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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 29, 2017 9:40am-10:04am EDT

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3 p.m. eastern on sunday, may 7 on book tv on c-span2. >> washington journal continues. host: welcome back. we have been talking all morning about the first 100 days of donald trump's presidency. on how it islook playing out across the country. this is from the fayetteville observer -- after 100 days, trump still controlling conversation. dayp has mocked the 100th benchmark complaining that he would be accused of failing a matter how much he accomplished. but he spent the final week rolling out executive orders. this from the democrat chronicle from rochester, new york --
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early battles. president trump has squared off with his home state several times in his first 100 days in office. it provides a few examples. you see president trump sitting next to republican chris collins. let's go to the las vegas review journal -- it has been a wild writing these 100 days. the tallies what it believes a trump next record. lessig, from the seattle times, the first 100 days, reality check for the president fumbled. let's go to the phones. cornelius calling from alexandra, louisiana on the independent line. caller: good morning, sir. i have been really enjoying your show. i could not get in earlier. i just wanted to say something. i am an african american, just like you. i don't know if you voted for
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trump, but i decided to give trump a chance. i have been -- i hope you bring one of these issues of. -- these issues up. obama cannot get a partner because he was trying to get so many folks out of prison. trump because i believe he wants to change things. i just think hillary was just a crook. i was a military police officer and stuff. i just don't see which he got away with these females in the and theith these emails fbi has not been able to do anything. we have to give the management and and see what he can do -- we have to give the man a chance and see what he can do. have a blessed day. texaslet's go to houston,
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with pretoria. -- with victoria. caller: i feel texas with pretoria. like -- [no audio] obama did what he needed to do. if they do not shut the house down, we would have got more things done. we have to get beyond the parties right now. it is about getting people jobs and help people getting jobs right now. people need it. strokeamacare, i had a in 2009 and i cannot talk. i could not get no help. i was under age 60. when obama came through, i got help. that is what i am talking today. it really helped me, and we need obamacare because people that
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have this issue could not do it. and now, they are trying to put us back in a long line at the hospital, where they want to put us way back. we are in 400 lines of people trying to see the doctor. that is not making any sense. that is not going to work. host: what do you make of donald trump's desire to appeal or place affordable care act questio? caller: it is sending us back and an ugly way. people can see to his heart. it is not like. host: let's go to ron calling in from mesquite, nevada on the independent line. hi, ron. caller: good morning. host: what is on your mind? caller: i was very disappointed physician's
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concerning the environment -- some's position concerning -- trump's position concerning the environment. we cannot keep polluting our air and water. are environmental issues a big concern to living in the data? -- concern to you living in nevada? caller: yes and in the united states. let's go to galveston, texas republican line where we have kevin waiting to share his views. what is on your mind? caller: hello there. great program. i got up early. i really loved the health care segment. as a republican, i'm unbelievable -- i'm unbelievably disappointed with congress.
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for seven years, the indicated a have had a better way, and here we are still with nothing. i was in health care industry for 25 years as an administrator for hospitals and hmos. i got out of it because i thought i was part of the problem. i seew as a patient, these hospital systems. i know what happened people are doing in administration. they're trying to get something done. the other half of the people are trying to stop those people from getting it done. the health care system is terribly broken. i have got all this experience in health care. i received my bills. i cannot figure out what is going on. of consumerse idea getting more involved.
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right now, this woman is right. it is very hard for an individual. but if we had some forums and some education, patience could actually -- patients can make a difference improving the way hospitals in hospital systems work. we have a very, very broken system. and it is easy to see as a it --t wife caught -- why and it is easy to see as a patient white costs so much -- it is easy to see as a patient why it costs so much. i would love to cc been spending more time with people who have solutions for the health care problem in this country. nancy lives in south charleston, west virginia. a democrat. hello, nancy.
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hello. the media did not blame obama when he could not get a supreme court justice approved. but why do you blame trump won congress doesn't cooperate with him? decencyneed a sense of and stop bashing the president for things that are not his fault. host: all right. i will draw your attention to put to events -- i will try to do to two events. one is an environmentalist rally in washington. given its hosted by the people's climate movement. it is a coalition of students and groups. live coverage of the rally from the ground at the washington monument at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span,, or on the free c-span radio app. event --ght is the big the white house correspondent's
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association dinner and c-span will have live coverage of that dinner. it will include the announcement of several awards and recipient of college scholarships awarded by the white house correspondent s'association. president trump will not attend the dinner. live coverage begins at 9:30 eastern on c-span. back to the phones. gail in california, republican. caller: good morning. i wanted to talk earlier. we were talking about what trump has a compass in the first 100 days. i am absolutely thrilled with president trump. man gave up the best lifestyle anybody had in the world so that he could try to help our country, and all he is getting is bashed. if paul ryan would cooperate a little bit and if mitch
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mcconnell would cooperate a little bit, he is not getting cooperation out of his own party, let alone the democrats. he did a lot reversing that obama did that was very damaging. and he did that with executive orders. atsidering the fact that every turn, everything this man wants to do, everybody wants to battle them over it. and we elected him because he is not a politician. people keep saying, he is not doing this like the other presidents did it. that is why we hired him so that he doesn't do things like all the other politicians. switched from, i being independent of 20 years so i could vote for president trump because he was going to be doing something different besides all
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of the other politicians. i just want to say, c-span coming you guys are awesome that we actually get to speak to you and tell you what our opinions are common set of being spoken at all the time host: i appreciate that. host: a quick question for you. do you think the reason why president trump might be having some problems in the republicans to jump aboard the trump train is he approaches things in a way a politician doesn't? that is probably a part of the problem, you know. chmooze people.o and he does not live. .hat he does not lie he does not lie to that person to get votes.
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he is speaking the truth. this iss saying, look, the way ahead. are you going to get on board or not? if republicans think they are saved, they are not. we are not done with them. there are a lot more that can be gone. if they don't start coming around and getting on board the trump train. that is the direction the country wants to go in. host: ok. let's go to william cowan from anderson, south carolina, and independent. hi, william. caller: how are you? host: great. what is on your mind? caller: i cannot believe people like that lady. this trump train is going to kill us all. -- he is aine f lying fool.
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all he is doing is appointing goldman sachs after he was beating up on hillary clinton for her goldman sachs connection. he is something else. every weekend, mar-a-lago on the taxpayer's dime. we're paying for the kids's protection. it is insane. host: let's take a listen of what rex tillerson said yesterday. he was speaking at a u.s.-hosted u.n. meeting and the focus is north korea. [video clip] >> for too long, the international community has been reacting to addressing north korea. those days must come to an end. failing to act on the most pressing security issue may bring catastrophic consequences. we have said this before and it bears repeating -- the policy of strategic patients is over. onlyional patience will
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suggest an open north korea. the more we buy our time, the sooner we will run out of it. in light of the growing threat, the time has come for all of us to put the pressure on north korea to abandon its dangerous path. i urge this council to act before north korea does. we must work together to adopt a new approach and impose increased diplomatic and economic pressures on a north korea regime. all options for responding to future provocation must remain on the table. diplomatic and financial levers of power will be backed up by willingness to cannot north korea aggression with military action, if necessary. a negotiatedr solution to the problem. but we are committed to defending ourselves and our allies against north korea's aggression. this new pressure campaign will be swiftly implemented and painful to north korean interests. that was secretary of
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state with addressing the policy toward north korea, which is quickly rising of the list of the trump administration's foreign-policy agenda item. let's go to dave calling in from irvine, california. caller: i would like to make a comment. first of all, trump is mentally ill. we are in big trouble. he is want to get us into a nuclear war. he is going to get us all killed. the news media needs to take the responsibility because -- trump lies about everything. the news media has to do their job, man. we need single-payer health care in this country. he could have done that, but he did not. he is what you get rid of health care and throw 20 million people off of health care. he does not want to raise the minimum wage. he would have you working for two dollars an hour if he could.
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news media, please do something! ask cam the tough questions. he's going to get us killed it into a nuclear war. host: thank you. let's head to minnesota where we have -- we are having an issue with the phones. the for the baltimore, maryland where chad is calling in on the democratic line. chad, are you there? we are having an issue. caller: i appreciate the program and i listen everyday. thank you to the fellow calling before. opposite.lutely the he lies everyday. but he did say recently that he did not know that the presidential office was going to be as difficult to run as he thought it was going to be. you know what? he was telling the truth.
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i cannot say he is a complete liar. the things that he does lie about, and the perception that he tries to impose around the world isn't working in our favor. to northt obama going korea. lie about what he is to do with infrastructure and how he's not going to take money. how he's going to relieve taxes and build a wall that we will make mexico pay for. all of this was a complete lie to appeal to the lower common denominator which is fear, uncertainty, and doubt that he is placed into people. he is dehumanizing people and the united states. we cannot stoop so low to believe him. the trump train is derailing itself. we need to get him out of there did it takes some people to look inside themselves and say, you
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know what, i was wrong. americathat half of nice to take a quick look and say, do i really believe this, or i am a better person? thank you so much. charles endeared, indiana is on a republican line. charles, are you there? caller: thank you. i am here. i'm a trump voter and i'm very pleased with his 100 days. , if you are on a regular job, it takes you 90 probation days to learn the job. i think donald trump is doing fine. for those who say he is -- he is and a liar your president and he is my president and he's the president of the united states. we excepted obama. we excepted bush back in the day. whoever else we had. now we are accepting president
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trump. i think he's doing great. we appreciate c-span and the people taking our calls. people.s your donald trump is doing fine. there are folks in congress getting in the way. he can only do what he can do. alabama, we love our guns, we love our country, we love our family. having a scottish background myself, we think donald trump. host: let's go to maryland where andrew is on the independent line. andrew, you have the final word. actually, we lost andrew, so that would do it for today's washington journal. thank you for making this program part of your day to you back here tomorrow. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the white house correspondent association halted skinner tonight and washington d.c. we will take a look at preparations for the event and memorable moments from the past. after that, confirmation hearing for courtney sims all would, president trump's trump for the cia. then jeff sessions on ethical standards at the justice department. in democrats discuss in the trump administration. >> check out our c-span classroom website
10:01 am it is full of resources for classroom members, the improved forut is people easy access resources for the classroom, including short, current events video that highlights important event and washington d.c. constitution for said when the constitution to life it social studies lessons plans and on the state history resources. it allows teachers to filter by date am a person, keyword, topic, and grade level. our bell ringers videos of teacher's favorites. with vocabulary and discussion questions that make policy issues more assessable to students. i love the bell ringers. conjunctionhem in with an activity we are doing that day as more of a wrapup. >> the new website is something that is fabulous. my students use it regularly and it is easy.
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they are working on making questions that they can design and turn to their own bell ringers. >> my favorite aspect is the deliberations face. it is ready to go. it is on a variety of topics current and relevant today. you are a middle school or high school teacher, drawing thousands of your fellow teachers across the nation as a member of c-span classroom. it is free and easy to register at you can request our full-size poster. a full display of details of all 45 presidents. the white house correspondents association is holding its annual dinner tonight with a comedian from the daily show. president trump says he will not
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be attending the event they should making him the first president in more than three decades to do so. we will take a look at the dinner's history and the memorable moments from the past. this is 40 minutes. george condon, coming out with an upcoming book on the history of the white house correspondent's association dinner. and julia whiston, the director of the association. let's talk about this dinner. why the washington health and how many people are attending have you pull this off? guest: we use the washington hilton specifically because it can accommodate over 2600 in the room for dinner. it can accommodate the crew parties. -- it cannot come to the pre-parties.


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