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tv   Democrats Accuse President and GOP of Breaking Promises in First 100 Days  CSPAN  April 29, 2017 1:01pm-1:38pm EDT

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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back from the two week break. know you must have missed us terribly. i missed you all. so great to see you all. and ie are this week anticipate the white house wanted to celebrate the first 100 days and commemorate may be a better phrase to use. 100 days and commemorate may be a better phrase to use. it has been a 100 days of failure of this administration tside of gorsuch being the ninth member of the supreme nomination nd itself. we look at the failures of achievement. i don't say this, because the american people are the ones that suffer because of the lack
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of focus and tonings. nothing in terms of jobs and economy, nothing to show for it in terms of health care and absolutely nothing to show for draining the swamp and my colleagues will talk about that. and broken promises that the president he has made. he promised tax reform to help middle america to help the average worker, so far, the polls we have seen is to help the wealthiest in our nation. hey talk about revenue neutral but not diss tricks been the wealthy which pay less. and the president has come out with 15% as well as c
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corporations. sweetness for democrats and entice us, but it's a plan to help the wealthiest in this country at the expense of our nation's deficit. look at the budget. it is an attempt to plus up side, he would cut meals on wheels and job training and cut many of the things that we need things in this country. nfrastructure.
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and invest in the investment of our country. missed opportunity. our hope, on fwaff of the american people is the next 100 people is not full of lies and not should have, could have, would have, but advance the american people and advance our country. we get that. but we need to see a president who is willing to work with democrats. speaking on behalf of myself, i said this over and over been, i want to work on tax reform. and we look at the code itself. we so a lot of problems. but it's very difficult to
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attack those issues where my constituencies feel a threat. there needs to be more radical change. i pray for the president. i pray for the people around him. but they want to work in a more bipartisan way and hope springs eternal. nd i turn it over to the representative sanchez. ms. sanchez: president trump campaigned on keeping jobs at home and buying and hiring americans but in his first 100 days he has not put forward a concrete job creating jobs and ot helped working women to get ahead.
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nd that hasn't happened. and hard deleff working americans and a little window dressing, he hasn't done that. he has proposed to cut making harder for people to get training. donald trump has failed on the campaign promises. talk has been tough but the and his string is probably why he s the lowest approval rating at this early in their term. in 100 days, the american people re growing tired of of the broken promises. americans are working longer to make ends meet. we want to see the president lay
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out a detailed proposal. and not more. zphrf would strip coverage for millions of americans and folks would be forced to pay more for
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less which is the opposite of what the president promised. what is more, their plan puts an age tax on seniors and gave a huge tax break to millionaires and billionaires should they have been successful. the plan would take us back to the dark ages when people faced discrimination for pre-existing conditions for pregnancy and your child's asthma. when a trip to the emergency room would break the bank. it. all we have seen are health care policies would hurt, instead of working to make our country healthier. they are carrying a way, health care insurance in these 100 daze , trump has moved us back wards and this inaction is hurting families and when i say to the
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dark ages. a gentleman asked a question in front of his 150 neighbors and he took three trips to the hospital, for hospital stays and three operations. and he said, my premiums have gone up a bit and i sawed l said a bit. and i had sa, can this before or after affordable care act and he said this happened after. and i said what would happen to you? before i could finish my question, he said they would have taken away my house. please understand my ladies and gentlemen. it addressed the fear of getting health care when you need it.
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and i turn over to my coleeling. and thank you for putting this together. i am the representative from hawaii first congressional district and leader of the 27 tf flynn who stand together
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failed to disclose payments and after he was removed, registered as a former agent. this is no excuse for mike a everal flynn. it seems to be bipartisan in the fact that he has broken the laws. president trump's former mpaign manager has a large firm. lobbyists are going to be stopped. instead with see them growing in
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influence. they were not stopped. log dering the white house where president obama was public. we don't have that. we don't have his tax lurns to know there are any connections and makes you wonder why, why can't he release those tax returns. and i vanching karr l after trump, object taped and happens on the diss she met the chinaes leader and the ties to russia, if there is anything all know there have been ties to russia and rub yeah and the question is where they continue to do more of the same. people want that investigation.
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and we haven't seen it happen. what dotion he have to hide. and this is a common did he no, ma'am mator. americant value to the public. and i turn it back. mr. crowley: just to add to at, the connection between russia and thement's tax returns. he refuses to disclose as it relates to tax reform and how that will benefit him and his empire as ell well as, but the empire and his business empire. we should be concerned about the impact it has on our nation and
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how he has borrow money and who and soy oldened, too that, we will open up for questions. reporter: on friday night, how concerned are you all about what will be happening? mr. crowley: the american people are concerned about the ability of government to continue to function. and i think democrats have been upported of keeping government open. and they could not get the votes open ap work with us to keep the lights on. we stand ready and committed. and we will continue to say
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there will be no ball and the president its backing off from the wall. want to see the bill itself it pertains to border ecurity. so-called border enhancement and the president ace backing off of the ball. and he said he is going to build a beautiful wall and 10 five hire. that will not be built. there is no appetite and to not want to see that wall ever built.
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he the four appropriators, their epublicans and and counter parts continue to work. and which will have a clean bill and move forward.
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and now have insurance where they were denied. let's be clear about this. republican led lawsuit that led it to the halting of these payments so far. the lawsuitalt right now. let's be clear. i seem to the american people know who is standing for the affordable care act. >> and maybe i hope he does break and stops attacking the affordable care act because it is
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maybe the one promise he will continue to keep. control it. and don't have some add money to the c.r. this is not about new money but and keeping money running i have to tell you. my republican colleagues. the instability they will create will bemon you mean tall and see the extension of medicaid and the states that did not enact the measures themselves. the impact will be greatest. and largely represented by republicans. where are i'm not saying this
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tongue and cheek. >> yes, it is complicated. he didn't relled. these are real issues involved dd at stake and he would disment will the of the affordable care act. a while ago that not in the c.r. this will be a language atlanta all. is there a deal breaker? >> it falls upon the majority. and what way it comes to the floor. they need votes and need to be talking to us. so if the speaker, i'm sure working on behalf of the president, let's be clear, they want the affordable care act to
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fail. think want to see it fail. i will wait and see what measures are in the bill. and other issues including .rosecutor -- puerto rico > if there is a cost ksh [inaudible]
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i am not trying to be funny. he has flip-flopped on almost every single tweet. i would like to see it in writing and down to the legislature. >> my question would be given the nature of the questions you are asking whether or not you know something we do not, whether the republicans have the vote. cans don't have the vote. and they don't vermont vote. i think it is 2 now in the house.
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lot more than 2 . and the question is what do they need from us. and if they don't have the vote. so if are asking these questions, it must be that they don't have the votes and that's a major statement as to what the republican majority are doing in terms of fet gotting their people together. reporter: are they running out of track here and won't concede if they are ready to do a c.r. and the size of this bill would be extraordinary and see what iders are there.
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can the white house speak to this? mr. crowley: this is in terms of government. ese first 100 days and you now, observers mr. crowley: they have an a falmajol until hog artrop will commogehwhoug after cofrling to do that after led to the process and limited powers of the presidency and the congress itself and got the first taste when he demand the vote on the affordable care act. i'm not sure --
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r. ryan was trying to indicate it. he was knots primed or ready and paid the consequence. e are about the ability to get the two-wheeler rolling. but if they need our help, and they'll need our input. we have leverage. we look forward to working with our col ocean . otherwise, they are in charge. reporter: all you need to do, how many times the vice president has met with the republicans and with the speaker try to govern and
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they have been failing. i would say personaly, this is purks says of stale you are and amazing when a party decides when they are going to doing things by themselves, they are alling on falling short on the things. and one of the things that it had bad, thank god we moderate republic caps who would not vote fr it. and pushing people out of health care and the list goes on. least wley: the c.r., at complicated as possible.
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reporter: leader pelosi has said that the cost care has been part of this bill. mr. crowley: and we are not negotiating in public, the appropriators are discussing these issues. what we are saying is the money is there. it is not about appropriating. they are negotiating an appropriations pill. the president and would like to see an increase in defense spending up to $a billion. if to come plea metropolitan reckmies any judgments in any
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appropriations. it is not an appropriation, ok? some i think we as democrats stand behind the affordable care act. know what death try pent it wants to to our and hold hostage the affordable care act. the american people know what he is doing. and he could right now and withdraw the lawsuit and could and lly spend these -- chooseing not to do that at the moment. reporter: you mentioned earlier that the president's tax plan might have a couple of swotesners and one of those they can and would infrastructure
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exind about the with tax plan make you more willing to work on help or would your caucus out? mr. crowley: it is not an accomplish mrnt. proposing something was it three days before the deadline? the president apparently has propose a number of issues that hasn't come to fruition. what i would suggest, how difficult it is, i stand ready ap i speak on before of he representative sanchez to address the issues. overly complicated. t's unfair in many respects.
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and those are things that democrats and republic caps. i will come become and talk about a number that is real. 15% corporate rate in conjumpings with the partnerships, creates a 2. bill kwlon deficit. deficit. not paid for. the president hasn't proposed any deficits. that isn't responsible. that is taking it out of the sky and i like 2015. of sfet to 20% in terms expensing about bet to the 5%. and getting to 28%. getting to 28%. the republican house ways and
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means chafrle is starting at 20%. they fleed to get their act together. a proposal is not an plisht. and get it here in this one. >> your question about infrastructure, they would be burning the candle at both ends. that means they're burning the candle at both ends. they're not making any sense. the president is juxtaposing himself against his own rhetoric. add, they have proven incredibly inept at passing anything. complex issues together, i do not think bodes well for successful outcome. i think they need to keep it simple.
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recall and remember what speaker ryan said. speaker ryan said there is a difference, they learned the difference to finally govern. that is where we are at. they are learning what it is like to govern. it is not simple. again, it's learning to govern is what resulted with that mess and now we are hearings about all of these different deals that they want to find out if democrats are willing to buy into, it just tells me that they are still having a difficulty governing. they have to stop doing that because the cost is being paid by the american public. they have got to get their in-house and older. the people are suffering are the working people that are the ones that said the president promised
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that he would make better -- life better for them. all they have managed to do is make life worse. >> i know the house is getting a briefing on north korea. how confident are you the situation is going to calm down under this president? where do you stand on that? >> what kind of question is that? whether it will soften or reduce , this is a very dangerous time that we live in. with an erratic leader. i'm talking about north korea. that is a threat to not only it's an region but to the world. we take it very seriously. we will hear what the administration has to say about this. that we can find a way forward and ratchet down the
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rhetoric in the hopes that that will reduce the rhetoric coming from north korea. in termsgoing forward of engaging the rest of the world, as i said i thought it was good to see the president's daughter shake the hand of angela merkel. theould have been nice if president had done that as well. in the anticipation that maybe we need allies in the world working together to address rogue nations like north korea. those relationships beyond germany include france and great britain. it includes india. it includes china. this point, china vetoed the resolution before the security itncil last week as pertained to north korea. that was not what we hoped. it did happen.
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what is working and what is not working, i think it is good the president is coming toward us on this. the other issues pertaining to the war powers act and the role of congress as well. you should go to half right now because testifying there is admiral harris, the commander of the pacific command. years said from prior that the thing that keeps them up at night is north korea. he goes to bed thinking about it, he wakes up thinking about north korea. your question regarding the president, remember he said he dispatched the call? we know that he did not dispatch the call, it went to australia. i think there may be a disconnect as to how serious north korea is.
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but from the pacific command position, north korea is very serious. in addition to that, as you know, we are in a position where we have the pacific arena, we also have what is going on in the middle east. the middle east is a different situation than syria. the issue we have to resolve there is whether or not the president has the powers to do what he is doing there as well. north korea, it is still technically -- we are in an armistice there. that war has not technically ended. we have to think about all the very situations but for the asia pacific theater, which is important to me, it is a critical component. >> thank you very much.
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[indiscernible] trump will be talking about his first 100 days at a rally later today and harrisburg, pennsylvania. we will take you there live it 7:00 p.m. p.m. -- at it will make it the first time in three decades a sitting president will not be present at the annual event. the entertainer is a comedian. our live coverage gets underway at 9:30 p.m. leading up to the dinner, we spoke to c-span correspondent jeff mason about the presidents absent. he shared his thoughts on the relationship between the press and the executive branch. >> jeff mason, white house correspondent. you have seen the end of one administration, the start of a
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new administration. what have been the biggest challenges? mr. mason: it is the main interlock or between the press corps in the white house. we serve in that role and started with the new trump administration. the biggest challenges have been that adjustment, a new administration comes in with new priorities and less experience. and newegg is good we have had to talk to them about the needs of the press corps. we have also developed a good working relationship with president trump's team. that has led to some successes. there were certainly battles i did not expect to fight. we had a discussion about that and we're still there. the pool is flying on air force one. >>


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