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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 31, 2017 7:00am-8:02am EDT

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-- host: good morning. it's friday, march 31, 2017, and he headlines on today's focus on n journal" president trump's warnings to members of his own committee. get behind it or else. tweeted trump yesterday, on the freedom caucus g.o.p. billlock the last week that they don't support his agenda. he e speaker paul ryan said shares his frustration. some shot back suggesting
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become t trump has captive by the g.o.p. stablishment he campaigned so hard against. we ask for your opinions on the ultimatum. 202-748-8000. twitter and us on cspan. president trump threatened to knock off y embers of the house freedom caucus in next year's elections if they don't fall in line, an xtraordinary move that laid bear of an escalating civil war with republican parties failing enact. in a series of tweets that began n the morning, the president
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warned that the powerful group of hard-lined conservative who the house bill last week would, quote, hurt the entire public agenda if they get on the team and fast. some of the tweets the president sent out yesterday. will d the freedom caucus hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team and fast. fight them, and democrats, in 2018. if congressman labrador would get on board, we would have both great healthcare and massive tax and reform. and repeal and replace obamacare. let's look at what white house spicer saidary sean yesterday when asked if the the dent was bullying
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lawmakers. spicer: no, i think everything he has said since and i thinkst week, he is looking for members on both sides of the aisle who want concentric in achieving goal of the health system. >> following on that, is this and conquer strategy? it's a math o, strategy to get past the effort and move the agenda forward. members of the house freedom caucus are not backing down according to the "new york today, said the republican upstart hardly coward in the face of mr. trump's criticism. they struck back, some of them ridiculing the president using and wn taunting confrontational social media style. stockholm syndrome? twitter, tom garrett of virginia asked on twitter hat the president had been
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captive to the republican establishment he attacked during the campaign. not a hot tub. sad, wrote representative thomas often of kentucky who sides with the caucus on votes, mocking the president's "drain campaign pledge. we have calling on the ndependent line from new york, good morning. caller: good morning to you. trump, y believe donald in order to have a new house bill, but i don't believe he's it. g to repeal and replace whatever edom caucus, mission they have, for the democrats for the good of the country. really support the idea that these guys have to allow going t that we are not to repeal and replace. we are going to make it bigger. personally i
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believe. obamacare, toplace do that, he has to pass a good healthcare bill for america. about hat do you think conservative these republicans in congress are really pushing back anything that leaves obamacare in place all? the u think that's hurting president? caller: well, the president was repeal and on replacing obamacare. saying he wants to rob americans of healthcare. that means he was also talking side of bernie sanders so donald trump was not 100% sure or as going to repeal it replace it. he is now going to say i made a what he's really doing in action is that, you guys, this healthcare -- you but not say directly, that's what he's saying. he's not going to repeal and it. ce he's going to take some of the good things with that, he has to
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democrats, whether they agree with him or not. but we are not going to start repeal and replace. that's over. that's what i'm saying. host: okay. george calling in from ocala, republican. he what do you think about the president's ultimatum? should make nk he ultimatums but be a little more tempered with them because we do factions -- oh, by the way, you're my favorite moderator, kim. ou really have a lot of attributes, but the main one is that you are really fair and balanced. i think that president trump just go by all this fluff and smoke and mirrors that the democrats are trying to throw at go right to isis and let the people figure this out. let healthcare die on the vine socialism is dying worldwide. e knows it's going to be a global economy eventually, because there is no more
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socialism. p.c. and communications and fast have taken over unions and collective bargaining. such a it is just smaller world now, so i don't know where they're going to get socialism. or this host: george, can i ask you a question as a republican, are you concerned at the prospect of campaigning mp gainst congressional republicans? caller: yeah, i am concerned about that. like i said in the beginning, he temper himself somewhat, because he's going to need republicans no matter if left wing or te, right-wing republicans. he should cool it a little bit, absolutely, and our side. are on host: okay. yesterday, house speaker paul ryan was asked about the threatening weet freedom caucus members. let's look at what he said. president's and the frustration. i share frustration. about 90% of our conference is
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bill to repeal and replace obamacare and about 10% are not. enough to pass the bill. we're close. what i am encouraging our embers to do is keep talking with each other until we can get the consensus to pass this it's very understandable the president is frustrated that we haven't gotten to where we go because he has said we need to do this. express his frustration in various forms, including twitter, and i understand his frustration. ost: robert is calling from massachusetts on our democratic line. hi, robert. caller: good morning. -- i'm a m caucus democrat but i do like the freedom caucus because they know about donald trump's business. what he would like to do is caucus so hereedom can have free range to do what do. nts to the freedom caucus, they know donald trump, when they ran for lection said he was going to pay for his own election. the freedom caucus knows he got
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and oney from other places didn't pay for it. to the w he owes $300 deutsche bank. money, citizens united, all of these are going to come together. owes $300 to ump the deutsche bank, what he had sure they got the money back. the money is from the deutsche bank. ask you as , let me a democrat, the president is reaching out saying he wants to work with democrats on healthcare. is that something you'd like to see? caller: if you believe that, on, if you believe anything like that, come on, let's use our heads. trump, he doesn't have to worry about the freedom caucus. he has to worry about the black caucus. you understand what i'm trying to say? you understand me? bama was a very smart man, but you know what he did. he's going to wait until the 100 days. he put all of that information inside that intelligence office
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he knew if donald trump came in the office, he's going that and of all of then when it's time to impeach him -- this is what i really ruly believe -- when it's time to impeach him -- because it's going to happen. taxes, u look at his you're going to have to impeach him. end of the story. ma'am. ou, host: paul is calling in from north carolina on our democratic line. morning, paul. caller: how are you? host: i'm good. hat do you think of the president's ultimatum? i'm sort of concerned about the way trump is carrying on. at first, he tried to get all out and now what's clearly frustrating me right now is that he is threatening to get hese people out, the ones running for mid-term elections, them. fight against of ave to have are freedom
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speech here. obviously, i'm so upset i can't right now. hepoem don't agree with him, starts slinging mud at them, and i don't think that is right. i have more to say but i'm going get on twitter and finish america. d bless and pray for this country, okay. host: okay. week, c-span's "newsmakers", congressman ben lujan takes a question about whether democrats will work with president trump on healthcare issues. the president signalled that he wanted to work with democrats and said he anted to wishing with democrats. is there anything you want to work with the president you bent wise or are on obstructing everything the president is doing in. when the lear,
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president on friday was pulled, which he doesn't want his name by the way, but most people seem to be referencing it with his name on it, signal that for us to d be a way work in a bipartisan fashion. as then just this last week well, president trump, whether it's at press conferences, some f the gatherings with the u.s. senators and even tweets late in he week suggested that president trump is fearful that republicans will work with democrats. what he is saying, and it seems to change every morning and every night. that being said as a democrat, repeal needs to be off table. there are areas we can work on to make sure we're able to lower cost, especially for seniors. "newsmakers" chuck catch sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. with representative lujan. and the
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radio app. donald this thing about trump is really sad. it's a total dictatorship. other ing to force members of congress and the house of representatives to side what hem instead of doing their constituents want them to do, i mean, if you look at donald trump promised that everyone would this bill care, and he puts forth did the opposite, it falls in line with portraying that he's with the american people. he'll say one thing but do another. to drain the swamp but he's filling it with alligators and just worse. worse, ting worse and
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and i think eventually he will and it's just really sad. never talked about helping the poor or anybody like that. it's the rich. it's always the rich. host: okay. about the t more president saying that he's going to reach out to democrats as well. usa today talked to democratic ational committee chairman tom perez about the trust level, and he said if you want to talk expanding healthcare, and the public option, if we want to immigration e 2014 bill that passed in a bipartisan fashion in the senate and want that up for an up or down vote, we would welcome that. shown no ent has evidence during anything he's done during the campaign or to ughout the campaign but hurt american people. they see little reason to throw on big ident a lifeline issues. roy is calling in from sun city,
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california. morning, roy. caller: good morning. how are you today? host: i'm great. what do you think about the president saying he might campaign against freedom caucus members? all r: actually, i blame the republicans. when you lay down with dogs, you're going to get fleas, and a y knew donald trump wasn't good candidate for president, himthey all lined up behind knowing that he wasn't going to o anything that he was telling the public. all his l sorry for supporters, and if you haven't been paying attention to the all the rats are jumping ship. general flynn. so i want all you trumpsters out there to be aware this is just beginning of the end. thank you very much. host: okay. we are talking about president trump's ultimatum to members of
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freedom caucus, and we are taking your calls. democrats can call 202-748-80000. republicans 202-748-8001. independents 8002, on your thoughts on the president's vow to fight against republicans who on his agenda. calling in. good morning. caller: good morning. call. ou for taking my the president threatening the republicans and democrats don't in a democrat system, system.lly with the u.s. it should -- he should come to with them and work cooperatively, not threatening anybody. this want to achieve goal, you will work with them, you know, on both sides, and i'm
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come to his level and work with him too. that is my comment. thank you. host: okay. let's take a look at what house pelosi leader nancy said yesterday when asked about overtours nt making towards democrats. pelosi: we say anytime anywhere. we'd never stand in the way of meeting with the democrats or republican president. concerned. host: and eugene robinson writes in today's "washington post" might be the time for democrats. will anyone be left standing when the republican circular firing squad runs out ammunition? or will everybody just reload away leaving ing democrats to clean up the bloody mess? the political moment we're living through is truly remarkable, but not in a good way.
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by he sums up the report saying it's probably going to take democratic votes to keep funded past april 28 and avoid a shutdown. trump's only path forward on problem he now owns, may indeed be working with democrats. when i saw pelosi at the capitol his week, she was in a surprisingly good mood, he said. william is calling in from maine democratic line. good morning, william. morning. d i'm calling because i think this to go because he's not working for all people. country to alf the elected. and it's a business running out of the white house is what's to stop. and it needs comment. s my host: okay. and calling in from pittsburgh
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line, good lican morning, caller. caller: good morning. host: and what are your thoughts about the president saying he'll campaign against republicans who don't back him? a media think it's play. just knows that the media loves controversy, and i think endeears him to other mod ran republicans as well as democrats play on k it's a smart his move. host: would that worry you as a republican if you see that he with ly follows through this and supports primary these ges to some of house republicans? caller: i don't believe he's going to do that. good copy. host: okay. and in some of our headlines house officials help give chairman nunez intelligence reports, reports the "new york times." a pair of white house devin nunez ind
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the house intelligence committee. swept up incidentally in foreign surveillance by american spy agencies. the revelation on thursday that officials disclosed the reports which mr. nunez then iscussed with mr. trump, is likely to fuel criticism that the intelligence chairman has too eag tore do the bidding of the trump administration while his committee is supposed conducting an independent investigation of russia's presidential e election. yesterday, white house spokesman spicer was asked about this. let's look at what he said. you won't identify congressman nunez's sources but that it abundantly clear at least some white house officials had to get involved to gete information here
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him access? sean spicer: i cannot get into that was. if i go down the path of confirming and denying one a very e're going down slippery slope. i've made my position clear on that. host: and we are talking to you president trump's claim that we must fight house republican caucus. that, l get right back to to talk take a moment about the -- north carolina's transgender bathroom bill this week. stom d craver of "the win salem journal" business and on theare reporter there line to give us the latest. good morning, richard. host: so fill us in on what lawmakers did there this week. essentially, what north arolina lawmakers did and in a
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compromise with cooper, they were trying to find a way to reach a compromise on house bill also known as the rest room bill and the transgender individual issue but gotten other issues in terms of discrimination, in terms of forbidding local doing a lot of hings such as setting a higher minimum wage for contractors and the like. so essentially, what they did is a series of negotiations and head butting and whatever you want to call it, they agreement to o an repeal the law itself but add in limitations on local seem to not at tease either -- i guess what you would call the far left and the right. so in some ways, it might have been a good compromise and in have been it may not enough anyway. host: so tell us what does this before we cifically, get to the reaction to it?
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bill add? he >> what the bill adds is it poritorium ts a until december 1, 2020, for to l governments to be able add any antidiscrimination for ances, in particular the lgbtq community. lthough it extends on other groups that haven't been covered. it also prevents local overnments, public accommodation facilities, public, from adding what you'd multigendered accommodation rooms, basically still ensuring that anybody who goes to the rest room officially they were born with, other than the gender than they identify with, although in not instance, they're still a true enforcement mechanism to prevent people from going to the they identify with.
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what has been a reaction to the bill you mentioned earlier, that there is both sides? t on >> it's really one of the most interesting, i guess you would bedfellows in looking at legislators and lawmakers in the same way, that you have people like civil rights advocacy groups, like the human rights campaign, the naacp chapter of saying that this doesn't do enough. we need a clean repeal. and there's certainly a number would agree with that and certainly you had people on the far right and conservatives in north carolina against repealing it. because even though they feel enforcement no mechanism for hb2, that it works providing nd it was in their mind protection for privacy, women and girls in rest rooms and the public alike. so in this instance, you had
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hb2 e who didn't like dramatically and then people who eally support hb2 all not necessarily coming together to vote no but in their own way no to basically solidify their feelings on the issue and sureyou had people i'm not you'd call modest but practically came together and need to his is what we do in their work to move the state forward. host: let's talk about the impact. its ashington post said board of governs will meet to determine whether the ncaa will eturn championship events to north carolina after the repeal and replacement of the restricting law which public bathrooms transgender people can use. hat other impact have you seen has r as to how much money the state lost in revenue? >> it really depends on which
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go by. you listen to "fortune" magazine, that's been terms of on loss in revenue spent at concerts and ball games. paypal andgroups like deutsche bank decided not to expand or bring operations to then there na, and that associated press came out monday, and they extrapolated it out over 12 and said the damages could be $3.7 billion. say $3.7 e would illion is not a lot in the scheme of the north carolina economy, or how many jobs lost other states that could have been here or would have been here outside of hb2. cases, it's hard to measure but at the same time, rom a reputational standpoint, the state has lost. host: okay. craver, business and
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healthcare reporter at the winston-salem journal. thank you for joining us today hb2 in us updated on north carolina. thank you. welcome. host: and president trump saying e must fight freedom caucus members. adam kensinger says that the undermining us is the g.o.p. he writes: it's what they do. they move the goal post. they ce that happens, still refuse to play. we are the charlie brown party things hat this time will be different but time and time again, the freedom caucus out cy, pulling the ball from under us, letting us take the fall and smiling to making a splash. it's a cheap tactic, not a way is enough.and enough stephanie is calling from texas on our democratic line. stephanie. caller: hey, good morning to you. it's a beautiful morning being
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awake. ybody is hello. host: yes. go ahead. thoughts about the president and the freedom caucus? caller: i want to say thank you. my first time where i've ever seen the show where you're showing the message on the it.paper and speaking about so i want to thank you for making sure everybody knows the and mation is correct, everybody is accountable for everything that they say. right w, my take on this now, because i know we've only of time is amount first of all, how can you say the freedom caucus? there's a big key word is "freedom." fight freedom. that's the thing. man -- i'm 38 years old, okay, and i'm pretty sure there's people in this world me, but i can say was hing is that this man never meant to be president, you know, and i like to give everybody a chance.
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and you know, i've tried to be open minded things. t of but he wants to fight everything. and everything that we've built this country and he's gend ers people and scaring ren and he's pretty ldren, and i'm sure personality wise and everything, he's good to hang out with as a friend, but not as leader, no, ma'am, you know, and i just want to pray for everybody that's making the there, that god touches every single one of y'all, because we need you right now. fight the ll to biggest fight right now, because he wants to fight freedom and is really t america about. i'm a third-generation mexican-american. i'm not from mexico, okay.
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grandparents and parents were, and i just want you to like, i think of the stories that my great-grandmother used to tell childu know, when i was a how she was separated from her her mother and her and her only brother moved rom mexico during the revolutionary time to come to gorica, and they could never back until years later. that every time i eyes, you ldren's know, it's just really sad the coming country is around. like i said, i'm pretty sure he's a good guy on the golf making decisions like that in his businesses. that's fine. i get that, whatever. leader of this country and i just wish really america would just wake up. woke. stay look at the people the way he's
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he's doing this to everybody. he's fighting everybody. host: okay. what one of look at the house freedom caucus members -- response to the president on twitter. it didn't sh said take long for the swamp to drain donald trump. shame, mr. president, almost every succumbs to the d.c. establishment. times" 's "washington mercedes has a response to congressman amash. to mr. amash: president will likely and never be part of the establishment but he does want to get things done in washington. both sides need to realize they need each other to succeed not only in healthcare but on tax trade, immigration, and ny number of other pressing issues. ron, ve cy calling from ak ohio, on our independent line. what do you think about the
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approach? >> i think what the president is promote to do more. he's killed 1,000 civilians this month. he wants to promote execution by nominating a serial executioner judge. he wants to violate labor law by gorsuch. he wants to violate women's rsuch. y nominating go he's receiving dark money for go gorsuch. he media are receiving dark gorsuch. upport a man who has denied the sierra club and other environmental opportunity to file amicus briefs, which is unprecedented. t he has denied latino and black rites when as a operative, gorsuch worked
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against voting rights. torture and ates every republican senator to please vote against gorsuch. host: in other headlines today, -- washington journal" "wall street journal" says mike flynn, donald trump's former national security adviser has congressional d officials investigating the rump campaign's ties to russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a of immunity from prosecution. as an adviser to trump's campaign and later mr. trump's top aides in the white house, mr. flynn was privy most sensitive foreign policy deliberations of new administration and was directly involved in discussions of t the possible lifting
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sanctions on russia imposed by the obama administration. and president trump has responded to this on twitter saying mike floin should ask for immunity and that this is a hunt, excuse for big election loss, by media historic of proportion. susan is calling from arizona on the republican line. good morning, susan. caller: good morning. you are so nice with all these people calling you. hard to get on but i thank you for today. o, one, with michael flynn, i watched the information about him asking for immunity. would be the best thing to do, and i think the girl that didn't show up for her come back e needs to her o her hearing, what's name, doci, or something like that?
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the u remember her name, one that got canceled. they both need to come back. but if michael flynn gets immunity, it's better to get to plead the fifth. host: what do you think about the president saying he will campaign against republicans who don't support his agenda? caller: you know what, he got republicans in there, those three states. helped them. i mean, the republicans -- you know what personally what -- i it all the time. i do. and i have to record it so my husband can watch it and my kids. i'm a disabled woman and i'm at home. this stuff and the hearing for the healthcare aw, i'm glad they did not pass i think donald trump didn't know what he was going to do because he kept saying he had vote. so president donald trump
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trusted paul ryan and the let him ns and they down. they could have went in there and said we don't have the votes. let's change something, which did. but it didn't work out because late. too i really think that the democrats and the republicans -- democrats don't care. us. don't care about they don't care what the president wants to do now. everybody. about everybody person in the united states is serious because nobody help the president get it done. i sent letters to the president. letters to -- what's the other name, the blond headed girl, his assistant. sent letters to doug guski here in arizona. i've sent letters to senators when i watch c-span talking and bills and votings stuff and get their comments and show them proof that i've been my computer. ast year, they said i was a
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democrat, i wasn't. so i got a letter from the office saying that somebody got my social security number, my address and everything. so i had to go down there and that somebody used my name obama, and i had never voted before then. host: okay. look at some reaction from members of the to the eedom caucus president's vow to campaign against them in today's "wallstreet journal", congressman jim jordan, dismissed from ohio the president's threat on thursday. the trying to help president, but the fact is you've got to look at the legislation. fox news said on referring to the healthcare bill. and it doesn't do what we told are going to do. duane is calling in from york, on the independent line. what do you think, duane?
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caller: good morning, c-span. steve bannon go into a room and threaten congress pooem. by their ected constituents. trump said he was going to drain the swamp. i haven't seen any drawning of anything. to go in there and heal this country, which he hasn't done. has about ric he deportation, banning, he's muslims and nning exicans -- it is just horrendous. i don't know if his supporters are still supporting him. his. not a supporter of i don't think i can be a supporter of his because he has done nothing to reach out to democrats. that is my comment. thank you, c-span, and have a good day. jesse is calling in from maryland on our democratic line. hi, jesse. caller: hello. host: and what do you think about the president's ultimatum house democrats?
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caller: i don't really fall for that. of his ike another one tack -- tactics. really don't think he's going to do anything. think he just saying those things. so that's all i got to say about it. host: okay. in some other headlines, paul marco rubio were possible targets of russian meddling. post reports that two high-profile republican members of congress may have russian social media campaigns to discredit them as recently as the past week. expert in kremlin influenced the senate d intelligence committee on thursday. he said while house speaker ryan's office was not aware of an effort against him according to a spokesperson, rubio later thursday his campaign staff had been, quote, targeted twice
7:40 am
location in wn russia. once in july of 2016 and again 10:45 a.m. wednesday. both attempts were unsuccessful, providing ithout details. let's look at what he said esterday about russian involvement. marco rubio: former members of presidential campaign team who had access to the internal information of my presidential targeted by ip addresses with an unknown location within russia. effort was unsuccessful. i'd also inform the committee 24 hours atthe last 10:45 a.m. yesterday, a second attempt was made, again, against former members of my presidential campaign team who our internal information, again targeted from an ip address from an unknown
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russia, and that effort was also unsuccessful. is calling in from western west virginia on the republican line. james. caller: hello. -- well, the freedom caucus -- host: yes, go ahead. okay, i -- this is the first time i've really ever of it until just now: but him complaining about what they're doing and how they're acting, it's called politics. a representative of the people and they were doing what they were asked to do. soicyber attack that the russians have done to election, ilate the ean, it's not like we haven't done it before. we just didn't have the computer
7:42 am
access. we've been involved in other country's elections a number of times. host: okay. mario is calling in from kansas city, kansas, on our independent line. mario. caller: hi, good morning. host: what do you think about president's message to conservatives and house republicans? you know, to me, some of the callers who are frustrated about the whole thing, to me, i to focus on the insurance companies themselves who are making these rules. we're frustrated about the politicians making the policies, it's our providers that are doing this, and i don't see why anybody ever said know, is making humana or blue cross blue shield. these are the people doing it to us. they wanted to, they could change the policies on health insurance.
7:43 am
i'm 40 years old, and i have to insurance through my company. if i lose my job or quit, i without insurance and it's pretty tough to get it is now. what are the freedom caucus agenda? everybody wants to say i stand freedom and rights of americans and everything. both parties do that. but do they really? chant those same messages and a caller said same , they're saying the rhetoric over and over again. but no one is saying hey, the insurance companies, in my are the problems. nstead of protesting in washington, they should be protesting in and around the insurance company's offices to be fair and treat us fair with everyone. you don't have to raise your us, butd your prices to yet we look to our congressmen
7:44 am
this. ficials to do host: okay. news, of our other democratic senate leader chuck schumer saying it's virtually impossible to reach a deal with gorsuch. schumer said r it's virtually impossible to on neal gorsuch before the upper chamber casts votes. i don't think they'll be able to come to any kind of agreement, striking a parties deal by next week to avoid a bitter showdown. impossible. harvey is calling in from louisville, kentucky, on the line. an what do you think about the president's message about the freedom caucus. it. r: i don't like i'm a conservative republican. but that's why we have our reps congress. he president -- you know,
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congress, they're pushing a deal people on t healthcare -- find out how good va, hcare is, go to the where you have government controlled healthcare. many choice,e that pills, the doctors are very limited. reason -- i didn't vote didn't ld trump and i vote -- proved he got garbage on both. thank you. host: okay. is calling from fort lauderdale, florida, on our republican line. hi, tom. caller: good morning. the freedom caucus has really got it wrong. i don't think their constituents dogmatic, a non-bending cooperation with the republican party. i think their constituents will and i touch with them think they'll get turned around.
7:46 am
improvement. is everybody wants an improvement. nd the improvement they're looking for is marching away way thatocrity and the medical care is being given. people deserve first-class medical care, and that is not obamacare. r you can get coverage. you can get a statistic. but you cannot get good american meaningful coverage. that is the problem. that republicans are successful, because i truly do elieve they are trying to deliver first-class medical care for everyone. ow, this russian thing, i want to comment, is insulting. am being insulted by the congress of the united states. do you mean to tell me that the russians can put out information, and i'm so stupid, it's t figure out whether fake or not? people, this is so insulting, i
7:47 am
it. believe and the recent call about the i've traveled to mexican and i'm aware of the history of the mexican people, discussed thing not about mexico is they basically have a cast system there. people aren't necessarily fleeing so much from poverty in mexico. they're fleeing from the biggest nation in the whole world. that there are certain wards, that native -- descended ded native americans that they can't even say in that country. the being controlled by spanish descendants, they have acquired all the wealth in that do not allow ey native mexicans to prosper in their society. nobody talks about that. these people say, oh, the republicans are so bad. fix the mexicans need to their own country. the only way to do that is keep
7:48 am
them in their country. some headlines on president trump's immigration policy, according to the washington times. republicans are saying that the funds to build the border wall ill come from mexican immigrants. it says a group of house epublicans on thursday introduced the first major bill o support president trump's border wall saying the government could collect by ions of dollars collecting a 2 percent fee on all the money mexicans and other home. ts send back estimates vary, but remittances -- i need more remittances from those in the u.s. to their relatives back home could come $130 billion a year. a 2 percent tax could net more it $2 billion a year if applied to all money regardless sending it. eddie is calling in from new york city on our democratic line. hi, eddie. caller: good morning, everybody. thank you for all the comments
7:49 am
nd thank you, miss, for doing such a great show. i want to comment on the whole situation about our president , you know, identified the freedom caucus and everything like that and i agree who said oung lady before he's against freedom and all that stuff. but the main thing everybody is forgetting is that we have been hacked by the russians. they found warfare smarter and better than drones and all of that stuff because they don't any sources and stuff. they actually use people that hey influence with their e-mails, false news, twitter, modia w, all the social stuff that goes on and they used them against our own country. themselvesinst us or that we he election just went through. and that right there is a violation of everything that i i've ever heard of every single american that, you know, wants to, free and
7:50 am
free ow, have his country from any political or backing from some dictator from some other country. it's crazy that people are admitting to stuff going on, and like, putting his feet to the fire or putting that into account. i'm really glad. i voted for him and clinton. wanted bernie sanders to win initially but i knew him being democrat, if he was a have won. would so anyway, i'm glad now that actually because he's making everybody wake up. everybody's doing something. that just s march happened and marches going on every day, people are getting involved. t's about time, you know, that we got somebody, it's making us stand up and do the right thing because, yeah, the republicans, i mean, when that bank scandal happened, that was had a the people that mortgage that it took out, and i didn't even have good credit. $500,000, le gave me
7:51 am
and i'm -- i'm an opportunist. $500,000, bought a house, and three years later, get said they were going to me an adjustment and two years later, they said they lost my paperwork like 20 times. they were going to get me the adjustment, they sold my loan off to some little colorado. i never paid mortgage. i lived in the house 10 years awesome. i have two dogs and we love it. what i'm trying to say is that with donald trump, if we let what they want, it's not through the bank. it's going to be through the insurance and the oil companies, and that's the other thing too. this guy is for oil. everybody should have an running on now and wind or solar. it's a known fact and been years and works way better than gasoline. the oil companies just want cars to keep driving because they want to sell the parts for the oil cars and the gas they have. and i'm ould wise up glad trump is president for that reason. up. making people wake host: mark is calling in from
7:52 am
florida on the republican line. hi, mark. caller: yeah, thank you for your time. to see is thefuse truth and the truth is look at look at lican party, how they defeated chris of liberty in on mississippi to get thad coch reelected. he's 90 years old, votes with the democrats all the time and tennessee. rom he's a great man. lamar alexander reelected. obama said he was his favorite republican senator. so the republican party for many years is not for the constitution. they're not conservative in any way. like -- they put on a show, ooh we're conservative and oing to defeat all these democrat plans but when are primary republican voters going see, the and republican party is for everything the democrats are
7:53 am
for. government r healthcare. he said it in the debate. the g.o.p. is for government healthcare. on, the list goes. he'll never build a wall. of ever had any intention doing anything. he just played all the g.o.p. voters, which was very upsetting to us, and the worst he destroyed , what was left of the tea party. right. l some other news, vice president needed to help the senate pass an antiabortion measure. washington the post, senate republicans were on vice president pence to pass an antiabortion measure thursday marking the a ond time they have cast health line to the new administration to move legislation. tiebreaking ed the reversinghe resolution prevented le that
7:54 am
states from withholding family planned dollars from parenthood and other clinics that provide abortions. stuven collins of maine and lisa ukowski from alaska, effected, no democrats supported the resolution and the resolution georgia senator johnny isaacson to go to the floor just eeks after recovering from two back surgeries. isaacson used a walker to get the floor and had to use a wheelchair to exit. with your continuing calls. west s calling in from palm beach florida on the republican line. rich, what do you think about to the ident's message freedom caucus? caller: i think that, first of all, i think people are under an illusion. founded by was wealthy guys. guys like me, hy and we're going to take back our
7:55 am
country. of ybody else, in terms interest in healthcare, well, we've decided healthcare is not this country. it's a privilege when you have it. money to buy we are a country of capitalism. therefore, guys like me, who we can get what we is our guy. p the conservative republicans against the freedom caucus, they're also our guys, because they want a small government, helps us, the wealthy guys, get what we want without government rules and government and the rest of the 90% of the guys, they're not it get will be untry always run by wealthy people, just like by as intended to be, run wealthy people, and the founders were wealthy guys, and we like guys be run ike me in the upper 5, 10, 1%,
7:56 am
of wealthy guys. so what trump does is smoke screens. serious, were obviously, he wouldn't be president, but we got him in, an ol're going to be like russia with our guy trump, like in putin, and the guys who have are money who cabinet, of course, support the ideas of what i want. host: okay. of what the more freedom caucus members responded donald trump. freedom caucus stood with you hen others ran, remember who your real friends are. we're trying to help you succeed. from raleigh, north carolina, on our independent line. good morning, jeanne. morning. od thank you, c-span. this last caller actually hit the nail on the head. talk about the freedom caucus, it's a good thing they
7:57 am
in the way of the law. if you listened to thomas barthold on the weighs and means committee, he explained -- and the questions came -- but the really were panies going to get a windfall of tax breaks, and that was involved in law. now, president trump trusted the freedom caucus and all the republicans. and usted they had a plan, he really didn't invest himself into healthcare. plan. t have are a and so, you know, when they let supplying a plan and voting for it, then now, having a tantrum about that. but at the same time, it was not law. so i'm glad it didn't go through. i'm glad the freedom caucus stood in the way. however, they didn't need to stand in the way for the people. take away certain healthcare needs, but at the
7:58 am
tax breaks rovide for the wealthy, and for the insurance companies, and you to watch the weighs and means and the budget committees when they went this last law. at the same time, i live in carolina, and i don't understand the bathroom law, while it's been put on old, and when it was established, well, the transvestites have still been going to the bathroom. is the meaning of the law if there's no way to enforce in the meantime, there's it sinceone to enforce they passed the law. so what's the big deal? why not throw it all out anyway? host: david is calling in from new york on the independent line. hi, dave. caller: good morning, good morning. it seems to be coming so clear
7:59 am
that the republicans i think 33 out of the 50 states as far as the governorship goes and house and the senate and they have the white house. disarray the biggest i've ever seen. there's no one monolithic message. me, it becomes more that theirl the time sole purpose in life is to 1%. l cash to the top they have no agenda other than that. that is what the real agenda is. now that -- forgive my phrase here -- but they're finding themselves handcuffed to a dead prostitute. they're doing all of this covering up of everything taking lace in washington and internationally, and it's just looking horrible. florida, ich from whatever he was saying, it was designed for rich people and run absolutelyple, he is right. and i guess that's my comment.
8:00 am
thank you. calling in from virginia on the republican line is june. hi, june. ayhey. hey, how are you this morning? host: i'm fine. what do you think about the president. caller: i think the president is great. the president. those last two guys are totally rovenlth there's a lot of rhinos out there, i know that. some of them are conservative some are in not, the center. i tell you one thing. ran on the ump healthcare, and originally, he said he was not going to take funding away from planned parenthood. that's up to the states to do that anyway. if they want to do that, that's fine. i'm concerned, he was on the right track. to -- you have to run the bill through -- get it and then it ouse, has to go to the senate, and that's when it gets refined in
8:01 am
some way or another. anything that was held up in the not was due to ryan, trump. i'm not in line with ryan 100%. think -- i think he likes the rhinos. trump, and i'm with i praise god, and i hope that side. on his host: all right, and coming up, we have formernato secretary andrew so ralsmesun, relations with russia. stay tuned. we'll be right back.


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