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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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prison policy initiative talks about mass incarceration in the u.s. as take your calls, and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: good morning. with health care now off of the table, congress turns to other issues in the week ahead. senate democrats excited for the outline their plans to filibuster the nomination of neil gorsuch to serve on the u.s. supreme court. the senate judiciary expected to vote on his nomination out of committee a week from tomorrow, monday, april 3. the house of a disaster relief funding and eta regulations. president'sh the agenda moving ahead in light of the developments on friday and the defeat of the health care bill for now.
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what impact does it have on the president's overall agenda? here are the numbers. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 if you are a republican. or independents, 202-748-8002. us a tweet or join us on facebook. good sunday morning. thanks for being with us. this is a story from inside "cq weekly." the demise of the health-care bill shows it is far from enacting landmark legislation. there is this headline from the mcclatchy newspapers. can republicans govern if they cannot keep a promise they made for seven years? the story begins this way. republicans exalted in november when they won the white house and both congressional chambers, promising aggressive moves on health care, taxes, and immigration, but a spectacular stumble --
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yesterday, vice president mike pence, who was in west virginia talking about the president's , here is part of what the vice president have to say. [video clip] >> the president and i are grateful for speaker ryan and all the house republicans listed with us in this effort to begin the end of obamacare, but as we all learned yesterday, congress was not ready. you saw it. with 100% of house democrats, every single one, and a handful of republicans standing in the way, the president's planned to appeal and replace obamacare, we are back to the onboard. nancy pelosi actually said yesterday was a victory for the american people. west virginia knows better. yesterday was not a victory for the american people.
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it was a victory for the status quo in washington, d.c., and it was a victory for the disaster of obamacare. but i promise you that victory will not last very long. host: vice president mike pence in west virginia. this is the headline inside the "new york times." speaker paul ryan is left badly bruised by the help defeat -- health defeat. dynamics could shift quickly. several of mr. trump's advisers have been casting blame on mr. ryan, who is close with the presidency. mr. trump ha is also known to grow angry over time when faced with public embarrassment. that from inside the "new york times."
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this is from "the national review." it is the editorial available this morning on the website. republicans more or less fell into a losing strategy. they begin by thinking they could quickly reveal obamacare and replace it at leisure. we know many republicans on the hill -- that this morning from "national review." here is more with speaker ryan. he met with reporters friday after announcing the bill would be pulled. >> we want to secure the border. we want to build our military. we want to get the deficit under control. we want infrastructure and tax reform. the last question about tax reform, yes, this makes tax reform more difficult, but it does not make it impossible.
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we will proceed with tax reform and continue with tax reform. that is an issue i know quite a bit about. i used to run a committee. i spoke with the president, the treasury secretary, and his economic advisers today about tax or form. we are going to proceed with tax reform. this makes it difficult. it is $1 trillion, but that just means the obamacare taxes stay with obamacare. we will fix the rest of the tax code. hisn't think this prologue for other things because there are other part of our agenda that we have even more agreement on what to achieve. we had more agreement on the need and the nature of tax reform and funding the government and rebuilding the military and securing the border. this issue had a big difference of opinion not whether we should repeal and replace obamacare, but just how we should replace it. that is the growing pains of government. we were a ten-year opposition party where being against eggs was easy to just have to
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be against it . now in three months, we try to go to a governing party where we have to get 216 people to agree with each other on how we do things. we were not just their today -- there today. host: speaker ryan friday after the health care bill is from the house floor. the developments we followed on friday. we are getting your reaction on what is next for the president's agenda. we welcome our listeners on sirius xm. bbcou are watching on the channel in great britain on this sunday afternoon, we welcome you to these nation -- the station as well. this is the reporting of john wagner and sean sullivan. "the stunning collapse of the republican health care bill now in peril. the rest of president house ambitious agenda --
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that this morning from the "washington post." now to your phone calls. mavis on the independent line, good morning. your take on all of this. caller: good morning. host: morning. caller: i would just like to say ok, i wouldcans,
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just like to say to all americans, including myself, i am under aca. i am somebody with pre-existing conditions. it is not that democrats or independents or republicans, we all get sick. we all need insurance. i personally believe we should have instruments for everybody. it should be mandatory. there is one thing in america. republicans are saying repeal and replace. seven years they have been halloween repeal, reveal -- been hollering repeal, repeal. host: thanks for the call. the president yesterday morning with this tweet on obamacare. obamacare will explode and we
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will get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry. yesterday from president trump. hillary clinton also using twitter to talk about health care being a right. carl is joining us from west virginia on the republic . gooline. good morning. caller: how many more days are you going to cover this? you covered it for three hours yesterday. are we going to hear this all next week? host: we are talking about what is next on the agenda, what impact it has on taxes and infrastructure and roads and bridges and the wall. caller: i think you guys just want to beat up on the gop for a couple days. that is my opinion. i know you will probably never take my call again. host: "the national review is " is saying get back to work and that is a conservative publication. caller: you never read anything
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good about trump. nothing. it has been ever since trump has been in office. you guys have hammered him every day. seen complaints from democrats at the start of the obama administration and republicans at the start of the was illustration. we are talking about what is in the newspapers and adding your voice to the conversation. caller: that is what the government has to offer. that is the way i look at it. host: adding your voice to the conversation. let's go to betty on the democrats live from chicago. caller: thank you. how are you doing? host: doing great. caller: this same that west virginia is that you are beating up on trump, it is not that you are beating up on trump, you are letting people know that this failed trying to get rid of obamacare. i bet you he is one of the guys that need insurance. let me say this before you cut me off. if getting rid of obamacare was
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something because it was really bad, i could understand it, but it is because president obama got it through. they wanted to keep some of the same things he had, but he didn't want their name on it. republicans, let me say this to you. the same guys that want to get rid of health care, they have the best of health care. how can you sit around with people that have helped her for life telling you you do not eat health care? seven years. why did they not have a plan? they never had a plan to give us insurance or replace this insurance. they wanted to repeal it. you have been working on this for seven years. why did you fail friday? also, why would they think any democrat with a good heart and watched all of these town halls with people saying if you jiggling my insurance, i would die, how could you with any kind of moral and compassion, with
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all of them say they are christians, how can you stand someone like donald trump and republicans taking away your health care? host: thanks for the call. a couple of tweaetets. jodeie.m the headline this morning from the front page of the "new york times," trump becomes ensnared in a gop civil war. on the republican line from new jersey, anthony is next. good morning. caller: good morning. a lot of people forget that this obamacare thing is imploding. what they did when they ran it through, they do not ask for republicans. they went ahead and did it. thereto pelosi you have to read it after it has passed. what kind of insanity is that?
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obamacare is like a titanic sitting in the bottom of the ocean. trump is only guilty of trying to raise it, which is an impossibility to begin with. the problem lies with the insurance companies in the commissions that are able to no good rotten people. they don't really care. they are in it for the money. it does not matter who is in there. if obamacare was so great, outcome all the people in congress exempt themselves from it? why should the many have to suffer for the few? it is an absolute disgrace just like the obama legacy. it is horrible. trump is only guilty of trying to do things right for the country. people don't is not about just a few . democrats will knock him no matter what he does. was going around giving up $100 bills, they would say he is cheap. he is not giving away $500 bills. it is not going to work.
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they are going to find him tooth and nail on everything.donald trump has a big fight ahead of him. the patriots will rise up in the right thing will happen eventually. host: a couple of tweets.this is from ken. we are not getting offended. we are trying to point out the fact that we have been here for a long time and democrats beat up on us a long time from the
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obama administration. what we are trying to do is tell you what people are writing about and saying about, what is that editorial pages from all perspectives, and we include your phone calls as part of the conversation. we will go to sheila in georgia on the democrats line. caller: hello. thank you for -- can you hear me? host: we sure can. caller: good morning, sir. thank you for c-span. iwatch it all the time. host: we appreciate that. am under obamacare. colonoscopies,my i go to the doctor. i have been in the hospital several times this year. i pay no co-pays. under obamacare.
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i appreciate obamacare very much. --ump, his position iroi am on social security. i have medicare and medicaid because i am low income. trump. like donald host: thanks for the call. we will go on the independent line, juliet from massachusetts. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, steve. thank you for c-span. i enjoy it immensely.
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this may sound counterintuitive, however, i think in steve bannon's war room, they are bringing a big fight -- are breathing a sigh of relief because if this had passed, this would have bogged trump's agenda down incredibly. there would have been an incredible follow, and the ramifications would have been extensive. now that is behind them for the time being, they can go further with their budget, infrastructure, tax reform without this albatross of obamacare hanging around their neck or what would have been trumpcare. namel know that if trump's is on something, it has to be cellar and they are breathing a bit sigh of relief it is behind them and they can go forward. get a new shiny object to distract the voters into a new direction. that is my comment. thank you for taking my call. host: this is a tweet from bill.
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go to vivian joining us this morning on our line for democrats from tennessee. good morning. caller: good morning. with this health care plan behind us, i am glad it happened, but i would like for him to focus on jobs here for americans and stop all of that lying. presidente lying-est we have ever had. it is time for him to admit when he has done and stand up and do what he said he will do for the republican people who mostly put him in there. this agenda was hurting them. it is time to stand up and help americans get jobs. they need jobs. host: thanks for the call. if you are listening on c-span radio, we are focusing on the defeat of the health care bill friday and house of representatives. lawmakers trying to move on to
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other agendas. our phone lines are open. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for i republicans. of the los angeles times has written this piece available at l.a. turns out donald trump is not an artist of the deal. we will read some excerpts during the course of the morning. "voters are not likely to blame democrats for the fact that republicans cannot get their act gather, nor should they -- act together, nor should they." that this morning from the "l.a. times." on the independent line, will is joining us from tulsa, oklahoma. go ahead, please. caller: good morning.
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thank you for being on the air. host: turn the volume down, by the way. we are getting a bit of an echo. caller: i apologize for the. -- that. i have you on speakerphone. my comment is, i have several, but i will make it brief. jersey calledew and said what the democrats did with obamacare, they were rewriting it in nancy pelosi said we will read it later and try to ram it through. so it trump. it was secretary price, secretary of health and human services, he came on the air the other day, two days ago, and he said no other president, almost put his fist into his hands, no other president has done so much for this country, and no other
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president has done so much for health care than donald trump. it has been 40 days. first executive order canceled. second executive order canceled. pulled the very bill that was going to repeal and replace. why? he finally realizes everything who would have known health care to be so difficult? obama knew. price said he is the greatest guy since sliced bread, but it cannot get things past because of his arrogance. if he can please be president for all of us, the nation would be better for it. host: ok. thank you for the call. another tweet from this viewer. sent us a tweet. this from the "new york times." impactasking you what
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all of this has on the republican agenda. we will go to susan on the republican line from dayton, ohio. good morning. caller: good morning. i would like to send out a talk tothat we need to younger folks so that they can consider their health care and insurance. starting at a very young age when they get their first job, when they consider their first job, when they move, when they decide to make a major lik life decision. i am 67 years old, and there has never been a time in my adult life that i did not have to look at the ramifications of whether or not i had health care. it is not free. it was not an easy thing to do.
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you may have to pass up other opportunities to keep health insurance throughout your life. it to youis not owe . host: thank you very much for the call. george has this tweet. conservative radio talk show host hugh hewitt has a piece this morning inside the "new york times." the gop has not a great but a good week. the pulling of the bill on friday was a big loss and significant as it may signal the area 51 sub caucus within the .reedom caucus and priz
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it was neil gorsuch that mike pence talked about yesterday in west virginia. [video clip] >> remarkably this week, senator chuck schumer and the obstructionists in his party in the senate announced the democrats plan to filibuster neil gorsuch. that has never been done successfully in american history. let me say this to you, west virginia. if we can get the help of senator joe, and with the help of senator shelley, judge neil gorsuch will soon become just as
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justice neil-- gorsuch i and america will be better for it. [applause] >> let it be clear that president trump and i am confident. the u.s. senate will confirm judge neil gorsuch one way or the other. [applause] host: the vice president yesterday in west virginia talking about health care and the nomination of judge gorsuch. the senate judiciary committee expected to take up the nomination to vote him out of committee. that will take place on monday, april 3. there is expectation that there could be a floor vote in the senate before the full recess over passover and easter if the schedule holds true. dianne from toledo, ohio, good morning. caller: morning. if i am not mistaken, the aca mandated the congresspeople enroll in the aca plan. i believe it was president obama who put in the executive order
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exempting congress from having to participate. thatat is still in place, would keep congresspeople from being motivated to actually do anything about the plan like get rid of the individual mandate. i think president trump should move on and get rid of that executive order so that maybe some other common people and some democrats might be interested in seeing it change or be revealed. that is my thought. host: thanks for the call from ohio. "washington post" in part of what they call the power post. who is to blame for the health care overhaul? the finger-pointing begins on both ends of pennsylvania avenue. mark meadows of the freedom caucus, speaker of the house paul ryan, and the president: trump.donald this tweet. on the republican line, diane from kansas, good morning.
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caller: good morning. my comment about health care and all of the other policy changes that may be coming out for tax reform, etc., it gets down to one thing. who will pay for it? yesterday i read an article that 50%, approximately, across the country of all new births are paid for by medicaid. those are helping young people. half of them are on medicaid. our country cannot go forward like this. the middle class under obamacare got hit hard. low income benefited because of the expansions in medicaid. when you look forward to pass reform and even infrastructure, it is not the government that pays. it is the people that pay. everybody has to recognize that they have to have some skin in the game.
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our legislators have to be honest about who is paying. as far as corporations, they are not paying enough either. i read that only one in four companies pays any income taxes. probably because of the write-offs and deductions, etc. affected bye is companies. companies are affected by health care. it goes on and on. we are in a vicious circle. host: thanks for the call. this is the headline from the "chicago tribune." the rest of trump's agenda gets tougher after the health care fiasco. that these available online. a couple of tweets.
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a story we are also following, this from cnn. an overnight shooting in cincinnati. one person is confirmed dead. 14 others injured. more details available online at a club shooting took place early this morning in cincinnati. from antioch, california, democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i think the impact on the trump agenda showed that another failure. in terms of these comments about how bad obamacare actually was, i want callers to river that when mr. obama got into office, the role of the republicans was to go against everything he did.
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it did not matter what he did. they were just going to go against everything he did. when the actual obamacare came out, even what it is today, it is not what it was when it started because there was so much going against what was actually there. it has changed. go,erms of where will this hopefully we will be able to come to some type of consensus about making this work for all americans. what is not going to work is that continued bipartisan from one side to the other. host: thanks for the call from antioch, california. it was a fiasco, writes this one viewer in this tweet. kathleen parker in today's "washington post," risky business.
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also writing about the president in a letter that she says "dear donald." activitieback to the peace in t. times. he wrote the following. "the way trump's effort failed raises a larger question with consequences for his agenda. does the president understand his own job description?" it turns out donald trump is not an artist of the deal available at l.a. fred is joining us from huntsville, alabama. caller: good morning. it has been a while. i have been sitting back and watching.
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finally came up with something i can speak on. host: ok. donald trump is the man. we need him to be whether you like it or not. we need him to calm down and take care of business. obamacare, leave that alone. put it aside for another day. get this economy going. get this debt paid down. to your eye on germany because people there are doing something crazy. i am with you 100%.everybody needs to also . thank you. host: thanks for picking up the phone and giving us a call from huntsville, alabama. reports last week that the president is considering $1 billion in cuts to u.n. peacekeeping operations. this is the headline inside the "new york times." an over all under the threat of u.s. funding cuts. part of the other foreign and domestic policy agendas. tom on the democrats line in
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kalamazoo, michigan, good morning. caller: good morning. has ak president trump unique opportunity to pull this thing together. he recognizes that the factions the democratic party can be a help. ist i would recommend everybody realized that the insurance companies are running the show. what i would recommend is that we look at developing a medicare actuarypolicy using principles to develop payments and so on and so forth. that will give an opportunity to everyone to buy into it. is not a lost cause yet. host: do you think we can get there? caller: i think so.
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i think it is possible, but you have to have an open mind and realize who is really running the show. the show is really being run by the insurance companies. if we get a profit out of that and the exorbitant costs associated with the administration of those policies and the commercial basis and boil it down to a plan offered government,rough will put some competition into the system. so have said this could be a pivot point for the president and he could be forced to bring in bipartisanship on health care, infrastructure, taxes, and this could be a good thing for the trump presidency. caller: yes, a good thing for the presidency, and a good thing for the country. that is the way i am looking at it. i think that there is room to move here.
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we just need a broader understanding and a view of what could be not what has been,. . i have seen this before. i have been o involved in its issues with insurance companies. that could be a bridge to a better world. host: thanks for the call from kalamazoo, michigan. this from "cq weekly." the health care bill's demise and the limited government is the cover story. a lot of tweets coming in.
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on the republican line from louisiana, lori, your next. caller: yes. host: go ahead. you are on the air. caller: hi. this is lori from louisiana. i wanted to speak about the health care bill. host: sure. caller: at this time, i personally have my own health care. i am able to get and receive medicare. however, i feel that i really don't need it at this time. it is something i would rather choose not to use because there are more people out there that possibly can use that. however, i do suffer from kidney and liver disease, which means transplants are in my future. i know people out there because we need to get
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rid of obamacare. obamacare really is a disaster. when it was put up and launched and given to the public, the democrats knew that this was a failure before they even put it out there for the public. in knowing all that, here we are today. , we arere on medicaid not able to finance this. our economy has been drained because of it. in my situation, i go through paycheck to paycheck. that is how we live at my home. i am very fortunate and blessed that i am still able to do that. host: thanks for the call from louisiana. on our facebook page, joseph has this point.
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share your comment on facebook. randy from wisconsin on the independent line. what impact does this have on other vegan items for the president? caller: good morning. i have been watching this go on from day one. never have been into politics. never watched it. is you hear the trillion, itnd $7 has never been addressed. i would like to know the motivation behind that. host: thank you for the call. this viewer with reference to john boehner, respond to a proud
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crowd in orlando. tweet. another tweet from our friend michael. here is the house democratic leader nancy pelosi on friday. [video clip] >> today is a great day for our country. a victory for the american people, for our seniors, for people with disabilities, for our children, for our veterans. also, it is not just about the 24 million people who now will not be off of health insurance. it is about a 155 million people who receive their health benefits in the workplace and will not be assaulted by some of the provisions that the republicans put in the bill, especially last night when they removed the essential benefits package. this is pretty exciting for us.
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yesterday, our anniversary. today, a victory for the affordable care act and more importantly for the american people. anniversarythe 51st of reverend martin luther king jr. saying in his speech that mr. clyburn quotes offered to us. of all the forms of inequality, inequality in health care is the most inhumane and can sometimes lead to death. that was the spirit in which we came into this debate, honoring the vows of our founders of life, liberty, and the healthy pursuit of happiness. it is the vision of our founders. it is about our faith. is about the unity of the democrats united by our values. housethat from the democratic leader nancy pelosi on the democratic agenda moving ahead. what impact friday's delete only
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health care bill by republicans will have on what the president is trying to accomplish.another tweet . this is on our facebook page. holly is joining us on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good are you ? host: we are fine. how are you? caller: fine. i am from pennsylvania.
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host: who did you vote for in 2016? caller: i voted for hillary because i thought he was the better candidate. also, even though i do not vote for president trump, i wish him well, but whenever you start a relationship based on lies and alonempaign was just "i can take this, i will fix this," and then when you get in office, everything is based on lies, you cannot have -- people will not believe you. you will not be credible to the american people. the health care act that did not pass is proof of that. i wish him well, and i hope he turns it around for everyone in america. that is all i have to say. i just wish everyone well so we can get this country back on track. host: thanks for the call. another viewer. huntington beach, california, violence erupting with maybe
7:43 am
1000 program supporters and anti-cap activists on the beach -- anti-trump activists on the beach at huntington beach. angeles.outh of los here are some of the pictures courtesy of getty images. joe in north charleston, south carolina, independent line. good morning. caller: how are you? host: we are fine. how are you? caller: got a bit of a cold. host: feel better. caller: thank you so much. a lady called earlier. by the way, just to echo something nancy pelosi said, the democrats are in the united, and you have to hit it to them. they are united in almost every case. i applied republicans as an audependent -- i appl republicans as an independent for not assuming partnership, let's stay together no matter what with a flawed plan in
7:44 am
place. they say this is flawed so it does not pass. that is a good thing in my mind. let's move on to what i called about. a lady called earlier and i will offer this was partly to her if she is listening. i have done research in the past. back in march of 2010, i called mark sanford's office and spoke to a staff member and lindsey graham's office, and they were not happy about obamacare, and the reason they were not is because one of the provisions of the affordable care act was congress and their staff members would have to take out one of the plants. before that, they could take a plan offered under the federal employees health plan. i have a plan. the most popular is blue cross blue shield.
7:45 am
the government pays part of the premium. i pay part of the premium. i work 41 years for the government, and that is the way it was. i want to say this. postal workers get a better deal on their premiums than we do. i don't understand that.they had take out an exchange plan under obamacare. .n 2014, this is the latest my research revealed this is the latest. they got some relief in that they devoted themselves -- they voted into law that the government would pay part of their premiums and they would pay part of their premiums under obamacare, but i have found that to get that says they are exempt from obamacare. i apologize if i am wrong. i don't know who you are having on next, but if you have a congressman or senator or a house member, maybe you can ask them. host: we actually have always bee -- how congressman adam
7:46 am
smith on "newsmakers." president's budget calling for $54 billion increase in defense appropriations. will have members on this week. on our facebook page, this is from charles green. another viewer with this tweet. let's go to jihadis in new york city on the democrats line. good morning. -- let's go to janice in new york city on the democrats line. good morning. caller: i cannot understand why all of these people are calling in talking about obamacare. trump was the one that got out
7:47 am
there every single day from the beginning saying he will destroyed it, replace it, do this and that. i wish people would get their head the sand. this man is a liar and a con artist. that is exactly what he is. this man is going to be impeached. because first of all, when russia gets out of his behind, he is going to bp. be impeached.o i give this man to our three months and he is out of office. he will be up in. tha he will be impeached. host: this from hillary clinton. she says the following.
7:48 am
that from hillary clinton. we will go to greg joining us from south carolina. actually, stan in deltoid, florida. caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine. caller: thanks for taking my call about this obamacare. promised something, but as soon as he got to the job, he put it in the hint of lobbyists and that is when we are in billions and billions of that.
7:49 am
-- debt. president trump is trying to fix it. unfortunately not only democrats, the republicans are also in the hands of each other trying to destroy him. he is trying to bring jobs in this country, which is the main important business, and they don't give him the chance. as far as hillary is concerned, i think the justice department should go after her and finish her once for all. that woman is trouble. big trouble. ance when is this country one-party? this is not democracy here. this is like communist. i wish president trump a huge success. i know he will be well. i appreciate you taking my call. host: thank you from florida.
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with reference to the earlier caller from new york. that is what we are focusing on. we have another 8-10 minutes. nathan gonzales will be joining us at the top of the hour. what impact the action will have on the 2018 midterm elections. greg from south carolina on the republican line, good morning. turn the volume down. otherwise, we will have to move on. caller: ok. host: good morning. caller: this is greg. host: good morning. caller: yeah. you were talking about obamacare. host: ok, we're going to have to move on. we will go next to john in manchester, new jersey. good morning. caller: good morning. there is a few points i would like to make with trump. theoson is going outside of
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country to get outside workers because he claims nobody wants to work at the trump winery for seasonal. 29 guys there. you have trump, what is not bringing discoveries over here, but he wants everybody else to. that is not hiring american. the next one is he will not release his taxes. i do not believe this tax reform is going to do anything for the middle class or even the lower class. it is going to be breaks for the rich. himself.nly sell for when he releases his taxes, you will see that ties to russia with his son. 2005, real estate magazines and 98% of their money comes from russia. host: thanks for the call. the washington times is reporting on house speaker paul
7:52 am
ryan. it is available online. here is the headline. a conservative group calling for the ouster of speaker ryan and the gop leaders after the obamacare repeal failure. the conservative group known as for america by david buzzell saying republicans had 8 years .o fashion a repea repeal bil not only does the leadership willy will -- lack the --mr. ryan pulling the bill from schedule rather than face a bill he was going to lose. the president saying they were 10 to 15 votes shy of the majority to pass the legislation. one conservative group calling for the ouster of house speaker paul ryan. we go to robbie from highland, california, democrats line. good morning. caller: i wanted to comment on becausee of health care
7:53 am
thatis one of the problems people see with that plan. forst want to say again people to realize that it is not that they are just arbitrarily plan.g a high price for a the pharmaceutical companies in the insurance companies set prices. , there is no way that you can avoid going along with that. what we need to do is change that law so we are not simply stuck with whatever a company decides to charge. host: ok. caller: there can be some negotiation. -- i find myself getting irritated again hearing
7:54 am
was, etc.bad obama he got the health care plan in place. there were republicans, as i understand it, that had the opportunity to give input to the plan. it was passed. yes,inly as one lady said, the night of the inauguration --n he first ran and was host: sworn in? caller: sworn in. the republicans, some of the top republicans or those with the power in the senate etc.,, and perhaps the house were already meeting at a bar down the street and talking about how they would not allow him to be more than a one term president and that they were not going to cooperate with
7:55 am
anything he did. host: thanks for the call from highland, california. "usa today" had its own analysis piece on the defeat of the health care bill and what happens next. know when ton 2011 walk away from the table. he shut down negotiations thursday night. on friday, house speaker paul ryan pull the bill from consideration with trump's an seth weil original was the might say a major loss on his first legislative push as president, it could derail the rest of his agenda. political operatives and analysts say trump have rarely wind up with convention. in quoting craig robinson, he don't"usa today" i necessarily think that in of the day this will be a great failure of the presidency as many will suggest. i think trump we'll use this to show he is separate from congress. if you want to put heat on
7:56 am
people, put it on the. -- them. from california, nancy, you are next. good morning. caller: good morning. i would just like to say on the did not first, i am an african american and have voted republican. i am 65 years old. now, my party had seven years to dot every i and cross every t. it is nobody's fault but the republicans. putbill paul ryan and trump the people touse have to make more money than
7:57 am
they are already paying out of their pocket. even though i have disabled, i feel for the people that are having to pay so much extra money. took the plana that mitt romney when he was governor used the same health care plan. host: thanks for the call. some tweets. the american journal-constitution has this piece at a health collapse of
7:58 am
care reform legislation in the house on friday, republicans in the congress and the president now must decide what is next on their respective agendas as the gop tries to pick up the pieces from a very public legislative failure over an issue that had been there central political focus the last seven years. diane from pennsylvania, independent line, good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make a point that your policy is your intent. trump has done a lot in the beginning of his presidency. he has done a lot of damage. policies, watches the they are being put through, every intent on these policies on the american people, let alone the russian thing going on and the people he is putting like sessions, tom price, people that are against the well-being.
7:59 am
nugent in the treasury? the destruction he has done. is anybody watching and listening to what is going on in america? host: diane from pennsylvania. let me conclude with the words moving ahead from doyle mcmanus, his essay we have been highlighting this morning from the "l.a. times" website. -- hadimmy carter and run first years -- thanks for your calls and comment on what is next on the president's agenda. the president will spend a week
8:00 am
in washington. the house and senate back in session this week. when we come back, we turn our attention to to 2018, the midterm elections. nathan gonzales will join us to talk about what impacts this will have on the midterm elections, especially for republicans. later, george mason university law professor will talk about fisa and the president's claims about wiretapping. you are watching and listening to "washington journal." we are back in a moment. ♪ >> tonight, university of pennsylvania professor lisa serve on reports on alternatives to traditional banking in her book. she is interviewed by a senior fellow at the consumer federation of america. because i the book could not understand, originally,


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