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  President Trump Says Hell Terminate NAFTA If He Doesnt Get a Fair Deal  CSPAN  April 27, 2017 8:58pm-9:04pm EDT

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bell ringers. >> my favorite is the deliberation page. it is perfectly set up and ready to go. topicsn a variety of that are relevant today. >> if you are a middle school teacher, high school join thousands of teachers across the nation, as a member of c-span classroom. it is free and easy to register. if you register now, you can request our free classroom sized american presidents timeline poster print a graphic display of all 45 presidents. find out more about it at argentinasident of made his first of its own visit to the white house today. he had lunch with president trump and met with him in the oval office. cameras were allowed in at the end of their meeting. the two leaders also took a few questions from reporters.
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>> what is your name? >> can you see that? >> how are you? me too. >> first time in the white house? >> is my first time. first time in the oval office to the president and mrs. macri, and is a great honor to have them here. my friend for many years, long prior to politics. who knew this was going to happen for both of us? what a great, wonderful person, and he will be a great president of argentina. i have no doubt. absolutely no doubt.
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>> [indiscernible] donald trump: we are going to be great friends, better than ever before, and we are off to a wonderful start because i have known mauricio for so many years, and i know the kind of person he is. he is a great person, and he is a great leader. he will do a fantastic job for argentina, and i feel comfortable backing him because they need certain things from the united states. i feel comfortable backing him because i know what i am backing . i am backing a man who loves his people and loves his country. >> [indiscernible] they are very good. donald trump: i know about it. they are -- the lemon business is a big business. we are going to give that very serious consideration. one of the reasons he is here in -- is about lemons. i will tell him about north korea, he will tell me about
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lemons. i think it will be very favorable. [speaking simultaneously] donald trump: venezuela is a mess. naftarenegotiating [indiscernible] donald trump: i was going to terminate nafta two or three days of now. the president of mexico, i have , good relationship, called me and also the prime minister of canada, who i have a good relationship. i like both of these men, and rather than terminating nafta, could you please renegotiate? i like them very much. i respect the country's very much. the relationship is very special , and i said i will hold on determination or let's see if we can make it a fair deal, because nafta is terrible for the united states. it has been good for canada and
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mexico but horrible for the united states. if you check my campaign, any of my speeches, i said, i will either renegotiate or terminates. so we will, and i think we will be successful in the termination, it would be simpler, but we need to be dale -- fair for the united states. they understand. rather than terminating nafta, which would be a big shock to the system, we will renegotiate. if i am unable to make a fair deal, a fair deal for the united states, meaning a fair deal for workers and companies, i will terminate nafta. but we are going to give renegotiation a strong chance. thank you. thank you very much. [speaking simultaneously] donald trump: thank you, thank you. thank you. thank you. sad to see what has
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happened in venezuela. a soil is a very sad situation. -- venezuela is a very sad situation. thank you. announcer 1: as you heard, president trump said he will renegotiate nafta. after talking on the phone with the president of mexico and the prime minister of canada. the chicago tribune notes this came hours after saying to officials that trump was considering a draft executive order to withdraw the u.s. from the deal. prime minister trudeau talked about this at a press conference earlier today. we understand the white house is sending mixed messages about what it wishes to do with nafta. mr. prime minister, the president has treated he wishes he wishes-- tweeted to