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tv   House Speaker Calls Presidents Tax Plan a Good Thing  CSPAN  April 26, 2017 6:53pm-7:06pm EDT

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cuts and massive tax reform and simplifying the system is what we're going to do. the a.m.t. is just another example of a third complicated set of rules. anyway, thank you, everybody. ppreciate you guys being here. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> earlier today, house speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders held a news conference on the white house tax reform proposal. he also spoke about a repeal and replace health care bill and funding the government past this coming friday. his is 10 minutes. mr. ryan: regular order. regular order. hey, mon, how are you doing? everybody here? good morning. since president trump took office this congress has sent 29 bills to his desk. that is the most for a president's first 100 days in
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office since 1949. nearly half of these measures are measures to take excessive regulations off the book so we can grow this economy. after years of workers and industries bracing for the next regulatory onslaught, all the unpredictability that has been coming with that, we are providing relief for energy jobs, for small businesses, for retirees. it has been an estimated that the steps we have take within this administration will save families and businesses more than $67 billion. that is real relief and that promotes real economic growth. we've been trying to cut red tape for years and now it's finally happening at record levels. all to promote job creation. the president has signed bills making it easier for women to pursue stem careers and to become entrepreneurs. to help our veterans. the president has signed a bill to lower out-of-pocket costs and to take steps toward fundamental v.a. reform, very much in need. we're going to keep building on this record. right now we are working on a funding bill that
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addresses some of the country's core priorities, including strengthening our national defense. last week i was in europe visiting some of our key nato allies. and across the board allies are ready to see america step up and lead again. a big part of that is rebuilding our military. which is something that we're in the middle of doing right now. we're also working to fix our tax code. today the administration will outline its principles for pro-growth tax reform, which is a critical step forward in this effort. pro-growth tax reform means that we will have lower rates, we will have a simpler tax code with fewer brackets, and we will have an i.r.s. that exists only to serve the taxpayer. and we will continue to work to keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare. so that we can lower costs and create more choices for families. we have undertaken some very big reforms to tackle entrenched problems. there's a lot of work left to do. but under the president's leadership, this unified government has made a solid start. thank you. mr. mccarthy: good morning. welcome back to many of you.
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as the speaker talked about those bills that moved to the president's desk prior to this congress, only one time has a congressional review act ever made it all the way to the president's desk and been signed. we have passed 15 inside this house, 13 of those have been signed into law. to create one job creation, but also to create commonsense -- bring commonsense regulations back that to this country. many of you watched last night the swearingen in of a new member of congress, ron estes from kansas. also we'll take up one from copyright position, very important position to have at the library of congress. focusing on the future of copyrights and others. we'll vote on that today. tomorrow we'll take up about freddie and fannie. freddie and fannie are exempt from the freedom of information act. and the idea of bringing more transparency to government. we will pass a bill to make sure they are no longer exempt from foia. anybody can get the information dealing with freddie and fannie as we move forward.
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we'll continue to be able to fund this government, making sure that our military men and women have all that they need to not only protect this country, but make the world safe. and i will tell you, walking out of this conference, i see great movement when it comes to health care and we'll continue to keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare, to make sure insurance costs are lower and people are actually protected from pre-existing onditions. >> the last two weeks have been really good for members to come back to their districts and hear from the people that elected us so we can continue working for the american people, to follow through on the things that are important to them. mr. scalise: like getting the economy back on track. like getting the federal government out of the way in so so many areases of their livings, where people are hurting. one of those areas that government has been making harder for families is obamacare. with double-digit increases every year in premiums. 10,000, 12ds,000dy
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ductables, with less access for good care. that's why over these last two weeks, we've been working very closely with our colleagues all across the country to continue making progress and making sure that we're not giving up the ultimate objective he of repeal and replacing obamacare. a really good progress has been made during the last two weeks. a lot more members are focused on getting to where we need to be. so we're not going to stop working until we get that done. in the meantime, we've also been working closely with this president. i've been really encouraged to see the kind of commitment that president trump has had on following through on the promises he made to the american people. getting our economy back on track. getting rid of regulations that are killing jobs in america. if you look at what's already happened, of course we're not even at day 100, i know a lot of people want to already write about what the first 100 days have been like, the good news is, a lot of really good things have happened in that first 100 days and there's still more things that are good that are set to happen. you just look at the economy.
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over 500,000 new jobs have been created in this first 100 days. the president set a tone of getting the economy back on track and helping create more jobs. including signing 13 different pieces of legislation into law that reverse bad regulations that were killing jobs in america. helping rebuild the coal industry. helping getting some of these other federal agencies off of the backs of american workers. signing and green lighting the keystone pipeline. president trump with that one action of green lighting the could he seen it pipeline created tens of thousands of good jobs and helped ensure america's energy security. of course on foreign policy, president trump has followed through on so many commitments. number one, just making sure that we're enforcing our laws, securing the border. legal board -- illegal border crossings down over 60%. just upholding america's rule of law. also working with our allies. as you talk to nato allies, like the speakers, i was able to meet with some of our nato
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allies. president trump has encouraged our nato allies to get up to that 2% level of g.d.p. spending so that not only is america contributing to nato, but so are the countries in europe. they've done. hat they've think you see a cohesive, working with our aleyes and get our economy moving again and working with this president to get america moving been. >> and spend time in your district and hearing their concerns and great to have an extended time. and people do want to see results and see this as an opportunity to rethink. d we must get this economy innovation nleash
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nd we are rolling back the regulatory burdens. i held a number of conversations, whether with farmers or infrastructure or health care, people see this as an opportunity to get the esults and i come back re-energized and i'm commit to do the big things. the speaker: anybody have any questions? inaudible] the speaker: i'll refer to kevin. process.e regulatory
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and we think that is the most regulatory process. and chairman hensarling is marking it up. and want to bring it to the floor as soon as possible. [inautomobile] the speaker: no, not at all. [inautomobile] the speaker: we had a good meeting and going to get a bill. and we have been briefed on what they are going to do and along the same lines and progress being made and moving on the same page. [laughter] he speaker: yeah, right.
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we see this as a good thing. [inautomobile] the speaker: tom mcart thur has a lot of experience in insurance and worked in high risk pools and the mccarthur amendment is a great way to give states more flexibility. those are the three things we want to chair. obamacare and whatever we can do o get the premiums down and it is met but every state is a little different. in wisconsin, they had a risk-shared pool and custom muse the reforms and lower premiums and protect people with
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pre-existing amendments. 'm not going to do it. [inaudible] the speaker: the administration, o.m.b. are down to the last final things. we aren't doing that. that is not in a bill. we are very, very close and the analysis is down to the final details. we want to get this done om time. thanks everybody. we'll see. we'll vote on it when we get the votes. inaudible]
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>> house democratic leaders hold news conference, caucus chair crowley called ital failure. he also spoke about a repeal and this us 5 minutes. mr. crowley: welcome back from the two-week break, i must have missed this terribly and i missed you all. here we are, this week and i anticipate the white house wanted to


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