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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 18, 2017 9:24am-10:01am EDT

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that is just fabulous. my students use it regularly and it is so easy that they are right now working on clipping videos and making questions that they can design and turn into their own bell ringers. >> probably my favorite aspect is the deliberation stage. it is just perfectly set up, ready to go, classroom the liberation. just a variety of topics that are current and relevant today. >> if you are a middle school or high school teacher join thousands of your fellow teachers across the nation as a member of c-span classroom. it is easy to register at room. canou register now you collect our free american presidents timeline poster. a graphic display of the biographies of all 45 presidents. find out more about it on washington journal continues. host: about 35 minutes left in
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the program for your calls, your comments, your tweets. (202) 748-8001 is the number to call for republicans. democrats.000 for and independents and others, (202) 748-8002. we welcome your tweets. ryan crockerh about the referendum election in turkey. reporting on that in usa today, with the headline "outcome of turkeys vote worries european leaders. more european leaders on monday question turkey's commitment to democratic principles and its western allies. the day after turks voted narrowly to grant sweeping new powers to its president." "angela merkel warned the president to respect the totes -- the turks that voted against the creation of a powerful presidency, fearing that he would take the secular nation
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down a path to authoritarian rule and sever security ties with europe." we will check those headlines as well and hear from you. in alexandria, ". go ahead. .- open phones go ahead. caller: good morning. i wanted to ask the ambassador -- i am glad he is resting -- my main concern was, we created al russia.rying to fight and we created isis trying to fight assad. when are americans going to learn, if we are going to fight the fight we need to fight it ourselves and win it clearly. .e are not in there the minds of arabs and americans doesn't even compare to each other. there my state is totally different than americans.
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somehow, we need to learn a lesson not to support whatever kind of rebel if we are going to be doing the thing. ourselvesgoing to let just do it ourselves -- especially the christians that are dying in the middle of it a fewe of isis and egypt days ago. the churches bombed and 100 something people injured. it is on us. the blood is on us. host: perhaps referring to turkey's recent election and its president, tweets "when do we draw the line between maintaining a working relationship and propping up a budding dictatorship."
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also on the democrats line is kay. the morning. caller: i just wanted to focus on the area of discussion you , but before ing do that i want to say to the rest andr, to get some feel good so he can go about his daily duties. on the issue of taxes, i am struck by many people who called saying that illegals do not pay taxes. it has been litigated several times. people who are undocumented pay their fair share of taxes. on the ratessearch of uber drivers and lyft. these are people who contribute to the economy by paying taxes. supporters of trump, i would call them his customers, who he sold his big products to during the election and they bought into it.
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they voted for him anyway. now his words really matter. he gamed the system so he didn't pay taxes. these are some of the things we should look at and i can't wait to see what is going to happen because we need to be able to make informed decisions. some americans are not well informed or not well enough informed. from ourmatter leaders. if you don't want to pay tag -- taxes, that is all i want to say. there is a special election today in georgia to fill the seat vacated by tom price when he was appointed as health and human services secretary. we are joined by greg bluestein who is a political reporter for the atlanta journal. tell us about this election. this is a field where there are a lot of republicans and one democrat. guest: there is actually five democrats in the race but there
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is one who has rallied the support of the brunt of the democratic party. he is transforming this race because just a few months ago, he was not to be a sleepy all republican affair where a lot of people thought there would be an all republican runoff in the big topic would be trump. we were right about the topic being trump but we were wrong about it being an all republican affair. he has raised more than $8 million, flooded the district and thisrtisements, can be seen as an early referendum on fronts popularity. >> with 8 million coming for mr. ossof, where is the money coming for public and candidates? guest: the tremendous bulk of the money is coming from outside of georgia. ly one in 20 of john ossof's live in the congressional district and the same with the unsound -- outside
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spending from washington political groups. very little super pac spending is coming from george it self -- georgia itself so this is definitely an example of a nationalized race. host: the sixth congressional district has been hailed by republicans since 1979. where is it and what is it like? guest: in the district right now, we are -- the district stands from e scott county and all the way north to cap county in the eastern suburbs. very influenced, very highly educated, very red but it is establishment. this is the district that john mccain and mitt romney won overwhelmingly in 2008 and 2000 12 but that donald trump only carried by about a point and a half so it speaks volumes about the skepticism for donald trump. host: this is a race that as i understand it, the winner of the day, someone he has to get 50%
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or this is going to a special election. when will that be? guest: all 18 candidates regardless of party share the nobody getsso if over 50% we are headed to a june 20 runoff. islooks like ossof guaranteed a spot but he is trying to win it out right today and that might be his best chance at a victory and he has pumped more than $6 million, probably more than eight ilion dollars to do just that. -- $8 million to do just that. they have reported getting 1, 2, 3, 4 flyers a day from his campaign from democratic groups so they are trying to change the electorate. >> in terms of the rest of georgia's congressional delegation, what is the makeup. is it mostly republican? >> it is overwhelmingly republican. there are four democrats on the delegation.
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state. a very red trump still wanted by five by five pointst which is another big shocker from november's race. he lost cop county and gwinnett county. two suburban strongholds, republican strongholds that have been in the republican camp since jimmy carter's era. he lost those in november so the state is still a red state. metro atlanta is starting to turn more purple. host: the president weighing in with tweets yesterday and even this morning, tweaking today wouldemocrat john ossoff be a disaster in congress and week on crime and immigration and want higher taxes. what is the feeling on president trump early in his presidency there in that district, in the atlanta suburb region? very: from is waiting
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deeply into this race. he sent five tweets and he reported -- recorded a robo-calls attacking the democrat. this is seen as a defeat for republicans here, it will be seen as an embarrassing rebuke to donald trump's presidency. i don't think there is any two isabout that because ossoff making this campaign a "make trump furious campaign." republicans in the field have struggled with the trump specter. some of them found -- vow to be a trump loyalist and others didn't mention his name very much. they would say they would check on trump in congress and that is the segment of the republican electorate here who voted for trump but did so by holding their nose. host: greg bluestein is a political reporter for the atlanta journal-constitution.
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you can read more at and follow his reporting today on twitter on bluestein. thanks for the update. guest: thanks for having me. host: we will continue with your phone calls, open phones on washington journal through 10:00 eastern this morning. ie is in philadelphia on our republican line. >> i actually wanted to congratulate the representative for winning the kansas fourth district. won on ahink he has 1980's performance but it is really a redemption for the loss of kevin hill camp. i believe he was one of the good ones. a regressive version of 1953 controlled by dixiecrats? we have 1840's unconstitutional police forces, white collar folks, more libertarians, you
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know, to all of this in the government, the fact that they are coming for you -- i don't care if you're a nationalist or internationalist or local list, how are you going to have a war on drugs and a constitution? can i make another comment? host: go ahead. caller: i am not ready to expose president obama's record yet. well he has taken more -- chicken more hands than any receivedsident, he has more death threats. i do want this to happen to our next president but trump needs to legalize drugs and legalized health and legalize information. host: how we mentioned the congressman elect from kansas who one mike pompeo seat, elected last week. he will be sworn in. mustafa is in glen bernie, maryland. independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. the investor may comments about the middle east, talking about
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the clash between the forces of order and disorder or autocracy and democracy. i am a little bit disappointed. i was going to talk about the dictatorship of saddam hussein. no aspiration, for the future, no education, easyty, they are very victims to be brainwashed by groups like isis and al qaeda. the people wonder how these people allow themselves to fall victims of radical extreme criminal groups. so i just feel like it is not a choice between a dictator that crushes people and a democracy. it is not always that choice. in that region deserve
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their voice to be heard in the deserve a shot to be able to be free and enjoy some of the freedom. host: vice president pence continuing on his asian to her -- asian tour yesterday in korea. video here of the vice president when he visited the demilitarized zone in korea. the u.s. turns up heat on pyongyang in the wall street journal this morning. "the trump administration is protecting a balancing act in north korea, using their rhetoric and promises of whilery help to defend china to coax china to apply economic and political pressure on its traditional ally." lee is up next in cincinnati. independent line. -- can i was wondering you hear me? rate. -- great.
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these are different white houses. we have a southern white house, the white house in d.c. whatever happened to camp david? didn't we used to run that as an alternative to the white house where you did bills? host: camp david is still in existence, still maintained. president trump has not used it for a weekend. it is in the maryland mountains, established back under president roosevelt, and eisenhower certainly named it camp david. but trump has gone down to his estate in mar-a-lago. caller: but didn't all the other presidents use camp david for secure purposes? the taxpayers already paid for it and it has the security. host: they used it in varying ways over the years, some more than others.
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caller: but we are paying for all of that security down there in florida. and he is not utilizing the property that his job provides for him. host: we appreciate your comment this morning. we go to tom in el dorado, kansas. democrat line. caller: we had better get used to that because that is going to be coming. i don't know if your name is got carolt you've oates. she tweets in, last week she tweeted twice and it was repeated on this program. she called once and got through. on then steve took her sunday. pedro cooker yesterday -- pedro took her yesterday.
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oates ands carol she tweets in and you pass it right on through. fromss she is the replacer down south someplace. host: you mean we show her tweets on the air? caller: she tweets on the air and you read it. every morning. now, sunday it was read by steve. i think pedro was on yesterday and he read it and you read her tweets on the air twice last week and then she got through on the phone. again, i'mr name up going to pull what little hair i've got out of my head. host: we will try to be mindful of that, tom. we use twitter and the phones. people write in with their comments or tweets every day.
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it is used to propel the conversation forward. we will be mindful of the particular individual. in oklahoma, go ahead. caller: one of your colors a while back mentioned the bretton woods accord. as i understand as part of that accord, it left the dollar be the standard of exchange for all oil transactions. i'm just wondering if the callers might know something. if anything were to happen to that base, of the dollar being the basic exchange for oil, what chaos that would cause possibly for the united states or international transactions in business and so forth? host: we will put it out there. thanks for the comment. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats.
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and for independence, (202) 748-8002. open phones up until 10:00. president trump heading to wisconsin for the day to visit .he snap on tools company the headline in the washington times this morning, trump uses executive order to push higher american. >> he will try to begin the guestworker program and federal procurement rules as individuals plan to make strides on his push to buy and higher american. visall not cancel the h-1b program that he complained about but he will call and federal agencies to look at lesser steps designed to reduce abuses that could let companies hire even when qualified americans are waiting. the president will also order a governmentwide review of contracting laws and will reduce
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or eliminate the issue in some waivers that allow federal buycies to skirt existing " american laws." host: linda you are on the air. go ahead. caller: thank you. is open to speak about anything? host: yes. caller: i would like to address any of the seniors out there. there is a problem with this war on drugs. it seems like the people who have needed some narcotic drugs maybection and get up and get a part-time job so we can afford the co-pays, over-the-counter that we have to pay now because it is not -- red, because it is not and we end up with formulary committees from the state getting ready with medicare and deciding what manufacturer they will favor for the year.
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and we have worked harder for works for us, and maybe even being able to volunteer and actually getting a part-time job to see how we are going to live on our $700 social security a month. if it is not on the area we have to fight and call, it is our time to call the pharmaceutical insurance companies. then it has to be preauthorized. toy take the authorization the doctor, and the doctor gets mad because he is using his staff time to fax it back. it keeps going around and around. they pushed breathing meds and medications on us -- there was a thyroid medicine that we found that would work better than maybe another one but we have to fight with them constantly. these insurance companies. the doctor won't even think to prescribe it because he knows if it is not on the formulary, even though we have been taking
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something for 20 years and it has been working, it doesn't matter. i was wondering if other seniors, or people who are disabled and the tiny little bit of oxycodone that i took per day, i wouldn't take it, i would do pool therapy or i would take their meditation, living well with chronic conditions workshop , i tried to incorporate everything i can, trying to figure out how to eat better or get better food in the food bank for the low income and the seniors, so that we are getting better nutrition rather than just potatoes, carrots and onions that might be there. host: that is linda in washington. we've got new, delaware, we will hear from anna on our republican line. caller: i am totally against the free college education for kids. i have four grandchildren, two
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graduated and two more. one is going to be a doctor. i just think that if they want college education than they should work their way through. that is not unheard of. i think i am paying for them to go to school now and i am paying all the aliens that are coming in and i am paying for them and they probably want to raise our taxes here and if they do that i will lose my home because i am 81 years old, i am not in good health and i cannot afford to pay for their school education and then their college education. another thing that i disapprove of his passing the law where the marijuana and the medical marijuana. i put up with excruciating pain all the time. have been since i was 12 years old and i am 81. i would not take a medical marijuana.
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host: she was referring to the tuition comment about our earlier guest, looking at new york's plan to provide free student education for public schools, public colleges in the state of new york inside higher education. students from families with incomes up to 120 $5,000 would not pay tuition but some experts are required to stay in-state for the same number of years they received the benefit. .ext up, we hear from lloyd in indiana. a democratic color. good morning. go ahead. caller: yes. theomment is about much president and taxes and higher american, hire buy american. it takes all kinds from the bottom to the top to make this country work. minimum wage jobs, all the way up. it seems to me like if we could
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give the lower income jobs tax americans on more and as the plan, scale goes up on the wages -- then they start dragging the taxes in higher. it just seems like that would be good incentives to a lot of people to maybe get off the couch, go to work. make the money for themselves. you have to start somewhere in this world. a lower income job. work their way to a higher income job. like,e norm seems to be you know, "i'm not going to work for a minimum wage job." the job has to be filled.
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where the illegals and everybody else gets in. it is like, i will work for what i am saying. i will take the job. but if the tax incentive was better at that level versus, as incomee in your yearly -- it just seems like a better incentive to get people working, making american products to be bought for americans. i don't see the headache about the situation. other than politics. in general. thank you for your time. host: yesterday was the first day on the job for supreme court justice neil gorsuch.
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the washington times writing about that. humor, a bit of sarcasm reminiscent of scalia. he dived into the job on monday, piping up early and often as he took up his seat on the supreme court bench to hear arguments. the new justice waited 11 minutes before asking questions in the first of three cases the court heard on monday. its first session since president pic was sworn in one week earlier. echoed his own confirmation hearings testimony with questions focused on the text of federal laws and rules the court.before he employed humor, expressed a modicum of humility, showed a hint of irritation and even channeled scalia with a touch of sarcasm. more open phones about 10 more minutes or so. we're from margaret in vincentown, new jersey. independent line. caller: i have to agree with
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elated at was complaining about teirs on the drugs. they play games with us seniors all the time. you have to pay more on your part d and it is really a hardship for most seniors because people think because you have medicare you have it made but if you have medicare you have to have a supplement. otherwise if you go in the hospital, their ego. that would be the end of you. you would be bankrupt. some of the has to do something about health care and especially these drug companies. nobody does anything about the way they take over the commercials on tv. there is nothing but drug commercials and hospital commercials. it is ridiculous. someone has to stop this. the drug companies are taking over america. thank you for your time. host: next from cleveland, we hear from dean on our independent line. .ake sure you mute your tv
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go ahead with your comment after that. and i dean? host: that is what it says on your screen. caller: my name is jean. host: i'm sorry. my apologies. go ahead with your comment. caller: in response to what the lady said about the drug companies, that is because they the drug companies, the pharmaceutical companies who make more money than anyone in the world because they give us phony drugs, they pay off the mda, and pay off the they are paid off all the way down the line through the medical field. i read that in a book somewhere. we have thereason type of drug policies that we have today.
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also, why hasn't president trump been impeached? all of the impeachable offenses that he has committed, why hasn't he been impeached? i have heard the name thrown out there many times. people out there marching in the streets right now against this new tax policy that gives all the benefits to the wealthiest of the 1% or's of america -- 1 percenters of america. host: c-span covered that march in the capital. you can find it on our website. more of our coverage will include the homeland security secretary john kelly. he will speak at george washington university. we will have that this morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern. this story at, their officials defy trumps promises. the u.s. border patrol agents once again sounding the alarm about miles of border being left wide open. and unsecure. aeitbart texas obtained
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document showing a patrol manager knowingly issuing orders to leave 40 miles of border open and uncontrolled. obama holdovers in the customs and border protection agency, , are continuing with the same careless disregard in the trumpet ministration that they did under former president obama according to border patrol agent. ron is on our republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. excuse me, i am a little bit mixed up here. let me get myself going. are you there? host: i am here. caller: ok. in america we seem like we want to write the laws that govern our people and keep everyone in line, keep them on the same direction. but we are going in 11 different directions. we are selling in every different direction there is.
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if you look at al qaeda -- i don't agree with them, they are terrible -- that they are willing to die for what they believe. in our country, we should put god first instead of going all different directions. behink this country would 1000% better overall. thank you this morning. host: thank you, ron. here is jim in baltimore on our democrat line. caller: hello? good morning sir. host: how are you? caller: fine, thank you very much. i would like to make several comments. 2016, president 70mp elected to higher about hb2 workers. and they are being paid anywhere between nine dollars, up to
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about $17 an hour. in this particular case there whomany people in florida the employment agencies have people willing to work but when you pay a person nine dollars an hour they cannot live with that. -- we areing advocating $15 an hour wage and here in america nine dollars an hour would not feed a family of four. he is a billionaire and he is , foreignre people workers, to work at mar-a-lago for low wages. it is just slave wages basically. this would not even help a family of four. plus, social security has not
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had an increase in a couple of years and people are still maybe $1100e about a month and they can't live off of those kinds of wages. host: thanks for your call. a couple of more minutes on final comments and tweets on issues we talked about in the program. "if from vivian, who says you can pay for college with the part-time job everyone would go to college." maverick says "you've got to feel bad about the senior .alling for the cost of meds said that many of them voted for what they got." trumpcare says "obamacare -- in four years. a that trump won do that." host: we hear from lee on our democrats line.
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you are on the air. go ahead. caller: i -- i am a democrat. i've been a democrat for 54 years but i voted for trump. congressman our elected to serve the people. aside they would set their pride because they lost , -- residential election host: lee? why did you vote for donald trump after all of those years of being a democrat? caller: when he was elected president, i walked out on my front porch and i had a feeling that i hadn't had since john f. kennedy did the bay of pigs situation with cuba.
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i am an extreme -- i am an ex-marine chief of police and i feel like we need the strength build our strength.nd i think that's the only way the united states is going to stay on top because we cannot govern -- the other countries with what they need to cause they have -- for 500 years and we need to stand strong. we need the wall and we need to bring our troops home. build bases along the coasts of backnited states and take our people. we cannot solve the world's problems.


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