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tv   Washington Journal Representative Ted Yoho R-FL  CSPAN  April 5, 2017 7:30pm-8:03pm EDT

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because of the way the state legislature jewelry the lines. that was locally done. it creates a very unbalanced governance that the federal level and in the states. their american people are beginning to understand. next opportunity to change it is 2021 the lines will be with read/write. i think the people will rebel. wn.the lines will be redra host: democratic marcy>> washin. host: our first guest of the morning, representative ted yoho of florida. he serves on the foreign affairs committee. thank you for joining us. guest: thanks for having me on. host: the story this morning in the papers talks about another from north korea. what does this post for the united states? guest: it just shows an
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aggressive or three appear it if you look at what the kim jong un done, they have much more missiles and bombs during the time he has been in power than his father and his grandfather. it is a pursuit that he will keep on taunting. it is a point where we have to respond in some way to bring stability to the peninsula. host: do you think of response is a unilateral matter, are other actors involved? a?t is the way to approach -- it? guest:his will affect trade and economies all over the world. ideally, through diplomacy, we will have all nations come together to put pressure on north korea to stop this. there is no reason for them to go nuclear with the nuclear option. this is not something we need. host: amongst those nations, how much influence will china play?
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they will be a factor in this matter as far as directly addressing the regime over these launches? guest: i would hope they would. they have a big footprint in that area, obviously with the manufacturing they do. china is probably the best partner to come and put pressure because china does 90% of the trade with china. again, this is not something that is isolated between south us against north korea. and all kinds of things going on. china has a pivotal role to play, probably more than we do. i look for to them having those negotiations on mar-a-lago this weekend. host: are those topics you believe they will address? guest: those will be really
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strong topics, i believe. korea talk about north launching another bomb, another test, this is destabilizing to the area. for a in a resolution system only focus at north korea. it is not aggressive. it is protecting our allies in south korea and the 28,000 troops we have there. host: if you want to join in on the conversation with our guest about north korea and other call in, post on .witter a guest: i think he wants to be mechanized in the world as a legitimate superpower. of asiane chair
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pacific affairs and there, was brought up who is trying to hurt north korea? i cannot think of anybody. you look at the attack on his half-brother in malaysia when that happened, other things that ofpened, sponsoring weapons distraction. they have over 10,000 rockets pointed at south korea. why he is doing this is legitimacy. we can recognize him other ways. we don't have to go down this road. host: how much do you know about the range of these missiles? guest: they have three types. they are working on long-range, intercontinental missiles. we know that one went off the coast of japan.
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the next when they are developing could hit the continental united states. need to haveis no these things. we hope that china and the world couny can come together and help us with the nctions. there were some billshrgh ren fas to relays north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. we can justify that by the actions they have done over the last 10-15 years. you will have sanctions that will rain that regime in. host: was that passed in the house? guest: it got through committee. host: do think the senate will go along with that way of thinking? guest: i think they will. these are common sense bills that need to move forward so we as a worldrward
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community instead of the united states acting unilaterally. let's bring in our first caller. you are on with ted yoho. wanted to thank you for being in the position that you are, acknowledging so much with so much credit he. doingu guys in florida any type of florida -- of program on the internet where they are running into these types of issues. on our front, we could have an .nline presence really quickly, i want to
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comment on my previous caller from alabama. saying, you have what is now syria, iraq, russia, and china, getting together. there is a lot going on. a newspaper in one hand and the bible in the other. to have representatives out there only helps. host: we will let our guest response. played football up in northwest alabama. i appreciate calling it. homegrown terrorism. we are dealing with that from preschool on out. are making sure there are opportunities out there. the best way to do this is make
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opportunities in our state and lead kids away from this. this is a destructive path. america, we have to take it vantage and use those. as far as the bible, i agree. there is a lot of chaos in the world. that is why this topic on north korea is so important today. let's invest in our people and grow economies and share opportunities with people around the world. that is michael of the foreign affairs committee and the asia som pacific -- subcommittee. caller: hello. listen, you need to stop talking about people in making fun of people just like the guy did with the representative maxine
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waters. comments.e you have to realize no one has anything to lose anymore. to die for what they believe. have a little more sympathy and than believe you know more anyone else. guest: i appreciate your comment. when you started throwing, "you guys need to stop making fun of people." those are generalities. i know there are people out there, i have probably been guilty of that myself. o r f oeoe'e fusn r
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n obmsweannghelis. ca g tinth iyo a thaori'kn h o y anowh te e. es i agree. i appreciate you calling in. this is something i can i say we need to have a world community involved and not just the united states, or else it is us versus them. i was born in 1955. i don't want to repeat what we
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have done on failed policies. i will be hard on present obama's failed policies. the strategic patients policy has kind of let us where we are at. this is something we have to pivot from. i feel very confident saying this. being on foreign affairs for the last four years and watching this, we have to make sure what we say is what we mean and we do it with clarity. tois one of those things solve problems, not to challenge anybody, but let's focus on what we need. we need security and national security. that is what we need to focus on. we have partners around the world through diplomacy and topics likeork on that. president should the
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tell the chinese president about what we need from china? guest: i think the best thing to do is have clarity on where we stand. you look at what china has done with south korea. wanted aunced they system. we have put that into a china goes after south korea for retaliation. they go after department stores, undai, and others. they stop people going from china to south korea. what we need to do is let china know they are going after the wrong korea. north korea is the cause of this. withis nothing to do china.
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if you want to know their past goals, look at the present situation. if you want to know about the future, look at present activities. you see china militarizing the south china sea. aggressive. being that kind of dictates what they are thinking about in the future. i think it is time that we say enough is enough. has a president trump strong message. not threatening, but a strong one that we need to pivot away from building up militarily and focus on trade more. host: "usa today" reported today on the one china policy. guest: the china first policy. we have had partnerships with taiwan. this is something that will continue. i think president trump, mike prediction, is people talk strongly about that.
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host: why taiwan? remind viewers why this is a concern. president took a call, and it caused concern for china. guest: it is just a phone call. this is a country that has done billions of dollars of sales of equipment. had a goods's book quote in there. i think it was 2012. they were talking about the aboutator from china mad taiwanese sales, military sales. our guys said, what are your concerns, we have been doing this since 1979. a chinese, i believe, admiral said, back then we were week, we are strong now. again, they are flexing their muscles. this is something that we need to make sure china knows we strands -- stand strong with taiwan. yes, we are going to help them. host: representative ted yoho of
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florida. this is gary of kentucky, republican line. caller: i just had one question. their own korea have satellite or did they get their gps from someone else? you know, without teachi -- gps, these guided missiles would be useless. or, through some way to jam them useless.make that is my question. guest: yes, they do have their own satellite. i don't know if there is cooperation with other countries, but they do have their own. host: fairfield, connecticut, danny is up next. you are on, go ahead. was wondering, you mentioned plan a, do you have alan b or possibly
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plan c? guest: i hope the president does. we always have to have a backup plan. billve put in a sanctions denouncing china's policies against south korea. backtting north korea put on the state-sponsored terrorism, by getting them on that, you will have other countries that come together with us to put pressure on the north korean entities doing business illegally against u.n. rulings that have come out. you can also put pressure on other countries that are funneling money to fund enterprises, nuclear weapons, missiles. we also know the north korea funds groups with our minute --
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armament and weapons. themn hopefully pressure to come to their senses and say, we will not go down this path, we will focus on north korea. host: david, independent line. guest: good morning. , can you please tell the speaker that this north korea thing can be cured really fast. learned myh school i get innt said if you trouble, you hit them in their billfold. that is the only thing that can stop north korea. tell them we don't trust north korea enough to put one of those hydrogen bombs in a container. them that we will put a that allon out there
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of the orient containers have to thatrough to be scanned might have a nuclear bomb on it. do you think that would get the point across to them? guest: i appreciate your call. you are absolutely right. that is why we have to have a strong policy, to be serious about what we are saying. when you have a country marching down a nuclear path of destruction, north korea and china -- and you are bringing up sanctions on china to hit them in the wallet, that does get them to pay attention. what china does or north korea does will determine what we do. it is their choice. we have to protect ourselves, our military in south korea add our allies in that region. we will. host: many administration, the
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policy towards china specifically when it comes to trade or currency wants to adjust those issues. you think the semester she can do something different to get results? they can.hink it comes down to clarity of standards, just like a business deal. then, you have to follow through with commitment and make sure you hold people accountable. i have faith in president trump that he will do that. host: what is accessible -- acceptable in your mind? guest: we know that china is taking an election property, invading that. china hasmated that done $600 billion and intellectual poverty. if you are dire going to trade, i expect you to fall through on your commitment. if they are not willing to do that, we have to pull back and
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say, maybe we will go to india, or maybe another country, and follow through with that. that is where our policies of the last eight years have really hurt us. in the idea of strategic patience, we will tolerate so much. we cannot do that anymore. host: here is raymond in michigan. go ahead, you are on the line for democrats. caller: ok. ted, i am confused. guest: ok. i was: the reason is watching the rachel maddow show last night. they were talking about obama not going into syria. obama wanted to declare war on syria, but congress said no. guest: that is absolutely right.
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it wasn't obama's fault, it was congresses fault. weigh in on that. that was my first year, 2013. republicansrship of and democrats were going to go through and do a no-fly zone in syria. we stopped that and congress stop that. it was a bipartisan effort. a no-flyoked at what zone is, they take out their capacity for any country. we did that in libya and it led to a failed state. a no-fly zone can be a military operation or a strategy. what they did in libya was in operation. they knocked out gaddafi's air defense. pulledody filled out, -- out, and it is a failed steday. it became a hotbed for recruitment. remember them
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asking, how long of an operation is this, they said, i don't know. how much will it cost, i don't know, maybe a billion dollars per month. it was not a good idea to go through with this unless you have to follow through. we cannot do this alone. someone brought up the question of a no-fly zone and north korea. again, you have to have a better strategy than just knocking out there defense -- there are defense system. you don't just have a failed state, you make it something worse. as a previous caller said, if you don't remember your history, you might repeat it. host: as far as syria, are there any actions in your mind that the united states should take at this point? guest: that is a good question. we put in the bill two years ago that would go after assad for the use of chemical weapons. they were using chlorine barrel
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bombs at the time. a lot of people have died from that. if you look at the death toll today, it is over 400,000 people that have been killed in that war. unsettling ofan the world community with people fleeing that region. what we have to do is come .ogether i forgot where i was going with that. with a thought, we have to make sure we follow through on what we will do on the barrel bombs and what he has done with that. hold him accountable. that is something we have to come through as a world community. we need the world community to carry through on that. host: this is daniel from evanston, illinois. go ahead. caller: mr. yoho, the question i have -- two questions really.
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the first one was in dealing with china what real leverage does president trump have that can be brought to bear on china? not on north korea, but when he is negotiating with the president of china, what is his ammunition? what leverage does he have? guest: the biggest we have a secondary sanctions we can put on the banking system. everyone wants access to the banking system. if we put sanctions on them like we did with cte or some of the other countries from china, they come to the table and they don't want those things to happen. the bankinghem from system.
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is at them on swift, which banking system. pulling transfers of funds with these companies. by putting secondary sanctions on there, it brings phase countries in line. question, if assad has done this, and there is so much confusion out there. once the investigation is done, i think we need to follow through. many fall but so short on that. host: ted yoho of the foreign affairs committee. hisas foreign life -- in for life, a veterinarian.
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paulette from florida. guest: good morning. caller: yes, good morning. you all did not vote. you said, no. president trump, he gets on the phone the next day, don't go into syria. don't go into syria. you are blaming president obama when the current president said, don't go to syria. .ou all ran away vote to go into syria.
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to go into right way syria. host: thank you. guest: i appreciate your call. again, president obama was going to go in there. there was not a good strategy. we cannot authorize something like that. i want to go back to the caller who said, remember your past, or if not, you will repeat it. i'm not willing to go into another country without a clear strategy. i will stand by that. president trump accountable to. when he says something, it will be something well thought out ahead of time instead of, we will draw a redline. the worst thing to do his say you will do something and don't do it. host: can i ask you a couple of matters of health care? guest: yes, sir. lawmakersre told that
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are working to get through another health care bill. what is the status? guest: i'm not sure. for paul ryan to have the courage to pull it back -- so many people look at that as a failure -- i don't see it as a failure as pulling back a rocket launch if something is wrong. the worst thing to do is launch and have been explode on the rocket pad. i think we will carry this through and eventually we will see it pass. the paramount thing is it has to 100% a one have percent -- repeal of the a formal care act. that is what did not happen in the build and lead to the afford will care act.
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that is not what is happening with the american health care act. we need a bipartisan bill so we can come together to fix health care as the country. host: did you support the last bill? guest: no, i did not. host: what has to be in it for you to support a? guest: 100% repeal of the afford look at or mechanisms to operate outside of the mandate and the afford will care act. if we do that, the private insurance market will flourish. that was one of the failures of the american health care act. the premiums over the next two to three years will go up. seniors' premiums will go up more than they are now. things we weree hearing about the new proposal is allowing states to have exemptions. is that something you would support? guest: again, i would have to read the language. host: what makes the difference either way? guest: how much flexibility does
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it get to the states. haved that they have to more in place than what the federal government is requiring as far as the type of coverage. if we will have states with state sovereignty, will the federal government be mandating a minimum, or maximum, in the situation. we have to make sure the states can play the way they want to as far as operating in their state. is, the betterit the people are served. host: are you part of the freedom caucus? guest: i am. host: what do you say about the criticisms that you basically sunk the bill. guest: we did not think the bill. i think we saved the party. if we did not go through with that we would not have lived up to our commitment. leaving a structure in
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place, skelton where it could be rebuilt. i think you will see a better bill and the american people rved better with this bill. host: let's go to todd, illinois, independent line. caller: i have three comments. korea, we better start taking down their missiles, shoot those down. the satellite. how many treaties do we have in the world about space? guest: when we start doing those things, those are acts of aggression. some would call those acts afford. for whatever you do, you have to expect an equal and greater reaction. be ank diplomacy would
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better way to go. looks like itory will happen, absolutely. let's hope we don't get to that point. more in myn enough lifetime. potential he shutting down in april, do the that will happen? guest: i don't think that will happen. we don't want it to. sure we can negotiate a way to >> tonight, reactions on the chemical attack in syria. president trump holds a news conference with king abdullah the second. ben cardin and marco rubio react to the attack. ambassadorrks from to the united nations nikki haley.


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