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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 9, 2017 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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owners ofone of the one of the largest coal miners in ohio, a fifth generation coal miner, and others. ♪ host: good morning. it is tuesday, may 9, 2017. your looking at a live shot of powhatan point, ohio. 300 miles northwest of washington, d.c. coal up andstop for down the ohio river. it isuld his mind, how regulated and its impact on the environment and people who work on the industry. is sally is described how she told
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trump administration officials that michael flynn could be blackmailed by russia. as we take you through the key moments of the hearing, we want to hear from you. democrats can call in at 202-748-8001. --202-748-8000. republicans can call 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. also on twitter and facebook. a very good tuesday morning to you. welcome in to the "washington journal." your thoughts on the high-profile hearing yesterday. here's one of the headlines stemming from that hearing, front page of "usa today." the story noting that for the first time publicly, sally yates recounted the details of the
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meeting january 26 in which she alerted the white house counsel that flynn had lied to white house officials about his meeting with surrogate kiss ergei -- [video clip] >> we walked through why we were telling them about this. --explain to estimate again the underlying conduct was problematic in and of itself. him we felt like the vice president and others where entitled to know the information they were conveying to the american people wasn't true. we wanted to make it really clear right out of the gate that we were not accusing vice president pence of knowingly providing false information to the american people. mcgann responded -- anything
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vice president pence would have said would have been based on what general flynn had told him. we told him the third reason was because we were concerned the american people had been misled about the underlying conduct and what general flynn had done. we weren't the only ones that knew all of this. the russians also knew about what general flynn had done. thatussians also knew general flynn had misled the vice president and others. in the media accounts come it was clear from the vice president and others that they were repeating what general flynn had told him. this was a problem because not only did we believe that the russians knew this, but they likely had proof of this information. that created a compromise situation. a situation where the national security adviser essentially could be blackmailed by the russians.
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finally come we told them that we were giving them all of this information so they could take action. the action they deemed appropriate. mr. mcgann asked me whether or not general flynn should be fired and i told him that was in our call. we were giving them this information so they could take action host. host: that was sally yates yesterday in her high-profile hearing. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. post" notes -- both men described the meeting as less of a warning and more of a heads up about an issue involving flynn. yates emphasized how concerned she was about flynn's situation.
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president trump tweeting out his reaction yesterday to sell units -- to sally yates' testimony. she said nothing but old news. later saying that russia-trump collusion story is a hoax. paul is up first in new york. independent. good morning. caller: good morning. generallye democrats with the accommodation of the news media that are sympathetic to them are just trying to create as much doubt and uncertainty about the trump administration as possible. there's nothing else they can do.
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they are out of power just about everywhere. program is just to keep stirring the pot and try to convince the public that there is criminality on the part of the trump administration. just keep going that way. that seems to meet weapon in their program from the beginning. -- seems to me to have been their program for the beginning. to keep people confused about this. host: you mentioned democrats are out of power. should republicans stop calling these hearings, stop having these witnesses come to capitol hill to testify? yet, i don't claim to be an authority on how the senate operates.
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the republicans don't want to appear that they are stonewalling on this kind of thing. that they are just trying to be somewhat transparent on this. theirt to try to cover up -- it seems -- i'm just a citizen -- i really strongly ofbt that there's the kind collaboration that the russians on the part of the trump campaign that the democrats are trying to convince people israel. -- is real. i don't buy it. host: loretta in west virginia. independent good morning. caller: good morning.
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i want to make a comment to that -- on the 10th of november, was givenmp information by president obama guess,n, in february, i sally yates gave this information to the white house and the white house counsel and nothing was done about it. she drew up the plans that they can come and take a look at. they didn't do that. if donald trump was given heads up, it was up to him to get in touch with his vice president and relayed the information and do something about it. no, they just thought they weren't going to get caught. i don't trust this administration.
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we are doomed if they don't get him out of office. host: a lot of yesterday's hearing revolved around timelines of when these different events happened. "the washington times" with a helpful chart noting the timelines. callsmmer 29, mr. flynn -- december 29, mr. flynn calls several times. 26, sally yates tells the white house counsel that mr. flynn has not been truthful about the details of those calls and he could be vulnerable to russian blackmail. fires mrs. mr. trump yates.
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matt is up next in baltimore, maryland. line for independents. caller: thank you for c-span. there is a decided tone of divisiveness in her testimony. the thing about it is that if you look at the gross results, they were zero. there was no evidence that there forany tampering with votes president trump. byelieve that as time goes and he continues to be as effective as he's been to date, i think all of this will erode wnd the republicans who are no
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led by a larger man will either disappear or change significantly under new leadership. democrat, a lifelong a world war ii veteran, i'm 90 years old and i listen to all of this trash -- it has to disappear. it makes no sense whatsoever and america is really hurting. who are the specific leaders of the republican party you are referring to? caller: i said the democratic party -- the heads of the , the assistanty muslim, has made statements like they're ought to be two separate united states --
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there ought to be two separate united states. host: does it matter to you if russia was trying to influence the results of the election? caller: of course, it matters. how are they going to do it? the way to prevent any interference is to get off-line. no voting should be on the internet. system,ave a closed there's no way someone can inject a vote. don't use any internet. only lan, local area networks. you get a printout, the printouts are assembled in a so nobodyried by hand .ntercepts them on the way in
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host: tennessee. democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. why is there some much interest in the president who first brought this to light, this thing with general flynn? are they so interested in the person shouldat be a national hero. he reported something that turned out to be true. thatalready been proven there wasn't something going on and there is something going on. but, they want to hunt him down. host: jake is up next in new york. republican. morning. caller: people have to listen to clapper -- this has been going on since the 1960's. my personal view, i am military
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veteran -- i a have watched these hearings day in and day out. what i see is nothing more than ba pay back by the democrats. most important security breach was the issue of hillary dealon involved with this uranium canadian -- the one deal, giving 20% of our nation's nuclear stockpile to the soviet union is far more flynns than what general was doing. i don't condone what general flynn was doing, either. there again, general flynn is
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experienced -- we don't know what he was doing or whether he was violating security protocols are not. be a lot more things that are probably classified that the public doesn't understand. tople have to pay attention what general copper has said. said he's clapper has been around many years. yesterday, he echoed warnings from previous hearings had success having in interfering with our electoral process. [video clip] >> i understand how critical leaks are and unmasking all to me,ncillary issues -- the transcendent issue here is the russian interference in our election process. what that means to the erosion of the fundamental fabric of our
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democracy. that to me is a huge deal and we will continue to do it -- why not? it has proved successful. host: if you want to watch the , you can watch it on we want to get your thoughts. waiting in texas on the line for democrats. caller: good morning. i've listened to the hearings. something i can't understand is the word "compromise." i go back to hillary's email server and everyone received emails on those servers, could --compromised to some level why all the emphasis on this individual flynn but no emphasis on a state department later?
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why aren't we concerned about that level of compromise? host: john in alabama. republican. is, if my question president obama and the lady who just spoke about general flynn and even hillary -- if they knew this stuff about general flynn, why did they not get him out of there? i'm sure president trump probably did not know all this because it was all top-secret . why did they not go ahead and get that sucker out of there? host: president obama warned president trump -- this from several different outlets. reading the story from "usa today."
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though he did not comment on the details of the oval office meeting much on spicer said president obama made it clear that he wasn't a fan of general flynn's. caller: i'm not a fan of a traitor, either. if obama let him sit there like -- it's like sitting on an egg. it is going to hatch. this man was a traitor back then and obama was in charge. and you ares a bank sitting there in the car, you are part of it. host: john in alabama. taking your calls on this hearing yesterday. , we willour program start our focus on coal, the coal industry and coal issues. there is a shot of powhatan point, ohio.
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showing you the facility we will be live from for most of this morning. murray energy one of the largest independent operators of coal mines in the united states. mines -- we will be talking about the mining industry and its impact on the environment and the people who work in the mining industry. we want to hear your calls as we do that. we will start at about 7:30 and go until 10:00 this morning. until we do that, we are focusing on this hearing yesterday on capitol hill. saying she believes that former national security adviser michael flynn was compromised by russia, revealing details of the meeting she had with white house lawyers, talking about michael flynn and the information that she had as the former head of the justice department. let us know what you think.
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james in texas. line for independents. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span. i'm encouraged by the fact that a lot of the comments have demonstrated that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with those inside the beltway. about the warned us military-industrial complex .inanced by the lobbyists this whole way of life for americans is coming to an end. russia will not put up with it anymore. china will not put up with it anymore. we need to try to affect change as best we can and bring back our manufacturing and take care of our security within our own borders. r mongering -- that is
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my comment. host: steve in new york. a democrat. caller: good morning. i watched most of the hearing yesterday. and his teamump were in cahoots with the russians. they cannot say certain things. he blames president obama two days before obama left, obama told trump not to get involved with flynn. now, he blames obama. i think there is something wrong with trump, really. host: martin in pennsylvania. an independent. good morning. caller: good morning.
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it's curious when you have people representing the nsa and projecting the fbi what they claim to be interference in american whenions from the russians their entire history has been one of undermining the democratic voices of people around the world. and we do it in chile overthrow the newly elected government, we don't say anything about it. hand, when we see , this ising broadcasts an intrusion into american democracy. what we fail to recognize is we have opioids right now in this that is the issue we
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have to address. host: do you think the integrity of the u.s. election process is something you want congress looking into? caller: i think it is definitely worth examining. look what happened with debbie wasserman schultz. host: if you don't like the messengers in the intelligence community looking into this, what is the best way to do it? ander: bring ralph nader on have him testify about the efforts to stop him. consciences -- conscientious effort to deny green ballot access. about the lackt of voice. there's more than two positions on any issue. until we understand that come
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our voices are not being heard. host: here's some of the voices from members of congress yesterday. mostly democrats tweeting out the response to that hearing -- their response to that hearing. senator dianne feinstein said -- , democrat from california -- and then there is ann kuster of new hampshire -- we want to hear your thoughts.
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patrick calling in from anchorage, alaska. line for republicans. caller: good morning. i watched the- whole thing yesterday. i was surprised to not hear was the word "whistleblower." i was frustrated through the whole thing because they never thee about exactly how collusion with the russians influenced the election. we know that hillary clinton awful lot of evidence that should put her in jail. --, this whistleblower julian assange or somebody who had all this information, before she destroyed it, he hacked into her emails and so forth --
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host: the information released by wikileaks. caller: yeah. what if the russians wanted to expose a little more truth and that wound up being partly what caused her to lose the election? that's the part that frustrates me. they didn't ask the proper questions. host: sally yates the focus of yesterday's hearing. the former acting attorney general was eventually fired for recusing -- refusing to defend president trump's original immigration a second order. -- executive order. [video clip] >> is it true that the office did conclude that it was properly drafted? >> yes, they did. >> and you overruled them? >> i did.
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your authority to overrule the office of legal counsel when it comes to legal determination? >> cap is of legal counsel has a narrow function, to look at the face of an executive order to determine whether there's some set of circumstances under which some parts of the executive order may be lawful. they do not look beyond the face of the executive order for example, with statements made contemporaneously or prior to the execution that may bear on its intent and purpose. that office does not look at those factors. in determining the constitutionality, that was an important analysis to engage in. i thought the department of justice had a long-standing tradition of defending a presidential action in court if there are reasonable arguments its favor -- which is up
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to the courts to decide and not you, correct? oftenis correct that times but not always the civil division of the department of oftice will defend an action the president or congress if there is a reasonable argument to be made. in this instance, all arguments have to be based on truth. we are the department of justice, not just a law firm for the department -- >> can you distinguish the truth from lawful? >> yes. in this instance come in looking at what the intent was of the executive order, derived in part from an analysis of facts outside the face of the order, that is part of what led to our conclusion that it was not lawful. a few more calls as we take your comments about yesterday's hearing with saudi eights on capitol hill.
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-- sally yates on capitol hill. kay is up next in arkansas. line for independents. caller: good morning. i thought yesterday was kind of a sham. the republicans weren't interested in michael flynn whatsoever. all they cared about was the leaks. i also wanted to make a comment about the uranium thing and clinton -- why is it that c-span doesn't clear that up? it's a fake story. i don't understand why c-span allows callers to constantly call in and say the uranium thing -- it is not true. c-span should clear it up. you should have a whole show on that alone.
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, they've spent a lot of money on benghazi. hillary was cleared of all things on benghazi. i don't understand why the since thattter -- was all cleared up and she was not guilty of anything, why they think that trump and flynn are not guilty of anything. host: time for one more call in marylandent richard in . good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. just like the lady before me said, it is a sham. i believe that, the whole hearing yesterday was a sham. here are two appointees, obama


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