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  Vice President Mike Pence Reaffirms U.S.- Southeast Asian Relationship  CSPAN  April 20, 2017 7:22pm-7:35pm EDT

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humanion the degree of activity contributing is subject to debate. senator sanders: the vast majority of scientists are telling us that we do not get our act together and transform our energy system away from fossil fuels, there is a question as to the quality of the planet we are going to be leaving our children and grand children. >> just some of tonight's special program in the trumpcare that. we will show portions of hearings for the t devos, epa administrator scott pruitt and others. vice president mike pence is on a 10 day tour of asia. he announced president trump will attend three summits. two in the philippines and one in vietnam. here are the vice president's
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remarks. ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you here. -- i want to first ur kind and generous hosts and the secretary for hosting us. it has been a very productive day. the vice president of the united states has had excellent meetings with the secretary general and the permanent representatives behind me. we have reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to southeast asia and the wider asia-pacific region. with that, i would like to welcome the vice president to the stage. ladies and gentlemen, vice president pence. [applause]
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vice president pence: good afternoon. to the my first visit asia-pacific as vice president of the u.s. i bring greetings from the president, president trump. it is such an honor to be here today at asean. asean has fostered economic integration. it has forged regional cooperation. it has promoted prosperity and security. but for the asean asia-pacific as a whole.
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i want to thank the charge the for that kind introduction. we are grateful for your work. i'll so want to thank the secretary general' the chairwoman, and the permanent members here with me today. i was grateful to have the opportunity to meet with each of you today and appreciate our discussion. they, on president trump's half, i would like to on its 50th asean anniversary. this also marks the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship with you. our relationship has benefited both asean and america. the relationship between the is a strategic
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partnership. are already taking steps to strengthen our partnership. president trump this morning and he gave me the great privilege to inform the secretary general and permanent members that the president will attend the u.s. asean summit, the east asian summit, and the leaders meeting in vietnam and the philippines. the present ask me to deliver this message directly to the leadership and express how enthusiastic he is to join the summit during the golden anniversary of this organization. it is a testament to the value president trump places on the strategic partnership. and the asia-pacific as a whole. it is a sign, i hope, to all to
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our firm and unwavering commitment to build on the strong foundation we share. by strengthening our economic memberhe u.s. and asean nations can foster jobs, prosperity, and growth. already support 550,000 jobs in the u.s.. almost 42,000 companies export more than $1 billion in goods and services every year. at the same time come the u.s. imports a significant amount from member nations as well. amazingly, u.s. companies invest and its members than any other part of asia. investmentn, an which is more than in china, india, and japan combined.
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the u.s. will redouble our cooperation on issues of regional security. reality threatens all our nations. we will continue supporting efforts to support our people and our way of life. across this region and the wider world. we will continue to work closely to promote peace and stability, by upholding a rules-based order. encouraging the peaceful and diplomatic resolution of disputes. side-by-sideworked to foster peace and prosperity between our lands. president trump and i are confident through our continued partnership, which is going stronger, we will build on our firm foundation to reach greater
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heights in the next 50 years. i want to say thank you. thank you to the permanent members. thank you to the secretary general. president trump and i look forward to reaffirming our commitment to each of you in the days ahead. i know he looks forward to this november. thank you for giving us the opportunity to make this announcement. it is an honor to be with you all. [applause]
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[applause] [laughter]
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>> and about troy five minutes, part two of our special program, looking at president trump's cabinet, with portions of the confirmation hearings from betsy devos. scott pruitt and others. trump andt, president the president of italy. they held a joint news conference. first, we will take a look at their briefer marks in the oval office. president trump a great welcome to the prime minister of italy. we are going to have a long discussion. >> thank you. i am really pleased to be here. visit ining for his
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sicily next month. president trump i look forward to that. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. president trump: thank you, very much. prime minister, welcome. great honor. thank you. it is wonderful to have you in our wonderful people's house known as the white house. so many great italian friends are with us today. and we