what else you can do to provide insurance for your family. that to me is just what is really frightening. insurance was invented less than 100 years ago. they sold the patent for one dollar and the cost of insulin continues to increase through the pharmaceutical companies. they haven't patented see you can't even buy a genetic form of standing medication. should this pre-existing medical conditions span listed, you will have children and some americans die. marjorie in indiana,
8:45 am
indianapolis. caller: good morning, how are you today> for openers of the essay i believed the bill that became law under bushm making it for thele for illegal government to negotiate prices with the pharmaceuticals, they should be turned around. it seems fully set the government can negotiate. anything with anybody host: prescription part d? caller: exactly. the second thing is that the civil answer. they are spending a lot of time. it's kind of a waste of skin for them. the simple answer is put everybody in medicare. cost to run it as opposed to pulling the trigger on the retail insurance. it is a simple answer and then
8:46 am
they get onto things like bridges and grids. change the tax. you can probably raise the taxes a little bit on a few people and they wouldn't feel it. i think that's a simple thing to do. host: other things to let you know about as well as a go throughout the morning, this is from bloomberg politics. especially in light of actions concerning the fbi. claims of connection between the trump campaign and russia. trump's x advisers are offering to testify before congress, saying it was mr. stoneort and roger will all meet with the house committee investigating the russian interference.
8:47 am
devin nunes told reporters friday it has not determined if manna fort -- manifort will testify in public are in a closed-door meeting. a lawyer for roger stone says he was to testify in open session. inquiry by the intelligence hackingincluding the and releasing of democratic emails, has expanded into an explosive question about anybody close to president trump aided the effort. that was yesterday that devin nunes announced there will be a closed session with james comey. director mike rogers. they scheduled previously to make that an open session. also talking about paul manafort volunteering to testify. this is devin nunes from yesterday. [video clip] >> we will post on the
8:48 am
previously this -- scheduled hearing to make him available for director coming in at the rogers. the committee seeks additional information from monday's hearing that can only be addressed in close session. yesterday the counsel for paul manafort contacted the conejos today to offer the committee opportunity to interview this client. with think mr. manna fort for volunteering and encourage others with knowledge of these energyto voluntarily with the committee. host: those comments yesterday. he's under questioning after his revelations earlier this week about discoveries and essential wiretapping or information gained five trump administration
8:49 am
officials that caused concerns from several factors, including the house ranking member and intelligence ranking that are adam schiff and being asked is fear ryan should consider if nuñez or florida's will continue. here is what adam schiff had to say. [video clip] >> ultimately that the decision the speaker needs to make. i think this speaker has to decide a sponsor on chairman whether they want a credible investigation being done here. the events of this week are not encouraging. i think anyone watching them has profoundtimate, concerns about whether this congress can do a credible investigation. performanceof the takeaways of the last couple of days is we really do need an independent commission here. the public at the end of the day needs to have confidence that
8:50 am
someone has done a thorough investigation untainted by political considerations. it had my hope and still my hope , maybe hope against hope, there is some way that we can do that. i have to say i am deeply discouraged by this week's events. i think the public is discouraged by this week's events. i think at this point but we give the public more confidence than anything else is if we didn't stop. but we established an independent body, separate and apart from the congress, to segmented after 9/11. at least there i can be confident. i hammered by political preservation and not interfered with by the white house or anyone else, and i think this week that all the work -- host: events other than the health-care bill in the discussion that took place as of yesterday. this is from rollcall posted this morning.
8:51 am
after health care defeat, kevin sheriff does a markup on the tax return. it was hours after those decisions are made that to pull the ill-fated health care plan. ways and means chairman kevin brady, whose panel was responsible for half the gop effort to partially repeal and replace the law in 2010 announced friday evening the committee on tuesday would mark up a resolution of inquiry and direct the treasury secretary to trump's taxident returns. kevin brady's office did not return requests for comment. the weight in the markup -- the ways in the markup of the matter is under a procedural tools notice the resolution of inquiry. resolutions of inquiry is be
8:52 am
marked up with a -- within 14 legislative days of introduction. a democrat from new jersey filed it on president trump's tax or firm -- reform bill. the scheduled market would be the 14th, legislative day. more of that coming out next week as i was scheduled to take -- thomas fromy fort walton beach, florida. caller: i have three observations that i'm disappointed with. first-time caller and vietnam vet. i worked for the government 35 years. i've never seen such a mess. diabetes.
8:53 am
i have allergic to penicillin. they have put some of these doctors that we have got practicing now here, they will oquist andell other blood thinning drugs. they have lawsuits against them. quite frankly i'm afraid to take them. they don't care what you view life saying. thatre not allowed to say you don't want that drug in your body, according to that dr.. --was the poorest dr. doctor. don't jump on me because a mispronounced his name. host: thomas, the actions of yesterday from the republicans. what you think about the effort in the bill that was being discussed and potentially voted
8:54 am
upon? i think via only way that will solve this health care problem and the medical problem for everybody is to get together -- the bi bipartisan. thinking of yourself. -- quit thinking of yourself. they are elected by the working people. they are not out there to do with they want to do. they are there for the benefit of you and for me. in littles go to barb rock, arkansas. caller: good morning i have from little rock. i am grateful they kept obamacare because so many people here have worked all their lives and making eight dollars and
8:55 am
$10. wherever they can make it. they are retiring. happened and make it without insurance -- how can they make it happen without insurance? but for for myself other people that are homeless and hungry. again, if you will to give us a call, (202) 748-8000 for democrats. for republicans. independents, (202) 748-8002. shawn this morning says he is mad but the speaker put it with a crap bill. now the republicans won the aca. that is reflected by segment this morning who says it would appear it is the democrats, up
8:56 am
to them to come up with a repair or replacement should they not want to go down in flames. once for, virginia. that is were dave is. caller: thank you for taking my call. speaker ryan and the president, does anyone want to talk about the profitability of the insurance companies? that is a primary desire in life. if you've ever heard anyone who is been sick and tried to put in a claim, it seems they do everything they can to not pay. i think if they don't discuss insurance company profitability and this whole mix of things, they are missing one of the points. the other point is what about the representatives that might take money from the insurance companies. are they holding? i'm not sure a for-profit one
8:57 am
might help his concern. i'm 60 years old. i'm concerned i will not have insurance. where is all that money now? those little manages the do nothing all day. where is my money? what are you suggesting? leave them out of the equation when it comes to health care or requirements for what they taken versus what they take out? caller: a lot of people are thinking about this but no one is talking about the insurance companies in a profitability. i want to know if they will put insurance company profits that are now dropping out of the exchanges in the obamacare deal. i don't understand how trump can be overall the health-care industry when all they want to do is make more money and then i people claims of they can. a -- thatt there is
8:58 am
has had a health issue and wanted to collect money, it is like stumbling blocks. i'm surprised that process does not kill people as well. host: next to alabama, republican line. we will speak with richard. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you taking my call. i don't have a solution to the health care problem, although i do have a couple of thoughts of a bike to share. we did not really get into this cost affordability issue overnight. it has been going on 15 or 20 years. i feel like all the parties involved. the yellow. insurance companies. politicians. medical professionals. all are striving to do the right thing. a group of people in the
8:59 am
country that really need help. with got to face it. i think americans really face this issue yet. health care is very expensive. this past week i had a cat scan. was about $2500. by medicare policy paid most of it. i just think we have to think about a long-term solution. host: we have some people suggest to allow many people to buy into medicare or medicaid for assistance and that could help alleviate the problem of health care. caller: i think in that respect, you're going toward a single-payer system, and i don't think that system is going to work. for example, whether you have insurance or medicare or medicaid, you have got to understand this costs.
9:00 am
we are so used to presenting that card, and we are not really aware of what the cost is. there is no competitive market right now. republicans have a partial answer to the solution. that is the institution of the use of health savings accounts. you are aware of what the cost is, you might be more likely to shop around for your care. but iay sound crazy, think a great idea would be to establish a health savings account for a newborn. person it be for a rich or a poor person, and the government to help fund that from birth. host: that is richard in alabama. just after 9:00 on the east coast.
9:01 am
two hours we have been taking your calls on this decision by the republicans yesterday to pull the bill that if passed and approved by the senate and go to the president's desk would repeal and replace the affordable care act. that failed yesterday. the effort stopped for now. we have been getting your thoughts for those two hours from everybody calling in. in our last hour, we want to hear just from republicans only. this is a question about where to go next as far as what happened yesterday. you can address this in terms of congress. you can address this in terms of the white house, president trump . for republicans only in the final hour, we want to hear from you about this. should the republican party move on from health-care? whether you think there should be a continued effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, whether you think there should be an effort to revamp what was proposed by the republicans initially and see if they can do it again, whether
9:02 am
you think they should move on and talk about other things. one of the things that came out takingay was the idea of tax reform on as the next steps. republicans only in this final hour. let us know what you think about this. the numbers are on the screen, eastern and central time zones, mountain and pacific time zones. republicans only. should the effort continue on health care? we will take your thoughts about that in a moment. it was speaker ryan who yesterday talked about the agenda, were at least the rest of the republican agenda, after yesterday's decision to pull the bill, where they go from here. here is speaker ryan from yesterday. [video clip] speaker ryan: we want to rebuild the border, rebuild our military, get the deficit under control, we want infrastructure
9:03 am
and tax reform. yes, this does make tax reform were difficult. but it does not in any way make it impossible. we will proceed with tax reform. we will continue with tax reform. i spoke with the president, the secretary -- treasury secretary, and advisors about tax reform, so we are going to proceed with tax reform. this makes it more difficult. you know how the numbers work. this is about $1 trillion. we will fix the rest of the tax code. is prolonged this for other things because members realize there are other parts of our agenda that people have more agreement on what to achieve. we have even more agreement on the need and nature of tax reform on funding the government, on rebuilding the military, and securing the border. this issue had a big difference of opinion, not whether we should repeal and replace obamacare but just how we should replace it.
9:04 am
that is the growing pains of government. we were a tenure opposition wety where being against -- were a 10-year opposition party where being against things was easy. to just had to be against it. now we had to go to a governing party were we had to get 260 people to agree on how to do things. we were not there today. we will get there but we were not there today. host: what is the agenda for republicans? should the party move on from health-care? republicans only in the final hour. eastern and central time zones, mountain and pacific time zones. fromll start with maria new jersey. go ahead. move on from health-care or take another attempt at it? i am originally from spain. i believe they should go with single-payer because when you
9:05 am
profit, theye for do not care about the people. they care only to make profit. i am from spain. here, you have to wait for surgery. that is not true. you have to find which country organizes health care the best. the only one was france. the second was italy. the third was spain. the people over there, everybody is happy. it is not free. a percentage of your pay is taken out of your paycheck. thank you. host: glenn is from san diego. hello. caller: yes, i was just wondering.
9:06 am
i think they should probably hold off on it. but i do think they should look at the total cost of what health care is in the current system, including obamacare for instance. i know it would be a large effort, but i think it would be helpful to look at that. and then to look at the cost of what a single-payer system would be, and compare the two once and for all. i think that would go a long ways towards answering the big do weon which is, how get to the lowest cost solution? i don't know that anybody has ever done that, because if they did that, i think they would find a single-payer system would be far less expensive. from bellevue,a washington, your next. good morning. we are asking republicans only
9:07 am
if the party should move on from health care. caller: good morning. i am watching you for a long, long time every morning. i like c-span. the i want to talk about medical insurance and everything. host: before you answer that, republicans only for this hour. should the party continue on the efforts of health care or move on to other things? i have to wait for you? host: i'm asking you if you think republicans should can you on the effort of health care or try something else, or at least work on something else. caller: try something else? i am talking about me. i choose my medical insurance from group health. i have $1000 in my pension. hospital and0 for
9:08 am
$900 they give to me. paying $16400, i am that includes dental, too. i choose this because the clinic everything, i and don't have to go somewhere for a specialist. [indiscernible] for me, it is very ok. host: thank you. joe from florida, go ahead. caller: yeah. string, asushing the far as i'm concerned. i am well invested in insurance companies. i am laughing at y'all because i am making money left and right. y'all havederstand not figured out that rich run
9:09 am
this country, not poor people. the whole ideas about who pays. i don't care about your health care. host: let's go to diane in lancaster, ohio, republicans only this hour. should the party move on from health care efforts? go ahead. caller: good morning. i think in the whole big picture, if we take care of some other things first, the health care situation would be a lot better and easier to fix. reforms,ng entitlement such as medicaid. i have a neighbor who has 10 kids. she does not work. her current man is in prison. he is the dad of a couple of them. this is a career medicaid family. and this is how people are raising their kids, and it is
9:10 am
never going to get any better until we fix the abuse of the welfare system. once these people are made to work for their benefits, and we give people work and get them on the company's inserts, it will be so much smaller and easier to work on. they should table it for now and work on entitlement reforms. requirementare work , that was the manager's amendment earlier this week to the bill. that is something you would have supported, i suspect? caller: absolutely. i am not talking about medicare. medicare and social security we have paid into from day one. i have worked all my life, two jobs. that has been taken out of my check my whole life. i am entitled to get that back when i need it, when i'm old, which is pretty soon now. host: gregory is next, murfreesboro, tennessee.
9:11 am
good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think the issue here, the biggest entitlement in the whole system is the fact that our lawmakers, whether presidents or , theyrs, congressmen are all in a separate health care system. so they can quarterback and determine what is best for other people because they are not affected. but we are all americans. they need to be part of the same system they are trying to fix. i think if they had some skin in the game and were all subject to this affordable care act and legislation, i know we would have a better plan. we would have better solutions. and this would all go away overnight. host: as far as republicans, assuming you are a republican
9:12 am
calling, what should the party do? caller: i think the party essentially is going to have to step back. there is no quick fix to this because it is so large in its scope. i think they will have to sit down. this newd to force health care system down our throat like it was done originally. it was forced on americans. no one had a chance to read this bill. it was forced. it is crazy. i think if they are subject to the same system everyone else is, every american is, i think we would have better solutions and a better policy coming forward. host: just to give you a sense of how the vote yesterday or lack thereof played in international papers, this is a paper from bolivia. read it and -- translate it, that is great. it also deals with the vote
9:13 am
yesterday and the fate of the vote in the headline. the dutch paper. i will not even attempt to read the title. it is a dutch morning newspaper. they feature a picture of the president also. assuming from the dutch translation, it is dealing with yesterday's actions as well. republicans only for this hour. where should the party go from yesterday's vote or the lack of a vote yesterday? to they continue on the way of should they-- continue on the way of health care, changes to the tax code is on some of the agendas for republicans, are there other things republicans should work on? that is what want to hear from republicans on in the final hour. eastern and central time zones, and mountain and pacific time zones. let's go to david, morrison heights, michigan. you are next, david. go ahead.
9:14 am
david from madison heights. we will move on to kevin in indiana, pennsylvania. go ahead. you are on. go ahead. caller: i think they should move on. but i think one thing president trump has to remember is to make sure he drains the swamp a little bit. the big the -- that is the biggest threat right now. host: what do you mean by that? caller: they feel threatened, so of course they will not cooperate with him. we can all see that. all the fighting in the papers. all of the trying to make him look bad at every turn. granted, he has an easy time doing that himself. but at the same time, i think he is a respectful guy. host: when you say the party should move on, what next? what do you think is the next
9:15 am
thing they should tackle? caller: actually. a kind of -- tax relief. they kind of shot themselves in the foot because where are they going to get the money for that? $1 trillion. host: do you think yesterday's failed effort is going to affect other policy or legislative and policy efforts by the administration and the republicans in congress? caller: most definitely. i think most people can look at goodbye.c. and kiss it the iphones they buy and all these things they get every year, they cannot wait for the checks to come in. i think that will disappear and they will have to spend it on health care. and that is what it should be spent on. host: tempe, arizona, let's go next to don. go ahead. caller: ok. i have been watching the news media and a lot of the events on lately.
9:16 am
i have been in the health care industry. i have been a physician for over 30 years. , is lotsh care problem of problems with it -- there's lots of problems with it. between the hospitals and insurance companies and owning one another is one of the biggest problems they had because they are the ones regulating the cost. one of the people we are talking about, the cat scan ran $2500. if you got into an independent, it might cost a couple of hundred dollars for the same scan. there are some regulation -- there is some regulation needs to occur at the hospital and insurance level. they need to break the two up and have more competition. i think it would help resolve a lot of problems they have with the insurance industry and insurability of people. host: do you think the
9:17 am
republican party is interested in more regulation of industry? caller: i don't know that it is a matter of so much regulation. it is just that they need to be broke up. the companies have become too big. look what we have now as far as insurance carriers. na,night, humana -- aet humana, unitedhealthcare. instead of having multiple entities where they can compete, they are not there anymore. they are gone. hospitals and insurance companies are in bed together. the fee structures are through the roof. look at the hospital cost when somebody goes to the hospital. $5,000 to $10,000 hospital bill for nothing. host: let's hear from ken, lakeview, arkansas. caller: thank you for taking my call and likewise to c-span.
9:18 am
i am a 57-year-old guy. what i am not hearing anywhere is, where is your economists? they should move on from health care because the federal government should not be involved in health care. the thing we have to stop doing mostly is confusing health care with insurance. the biggest lie of the affordable health care was that it was orwellian doublespeak. it was neither affordable nor did it address any of the health care issues. one thing he did not mention was the ama restricting new doctors because they will not authorize new teaching facilities. but the federal government is smartly restricted from this kind of socialist program by the constitution. that is why conservatives pushed so hard for the real meaning of the constitution. if the states want to initiate 50 different state-sponsored
9:19 am
socialist health care programs, that is ok. if one of those goes down, there are 49 others in this country that could be still going. if you centralize all of this in the federal government, when it goes down, the whole country is dead. just get the fed out of things it should not be doing. i applied the freedom caucus. i am so glad they did not pass another entitlement, bigger entitlement program. you are bankrupting the country with 80 years of socialist securitywith social and johnson's medicaid. do you think the freedom caucus will be in the driver's seat when it comes to discussions about tax reforms, about infrastructure? how do you think they should act on those fronts? hoper: well, i think and
9:20 am
get ae real conservatives bigger voice, people start listening to them. of course, the mainstream media, they do not want to hear from them because all of the questions have to be framed to accept we are going to have these big federal government programs. it is killing as. 23 chilean dollars in debt. as soon as the -- $23 trillion in debt. we are going to spend all our money to service the debt. there will not be money for these programs. there will not be any program left anyway when all the money has to go to service the debt. we will continue this conversation with republicans only about whether the party should move on from health care. "the wall street journal" talking about new sanctions being imposed saying the u.s.
9:21 am
sanctioned 30 individuals and entities from 10 companies, many chinese and russians, flouting export controls on iran, north korea, and syria. the sanctions imposed tuesday include 11 companies and individuals that have provided materials to run --iran's ballistic missile program. the u.s. has evidence iran is providing support to the rebels in yemen. in all go to melissa monti, california -- el monte, california. caller: good to talk to you again. i have called in the past. i think the president has a lot of people that want revenge on him in the republican party. it is pretty obvious what they have done to him. they are very angry about the truth he tells.
9:22 am
i am ashamed of the conservatives. -- aw,t falling for the shucks, we don't know what we are doing. they know what they are doing. they lied to the republicans and conservatives again that they were going to fix health care. ryan is involved as well. he pressured the president to do this. and president went along with it because he is new at his job. but they are not, so there is no excuse for them. so i am very proud of the president for trying this because ryan said this is the way to do it here. president hope the stays flexible because the long knives are out. host: i asked the previous caller about the influence conservatives, those in the
9:23 am
freedom caucus, and others might have on policy efforts. what do you think their influence will be? caller: i think they are out to destroy the president. i am a conservative. i always have been. now, i'm actually ashamed of being a conservative because they really have no open circles. -- no principles. they were going to defined planned parenthood. that is as conservative as you can get. all of the rest could have been fixed later making sure people do not have to pay high premiums, taxes. that could have been a side deal done. likef these people acting they are -- they are paid off from the koch brothers and so forth. they sold out the people again. and they sold out our new president who wants to help the people. it is really obvious. it is nothing new. i am sure the democrats are happy right now.
9:24 am
with the people in the country are hurting. my brother cannot afford health care insurance, and he is very sick right now because of obamacare. host: as you see it, you do not think the affordable care act, do you think republicans will ever make another attempt to turn over the affordable care act? caller: i don't know what they are doing. well, i do know what they are doing. they are paid off from special interest groups. and they also want to take down this president. it is pretty obvious if you watch anything they say and do. they are acting stupid, when they know exactly what they are doing, especially paul ryan. host: let's go to isaac in connecticut. thanks for waiting. .aller: thank you, pedro i think we should take it all away from the insurance companies. there should be no such thing as health insurance for profit.
9:25 am
that does not work. it should be combined with your social security, and it should be sort of like a health savings account. everybody would have one payment. it comes out of your check every week already, social security. it would be -- host: you're saying your social security payment in part would be to pay for a health savings account? caller: you would have to outlaw life insurance, take that away from the insurance companies. it would also be your life insurance as well. host: to outlaw it, is that realistic in your mind? caller: just take it away from them. take away the whole concept of for-profit health insurance, for profit insurance. combined with social security. everybody pays one payment. you can draw on it for medical reasons.
9:26 am
your life insurance policy in the event of your death, your survivors would get a payment. also, you have to address the fact that medical costs are through the roof. they have to come down for this to work. host: let's go to ronald in pennsylvania. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i wanted to make a quick comment on the democrat side. for millions of americans like me that work paycheck to paycheck that are healthy and are forced to be put on some type of medical insurance, which i work paycheck to paycheck, which many americans do, and at the end of the year, i have to pay penalty because i do not need health insurance. if we can get a message to the democrats to take that smug look off of their face, because a lot of americans are hurting right now. host: are you a republican?
9:27 am
let's establish that first and foremost. he is gone. if you go to the "new york times" this morning, there's something on the keystone pipeline. announcing yesterday that it will be approved by the trump administration. saying the pipeline would link will producers in canada and north dakota with refiners and export terminals on the gulf coast. it had long been option of contention with environmentalists. wouldents contending it help guarantee national energy security for decades. the announcement friday said the state department will consider a range of factors, including but not limited to one policy, and compliance, with applicable law and policy. the new secretary of state, rex tillerson, recused himself from the decision.
9:28 am
the announcement said the permit was signed under the secretary of state for political affairs,, shannon -- thomas shannon. yesterday, the president call people into the oval office to make this announcement about the keystone xl pipeline. here it is. [video clip] president trump: transcat it will be finally allowed to complete this long-overdue project with efficiency and speed. we are working out the final details as we speak. it is going to be an incredible pipeline, greatest technology known to man or woman. and frankly, we are very proud of it. uss girling, the president of transcanada, is right behind me. i will have him say a few words. i know you have waited a long time. i hope you do not pay your consultants. you should ask for the hundreds
9:29 am
of millions of dollars back that you paid them because they did not do a thing. it is a great day for american jobs and historic moment for north america and energy independence. this announcement is part of a new era of american energy policy that will lower costs for american families vary significantly. reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create thousands of jobs in america. i also like to add, i think it is a lot safer to have pipelines then to use other forms of transportation for your product. when completed, the keystone xl pipeline will span 900 miles. wow. and have the capacity to deliver more than 800,000 barrels of oil per day to the gulf coast refineries. that is some big pipeline. a billions this dollar investment in american energy was delayed for so long it demonstrates how our government has too often failed its citizens, and companies over
9:30 am
the past long period of time. today, we begin to make things right, and to do things right. today, we take one more step in putting jobs, wages, and economic security of american citizens first. put america first. as the keystone xl pipeline now moves forward, this is the first of many energy and infrastructure robert -- projects that might administration will approve. host: that's president trump from yesterday, you can see that full announcement on c-span. more headlines to show you from papers around the united states. gop"salt lake tribune," comes up short. pages of the "columbus dispatch," paul ryan pulling the trump/ryan give up on obamacare replacement. "the detroit news," this
9:31 am
morning, gop to move on after health care verio. -- failure. where theking about party should go from here, especially on health care. should the party move on and continue on efforts on health care? let us know by calling call (202) 748-8000 for eastern and central time zones. mountain pacific time zones, call (202) 748-8001. we want to hear from republicans only during this final half hour. sean from missouri. you are next. four combat tours , i can chew gum and walk and i expect legislators to do the same thing. , 65 days, youans can't expect miracles. they should never have brought this up. this should have worked with tax reform first initiative took their time with health care. it's very important.
9:32 am
insurance companies all make money. and obamacare, you need to break that up and the premiums will drop. you need to take medicaid and turned back over to states. all this health care should be headed out of the state level. you should compete over state lines. and the medical device tax, you get rid of that. the already lost 27,000 jobs since obama put that in. republicans messed up, they push this too fast and they should toe run -- brought everybody the table, including democrats. obamacare is out there. americans are going to suffer. a couple of things before you go. talk about as far as tax reform, you still think that has the potential to have an? -- to happen? caller: they need to move on
9:33 am
with it, and work on health care on the side. to do something about obamacare, it's 2700 pages, and have of it is department of health and human tears -- human services has control of our life. host: do think the lack of vote is going to hang over actions such as tax reform or infrastructure? those type of things? caller: what going to hangover is -- they are saying collusion with russia. they never proved that. , he keepsor schatz acting like he has something in his back pocket, and you don't. that's about what nuñez came up with. he said it has nothing to do with russia and he went to the president. he's doing what he should be, he sees something that is sensitive, classified, has nothing to do with russia, and he goes over to the president with it. just wants to have an open hearing.
9:34 am
you can't put classified stuff out there. it's all political advantage, just like the health care. democrats need to get up and help these americans get to the table with everybody and cut this partisan stuff out. i'm tired of it. sometimes i salmon independent because i get tired of listening to both sides. sean, giving us his thoughts. live for republicans only. you mentioned nuñez and adam schiff, but also, a story that took place yesterday was the fbi chief, james comey, seen entering the white house yesterday. the story from the "new york post," saying he was spotted walking in friday afternoon. the purpose of the visit was unclear. according to the fox business network, they tweeted a photo of mr. comey entering the building. multiple news outlets reported he was there. the fbi chief recently confirmed the feds has an ongoing
9:35 am
investigation between ties between the president's current and former staffers and russia. it was not immediately known if his visit was related to the probe. he stayed about an hour before leaving. the white house did not immediately return a comments. of jamesed a photo comey walking into the white house. let's go next to jacksonville beach, florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. convoluted, soe let me try to make it understandable. i come at this health care thing from a different angle. i watch this stuff for years, with different situations. with this health care, i wonder, we are to the american people and the responsibility for what happened here, how come they don't take response ability for this themselves? -- response ability for this
9:36 am
themselves? supposedly this started out that people didn't want this obamacare, it maintained at 40%. this is one of the things that front got elected on, people didn't want this, repeal, replaced. as soon as these politicians started working on this, this stuff went down, the poll numbers. , by the time this thing is starting to be worked on here in the next 3%, down from 17% of the people that wanted this stuff changed? what happened? the american people are so fickle. andt stand on any principle they wonder why the politicians have no integrity or principal, and won't stick their next out. they want to be reelected. these people into town hall meetings and these republicans were raving at them but they don't like this. that's what i saw. in my the only one who sees this angle?
9:37 am
the people are never held responsible for any of this. for anything that happens to them. they started saying they didn't want this anymore. you don't think these politicians were listening? politicians don't come out and be honest and say our constituents didn't want this anymore and we want to be reelected, so we have to vote no. here's why. they started seeing they don't like the cost, they don't like the things with the money, but they want all the freebies. they want all the mandates. they still want their stuff, but they don't want to pay for it. so, it a way, what obama did and what the democrats did i think was the plan all along. they got these people addicted to this stuff. they know it's bad, they don't hurts them financially. they know that something is wrong, but they like the free stuff. host: tammy in jacksonville beach, florida. let's go to tony in connecticut. caller: good morning. thank you taking my call and thanks for all you do it c-span. host: you are welcome.
9:38 am
go ahead. what do you think should be the strategy for republicans now? caller: i think they should take up the same bill again. host: why is that? caller: it works so well the first time. as my main man donald trump explained the other day, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are the big losers in this. i think we just need more wins just like the president promised us. we've got to just keep winning like this until we can't take it anymore. host: you see everything yesterday -- you classify that as a win? yeah, donald trump explained it in his news conference the other day. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are the big losers here and we are the winners. that's the strategy all along. let's just keep winning. i disagree with your prior caller from california, who thought that maybe my main man, donald trump was duped by paul ryan.
9:39 am
i recall mr. trump explaining that he was working on this bill. he explained that about month ago and we just had to take care of a few more flourishes and his bill would be done. i think donald trump had this plan all along, it was a masterful stroke to make chuck schumer and nancy pelosi would like losers. host: thank you for calling. we hear from dollar, the thing you said yesterday regarding the vote and the aca. thingm donald trump, the he said yesterday from the vote and the aca. [video clip] trump: eventually, is not sustainable. insurance companies are leaving, they are leaving one by one as quickly as you can leave. you have states in some cases who will not be covered. there is no way out of that. but the one thing that was happening as we got closer and closer, everybody was talking about how wonderful it was, and
9:40 am
now we go back to real life. people will see how bad it is, and it's getting much worse. i said the other day, when , 17, het obama left knew he was not going to be here. 17 is going to be a very bad year for obamacare. very bad. you're going to have exclusive premium increases. and the deductibles are so high, people don't even get to use it. we go with that for a little while, and i honestly believe, i know the democrats, they are good people. i honestly believe the democrats will come to us and say let's get together and get a great health care bill or plan that is really great for the people of our country. i think that's what happened. "new york times," takes a look at the personal capital that was invested by president trump in trying to get this bill passed, saying he wanted the white house selling an image. he told people he was the dealmaker who would get his way with board dealers and executives and with congress,
9:41 am
with respect to his personality and negotiating skills. having invested his capital, mr. trump's personal brand has been diminished, according to republicans who watch the health care debate. this is the moment in time where you are skulking around the chambers and take stock of where you are. host: republican lawmakers may be inspired of the success of the freedom caucus, which want to defeat the health care legislation to fight for their own interests. mind,epublicans only in should the party move on from health care to other things? stay with health care? that's her interest from you in this final 20 minutes or so. savanna from st. petersburg, florida. caller: hi, how are you?
9:42 am
i want to say that i watch your show a lot. i am a republican and i'm ashamed. do --r you have tried to president trump hasn't done anything since he has been in the white house but with things forward, and they don't work. it's a serious problem. being a republican has been good to me, and i don't think it was a joke. , sayinghe said today joke, he hasn'toke done anything since you've been in there. being republican how they are all out for just money. do you think he's going to
9:43 am
suffer? no, he is not. host: johnny in golden valley, arizona. hello. caller: good morning. good morning, america. i just have a couple comments and i would like to point out to congress and the house and people of the media -- you are talking in the microphones. you don't have to yell. yelling is an assault in the state of florida. there was a program, a documentary called making of the president. it was all about donald trump. 20 years ago, he bought the rights to the words make america great again. they were used by president reagan. there is a documentary about the man who built america, cash -- host: to the point of our
9:44 am
question, should republicans move on from health care? caller: i don't believe the government should be doing health care. i believe welfare is was bringing up the cost. host: ok. from the business section of the "new york times," take a look at california. currently voting to uphold its emissions standards and how it affects efforts by the president on other matters, saying it's mr. trump who backs industry over environment concerns, saying aging -- easing emission rules would stimulate auto manufacturing. california can write its own standards because of a long-standing waiver granted under the clean air act. given the state, the country's biggest auto market, major sway over the auto industry. including news,
9:45 am
york and pennsylvania, as well as washington, d.c., follow california's standards, a coalition the covers more than 130 million residents and more than one third of the vehicle market in the united states. all of the evidence, call it science, college economics, shows that anything, the standard should be even more aggressive, says member daniel sperling, a transportation expert at the university of california. california a holding its own admission standards. let's go to albert in north carolina. go ahead. caller: hey, how are you doing? host: fine, thanks. caller: you are doing a great job. one thing that's very important for america and people to understand is that, like the call before, there are so many of these people who are on obamacare that are having to pay these premiums they can't afford it. therefore, it is going to fail. and the money that was built into this young, healthy
9:46 am
population was put in there to help subsidize the people who don't have access to care, which is medicaid, self-pay people, a lot of medicare people, and the v.a. population. it has to be changed. we all know that. and what we need to do is, we need to list up on your screen to the right and the left the people who are pro-fixing this, versus the representatives the vote no, and continue to let our people, the american people, suffer with no change at all. i disagree with a lady that call earlier. mr. trump is trying to fix this. support,eds america's both democratics and republicans to push this forward. thingsrot used to list
9:47 am
on the top and left of screens, instead of just your regular screen, and it showed who was pro-and who wasn't on the democratic versus republican side or vice versa. host: as far as people or , orslators who voted no would have not supported the legislation, what do you think about them and their political future? what do you think about those who wouldn't support what republicans were trying to pass? caller: exactly. that's a great point. thenu are going to be no, let the people of that person's district -- they need to know that he voted no. that's not put up on any screen, is not advertised. they just get to run for office. but look with the last election showed you. the populist vote and the electoral vote, very smart people said we need to make a change in the country or we will
9:48 am
fail. the roman empire started failing at 200 years because of these types of policies try to take care of everybody with other people's money. there's nothing wrong with that, but why not appropriate the health savings tax for these people that are on obamacare, that their money that goes into the system, they get a tax deferral. have a catastrophic insurance for everybody. the reason people buy insurance, and i that the reason you have a right now is if you are in an automobile accident, you are going to have a bill of $100,000, just not going to be payable unless you have insurance. one last thing is that my daughter had have an mri, which is covered by my insurance plan, was going to be $2400, and because i paid cash to another private facility, it was only $400. my daughter got the same imaging, the same treatment, and
9:49 am
you got to fix this. until you list it was against you and who is not, let the have-nots come up with another plan if they're going to vote no. in northt's albert carolina. nbc put together a list of house republicans opposing the bill, including mark mellows -- mark meadows, head of the freedom caucus. dave brat of virginia, and others. this is a compiled list from nbc news. these are republicans who did not support the american health care act. that was pulled from the floor yesterday. that's just silly no some of the names you can find if you search the websites, those who supported and who did that. we are asking you should the party move on from health care and on to other things? this is kerry from bellevue, michigan. what do you think?
9:50 am
caller: i'm going to make a proposal that is kind of different from every other person. i don't think the federal government has any right to interfere with the health care system in the united states. i believe in the 10th amendments. delineatedwers are to the federal government and health care is not in there. you can't use the governance clause because all health insurance is within the states. there is no interstate commerce. i don't think the federal government should be involved in health care at all. host: if that's the case, what should republicans focus on now? caller: i think republicans should focus on tax reform, defense, the federal government job. host: when it comes to tax reform, what would you like to see? do you think now it has the potential of passing after what
9:51 am
happened over the last 24 hours? caller: i think democrats are going to support tax reform, some of them. i think the democratic party is making a really big mistake, they become the no party. they aren't involved in health care, regional think the federal government should be involved with at all. party has got to not do what the republican party did. i disagreed with the republican party attitude of no with president obama. party, thet the republican party needs to take a look at the fifth amendment, to with the government should do by the constitution, and within the constitution, and not do anything else. host: that's kerry. the financial times looks at actions in syria, saying that
9:52 am
there were strikes that takes a toll of syrians, according to the headline. i would be rude she writes the escalator campaign by the u.s. led coalition against you hotties in syria and iraq has taken a deadly toll on civilians with hundreds of people killed in airstrikes over the past weeks alone. the attacks of sparked outrage from families left to dig loved ones from the rubble and local leaders who argue such incidents increase the length of radicalization and sympathy for jihadi militants. america seems less and less concerned about people's lives, said a global leader for northern syria. every time they do a big strike, it increases the popularity of al qaeda and isis. when they killed as many civilians, the popularity just goes up and up. use officials are reportedly considering in changing the rules of engagement and limited under the obama administration, which sought to limit strikes that risked civilian casualties.
9:53 am
host: debbie's next and holden, kansas. good morning. caller: i think it's sad that representatives of the united states of america cannot sit down and figure the health care system out. think that all parts of the obamacare plan were bad. pre-existing health care patients. every time my husband switched jobs, i had to pay a cobra plan. it was to the same insurance company. three times. that if the first things that we are hearing that we are voting on were money for pharmaceutical companies,
9:54 am
insurance companies -- why is that even in a health care plan? why do we care if their bonuses are tax-deductible or -- that has nothing to do with the actual health care of the american people. i don't think that it is something that's going to happen in 64 days. i don't think that is something is going to be accomplished in the first day. host: chris's next from clinton, township michigan. sayer: i just wanted to that i would like to see this move on and stick to the side for a little while and really get to the core base of who was hired to do their job in the first place. seven years ago, this was crammed down our throat and the voters basically said listen, we all want this mandate, we don't want government to be in our health care.
9:55 am
and trump trying to bring to the table with a bill that would be somewhat compatible with obamacare. and the democrats didn't want to follow behind him. they are looking at this as a win, and in my eyes, i think when they do take this back and kind of look at the bill and see where it failed, they are going to realize that it failed because it was a repeal and replace and not just a strict repeal of it. we've been fighting for repeal for seven years now. the democrats are a fine it's a far worse bill for what they were looking at, and we are going to find a way to push it through. host: should they stuck with repeal in the first place? stick with that? caller: i believe that's what they were hired in to do. repeal it. people have been screaming across the nation for four years , we can't afford this
9:56 am
information. we can afford this in a community setting, if they took it to the streets like they do so often, to fight our government, just take it to the streets locally, i think will be better off as a nation. health care is about comforting the sick, right? you can't do that from washington. you can do that in your neighborhood. i believe that we should bring this in our own homes and really reflect on our own lives and understand what health care means. the insurance companies making the money, i'm tired of hearing it. you look at the numbers in which they need to conform by, and it's a change every two years. if you are a business making billions of dollars, but spending trillions of dollars in the near future to hold a system together, where is all this money coming from? host: what do you think about the number of republicans who are resistant on getting this bill passed? caller: i think they did an
9:57 am
excellent job, they are speaking to the people who spoke to them for five years ago. host: let's hear from jacqueline in idaho. good morning. caller: good morning, pedro. i really like your show. belong to obamacare. host: ok. caller: are you there? host: go ahead. caller: what happened to me, or people that have their own insurance through their employee becausee getting dinged of obamacare, even though we are not involved in it. bad is thely gotten price of the prescriptions. much-pay didn't go up very , my premium didn't go out, but what my diabetic medicine went up like six times. pay $25, now they want
9:58 am
to hundred $40. presented,care they and i'm glad it didn't go through, because we got to get back to what rand paul and those people -- we've got to get the prices down on the prescriptions. the doctors do get a kickback from everything that they prescribe. go to the emergency room, and a murder me. my insurance, i have good insurance, blue cross. being is definitely tainted by the big pharma companies. i want them to work on that, and i think they had a going, but the democrats just couldn't deal with it. host: bedford, iowa, rhonda is next. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say that i agree very much with kerry, that
9:59 am
people do need to know what is in the constitution, what the constitution actually allows the federal government to do, and health care is not a federal government concern. people realized just exactly what the federal government is to be in control would turn the light bulb on, and people would not be in such an angry state. host: that's rhonda and bedford, i will. the last of our three hours of calls on this topic regarding the vote or the pulling of the bill of the american health care act. our conversations on this action from friday continue on into tomorrow's "washington journal,"
10:00 am
mason gonzalez from inside elections, the editor and publisher of that publication and elections analyst from roll call will talk about the political ramifications from the decision that was made on friday but only for legislators, but other aspects as well. theill also be joined by former senior counsel for the house intelligence committee at a george mason university national security institute founder. we talk about the faisal law and other laws pertaining to surveillance and intelligence collection in the u.s., especially in as many days as we've heard that coming out of the house intelligence committee. a senior policy analyst who's going to talk about her group's recent support for the almost 3 million people incarcerated in the united states. all those topics plus your calls comesshington journal," your way tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.. see you then. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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>>'s coming up on c-span this week's confirmation hearing from neil gorsuch. that's followed by senate minority leader charles schumer quizzing his opposition -- voicing his opposition on the senate floor. at what unfolded yesterday when house republicans pulled their health care law or placement bill from consideration on the house floor. >> c-span's voices from the roads, we reason we recently visited 17 historically black colleges and universities, asking students what issue would you like congress or the of administration to address in the first 100 days. my name is mya reeves, i'm a
10:02 am
student at north carolina central university and in transit first 100 days -- from -- trump's first 100 days, i would like him to work on building and maintaining relationships with other countries that we have developed as our commander-in-chief. here, and what i would like to see for the first 100 days of the trump administration is taking care of i would also like to see in the first 100 days medicare and expanding obamacare as it started. a black man, i would like to see that. >> i'm a senior pr major graphic design minor and in the first 100 days, i would like for him to address the issues with federal funding
10:03 am
towards women's services, because that affects people like myself and lower-class people. name is michael, i'm a junior here and for the first 100 days, i believe that trump should improve his immigration policy. the muslim man -- i don't agree with the muslim man because for one, i have a friend who is muslim and not all muslims are terrorists. as for the wall policy, not because when work either. i do believe that illegal all,ration is an issue at but building a wall isn't going to help. >> and a communications major know a lotage is i of candidates made a lot of promises when they are running for president, but i would like him


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