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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 12, 2017 8:38am-9:02am EDT

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are unfamiliar with, that we before, wecountered have an obligation to get to the bottom of how that might occur and the steps we might could take to prevent it from occurring again. whether there was involvement with the trumpet campaign, i think we need to understand the source of it. i am looking for mr. rosenstein to decide to a point a special counsel following justice department procedures. i am looking to the next steps in the senate. host: thank you for spending
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time with us. guest: you bet. host: we will return to our question that we had earlier. you heard, who do you trust in this russia investigation? you heard professor banks layout before you all. should there be an independent commission outside of congress? what are your thoughts on this? lines on your screen. start dialing in now. the president saying this -- there was collusion between the russians. is what the president has to say. what do you believe? want to get your questions and comments on this.
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the new york times has a piece about the options. after comey, here are the options. what would the appointment of a special counsel do. to 1990 nine,k when they issued new regulations to create it after the independent counsel law expired. regulations say special counsel should not be subject to the day-to-day supervision of any official of the department. they need to pull away three republicans in order to get the
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number that they need, 51 for any sort of special counsel to be named. st. paul,ul -- ken, who do you trust to investigate russia's interference? caller: we need a special prosecutor. conflictingof these stories. know what is going on. a special prosecutor would be the to help us and get to bottom of this. it is obvious the president is scared. he does not want a special prosecutor.
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the democrats are doing a good job of pursuing this. we are supposed to be a democracy. that question of a special counsel is up to rod rosenstein. he was meeting with mark warner and richard burr. the question of a special prosecutor was brought up by mark warner. is a change for mark warner, who has been saying the senate intelligence committee should keep doing their work. after the firing of james comey, he is siding with his democratic colleagues, there should be some sort of special counsel. susan, hampton, virginia.
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caller: good morning. the whole thing should be dropped. every representative and every -- all the gone to information the fbi has they already the information and you would think if there was something to pinpoint, it would be out in public. i think they need to investigate before the election, the state of georgia, their voter rolls were hacked. states byd two other the doj. i think that should be investigated. host: kathy, you are on the air. tweet: when trump did his
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, i am independent. i voted republican many times. this investigation on trump and his affiliates is going on before the election. it had nothing to do with the democrats losing. a lady called earlier who said she wanted a job. the dakota pipeline would have been built with russian steel. the fact he fired comey, he had two russian diplomats and a photo op behind closed doors news.nly russian i think that is really bad. i don't know if i want a special prosecutor.
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i heard a gentleman say no. i think we need some kind of investigation. of our at the core values. i do not like trump. . have never liked trump i didn't like hillary either. i would not mind if there was a different republican as a president. i believe trump is dirty, he has business dealings all over the world and he has dealt with people who are questionable and i think he wants to be a dictator. there was a reporter arrested in west virginia trying to ask price and conway a question. that is our first amendment of free press, whether you like it or not. free speech. you mentioned the photographer let into the oval office when trump met with sergey lavrov and the russian
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ambassador. cnn with the story, russian photographer on white house outrage -- this is nonsense. this is nonsense to me. the fontographer -- the photographer invited to shoot a --ting between the president opting to only allow the white house and a soul russian photographer to capture images of the leaders. this was prompted by this hysteria around my photo shoot at the white house. gary, new york, a republican.
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who do you trust to investigate russia? only one side trust is the fbi investigation. i believe they would were doing the right job -- i believe the fbi was doing the right job. the senate and republican commissions, they are too bipartisan. i believe the fbi is doing the job they are supposed to do. that is what we pay tax dollars for. host: no special counsel then? caller: no. more tax revenue to have to go to something other than what it is supposed to go to. host: listen to the answer from senator richard her -- richard burr. they were asked after they met with the deputy attorney general about whether the firing of james comey came up in their meeting.
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host: you said this was to set up the rules of the road. did director comey come up at all in this meeting? >> he did not come up. there are details to work out. there was acknowledgment and understanding of the need for us to be able to pick up the phone, share with them what we were likely to do, and could get on their clearance investigation. i raised the point, one of the reasons i felt the need for the independent counsel was messye of the very process we went through in firing of jim comey. was the two people leaving the senate investigation, saying the meeting they had yesterday was
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to make sure there was no confliction, that they do not interfere with each other's investigation. to -- who do you trust to investigate? think they should have a special counsel. this is not a question of bowel -- aon the election question of about who won the election. i have friends who are republicans and such. are inmp supporters total denial that this is happening. an independent counsel is needed. be touched by the doj or the executive branch without hindrance from any
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outside source. host: pam, what do you think? we ought to stop these investigations altogether, let .he fbi do the job triedw russia has always to hack into our political world . this needs to stop. democrats are corrupt. they have lied repeatedly and it is lie covering live. need to stop it with the fbi and have them do the job. host: frank, lakewood, new jersey, republican. i want to talk about
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collusion, influence in the vote. the collusion that went on was when rice was giving clinton the answers to the debates and nobody mentioned that. all of the local news are all in on it. they covered it up. that is collusion. why isn't that being investigated? fact that hillary got the answers to the questions, that is ridiculous, to concentrate on something insignificant. what scares me about from, a lot more the security people, the question is mental stability. wife, melania, is never going to move to the white
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house. what scares me is he has the nuclear codes. i am wondering if someone can take the nuclear codes away from him until this is settled. host: nora, california, your turn. think independent counsel should be put in place to investigate from. if he pledged an oath to him, he fired him because comey refused to give of to him. oathis -- he should have
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to the constitution, not the president. because heng him refused to pledge oath to him. also, continue the russia thing. host: on the question of the a professor who specializes in national security and constitutional issues says account isng trump's accurate, legally speaking, i don't think it crosses lines. at based, it is a political
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issue. the law professor said that could come closer to obstruction of justice. it would be a matter for congress to act. our system is designed so impeachment is the remedy. ib -- fbi directors are appointed for 10 year terms. and fbient may fire director at any time for any reason, but it is very rare. rick.hear from hillard demanded total loyalty from his people, too. trump is doing the same thing. about the russia thing, you need to get somebody, an independent for this. democrat or republican, they are
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going to take a lot of heat. it has to be someone from outside. that comparison, it is offensive to compare him to hitler. caller: yes, but he wants personal loyalty. that is what dictators do. personal loyalty to do what they want to do. they have to have total control. host: mary, republican, good morning. don't need to investigate the russian deal in the election. undoubtedly, they try to influence our elections. i don't think there was and hisn with trump people doing this. if they want to investigate something that is important, how about investigating susan rice?
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michael flynn, that all came out from those people. they came out from obama. he went to england and tried to stop brexit. how about how democrats metal? get out of our lives, democrats. james clapper and everyone else with knowledge of the witchhunt says there is no collusion. when does it end? tim, independent. good morning. i think this is a of things that have
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been going on for a long time and this guy has been doing a good job of it. he has passed off our neighbors off ours pissed neighbors to the south. the lady who just called is pointing the finger at the democrats and the democrats are pointing the fingers at the republicans. big money parties that stole the political landscape causing the problems. masses are getting smarter. tweetthat was the sixth by the president this morning. tom, good morning. ironic thats republicans are saying they don't want to have an investigation, when we know russia was involved.
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is unbalanced. he said he had enough information to investigate hillary for four years. there is hypocrisy on both sides. some of these republicans would follow donald trump to hell no matter what he does. it is scary. it is like a colt following. steve, you are on the air. go ahead. thought, he said he
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would go along with a special prosecutor if it was vladimir putin. host: we will leave the conversation there. we will look at the washington state nuclear site about nuclear safety and talk with edwin lyman about that in the wake of the tunnel collapse at the nuclear site in washington state. we will be right back. ♪ >> this weekend, saturday, author and historian cr gives on the black women. >> she was of edward bannister.
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one of the leading african-american artists. hero is slain. john f. kennedy, martin luther now robert f. kennedy. ennedy's assassination, like king's assassination precipitates broader national now rose the democratic nomination into more turmoil. lynn cheney, "james madison: a life reconsidered," madison's resident personality, health problems and political career. encountered doctors who told him to exercise, what a modern thing to think. recommended today for people who suffer from epilepsy. marks president kennedy's 100th birthday and
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nephew, steven kennedy smith and brinkley reflect on 35th fe and career of the president. >> he was a decorated combat veteran. he did believe in strong military, but he had a much about what eption american identity really was. aisle,hed out across the started with the alliance for engaged in the space race. >> for complete american history go to >> "washington journal" continues. host: our topic this morning, nuclear safety. edwin lyman, who is global security program senior scientist for the union of scientists here to talk about what happened in anshington state at the


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