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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 6, 2017 9:34am-10:00am EDT

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and thrown into jail, i heard all about that. she was -- she became at this time a political icon. watch afterwords on booktv. history unfolds daily. in 1970 nine, c-span was created as a public service by america's television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. "washington journal" continues. host: welcome back. we are taking your calls during the last half-hour of "washington journal." earlier we talked about the action on capitol hill as related to health care is moving to the senate. on the front page of "the wall street journal" senators tackle health bill rewrite.
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they planned friday to begin a formal rewrite of the house health care bill, driven in part by the fact that the house bill made it insurance cheaper for young people and costlier for older people. among the provisions senators are tackling is one that charges older americans five times as much as younger people and allowing states a waiver that could make that disparity larger. jerry callingth from georgianna, alabama. good morning. caller: good morning. can you hear me ok? host: i can hear you. what's on your mind? caller: in the last segment, i heard a a lot of talk about the gospel as if that was the only religion they were concerned about. one caller was a lady from
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tennessee talking about the government and christianity, how they are all entwined. i wanted to make my statement 7005when you consider the hundred 91 words included in the 27th amendment and the united states constitution, not one of them are the words "god", jesus, christ, lord, commandments, new .estament, or bible the original constitution of the united states that was ratified in 1789 had only one reference to religion, article six. no religious test shall be required as a qualification. that leads me to say that a freedom to govern. that is my comment. from st. petersburg, florida on the independent line.
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what is on your mind? caller: actually, the gentleman that just got off the phone was on the money when he said there is not one mention anywhere either in the original or in theon constitution and bill of rights god, christian, or christianity. he is right on the money. he is right all so to say article six specifically says there is to be no religious test for public office. i wanted to add one thing. i can to this last gentleman who , thomaseing right jefferson and james madison were the original people who were responsible for getting the
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first in virginia, the virginia religious freedom law passed in 1786. on the basis of that, madison was responsible for getting amendment one of the bill of rights into the constitution. he specifically modeled the first amendment of the bill of rights on the basis of the principal and the virginia religious freedom law, which stipulated government neutrality. with that meant was, and he stated it and jefferson stated it, equality before the law of all religions and of no religions before the law. both jefferson and madison repeatedly used the phrase "separation of church and " in their view of how the
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first amendment was to be construed. 1802, when jefferson was ,resident of the united states and the baptists of danbury, him and try to lobby him to get jesus christ into the constitution he wrote them back. he said, "i could not do it if i wanted to, and i would not if i could. the first amendment of the constitution stipulates separation of church and state." heferson said that, and worked with madison ticket that in the constitution. the last gentleman was on the money when he mentioned there was no mention of any specific religion or any specific figure, suchfit or
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as jesus, or any other. jefferson and madison made that even stronger with the establishment clause of the first amendment saying there will be no establishment of religion in the u.s. thank you host:. mike from somerville, massachusetts. caller: hi. that was a lot and i'm glad i didn't have to explain it. it went along with what i would like to say. i have a couple of points. one is a general point, and another is i would like to respond to the older gentleman that was a veteran. the first is i look at the trump administration as an extension of the bush administration to me . i have been watching politics on c-span since 2003. to me, it is scary how much they
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inject religion into our daily lives and government. i think they should be completely separate. we didn't even say in the pledge untilegiance "under god" the 1950's. it is new, and to meet an imposition of beliefs on myself from government. it is ironic from me how much i hear from the gop about controlling people's lives, whereas they are trying to teach my kids in school about religion , and their withholding sex and, which is a valuable public resource on the pretense of violating their religion. all of these things that impede my life. they tell someone they have to carry a baby to term because it doesn't go in line with their religious beliefs.
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you can't serve someone something because they are homosexual. it is really crazy stuff to me. i don't know if it is an older generational thing, but i look at the gop and it is like to me. world i am a scientist and try to look at things with an open mind, but these guys don't believe in climate change being real, they don't believe in evolution. they're trying to write it into the textbooks. it is crazy to me. i hold it as a possibility, some of these gods or whatever, but i don't follow it blindly and it seems like human-made fiction to me. the second point, i stopped everything i was doing and listened to the older gentleman a few calls ago who is on the other end of the spectrum it
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seems and is horrified with how everything is going. i wanted to say thank you for serving. it does make me think a little bit to hear someone who has gone through all of that. it helps me think in a different way. i really respect what he had to say. calling in,d him and i appreciate his service and his words. thank you, and thank you c-span. host: keith and palm bay, florida. caller: good morning, and it is awesome to be an american in this country. i love freedom. i would like to comment on the last gentleman's comment before i talk about health care. i you there? host: yes. caller: until the pledge of allegiance in 1950 god wasn't in it, from the inception of the
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country until 1962, the christian bible, the old ,estament is the jewish version and the new testament was taught in schools until 1962. god was always in the classroom until then, the christian god and the jewish god. on the health care bill it amazes me how democrats rationalize. government should get out of the way. i don't like the republican side. on the democrat side, for two years president obama had a democrat congress. they passed the bill on christmas night before anyone read it. 2700 pages. they exempt of themselves -- and only democrats voted for it -- the extent of themselves -- the exempt it themselves -- exempted themselves.
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republicans didn't help it, but it is about to collapse on itself. democrats are not helping republicans. we are so divided in this country we prefer shooting ourselves in the foot and working together. on the worksite, the lady discussing jobs, it has been for threen cnbc years, and that is not a conservative business channel, there have been 5.6 million jobs a welding,th plumbing, skilled labor, high paying jobs. we need 600,000 welders at $100 an hour. they are open because we are sending our children for liberal arts college degrees and we don't have the labor force. i don't know how you will get an infrastructure fill in the work done without the workers.
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to start pushing our kids towards skilled labor. well paying job. entrepreneurship has gone down because we're not teaching our kids to be entrepreneurs, skilled labor, and to learn to fail and pick themselves up and keep going. we are destroying this country, and i hope we can come together and make it better. we need to stand by the president. his only been in there for 106 days. he is trying to make deals, but the congress isn't working together so we aren't getting deals and it isn't his fault. we need to work together to make this country great. booktv and american history tv on the road to redding, california as we look at the history and literary life .f this city in california
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a visit to the california and deal library where we learn about the area. [video clip] they play an important part. they are actively trying to preserve the culture. we see their history all around us. lake ine at kessler particular. there are lots of controversies. it has been a rough history. important we learn about this history so we don't repeat some of the mistakes we have made. one reason this is such an important collection is because it consists of items that may not have ever been published. watch booktv and american history tv as c-span travels to redding, california.
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any of thedeos from over 120 cities we have been to, \ in fairfax, virginia. what is on your mind this morning? on my mind iss the odd idea of the christian nation, going up as a christian christian nation growing up as a christian myself i had 2 bibles. i had the christian bible and the jeffersonian bible. one that one of our founding fathers, a noted atheist, streamlined. he cut out what previous callers would have called mythology, and streamlined it down into how to live the christian way.
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found end, what jefferson was a great way to be an upstanding human being. i adore that about him. in the is, what we do, what we bring to the table as christians , more than anything else what is unique about our faith is the premise of faith. implies, by its very nature, by its very existence, the room for doubt. my preacher and my bible taught me it is better to live as a stranger in my own country. that being what it is, what does a christian nation look like? and our modern-day world i believe a christian nation is .ust a secular society
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that secular society where we allow people to have their doubts. to god is onship their own terms, and if they reject it, it is on them. host: another news item this week, the obama foundation released a concept for the obama presidential center that will be built on the southside of chicago. [video clip] >> i won't stop. i will be right there with you as a citizen all my remaining days. >> the southside is where i first landed when i moved to chicago. you had a community with so much history. >> it is home. i consider myself the south side or. >> change only happens when ordinary people get engaged. giving something back home
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after this incredible journey. >> the most important thing i can do is to help repair the next generation of leadership to make their own change in the world. it will be a living, working center for citizenship. my work has inspired so many young people to believe you can make a difference. if you live in chicago, give us a call to let us know what you think about that. ford madison, iowa. monroe on the republican line. caller: good morning. what a great day to be living in the united states of america, the land of the free and the home of the brave. it is a beautiful day where i list. some of the other callers that i heard call in a few minutes ago,
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some i agree with, some i disagree. i believe this country was founded on godly principles. god, i believe as a republican, that president trump is trying his best to get this country turned her around, and try to get us affordable health care, trying to create jobs, and keep us safe. that is why i voted for him. in the beginning, i was a ted cruz and. one of the reasons i voted republican and signed onto the ticket is because i don't have anything against people or the choices they make, but my bible and abortion is a sin murder in the eyes of god. sinsexual marriage is a between 2 men or 2 ladies, because a woman is the only person that can produce a child.
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god did not create adam and .teve, he created adam and eve we need to get back to the basics. we have taken god out of this nation, and we need to bring him back into our nation, and i think things would run smoother if we bring god back into this and try to serve god to the best of our ability. and i believet, the constitution was founded on godly principles. some people say the constitution is not talking about god, they need to look on their dollar bills, quarters, times, nichols nickles. god we trust.
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and americans will live better lives. the crimes and things in the world today. on the independent line from cottonwood, alabama. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what is on your mind this morning? caller: i want to say what is on my heart. i have been a christian for many years. lord brought me to cottonwood, alabama. president, we have had many presidents. i was four, some i was against, different ones. that is part of life. 2 lastwanted to say, the ones that was running for clinton and trump, i was not
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going to vote for either one of them, but i know it is my duty to vote. our church went to the altar and we all prayed. we did not pray for this one or that one. we prayed for god to lead us how to vote. , so i have been praying for donald trump and his family, for their safety, all the people in the white house and the government. i pray for them for their hard and soul. the bible says we are known by the fruit we bear. people see and people here. action, not just words. doray that donald trump will while he is president what a president should do, have love and compassion and his heart and do what is right for the people.
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we are all going to disagree about something. this one is against that one. i believe what god says. disciples follow god. or not donald trump is a christian, only god knows. i am just praying he will do the right thing. thank you, and god bless you. newsmakers, the top democrat on the house transportation infrastructure committee talked about airline overbooking and passengers' rights. he brought up a hearing -- issues were brought up at hearings this week. take a look. [video clip] >> there should be a simple language disclosure of the rights of people. what happens if my right is if my plane is delayed,
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what is my right if i get bumped from the plane. those could be in a simple language disclosure. the airlines could do that to indicate they might do that. i think we should mandate they do that. host: you can watch the entire interview tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. or online at don, thank you for your patience. good morning. caller: about the health care plan, it is sad. jesus let the old people and poor people die without medical insurance? it doesn't make any sense. give a huge tax cut to the multimillionaires out there.
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people talk about being christian, this is totally reversed. as far as the separation of church and state, there has to be a separation of church and state. this will destroy churches. if the minister can get up there and tell people who to vote for, that is like having a predator take your kids out and do things to them. to be a separation of church and state, because eventually this is how religious wars will start. the catholics and the protestants will start talking against each other or they will call the church is bad churches. this is ridiculous. they have to pay taxes. it is not a church anymore, it is a political whatever when people stand up and talk politics. i don't believe that donald of all he first
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doesn't go to church. who is to say if he is a christian or not. talking about churches? it is like he is kissing up to mike pence if you think about it. host: that will do it for today's program. thank you for making "washington journal" part of your day. ♪ >> next, the ceo of united airlines testified before a committee on airline customer service.


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