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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 1, 2017 9:31am-10:03am EDT

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had to say about that. >> that is part of isis propaganda. hewitt was shown video showing you so toldf -- that isis was defending women and that was his motivation. host: he wrote the story, can you turn a terrorist back into a into the february edition of wired. compact us again. is our last half-hour, it open phones. we want to hear about any public policy issue that you want to talk about. for republicans, democrats, and independents. you can start right now and we will be right back.
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>> -- of the floor and policy research institute. the russia influences began pushing themes and messages. russia thought the sideline opponents on both sides of the political spectrum with adversarial bit -- adversarial views toward the kremlin. they may have helped sink the hopes of head -- of candidates. >> on the shortage of pilots and the villagers. 1005 hundred 50 pilots across all mission areas. short one --ce was short 1200 fighter pirates. -- fighter pilots.
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>> nfl wide receiver at a congressional forum on policing and minority communities. there are a lot of police officers that aren't involved in these communities they are serving in. theory that ifzy i know you, i am a lot more likely to treat you a lot better than if i don't. if i have a relationship with you. with that relationship i'm not going to be so quick to lock you -- up. >> i think it is also important to clearly recognize that the ,nemy does use human shields has little regard for human life, and does attempt to use
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allegations as a tool to end our operations. mcfaul.esswoman martha >> goliath is the arsenal of hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles aimed at the jewish state by terror groups like hezbollah. has a major upgrade in technology that will help it take down the next giant. [applause] missile defense system, which was codeveloped by 's advance missile-defense system. >> programs are available on washington journal continues. >> it is open phone on
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washington journal. want to hear about any public policy issue, whether we were talking about it today or politics realm. ts,ocrats, -- independen -- here's the front page of el paso times -- the 2018 election begins and we want to hear your thoughts about that. open phones, milwaukee, wisconsin, line for democrats.
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then -- color bank -- caller: we only have to look at when it relates to gang activity. they recruit kids the same way. host: do you think is something the federal government should try to work on? caller: yeah but i doubt it is anything they are going to invest in. americans have a habit of wanting everything at once. they want quick results. we have, that we are facing in this country alone need a lot of money and a lot of time to fix.
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probably take two generations to fix the problems of gangs in this country. they are very good at brainwashing. i know this for a fact because i am a public school teacher, i saw a lot of this stuff going on. and you can't stop it. this doesn't affect -- it happens in good schools. host: what are some things you try to do? caller: the gangs would come in and try to recruit. they have younger children that and recruite age
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kids, they talked them into fantasies and all this life you are going to have. you are going to be part of a family, you're going to make a lot of money. >> what did you try to do? >> we try to pull the kids aside .ncounter it our conversation saying this is and what you want to do, we try to reach parents and tell them what is going on. we are doing this fight on our own. teachers who laugh five years or more are dedicated to their job. think we need training in that aspect of being a teacher? caller: there is a lot of stuff going on and this has to be a focal point in our election
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campaign. host: we hope you have a good weekend. teri is in lafayette indiana, line for independents. caller: pay attention to this -- there were no murderous alcohol games, there were no murderous drug games. it, downy repealed 70%. when they passed the drug laws you ahat will buy you a better drug fields from the .uards ridiculous.
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host: is that your argument for all drugs to be legal? i don't know about all of them, but marijuana is the number one selling drug. $8,000 perit cost pound for the strongest marijuana. is some might, water, and a fertilizer. to alana in new york on the line for republicans. there are a lot of things in the news today, how russia's interfering with our elections, and they haven't gotten down to the problem yet. office --bama was in his political, he was running and the americans had given his opponent money.
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i guess as schumer would call it today, dark money. how come nobody ever brings this up? nobody is allowed to do it to us but we are allowed to do it to anybody else. in kent,a is waiting ohio. an independent. good morning. caller: i'm wondering if we spend these billions of dollars we are going to spend on this wall, why can't we enforce the law that would be in place right now that we give to police officers and towns and cities to take care of the laws that are already in place. we have so many laws in place right now. >> were you around the conversation we had on why don't work? what did you think about that conversation and why it on't work?
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caller: he said that laws [indiscernible] madegentleman said laws that her employment and everything -- host: he talked about the employment and the costs. caller: that's why i said betake these billions of dollars and pay police officers better and enforce our laws that are in place. you know. host: for our viewers that missed that conversation -- that story refocused on earlier on our program. jean is on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. unconcerned about the conversation when you are talking about the
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radicalization. is that they focus so much on isis and nobody calls the kkk like to present assists , white supremacists, terrorist groups. the man who traveled many miles to new york to kill black people. in need ofnsider him the radicalization? roof and thosen people? are they consider terrorists? host: do you think it is worth the effort to deal radicalize allies those people you are talking about? caller: absolutely. i am 77 years old, i am retired military and i have traveled extensively. i have met all kinds of people.
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, because there are people, and nobody pays attention to these people. host: do you think there are people there are people that are too far gone to be saved? caller: well, start with the children. start with the youngsters. nobody pays any attention to upper-class suburbanite who go home and probably listen to their parents putting down minorities. host: we did want to note that
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today is the 100th anniversary of the united states entry into world war i. american history tv will be live from the national world war i --eum and memorial for in memorial in kansas city, missouri. >> the president and ceo of the museum and memorial. this memorial and museum is such -- strikingn which image on the kansas city skyline. -- a group of business leaders said let's do something to honor -- what you see behind me is what has come of that. a fundraising campaign that lasted two weeks. of about $40t
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million. about 100,000 people and the withkable memorial president calvin coolidge in 1926. people with the community gathering here, at that time 150,000 people, said to be the largest crowd that the president or any president of the united states has spoken to up until that time. also a yearning for peace and a different sort of future. host: tune in today on c-span3.
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to kansas city missouri for the national world war i museum and memorial. back to your calls and open open phones. want to make some comment about the de-radicalization segment, i am a veteran and a muslim. muslim sons, one who is also in the marine corps, and they are all teenager. -- all teenagers. one thing your callers brought up is how we have a lack of -- in america. crime he ism does a automatically iteris and if a white person does a crime it is a psychological issue. this has less and less to do with religion and more and more about isolation that these teenagers and people are swayed, so he brought up gang violence earlier.
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you witness how easily teenagers are rewarded with these things. and it starts from society as a whole. i'm a black american. all my life in america i worked for the government. the mosque onto friday and explain to my children when they see picket signs and megaphones, and they are looking at me and their older brothers, saying you guys are marines, don't they know you served our country? you have sergeant and people saying we hate you because you are muslim. try explaining that to your 11-year-old or 12-year-old. host: what are the people picketing for? caller: you know, go home, get out this country, you don't belong here. american, my whole family is black. we are all devout muslims.
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so the kids are confused. this it is easy for someone to get on the internet and convince them that you are not welcome here, come over here. that is basically what is happening. change the language, we invest in psychology. it seems in america we don't value academia, we don't value experience, we don't value intelligence. if we took different approaches, maybe we could help solve this problem. host: if they agree with you and want to solve this problem, what would you recommend? caller: the easiest thing is media muslim, go to your local mosque or your local -- you would be surprised.
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even on xbox live playing with someone. if you have this narrative of watching television and , yourent news programs will be stuck in the box. people are cornerstone experts. you never actually talk to actual muslims. people were just regular americans. raise our trying to children and pay our mortgage. he would find that we have more things in common than we have different. i served in the marine corps in quantico. tours, one of the clinton and one in the bush administration. host: you flew presidents around?
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caller: i help keep the helicopters moving. host: in missouri, republican, john, good morning. caller: good morning. i have a quick comment. --ould watch judy rudolph judy woodruff, who comes on television and evening. had -- she had two people on there, one left-leaning, one right-leaning, but they both seem to be left-leaning to me. this goes on for however long they are on there. most of their dialogue is -- after i listened to about 15 minutes of that, then all of a sudden they stopped and had a fundraiser and i think what kind of an idiot -- thatrump supporter is just an observation. thank you, sir.
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host: coming up tomorrow at 10:00, as usual, our newsmakers program. here is congressman lujan taking questions on whether congressman will pick up seats in 2018. >> how many seats is reasonable in your view of 2018? lujan: i don't have a crystal ball. it is still early to figure out what happened in november of 2018. but there is no doubt we will be able to pick up seats in this environment. paul ryan's numbers are dropping . republicans are moving on. they are going to double down and force republicans to walk off the plank again. we are not even out of the first 100 days of this new administration. host: you can see newsmakers also at 6t 10 a.m.,
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p.m. eastern. you can listen on the c-span radio app. time for a few more calls. oscar, good morning. >> good morning, america. i want to of the size the , he saidi listen to 507 russians who have been killed. it's amazing how my time tie even heard the comments about we should get our news from the new york times or the financial nots, because our news is accurate. i find that amazing, hearing it -- when we watch , especially donald trump, don't think we should
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father for him to release his did it's almost like following a paper trail. it's ridiculous how easy it would be to figure out how much is invested in xyz countries. know if he is associated with russian politics? this guy flipped, he is going to be the fall guy. everybody should pick up a book on international studies, or -- or read airan book on iran, read a book on ukraine. you would be surprised how history has always had people who are greedy. it is all about money. people that conquer, people that rule for hundreds of years, all it is is about territory and money. the: after talking about
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testimony at the senate intelligence committee hearing this past week on russia in the 2016 election, of course you can go on our website for that. that going to watch that you can watch that in its entirety on joan is on the line. caller: i wanted to make comments about the world war i. we many years ago -- it was closed down and ran down. and they had built it up and the it so beautiful since democrats here in kansas city -- which we are the only blue area beside st. louis. we have added in the last 15 years so much to that area. kids can go enjoy and learn .bout world war i
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i am so proud of kansas city to have this memorial. host: we're going to be live at the memorial on c-span3. how close are you? it is across the river, wait --y father had to my father had to wait 15 years to get his metal. i think the only way you are going to understand what world is a dolls that have learned from their ancestors what happened. have a lot of family members that were in the military. all the way back to world war i. alivetry to keep it within our family, but i think more people need to talk to their families about how they
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served and why the war happened and why america is still free. host: we will be live there in just about half an hour for the 100th anniversary ceremony, the anniversary of the u.s. entry into world war i. stephen from georgia. good morning. to --: i was just calling we are missing the mark. the united states is missing the mark. everywhere i see, i see revelations. 13, chronicles to wereus that if my people to humble themselves and seek return from their wicked ways --
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there is so much wickedness. and god, we are going to have to pay for. he said anything that comes out of your mouth, you are going to be held accountable for. god is not a religion. he is not coming back at the flag, he is not coming back at anything, he is coming back at the church. williamsburg, michigan, and independent. caller: following up on the radicalization segment. just basically -- i have struggled throughout life being a christian catholic and trying to figure it all out, understand the world's religions. offink a lot of things got on a hypothetical and .heoretical track made up stories of people's ideas and interpretations, which has caused a lot of confusion still coming out today.
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bad we are doing more destruction then construction or even peaceful harmony. i guess there are a lot of things i could talk about. i don't know what else to comment on. host: we only have about 30 seconds left. i did want to tell our viewers about tomorrow's washington journal. --orrow we will be joined by to talk about the potential of pandemics around the world and what can be done to prevent them. davidl also be joined by spencer, nephew of nelson rockefeller and founder of practically republican. and david o'sullivan will join us, the european union ambassador to the united states. british prime minister theresa may formally begin the process to leave the european union.
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that is tomorrow on the washington journal at 7 a.m. eastern, 4 a.m. pacific. in the meantime, have a great saturday. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] , next, the house committee considering legislation to make president trump's tax returns public. then fbi director james comey on the bureau's role and cyber security. then a house floor debate to block the obama administration rules on internet privacy. >> this week in c-span cities tour with help of our comcast cable partners will explore the literary scene and history of chico, california.
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about the founder , the life and writings of pioneer. >> starting with days in the relationship with the united states department of agriculture, he was constantly being sent and corresponding with officials in the u.s. and constantly receiving from them that they wanted tested out in california's soil. chico for their experimental form. >> on american history tv, we visit the california state university farm.
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>> we are the number one state in the nation. chico are reasons northern part of the state. >> we will also go inside the chico museum to see the historic chinese altar from the 1880 temple. today at noon eastern on noon tv. working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> the house ways and means considered -- and other financial information, covering the years 2006 through 2015. the resolution was introduby


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